superflyMaaz: tell Kilos wake up sleepy head05:03
Maazsuperfly: Sure, I'll tell Kilos on freenode05:03
nuvolarihmm, happy new year?05:19
nuvolarihallo oom Kilos 05:19
Kilosmorning superfly nuvolari 05:19
nuvolarilo superfly, charl_ 05:19
Kilosals van die beste seun05:19
nuvolaridankie oom Kilos :) Mag oom ook 'n goeie 2014 hĂȘ05:21
bduk1Morning everyone05:21
Kilosbaie dankie. jy het nou goed begin hier , nou moenie weer begin verdwyn nie05:21
Kiloshi bduk1 05:21
bduk1Hoe gaan dit vanmore?05:22
Kilosheel goed en daar?05:22
nuvolarioh hi bduk1 05:23
nuvolariKilos: ek kan niks belowe nie oom :-/ moet alreeds werk inhaal :(05:24
nuvolarien ek kry nie my stoel se sit reg nie :-/05:24
nuvolariiemand het rondgevoeter05:25
nuvolarien my muis voel nie dieselfde nie05:25
nuvolarien die internet is stadig05:25
Kiloshi kbmonkey 05:41
Kiloshi Squirm 05:47
nuvolarioh hi kbmonkey_ 05:47
nuvolarihappy new year05:47
nuvolarioh hi Squirm 05:48
Kilosnuvolari, didnt he netsplit by you as well05:48
Kilos* kbmonkey has quit (*.net *.split)05:48
nuvolariyeah, but he's still present with a stertjie05:52
Kilosoh ya05:52
Kilosbut shows afk here05:52
Squirmhey there nuvolari05:52
Kilosmore ddos today methinks05:56
Kiloswhat these kids need is not to be blocked but traced and locked up for a while to make them realise everything is a two way street05:57
Kilosinstead of using their knowlege for good they cause havoc for others06:02
Kiloshi ThatGraemeGuy 06:32
ThatGraemeGuymorning :)06:47
Kiloshi inetpro werk jou mengsel vir die spinnekop?06:52
inetprogoeie more oom, het nog nie weer gaan kyk nie07:07
* inetpro is terug in die saal en dinge gaan maar rof07:08
Vince-0check Jono is looking to get App Dev schools in the Locos: http://www.jonobacon.org/2014/01/06/ubuntu-loco-team-app-dev-schools-volunteers-needed/07:18
inetprohi Vince-007:18
inetprooh and good morning to everyone else as well07:20
Kiloshi Vince-0 07:21
Kiloswbb wanna try and see if the 2 x 1g ram cards still clash now that things are stable here07:50
Kilosamazing the diffs an extra 512m ram makes in speed08:03
Kilosonly the bios seems the same08:04
charl_good morning08:16
charl_Maaz: coffee on08:16
* Maaz flips the salt-timer08:16
charl_hi Kilos 08:16
charl_hi Vince-0, inetpro 08:16
Kiloshi charl_ 08:16
KilosMaaz, coffee please08:17
MaazKilos: Okay08:17
KilosMaaz, large08:17
MaazIn a beer mug just for you Kilos08:17
Vince-0charl! 08:17
Vince-0don't have any gosh darned milk in this gosh darned office 08:18
=== charl_ is now known as charl
Kilosthat sucks Vince-0 08:19
KilosMaaz, with cremora08:19
MaazAh! At last someone with taste08:19
charlyou want to make a caffe latte?08:19
KilosMaaz, and milk08:19
MaazNow you're talking08:19
charli only drink my coffee black and bitter, unless i take a cappuccino on the occasion08:19
MaazCoffee's ready for charl_ and Kilos!08:20
charlMaaz: thanks08:20
Maazcharl: No problem08:20
KilosMaaz, danke08:20
charlour maid did his work again, even though he doesn't wear a cute maid outfit08:20
charlhave you heard about the mcdonalds in taiwan?08:21
charlfirst they got their staff to wear maid outfits, then dress as schoolgirls, and the latest is nurses08:21
charlone of my friends is in china right now, he sent me a picture of a bunch of maids somewhere in a shopping mall08:23
charlmaids used to be a japanese thing but now it seems like it is getting popular all over asia08:23
Kiloswe gotta make a plan and get more ubuntu women here09:00
Kilosthey can come chat about recipes09:01
Kilosand geek things of course09:01
Squirmhey henkj_ 09:31
henkj_hey Squirm 09:32
=== henkj_ is now known as henkj
henkjalmost thought I'd lost my nickname09:34
henkjtried to identify and my password didn't work09:35
henkjmany underscores in this channel actually09:35
Kilosohi henkj 09:36
henkjhi Kilos 09:36
henkjare there still ubuntu things happening in cape town?09:39
Kiloswell there might be a release party in april but i dunno if the guys down there have time anymore09:40
=== georgl_ is now known as georgl
Kiloshi psyatw georgl 09:49
psyatwhi Kilos09:51
charloh yes i see what i will be doing in february10:40
charlfirstly: https://fosdem.org/2014/10:40
charland then, perhaps secondly: http://cfgmgmtcamp.eu/10:41
charlhi psyatw 10:41
charlhi henkj 10:41
psyatwhi charl10:41
henkjhi charl10:41
psyatwhi henkj10:41
charlwhow i can get to brussels cheaply over the weekend10:57
charli pay about 20 euro to get to roosendaal en then another 30 euro to get to brussels and back10:57
charlso i can do the whole trip in under 50 euro10:58
charlalthough, if i take the earlier train, it will be a little more expensive, but probably worth it10:58
charlinteresting, seems like they took the mandatory microsoft account registration out of windows 8.113:45
=== SubOracle is now known as SubOracle2
nuvolari:O amper huistoe-tyd14:47
KilosMaaz, seen tumbleweed 15:44
MaazKilos: tumbleweed was last seen 14 days, 20 hours, 33 minutes and 40 seconds ago in #ubuntu-za on freenode [2013-12-23 21:11:01 SAST], and has been online on freenode since 2014-01-05 22:42:00 SAST15:44
Kilosgoodness me15:45
=== spinza_ is now known as spinza
inetproKilos: the wind probably swept him to some remote island17:55
Kilosive already forgotten what i wanted to ask him17:55
Kilosohi tumbleweed where are you?17:56
Kilossigh late night again18:01
tumbleweedKilos: home18:14
tumbleweedhow are things?18:14
Kilosyay wb tumbleweed 18:15
Kiloswe all good here ty18:15
Kiloshappy new year18:15
tumbleweedyou too18:15
inetprowb tumbleweed18:15
* tumbleweed scored food poisening for new year :/18:15
tumbleweedall over now18:15
Kiloswhat did you eat?18:15
tumbleweeda braai on new year's eve18:16
tumbleweedno idea what it was. could have been the wors18:16
tumbleweednope, none18:16
Kiloswow food poisoning from a braai18:16
tumbleweedI know :P18:16
Kilosmaybe some of the pork fat in the wors was off18:17
Kilosdont buy wors from the same place again18:17
tumbleweedthat was my local spar, but it had been in the fridge a couple of days18:18
Kiloswell at least you over it now and learned a lesson18:19
Kiloswas the trip a success?18:20
Kilosyou were gone forever18:20
tumbleweedheh, just a month18:20
tumbleweedbut I might move18:20
Kilosto where?18:20
Kilosthen you gonna become like the crash kid and just look after a bot?18:21
tumbleweedsan francisco18:21
Kiloswell if thats where the money is then why not18:22
Kilosbut dont start ignoring us hey.18:22
Kilosstill working with ubuntu or not?18:23
tumbleweedthe money is here two, but there are so many more thnigs there18:23
tumbleweedso many more places to work18:25
Kilosaha well good luck with whatever you decide to do18:25
Kilosand please dont forget us18:26
charlhmmm interesting18:26
Kilosjust now there is only fly pro nuvo and i left18:26
charli considered moving to silicon valley back in 200718:26
charlbut what kept me back is that silican valley is located in the US18:26
charlwhere you have no right to anything18:26
charlthat's the only thing that stopped me18:26
charlhi nlsthzn 18:27
nlsthznhello all18:27
inetprogood morning nlsthzn18:27
Kiloshi nlsthzn wb my man18:27
* nlsthzn has the flu :'(18:27
charlhi inetpro 18:27
nlsthznbeen in bed for most of the last three days18:28
charlmorning ?!18:28
inetprooh hi charl18:28
inetprocharl: he just woke up from nowhere18:28
nlsthznso how has everyone been?18:28
charli'm doing well18:29
Kiloswe been good here ty18:29
tumbleweedcharl: yeah, I've resisted the US for a while18:29
tumbleweedbut I think a change of scenery would suit me right now18:29
charlsometimes you need that18:29
charljust don't turn into a real american :P18:29
charldon't forget where you came from18:30
tumbleweedyeah, doubt I would18:30
tumbleweedit helps that america hates foreigners18:31
nlsthznjust when I was looking at other pastures I find that all of my certificates etc. have gone missing >.<18:31
Kilosoh my nlsthzn 18:31
nlsthznwas updating my CV and went looking for them and nothing...18:31
charltumbleweed: ah that's good news18:31
nlsthznnot a single one left :/18:31
Kiloswhere were they nlsthzn ?18:31
Kiloshow can they disappear18:32
nlsthznin my PC room until a few months ago... I hope they didn't land in the wrong pile when spring cleaning some months ago18:32
nlsthznthat would sucl18:32
Kilosyou must have records on the pc18:32
inetprotumbleweed: did you notice our new meeting date?18:33
inetpromoved to Tuesdays18:33
Kilosoh ya you too nlsthzn 28th 18:34
nlsthznI am sure I can re-apply for the most important ones... but that can take a long time to come 18:34
nlsthznmeeting the 28th?18:34
inetproevery 4th Tuesday of the month18:34
inetproand we have an interesting topic up for discussion 18:36
Kilossuperfly, did you put your suggestion in the agenda?18:36
inetpro The current state of Internet in South Africa by superfly18:36
Kilosoh sorry inetpro 18:36
inetproKilos: it's there18:36
Kilosalso we gotta work a way to get more ubuntu women here18:37
Kilosi give up with the list peeps18:37
nlsthznreading an interesting book where the author looks at the boom in africa going online via mobile at a rapid rate and how this is effecting africa ...18:37
nlsthznawesome read18:37
inetpronlsthzn: what book is that?18:38
nlsthznhttp://hintjens.com/books Culture and Empire18:39
nlsthznfree ebook18:39
nlsthznthat isn't the main focus of the book but it touches on the subject 18:40
nlsthznsomething you guys might enjoy to look through - https://github.com/vhf/free-programming-books/blob/master/free-programming-books.md18:41
nlsthznthat was odd18:48
Kilosnlsthzn has quit (*.net *.split)18:50
nlsthznyup, thought as much :p18:51
Kilosbeen probs again last few days18:51
Kilosyou use joomla Symmetria ?19:14
Symmetrialol why is it that in kenya I managed to get cable internet installed in my house on the same day I ordered it with 20megabit uncapped unshaped for R1k ZAR a month complete with 98 tv channels19:14
Symmetriabut I can't get the same in south africa 19:14
Symmetria(I put it in a temp solution while I wait for my fiber)19:14
Kilosslack in za19:14
Symmetrianope dont use joomla19:14
Symmetriaheh, waiting for my fiber at home, they must hurry up but could take 3 weeks to get wayleaves19:15
Kiloshave you an idea on how to get in if the passwd has been changed?19:15
Kilosthere is no rush in za19:15
Kilosjust mail the local bossman19:15
Symmetriakilos no idea19:16
Symmetriaheh, dude, even if you get it installed in za19:16
Symmetriayou're gonna pay more than double19:16
Symmetria10meg uncapped in za if you include the price of phone line, dsl connection and isp account is more than a grand19:16
Kiloslike hod of the govt there then they mail down the list and last oke moves19:16
Symmetriaand doesnt ahve any tv channels on it or anything19:16
Kilosjoin our meet on the 28th and give us bright ideas19:17
Kilosgonna be a za internet discussion19:18
Symmetriaheh tomorrow I need to fix our latencies from uganda to south africa across the continent and then our gaming server will be pretty much ready to go :)19:18
Symmetriathat will fix gaming al over the continent19:18
Symmetriaand Ive got meetings tomorrow about buying mirror servers19:18
Symmetriamirror servers that make the old mirror.ac.za look like a joke19:18
Symmetria256gig of ram, quad 8 core cpu, 200 terabytes of high speed equilogix disk space 19:19
charlwhen i was in kenya back in 2011 i also was really impressed19:20
charlthe kenyans want to move forward, not like the south africans that just want to milk the last drop of blood from the telecoms industry19:20
charli was shocked about how good the internet was in kenya compared to south africa at the time19:20
Symmetriaheh charl we're launching a 100mbit to the home product shortly19:20
charli went to kenya just coming from south africa back in august 201119:20
Symmetriawe'll also be launching a 20meg uncapped service for like 700 bux a month 19:21
Symmetriathats fiber to the home based19:21
charl700 kenyan shillings?19:21
Symmetrianah rand 19:21
charlkenya works in rand?19:21
Symmetrianah I converted :)19:21
charl700 kenyan shillings is practically nothing19:21
Symmetriahehehe nah I did the conversion19:21
charlif i remember correctly at the time it was 100 shillings to the euro19:21
Symmetriaits about 6000 ksh 19:21
Symmetriato 700 rand 19:21
charlah, yeah that sounds more logical19:22
charlwell if i look at what i am paying right now - 60 euro per month for a 150 mbps connection19:22
charlthen kenya is not far behind19:22
charlalthough, i should say, i have high quality bandwidth with a very low ping, and it never goes down19:22
charli have not seen it go down in more than 2 years19:23
Symmetriaheh Im cheating and pulling in a point of presence into my house so I can serve my neighbors ;p19:23
Symmetriawhich gives me 2 x 10G fibers into my study ;p19:23
* Symmetria laughs19:23
charlnice, why not19:23
charla lot of people used to host stuff in their basements in the early years of the internet everywhere19:23
charli have even seen photos from some closets in japan back in the early 90s19:24
charlback in 2004 i started working for an isp in south africa where we had fibre running into my office, i had a PoP standing right behind my desk19:24
charlat the time that was a big deal19:24
Symmetriaheh my damn tv is busy updating its firmware off the internet and it must hurry up so I can go to bed, but its a ridiculously huge download the tv is doing19:25
Symmetrialike 1.2 gig in tv firmware wtf 19:25
nlsthznnight all19:25
charlhow is that even possible19:25
Symmetriathats larger than a ubuntu linux server cd 19:25
charlnlsthzn: have a good one!19:25
charlnlsthzn: and get better !!! :)19:25
Symmetriacharl lol, these samsung smart tvs are well... pretty smart :)19:25
charlapparently :)19:25
charli use my computer as a smart tv, i just connect a nice large external lcd/led edge lit screen19:26
Symmetriacharl lol yeah but there is something about a 60" display that can stream stuff directly off plex servers and other things that rocks19:26
charlall of the tv i watch is iptv in any case, just play it with html5/flash/vlc19:26
Symmetriacharl heh, plex server is what I use, with plex client installed on tv19:26
Symmetriaplex > * 19:26
charlwas just googling it now19:27
charllooks very nice19:27
Symmetriayou can see the tv there running plex19:27
charlheh nice setup19:28
charlalthough my neck would get strain with so many screens19:28
Symmetriaheh was upgraded since I took that photo, I replaced the 2 left hand screens with the same ones that are on the right hand side19:28
charli use two at the moment at work but the person from arbo warned me about it19:28
Symmetriathose screens on the right in that photo are... very very very sweet 19:29
Symmetriacharl lol, you use a swivel chair in a setup like that, you have to 19:29
charlthey look extremely wide19:29
Symmetriathe screens on the right are 29" 2560x1080p ultra-wide 19:29
charlwhat aspect ratio are they19:29
charlah i see19:29
Symmetriathey U2913WM's19:29
Symmetriamade by Dell19:29
Symmetriapricey fuckers though19:29
charli bet19:30
Symmetriabut they make for an awesome awesome work environment when you need a TON of terminal windows open19:30
charlfor NOC type stuff i can understand19:30
Symmetriaby biggest complaint with that setup is sadly, because linux and nvidia keep fighting with each other, it wont work properly in linux 19:30
charli like looking at NOC pictures, displays everywhere19:31
Symmetrialinux nerfed the nvidia drivers so you can't do more than 3 screens19:31
Symmetriaand linux pukes when it drives to boot that machine anyway because it doesnt know how to deal with the hardware in it 19:31
charlyeah i am stuck with intel HD due to that reason19:31
Symmetria(that machine has 2 GTX 790 Ti Video Cards in it)19:31
Symmetriaboth on 16x PCI-E bus 19:31
charlwhat irritates me is that all the new AMD laptops come with radeon graphics cards19:31
Symmetriaheh, the graphics power int hat machine and the video encoding / decoding power is just SICK19:31
charland that means AMD is out for me now, too19:31
Symmetriaheh there is no card in the world though that outrun that 790 Ti19:32
Symmetriaits SICK fast 19:32
Symmetriaand to have two of them in the same machine is just awesome sauce 19:32
SymmetriaI was gonna SLI them but chose not to 19:32
charli mostly use my machines for internet/development and watching tv/films so i don't need anything crazy fortunately19:32
charlotherwise i would also be stuck on windows19:32
Symmetriaheh I use my machine for a ton of things but a lot of the video power is because I remux video etc 19:33
Symmetriathe reality is though, that in terms of video stuff, windows still has teh better apps19:33
charlyeah then you need it19:33
Symmetriaadobe premiere and adobe after effects > * 19:33
charlyou guys do stuff with voip too?19:34
Symmetriahell of a lot of sip stuff19:34
charlat work we are migrating to microsoft lync now (i would rather have had a fully standards-based asterisk setup)19:34
Symmetriaboth over ip networks and over dedicated sat links19:34
Symmetriaheh yeah see, we dont generally play with the software stuff though, the stuff we're doing is carrier grade on hardware platforms19:35
charli like how lync is integrated with microsoft exchange and the presence automatically updates according to your calendar19:35
charlbut i'm not a big fan of proprietary lock-ins19:35
charli am using instant messaging now with the pidgin sipe plugin but i still need to get a hardware network-phone this month19:36
charlthere are no soft clients for lync that run on linux and works with voip19:36
charlso i have pidgin for instant messaging and a network phone for voip19:36
Symmetriawtf this stupid netgear cable modem at my house.... has french firmware19:42
Symmetriaand no way that I can see to switch it to english19:42
Symmetria:( its gonna surrender and die 19:42
charlle revolution!19:44
charli was in liege this past sunday, i just realise once again that i understand nothing of french19:44
Symmetriaheh 19:48
Symmetriathis is a speedtest.net server19:48
Symmetriafrom a box that is like, half a kilometer from my house 19:48
Symmetriaconnected to the same hub Im gonna be connected to19:48
Symmetriaits being constrained though by the isp thats hosting that test server19:49
charlthat's not bad, for kenya19:49
charlalthough, i find speedtest isn't very good at measuring high bandwidth links in any case19:50
Symmetriaheh, well, it would go a shitload faster IF the server could handle it19:50
Symmetriaand yeah speedtest.net sux for high bandwidth links19:50
charli think flash might be part of the problem19:50
charlif i do a speed test from work (gigabit ethernet locally with a 40gbps connection to the rest of the world) i can get about 800mbps down and 600mbps up to amsio19:51
charlbut that's using iperf19:51
charlagainst a VM with 10gbps virtual ethernet19:52
Symmetriaspeedtest.net also SUCKS testing high bandwidth over long latencies19:52
SymmetriaI mean 19:52
Symmetriathats a neotel speed test from kenya19:52
Symmetriathe upload speed figure is complete horseshit, I know how much bandwidth is there19:53
charliperf is for real speed tests, gives a much more realistic indication19:53
charlspeedtest is just for testing crappy consumer dsl connections19:53
Symmetrialol yeah19:53
charlit's ok for testing connections like this stupid home cable connection to ziggo19:54
charlbut my city doesn't have ftth yet19:54
charlthey are busy converting the region, i'm hoping for this year, then i'm off ziggo with their overpriced service19:54
charlthe worst thing about eurodocsis is that your upload speed is a tenth of your download19:55
charlthis is what real internet looks like: http://www.breedbandarnhem.nl//thuis/snelheden19:57
Symmetriaanyway :) Im off to bed19:57
Symmetriagnight all19:57
charlhave a good one19:57
charli'm off too19:57
Kilosnight all. sleep tight20:13

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