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RAOFmlankhorst, tjaalton: When were you thinking of being all xserver 1.15-y?05:34
tjaalton_RAOF: guess it depends on fglrx, they know of the ppa already since a month ago or such05:36
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mlankhorst RAOF that10:24
tseliotmlankhorst: is that patch of yours to start X with a specific GPU (on hybrid systems) in 14.04?10:51
mlankhorsttseliot: well I think so10:52
mlankhorstthat's what the inactive screens were for10:52
tseliotmlankhorst: do you mean xf86-inactive-gpuscreen.patch ?10:54
tseliotmlankhorst: shouldn't we just use the discrete GPU with nvidia on desktop systems?10:55
mlankhorstindeed, but that requires setting intel as gpu screen10:56
mlankhorstwhich is why inactive is mapped to gpu screen, nvidia used a bug to do that10:57
tseliotaren't both intel and nvidia gpu screens?10:59
tseliotor does the first gpu become master screen?10:59
tseliotmlankhorst: or maybe I misunderstood what you said11:02
mlankhorstthere's 1 master screen and 1 gpu screen11:05
tseliotmlankhorst: in your patch I only see that set the PLATFORM_PROBE_GPU_SCREEN flag but I don't see anything else. Maybe there's an additional patch?11:12
mlankhorstno that's all you need11:14
tseliotmlankhorst: but I remember that you could pass X the pci id11:22
tseliotyou wrote that patch11:22
mlankhorsttseliot: correct, but still need to specify what pci-id belongs to primary, and which one to the gpu screen11:23
tseliotmlankhorst: ok but what I don't understand is if we already have code to do that11:24
mlankhorsttseliot: well nvidia used a bug in xorg-server to specify that intel is a gpu screen, I turned it into a feature :P11:25
tseliotmlankhorst: but I also remember that you told me about some code to launch X with something like: /usr/bin/X :0 -auth... -primary=0:1:0 or something like that to select the card11:28
mlankhorstoh that11:29
tseliotI don't see it among our patches11:29
mlankhorstI don't think I ever made a patch to set it on the command line11:29
mlankhorstonly in xorg.conf11:29
mlankhorstoh the -gpu switch11:29
mlankhorstI think I dropped that patch11:30
tseliotyes, that was it11:30
tseliotdo you still have that patch somewhere?11:30
mlankhorstno idea, why?11:31
mlankhorstcan't find it in the ubuntu tree at least11:31
tseliotI don't want users to install nvidia and fail on desktop systems where crappy bioses which do not disable the integrated GPU when you plug in a discrete card11:32
tseliotand you don't want to offload rendering in that case11:33
tseliotas in bug #112623411:35
ubottubug 1126234 in ubuntu-drivers-common (Ubuntu) "Does not show nvidia driver if intel card is active" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/112623411:35
mlankhorstoh that11:36
mlankhorstmy system has that too11:37
mlankhorstbut what do you want to do in that case?11:37
tseliotmlankhorst: I think we can simply detect that we're not dealing with a laptop, and, if that is the case, use the discrete card by default11:44
tseliotmlankhorst: or add an option to do that, and my nvidia-prime package will set it in some configuration file11:45
mlankhorsthow do you know it's not a laptop, then?11:47
tseliotmlankhorst: well, you can check if you have anything in /sys/class/power_supply/ or if you have /proc/acpi/button/lid11:53
mlankhorsttseliot: I would like something more definitive :P11:58
mlankhorsttseliot: anyway by default the primary gpu is used11:58
mlankhorstwhich is set in the bios11:59
mlankhorstgraphics card initialization order or something11:59
tseliotright now I do:    if [ -n "`ls -A /sys/class/power_supply/`" ] && [ -d "/proc/acpi/button/lid" ]; then echo "Laptop detected"; fi11:59
tseliotmlankhorst: right, and I want to be able to ignore that12:00
tjaaltoni have an ups, wonder if it shows as a power supply..12:00
tseliotwe cannot rely on the BIOS in some cases12:00
tjaaltonnot connected via usb currently12:00
mlankhorstit should12:00
mlankhorstin those cases you can use nvidia-prime12:00
tseliottjaalton: does it also show a lid? ;)12:00
tjaaltonno :)12:01
tseliotmlankhorst: a user would plug the monitor into the nvidia card and, surprise, he wouldn't see anything12:02
* tseliot -> lunch12:02
mlankhorsttseliot: yeah it's terrible, I know12:02
tjaaltonso Mez's use case from yesterday12:02
tjaaltonpretty much12:02
tjaaltonhum, time to go trusty12:14
tjaaltonon desktop too12:14
mlankhorstI'm still on precise :p12:14
tjaaltonwell, you get to test the backports :)12:15
tjaaltonI have precise on another machine12:15
mlankhorstI will move after verifying lts-trusty12:15
tjaaltonand latest dev release dualboot12:15
mlankhorstI'm on lts-raring atm, will move to lts-saucy soon :P12:16
tjaaltongood boy12:21
mlankhorsthm seems to all be in precise-proposed now12:24
tjaaltonoh cool12:24
mlankhorst# Xorg -version12:32
mlankhorstX.Org X Server 1.14.512:32
mlankhorstshould probably log in again to use it ;-)12:32
mlankhorstyay works12:34
tjaaltonship it12:34
mlankhorstI didn't even mess up versions this time, I think12:46
mlankhorstI deleted all lts-saucy packages from s-lts-backport and x-staging. only thing left in x-staging is xorg-server 1.15 for now12:52
mlankhorsttseliot: any word from fglrx?12:53
tjaalton->#private ;)12:53
tjaaltonwe have a call on thursday12:54
mlankhorstah k12:54
tseliotmlankhorst: I think we can fix that use case13:09
tjaaltontseliot: should nvidia-173 dkms build on saucy?13:32
tjaaltonwhat's the deal with libxcb, is it mergeable by now?13:40
mlankhorstshould be13:42
tseliottjaalton: does it fail?13:51
tjaaltontseliot: there's https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xorg/+bug/1257392 where it's missing the kernel module, dunno why13:52
ubottuUbuntu bug 1257392 in xorg (Ubuntu) "Xorg crash" [Low,Incomplete]13:52
tseliottjaalton: maybe the kernel headers are not installed?13:56
tjaaltonyeah thought about that14:06
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