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asdhi, so i have a problem with booting up on xubuntu(latest version), i log in it and then display only outpud is a picture that looks like broken monitor01:22
asdbtw im in recovery mod and it works fine (exept resolution is lower and i cant set it up higher)01:23
asdcan somebody help me?01:26
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xubuntu554hello. i have been reading about my problem with screen tearing in firefox, flash and vlc, and have come up with multiple solutions, which are: sync to vblank (as per webupd8 instructions here: http://www.webupd8.org/2012/10/xfce-sync-to-vblank-support-for-xfwm.html) a ppa to xfwm 4.11 as here (http://www.webupd8.org/2013/10/xfwm4-4110-released-with-sync-to-vblank.html) and ppa for compton (http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t05:31
xubuntu554which one of these is the most viable solution?05:31
Unit193xubuntu554: Xfwm4 is something that comes with Xubuntu, while compton is something that doesn't but supports other compositing effects.05:33
xubuntu554yep, i know, that's why i'm asking, i'm not sure what people's experience with compton is05:34
Unit193I don't need the special effects really, so I don't use it.  It's really up to you though.05:35
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xubuntu520i have problems with ubuntu software center06:29
xubuntu520it opens but it dissapears after 3 seconds06:30
perois there any reason at all to even have software center? if not, is it possible and harmless to remove?06:34
elfyentirely possible to remove it and it's harmless - I use synaptic - but that's a different  question :)06:37
peroelfy: are you sure? apt-get remove software-center also requires uninstalling xfce-desktop06:51
elfyyep - it will, but that's just a meta-package - removing ANY of the default packages referred to by xubuntu-desktop will do that06:52
elfybecause at that point you don't have 'xubuntu-desktop' basically :)06:52
perobut...that's not 'harmless' anymore is it06:53
perowouldnt there be sideeffects to doing that?06:53
elfythere used to be I think when upgrading to next version, but afaik it's a non-issue now06:54
peroi've earlier deleted some default, yet non-integral packages - xchat, transmission, games - and they didnt ask me to remove the desktop package06:55
perojust poof'd gmusicbrowser too06:56
elfybut - my point remains - removing xubuntu-desktop along with a package you are removing is not an issue06:56
elfyfor ubuntu read xubuntu/lubuntu/kubuntu06:57
perowell, nothing blew up07:02
Unit193I've been 'missing' that package for a long time.  It's simply a meta, just depends on others.07:07
elfyyep - it's been installed on my systems for only as long as it takes to start synaptic since a long time07:08
ahrenHi I am wondering what is the lightest xubuntu ubuntu i have an older laptop08:46
ahrenalso i installed both xubuntu and ubuntu together do i need to uninstall ubuntu to make sure the system is not bloated or should i reinstall xubuntu08:47
Unit193What's the system specs?08:50
ahrenacer aspire 5517 laptop 3gb ram08:51
loz1hi, mouse scroll does not work in evince and works in all other programs, is there any fix for it?09:28
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ochosiloz1: there is a bug with gtk3 and scrolling in xubuntu 13.10, i can't remember the solution to that though now :/09:42
loz1ochosi: i found GDK_CORE_DEVICE_EVENTS=1, how can i set this var system-wide?09:49
ochositry "export GDK_CORE_DEVICE_EVENTS=1"09:49
loz1i mean exporting in my .zshrc does not help when other apps (browsers, etc) run evince09:50
ochosiif it works then, create a session startup item that executes that line09:50
ochosinot sure about that tbh09:50
ochosiyou can possibly integrate that var in session loading somehoow09:51
ochosibut as i've never done this myself, i'd also have to google it ;)09:51
loz1ochosi: hm, did you fixed that bug in your system?09:51
ochosinope, somehow i don't have that bug09:52
ochosii've only heard about it09:52
Unit193ochosi: Overlay scrollbars?10:08
ochosiUnit193: is it only connected to overlay-scrollbars? i couldn't remember...10:09
ochosiloz1: ^10:09
ochosiloz1: so in case you're using the overlay-scrollbars, probably stop using them ;)10:09
Meerkatis there any ETA on the volume button fix on 13.10?12:48
Meerkatoh, never mind. Fix was released 20 hours ago. :)12:59
bingohello. I would like to reset XFCE back to default icon placement on the taskbar and everywhere else. Start over fresh, can this be done? Thank you.13:08
koegs_bingo: http://askubuntu.com/questions/224006/resetting-xfce-panels-to-default-settings13:10
koegs_or https://help.ubuntu.com/community/XubuntuPanels13:10
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bingoty koegs13:57
Meerkatthere should be a button :p14:07
bingohello again. What is the name of the app i add to taskbar to choose wifi netowkr list/14:10
Meerkatindicator plugin14:11
bingoi just see envelope14:11
Meerkatyou might need to login again14:12
bingoi try14:13
bingono that did not work after a relog. I do not see a way to choose wifi networks14:17
Meerkatbingo, you add the indicator plugin to the panel. Is that what you mean by 'taskbar'?14:21
bingoyes. i added but i only see volume and envelope14:21
bingowhen i do14:21
bingowould a restart solve it? i already logged in and out and it did not work14:27
MeerkatI found this http://xubuntugeek.blogspot.se/2013/04/solved-network-icon-missing-from-xfces.html14:28
Meerkatdoes it help?14:28
bingoi check, ty14:28
bingoi am so silly, i removed it from startup this why it gone. sorry to waste your time but ty14:33
xubuntu070Whenever I try to watch a dvd, xubuntu opens the File Manager rather than autoplaying with parole or vlc15:53
ke1v3yI had a question I was hoping that someone could provide some insight into.16:05
NyankiyoshiYes ? ^^16:07
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience16:07
ke1v3yI apologize; first time on IRC for Xubuntu :)16:07
ke1v3ySo I'm running 12.04 and experiencing vertical lines on many icons across all programs. I'm guessing it is related to my graphics card, but I was hoping to find some resolution.16:08
ke1v3yThe PC is an old Compaq Presario 6010US, with an equally old AMD AGP graphics card.16:14
ke1v3yThis is what it looks like: http://www.zimagez.com/zimage/screenshot-01072014-111129am.php16:19
kRushtry turning window compositor on/off. settings >> window mngr tweaks16:35
Emopunkgood evening !18:26
ROPAxubuntu520 are you using 13.10???19:59
junkaafter a fresh install of saucy20:12
junkaand installed all updates and reboot20:12
junkathe volume is still broken20:13
junkamayday mayday20:15
holsteinjunka: the "volume"? like, you cant control the audio volume? how are you trying?20:25
junkathe volume icon panel20:25
junkais still broken20:25
holsteinjunka: let us know if you have a question20:26
junkai have20:27
junkalaunchpad says it has been fixed20:27
junkabut its obviously not20:27
junkaah synaptic has the updates that the new ubuntu update policy about 10% blah blah blah20:37
Meerkatjunka, if it is 13.10 the fix for that was released yesterday20:38
junkagot it20:38
Meerkatjunka, you have to logout and login again for it to load the new code20:38
junkalet see ten20:38
hardbootRunning 14.04 with xfce, working fine, fewer issues than unity, although unity has had a lot of changes21:54
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xubuntu500any know how to get drop box to be in those little menus' - copy public link23:31
xubuntu500answer me dangit do you know who i am?23:31
holsteinxubuntu500: ?23:31
holsteinxubuntu500: i use the web portal for that.. or i install a plugin for the filemanager im using, if one is available23:32
xubuntu782any one know how to get drop box on those little drop downs - copy public link23:32
holsteinxubuntu500: i use the web portal for that.. or i install a plugin for the filemanager im using, if one is available .. xubuntu78223:32

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