didrocks@cihelp: I can't connect to desktop-team@q-jenkins.ubuntu-ci (asking me for a password). I want to deploy latest lp:cupstream2distro, who can do it?07:06
viladidrocks: 'You are missing 41 revisions:' , pfew, serious update, are you confident enough that I can pres enter after 'bzr pull -v' ?07:28
didrocksvila: yeah, tests are running07:29
didrocksvila: only the latest rev is really impacting this ocde07:29
viladidrocks: and just in case some vanguard doesn't know it yet, this is documented at https://wiki.canonical.com/UbuntuEngineering/CI/Playbook/q-jenkins#Deploy_cu2d_code07:29
didrocksah great ;)07:29
viladidrocks: huh ? 'tests are running' and it's ok to deploy ?07:29
didrocksvila: running as "running successfully", sorry :)07:29
viladidrocks: done07:30
didrocksvila: if after that you have time: any idea why we can't access to desktop-team anymore btw?07:30
didrocksvila: thanks!07:30
didrocksor maybe someone can just create a jenkins job allowing us to deploy07:30
viladidrocks: err I thought that was a fallout from removing [root] access to ci hosts and that you knew that for.. weeks ?07:31
viladidrocks: and yes, creating a jenkins job sounds like the way to go, it doesn't make a lot of sense (to me) to require a hard sync between 2 humans for such a task07:32
viladidrocks: let's discuss that with ev07:32
didrocksvila: desktop-team never had root access to q-jenkins IIRC07:33
cyphermoxdidrocks: want to do the pre-NEW for usensord and goget-ubuntu-touch?07:33
didrocksI'm ok with not having access, just need the jenkins job soon then :)07:33
viladidrocks: sure, but it's kind of the same motivation (AIUI). That's why I say we need to clarify that with ev07:33
didrockscyphermox: I've done them, see my answers on the landing spreadsheet (last lines)07:34
didrockscyphermox: still some work needed :)07:34
didrocksvila: yeah, would have been great to have the warning (if I didn't miss it) though ;)07:34
cyphermoxtbh I didn't check it again in the past hour07:34
didrockscyphermox: yeah, it's really really fresh from less than 30 minutes ;)07:34
didrockscyphermox: however, always remember to check if there is a copyright file in the source btw while doing bootstrapping07:35
cyphermoxyeah, i was hacking at bluez and sponsoring chad's gnome-bluetooth update07:35
didrockscyphermox: it's something upstream is used to oversee :)07:35
cyphermoxwell, if the copyright is in the files it's not a huge deal..07:35
didrocksit's ok for other licenses, not for *GPL07:36
viladidrocks: well, I raised the issue on 2013/11/22 according to asana ;)07:36
cyphermoxyou get to check all the files individually anyway if you review this thoroughly, just in case a LICENSE file doesn't match what the files actually say07:36
didrocksvila: sure I was in the destinaries? :)07:36
cyphermoxoh, right07:36
didrockscyphermox: right, what the archive admin are doing07:36
didrockscyphermox: licensecheck -r * --copyright07:37
didrocksin case you don't know that command07:37
didrocksreally useful, catch 90% :)07:37
cyphermoxI forgot about that crap about adding the copying file because you need to physically ship the whole thing with it07:37
cyphermoxI know07:37
cyphermoxI check it and then look at the files manually too to be sure07:37
cyphermoxlicensecheck misses some stuff07:38
cyphermoxless for GPL, but other weird licenses or setups... e.g in cordova07:38
didrocksoh right, for those…07:38
didrocksanyway, just a head's up it's a common mistake :)07:38
viladidrocks: you weren't, just mentioning that the issue existed back then and the discussion started07:39
viladidrocks: so it's not new ;)07:39
didrocksvila: ah… so, that explains why I wasn't aware "weeks" ago :)07:39
viladidrocks: you were aware,2013-12-13 10:26:54 +0100 <didrocks>vila: I'll need you to deploy the latest cu2d07:43
didrocksvila: don't turn into another way something that doesn't mean that…07:45
didrocksvila: it was that fact that I thought you cp ~destkop-team/cupstream2distro ~jenkins/cupstream2distro07:45
didrocksand not ln -s it07:45
didrockswe discussed it over hangout07:45
viladidrocks: Indeed, that's why I say the issue is known, nothing has changed since then07:46
didrocksvila: ? you told me it was just a ln -s in the end07:46
didrocksvila: so no, I even didn't try to ssh desktop-team@ at the time07:47
didrocksand I wasn't aware/warned about this07:47
viladidrocks: let's re-start from scratch,07:48
viladidrocks: I filed the issue in asana when I realized ci was asked to deploy cu2d, which is when you lost the ability to do it yourself (or wanted to transfer that responsibility, the details are unclear)07:49
viladidrocks: whether you didn't understood the details at the time is also unknown to me07:50
viladidrocks: but the point is: AFAIK, only access rights have changed, the layout on dick never changed07:50
vilaerr, disk ;)07:50
didrocksvila: we discussed over IRC and I thought it was because you cp the code, not ln -s it07:50
didrocksanyway, as told, I don't care about access, as long as you debug it07:50
didrocksbut clearer communication from the CI team would be needed to warn about it07:51
didrocksand now, we need a job to deploy ;)07:51
didrockshey sil2100!07:52
viladidrocks: no 'ln -s' was involved ever, there was nothing to communicate about :)07:52
didrocksvila: removing access rights was to communicate about07:53
viladidrocks: the existing symlink was not changed, the issue was $JENKINS_HOME07:53
didrocksvila: but seems you don't want to recognize it's an issue, I'm afraid about future communication channel though :/07:53
didrocksanyway, let's move on07:53
viladidrocks: yeah, let's move on, but *you* should recognize that "you don't want to recognize it's an issue" is non-sense when *I* tell you that I filed an issue07:54
didrocksvila: seems childish to me, anyway…07:54
didrocksfiled to somewhere I don't have access or pinged about != communicating to the other the access write will be changed07:55
viladidrocks: I take blame gladly when it's deserved. In this specific case, access changes to the ci hosts has been communicated. You've been well aware of the issues related to moving q-jenkins during the 1ss move and were involved in requesting cu2d code and jobs deployments to the ci team instead of handling them yourself. I fail to see why you don't want to ack that. I've asked back then that the issue was addressed, it still hasn08:02
vila't. We did get some required bits documented though. But the issue remains as reported: it makes little sense to me to require the ci team to push a button when the landing team says it's the right time to do so. I've been advocating that the landing team stays in charge.08:02
viladidrocks: see https://app.asana.com/0/8309126707866/879930610502608:03
didrocksvila: that's what is wrong, I'm asking you for the past 30 minutes *when* I was communicated about those credentials removal. When you moved to 1ss, we still had this access at first08:04
didrocksvila: the task you are showing is Mirv talking, not me08:05
didrocksvila: so, I'm just asking for when those things happen, an email, something to communicate (and again, if I missed that email, I'm happy to be corrected and my bad)08:05
didrocksand again, the discussion you pasted in December, I still had access to desktop-team@ (or at least, I believe) and was just thinking you discussed that you cp -a ~desktop-team@q-jenkins.ubuntu-ci ~jenkins@q-jenkins.ubuntu-ci and that's what we discussed over hangouts08:07
didrocksnothing related to "can't access to desktop-team@"08:07
didrocks(thanks for adding me as a follower for this task)08:08
vilagood, we're making progress, I still don't know if/when access changes (and I'm blaming no one !), I only focused on something in the process that seemed wrong: the landing team should be able to decide when cu2d code and jobs are deployed. This has changed and I raised the issue as I thought it was wrong.08:09
vilaSince we seem to share the same goal, let's focus on getting it solved instead of blaming each other ;)08:10
didrocksvila: I wasn't blaming you at all, just ensuring that we have better communication when such operations happen08:10
didrocksvila: on the second point, agreed, I think we should be in control of the deployment08:10
viladidrocks: ok, that's where the misunderstanding started then, since you did request some deployments since last November, I thought you knew you couldn't do it yourself anymore08:11
viladidrocks: and didn't even try to check if that was the case or not08:11
didrocksvila: Mirv did ask in November, and I cleared out why I asked on December ;)08:11
didrocksso good ;)08:12
* didrocks adds a job for this btw on citrain meanwhile08:12
viladidrocks: and I think fginther did create a jenkins job to deploy cu2d jobs (I may be wrong...)08:12
vilayeah, documented on https://wiki.canonical.com/UbuntuEngineering/CI/Playbook/q-jenkins#Deploy_cu2d_jobs , we're getting therre ;)08:13
didrocksvila: seems I can run it even08:14
didrocksso great ;)08:14
jibelvila, didrocks didn't this 'access' issue started when access control switch from local accounts to centralized ldap a week or so before Christmas holidays?08:19
didrocksjibel: ah, that would make even more sense and match the timeline, was that communicated and I missed that email (as I was on holidays, I maybe lost the email about that change in the flood of christmas emails)?08:20
jibelvila, I lost all access to management accounts that are not in ldap when this switch occured08:20
didrocksev: FYI ^08:20
popeydidrocks: will miss the landing call as I need to take a cat to the vet08:37
popeyonly appointment I could get08:37
didrockspopey: no worry, we'll give all the work to you then :)08:37
didrockspopey: you should call for the hangout on ubuntu touch app ;)08:38
popeyNot sure what's more painful. Trying to use G+ on Ubuntu Touch, or trying to get a mad cat into a box.08:46
didrocksit was surely easier when it was smaller :)08:47
popeydidrocks: #121 is fine, spreadsheet updated09:00
didrockspopey: thanks!09:01
sil2100didrocks: in-between stuff, could you approve https://code.launchpad.net/~sil2100/cupstream2distro-config/mediascanner_v2_enable/+merge/201142 ?09:10
popeymorning sil2100, happy new year09:10
sil2100popey: hello and happy new year to you too!09:11
didrockssil2100: that was what I wanted to talk about to you:09:11
didrocks$ bzr branch lp:mediascanner-v209:11
didrocksbzr: ERROR: Not a branch: "bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/+branch/mediascanner-v2/".09:11
didrocksso, the branch is in mediascanner/v2 something09:11
didrocksand so source package name != project name, right?09:11
sil2100Ah, right, that will cause problems, they didn't want to create a new LP project not to bloat LP, but I guess it's needed09:12
didrockssil2100: yeah09:13
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didrockssil2100: coming?09:31
sil2100Yes yes! Trying to hangout09:31
didrocksSaviq: do you mind having a try on r121 to look at the unity8 crashes on mako?09:32
didrocksmaybe those will be better :)09:32
evvila, didrocks: I think two things are getting confused here. One is that we moved to userdirldap for authentication, to replace the mess of different sets of manually created accounts on different systems. The other is that we removed root access from non-CI accounts and removed the ubuntu account (we should have, at least). This is to make us more09:33
evresponsible (and blamable) for running the infrastructure, rather than expecting other teams to pull the levers. Larry sent mails about both of these.09:33
evI think a Jenkins job that automagically did the deployments would be a good idea.09:33
vilaev: late notice, but yeah, "Jenkins job that automagically did the deployments" is what I suggest in the asana ticket10:23
evvila: cool, I'll have a look. I was flooded with tasks this morning, so it's a bit slow going getting to email and asana10:34
evpsivaa: can I give a task to you to verify that 12.04.4 is ready for the OSP2 team? I can forward you the email with the full details10:35
evinfinity is sleeping still, but they need to know by EOD in Taipei10:36
vilaev: no worries10:37
psivaaev: sure, i'll still need to see the details :)10:37
evcool, forwarding10:38
psivaaev: thanks10:38
Saviqev, hey, do you have an idea what might be happening here https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/autopilot-testrunner-otto-trusty/1930/ ?10:48
Saviqev, suddenly tonight unity8 started SEGV'ing on every single test10:48
cjwatsonpsivaa: don't worry about it, I've replied directly10:50
psivaacjwatson: ok, thanks.10:51
evSaviq: tracking at https://app.asana.com/0/8736198969650/950435630488710:54
Saviqev, thanks, first I've seen asana, though...10:55
evSaviq: we use a project in asana to track the work by the vanguard10:59
evthought it might be helpful for you to see updates to that task10:59
Saviqev, sure, thanks10:59
sil2100didrocks: could you re-take a look at https://code.launchpad.net/~sil2100/cupstream2distro-config/mediascanner_v2_enable/+merge/201142 once you have a free moment? The project name has been set, changed and prepared11:51
didrockssil2100: was it preNEWed?11:58
sil2100didrocks: not yet, but we can do this after this is merged in - I did a pre-preNEW review myself, if we have this in we can at least have it building and then make it easier for people to test and check12:00
didrockssil2100: approved it then12:01
sil2100didrocks: thank you!12:01
sil2100didrocks: I'll proceed with the preNEW now etc. etc.12:01
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Laneywould it be possible for me to get access to retry autopkgtests?12:49
sil2100didrocks: are you very busy? It seems seb is rather busy today with other work, maybe you could preNEW lp:mediascanner2 ? No problem if you are busy as well, I can poke further then ;)13:01
didrockssil2100: quite busy, but I guess nobody else is available :)13:02
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didrockssil2100: reviewed, +1. Really nothing to mention, good work!13:11
didrocksseb128: FYI ^13:12
sil2100Thank yoU!13:13
seb128didrocks, thanks13:17
sil2100didrocks: hm, is it normal that I can't access q-jenkins through ssh anymore?13:24
didrockssil2100: I discovered that this morning as well, so apparently, it is, you need to ask someone to pull the cu2d-config I guess13:24
Laneysee my request ^ someone ;-)13:24
sil2100didrocks: ACK13:24
Laneyor I can apply britney hints13:24
sil2100Laney: sadly, I don't know anything about that - didrocks ^ ? ;)13:25
didrocksI don't either13:25
didrocksLaney: you need to ping cihelp13:25
Laneyokay, guess you just did, thanks13:25
cjohnstonLaney: if you check the topic, there is a vanguard.. please use the vanguard13:25
sil2100josepht: hi! Do you know if anyone could pull the latest cu2d-config on q-jenkins? I added a new project which I need to appear on jenkins13:26
Laneycjohnston: ok13:27
Laneyjosepht: Do you know if it's possible for me to get jenkins access to retry autopkgtests?13:27
josephtsil2100: I'll find someone to do this soon and let you know13:27
sil2100josepht: thanks!13:28
josephtLaney: I'll find out and let you know13:29
dobeydidrocks: hi. is cu2d deployed already with that change? i saw you had to ask for it, and lp says that comment was 6 hours ago :)13:48
didrocksdobey: yeah, it's done ;)13:48
sil2100dobey: hello! I have a new change that needs redeploying if anything ;)13:49
dobeyhi sil210013:51
dobeydidrocks: cool13:51
josephtsil2100: is this what you are expecting to see? http://q-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/job/cu2d-media-head-1.1prepare-mediascanner2/13:53
didrockssil2100: while I was on snakefruit, I bzr pulled btw13:54
sil2100josepht: yes! I see it in jenkins now, thanks :)13:54
josephtsil2100: np13:54
didrocksfor the whitelist13:54
sil2100didrocks: thanks! So we're ready for a release then \o/13:54
sil2100Let me build everything13:54
dobeywho's around that i can bug to ask for some daily release ppa builds?13:54
didrockssil2100: hum13:54
didrockssil2100: not on q-jenkins though13:54
didrockssil2100: not sure if this was done :p13:54
sil2100didrocks: I guess it was! I think josepht did it just now?13:55
didrocksok, if the job bzr pull the config as well13:55
didrocks(I think it's only needed when we add a stack anyway, I don't remember)13:55
didrocksfor q-jenkins13:55
josephtgood morning fginther13:57
didrockshey fginther13:57
sil2100fginther: morning!13:57
fgintherwow, such a welcoming channel13:58
josephtfginther: everybody needs something :)13:58
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josephtLaney: can you register an account here: http://d-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/ you'll need VPN access with DNS configured.14:19
didrocksdavmor2: oh, forgot to ask you, can you run some tests on image 121? it's a candidate for promotion :)14:22
davmor2didrocks: hmmmmmmm hang on14:23
davmor2didrocks: yeap I'll make a start in about 10 minutes14:25
didrocksdavmor2: thanks, no hurry!14:25
dobeycihelp: who can i ping to request some daily-release PPA builds?14:30
cjohnstondobey: please use the vanguard in the topic14:30
josephtdobey: I'll find someone14:30
dobeythanks josepht14:30
Laneyjosepht: done; I'm laney14:31
dobeykenvandine: ^^ i guess i get to bug you again :)14:35
dobeykenvandine: can you trigger the daily build job for ubuntu-purchase-service again (or click stack if it's the whole stack thing)? thanks14:36
josephtLaney: okay, I've added permissions to your user.  I'm assuming you know when and when not to kick-off retries. :)14:37
Laneyjosepht: thanks14:38
josephtLaney: np14:38
LaneyI'll try and be good ... we used to have this ability before14:38
kenvandinedobey, kicked14:40
dobeykenvandine: thanks14:43
davmor2popey: wow you must really be wishing this year away if you think it is the 10/09/2014 ;)14:43
sil2100kenvandine: hello! Happy new year! Can you take a look? https://code.launchpad.net/~sil2100/cupstream2distro-config/new_extras_media/+merge/20119614:46
kenvandinehappy new year sil210014:47
sil2100LP is awefully slow in generating diffs today14:53
dobeykenvandine: the things all built. yay!14:57
fgintherdidrocks, what was the issue with credentials and deploy cu2d? https://code.launchpad.net/~dobey/cupstream2distro/native-versions/+merge/200736/comments/46780114:58
didrocksfginther: can't connect to desktop-team@q-jenkins anymore (and we weren't warned about the creds removal)14:58
didrocksfginther: as we have the job for deploying, it's fine, we won't be able to help though debugging if needed14:59
fgintherdidrocks, thanks, I wanted to understand what issue was14:59
didrocksno worry ;)14:59
kenvandinesil2100, yeah, i'm still waiting for a diff15:00
sil2100kenvandine: I think it will be faster just to look here: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~sil2100/cupstream2distro-config/new_extras_media/revision/99615:00
cjwatsonsil2100: Looks like the celery instance that's supposed to deal with this was left stopped by mistake after an upgrade.  I've asked ops to restart it15:02
* didrocks out for a run15:03
cjwatsonsil2100,kenvandine: it's back up now; I suspect it has something of a backlog but it should get there15:09
kenvandinecjwatson, thanks15:09
didrockssil2100: do you mind checking latest properties-cpp that is in the ppa as well?15:13
didrockssil2100: if good, I'll resync it after a quick check15:13
cjwatsonsil2100: hmm, it's still saying "Updating diff", but the diff is up to date15:17
cjwatsonsil2100: so, um, I don't know, if it's important ask #launchpad-ops internal, hopefully you can disregard it as noise :)15:18
sil2100didrocks: ok, will do that in a minute15:28
sil2100cjwatson: I'll look into that, since last time I had like 5-10 minute delays, but now it's taking far longer15:29
cjwatsonsil2100: well, before you ask anyone to investigate, see what it's like on something pushed after the celery instances were restarted 20 minutes ago15:29
xnoxwhen does #122 kicks off?15:29
xnoxor shall i do another run now?15:30
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didrocksxnox: anything that needs to be kicked off right now?16:50
didrocksdavmor2: not sure if you meant in your email that you have seen regression or not (doesn't seem so)16:50
davmor2didrocks: no regressions they are old bugs16:52
didrocksdavmor2: thanks for cleaning that up16:56
didrockssil2100: did you publish it?16:57
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sil2100didrocks: going to the meeting! One moment!17:01
ogra_same here17:01
didrockskenvandine: coming?17:02
didrocksthat was quick ;)17:02
kenvandinei was already joining ;)17:03
xnoxdidrocks: i don't think so, i thought it was cronned.17:04
didrocksxnox: cronned once a day17:06
xnoxdidrocks: ack, thanks.17:07
cjwatsondidrocks: twice a day, as requested near end of last year17:11
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cjwatsondidrocks: oh, somebody put it back to once a day, OK ...17:11
* cjwatson actually reads crontab -l17:11
ogra_cjwatson, yep, i did on monday17:11
ogra_oh, i forgot to commit that17:11
cjwatsonnot sure I committed the move to twice a day *shrug*17:13
didrockssil2100: both NEWed, please update the spreadsheet :)17:25
sil2100didrocks: \o/17:27
didrockssil2100: I'll let you track and update the spreadsheet :)17:27
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ogra_=== image #121 promoted to trusty channel ===18:17
kenvandinefginther, can you look at a failure for me?  is this failing because of ssh host key failure?18:27
kenvandinefginther, ^^18:27
sergiusensrobru, cyphermox kenvandine hey the convention for go sourcepackages is to add golang-18:47
sergiusenswrt https://code.launchpad.net/~robru/goget-ubuntu-touch/fix-prepare/+merge/20124018:47
kenvandinesergiusens, the problem is we need the project name to match the source package name18:47
kenvandineso the alternative is to rename the project18:47
sergiusensack; conflicting conventions :-/18:48
fgintherkenvandine, I reapproved the MP, the problem was fixed a short while ago18:50
kenvandinefginther, thx18:52
robrusergiusens, if you really insist on having golang- prefix in the source package name, you need to copy lp:goget-ubuntu-touch to lp:golang-goget-ubuntu-touch. it's entirely possible to do, I just chose to rename the source package because it seemed like less work at the time.18:55
robrusergiusens, let me know how you want to proceed with that.18:55
sergiusensrobru, it's ok I guess; we'll just diverge18:55
robrusergiusens, thanks18:56
sergiusensthat policy would break with the golang policy (non packaged); so the source package name change is fine18:56
bfillerfginther: is jenkins messed up for mako tests? both these MR's failing these two: https://code.launchpad.net/~bfiller/camera-app/click-support/+merge/200889 and https://code.launchpad.net/~bfiller/gallery-app/click-support/+merge/20123819:04
cjohnstonbfiller: the first one is probably due to the crashes19:07
fgintherbfiller, both MPs have unity and app crashes19:07
fgintherbfiller, there is open bug related to some crashes found earlier this week, it may be related: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/qtubuntu/+bug/126298219:11
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1262982 in unity-mir "Random mir failures running unity8 shell during AP tests" [High,Confirmed]19:11
fgintherbfiller, I'll also run a test of trunk for both gallery-app and camera-app19:12
bfillerfginther: ok thanks19:12
elopioci-help: I'm having problems using the on-screen keyboard on mako.19:15
elopiomaybe one of you has clues or pointers about what happens19:15
elopioI'm getting this error: 'Unable to find maliit-server dbus object. Has it been started with introspection enabled?'19:15
bfillerelopio: is maliit-server process running?19:17
cjohnstonelopio: looks like bfiller is trying to help, but that sounds like an issue for #ubuntu-touch19:25
cjohnstonI'd also guess that you have a crash19:26
elopiobfiller: sorry, I got distracted in other channel.19:34
elopioI think maliit is running before I start the test.19:34
elopioafterwards it is not. I'll check for crashes.19:34
bfillerelopio: if you're trying to run OSK tests with autopilot it needs to be started in testability mode19:35
bfillerelopio: think you need to edit it's upstart conf file to add that, or first do stop maliit-server then maliit-server -testability19:35
* elopio tries.19:38
elopiobfiller: maliit-server doesn't recognize the -testability arg.19:46
bfillerelopio: it spits out warnings but it does support it19:47
bfillerelopio: maybe it's --testability, I can't remember. ask veebers when he comes online19:48
elopiobfiller: I'm looking at this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/touch-preview-images/+bug/120119519:49
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1201195 in touch-preview-images "maliit-server not exposing autopilot interface, tests cannot be written" [High,Fix committed]19:49
fgintherbfiller, camera-app and gallery-app both passed when built from trunk:  https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/camera-app-ci/156/, https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/gallery-app-ci/629/19:49
elopiofrom that, I get that it's -testability, and it should print something about testability driver loaded.19:50
elopioI can ask veebers on monday.19:50
dobeykenvandine: how much longer are you going to be around today?20:22
kenvandinedobey, until 5ish20:43
dobeykenvandine: can you do another daily ppa build of click stack? once it's built can we get the resulting ubuntu-purchase-service into ubuntu universe?20:46
dobey(was waiting for one more branch to merge, but it's merged now)20:47
kenvandinei'll kick off a build20:47
kenvandinedobey, add it to the landing asks for getting published20:47
dobeythat spreadsheet thing still?20:48
kenvandinedobey, yup... that's the process20:48
dobeyi thought that was only after it had actually be uploaded to universe, for wholly new packages20:51
kenvandinewe've still been tracking new stuff on there20:52
dobeyi'll ask for it to be added to the list of things to ask for ;)20:53
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