taharqahi ! last day xnox told me that I can override stanza in the /etc/init/SERVICE.conf file. But I have a script...end section : do I have to override the whole script section ? or I can override a line ?11:22
taharqain the http://upstart.ubuntu.com/cookbook/#override-files documentation is not that clear for me11:22
jodhtaharqa: overrides apply to an entire stanza so if you can only override the entire script using a .override file.11:35
taharqathen, what happen if in my SERVICE.conf I have several script section ? how does upstart can know which script to override ?11:53
jodhtaharqa: you can override individual script sections so if your .conf file contains a pre-start script and a "main" script, your .override can override either or both by just specifying a new "pre-start script" or "script" stanza.13:07
taharqajodh: thank you15:41
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p3rsistHi guys. How come, /bin/sleep doesnt seem to work in upstart scripts sections22:21

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