jo-erlend_Is trim support default yet, or is it a planned feature?00:04
k1li thought the decision was to make it default00:06
k1lhttps://plus.google.com/107564545827215425270/posts/D2SB1zxb9Z9   but i dont know if its set already00:08
FernandoMiguel$ sudo fstrim /00:09
FernandoMiguelshould tell you00:09
FernandoMiguel nity nite00:22
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hyper_chk1l: what does that mean now?05:28
sandGorgonhi guys - just tried installing Trusty on my XPS 1210 with nvidia 7400. Does not live-boot without nomodeset. No wifi drivers on install. I tried fedora 20 and everything worked the first time around. Are there any drivers missing in Trusty nightly ?07:23
hyper_chworks all fine on my asus... with atheros wifi and nvidia optimus07:33
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BluesKajHiyas all10:44
hyper_chhi BluesKaj10:45
BluesKajhey hyper_ch10:45
hyper_chhad a look at minimap with larger screen?10:45
BluesKajyeah, seems like it could have some benefit...i don't have a lot of test files10:47
BluesKajerr text10:47
hyper_chhehehe :)10:47
BluesKaj<---insomnia, it's early here10:47
hyper_chit's almost noon10:47
BluesKajalmost 6AM10:48
hyper_chyou should use NTP... you clock is several hours off10:48
BluesKajmy sleep clock is , yeah10:48
BluesKajmaybe a nap this afternoon10:49
hyper_chnaps are good10:51
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steve_fiHey, I've had an issue with the upstream Intel DRM drivers, (since I have a Haswell i5 4210Y I need to use Ubuntu 14.04 for the latest Intel DRM drivers) ... So anyway a few days ago I could boot with "nomodeset", but now I cannot13:50
steve_fiI can plug in my second monitor to get the bootUSB to get another terminal (tty1 - 6), but I cannot figure out if I can see the boot log or not13:50
steve_fisince I can't actually get it installed (because I need my primary monitor for that, which isn't showing up), I was wondering how I'd get the boot log when booting from a liveusb13:51
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kaimastare there any mirrors for the daily images? ubuntu.com is soooo slow for me17:52
BluesKajkaimast, http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/daily-live/current/17:55
kaimastBluesKaj: thanks but that is also from ubuntu.com17:58
BluesKajkaimast, well i don't think there any others17:59
kaimastthats what I thought. but I only get around 100kbs on ubuntu.com which takes an hour to download the image :(17:59
trismkaimast: I find a couple current ones with a quick google search so it appears some people do mirror it17:59
trismkaimast: http://www.mirrorservice.org/sites/cdimage.ubuntu.com/cdimage/daily-live/current/ http://ftp.heanet.ie/mirrors/ubuntu-cdimage/daily-live/current/18:00
kaimastmaybe I am too stupid to google. I only found some outdated mirrors18:00
trismkaimast: I would of course verify the checksums/signatures from cdimage.ubuntu.com though18:00
BluesKajkaimast, maybe your daily is restricted to your locale archive18:01
kaimastthanks trism18:03
kaimastbut they are not much faster.. maybe something is wrong with my connection.18:03
hikkijpGood evening guys! I'm using the daily builds in my laptop with optimus and I just noticed HDMI output now works somehow. Is this the nvidia-prime?21:44
hikkijpI don't know if I will be doing good installing bumblebee if its getting in shape to work in april release, so I came here to ask if some people have more experience regarding this technology21:45
Fudgeerror while burning dvd data disk, blank dvd is already mounted?22:34
kaimastis anybody using the new thinkpad T440. I have a hard time getting the thinkpad to work nicely23:38

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