frk7zanyone have this issue on 13.10? "unable to find a medium containing a live file system"04:29
ianorlinwhat is the context for that error?04:36
frk7zboot live usb with lubuntu 13.10 on pc with nvidia chipset nforce 43004:38
ianorlindoes your motherboard support usb boot?04:44
ianorlindo you have a cd drive you can boot from?04:45
frk7zthe mobo support it, and nope, don't have cd drive u.u04:46
frk7z12.04 can boot without any issue... 13.10 is the problem04:47
nitusanyone who was present and interested in how I finally solved my problem of being permanently stuck in a broken lubuntu-nexus7 session . . . I didn't. none of the solutions suggested did the trick07:29
nitusI decided to aggressively seek and remove any reference at all to lubuntu-nexus7 that I could find, but I never did get to see whether it worked or not. took a break and spent some time trying to repair my cripple window 7 install using testdisk and somehow managed to wipe out the lubuntu extended partition as a side-effect07:36
nitushowever, I think that deleting it from /usr/share/xsessions might have worked. I just didn't happen to boot in and find out before wiping everything out07:39
nitusat any rate, I am here with a different question tonight. what's the best way to run android stuff?07:41
nitussomebody told me bluestacks in wine07:41
nitusbut I noticed qemu-arm while scanning through synaptic just now07:45
JohnDoe_71Rusnitus: http://www.webupd8.org/2013/11/android-x86-emulator-genymotion-20.html it help you?07:45
nituswouldn't that be way faster than bluestacts?07:45
nitusI can run x86 pretty welll, but it's not very useful in general07:45
nitusand genymotion is on the whole slower than bluestacks07:46
JohnDoe_71Ruslubuntu-nexus7 not for run android apps07:47
nitusactually android-x86 runs almost perfectly booted on my phenom II asus m3a, and blazingly fast07:47
nitusit just doesn't run a lot of apks that well07:48
nitusJohnDoe_71Rus:  I know. it was an unrelated issue07:49
JohnDoe_71Rusbecause x86 does not support many arm instructions.07:49
nitusI accidentally clicked lubuntu-nexus7 while switching users could not find a way to get back to lubuntu07:50
JohnDoe_71Ruslubuntu-nexus7 this is the mode, then you install lubuntu to nexus tablet07:50
nitusjust a black screen with a mouse cursor, and nothing would stop it07:50
nitusrebooted, removed it from various confs and so forth, nothing worked07:51
nitusi had it on autologin07:52
JohnDoe_71Rushad to do logoff. but do not know what combination of keys07:53
nitusthere isn't one07:53
nitusthe key combo is a feature of lubuntu session07:53
nitusnot universal07:53
nitusI believe it is actually a bug that I strayed into by inept package management07:53
JohnDoe_71Rusnitus: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lightdm/+bug/1252435 your's bug?07:55
ubottuUbuntu bug 1252435 in lightdm (Ubuntu) "lubuntu: "nexus 7" and "lx games" sessions get stuck, no usable UI" [Undecided,New]07:55
nitusI heard somewhere that removing lubuntu-nexus7 from /usr/share/xsessions might have worked, but never managed to test it07:55
nitusJohnDoe_71Rus:  yes that describes the situation accurately07:56
JohnDoe_71Rusyou can try go to console Ctrl+Alt+F1 then use midnight commander to edit config files07:57
nitusit was late at night and I do recall that did something, but wasn't useful to me. whether because I am a newb or not I am not sure07:58
JohnDoe_71Rusnitus: confirmed the bug. more cases, a quick fix07:58
nitusbut I did edit a number of config files from the livecd and it was to no avail07:59
nitusjust kept booting into the void07:59
nitusit's all fine now. I did something early on in that install that made it very fragile and prone to not booting, just from installing packages that normally cause no problem. I never did discover what was wrong with what08:02
nitusthis new install is much more solid08:02
nitusI learned that as a newb I should not willy-nilly install whacks of packages or enable repositories blindly but should instead do things one at a time and learn what each one does before adding more08:04
nitushmm, running android with the qemu-arm seems a bit more complicated than bluestacks but surely it runs a lot faster and more "genuine android"08:09
nitusbluestacks in win7 does not run apps that great on this machine08:10
nitusa bit surprised there isn't some "ready to run" package available.  I see many pre-built images but in a way too many - like there's no single agreed-on best way to a given android system. does it somehow vary depending on the host system, or is it just different people using superficially different paths to the same destination08:36
JohnDoe_71Rusnitus: this is open source :)08:42
nitusdeceptively open, as I have already discovered. everything is so easy to do, but not necessarily desirable in the outcome08:43
nitusit's like they took the training wheels off - but also took out the guard rails08:43
nitusI have killed lubuntu a half dozen times already in the last few weeks, and it's the easiest distro for a newb that I have encountered so far08:45
nitusthe real hardcore stuff no longer seems just murky and impenetrable, but actively sinister08:45
nitusnon-sequitor: I have long scoffed at "tech analysts" who claimed that 4 inch screens, mobile facebook, and angry birds were going to kill windows desktop. nobody who seriously had a use for the platform was going to trade it in for a postage stamp display with feeble input controls, it just diverted the facebook and twitter crowd who never really used it in the first place. they were happy to facebook on whatever happened to be convenient08:47
nitusthe real windows killer has been around for years and hiding in plain sight: steam08:48
MyrttiI've already lost how this is related to Lubuntu08:48
Myrttihow is this related to Lubuntu?08:48
nitushow is running android in lubuntu related to lubuntu08:49
nitusgood questio08:49
Myrttiwell, how is this related to Lubuntu support then?08:49
Myrttioh, there08:50
Myrttivanished into the backlog08:50
nituspresumably someone would know how best to run android in lubuntu08:50
nitusyeah, the entire conversation until a single paragraph about windows forthcoming slide into the abyss08:51
nitusbecause when gaming migrates to linux they have nothing else to fall back on08:51
nitusmaybe I'll ask again after work today, instead of plunging headlong into it and breaking yet another lubuntu install. at some point in the day, in some time zone or other, there might be a user around who is intimately acquainted with it and can save me a lot of tedius research. I still don't quite understand how I manage to bugger the install with one or two seemingly innocuous packages here and there09:01
please_helphi everyone17:59
please_helpi installed the latest verision of lubuntu, the connection doesn't work i have to connect it with an ethernet cable to an old 3com corp. 3c905b 100base tx [Cyclone] (rev 24)  ethrnet17:59
holsteinplease_help: what connetion doesnt work? wifi?18:00
please_helpno it's a very old computer it doesn't have a wifi card18:01
please_helpwith ethernet cable18:01
please_help[   21.024956] intel8x0: clocking to 48000 [   21.226500] init: failsafe main process (609) killed by TERM signal [   22.010549] microcode: Microcode Update Driver: v2.00 <tigran@aivazian.fsnet.co.uk>, Peter Oruba [   22.709991] eth1:  setting half-duplex. [   28.003361] IPv6: ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): eth1: link is not ready [   31.663462] zram: module is from the staging directory, the quality is unknown, you have been warned. [   318:16
holsteinplease_help: so, you have one card working? and not the other?18:20
please_helpi have only that card18:50
please_helpifconfig gives this http://paste.ubuntu.com/6728111/18:50
please_helpnow i'm on another pc18:51
please_helpi'km going back and forth coying and pasting18:51
holsteinplease_help: you cant change the hardware?18:57
holsteindid the live CD get online?18:58
zh1can anyone post me the correct updated sources list for lubuntu?20:48
RarrikinsAgainst what package should bugs in the lock screen functionality be reported?20:58
ianorlinin 13.10?21:06
Rarrikinsianorlin: ^21:07
RarrikinsLubuntu's lock screen option in the logout menu.21:08
RarrikinsIn Lubuntu 13.10.21:08
RarrikinsIt's rather easy to bypass21:08
ianorlinit has already been reported but not fixed in 13.1021:09
RarrikinsOh, it has. Good :)21:09
ianorlinbug 120538421:09
ubottubug 1205384 in lxsession (Ubuntu) "Lock can be circumvented by switching to console" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/120538421:09
RarrikinsYeah, that's it. Thanks :)21:09
DF3D2lubuntu seems to be ignoring my request to "do nothing" when laptop lid is closed21:31
ianorlinDF3D2 I think that is a bug21:37
koelljono bacon <322:33
jonohey koell :-)22:47
koelljono: wtf jono is really in here?22:47
jonohey :-)22:48
jonoof course :-)22:48
koelljono: which distro r u using? :)22:56
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