gamerchick02a snow party00:44
jrwren_lol at someone going off on whoopsie in #ubuntu-server01:06
jrwren_sounds just like our Dr. Watson conversation01:06
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Havenstancegood evening01:19
cmaloneyOK, archive.org just yelled at me because I didn't use leading zeroes for the date for my podcast.01:30
cmaloney[2014] [1] [6] instead of [2014] [01] [06]01:30
cmaloneyI didn't realize they'd legalized pot in CA because they're smoking some strong shit to enforce that.01:31
cmaloneygreg-g: Your blog is showing a 500 error01:38
Havenstancegood evening01:40
gamerchick02howdy havenstance01:40
cmaloneyHavenstance: howdy.01:40
Havenstancehow's everyone tonight?01:41
gamerchick02lol cmaloney we're on the same wavelength01:41
gamerchick02cold. but ok01:41
Havenstancei hear ya there, I just got back from town01:41
Havenstancechurch sign said -1501:41
jrwren_cmaloney: CA, CO, they are close enough :)01:42
Havenstancei think the worst part was home from town I was stuck behind a car with Florida plates...01:42
Havenstancedude was going 5mph on a main highway....01:43
cmaloneyjrwren_: Not even secondhand buzzes can account for that. ;)01:45
gamerchick02geez. that's crazy01:46
Havenstanceah, time to retreat to wow. My taxi has arrived :)01:50
cmaloneyhave fun!01:50
Havenstanceeh, its whatever. cursed reason i still have a Windows partition...01:51
gamerchick02hah, havenstance. i have a windows partition too.i think a lot of people do01:58
jrwren_the stupid linksys $300 openwrt router is an attack on open source. They want to suggest that open source is too expensive.02:02
cmaloneyjrwren_: OK, CO is way too far to explain that outburst. ;)02:05
jrwren_cmaloney: lol03:00
jrwren_greg-g: http://thefire.org/article/9865.html thoughts?03:00
cmaloneyjrwren_: If anyone asked me in college when I discovered my sexual identiy I think I would have left some form of smart-ass answer03:04
cmaloneyThat's nobody's business.03:04
cmaloneyAlso I'm pretty sure it's not a single point in time03:05
_stink_i had a small experience like this during freshman orientation at WMU 13 years ago.03:17
_stink_about racism.03:18
_stink_orientation leaders, way out of their element and undertrained, asked to push a policital agenda03:18
rick_h_heh, erica is having a fit that our weather station is reporting -14 outside03:42
rick_h_and that there's frost on the inside of the doorwalls03:42
jrwren_its COLD03:43
jrwren_cmaloney: apparently smart-ass answers were met with badgering follow ups until questions were answered03:44
_stink_just sent it to a cousin-in-law who is a residence hall director in Wisconsin for her thoughts.03:50
cmaloneySorry, but you're not my shrink, you're not my lover, and you're certainly not my pastor.04:56
cmaloneyAnd in all of those cases it's up to me to decide if I'll open up to you.04:57
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rick_h_no, this is well beyond Brrrrrrrrrr12:34
rick_h_"#$#@$#@$#@%#@%#$#@$@# it's cold"12:34
rick_h_somehow feels more appropriate12:34
cmaloneyI'm working from home today.12:42
cmaloneyWe have the heater on at 70F12:43
cmaloneyand I have a sweater on because it's still chilly in here.12:43
cmaloneyOur house has pretty shit insulation12:43
rick_h_damn, had to call the dealer to figure out how to get into the touareg13:02
rick_h_won't listen for keyfob13:02
rick_h_and the subaru won't start13:02
rick_h_but find the secret panel and it's going yay13:02
cmaloneyI think it's secretly saying "fuck you"13:03
rick_h_erica's unhappy that she can't park in the garage right now13:05
rick_h_I'm in deep daddy trouble13:05
cmaloneyrick_h_: ruh roh13:05
rick_h_yea, "why does your car start and not mine"13:06
rick_h_"if my car was in the garage would it start?"13:06
rick_h_I'll have to find a way to get her car started today :/13:06
cmaloneyrick_h_: Well, on the plus side you might get to drive the Subaru again until it does. ;)13:07
brouschI'm tired of shoveling14:32
brouschSpent an hour last night, and another hour this morning14:34
cmaloneybrousch: Lake-effect?14:34
cmaloneyLuckily we haven't had the snow outside of Sunday->Monday.14:34
cmaloney(knock on Ikea)14:34
brouschDrifting and plow effect14:37
brouschHow do I subscribe to this forum to get email notifications of new posts and topics? http://discourse.ubuntu.com/category/local-teams/ubuntu-michigan14:37
cmaloneyI think it'll automatically send you a digest if you haven't been on there in a while.14:45
cmaloneyNot sure how to sub to a particular forum14:46
cmaloneyACtually I think you can watch a category14:46
cmaloneyHere's how that works.14:47
cmaloneyGo to your settings14:47
cmaloneyunder categories there's watched, tracked and muted14:47
cmaloneyUnder tracked type "Ubuntu michigan" and it'll send you notifications for each topic posted.14:48
brouschGood enough14:48
brouschThough there should really be a "Track this Category" button on the category page14:49
cmaloneyYeah, that would be helpful14:55
greg-gcmaloney: should be better now :/16:53
greg-gbad .htaccess16:53
rick_h_ /ban cmaloney16:54
rick_h_seems a bad rule :P16:54
cmaloneyI'm ?17:07
cmaloneygreg-g: Cool. Thanks. :)17:07
cmaloneyrick_h_: Yeah, make me have to work to see your content. :)17:08
cmaloneyThat seems to be the Hollywood way. :)17:08
cmaloneyIt's good to be king18:05
brouschMoney money money18:06
cmaloneyHey, it were up to me I'd control to toll booth and have everyone pay me to pass through.18:07
brouschIt is up to you. You have just chosen to focus on other things18:09
cmaloneyThere's nothing more lonely than a toll booth on an empty road.18:10
cmaloneysave for two toll booths.18:10
rick_h_damn cold, new battery acquired. Now to warm up long enough to go back out and install the dippy thing18:29
brouschBattery for your big-ass snow blower?18:30
rick_h_no, wife's subaru18:32
rick_h_orignal 09 battery went kaput and helped get me in trouble this morning18:32
brouschHeh, my wife's was a bit hesitant this morning18:32
brouschHm, also a 200918:33
rick_h_the touareg won't respond to the keyfob in the cold18:33
rick_h_but once I found the secret panel to pop off to get access to a key hole, she started, but the diesel was rough starting18:33
rick_h_but at least one of the cars got going this morning and all that's wrong with the other is the battery18:34
brouschI wondered about that. Don't they use plug-in heaters for diesels in Canada?18:34
brouschThere's a VW Golf TDI on my street. He doesn't seem to have had trouble18:34
rick_h_co-worker is up there and they use block heaters and blankets, but that's an 'option' down here because you're not supposed to need it :/18:34
rick_h_I didn't say it had trouble starting, just that it was a far cry from the smooth purr it normally is18:35
brouschWell if it started today, I'd say it will never be a problem18:36
rick_h_yea, exactly. all uphill from here...I hope18:36
brouschI'm considering the Golf TDI for my next car, so I keep an eye on the neighbor's experience18:36
rick_h_I'll probably get the wife a wagon tdi for her next car at this point18:37
rick_h_we'll see I guess in a few years though18:37
rick_h_jcastro: meant to thank you for the bounty and plug on the monitor askubuntu thing19:39
brouschDid it work?19:39
jcastrodid it work?19:39
rick_h_yea, I've got one giant display. It's hacky as can be19:39
rick_h_jcastro: http://uploads.mitechie.com/current_status.png19:40
brouschNot 4 960px columns?19:41
rick_h_not currently19:41
rick_h_I have to up the font size so I go two or three splits wide and two tall19:41
rick_h_so when I'm heavily working I've got a 6x6 grid19:41
rick_h_err, 3x3 grid or 6 workspaces19:42
brouschup the font size?!?!19:44
rick_h_that's 14pt in the screenshot I thihnk19:44
rick_h_from 1019:44
brouschWho are you and what have you done with rick_h_?19:44
rick_h_or was it 8/919:44
rick_h_but no anti aliasing or type hinting19:44
cmaloneyVery cool19:57
jrwrenhello from codemash20:12
rick_h_jrwren: get some bacon for me20:12
jrwrenalready had some :)20:12
brouschNow have some for me20:18
widoxrick_h_: that's purdy -- you like the monitor overall?20:19
rick_h_widox: yea, I'm happy with it. It's a mixed bag as not everything plays nice.20:20
rick_h_but everything cli is beautiful20:20
rick_h_chrome and such needs some <3 but it'll get there20:20
brouschWhy are there problems?20:21
rick_h_the UI components of gui apps20:21
rick_h_they don't scale for high dpi screens20:21
rick_h_so with fonts/cli I can just bump the font sizes20:21
rick_h_but I can't tell chrome "scale your UX to 1.5 normal size20:21
brouschSupposedly you can adjust KDE for it20:22
rick_h_only if it's using that toolkit20:22
widoxrick_h_: does zooming in your browswer make things better?20:27
cmaloneyrick_h_: Your pipes are freezing?20:57
rick_h_widox: often times yes21:03
rick_h_widox: it depends on the site and how they setup their fonts21:03
rick_h_cmaloney: yea, we've got our kitchen pipes that run between the wall in the closet of my basement up to the kitchen21:04
rick_h_cmaloney: they freeze and I've got to stick a space heater in my office closet to warm the space behind it21:04
rick_h_so right now, I'm space heating my office closet, go me21:05
cmaloneywoo woo21:05
rick_h_battery in the subie replaced, up to the gas station, and filled her up with the good stuff21:06
rick_h_work done today: meh ... fixing life: go go go21:06
rick_h_jcastro: ruh roh http://techcrunch.com/2014/01/07/yahoo-announces-that-it-has-acquired-intelligent-homescreen-startup-aviate/21:29
rick_h_at least they're not killing it off to start I guess21:30
jcastroIt didn't really last long on my phone21:30
jcastroa week or so21:30
jcastroit wasn't bad21:31
jcastrobut it wasn't like, WOW21:31
rick_h_oh, I'm still using it21:31
rick_h_yea, but it's better than the default home screen stuff21:31
jcastroit tries to be too smart21:31
jcastrolike, I want my wife's icon on the launcher21:31
jcastrobut it's like "you are at work, you only added her to this other context."21:31
rick_h_"ok google now, call erica"21:31
jcastroyou use voice stuff?21:31
rick_h_hell yea21:31
rick_h_all the time, I set more alarms and reminders now that ever21:32
rick_h_"ok google now, reminder me to turn off the crock pot in 5 hrs"21:32
rick_h_"ok google now, reminder me to call the auto glass place tomrrow afternoon"21:32
rick_h_I wish it did better at music playback stuff and I'd use it there as well, but it's not right21:32
rick_h_texting via voice is better now that you can send without clicking21:33
cmaloneyI'm still using it as well22:12
cmaloneybut Yahoo will likely neglect it to death22:13
cmaloneyor worse.22:13
cmaloney"You're at work. Here's the apps that everyone else at work are using. I like purple. POST TO FLICKR?"22:14
gamerchick02i made it to work today!23:36

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