alevysmoser: so i rolled one out again and i am still getting that cloud-init does not find the ec2 data source despite the fact that I can curl the API from the command line.00:05
alevyI keep falling back to data source none when Ec2 appears to be working by hand...00:10
pquernasmoser: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ODIsSVyppkkEAun9abqazX_r8o71pVG0JHeHVCYurtI/pub has more but is apparently partly out of date. *shrug*00:33
pquernai don't have a horse in it, i just write out config drives :x00:37
alevysmoser: python-boto was missing00:37
alevythat might be part of it00:37
smoseralevy, that'd do it.00:52
smoseri do plan on dropping python-boto here soon.00:53
smosersorry for your lost time on that.00:53
harlowjasmoser where is that code that i did to replace that01:02
harlowjai can't remember, lol01:02
smoserin bzr history somewhere.01:02
smoseryeah, i was just going to go there.01:02
harlowjaits somewhere, lol01:03
harlowjaharmw i'll bug sean again tommorow, i think the mail stuff is calming down (ssl seems to be on and working)01:03
smoserhm.. its not even there.01:05
smoseri thought hwe'd merged it and then dropped it.01:05
harlowjanot sure, it i think was in a branch somewhere at least01:10
harlowjaunless i deleted the branch :-/01:10
harlowjasmoser http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~harlowja/cloud-init/url-ssl-fixings/view/698/cloudinit/ec2_utils.py01:19
harlowjathere u go01:19
smoseryou want to propose that as a drop for python-boto ?01:19
smoseri'm happy to take that now i think01:19
harlowjasure, will see if i can do that01:20
harlowjahttp://bazaar.launchpad.net/~harlowja/cloud-init/url-ssl-fixings/view/707/cloudinit/ec2_utils.py seems even better (the final version before we said screw it, just use boto)01:20
smoserand use requests rather than urllib i thikn01:21
harlowjasmoser will see if i can pull that off tommorow01:32
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subwayIs there a good way to set an instance hostname to something-instanceid via cloud-init?21:16
subwayfoo-%i diddn't work the way I'd hoped..21:17
subwayI guess I can just do it in a script instead of using a cloud-config yaml user data21:20

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