MichelleQReminder: 15 minutes to meeting time.00:46
mhall119everybody around for the meeting?01:00
Max_TitherGood Evening01:00
ahoneybun_I'm here01:00
MichelleQI'm here01:01
mhall119Bryanstein danstoner keen maxh munz paulproteus qengho roaksoax_ ShawnR zoose: Meeting time01:01
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mhall119agenda is in the link above01:02
mhall119#topic Google Hangout01:03
mhall119is anybody interested in trying a Google+ Hangout?01:03
ahoneybun_I would be up for it01:03
mhall119it was suggested in the last meeting that it might be useful for our team01:03
MichelleQmeh, if y'all ignore my terrible hair.01:03
mhall119clicking that link should bring itup01:04
munzvan u send ling to munzerelli@gmail.com01:07
munznot he on sdh01:07
mhall119munz: you should be able to click the link, I didn't invite anybody01:08
munzssh on droid to home01:08
mhall119munz: emailed it01:08
mhall119itnet7: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1mQeZ4mEjLQvQLotM6deTuIP19gKUdCmxQFQZnnjVbFY/edit#heading=h.9x3rd4hvzf3l01:10
MichelleQFor reasons inexplicable to me, Google won't unmute me.01:13
itnet7Thanks mhall119 !01:14
munznice! that wad fun01:14
itnet7Good to see you again munz  ;-)01:14
meetingologyMeeting ended Tue Jan  7 01:14:43 2014 UTC.  01:14
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ahoneybun_in the Kubuntu Dev Meeting we were going on for like 2-3 hours lol01:15
ahoneybun_just about the Docs01:15
MichelleQMinutes have been published?01:15
MichelleQNever mind, see them01:15
Max_TitherYou all feeling the cold yet?01:16
mhall119ahoneybun_: you guys probably had a few more topics to cover01:16
mhall119Max_Tither: it's setting in here now01:16
Max_TitherIt will not be cold for me till 3:00 am01:17
MichelleQMax_Tither: brought the seedlings in already.  Ought to be pretty chilly soon.01:17
mhall119FYI, next week's meeting page: http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-us-florida/719/detail/ if anybody wants to add agenda items01:17
ahoneybun_mhall119: lots of things to do https://trello.com/b/4zyxwgRP/14-04-documentation01:17
MichelleQmhall119: you're going to be sprinting the week of the meeting - do you want to keep that schedule?01:18
mhall119no, I should be home by then01:19
MichelleQk.  You'll have to cover it for me - I don't figure I'll be ... available.01:19
mhall119that's fine, I won't have anything but to announce the team council results, which I'll have emailed out by then anyway01:20
MichelleQDo we want the link to the survey monkey survey posted on Facebook, too?  Or keep it on the mailing list?01:20
mhall119just the ML I think, not sure if everybody wants their real names all over the FB page01:21
MichelleQvalid point, didn't think of. 01:21
mhall119alright folks, I've got grilling to do out in the (relative) cold01:22
Max_TitherIn this weather?01:22
Max_TitherKeep warm01:23
MichelleQitnet7: you going to be in our neck of the woods anytime soon?  I miss your face. 01:23
mhall119I know, I'll have to find a jacket01:23
mhall119balloons: welcome, you missed the meeting01:23
itnet7MichelleQ: I think we could probably make a trip out sometime, we miss you guys as well!!01:23
mhall119balloons: ct;dr is that I'll send an email with a link to vote on the new team council, nominees are: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1mQeZ4mEjLQvQLotM6deTuIP19gKUdCmxQFQZnnjVbFY/edit#01:24
MichelleQitnet7: it's a plan.  :) 01:24
itnet7s/sometime/sometime soon/01:24
Max_TitherGood night everyone. Until next time.01:28
itnet7talk with you later Max_Tither 01:31
balloonsmhall119, ty :-)01:33
Max_TitherSure thing : )01:33
MichelleQhey there, DammitJim01:40
DammitJimhi MichelleQ !!!01:41
DammitJimLong time no talk01:41
DammitJimhow are things? How are Mike and the kids?01:42
MichelleQwe're all holding on.  Kids are doing well, homeschooling them now.  ;) 01:42
DammitJimwere they in the public school system before?01:42
MichelleQThey were.  Have been home for two years now, and love it.  01:43
MichelleQHow are your crew?01:43
DammitJimthey are doing well01:44
DammitJimthe 3 older ones go to school, but the twins are being home schooled01:44
DammitJimbut they are only 3 y/o01:44
DammitJimgoing on 401:44
MichelleQOh my goodness.  I can't believe they're going on 4.01:44
DammitJimhee hee01:44
MichelleQQuinn will be 10 in April.  I don't know where time has gone. 01:45
DammitJimit just has01:47
DammitJimare you guys still doing QuinnCo?01:47
MichelleQwe're just piddling with Qimo still.  QuinnCo got lost in family stuff the past couple of years.  01:48
DammitJimI understand01:49
DammitJimI see Michael has put some wheels on the ubuntu florida team01:49
DammitJimthat's awesome01:49
mhall119quinnco was a lot of work01:49
mhall119and space, took me nearly a year after we stopped to get all of the computer parts out of my shop01:50
MichelleQyeah, we're trying to get the Florida team up and going again - I miss you guys.  :) 01:50
DammitJimdo you have a lot of paperweights from that?01:51
DammitJimLori says hi... we are all on the couch watching the BCS championship01:51
itnet7Hey there DammitJim ! mhall119 you guys are starting to work on an updated version of Qimo, right?01:52
DammitJimhey itnet7 01:52
MichelleQWe are.  :) 01:52
DammitJimgot any more tattoes itnet7 ?01:52
DammitJimhee hee01:52
itnet7ROFL just some of them colored in DammitJim  ;-)01:52
DammitJimso, you must look radiant, then!01:53
MichelleQgot my first tat, itnet7.  :) 01:53
itnet7DammitJim: not that much color... 01:53
itnet7MichelleQ: Sweet!!01:53
DammitJimwoot woot? MichelleQ ??01:53
MichelleQYep!  01:53
DammitJimawesome! I'm too chicken to get one... hate needles01:53
MichelleQTest run, if you will. 01:53
DammitJimuh oh01:53
DammitJimwonder what's coming up01:54
MichelleQOnce I'm done with reconstruction, I'm going to have my mastectomy scars covered.01:54
DammitJimhey, do you guys know of any stream torrent players on Linux?01:54
DammitJimawe, when did that happen, MichelleQ ?01:54
MichelleQJune 27th.  Doing well, though.  :) 01:54
mhall119DammitJim: torrent specifically, or just streaming?01:55
itnet7MichelleQ: Wow... Glad you're doing well!!01:55
DammitJimmhall119, stream torrent so I can watch the BCS game in better quality01:55
DammitJimI see maybe XBMC has some plugins01:56
mhall119DammitJim: sorry,don't know of any that do that02:11
mhall119munz: what's your full name? (for the voting form)02:39
munzmhall119: sorry, its chris muenzer, i updated the goog doc tho :)13:19
munzmorning govatent how cold are you?13:34
govatentI am freezing 13:34
govatentgot into the office this morning and made a nice hot tea right away 13:34
munzlol meeee toooo13:34
munzhaha :)13:34
govatentdid i end up missing the meeting yesterday?13:34
munzi have coffee brewin now13:35
munzwe did over google hangouts13:35
govatentwhat time was it?13:35
munzjust discussed the voting things mhall119 is going to send a surveymonkey out13:35
munzi almost missed it13:35
munzwas on my way to the store and did hangouts off my droid13:36
munzlasted about 6min13:36
govatentoh so it was short?13:36
munzyes very, it was hi, smile, lets vote, lets use survey monkey. thats all, anything else? no bye13:37
munzwe should have had someone record it, dont think we did tho, think there should be logs somewhere of what was said13:38
munzthat is the Florida Council Nominees list13:39
mhall119munz: no logs from the hangout, that's one downside to them14:45
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munzmhall119: maybe we could do a youtube channel for the meetings and stream and record them to said channel if everyone likes that idea23:56
munzthen later they could be watched if someone missed the mtg23:57

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