gary_posterhuwshimi: hey. https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/calendar/Z2FyeS5wb3N0ZXJAY2Fub25pY2FsLmNvbQ.87augjtfc2pm1q1ilfuhencae0 when you are ready00:02
huwshimigary_poster: I'm guessing you can't hear me?00:03
gary_posterhuwshimi: I can't even see that you have joined00:04
gary_posterI will reload00:04
huwshimigary_poster: Hah, I just realised it had an error00:04
gary_posterheh ok00:04
rick_h_frankban: mornuing12:05
rick_h_errr morning12:05
frankbangood morning rick_h_ 12:05
rick_h_frankban: wanted to check in on something jcastro hit yesterday. quickstart would only work with the bundle file named bundle.yaml? 12:05
Makyo"Welcome to Moleman in the Morning, I'm Moleman and you're listening to my mourning."12:05
rick_h_frankban: we export the file as export.yaml, which was making him rename to get things tested12:06
rick_h_frankban: is there any history/reason we don't accept any filename?12:06
rick_h_Makyo: that sounds like it's from something?12:06
frankbanrick_h_: IIRC quickstart accepts both a dir path (in which case it looks for a bundles.yaml file) and a file path. If you use a path to a file, the file can be arbitrary named12:07
rick_h_frankban: hmm, ok maybe he was using it wrong then or something. He made it sound like he was trying to give it the export.yaml file path and it would not let him12:08
frankbanrick_h_: this is the pertinent code: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/6726230/12:11
rick_h_frankban: thanks, I'll try it out. Sorry to bug you. What I get for not taking the time to set it back up locally and test it myself :)12:15
frankbannp :-)12:19
gary_posterrick_h_: did you see https://codereview.appspot.com/44540043/ ?13:12
gary_posterand morning btw ;-)13:13
rick_h_gary_poster: missed that one in the emails this morning. Thanks!13:14
gary_posterhey dimitern. do I understand correctly that you are proposing a backwards-incompatible client API change that would affect the GUI?13:16
gary_posteruh-oh.  looks like we have some regressions before we can release.  http://comingsoon.jujucharms.com/sidebar/search/precise/mongodb-21/?text=mongodb#bws-code does not render, for one13:22
gary_poster(or any similar)13:22
rick_h_wtf, the hash does it. Take that off and it loads13:24
* rick_h_ is is mind-boggled at the hash in the search string doing that but ok13:25
gary_posterisn't that link in the wrong order?13:25
gary_postershould be hash first, then query string?  looking up13:25
rick_h_possibly, but it works on jujucharms13:25
gary_postergetting them out of order is bad for other reasons though13:25
rick_h_https://jujucharms.com/sidebar/search/precise/mongodb-21/?text=mongodb#bws-code works and window.location.hash works and such13:26
gary_posterno, hash at end is correct13:26
rick_h_so I think that's the right order13:26
gary_posteryeah, sorry agreeing13:26
gary_poster"no" was to self :-)13:26
rick_h_we did the mess with removing fullscreen this release, but not sure off the top of my head would case that no-render issue13:27
gary_posterI'm diagnosing other unrelated issues reported by Maarten.  So far known, and something I'll punt back to him.13:30
rick_h_gary_poster: was this via email somewhere? Or bugs? /me isn't seeing this and starting to feel like he's email blind today13:32
gary_posterrick_h_: the items from Maarten are private to me.  First problem is that he is using dots in his option names, which neither Juju nor GUI support.13:33
rick_h_that came up in irc yesterday. hazmat implied only the gui had an issue with it and they were discussing proof adding a check for it13:33
rick_h_gary_poster: I meant to ask you about if that was something we should file as a bug/fix if the gui is the only straggler with the . issue13:34
gary_posterrick_h_: afaik juju still has the problem13:34
frankbanguihelp: I need two reviews for https://codereview.appspot.com/50430043 (enable the env management functionality in quickstart). anyone available? thanks!13:44
gary_posterI encourage other people to do the review, but otherwise I will probably be available in 30min or so13:45
Makyogary_poster: Kapil says try bribing next time, violence won't fly.13:45
gary_posterMakyo: ok, I'll spring for a candy bar :-)13:45
dimiterngary_poster, sorry, afk, back now14:10
gary_posterdimitern: np.14:10
dimiterngary_poster, my proposal is about the final look of the API for 2.014:10
dimiterngary_poster, we'll support the current API up until the last moment and drop it before releasing, thus cleaning up the code and giving you guys some time to adapt14:11
dimiterngary_poster, at least that's the general idea14:11
dimiterngary_poster, and the reason is we're not really comfortable with supporting the current messy api for 5y14:13
dimiterngary_poster, bluntly put :)14:13
gary_posterOK dimitern, we'll want a more detailed migration plan and consideration of pros and cons of such.  Migrating for us will not be trivial, and we have a *huge* list of things that people want from us.  In terms of design, I'll also ask GUI folks to review your proposal as it stands.  It would help me a lot if you were to include the current API that you are replacing.  Are you willing to do that?14:15
gary_posterdimitern: I'm really quite concerned that you are proposing losing the current API by April14:16
gary_posterdimitern: I'd be more comfortable with "we have a new API; we promise to support it for 5 years; and we have a legacy API in this release that will be dropped sometime over the next five years"14:17
dimiterngary_poster, the current API is included btw14:17
dimiterngary_poster, nothing is set in stone yet, but we're discussing this migration informally from some time now14:17
dimiterngary_poster, we should've had a discussion with you guys (and still can organize it)14:18
gary_posterdimitern: current API is included: I'm afraid the way to read the doc is not clear to me then.  which is which?14:18
dimiterngary_poster, the first part is the current API14:18
gary_posterso, for relations14:19
gary_posteradd relation and destroy relations is old14:19
dimiterngary_poster, grouped by "entities" with some duplication  as needed14:19
dimiterngary_poster, yes14:19
gary_posteroh ok14:19
gary_posterdimitern: but "getannotations" and "setannotations" is the replacement?  <confused>14:20
gary_postermaybe quick hangout would be faster dimitern?14:20
* gary_poster not feeling smart ;-)14:20
dimiterngary_poster, no, Get/SetAnnotations is there now, but it can work on more than one entity (as per the given tag)14:20
dimiterngary_poster, sure14:20
dimiternperhaps i can pull in fwereade as well14:21
gary_posterdimitern: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/7acpieh5jic99chb2thg99kcg4?hl=en14:21
dimiternfwereade, are you around for a quick g+ ?14:21
fwereadedimitern, heyhey14:22
gary_posterrick_h_, benji, bac hi.  mectors is trying to dev a charm.  he wants to deploy something from the charm store.  ingestion is taking a while (still on the order of minutes, so not necessarily an indication of a problem). (1) what's the usual timeline for ingestion? (2) is there a URL to see the ingestion queue?  (3) I saw a mention from bac yesterday that a bundle was stuck.  is the queue stuck?14:57
rick_h_gary_poster: 15min ingestion time and about 8ish minutes to process the queue14:58
rick_h_gary_poster: ^^ url to watch the queue fill/empty14:58
rick_h_gary_poster: but nothing that will specifically list it14:58
rick_h_gary_poster: make sure proof passes on his charm before anything else 14:58
benjigary_poster: normal ingestion cycle time can be 30 minutes or more (depending on how lucky you are)14:58
bacgary_poster: shows about 1500 charms in the queue.  they get processed at about 200/minute14:59
benjialso, the stuck basket doesn't impeed (sp?) other things in the queue14:59
gary_posterbac, rick_h, benji, perfect thank you14:59
bacbenji: i don't think so.  i've been seeing it process in under 15 minutes and sleeping a bit14:59
benjibac: right, but if you push your branch just after enqueueing you'll have to wait through an entire injest/enqueue/injest cycle15:00
benjiso I would bet worst case is around 30 minutes15:00
bacbenji: oh, well try to not be so unlucky!15:00
bacbenji: yes, that is true.15:01
=== hatch_ is now known as hatch
bacbenji: and now that we aren't cron-based we don't know when the cycle starts15:01
bachi hazmat, in the juju-deployer README, the section "Stack Definitions" stops abruptly as if you were in mid-thought and someone offered you pie.15:39
hatchjujugui call in 2015:40
gary_poster20? :-)15:49
gary_posterjujugui call in 1015:50
rick_h_shoot, I joined up and sitting here bacause of the ping15:50
rick_h_I'm a trained monkey15:51
* hatch hands rick_h_ a banana 15:52
gary_posterjujugui call in 215:58
bacnow there is an actionable warning15:58
gary_posterbenji pingy16:00
jcastrohey frankban16:17
hatchI'll rejoin?16:32
gary_posterhatch: np, wanted to see if you wanted to chat or if everything is cool16:32
gary_posterI don't need to talk unless you do16:32
hatchoh nope nothing else16:32
hatchanything on your side?16:33
gary_posternope. :-) thanks hatch.  have a nice trip and vacation16:33
hatchthank yas!16:33
rick_h_hatch: https://plus.google.com/u/0/+PaulIrish/posts/EhmRC5skp6z16:37
* hatch does a little dance16:38
rick_h_hatch: if they get promises in that fixes the native impl issue16:38
hatchonly with async call stacks16:38
hatchbut that answers my question about the native promises and async callstacks16:38
rick_h_curse you promise folks...might actually get it into stuff yet16:38
hatchit's ok, just accept that you're wrong :P16:38
* rick_h_ goes to grumble in his "too damn much syntastic sugar will be the death of me" corner"16:39
hatchwell if it's part of the native api with async callstacks it's no longer sugar16:39
hatchit IS the api :D16:39
rick_h_hatch: true, but some of the new es6 stuff drives me nuts as well16:40
rick_h_arrow functions, that's what had me going bonkers16:42
hatchrick_h_ yeah I don't like arrow functions in any language16:46
hatchpersonal preference 16:46
hatchglad someone else feels the same way :)16:46
rick_h_don't agree with me or the world will end16:47
MakyoDid...did you two just agree on something? :o16:47
frankbanhey jcastro 16:49
jcastrohey so I noticed that the gui exports export.yaml as a bundle16:49
jcastrobut quickstart expects bundles.yaml16:49
jcastroI was wondering if you had plans to just have quickstart accept whatever.yaml or if I should file a bug16:49
jcastroor even if you think it might be a good idea16:50
frankbanjcastro: IIRC you can pass a full path to an arbitrary named file in quickstart16:50
jcastrohuh that didn't work for me16:50
jcastroI'll try it again and get back to you!16:50
frankbanjcastro: cool thanks16:51
MakyoAlright, I'm out _o/17:00
hatchjujugui looking for a review on my branch from this week https://github.com/juju/juju-gui/pull/7317:00
gary_posterbye Makyo, safe travels17:00
MakyoWill review at hotel17:00
rick_h_frankban: do you have a link for your review you needed?17:01
frankbanrick_h_: it's linked to the card17:01
rick_h_sorry, thought I looked17:01
rick_h_ah, under external link17:02
frankbanrick_h_: np, new kanban puts the link at the bottom17:02
frankbanjcastro: just worked as expected here: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/6727619/17:02
* hatch is taking off as well, talk to you all later17:04
gary_posterbye hatch17:05
bacugh, to test that monster bundle i have to ingest all of those named charms.20:49
bacgreat time to take the dog out20:49
rick_h_bac: can you mock out the part of the test that verifies a bundle exists to always be true?20:50
rick_h_bac: enjoy20:50
bacrick_h_: could but i want to see it work for realz20:50
=== gary_poster is now known as gary_poster|away

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