waltmanIs there anything on help.ubuntu.com where I could point my newbie freshmen for help on command line stuff?01:33
waltmanI see lots of docs on the desktop, but nothing seemed quite right there.01:33
waltmanah, found this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal01:35
pvl1thats the biggest learning curve02:20
pvl1JonathanD: i actually wanted to make a presentation on that02:20
pvl1who said that02:20
waltmanwhat's "that"?02:34
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JonathanDI think I'm going to skip my run this morning.10:09
JonathanDhi rmg5111:28
waltmanJonathanD: wuss11:42
teddy-dbearMorning peoples, dogs, turkeys and everything else13:09
pvl1anyone notice it's cold15:09
KyleYankanWhat do you mean, it's "cold"?15:11
ChinnoDogI did. I walked to DD this morning.15:11
pvl1it's cold outside15:13
lazypowerThat whole -9 wind chill thing?15:19
lazypowerAnd the fact there are places in the US that are colder than planet mars15:19
pvl1no way15:36
JonathanDThats it15:37
JonathanDI'm moving to mars.15:37
lazypowerAh i apologize, it appears that claim was made of Canada, not the US15:37
ChinnoDogWhat word is a good antonym for "luddite"?16:14
ChinnoDogWhatever it is, I would like to identify myself as that person.16:25
ChinnoDogThat says to me someone who is familar with technology, not someone that is a proponent of using it to solve problems.16:27
ChinnoDogA luddite could also be a techie in that sense.16:27
ChinnoDogThat is an interesting thread. However, they are right that "Cartwrightian" would be too obscure for practical purposes.16:34
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ChinnoDogjedijf: Do you have a ham license?20:41
InHisNameLicense to eat Pork ?20:44
ChinnoDogham, specifically20:54
InHisNameDoes one need a license to 'ham it up' at the comedy club ?21:09
InHisNameThen I might be treading too close to Mr Baconizer's territory......21:10
KyleYankanChinnoDog: K3YLE reporting in.21:35
ChinnoDogNice call sign.21:36
ChinnoDogI don't have a license. I'm going to take the general class test on Saturday.21:36
KyleYankanah nice. You'll need to take the tech test as well.21:37
ChinnoDogOh. Sorry, I was confused. I am taking the technician test. I forgot which level they eliminated. It was the one before technician.21:40
ChinnoDogI think I should not get a vanity call sign until I reach extra so I can get whatever I want.21:45
KyleYankanNovice, I think21:46
KyleYankanI wasns't going to until I saw K3YLE open. then I jsut jumped on it21:46
ChinnoDogWhat level are you?21:47
KyleYankanMean to upgrade, just haven't gotten around to it21:48

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