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bashokHi Guys, after all the hassles i was finally able to see the bootstrapping process made some progress, however still it was unable to start the bootstrap instance due to this error06:17
bashok" ERROR juju supercommand.go:282 cannot start bootstrap instance: index file has no data for cloud {blr} not found"06:17
bashokany idea how to solve this06:17
bashoksarnold, davecheney any thoughts?06:19
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ashipikahi guys.. anybody there?13:23
mgzasking something like that just just begging for a "no" :P13:24
mgzthis is irc, if you have a question just write it and wait13:24
ashipikasorry.. sorry.. a moment of panic :) logged into launchpad, all my code was gone.. after a minor heart attach figured out i used a wrong account.. all better now..13:25
ashipikasorry again13:26
mgzhappy ending13:26
argesI've used the 'juju sync-tools --source <path>' sucessfully after downloading tarballs locally. Is there a way to have --source point at a remote URL over HTTP? Thanks13:53
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marcoceppihey sinzui - is there anything I can do about this other than wait? https://bugs.launchpad.net/charm-tools/+bug/126283615:00
_mup_Bug #1262836: charm-tools fails to build on trusty <trusty> <Juju Charm Tools:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1262836>15:00
marcoceppiI didnt' see a workaround in the bug report15:00
* sinzui looks15:00
marcoceppioops, you didn't report that, jjox did15:01
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sinzuihmm, recipes always force native version, so the issue is to change the package version string15:02
sinzuimarcoceppi, This does look like the bzr-plugin forcing the recipe to build as native. Lp always rung with fallback mode15:07
sinzuimarcoceppi, I experienced this in Oct/Nov and found that I could make a version string that was acceptable. While I could get a recipe for juju-core, I abandoned it.15:08
* sinzui looks for old nots15:08
sinzuimarcoceppi, change the plus to a squiggle in the recipe. I seem to have played with that a lot15:11
marcoceppisinzui: there's not recipie for this, I've been cutting releases myself15:11
sinzuimarcoceppi, This is what I got to work before abandoning recipes: https://code.launchpad.net/~ce-orange-squad/+recipe/juju-core-unstable-packaging15:12
marcoceppiusing ppa-release similar to the juju-core releases now15:12
marcoceppierr, ppa-release == backportpackage15:13
marcoceppioh, suddenly this bug makes sense15:13
marcoceppisinzui: sorry about that, I see the problem now15:13
sinzuimarcoceppi, oh, I saw the recipe was using quit in debian/source/format is your branch doing the same15:14
marcoceppisinzui: this is charmtools 0.315:14
marcoceppi1.x isn't backwards compatible I think IS is building it themselves. I'll update the bug15:14
sinzuiha ha15:14
marcoceppilet me go get some caffine15:16
yolandahi, i'm working on clustering for rabbit charm, and i found an issue retrieving all the peers for a relation15:32
yolandai created 4 clustered nodes, if nodes are up, it works ok and i get a list of the 4 nodes when trying to query peers15:33
yolandabut then i just stop first unit with nova stop, do the query again, and only the first unit (the one stopped) is reported15:33
marcoceppiyolanda: that's interesting. When you say query you mean with relation-list or in the juju status15:37
yolandamarcoceppi, in the relation-list15:37
yolandai can reproduce it right now15:38
yolandai got logs telling i only had first unit when i stop it15:38
yolandai started again and got all the units15:38
yolandai'm programming rabbitmq clustering and that's an issue, if first unit is stopped for some reason, i cannot add more units15:39
lazypowerjcastro, did you release your mongodb bundle?15:39
marcoceppiyolanda: that's odd, I've never seen that before and I don't quite know where to start looking. If it's replicatable I'd file a bug against juju-core about it with instrutions to replicate15:40
yolandayes, i can replicate it15:40
yolandai'll write some bug15:40
jcastrolazypower, I was just going to check15:40
lazypowerGreat minds think alike15:40
marcoceppiyolanda: thanks! sorry I couldn't be of more help15:40
jcastrohey wanna give it a shot?15:40
yolandano problem15:41
* marcoceppi pings fwereade to see if he can shed light on yolanda's issue15:41
lazypowerYou know i do!15:41
yolandafiles this one: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/juju/+bug/126791315:50
_mup_Bug #1267913: juju relation-list doesn't report full units list when unit is down <juju (Ubuntu):New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1267913>15:51
fwereademarcoceppi, sorry, was meeting, reading back15:51
fwereadeyolanda, thanks for the bug, that's bizarre and terrifying, I'll take a look15:52
marcoceppiOkay, last call for changes to charm-tools16:26
rick_h_marcoceppi: I request a pony!16:33
lazypowerHey jorge17:05
lazypowerwith your mongodb-cluster bundle, the relationships incoming is a bit wonky and did not draw on the gui17:05
jcastroyeah so17:05
jcastrothat happened to me yesterday17:05
lazypowerWHen i go to draw the relationship, it shows a dialogue displaying the options for the relationship.17:06
jcastrothey're supposed to be there17:06
jcastrolet me try with a simple wordpress bundle17:07
jcastroI mean, if you look in the bundle itself, the relationships are there17:08
lazypowerI dont doubt it, i'm still investigating.17:08
lazypowerJust reporting my initial findings17:08
jcastroyeah, I'm just saying, I don't think it's the bundle itself17:09
lazypowerAh, i think what happened is the relationships were pending this last unit coming online17:10
lazypowerI love juju, its so smart.17:11
rick_h_lazypower: jcastro yea, relationships in budles are only applied after all units are up I believe17:11
jcastrobut what happens if he had to resolve --retry a bunch of things?17:11
rick_h_not sure, if the bundle process was still processing it might work, but not tested it tbh.17:11
lazypowerI can wipe this and start over17:11
rick_h_if something throws an error the bundle deploy quits17:12
jcastroso basically, the race condition in the charm probably causes the bundle to quit17:13
lazypowerThats my guess, but the other problem i ran into is the lxc container already created bug.17:14
lazypowerthats reported as resolved in .17 is it not?17:14
jcastrolazypower, I tried it on aws17:31
jcastroso I don't think it's a provider-specific thing17:31
lazypowerAh ok17:39
marcoceppirick_h_: there's no way to re-run deployer?18:07
rick_h_wipe everything and try again18:07
marcoceppirick_h_: is there anything on the roadmap to report when deployer throws an error to the gui? maybe like a "re-run" since deployer will pick up where it left off18:08
marcoceppiI meah, obviously fixing the charm is a priority18:08
rick_h_marcoceppi: right now if it dies in an error it should report whatever Juju tells it18:08
rick_h_in the Gui notification box18:08
marcoceppirick_h_: gotchya18:08
rick_h_if it does not, then there's an issue we need to fix, but we try to help the user know something went bad if we can18:08
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jcastromarcoceppi, found the issue with the local provider20:19
jcastroI had to blow away .juju/local too20:19
rick_h_jcastro: which issue is this?20:19
jcastromarcoceppi, do you have that list of stuff you need to blow away from thumper? we should write that up20:19
jcastrorick_h_, my local provider stopped working20:20
marcoceppijcastro: yeah20:23
marcoceppi/etc/init/juju-*; /etc/rsyslog.d/25-juju*; /var/lib/juju/containers/*; /var/lib/lxc/juju-*; ~/.juju/<env>; ~/.juju/environments/<env>.jenv20:25
marcoceppijcastro: ^20:25
avoinealso /etc/lxc/auto/ I think20:31
avoinethe symlinks in it20:31
jcastroavoine, gotcha, adding now20:32
avoinejam: btw I create a bzr branch for that like you ask: https://code.launchpad.net/~patrick-hetu/golxc/fix-123854120:35
dpb1marcoceppi:/jcastro: very simple apache2 fix, it's broken right now if you don't set "servername" and are generating self-signed-certs: https://code.launchpad.net/~davidpbritton/charms/precise/apache2/fix-no-servername-case/+merge/20125421:15
jcastroit's coming up on the charm audit anyway21:15
jcastronice catch!21:15
marcoceppidpb1: thanks21:16
achianghello, this is more of a generic cloud question than juju-specific, but are there any cloud providers who give free accounts on micro/tiny instances?22:07
achiangi thought a micro instance on EC2 might have been free, but it looks like that's only a promo price for 1 year22:07
marcoceppiachiang: not that I'm aware of. AWS has 700 free hours of micro a month (which equates to about 1 micro a month) but the micro is a pretty poor performance instance size22:08
achiangmarcoceppi: is that forever?22:08
marcoceppiachiang: for the first yea22:08
achiangor does that only last for 1 year?22:09
achiangdamn, right...22:09
achianghoping for a more long term solution22:09
marcoceppiif you work for Canonical, then that does work22:09
achiangi'm working on something for the general public22:09
achiangtoo bad heroku isn't a generic OS22:10
achiangmaybe i should play with the vagrant images after all22:12
achiangbut that's slightly more annoying22:12
marcoceppiit's certainly the cheapest22:16
achianggoing down the heroku path... i could package up my stuff and put it in pip maybe22:17
achiangor pypi, rather22:17
achiangand then could specify my package in requirements.txt22:18
achiangbut then i have to make a whole django app22:18
* achiang keeps searching for a free lunch somewhere22:18
achiangcan i conceptually think of juju+vagrant as a "cloud environment on your desktop" ?22:19
achiangwho owns content here - https://juju.ubuntu.com/docs/config-vagrant.html22:26
achiangthe vagrant download link is old22:26
achiangshould be this link: http://www.vagrantup.com/downloads.html22:26
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