ypwongDoes launchpad API support filing bugs?02:22
wgrantypwong: The createBug method at https://api.launchpad.net/+apidoc/devel.html#bugs02:32
ypwongwgrant, nice! thanks.02:33
DalekSechttps://code.launchpad.net/~vcs-imports/cherokee/master that was turned off because it had submodules, no I believe it no longer does.02:45
wgrantDalekSec: There are still submodules in that repository's history, and due to the nature of git we need to be able to replicate the entire history in bzr.02:58
wgrantSo it's still not possible to import it.02:58
Fudgehi, wanting to be made a manager of our http://launchpad.net/~vinux and looking for a link I can pass on to themuso so it can be done quick :D03:12
Fudgewgrant:  thank you yso kindly03:16
jeblairwgrant: hi, could you transfer the openstack-ci-admins team owner for us?  https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/24199104:08
jeblairwgrant: the current owner had his laptop stolen, so we're a little worried about credentials04:08
jeblairwgrant: thanks04:09
wgrantjeblair: Oh, I just replied on the ticket asking if Monty could do that.04:10
wgrantLet me see what I can do.04:10
wgrantjeblair: He still owns ~openstack-admins, which is surely just as big a problem.04:11
jeblairwgrant: oh yes that's true.  i missed that.04:12
jeblairwgrant: does that need a human owner?  or can it be self-owned?04:12
wgrantIt needs a human owner (or at least an owner that it doesn't own), so there's always someone we can blame and/or who can recover everything if the team admins go evil.04:13
jeblairwgrant: then can we also change that to me (corvus)04:13
jeblairwgrant: should i add that to the question?04:14
wgrantPlease do, just so we have a paper trail.04:14
wgrantjeblair: Is there someone else around to confirm these changes, just so I have some reassurance that you aren't someone who has stolen jeblair's laptop and is kicking poor Monty out? :)04:15
StevenKI can confirm jeblair is on jeblair's laptop, since I pointed him at you in the first place.04:16
StevenKIf that helps.04:16
wgrantDamn, now StevenK's laptop has been stolen too.04:19
wgrantOK, will get the changes made04:19
wgrant~openstack-ci-admins will be owned by ~openstack-admins, and ~openstack-admins by ~corvus04:20
jeblairwgrant: thanks!04:20
StevenKwgrant: I did consider cornering a certain ~admins member here at LCA, but decided against it04:20
DarrenSStevenK: hax04:22
StevenKDarrenS: Hahaha04:22
DarrenSall aboard the duckbus04:23
DarrenShi that's done04:30
wgrantjeblair, StevenK ^^04:31
wgrantThanks DarrenS04:31
DarrenSNP vale laptop04:31
mptcprov, hi, you should join #launchpad-dev too :)13:46
cprovmpt: hi there! done.13:47
czajkowskimpt: ello13:53
mptHello … czajkowski14:04
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dmXEhi! anybody to help on apparently successful ppa upload followed by nothing?19:40
dobeydmXE: if you got no e-mail it wasn't successful. you probably either signed it with the wrong gpg key, or don't have your gpg added to your lp account19:53
dmXEbut this was not the first time. I have uploaded successfully many times using the same key19:54
dobeythen you should get an e-mail about the package either being accepted or rejected in the ppa19:58
dmXEbut I did not19:59
dobeythen either the key wasn't validated, the e-mail just hasn't got to you yet because it's being slow for some reason, or you've overlooked it or it's in a spam folder or something20:03
dobeyi don't know of anything else that could be the issue you claim to be seeing20:03
dmXEthe last time i tried was one week ago.20:06
dmXEthank you anyway20:06
TheLordOfTimedmXE: you can always try and reupload.20:11
dmXEI am trying now20:12
TheLordOfTimedobey: we could always blame cosmic rays for random things like this, if there's no logical explanantion, those cosmic rays always mess with things in weird ways20:15
cjwatsondmXE: What's your username?20:28
cjwatson(on Launchpad)20:28
cjwatsondmXE: Or the package name you were trying to upload20:29
dmXEusername: dmxe20:29
dmXEpackage name: lifeograph20:30
cjwatson2014-01-10 20:16:18 INFO    Failed to parse changes file '/srv/launchpad.net/ppa-queue/incoming/upload-ftp-20140110-201612-028225/~dmxe/ppa/ubuntu/lifeograph_1.0.0-1~ppa1~saucy_source.changes': GPG verification of /srv/launchpad.net/ppa-queue/incoming/upload-ftp-20120:35
cjwatson40110-201612-028225/~dmxe/ppa/ubuntu/lifeograph_1.0.0-1~ppa1~saucy_source.changes failed: Verification failed 3 times: ["(7, 153, u'Key expired')", "(7, 153, u'Key expired')", "(7, 153, u'Key expired')"]20:35
TheLordOfTimedmXE: make sure your GPG key isn't "expired", that error there indicates the key had an expiration date and that is now passed20:35
TheLordOfTimeso the key is invalid20:35
TheLordOfTime(in which case, time to create a new key)20:35
dmXEmy key was going to expire a few months ago but i extended its duration20:36
cjwatsondmXE: Of your two keys registered in Launchpad, one apparently expired on 2011-08-31, and the other on 2013-11-0620:36
TheLordOfTimedmXE: if you extended it you then have to upload the changes to the key to the keyservers20:37
cjwatsondmXE: Did you upload it to keyserver.ubuntu.com with the extended duration before the expiry date?20:37
cjwatsondmXE: It might not accept it now ...20:37
TheLordOfTime^ that20:37
* TheLordOfTime was ninja'd20:37
dmXEno i didn't upload20:37
cjwatsondmXE: When I downloaded it from keyserver.ubuntu.com just now, I saw an expiry of 2013-11-0620:37
cjwatsondmXE: Then Launchpad can't possibly know about the updated expiry20:37
cjwatsondmXE: I suspect you'll need a new key now20:37
dmXEok. thank you very much20:38
dmXEi will create a new key, import it to launchpad and try again20:38
cjwatsonYou can always try uploading the extended-duration key just in case20:39
cjwatsonAlthough it would seem like a bit of a hole in the expiry system if you could do that20:39
dmXEis it sufficient to use Sync and publish keys... function of Passwords and Keys program for this purpose?20:40
cjwatsonI don't know, I don't use that20:40
TheLordOfTimecjwatson: I'd say they should try and push the key anyways, if it accepts it, then security bug against `sks` or whatever the keyserver backend is20:41
TheLordOfTimebecause that'd seem like a hugely bad thing20:41
cjwatsonTheLordOfTime: Well, depending on what the stated security model of expiry dates actually is20:41
cjwatsonWhich I have not checked20:41
TheLordOfTimedmXE: that should work, yes.20:41
dmXEOk I did that and am reuploading20:42
cjwatsonhttps://help.launchpad.net/YourAccount/ImportingYourPGPKey does indeed point to "Sync and Publish Keys"20:42
cjwatsondmXE: ok, that worked as far as it went, but now you have a proper rejection20:43
cjwatsondmXE: which FWIW can be fixed by building the source package with the -sa option, since this is the first upload of this .orig.tar.gz (apparently)20:44
dmXEyes. so sync worked it seems20:44
cjwatsonapparently so20:44
* cjwatson -> away20:44
dmXEothat is great20:44
dmXEIt is accepted now. thank you everybody.20:54
dmXEjust a small question: why doesn't launchpad send an email about the problems such as this one to the user? wouldn't it be helpful?20:56
dobeybecasue it can't validate that you are who you say you are20:59
dmXEit looks to me like it's worth the risk. but maybe i am wrong. anyway... thank you for your time. bye...21:12
TheLordOfTimehow long does it normally take for the launchpad PPAs to pick up a new upload?22:07
TheLordOfTimefrom near instant to 5 minutes or something?22:07
dobeysomewhere between 0 and infinity22:08
wgrantTheLordOfTime: A minute or two.22:18
TheLordOfTimedobey: heh22:18
TheLordOfTimewgrant: that's what i thought, thanks.22:19
TheLordOfTimeis there a way to cancel dep-wait'd builds in PPAs?22:41
TheLordOfTimebecause I've got some that're depwait'd and they'll FTBFS because of a third-party nginx module and I have to talk to the third-party module devs to see if they can fix it22:42
wgrantTheLordOfTime: You can retry them manually and then cancel them22:42
TheLordOfTimewgrant: no way to do that en masse or with an API call is there?22:42
TheLordOfTimei'd rather not have to do it for 6 separate pages :/22:43
wgrantYou could use an API call, but surely it's not that terrible to click through six pages.22:43
TheLordOfTimewgrant: on a netbook it is22:44
TheLordOfTimesmall screen, no external mouse, crap touchpad >.>22:45
TheLordOfTimewgrant: meh, i've cancelled them, but that should be an option, IMO, for dep-wait builds, to just force-cancel it without first telling it to retry *shrugs*22:45
KI7MTHeello all .. I have a bit of a dilemma and not sure what the right what should eb done next. Is this the right place to ask about bzr + launchpad?22:47
wgrantKI7MT: Sure22:48
KI7MTOk .. kinda of a long story.22:48
KI7MTLast night I pushed an MP (merge proposal) to launchpad for ubuntu-doc, that got merged as was well .. except I'd made a blunder or two and had to fixe it, so I sent aother wiht the fixes.22:49
KI7MTAfter send the second one up, which is still awaiting merge, I fixed another bug22:50
KI7MTand I sent that up, after bzr commit --fixes lp:1234567 -m "Mindor text fix"22:51
KI7MTI then used bzr bundle > new-bug-fix.txt22:51
KI7MTAnd there's the problem, it pulled for whatever reason, parts of my second MP along wiht the minor bug fix, and I dont know whay or how to fix that.22:52
wgrantHm, why were you using 'bzr bundle'?22:52
wgrantYou don't need a bundle to use merge proposals.22:53
KI7MTwgrant, Normally, I would not, but that'w hat the ubuntu-docs directions said to do, as there's only like 6 folks that are commiters.22:53
wgrantI'd check the history on that wiki page; that instruction is probably more than 5 years old.22:54
wgrantubuntu-docs just uses Launchpad merge proposals nowadays, AFAIK.22:54
KI7MTHere's the link, it's a short page: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DocumentationTeam/SystemDocumentation/Submitting22:55
wgrant"Another way it to make a merge proposal using Launchpad: "22:55
wgrantI'd use that method :)22:55
KI7MTwgrant, Yeah, Im not going to use the bundle again for sure. Quesiton , can I have more that one MP on LP for the same repo?22:56
KI7MT*more than one .. .22:56
wgrantKI7MT: You can only have one active MP between any one pair of branches.22:56
wgrantBut that should be fine, since the old is merged now, right?22:57
wgrantSo you can create a new MP, since the old one is no longer active.22:57
KI7MTOk, so until they merge my second MP .. I can't send a second. What about working more fixes locally, how does that affect my local version>22:57
KI7MTsri my KB is seriously not workign well at all here, sri abt the typo's22:58
wgrantHm, what are these new fixes?22:59
wgrantAre they fixes for problems that are blocking the previous merge proposal from being merged?22:59
wgrantOr are they unrelated fixes?23:00
wgrantIn the latter case, you'd normally create a separate branch for them.23:00
wgrantAnd then propose that.23:00
KI7MTwell, the first and second MP's were on the same set of files, the bug fix using bzr bundle, was totally unrelated.23:01
wgrantRight, totally unrelated usually means it should be a separate branch.23:01
wgrantNo point conflating the two unrelated fixes.23:02
KI7MTwgrant, Well let me take that back then, the files I was working on / fixing were unrealted, but still part of the ubuntu-docs system docs.23:02
wgrantBut the changes aren't related, apart from being on the same project.23:03
KI7MTThe bug fix was on Synaptic documentation, and the MP's were on the Online Accounts applicaiton.23:03
wgrantSo it's simpler to review them separately.23:03
wgrantSo it should be a separate MP, so a separate branch.23:03
KI7MTSo you suggest, if I have a MP pending, pull the branch again, seperate location, and work fixes that way ?23:04
wgrantRight. Normally people have one branch per fix.23:04
KI7MTOh, ok I didn't know that ..23:05
KI7MTOk thank you that clears up the whole, and make it easy really.23:05
wgranthttps://code.launchpad.net/~wgrant/launchpad/+branches?field.lifecycle=ALL for example23:05
KI7MT*whole deal23:05
KI7MTok, so for each item,. module, widget, fix, you pull and use a seperate branch.23:06
KI7MTbut then push that fix as an MP23:07
KI7MTSO one last question, you said I can only have one MP per papair, but I can have many pairs in my local repo ?23:09
KI7MT*per pair23:09
KI7MTwgrant, Thank you, I think I got it now.23:11
TheLordOfTimewgrant: to confirm: package-1.2.3-1~precise0.1 > package-1.2.3-1~precise0 in a PPA, right?23:13
TheLordOfTimei.e. the system won't yell at me for an older version?23:13
TheLordOfTime... nevermind, question answered on my own23:13
* TheLordOfTime facedesks23:13
wgrantTheLordOfTime: It is23:14
wgrantYou can use dpkg --compare-versions to check23:14
wgrant$ dpkg --compare-versions 1.2.3-1~precise0.1 gt 1.2.3-1~precise0 && echo yes || echo no23:14
TheLordOfTimewgrant: yeah, i had already uploaded it but it was slow to complain is all23:14
TheLordOfTimes/complain/respond "accepted"/23:14
* TheLordOfTime blames cosmic rays23:14
TheLordOfTimewgrant: similarly, 1.2.3-1 is greater than 1.2.3-1~precise0.1, right?  I remember reading that ~something will basically say "this is before that actual version number"23:15
TheLordOfTimes/say/be interpreted as/23:15
wgrantRight, '~' is less than ''23:15
TheLordOfTimewgrant: what's the underlying mechanism to determine that, by the way?23:20
TheLordOfTimeprobably not the best thing to be poking around about that, but i'm curious :P23:20
wgrantTheLordOfTime: I don't understand the question.23:20
TheLordOfTimewgrant: how does the system determine '~' is less than '', and 0.1 is greater than 0 and such?23:20
* TheLordOfTime failed to word the question right at first, and apologizes23:21
wgrantThere is code in dpkg to implement the ordering defined by http://www.debian.org/doc/debian-policy/ch-controlfields.html#s-f-Version23:22
TheLordOfTime"The lexical comparison is a comparison of ASCII values modified so that all the letters sort earlier than all the non-letters and so that a tilde sorts before anything, even the end of a part."23:23
TheLordOfTimeahh that answers part of that.  :)23:23
TheLordOfTimewgrant: thanks for the link.  :)23:23
TheLordOfTimewgrant: in other news i fixed the FTBFS >.>  i had to disable a module >.>23:44

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