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MooDoo_morning all06:53
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dvrrgood morning everyone08:20
directhex13 SteamOS (wheezy, more or less) games consoles coming 2014: http://www.engadget.com/gallery/valve-steam-machines-press-shots/#!slide=213446508:22
MartijnVdSnow all we need is a few Linux games08:24
MartijnVdShigh-profile ones08:24
dvrrtomcat as service  i created  it's working but  pid (process Id) not created  how to create PID  my tomcat script http://paste.ubuntu.com/6707920/08:31
MooDooI thought when tomcat starts, it's created it's own pid08:35
MartijnVdSMooDoo: every process has its own pid08:36
dvrri  am using  monit  tool  to monitoring  tomcat server08:38
diplo_Morning all08:38
MooDoomoring diplo_08:38
diplo_Drenched again! It downpours as I get out of the car to walk the kids into school08:39
diplo_Fed up with it now08:39
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diploI have a moat around my house where the ground is soooo waterlogged!08:39
MartijnVdSdiplo: is it filled with alligators? ddo you have a drawbridge?08:40
diploI need one, will take a photo later.. the path at the end of my garden has about a 4foot length of puddle about 4-5 inches deep08:43
dvrrit is passable to monitoring   tomcat server  using monit tool or another tools (monit  also i search in google) please guide me08:48
MooDoowhat you breaking DJones ;)08:50
DJonesJust seeing if we get a profusion of funkyhats rejoining08:50
TheOpenSourcererI do think Valve are playing a very clever game [pun intended] here: http://arstechnica.com/gaming/2014/01/valves-gabe-newell-offers-more-steam-machines-than-speaking-minutes-at-ces/08:50
TheOpenSourcerer13 Steam Machine manufacturers.08:51
TheOpenSourcererLoads of competition08:51
directhexTheOpenSourcerer, and only one powered by intel graphics08:51
directhexTheOpenSourcerer, a scary number using fglrx, considering how bad fglrx is09:01
MartijnVdSbut AMD APUs are so cheap!09:03
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directhexMartijnVdS, which is why they're being used09:04
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TheOpenSourcererHopefully this will encourage AMD to make their Linux drivers better then ;-)09:04
dveehow to  monitoring  (MySQL Database Server) queries which are taking longer time09:04
TheOpenSourcererdvee: slow-query-log09:04
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jussiDJones: http://www.androidauthority.com/samsung-tabpro-8-4-official-specs-features-pricing-release-date-330966/ - some more info :)09:17
DJonesjussi: That looks interesting, the only downside I can see from a quick glance is the touchwiz overlay on top of Android09:19
jussiDJones: Im certain there will be a cyanogenmod for it (and touchwiz isnt all bad tbh)09:19
jussiit actually looks incredibly nice device to me09:20
jussiIm sure its going to be crazy expensive though...09:20
DJonesWouldn't surprise me if it was around £350, maybe even higher09:21
SuperMattoh why the home screen packed full of widgets?09:22
SuperMattI can't be the only person that hates it?09:23
DJonesThe Tab 3 Lite looks as though that will sell for $130, so I'd expect the 8" to be be a fair bit higher than a Nexus 7, pricing may even around  the nearest sized ipad09:23
DJonesSuperMatt: No, I hardly have any widgets on mine, I just use the home screen as the app launcher, if I need a widget, I'll stick it on one of the side screens09:24
SuperMattI think manufacturers are confusing our desire for information with a want to have it forced down our throats09:25
SuperMattI want my information at my own pace09:25
DJonesAt least there's always the trash bin :)09:26
DJonesDoesn't matter what you get, whether its Apple, Android or Windows, you tailor it to how you use it, manufacturers probably just include half the apps for a kickback from the developer09:27
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)09:34
MooDoomorning mornign09:36
jussiI should totally learn how to use LO properly someday09:52
jussiin the meantime, can someone remind me how to make a yes/no dropdown box in a column of cells?09:52
JamesTaitGood morning all! :-D09:59
LaneyJamesTait: is it over?10:04
JamesTaitLaney, "it"?10:05
Laneywell, I have no idea what "day" it is10:05
MooDoomornign JamesTait10:05
LaneyI don't know quite how to deal with that :P10:05
MooDooand Laney how are you two today?10:05
JamesTaitLaney, I think popey has taken over that duty. ;)10:05
JamesTaitHi MooDoo. :) Very well thanks, yourself?10:06
MooDooJamesTait: yeah I'm ok thanks, just looking at my CV, think it needs updating lol10:06
Laneydoing alright10:06
xnoxIt really ain't a rainfall, but a skyfall10:09
foobarrydoes anyone else have problems with damp stuff in their loft at the mo?10:10
foobarrystuff is going moudly10:11
MooDoonope, you have a hot house as that sounds like condensation or a leak?10:12
foobarryi think my roof is open under the eaves10:12
foobarryfor air flow10:12
jussiMooDoo: you are looking for a job?10:13
MooDoojussi: always on the look out :) just seen a nice ahem windows ahem one in nottingham10:13
foobarrywindows jobs should come with a precription for gaviscon10:13
jussiwhat is your specialty?10:13
MooDoojussi: jack of all trades lol I'm a team leader for an ISP at the moment, was 2nd line support10:14
jussiahh ok10:14
jussibtw, anyone with answers to my question?10:14
jussi :D10:14
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dwatkinsjussi: a radio button in a table?10:16
jussidwatkins: no, just a simple yes/no dropdown. I will also need a 3 way dropdown soon, so Im hoping to learn the technique...10:17
dwatkinsjussi: you mean an <option> list? http://reference.sitepoint.com/html/option10:19
foobarrydata validity, list, type yes no click ok10:22
foobarrynot intuitive unless you are told10:22
jussifoobarry: ahh that was easy. exactly what I was after10:22
jussifoobarry: and dwatkins thank you very much10:22
foobarryi've resorted to buying meds over the internet because it takes 2 weeks to see my doctor10:24
foobarrysomething is wrong with NHS10:24
jussifoobarry: just be thankful you dont live in the US without insurance ;)10:25
foobarrynot sure it would make a difference10:25
foobarryi haven't seen my doc in few years, except for when i showed her my toe last year and she said meh10:26
jussiyeah, but have you seen the price of meds in the US?10:26
foobarrymore expensive than high st chemist?10:26
foobarryi haz some medical issue that are never solved in a 5 minute appt with the doc, so they never get fixed10:27
foobarrybecause docs aren't intersted unless it can be fixed with antibitiocs10:27
foobarryat least the ones in london10:28
Laneyall doctors in london10:28
Laneycomplain and/or change surgery10:28
foobarrywhat surgery in london has a doctor that isn't treating patients like a conveyor belt ?10:29
foobarrypopulation issues i guess10:29
foobarrywhats a good font for writing technical design documents?10:33
MartijnVdScourier 8-)10:33
jussifoobarry: comic sans? :P10:33
* MartijnVdS tends to go with "whatever the default is"10:33
foobarrytimes NR10:34
jussiI am particularly fond of Deja vu sans :D10:34
MartijnVdSComputer Modern :)10:34
MooDooi'm with jussi comic sans ;)10:34
MartijnVdSbut.. Computer Modern! LaTeX default font!10:34
jussibtw foobarry - is there a way in LO to automatically make rows alternating light and dark shades? (for readability)10:35
foobarrydunno jussi10:35
jussiif someone else knows...10:36
TheOpenSourcererJussi - I just C&P your question into google. This was the first answer: http://ask.libreoffice.org/en/question/9205/is-there-a-way-to-add-background-color-to-alternate-rows-of-a-tablespreadsheet/10:36
jussihrm, do they have hapankorppu  in the UK?10:36
diddledanhanky panky we have10:39
diddledanthat's n0rty tho10:39
TheOpenSourcererOoops: https://twitter.com/ntoll/status/42049412211842252810:40
MooDooTheOpenSourcerer: so BT users can't use IRC [freenode] unless they opt out the controls things?10:41
TheOpenSourcererOr you have to explicitly allow freenode.net from the comment in one of the other tweets on that page10:42
diddledanbt have replied as of 14 mintues ago disclaiming it10:42
jussididdledan: hrm10:43
diddledan"parental controls are not on as default and any site can be added to the 'allowed list' by the account holder"10:43
bashrcI'm a BT user and I don't have trouble with freenode.  Or at least not recently10:43
jussion wikipedia it claims to be rusks. but...10:43
Myrttijussi: finncrisp? yes.10:43
jussiMyrtti: really? wow.10:43
jussiwow. I am somewhat amazed10:44
bashrcis this something added by BT very recently - like in the last few days?10:44
* jussi nibbles on a garlic flavoured one...10:44
foobarrywhen will it ever stop raining?10:44
DJonesI can't get to freenode.net at all from a BT connection10:45
MooDooI watched an interview with kim.com last night, seems such an interesting bloke10:45
jussifoobarry: you live in the uk....10:45
DJonesI just get "This page can't be displayed" using both IE & Chrome, no warning about it being a blocked site10:45
Myrttijussi: http://www.mysupermarket.co.uk/Shopping/FindProducts.aspx?Query=finn+crisp&Store=Waitrose10:46
jussiI was under the impression it never stops raining, it just gets a little less...10:46
foobarrysince october, it hasn't stopped10:46
bashrcI'll have to try later when I get back home.  Not on a BT connection currently10:46
ali1234real ISPs remain unaffected10:47
directhexrain has stopped here. blue skies, sun shining10:49
Laneyyeah, it's quite nice here10:49
MooDoooooo sun10:50
jussipure greyness here10:50
foobarryactualyli have a doc written in century gothic here, which is akin to comic sans10:51
bashrcinternet censorship seems to be getting out of hand.  I mean what does freenode have to do with terrorism?10:52
popeywho said terrorism?10:53
bashrcalso just blocking all of freenode seems stupid10:53
popeyIt's all about the children.10:53
bashrcso ubuntu-uk is too scary for children?10:53
MartijnVdSbecause ISPs always know better than parents10:53
jussi"just think of the children"?10:53
foobarry"nobody under 30 uses irc "10:53
popeyi suspect that many chat systems are blocked10:53
bashrcit really is becoming a nanny state10:53
MartijnVdSbashrc: only now?10:54
foobarryit is a democracy, we could always vote for the other nanny party10:54
bashrchah, maybe it's just the latest development in a longer trend10:54
MooDoodon't forget it's opt out, so not really a problem is it?10:54
MartijnVdSyou could always start your own non-nanny party 8-)10:54
bashrcopt out means people are never likely to encounter certain parts of the internet10:55
foobarrythey tend to have unpalatable views10:55
Myrttibt isn't blocking freenode10:55
jussiMartijnVdS: then they would make a law about that...10:55
Myrttithey're just slow10:55
Myrttiit's not malicious or intentional10:55
bashrcit would seem to me that freenode is entirely legitimate10:55
popeyMyrtti: dns update or something?10:56
Myrttisomething like that10:56
foobarrymaybe they should block the web10:57
foobarrythere's bad things on the web10:57
Myrttiand yes, I'm intentionally being vague10:57
shaunothey're trying :/10:57
bashrcban cars.  they're dangerous10:57
bashrcit's getting like China10:57
foobarrynot quite10:58
shaunoit's closer to 'quite' than 'not quite'; just blocking different topics.  for now.10:58
foobarryare we just talking about GFoC for now10:59
foobarryrather than their human rights issues10:59
foobarryfreedom of expression and worship is still allowed in UK for now10:59
brobostigongood morning everyone.11:00
shaunocurious, is it still freedom of expression if they can block it?11:00
foobarryyou can still walk down the street dressed like an eejit though11:01
MooDoobrobostigon: mornign11:01
brobostigonmorning MooDoo11:01
supergerbilno, I am able to connect to freenode via my home server, although this doesn't use the standard DNS settings11:01
MooDoonothing is blocked if you opt out right?11:02
davmor2Morning all11:02
MooDoomorning davmor211:02
bashrcI havn't opted in or out of anything as far as I know11:02
foobarryMooDoo: except you are on "a list" :011:03
diddledanfoobarry: MooDoo: it's the "perverts list"11:03
bashrcreally?  That's news to me11:03
diddledani.e. I click a button to tell the governement that I'm a pervert11:03
MooDoolol if you've got nothing to hide then there isn't a problem is there11:03
foobarryeven if you want to use an alterantive blocking service11:03
foobarryblocking service is useful to me, if i can control it11:04
diddledantisn't useful for me. at all11:04
bashrcI agree that a blocking service would be useful if it was under the control of the user, not a secret list made up by someone in a government department11:05
foobarryopendns seems to work ok11:05
diddledanthe only blocking systems that are at all relevant to me are those that block virus c&c servers11:05
foobarryi turned up the nudity filter pretty high, only once fell foul as i clicked on a story in teh sun11:06
foobarrywanted to test how it worked in normal usage having the setings set to strict11:06
davmor2Morning MooDoo how's life up Norff11:06
foobarryi think it banned lingerie etc too11:06
diddledanWHAT? no lingerie?!11:08
MooDoodavmor2: yeah pretty cool thanks :) what about you, getting ready for all the fun with the LTS release in april?11:08
diddledanthat's far too strict :-p11:08
MartijnVdSdiddledan: but the CHILDREN11:08
davmor2MooDoo: I haven't got time to think that far ahead11:09
diddledanMartijnVdS: they're not allowed to wear lingerie?11:09
MooDoodavmor2: lol get your people to do it while you drink tea :D11:09
MartijnVdSdiddledan: ...11:09
diddledanbetter parenting trumps any form of blocklist11:10
foobarryboth is helpful11:10
MooDoodiddledan: my son is just getting to that age where curiosity is getting the better of him with youtube, so we're starting to have to watch him a little closer lol11:10
diddledanyeah I can appreciate that a block list will aid in parenting decisions, but I don't like that it's default-on11:11
SuperMattI've just discovered you can get firefox plugins to re-enable the blink tag11:11
foobarrythe annoying thing with youtube settings in if you chose safe mode, you can't see comments without clicking off the video onto another screen11:11
SuperMattmy life is complete11:11
diddledanSuperMatt: myspace ftw11:11
MooDooSuperMatt: you quit now?11:11
MartijnVdSdiddledan: geocities!11:11
diddledanSuperMatt: even better, geocities ftw11:11
diddledanMartijnVdS: beat me!11:11
SuperMattI miss geocities11:12
foobarryMooDoo: agree, when we were young, we didn't have the possibilty of pr0n being just  2 clicks away11:12
diddledanfoobarry: it was too slow to be a click away :-p11:12
MartijnVdSfoobarry: you'd just find it on walks in the woods?11:12
SuperMatthttp://themarqueeblink.com/ <- yes!11:12
foobarryMartijnVdS: i found a massive stash in the woods once11:12
knightwisehey everyone :)11:12
foobarry100s of mags11:12
MooDoofoobarry: it's not pr0n, he's 5 and I caught it watching some video where people thought it would be a good idea to hit each other in the bit with a baseball bat to see how much it hurt, he was in histerics :D but we thought it's not suitable11:13
shaunoMartijnVdS: oddly, that seems to be a very common story.  never understood that one11:13
foobarrythrew it in the river then told my mates who almost beat me up11:13
foobarryMooDoo: tom and jerry?11:13
MooDoofoobarry: no more like dirty sanchez or something like that :d11:13
foobarrythere's a difference between going to look for something wilfully and getting tempted to click on stuff thats in the sidebar11:15
MooDoohe's 5 he's curious lol11:15
shaunoso, odd situation.  I'm stuck in my hotel room because they're trying to close the hotel, but I don't particularly want to be out on the street ahead of an 11pm flight11:15
foobarrywhich town?11:15
shaunoI'm suspecting they've just lost their franchise, because they're censoring the signage with bedsheets?11:17
foobarryoh, close the hotel down?11:17
foobarrydon't you have to checkout at 9am or something?11:17
shaunonah, I paid though till tomorrow for just this reason11:18
foobarryi hate foreign travel11:18
shaunousually I love travelling.  but less fun when things start going wrong, delivered in just enough broken english that you're not entirely sure *what* went wrong11:24
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brobostigonwhats a good prgram, to create a google map type map, of a MC world?11:25
DJonesbrobostigon: The servers I play on use gmap11:26
brobostigonDJones: ok, let me look that up, thank you.11:26
DJonesI think its called minecraft overviewer11:27
shaunoI'm using overviewer.org (they have a deb/buntu repo)11:27
DJonesThat looks like the same one11:27
brobostigonok, let me try that one, looks simple enough.11:28
foobarryhow can i set my default font type and size for a document in LO write?11:29
foobarrykeeps defaulting to times roman or 12pt font11:29
MartijnVdSfoobarry: that's because your template/style is set to that11:29
foobarrywhen i start a new para11:29
MartijnVdSfoobarry: you need to edit the style11:29
MartijnVdSfoobarry: in the "styles" dropdown (standard, heading 1, etc.) click "More" then right-click the one you want to change11:30
foobarryah, some is default style and some are "text body"11:31
foobarryshould the headband of a pair of headphone sit onthe highest point of the head, or in front of it, or behind? can't find the comfy spot11:48
popeyi went to the loo with my bluetooth headphones on the other day, looked down, nearly dropped them in the loo11:48
popeyclose shave11:49
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shaunoI find mine funny when I misplace my phone.  walking around the house listening to "connected .. didoo .. connected .."11:52
directhexarsen_, remember your enduring immortality on bash.org?11:53
MooDoohttp://www.engadget.com/2014/01/06/intel-edison/ :D11:54
LaneyIn an openvpn config file, how do I specify to not accept the pushed DNS server?12:08
LaneyI just noticed that all of my DNS is going over the tunnel which scares me12:10
bigcalmI get that when I have to use a client's VPN. So I only use the VPN when I really have to12:10
bigcalmMost annoying, and slow12:10
LaneyI'd like to auto connect12:11
Laneyactually, since resources on this VPN have their own TLD, I'd like to have split DNS12:11
Laneybut that seems like it would be faff12:12
Laneyoho, looks like dnsmasq can do that12:19
jussieboooks from amazon are expensive. which sucks.12:54
MartijnVdSjussi: they have discounts often, it's like steam game buying12:54
MartijnVdSjussi: just wait for the right time12:54
DJonesjussi: http://www.freebooksifter.com/12:54
jussiyeah, but the ones I want are rarely available on discount, at least in my experience12:55
foobarrymarket is flooded with smutty romance novels12:55
jussilike: http://www.amazon.com/The-Longest-Day-Classic-D-Day-ebook/dp/B000SEIXZW - I would actually like to read that...12:55
DJonesjussi: Generally out of copyright/1st books but occasionally some decent ones (not often)12:55
MartijnVdSjussi: isn't that out of copyright yet?12:55
foobarryalso amazon tend to reduce to 99p some books instead of making them free12:55
jussiMartijnVdS: no idea.12:55
brobostigonjabber.taylorworld.me.uk/mcmap/ i have it working, :)12:56
foobarryeven out of copyright books are 69p on amazon12:56
MartijnVdSfoobarry: so you download them from Gutenberg12:56
foobarryalthough the formatting is often sucky on both amazon and gutenberg12:57
MartijnVdSgoogle books also has a good selection of out-of-© books12:58
foobarrystill haven't found a way to buy magazines digitally while getting to keep the magazine12:58
WobboAny idea why Wine, Wine config even, stuck at 13.10? With all my other Ubuntu, I have no other (also 13.10), do not have this problem.13:06
WobboSo, Wine does not work.13:10
jussiI still cant understand how a kindle edition can be more expensive than a brand new paperback...13:13
foobarrylack of solidarity among buyers13:13
ali1234perhaps it's because paperbacks come out much later?13:14
ali1234how does ebook pricing compare to hardbacks?13:14
DJonesIn the UK, ebooks can be more expensive because the retailer has to charge VAT on the electronic version, but don't on a paper copy of the same book13:16
bigcalmBackground just changed to this and I really want to play it! http://wallbase.cc/wallpaper/125845613:17
foobarrythe ebook reflects the price of the hardback if no paperback is out yet (ripoff britain)13:17
dwatkinsbigcalm: not entirely dissimilar: http://www.ghostcontrol.biz/13:18
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marxjohnsonI reinstalled a family friend's 7-year old Vista PC with 12.04 LTS after a good hoovering out. Saw her for the first time since today. She said "It's a lot faster, and really clear and simple" \o/13:34
marxjohnsonShe also said "I really like the little rubbish bin. What should I put in it?" :)13:34
MartijnVdSaww :)13:35
diddledanlol @ rubbish bin13:35
popey"Embarrasing photos of me when I was little" is the correct answer13:35
marxjohnsonnot that old a friend :)13:35
MartijnVdS"Embarrasing photos of yourself when you were little" then?13:36
foobarrywe've all got embarrassing photos of popey when he was little in ours13:42
ali1234i set my dad up with unity13:43
MartijnVdSI set up my grandmother with 12.0413:43
ali1234he grumbled about the buttons being on the left and not being able to find menus13:43
foobarrythese are hideous13:43
MartijnVdSali1234: your dad already knew Windows then13:43
ali1234yeah of course he did. everyone over the age of 20 does13:44
LaneyI set my mum up with Ubuntu phone... she complained about Mir vs. Wayland and CLAs13:44
dwatkinsMy dad doesn't want anything but XP.13:44
foobarryi understand dwatkins13:44
popeymy mum didnt13:44
foobarryi felt the same about gnome213:44
popeyshe hadn't used a computer at all before ubuntu13:45
Laneydid she throw it in your face and say "THIS ISN'T ARCH"13:45
popeynever used windows13:45
dwatkinsHe's got a whole list of applications he uses, including Eudora for mail (which is ancient), and knows where to find things like the options, has files in certain formats (years worth of mail etc.) so is unlikely to want to switch to anything but possibly Windows 7.13:45
Laneyeudora :D13:45
foobarrythink you need to set up 2 machines side by side13:45
Laneythat's in my mind bucket alongside trumpet winsock13:45
foobarryone mega fast and slick13:45
popeyPegasus mail! OMG13:45
popeyThat ones in the vault alongside Lotus CC:Mail13:46
foobarrynetscape communicator13:46
foobarryon solaris13:46
dwatkinspopey: we still get calls from customers using Lotus notes.13:46
ali1234he's happy anyway because i spec'd the PC to be really fast. it boots in about 5 seconds and everything loads up instantly. his old XP computer took about 5 minutes to boot up.13:46
foobarrylotus notes != email client, although people try to use it as that13:46
Laneyand agent news reader13:46
popeyMy mum called me today with a support question13:46
popeyfor some reason her pc was at the grub menu13:46
ali1234as long as it is fast, normal people don't care about the UI13:46
Laneywow, that still exists13:46
popeyI think she may have leaned on the keyboard at boot13:46
dwatkinsat least that was just a case of rebooting13:47
popeyI said "press enter" and she said "the mouse doens't work", "No, Enter, on the keyboard"13:47
popey"Oh, its working now"13:47
ali1234"where is the any key?"13:47
popeythats the first support question for a month or so13:47
popeylast time was that she had zoomed the browser in and couldn't see all of a photo attached to an email13:48
popey"scroll right"13:48
popey"Oh! There's the baby!"13:48
popeyNot an expert user.13:48
MartijnVdSapparently, Pegasus is *still* being developed13:49
MooDooMartijnVdS: mail client?13:49
foobarrymaybe chromebooks are good for basic users13:49
foobarryalthough not many with larger screens13:49
MooDooMartijnVdS: not used that in years :D13:49
MartijnVdSfoobarry: they are, yes. If they don't need "real" office suites etc.13:49
MartijnVdSMooDoo: I last used it in 9813:49
ali1234does anyone know how to set firefox zoom back to default for all webpages?13:49
popeygood question13:49
ali1234he doesn't need to zoom any more because he's got a 24" monitor now13:50
foobarryali1234: new user profile?13:51
foobarryalways good to clear it out 1x per year13:51
ali1234apparently he learned how to zoom but then forgot because now he doesn't know how to fix it when he goes to a webpage and it's huge13:51
ali1234i have had the same firefox profile for like 8 years13:51
foobarrythey get full of cruft13:51
ali1234i don't keep my homedir, i just copy ~/.mozilla and ~/.ssh13:51
popeythey do?13:51
foobarryyes, there's dbs that grow huge13:51
popeyoh, thats easily fixed13:51
MartijnVdSali1234: there's an extension, "nosquint" which can do that apparently13:51
foobarryand other such problems13:51
* popey hugs chromium13:52
ali1234MartijnVdS: i don't want to change the defaults - i just want firefox to forget the custom zoom level it already has for all sites13:52
foobarryrunning a dept with ~150 rolling users on firefox on automounted on NFS tends to find a few issues over time13:52
foobarrymostly related to adobe plugins :S13:52
MartijnVdSali1234: have you tried with that extension?13:53
ali1234no, because the description of it doesn't match with what i want to do13:53
foobarrygmail chat just fell over13:53
marxjohnsonali1234: For clearing Firefox zoom, Ctrl-013:53
MartijnVdSmarxjohnson: that's just for a sginle site/domain13:53
ali1234marxjohnson: yes i know. i want to do it for all sites13:54
ali1234without having to go to each site and press ctrl-013:54
marxjohnsonMartijnVdS: ORLY? I didn't realise it did it per-domain13:54
MartijnVdSali1234: ^ that config option disables per-domain zoom levels13:54
ali1234right but i don't want to disable it, i just want to forget all the current settings13:54
ali1234i guess i'll go ask on a firefox channel or something13:55
foobarryits good to have another firefox profile just for quidco ;)13:55
MartijnVdSali1234: maybe it forgets when you disable, fiddle zoom level then re-enable?13:55
popeyoooh http://shop.lenovo.com/us/en/laptops/thinkpad/x-series/x1-carbon/13:56
foobarrynon removable battery :(13:56
Laney15 months13:56
foobarryhow can they say stunning display when its 900 on vertical13:57
popeyLaney: until laptop refresh?14:02
Laneythis one has been going since early 201014:03
Laneyquite good really14:03
Laneymacbook pro14:09
=== alan_g|lunch is now known as alan_g
directhexmy desktop pc is old :(14:12
MooDoodesktop pc ... luxury ;)14:13
SuperMattI've had my desktop PC for about 15 years now14:13
SuperMattI realised not so long ago that there hasn't been a single stage in my PC's history where a componant hasn't been carried forward from a previous configureation14:13
SuperMattapparently that's called "ship of theseus," "theseus's paradox" or "trigger's broom"14:15
dwatkinsnot a trojan part?14:15
directhexok, yes, it's been upgraded since first build14:16
directhexbut it's still the same cpu/mobo14:16
marxjohnsonI always understood "Trigger's brrom" to be where no part of the original is in the current incarnation14:16
dwatkinsIt sounds like a euphamism.14:16
dwatkins...or a star cluster14:16
SuperMattmarxjohnson: indeed. In talking about my computer, there really is zero part of the original for 15 years ago, but to me it's the same one because at each upgrade *something* has stayed the same14:17
dwatkinsevolution at work14:18
MartijnVdSevolution doesn't quite work like that14:19
* dwatkins was just being silly14:19
SuperMattit's a problem with us humans applying permanence to something which we have named14:20
dwatkinsI call my computer ubuntu-pc14:20
SuperMattby naming the computer "my computer" and replacing all the parts, bit by bit, and computer with all the original parts could only be called "the other computer"14:20
dwatkinsOccasionally it morphs into windows8-pc14:21
dwatkins...but only temporarily14:21
TheOpenSourcereris brobostigon here?14:23
TheOpenSourcererAh cool.14:24
TheOpenSourcererHappy new year.14:24
brobostigonhappy new year14:24
TheOpenSourcererI might be meeting a prospect in Banbury tomorrow for a quick meeting/snack lunch. Need somewhere with decent wifi. Any recommendation?14:24
brobostigonwhat kind of place are you looking for? food/beer wise?14:25
TheOpenSourcererquietish won't be drinking as will be driving. Somewhere to have a business meeting, laptops and a sarny really.14:25
brobostigonwhite horse will probably fit the bill,14:26
TheOpenSourcererThanks. Looking at their website now. Cheers brobostigon14:28
brobostigonyoure welcome TheOpenSourcerer14:29
foobarry10.99 for a 256 page paperback? you kidding me amazon?14:29
dwatkinsdemand the kindle version14:31
MartijnVdSdwatkins: it'll be 11.4914:34
MartijnVdSwelcome to Kindle-land14:34
foobarrykindle version £4.7214:34
foobarrybut ebay versions in paperback £2.50 delivered.14:35
foobarryi wasnt a kindle version for the ebay price14:35
diploI'd buy the ebay paperback and grab the kindle version from another source14:39
SuperMattI don't understand why kindle prices are more expensive14:39
dwatkinsit's all those electrons they kill making the book14:40
DJonesfoobarry: How much is an electronic copy on the kobo/google play websites14:41
diploI'd rather buy direct from the author at lower prices14:41
foobarryprobably the same, although i'm avoiding kobo after what happened last time14:41
foobarrygoogle play £4.72..14:42
foobarryshame you can't buy 2nd hand ebook eh?14:43
* foobarry tries the library...14:44
foobarry10 copies...not in my borough14:45
popeydiplo: might be better to contact the author and find out where they get the best mark-up14:46
dwatkinsindeed, foobarry - that's a great shame, you can lend them, but only in certain situations or something14:46
diploYeah going to try that, I like Goodreads as quite a few authors actually talk back on there14:47
foobarrydiplo: you mean TPB14:48
foobarryor i could rip every page out of the book and scan as a pdf14:48
foobarryis it still illegal to download an ebook of something you actually own? i guess so14:49
diplofoobarry: More than likely yes14:50
diploAbout illegal14:50
diddledanare you allowed to make a backup copy of your physical-book in case of fire or theft?14:50
foobarryillegal but maybe ethical14:50
diploWell the first thing I do if I buy an ebook is run it through Calibre and remove any restrictions so Amazon and anyone else can't remove it.14:51
diddledanmost DVDs used to say you're allowed to make a single backup14:51
diploBut tbh, I've never used wireless on my kindle so not sure they could connect14:51
diddledanso I'm assuming papery-books are the same ;-)14:51
foobarrymy books are in the loft going mouldy14:51
diploheh mine are in the loft as well foobarry, 100's of them14:51
foobarrynot getting read, but if they were ebooks they would be14:52
diploOh, I've read all mine that are up there14:52
foobarryif i buy a 2nd hand book, the author doesn't get paid either14:52
MartijnVdSyeah I've switched to e-books almost entirely14:52
diploI had, but my mum bought me 6 paperbacks for Xmas, so more to add to the loft once read14:53
foobarryconsidering they only just changed the cd/tape format shifting law...14:53
foobarryi think that allow 1 personal copy now dunnit?14:56
MartijnVdSCome to the Netherlands, we allow any number of personal copies ("reasonable" is the limit)15:01
foobarryIt has previously been illegal in the UK to rip songs from a CD to a digital player or transfer eBooks, music, films and games from one device to another15:04
foobarryso we can rip CDs, can we rip books?15:04
bashrcrip all the things15:05
foobarryi ripped a book, now i need sellotape15:06
popeyit still is illegal to rip cds15:07
foobarrypopey: no that changed15:07
popeythe law hasn't changed in that regard, it was to be reviewed though15:07
popey[citation needed]15:07
* MartijnVdS gives popey a citation for ripping CDs15:08
diddledanergh @ wikipedia cite all the things15:08
foobarry"is to be made legal for the first time under government plans."15:08
foobarrydec 201215:08
foobarryargh, aint they dunnit yet?15:08
diploBeing made legal in 201315:09
foobarryhow old is dr who?15:09
MartijnVdSfoobarry: 50 years + 1 month15:09
foobarryBroadcasts and cable programmes15:09
foobarry50 years from the end of the calendar year in which the broadcast15:09
foobarrywas made15:09
foobarryso soon to enter public domain15:09
diddledanfoobarry: over 900 at last count15:09
MartijnVdSdiddledan: IT'S OVER 900!!!!1115:10
diploAh ok so it is legal to rip a CD, it is still illegal to remore copy right protection15:10
popeyit is still illegal to rip a cd15:11
popeynot that anyone takes any notice15:11
diploHowever, it remains illegal to remove the technical protection method (TPM) from any copyrighted content, so a barrier remains in place where a wealth of content is concerned.15:11
diploRead more: http://www.digitalspy.co.uk/tech/news/a446817/uk-law-change-permits-cd-ripping.html#ixzz2pj3m6MYh15:11
diploFollow us: @digitalspy on Twitter | digitalspyuk on Facebook15:12
diplobah that pasted wrong, sorry15:12
popeyits a report15:12
popeywhere's the law change15:12
diddledanI don't get the "illegal to remove drm" bits. mostly because in order for anything to be useful the drm needs to be decrypted so there's at least one partial copy of unencrypted data somewhere which can arguably be termed as having had it's drm removed15:12
MartijnVdSdiplo: look up the "DCP" flag that's part of a CD TOC :)15:12
foobarrykindle books are decrypted every time i read them15:12
MartijnVdSdiplo: "Digital Copy Permitted" 8-)15:12
popey"In response to a consultation earlier this year, the Government will make changes to"15:12
popeynot "has"15:12
popeybe nice to get a proper legal doc15:13
popeythen get wikipedia fixed ☻15:13
Laneythat was 201215:13
Laneyhopefully moved on in the year since then ...15:13
diddledanat what point does "playing back" or "reading" become "removing copy protection"?15:14
diddledane.g. libdvdcss15:14
diddledanit allows me to play back but the law suggests it's illegal15:14
diddledanso why is playing back using libdvdcss illegal yet using the same functionality in fluendo media player perfectly fine?!15:17
davmor2diddledan: Because Fluendo has paid for a license in order to be able to playback with a protected dvd15:18
davmor2diddledan: that's why the dvd player from fluendo isn't never going to be free15:19
diddledanI tend to sit on the fence with DRM - I understand the want of media producers to protect their revenue stream but I also wholeheartedly agree that DRM is more appropriately termed "digital restrictions management"15:19
diddledanand all the guff that goes along with that agreement15:19
diploSomeone try for me and let me know what happens ?15:23
marxjohnsondiplo: If this is meatspin...15:24
marxjohnsondiplo: 40315:24
diploWith a bt redirect ?15:24
MartijnVdSHTTP/1.1 307 Temporary Redirect15:25
MartijnVdSdiplo: to http://redirect.svc.networks.btretail.net/webredirect/?ip=
marxjohnsonah yes15:26
marxjohnsonas MartijnVdS says15:26
DJonesdiplo: I get the same from a BT connection15:26
diploThat's a Draytek router, https works.. so not sure why that is happening ? Only thing I can think is BT blocking use of 80 on the IP and redirecting15:26
diploCan't find anything google related15:26
foobarryi wonder if hunger games was used as a school text or something15:32
MartijnVdSfoobarry: probably, but it's also *very* popular (new film just came out too for part 2 (Catching Fire))15:33
MartijnVdSfoobarry: I read it last year15:33
foobarrybut as most highlighted? its not exactly profound15:33
SuperMattI don't think it would have been used by schools15:33
foobarryamerican schools?15:34
MartijnVdSfoobarry: if a book is popular, more people read it, so more people highlight bits15:34
SuperMattthey haven't been out long enough to have been fully studied for use in a curriculum15:34
SuperMattand people would be too tempted to see the films and "cheat"15:34
SuperMattbut they are very good books15:34
foobarryits nice to look back on my own highlights15:34
foobarryThe Treaty of Versailles, as well as causing deep resentment in Germany, satisfied none of the Allies. The British, who wanted to see Germany punished but not destroyed, felt the treaty too harsh. The French ? having borne the brunt of the conflict ? were determined to see Germany destroyed and thought it too weak.15:35
foobarry"And of course, what this Italian chap had done was just to sit with his finger on ?L?, smoking a fag, the biggest crib there ever was. ?A message that long that contained only ?L?s! That actually broke one of the wheels of the Italian Enigma machine"15:35
foobarryi love that story about the lazy italian15:35
MartijnVdSfoobarry: LLLLLL15:35
foobarryand turing, in true aspie style: "when after several years of anxiety, the prospect of a Nazi invasion of Britain had receded, he began to absent himself from parades. The authorities were irritated by Turing?s apparently casual approach, insisting that since he had signed up for Home Guard duties, he was under military law. Turing calmly pointed out to the furious officers in question that he was no such thing, and that he had stated as mu15:36
MartijnVdS as mu..[chopped line]15:36
SuperMattthat sounds like cryptonomicon15:36
MartijnVdSSuperMatt: it's not15:36
MartijnVdSSuperMatt: though that also deals with Turing :)15:36
foobarry on the form that he had signed. One of the questions on the form was Do you understand that by enrolling in the Home Guard, you place yourself liable to military law?? Turing had written his answer: ?No?. Naturally, no one had noticed."15:37
SuperMattugg, I'm tempted to write in all my documentation that I need to hand over "just figure it all out yourself, that's what I did"15:41
foobarrySuperMatt: the book was "The Secret Life of Bletchley Park: The WWII Codebreaking Centre and the Men and Women Who Worked There by Sinclair McKay"15:41
SuperMattoh cool15:41
SuperMattI might check that out15:41
foobarrymore of an easy read as it focused on the lives15:42
SuperMattI'm going to have a lot of spare time now that my commute will be doubling15:42
foobarryan interesting book15:42
AzelphurDon't you just love it when ISPs oversell to ridiculous levels, https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/3832397/screenshots/2014/Jan/2014-01-07-154238_1387x897_scrot.png15:44
AzelphurThis is 80mbit fibre -.-15:44
dwatkinsonly 80 MBit?15:45
dwatkinsalso, contention15:45
foobarryone thing about kindle is that it must have killed off teh large print section of the library15:45
SuperMattthat's an insane oversell15:45
dwatkinsfoobarry: not necessarily - see "iPad"15:45
foobarrywhen i worked in the library, a massive section had to be set aside for large print versinos of books15:45
Azelphurthey even told me the node is overloaded, it literally is an oversell15:45
dwatkinsi.e. stuff isn't being killed-off, it's transitioning.15:46
SuperMattI would have thought it would be illegal to oversell a service15:46
dwatkinsAzelphur: I like to run "mtr" in these situations to see where the packet loss occurs.15:46
AzelphurNothing wrong with the actual connection, during the small hours I get like 60mbit15:46
dwatkinsprobably too many people on your segment15:47
SuperMattmtr is my favourite tool15:47
foobarryVM used to kill me in the first hop15:47
foobarrypacket loss of 30%15:47
Azelphuryea, they say they are going to review if it needs an upgrade within the month15:47
SuperMattAzelphur: I won't be surprised if that review fails to happen15:47
Azelphurand yea I make extensive use of mtr myself, not a huge amount to see though, no packet loss, decent latency, just no throughput15:47
AzelphurSuperMatt: I'm gonna call them today with that speedtest and ask for a refund to go buy a 3g dongle since it's well below the 16mbit15:47
Azelphurand I'll continue to do that until they fix it15:47
SuperMattgood luck15:48
SuperMattI'm sure many people will attest to BTs brilliant responsibility shirking powers15:49
* diplo used to have to deal with them with 90+ sites for BB and 80+ sites with phones, it was a royal PITA!16:04
diploin the end I got an external company to look after it, much easier!16:05
=== Lcawte|Away is now known as Lcawte
SuperMattdiplo: just moving the pain around ;)16:20
AzelphurBT are competent people that totally don't have debugging turned on in production, https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/3832397/screenshots/2014/Jan/2014-01-07-155350_1387x897_scrot.png16:25
* Azelphur sighs16:26
bigcalmRight. I'm doing battle with 3 RHEL servers. Where would I find crontabs either system based or those set by users?16:59
bigcalmAh, /etc/cron.* are all there as expected17:00
bigcalmspool, that's it, ta SuperMatt17:01
SuperMattit seems a bit weird that spool is still used17:01
bigcalmHumm, no cronjobs for any users. This is confusing17:01
SuperMattwhat's happening?17:02
diploSo my BT issue, "It's an issue with your router" for hours17:02
diploWas a problem with billing on their account17:02
SuperMatt -.-17:02
diplolifted that, it worked, and yet their "coach" was still adamant it was a router issue!17:02
diploI in the most polite way I could said, you're stupid and left the call at that.17:03
diploFixed it right on time! SuperMatt started the new job yet ?17:03
SuperMattstarting on the 20th :)17:04
diploAnd I still haven't got a good reason why their security question is 'Whats your mothers maiden name' on a business account17:04
diploAh, not long now!17:04
diploRight, sort my stuff out and get outta here17:05
SuperMattif Adobe has taught us anything, security questions are something we shouldn't be relying on17:05
SuperMattthe problem with all security stuff is that as soon as one thing is compromised, you have to assume it's all compromised17:05
bigcalmSuperMatt: a system I used to work on used crontab jobs. We've recently been given the project back after it went in-house for a while. I now can't find/remember those crontab jobs. I wonder if they removed the need for them17:06
SuperMattoh, I see17:08
SuperMattwell I can't help you there17:08
SuperMatttry as I might17:08
diddledanbigcalm: maybe they outsourced the crontab? :-p17:11
diddledanI mean, why use an inbuilt cron functionality when you can pay for a service17:12
SuperMattof course!17:12
SuperMattoutsource all the things!17:12
* bigcalm nibbles his custard cream and ponders17:13
diddledanSuperMatt: exactly!17:13
SuperMattbigcalm: I prefer bourbons17:14
SuperMattso, to me, you are the enemy17:14
bigcalmGood job I'm not giving you any biscuits then!17:15
SuperMattThis means war!17:15
bashrcit doesn't make much sense to outsource something which you could put in cron17:17
SuperMattthe google term "bourbons vs custard creams" does not yeild any witty urls on the matter. I think it's time to write an app which logs "likes" of each type and has a running tally. People can like multiple times to show their love for each biscuit17:17
diddledanSuperMatt: make it so!17:18
diddledansuch a weird phrase17:18
bigcalmThis is why we still have no cure for cancer :P17:18
diddledanI think the crux is biscuits are the reason17:19
diddledanfor everything17:19
SuperMattI might wait till I start the new job before doing this17:22
SuperMattafter all, I'm going to get cheap hosting and I don't want to move more stuff across to the new host than I really need to17:23
bigcalmSuperMatt: was it you who got a job with Rackspace?17:34
=== davmor2_ is now known as davmor2
diddledanoh the joys of mobile internet17:37
Azelphurdiddledan: oh the joys of 80mbit fibre http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/3214612446 xD17:38
diddledanmy 40Mbit fibre is knackered17:39
diddledanhence the mobile17:39
AzelphurI hear anything enta.net running through kingston is fairly fucked atm -.-17:40
* AlanBell raises an eybrow at Azelphur's lack of imaginative expletives17:42
Azelphursorry, family friendly...no bad words.17:42
=== daftykin1 is now known as daftykins
directhexYMMV. http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/321463166717:46
=== stgraber_ is now known as stgraber
Laneynot massively fair as the server is hosted by my ISP in the same city ...17:53
MartijnVdSonly 11 up? :)17:55
MartijnVdSthough downstream is nice :)17:55
Azelphurdirecthex: blimey, that's nice17:55
directhexAzelphur, considering the telephone cable isn't even attached to the wall properly, it's just sorta dangling off the side of the house17:56
LaneyMartijnVdS: yeah, that's what you get with cable here really17:57
* MartijnVdS is still waiting for the 500/500 upgrade17:57
LaneyI wonder how much upstream I use just by downloading at 12017:58
PaulW2Uctrl-M /input return18:01
Seeker`Laney: http://www.speedtest.net/result/3214695598.png18:13
MartijnVdSSeeker`: DC?18:13
Seeker`MartijnVdS: work internets18:13
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=== MrGarlic__ is now known as MrGarlic
popeyczajkowski: http://imgur.com/gallery/N9wEYP718:35
diddledantime to stop working18:38
diddledanI work too hard18:38
daftykinsdiddledan: sure you're not still getting warmed up post hols? :D18:39
SuperMattbigcalm: yeah, it was me18:42
Azelphurhaha, nice19:02
ali1234is that spritetm's one?19:03
ali1234looks very similar... hmm19:04
ali1234hmm... it's not an exact copy, so i guess i'll allow it19:05
ali1234ah this new one is quite a bit bigger too19:07
ali1234you could probably retrofit a raspi and screen into a classic gameboy case19:12
ali1234in fact i bet someone already did it19:12
ali1234http://forums.anandtech.com/showthread.php?p=35260137 yup19:13
diddledanriotous ringworm is EOL as of the 27th?!19:26
diddledanshort cycles ftl19:26
diddledanIMO you should have reasonable cycles or no cycles/rolling release19:27
diddledan"not pitifully short cycles"19:27
davmor2diddledan: 9 month cycles for non lts seems reasonable, it means it is supported till half way through the next release19:28
ali12349 months seems good to me19:35
ali1234rolling just isn't an option with how unstable ubuntu is19:35
davmor2diddledan: what you have to remember is if you have and 18 month release cycle plus 5 years on the desktop for lts at some point you will have 3 LTS and 3 interim releases to support something is going to snap, with a 9 month cycle you will only ever have one intrim and 3 LTS19:42
czajkowskipopey: awww20:35
foobarry9 month cycle does mean that somebody installing $current 1 month before the new release only gets 4 months support20:39
MartijnVdSfoobarry: and a notice to upgrade 1 month in20:39
foobarryhence people instlaling lts or a beta instead20:40
foobarryi would consider sacking someone for installing fedora on a server20:40
MartijnVdSfoobarry: but it doesn't matter if you install LTS or 13.10, yo'll get the upgrade notice once 14.04 is out20:40
foobarryi've seen web servers running fedora 8 and older in this place20:41
foobarryjust think of all the security updates that have been missed because some numpty didn't use centos20:41
MartijnVdSpeople who are so bad about maintaining their infrastructure deserve to get pwned20:41
foobarryyes, and not promoted :-|20:42
foobarryi joined my previous company and found a load of IIS servers that  had been pwned rotten20:43
foobarryi said, why is IIS on this box? they didn't know. ftp and web set up as default20:44
foobarrysusceptible to the ../../../pwn.asp bugs etc20:44
foobarryc'est la vie20:45
MartijnVdSwe just run the latest LTS20:45
MartijnVdSnew LTS? Time to deploy new machines20:45
MartijnVdSbut then, we just store everything "config"-related in Chef20:45
foobarrywhen i supported desktops we had people who said "don't touch my machine until my phd is finished"20:46
zleapi can understand that20:46
foobarryhence SL with updates was basically install and forget. would be fine for 4 or 5 years20:46
zleaponly surely people would back up their work if they are doing a phd20:46
foobarryNFS mounted home dirs20:46
MartijnVdSzleap: I upgrade to Ubuntu alphas on my workstation. Even during high-priority projects. Get an LTS VM if you want stable ;)20:47
foobarrybut you ensured compatibility of python, c libs, etc ,etc all the way through your work20:47
foobarryif their machine died, we could redeploy a SL4/5/6 box for them the same as before anyway20:47
foobarryin 20 mins20:47
MartijnVdSS.. S.. Suse?20:48
foobarryscientific linux ~ centos20:48
foobarryneed to install 282 updates on this 12.04LTS20:50
foobarrywoops 32120:50
directhexrhel (a bad distro) minus the paid support (the only reason to run a bad distro)20:50
foobarrygood deployment architecture20:51
foobarrygood support from vendors e.g. use on HPC cluster20:51
foobarrysolid as a rock20:51
MartijnVdSolder than Debian Woody was when Sarge came out20:52
MartijnVdSor was potato->woody the big gap?20:52
directhexonce purchased a cluster which shipped opensuse 10.120:52
foobarrydepends what you are doing with it20:52
foobarryrocks on suse20:52
directhexwith like 5 months of updates left when we bought it20:53
foobarryrhel is bad when the updates run out20:53
foobarryso i prefer centos for that reason20:53
popey20:40:55 < MartijnVdS> foobarry: but it doesn't matter if you install LTS or 13.10, yo'll get the upgrade notice once 14.04 is out20:54
foobarrywhen i think of servers i think of support across the whole lifetime of server, hence centos or LTS are only options for me20:54
dogmatic69_could anyone recomend a good router to use with openWRT20:54
popeynetgear wndr3700 works well20:54
dogmatic69_good being reasonably cheap with decent spec20:55
foobarrythere's a good site20:55
foobarrydidn't we talk before about it?20:55
dogmatic69_popey: thanks, checking that out20:55
foobarryfound an awesome site with routers for 15 quid20:55
popeymine has been on for months20:55
dogmatic69_popey: like that its filed under 'high performance' :D20:55
popeydual radios, 4 ports20:56
dogmatic69_virgin media router is absolute rubbish20:56
dogmatic69_worse than BT home hub 320:56
dogmatic69_cant even set a static internal IP20:57
dogmatic69_makes ssh to other pc's a pain20:57
foobarrycan't remember the site i found before, but there's a recent dicsussion here https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=682869920:57
MartijnVdSfoobarry: TP-Link for me :)21:27
popeycentos joins red hat21:28
popeydogmatic69_: yeah, i have two wndr3700's behind my virgin media box21:29
ali1234well that's cool21:30
popeyyeah, good for centos, and their users21:30
diddledanso, umm, centos is now an official redhat release?21:36
bigcalmNew humble bundle. Wonder if there's anything of interest this time21:50
popeyi only have one of them21:51
popey(surgeon simulator)21:51
ali1234oh cool i've been wanting that game for ages21:51
ali1234"360 spoonflip"21:51
popeyinterestingly the highest payer was "o/ HEIL HITLER o/" at $5000 which seems to be removed21:51
popeyand the average was $8.44 for some time, now it's down to ~$621:52
bigcalmI have none of those games and they all look playable :)21:52
popeysurgeon simulator is bonkers21:52
* bigcalm nabs21:52
directhextee hee http://www.razerzone.com/christine21:52
ali1234lol "to the moon!"21:52
directhexpapo & yo is worth playing, imho21:52
directhexthe gameplay is so-so, but it's got a great story to tell21:53
popeybut with PCs21:53
directhexpopey, phoneblocks with watercooling and ssds!21:53
ali1234"frog-induced rage" sounds good.21:53
directhexyeah, monster HATES frogs21:54
* bigcalm fires up his SteamOS machine21:56
bigcalmSadly it means removing the network and graphics cables from another machine. Hay ho21:57
bigcalmI love the password entry system using my xbox controller22:00
bigcalmAnybody else using an xbox controller with SteamOS? My controller is constantly flashing as though it's waiting to sync with the OS22:01
diddledanagain the average price is higher from linux users22:02
diddledanI don't get why linux people are more willing to part with cash than "others"22:03
diddledanor rather part with more cash22:03
bigcalmSomebody suggested because we don't waste money buying an OS22:03
bigcalmI think it's because we are more about sharing22:04
diddledanI'm not sure the price of the platform is the differentiating factor22:04
popeyi think its more to do with sheer volume of windows users paying near-zero22:05
popeydragging their average down22:05
bigcalmI've always paid the default of $2522:05
diddledanbloomin' freeloaders :-p22:05
bigcalmPapo & Yo and Reus aren't showing up in SteamOS for me :S22:07
ali1234they often don't22:07
ali1234just cos there is a linux port doesn't mean it's on steam22:07
ali1234it took like a year for super meat boy to show up22:07
bigcalmI redeemed the steam keys22:08
bigcalmI guess22:08
ali1234yeah... getting you the windows version and maybe mac22:08
ali1234and linux version if they ever bother to put it up22:08
diddledanthe surgeon simulator videos remind me of being drunk22:08
diddledanonly with sharp objects involved22:09
bigcalmAh, the HB site says that Reus is still in beta for Mac and Linux22:09
ali1234"to the moon" is a missing executable22:16
ali1234ie they say it's available for linux but there's no package files at all22:16
popeyas always, i get a humble bundle promo email 10 mins after I buy it22:20
bigcalmdirecthex: audio is muted by default. I had to go to the desktop to unmute. Is this your doing? ;)22:21
directhexbigcalm, this is covered in my YT video22:24
bigcalmAh, I haven't watched that :)22:25
ali1234you should make it set the volume to maximum. because trolling is funny22:25
dogmatic69_popey: you still about? why you got 2 routers behind the VM?22:27
popeydogmatic69_: because one wouldn't cover the whole house22:27
popeythey're at opposite corners of the building22:27
bigcalmI'm going to have to put electrical tape over the xbox controller LEDs. Really bugging me22:27
dogmatic69_popey: I see22:27
popeyone in my den 3 feet from me now, one in the bedroom, opposite corner22:27
dogmatic69_popey: NETWNDR3700-100UKS is the same thing?22:28
ali1234that just means version 1 UK firmware22:29
ali1234version 1 being the hardware22:29
dogmatic69_and I would be able to flash that without any problems22:29
popeyN600 WNDR3700v222:29
popeyis the one I have22:29
ali1234you need to check which version openwrt uses and the different versions are usually totally different22:29
popeythats the blog post I followed22:30
popeysome time ago22:30
popey ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT (bleeding edge, r27832) ----------22:31
popeyjust ssh'ed in for the first time in maybe a year22:31
popeyLinux hawking #1 Sat Jul 30 08:54:25 MST 2011 mips GNU/Linux22:31
bigcalmDespite my SteamOS machine not being that bad, it's really sucking with the graphics. Wonder what's wrong22:33
bigcalmI watched it install nvidia-current. So it really doesn't make sense22:34
Seeker`mips \o/22:36
bigcalmIs there no longer a link to the USC from HB?22:49
directhexhasn't been for ages22:50
bigcalmHo hum22:50
popeyreus is nice22:57
ali1234you don't want to install through USC anyway... not until click is sorted23:00
ali1234all those PPAs make it sloooooooooooow23:00
bigcalmSleep now!23:44
daftykinsnn o/23:44
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diddledano_O how can a used previous generation appletv cost nearly twice that of a brand new current generation?23:59

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