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EarendilTheMarinIs this a support room?01:46
EarendilTheMarinIs this a support room?01:48
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sandraG'day my fellow Kubuntu Inmates :-)04:47
* Whiskey`Wonka glangs his bars, sings, sweet low, sweet chariot...04:48
Whiskey`Wonkawhere did ma " "04:49
Whiskey`Wonka's go04:49
sandraI am new to Linux and to Kubuntu and I was wondering if someone here among you could kindly tell me why Nvidia video drivers don't work on Kubuntu14.04 ?04:49
Whiskey`Wonkawell now that is a good question, the answer however is poor and sad04:50
Whiskey`Wonkadid you use the addition drivers to install?04:50
sandraI have a ASUS G750 Laptop it has dedicated Nvidia video chip04:51
sandraWhiskey`Wonka: Are you asking me ?04:51
Whiskey`Wonkathat does not matter, well, it might, that gpu might not be supported.04:51
Whiskey`Wonkayes i was asking you04:51
Whiskey`Wonkasorry ill prefix04:52
sandralol sorry04:52
sandraWhiskey`Wonka: It does support my nvidia GPU so it say's per Nvidia's website.04:52
sandraWhiskey`Wonka: I was wondering if perhaps I was installing it incorrectly via synaptic package manager?04:53
Whiskey`Wonkasandra: ah ok so you used the nvidia site's blob. try again using the 'addition drivers' app to install it04:53
Whiskey`Wonkayea dont do that. use the 'addition drivers' it tends to work better04:53
Whiskey`Wonkaive had nothing but issues doing it any other way.04:54
Whiskey`Wonkaand try and mix them? ha!04:54
sandraWhiskey`Wonka: I did use the additional drivers option but it only left me at a black screen  on restart.04:54
Whiskey`Wonkaah thats progress!04:55
Whiskey`Wonkalikely your config needed some work at that point04:55
sandraWhiskey`Wonka: too this Kubuntu noobi that is looking difficult . But I am open to learing new things.04:57
Whiskey`Wonkawell good luck, thats more a x11/lightdm/kde issue at that point. im a little to sauced to run that down04:58
sandraI was able to install my ATI video driver on Kubuntu 14.04 w/out any problems on Samsung ATIV8 laptop.04:58
sandraMy next question is ...Why is it so difficult to connect a USB wireless headset to Kubuntu and just have it work ? I ask only because in Windows 8 automatically switches to my wireless headset . I am sure its  my being new to Kubuntu which is the problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks.05:04
ussher_sandra: Kubuntu 14.04 isnt due for release for another 3 months.  sure thats the right version?  latest stable would be 13.1005:04
sandraI did notice that under Ubuntu 14.04 all I had to do was switch to my wirless headset it was fast and efficent.05:05
sandraussher_: My son put it on for me but I did notice the same problem under Kubuntu 13.10 in regards to my wireless headset.05:06
ussher_(k)ububntu numbers are (year).(month)  and release in 6 month intervals.  14.04  is 2014.april  but its only 2014.Jan right now.05:07
sandraussher_: Could you perhaps tell me of a easy way to enable my wireless USB headset on Kubuntu ?05:08
ussher_not sure.  What i would do would be to take the model number and see if there are any blogs about setting it up "seutup wireless xx-214 headset kubuntu".  something like that.05:09
ussher_12.04 has the suffux LTS which stans for "Long term support" .  I like those builds because nothing changes much.05:10
sandraussher_: well a wireless headset is still a USB headset as I said I noticed that in Ubuntu 14.04 it was very easy to just select my USB headset via the sound settings but in Kubuntu I don't see any such option within their Speaker icon option.05:13
ussher_14.04 is still in Alpha 1 status.  its not stable.  its really for testing only.  expect not all things to work.05:14
sandraussher_: Yes but the same problem exists under Kubuntu 13.10 also05:15
sandraussher_: And well other then my USB headset not working off the bat ...I truly am enjoying Kubuntu 14.04 it's a lot better then Windows 8 in my opinion.05:16
sandraIf my poor departed husband could see me now he would be so surprised .......he always handled my computer issues lol05:18
sandraI did read that both Kubuntu and Ubuntu use Pulse Audio and yet I can't figure out why switching to USB headset seems more difficult under Kubuntu then Ubuntu at this time.05:22
sandraIs anyone here currently using a USB headset under Kubuntu 14.04 or 13.10 ?05:27
sandraIs anyone here currently using a USB headset under Kubuntu 14.04 or 13.10 ?05:44
Yaroslavhello everyone,can i get some help please06:02
Yaroslavi'm trying to install kubuntu 12.04.3 on my laptop and installation stops with an error that "grub-efi" was not installed06:03
Yaroslavtried to install it from ubs-flash and a cd,both failed with that error06:05
Yaroslavafter searching in the net about this problem i tried to install grub from the konsole of kubuntu06:06
sandraYaroslav: Are you on a UEFI laptop system ?06:19
Yaroslavyes,i am06:35
ubottuUEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI06:38
YaroslavAn EFI partition can be created via a recent version of GParted (the Gparted version included in the 12.04 disk is OK), and must have the following attributes:  Mount point: /boot/efi (remark: no need to set this mount point when using the manual partitioning, the Ubuntu installer will detect it automatically)  Size: minimum 100Mib. 200MiB recommended.  Type: FAT32  Other: needs a "boot" flag.06:47
Yaroslavin the installation there is a possibility to choose "efi partition"06:48
Yaroslavdo i have to choose fat32 or the type i said in the previous message?06:48
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sandraYaroslav: May I  ask why don't wish to use Ubuntu 13.10 ? I only ask because I had no problems setting up or installing Ubuntu 13.10 on my EFI laptop Ubuntu 12.04 was sadly a different story.07:00
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Yaroslavokay,gone trying variants07:09
Yaroslavty all for help)07:09
Strav`he. I'm having some troubles compiling nepomuk-core using the kdesrc-build script. The log says I'm missing Soprano (required version >= 2.9.3); I have libsoprano-dev version 2.9.4 installed as well as soprano-daemon and libsoprano4 (all version 2.9.4). Any thoughts on how to fix this error?07:31
valorieStrav`: maybe try #nepomuk-kde ?07:34
Strav`didn't knew it existed. Thanks! (although, the question seems relevant to kubuntu since there's some problem with my config)07:36
valorietrue, but most people don't compile nepomuk!07:39
valorie!alis | Strav`07:40
ubottuStrav`: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*07:40
Strav`hmmm sweet :)07:40
Strav`disp(sprintf('6 decimal pi %0.6f' % pi))07:55
lordievaderGood morning.08:14
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WaraqaHi, I always get false notification of broken battery, How can I disable that?10:31
WaraqaI get that every time I start kubuntu10:31
WaraqaI'm using kubuntu 13.1010:32
BluesKajHiyas all10:44
deathlordwhats this for11:26
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jacketbonjour, je suis nouveau14:47
jacketquelqu'un parle francais ?14:48
jacketfrench ?14:49
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Walexjacky: #ubuntu-fr16:22
jackyno parle francais, mon frere, Walex ;)16:22
jackyWell, I do16:22
jackyjust a little16:23
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largimówi ktos tu po polsk18:19
Pici!pl | largi18:19
ubottulargi: Na tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.18:19
largioki thanks :)18:20
ScuniziI'm trying to get nvidia-319 or 331 installed for opengl support. (304 has a bug preventing it from functioning correctly). I've installed x-swat ppa and now the driver for 319 appears in "Additional Drivers" but when installing it installs the kernel driver for 331 along with the 319 drivers so there is a conflict. How do I solve this?18:36
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m_tadeudoes kubuntu have a nice photo composer?19:19
m_tadeuI need to make a video with my photo albuns....is there such a tool?19:50
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DeboredGood evening23:36
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