nik90ahayzen: perhaps we can then merge your convergence branch then00:47
ahayzennik90, which one?00:47
ahayzennik90, oh the toolbar one?00:48
nik90ahayzen: oh yeah the toolbar one..00:48
* nik90 has no idea why he said convergence branch00:48
ahayzennik90, it'll probably be merged by morning00:48
ahayzennik90, it has convergence in the branch name00:48
ahayzennik90, victor usually works off the emails so bit of a delay00:49
ahayzennik90, anyway i've got work tomorrow so no 6AM sprints for me :/ ... all i've got left for the mediaplayer refactor is rewrite the autopilot tests, lots of testing and check nothing else can be moved :)00:50
nik90ahayzen: hehe00:50
nik90ahayzen: see you tomorrow then00:51
ahayzennik90, Victor: 'Yep, I'm just finishing my review. I should top approve shortly.'00:51
nik90ah nice :)00:51
ahayzennik90, cyas00:52
dpmmorning mzanetti, I had a look at https://code.launchpad.net/~mzanetti/reminders-app/add-image-support/+merge/199031 this morning. It worked well for me (images look great, nice work btw), but it needs a small fix to resolve merge conflicts07:23
dholbachgood morning07:38
mzanettihi dpm. yep. will resolve conflicts08:51
dpmmzanetti, awesome.08:57
mzanettidpm: resolved: https://code.launchpad.net/~mzanetti/reminders-app/add-image-support/+merge/19903109:06
dpmmzanetti, cool, re-testing it now. Also, do you know why I'm prompted for the phablet user passwork like 10 times when running the run_on_ubuntu_touch.sh script?09:09
popeynot seen that09:10
dpmI've seen that both on my laptop (13.10) and on my desktop (14.04)09:10
popeydpm: using phone or emulator?09:11
dpmphone, I get prompts like this:09:11
dpmWarning: Permanently added '[]:2222' (RSA) to the list of known hosts.09:11
dpmphablet@'s password:09:11
dpmConnection to closed.09:11
dpmWarning: Permanently added '[]:2222' (RSA) to the list of known hosts.09:11
dpmphablet@'s password:09:11
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dpmare we starting to recite these popey? https://plus.google.com/101094190333184858950/posts/MPmUkVqrspU ;-)09:17
popeyto the vets... biab09:22
dpmmzanetti, is the click building part of the run_on_ubuntu_touch.sh script functional? I've got a meeting with Dani from design in ~40 minutes to help him install the app in preparation for the meeting later on, and I'm thinking to just grab the latest branch (the use-webview one, the cmake migration one is not interesting for him), create a click out of it and give it to him for installation09:23
mzanettidpm: yeah, should work09:23
mzanettilet me know if it doesn't and I'll fix.09:24
dpmlet me grab that branch and try09:24
dpmmzanetti, it seems to work, but I think it needs calling the script without arguments to build the binaries first. I had a previous build from another branch and it just packaged that instead of rebuilding. Not a big deal, though09:30
mzanettidpm: interesting.... using it -c should build it too.09:30
mzanettiwill fix09:30
dpmmzanetti, it must have detected there was an old build already and just picked that one up09:31
dpmit's not a big deal09:31
dpmI can just rebuild for now09:31
mzanettidpm: the script does: configure; build; if -c package else run;09:31
mzanettiso its still weird what it did09:32
dpmmzanetti, man, it makes a huge difference using webview, it looks great!09:34
mzanettidpm: yeah. the webview branch is a good one :)09:34
mzanettidpm: sorry. missed your question before...09:39
mzanettidpm: do a run_on_device -s. that will deploy your ssh key to the device09:39
dpmah, cool, thanks09:39
dpmI get a chown: cannot access '/home/phablet/.ssh': No such file or directory09:41
dpmchown: cannot access '/home/phablet/.ssh/authorized_keys': No such file or directory09:41
dpmchmod: cannot access '/home/phablet/.ssh': No such file or directory09:41
dpmchmod: cannot access '/home/phablet/.ssh/authorized_keys': No such file or directory09:41
mzanettidpm: hmm... ok. you've found another bug :) do a "mkdir /home/phablet/.ssh" manually for now. I'll fix the script then09:43
dpmok, no worries, not a big deal either09:43
mzanettidpm: can you please reapprove this one? I just merged it with trunk: https://code.launchpad.net/~mzanetti/reminders-app/notebooksdelegate/+merge/19903309:43
dpmmzanetti, in the meantime, could you test if the click package works for you too? It's the use-webview branch packaged -> http://people.canonical.com/~dpm/click/com.ubuntu.reminders-app_0.1_armhf.click09:48
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Friday, and happy Peculiar People Day! :-D09:52
mzanettidpm: package seems to work for me10:06
dpmperfect, thanks for confirming10:06
mzanettidpm: hmm... for some reason it doesn't seem to pick up my evernote account any more10:10
dpmmzanetti, weird, it works here10:10
dpmmzanetti, is your account still listed under settings > accounts?10:12
mzanettidpm: yeah, I just deleted and recreated it10:12
mzanettidpm: fixed conflicts in this one: https://code.launchpad.net/~mzanetti/reminders-app/basic-workflow/+merge/19903510:14
dpmmzanetti, ok, cool, I'll test it after the call, I need to prepare the instructions for the design call in ~15. Or let me see if I can do it now real quick...10:16
mzanettidpm: once you're back from the meeting, here's one more :/ https://code.launchpad.net/~mzanetti/reminders-app/use-webview/+merge/19937111:02
mzanettidpm: sorry for all those conflicts. not sure where I messed up. the intention was to use the prerequisite branches in order to prevent this11:02
mzanettibut I messed up somewhere in the middle and so the conflicts propagate through the whole chain11:02
dpmmzanetti, no worries, yeah, noticed them this morning when I was merging them manually to see what was going on. It told me that the web-view branch had a criss-cross merge conflict11:07
dpmmzanetti, mission accomplished. Dani has got Reminders install, ready for the meeting later on. He also prepared an HTML5 prototype for the wireframes that he'll share with us in a bit11:07
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dpmmzanetti, approved11:37
popeynik90: fiddling with the blueprint, don't be alarmed (GET IT!?)11:38
popeyI'm so funny.11:38
mzanettidpm: cheers11:41
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mzanettidpm: interesting... the welcome note actually fetches images for you?12:24
mzanettidpm: that didn't work for me. Apparently because its a private resource and the WebView wasn't authenticated12:24
mzanettiwould be interesting to know if you did something special12:24
dpmmzanetti, yeah, that was the first thing I noticed before I created a specific note with an image attachment12:25
dpmmzanetti, I don't think I did, that's the default note that came with the account I created months ago. Although I think I might have edited the note, which might have made a difference?12:26
mzanettidpm: hmm... I guess I know what's wrong... I deleted my welcome note a while back12:26
mzanettidpm: in order to have it again for testing purposes I created a second account and copied the welcome note over to the existing one12:26
mzanettimost likely that keeps references for the image to the other account where I'm not authenticated to12:27
mzanettione more problem solved :)12:27
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WebbyITpopey, just see the blueprint: I love to have new homework ;-)13:31
ogra_crazy people13:31
popeyno, wait, you were right first time ㋛13:31
WebbyITpopey, when have we to mark as released a milestone?13:33
WebbyITpopey, e.g. https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-calculator-app/+milestone/coreapps-2014-week-213:33
popeywe haven't been doing that typically.13:34
popeybeen just using them for targetting and keeping track, not doing releases as such13:35
popeybut release when ready.13:35
WebbyITlike Debian, wow13:35
WebbyITabout bug #1267820, is a good shortcut ctrl+enter to tear off?13:36
ubot2Launchpad bug 1267820 in Ubuntu Calculator App "Fix up keyboard shortcuts" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/126782013:36
popeyWebbyIT: hard to discover13:38
popeybut I dont have a better suggestion13:38
nik90popey: lol (to your comment about the BP)13:48
popeyIt's friday. Going a bit loony over here.13:49
nik90popey: oh btw I started tracking clock app desktop bugs with the tag "desktop-convergence"13:50
popeynik90: nice one13:58
popeywill re-use that13:58
nik90popey: oh btw, if you have time could you test https://code.launchpad.net/~nik90/ubuntu-clock-app/timer-notification/+merge/20112713:59
nik90it is to do with the timer notification. let a timer end and you will see/hear stuff14:00
nik90mzanetti: do you think that the dialer-transition branch can land? I implemented all the fixes you requested.14:04
* mzanetti checks14:05
popeynik90: will do a little later, yes.14:07
mzanettinik90: yes. looks good to me. However, I don't have permissions to top approve14:07
mzanettipopey: ^14:07
mzanettipopey: https://code.launchpad.net/~nik90/ubuntu-clock-app/dialer-transition/+merge/20074014:07
popeymzanetti: nik90 can add you to the team if that's easiest?14:08
mzanettibetter not. otherwise I have to do real work on the clock app too :P14:08
nik90will do that14:08
popeyNo pressure..14:09
WebbyITThere is a simple way to leave focus from a child without have a global var?14:09
popey.. sign here.14:09
mzanettiWebbyIT: call forceActiveFocus() on something else :)14:10
mzanettiits a bit cheating tho14:10
nik90mzanetti: added you to the team. I know you are really busy with reminders app and other stuff..so no contributions to clock app required. I just need some help with reviewing branches.14:10
WebbyITmzanetti, yeah. I have only to find what 'something else' is :P14:10
timpnik90: hi14:11
timpnik90: we figured out the problem with https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/+bug/125991714:11
ubot2Launchpad bug 1259917 in Ubuntu UI Toolkit "Using a Qml Loader in combination with Pagestack and Tabs results in incorrect positioning" [High,In progress]14:11
timpnik90: the loader resizes the Page, see http://qt-project.org/doc/qt-5/qml-qtquick-loader.html#loader-sizing-behavior14:11
mzanettinik90: approved14:11
timpnik90: it should work fine when the anchors of the loader are set like Loader { anchors { left: parent.left; right: parent.right; bottom: parent.bottom } }14:11
nik90timp: yeah I just saw the email now14:11
timpnik90: it doesn't seem very intuitive though. I'll update the Tabs docs14:12
nik90timp: ah..awesome!14:12
timpnik90: email? I don't know of an email14:12
nik90timp: when u replied to the bug report, I got an email14:12
timpah ok14:12
timpnik90: I'll test your example code with my suggestion and propose an MR to update the docs14:12
nik90timp: okay..I will try as well14:13
davmor2popey: you forgot the ..and here ...and initial here14:13
nik90timp: but in my sample project, I did specify anchors.fill: parent14:14
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timpnik90: yes, and that sets the height of the Loader, which in case will set the height of the Page that it loads, so the height computation inside the Page (to fit the header) is overridden14:30
timpnik90: try specifying left, right and bottom anchors only. no height or top anchor14:31
timpnik90: I know it is not very intuitive14:31
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nik90timp: then the loaded page does not show anything14:34
nik90the rectangles disappear14:34
timpnik90: ok, let me have a look.. give me a minute14:56
timpzsombi: there is still an issue with the anchors of the loader14:59
timpzsombi: the height of the Page depends on the height of its parent....14:59
timpzsombi: so not setting the Loader height will mess things up14:59
timpnik90: ^ yeah my proposed solution doesn't work14:59
timpzsombi: I could use the parentNode.height instead of parent.height15:00
timpzsombi: but hmm... normally that will work, but not if there are weird constructions like when a Page only has to cover a part of its parent Item15:01
timpzsombi: ah.. in those exceptional cases the Page height is overridden anyway :)15:01
zsombitimp: hold on, is there such a construct???15:01
timpzsombi: which construct?15:02
zsombi(17.01.03) timp: zsombi: but hmm... normally that will work, but not if there are weird constructions like when a Page only has to cover a part of its parent Item15:02
timpzsombi: I never saw it. It is a theoretical case (quite unlikely though, especially on devices)15:02
zsombitimp: then should you deal with that?15:02
zsombiat all?15:03
timpprobably not :) anyway for Tabs an PageStack it makes no sense at all15:03
zsombitimp: i say no15:03
zsombiso just forget about that15:03
timpok :)15:03
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labsinCan anyone tell me when a new version of upstart-app-launch will be released? (Because of new commits for fat packages)16:15
zsombiKaleo: an MR for you for review: https://code.launchpad.net/~zsombi/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/stateSaverWithRepeater/+merge/20121416:17
zsombiKaleo: a weekend present ;)16:17
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jdstrandhaptic feedback just showed up in the promoted images. is there a way for an app to opt out of (some of) it via QML?18:14
ogra_you wish :)18:15
* ogra_ had a discussion with tvoss about an inhibit service for such stuff today, seems thats nat wanted18:16
ogra_(though that was about orientation and screen suspend)18:16
jdstrandogra_: hmm, well, hopefully we'll have something in settings to finetune it a bit, like on other platforms18:29
nik90mhall119, popey -> http://imgur.com/dtTdzo319:02
nik90thoughts to the icons for sunrise and sunset19:02
nik90in response to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-clock-app/+bug/119866919:02
ubot2Launchpad bug 1198669 in Ubuntu Clock App "[clock] German translation needs more space" [Medium,Confirmed]19:02
mhall119nik90: I like the idea, but I don't know if those specific icons convey the idea19:07
nik90mhall119: we took the idea from https://www.iconfinder.com/icons/109279/gizmo_pictogram_season_simple_sun_sunset_weather_weather_app_icon#size=12819:09
mhall119nik90: could you maybe do sunrise in a light color, and sunset in a darker one?19:10
nik90mhall119: you mean the text or the icon?19:10
nik90mhall119: light shades of white or actual colors?19:11
mhall119of white should be fine19:11
nik90mhall119: http://imgur.com/a/vbVVE#019:18
nik90I played with the opacity19:18
mhall119that helps, I think the times could stay the same color, if just the icon is dimmed19:20
mhall119though different shades for the time makes some sense too19:20
nik90yeah the line divider nice divides them 2 parts19:22
DarcadeHey, is there a nice api for developing c/c++ programms for unity/ubuntu?20:42
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ahayzennik90, ping23:15

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