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zequence_SonikkuAmerica: Hi there :)11:13
zequence_cub: Better luck next time :) (jvm)11:49
cubhuh? I don't know which conversation we are continuing? :)'11:49
zequence_jvm == junior VM11:50
cubaaaaaaah *coff*11:50
cubstupid goal. ;)11:50
cubit's always great when it's SWE - FIN in the finals though. 11:51
zequence_just on my out. Catch you later11:51
cubalright, see ya11:51
cubjust set up a Trusty on my work VM11:51
OvenWerk1zequence_: any idea how to detect if I am running a live session?14:35
OvenWerk1It is probably not a great idea to install lots of packages to ram...14:36
zequence_OvenWerk1: It works, but you run out of space pretty quickly14:44
zequence_OvenWerk1: I'm sure there's a way to see if it is a live session, but this should give a hint: df -h /home/$USER14:45
zequence_The mounts should be different too. I might not have time to look into the live bug myself today, maybe tomorrow14:52
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