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ali1234bug 126359105:05
ubottubug 1263591 in gnome-panel (Ubuntu) "Add notification-area to panel-default-layout.layout" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/126359105:05
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Unit193knome: For later, reminding that you didn't push all changes for pt.po.08:03
knomei didn't do all changes yet08:03
knomeremind me again then :P08:03
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pmjdebru2jnochosi: thanks for the help the other day09:33
ochosipmjdebru2jn: di niente :)09:33
pmjdebru2jnwhile I'm at it, I do wonder about another thing09:33
pmjdebru2jnin some instances we (=darktable) launch firefox, which seems to inherent parts of our theming09:34
pmjdebru2jnwhich makes it look ugly09:34
pmjdebru2jnany tips where to look?09:34
ochosidoes it just inherit parts?09:34
pmjdebru2jnto be honest I haven't invested much time into that yet, but i sortof want to give it a go to get that fixed09:34
ochosihm, ok09:34
pmjdebru2jnI can check tonight09:34
* pmjdebru2jn can't right now09:35
ochosino problem09:35
ochosii presume that an app inherits the gtk-theming settings when it's launched from another ap09:35
ochosii've never done that before, so it might as well be firefox/XUL specific09:35
pmjdebru2jnhmm ok09:36
ochosithe only thing i can think of off the top of my head how to fix that is to load the default gtkrc file when launching firefox09:36
ochosiyou can set specific rc files for apps when launching them (i guess you know that)09:36
pmjdebru2jntonight I'll look into the coe, how we launch firefox09:36
ochosiso this is how i'd try to tackle that09:36
pmjdebru2jnI'll do some digging09:36
ochosieither load /home/$user/.gtkrc-2.0 (and hope that if that doesn't exist that it'll fall back to the system theme)09:36
ochosior try to determine the currently-in-use theme somehow and load that09:37
ochosinot sure whether there are builtin calls for the latter in gtk209:37
ochosimight turn out to be complicated09:37
ochositrying to load a non-existant gtkrc-2.0 file could also result in nothing though, as it could fall back to your darktable rc09:38
ochosiso as you can see, lotsa guessing :)09:38
ochosibest to get in touch with me again once you can take a real look at it09:38
slickymastermorning all09:40
slickymasterhey ochosi 09:44
ochosiali1234: so since there is a xubuntu-specific part of the whole problem, what's your opinion on what we should use for 14.04?13:32
ali1234i got no idea13:32
ochosii guess we could throw together a gnome-screensaver version forked from 3.6 that looks like our greeter and has no gnome depends13:33
ali1234i don't even use a screensaver or lock my computer13:33
ali1234what was used in 13.10?13:33
ochosi(we've used that for ages)13:33
ali1234we should probably just use that, assuming it works13:33
ali1234it is LTS after all13:33
ali1234what screensaver is used in ubuntu-desktop?13:34
ochosibut it has lotsa gnome-depends that we don't want13:34
ochosisomething like gnome-settings-daemon etc13:34
ali1234well if we're going to do this, they might want to use it too - eg if possible we should support unity-greeter as well13:34
ali1234if only so that there's more people to support the code13:34
ochosii agree13:35
ochosiforking gnome-screensaver can be done by going back in history in the light-locker git-repo a bit13:35
ali1234it's probably something for 14.10 though13:35
ochosiwe started by stripping out gnome-depends13:35
ochosiyeah, i guess, unless it works really well :)13:36
ali1234first step would be investigating/documenting the interface between dm and greeter13:37
ali1234depending on how that looks will determine how hard it is13:37
ochosii think it would be ideal to talk to robert_ancell before we start anything13:37
ochosihe can tell us, since he's the author of lightdm (and he's usually quite responsive)13:38
ochosiinitially, we started like this13:43
ochosiwe basically set up gnome-screensaver to lock the screen13:43
ochosiand then if you'd go to "switch user" that would do the VT switch (also from the lock-screen)13:43
ochosibut if you decide to unlock your session then from the greeter instead of from gnome-screensaver (i.e.VT8 instead of VT7) gnome-screensaver needs to listen to CK signals to unlock automatically, so you don't have to enter your pwd twice13:45
ochosiand after we did all that and it seemed complicated, we thought it's ideal to use the greeter directly as lockscreen13:45
ochosisome of the issues (like powermanagement in a multi-user env in the greeter) remain even with the solution of using a locker on the same VT13:46
ochosiali1234: one problem of using the greeter for the "first" lockscreen, is that it allows user-switching directly13:55
ali1234well it has a "lock mode" option right?13:55
ochosiso lightdm would definitely have to modified to support that, or greeters would have to use the lock_hint to suppress user-switching13:56
ali1234the greeter will certainly need to be modified a bit to support this13:56
ali1234yeah, lock hint13:56
ochosiso something like an extra button for user-switching would have to be added to open the greeter again on another VT with full capabilities13:57
ochosi(the elegant solution would be to only open the new VT after entering the new credentials in the greeter)13:58
ali1234sounds like it's getting complicated13:59
ochosiwell if you want a really elegant solution, i guess the best way would be to extend lightdm with locking capabilities instead of trying to make gnome-.screensaver play dm14:00
ochosi(basically what gnome3 did, from what i read)14:01
ochosianyway, if we wanna do it the gnome-screensaver-way, the first stage should be simple14:02
ochosihaving a gnome-free locker with UI that responds to unlock signals from the greeter14:02
ali1234i don't think extending lightdm would necessarily be any easier14:03
ali1234i mean it would still need a whole bunch of different code to make it work14:03
ochosiyeah, and secure locking isn't trivial at all...14:05
ochosineed to talk to cavalier about this14:06
ochosixnox: this is one of our most-needed fixes (if you have time to look at it), with these fixes our live session should work again as expected (courtesy of Unit193): https://code.launchpad.net/~unit193/xubuntu-default-settings/session-fix/+merge/19817714:08
brainwashochosi: do you think that adding hover activation for gtk3 indicators might be a good idea? I'm not sure if I should request this (optional) feature15:47
ochosibrainwash: i'm not really fond of the idea15:48
ochosithere is no hover-activation anywhere else15:48
ochosiso it wouldn't be very intuitive, just annoying i suppose15:48
brainwashright, it would be disabled by default15:48
ochosiyeah, but why would you want it?15:48
ochosithe rest of the panel would still need you to click15:49
brainwashUnity does it and I like it15:49
ochosiso it'd be a very isolated behavior15:49
ochosigmusicbrowser has hover-activation of it's tray-popover, and luckily introduced a timeout, because it was really annoying15:49
brainwashbut you could setup an only gtk3 indi panel15:49
brainwashwell, almost15:49
brainwashI'll try to code it myself, sounds like fun15:51
brainwashoh, any idea why shadows for xfce4-panel are not possible right now? any specific limitations?15:52
ochosiyou mean below?15:52
brainwashyes, drop shadow15:52
brainwash(like Unity does)15:52
ochosithey only ever worked briefly, xfwm doesn't draw that kind of shadow15:52
ochosiseems like you wanna use Unity? :)15:52
brainwashI want to make Xfce the better Unity15:53
ochosisame with xfce4-notifyd, that also doesn't have shadows for the same reason (iirc)15:53
knome"no, i don't want to use unity, just the features that are in it!"15:54
brainwashhover activation and a drop shadow.. this won't turn Xfce into Unity :)15:55
brainwashjust some small things to make it more awesome (optional ofc)15:56
ali1234i want to use unity but without the features15:56
ali1234no hover activation15:56
ali1234and definitely no drop shadows unless they are in the theme15:56
ali1234unity's stupid drop shadow causes so many problems15:57
brainwashtalking about unity reminds me that I wanted to re-test XMir15:58
brainwashto see if it improved15:59
ochosibrainwash: please test it with nvidia :}15:59
brainwashonly got AMD and intel15:59
brainwashthe major issue back then was the software cursor16:01
brainwashtoo bad that we don't keep an eye on XMir anymore16:01
brainwasha solid LTS release is more important 16:02
micahg_hi all, sorry, was not feeling well most of last week16:51
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slickymasterochosi: PING17:11
* slickymaster damns the Caps Lock on17:11
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elfyochosi: just so you are aware - I've absolutely no idea what that odd suspend reboot issue I was having was - but since then this machine's not been 'off' suspend and lock is all I've done17:40
slickymasterhey elfy17:40
elfymicahg: such is real life - hope you're better now17:40
elfyhi slickymaster - congrats on team :)17:41
elfyI see you've been busy too17:41
elfyhad that merge you got k to do on my list for this evening 17:41
slickymasterelfy: that's why I was going to poke you17:41
slickymasterI've also updated Trello and the blueprint on that17:41
elfyyep - saw the blueprint - not been to the board yet17:42
slickymasterI'll try to get bug 1256898 done this weel, also17:42
ubottubug 1256898 in Ubuntu Manual Tests "Test Needed : xfce4 session handling" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/125689817:42
pmjdebru2jnochosi: it was so trivial (at the theme inheritance)17:43
pmjdebru2jnI just had another look (I also did a while ago, but gave up)17:43
slickymasterjust wanting to finish the xfdesktop docs for ochosi before it17:43
pmjdebru2jnsorry for the offtopic bit17:44
elfyslickymaster: ok - I'll be on the week off cycle Thursday so will have much more time - and health is much improved17:44
elfyslickymaster: yep - I saw that too - docs is important :)17:44
slickymasterelfy: that's good to ear, and it's what I call good news17:44
elfythanks :)17:44
elfyhi pmjdebru2jn 17:44
elfyslickymaster: I think the only test we need to replace now we've lost the old post install tests is the bluetooth one17:48
* elfy got a couple of merge requests to get seen to17:49
slickymasterelfy: are you referring to http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-testcase/ubuntu-manual-tests/trunk/view/head:/testcases/packages/1591_Blueman ?17:53
elfyaah yes - that was it - thanks :D17:53
slickymasterelfy: well, if i manage to get my hands on a device with bluetooth, I'll do it17:53
elfyneeded to make sure that was a replacement for our old test - then we just need to add the 3 - multi mons/bluetooth/suspend in somewhere useful17:53
elfyoh cool17:53
elfymy thinking is that the old suspend test should now be part of the lightlocker testing 17:53
elfyknome slickymaster ^^17:53
slickymastermy cell phone is kind of pre-historical and doesn't have it17:54
elfyUnit193 lderan ^^ you 2 too - given your in that team ;)17:55
elfyslickymaster: my phone has bluetooth - but none of the PCs/lappies do :)17:55
elfyslickymaster: you at a machine with xubuntu on it?17:55
elfyor at work without?17:55
slickymasterat work with boxes, one saucy and one trusty17:56
slickymastertwo ^^17:56
elfyiuf you get time with the trusty one - can you have a look - panel prefs - display tab 17:57
elfyhttp://imgur.com/2cVgrlj,94e3V4T#1 - can you check the tooltips - mine are fubar17:57
slickymasterdo you want a screenshot of mine?17:57
elfyochosi: doesn't see it , but I'm possibly going to drop a line to the m/l re it - especially if people using the ppa's respond17:58
elfyslickymaster: no need for a screeny if the tooltips are correct17:58
elfyor if not either :) just let me know what you see17:58
slickymastermine is quite similar to yours, besides the fact that I have the "Don't reserve space on borders" option ticked18:00
elfyso your tooltips for don't reserve is wrong as well? 18:00
slickymasterother than that everything seems ok with yours18:00
slickymasterhow come wrong?!18:01
slickymasterThe way I read it, the label is correct18:01
elfycheck my screenshots - there are two images there18:02
slickymasteroh wait18:02
slickymasterI just saw the first one18:02
slickymasterno, mine are correct for each of them18:04
slickymasterna I see what you mean18:04
elfyok - thanks18:04
slickymasteryours, aren't18:04
elfyyep - the don't reserve is wrong 18:04
slickymasterI'm running 4.10.1-1ubuntu2 version though18:05
slickymasterelfy xfce-panel ^^18:05
slickymasterelfy: that's probably why mine are correct and yours aren't18:11
slickymasterbut I can get that PPA and check how does it works on this box18:11
slickymasterelfy: it's Jackson's PPA, right?18:12
elfyit's ok - I've sent a quick mail to the list - ochosi wasn't too concerned, I just want a quick check18:12
slickymasterok, if you want me to confirm it later on, just ping me on it18:12
elfyyes it's jackson's - but I'll be more concerned if I see it when the stuff gets into install18:12
elfyslickymaster: k - thanks :)18:12
brainwashelfy: what is fubar about the tooltips?18:16
elfyI have the same tootip for hide panel and don't reserve :)18:17
brainwashusing the same package and it's fine here18:18
elfyodd - on the bright side it's probably just here and I picked up on it 18:19
brainwashelfy: it always looks like I cannot confirm the bugs you encounter and vice versa18:31
brainwashyou only test inside a vm, right? shouldn't matter most of the time anyway18:32
ali1234elfy: same here18:34
ali1234elfy: could be a translation issue18:34
elfybrainwash: not at all - this machine is a real one - I use it and have been using it since more or less the beginning - though this particular install is only a few weeks old - vanilla plus the 4 ppa's for tabwin/panel etc18:35
elfyali1234: ok - cheers - thought I was losing the plot :)18:36
ali1234elfy: using en_GB by any chance?18:37
brainwashen_US here18:37
elfybrainwash: though I do test images with both hardware and vm18:37
elfyali1234: yep18:37
ali1234looks like somebody goofed and copy pasted the same translation multiple times18:37
elfyyep - that confirms that then - switched to US and all was fine18:42
ali1234yeah it's definitely a problem in the po file... i'm looking at it right now18:43
ali1234bug was introduced in the most recent commit18:45
elfythat's probably the sort of thing it might be good for me to look at, being voodoo averse - I guess it's quite logical to see where it's wrong18:46
ali1234the two translations are right next to each other in the file too18:51
elfynot got login to that18:51
ali1234oh :(18:51
ali1234http://git.xfce.org/xfce/xfce4-panel/tree/po/en_GB.po#n421 <- here's the source18:53
ali1234translations are done on transifex and autoimported though18:53
ali1234i have login but no access to work on the translations18:53
elfyI'll have a look a bit later - see if I can see anything other than gobbledygook :)18:55
ali1234Noskcaj: can you fix this?18:55
Noskcajali1234, What's the issue?18:56
ali1234the en+GB translation is messed... some copy paste error18:56
ali1234the "translation" is a copy paste... but it's a copy paste from the wrong origin18:57
Noskcajyeah. I have translation rights, just let me remember how to edit18:58
ali1234also, general advice on what to do with translation bugs would be appreciated18:59
NoskcajI'm guessing contact someone who will fixit. If you can't, file a bug of the bugzilla19:00
ali1234if i patch the po by hand, will that mess up transifex? or is it bidirectional?19:01
Unit193brainwash: I more or less do with XMir, but I've been waiting for the archive to land 0.1.3 before doing anything, and it's really lagging.19:01
Noskcajali1234, I think it's bidirectional19:04
micahgelfy: getting there19:13
elfyali1234: well if nothing else - that is all logical enough for me to see where it's wrong :)19:23
elfymicahg: good - I feel your pain19:23
elfywho's this guy who keeps posting on xubuntu bugs and then thinking they're ubuntu ones 19:28
ubottuUbuntu bug 1171411 in xserver-xorg-video-intel (Ubuntu) "xfwm4 may show display distortions, when using compositing on intel with sna" [Low,Incomplete]19:28
* pmjdebru2jn has 117411 too19:29
ali1234elfy: penalvch?19:29
pmjdebru2jnbut only the stipled borders19:29
Unit193elfy: Someone that's not doing a good job with the scripts, didn't replace the bug number either. :/19:31
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