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dholbachgood morning07:38
marcoceppijcastro: time to throw down, I've got 27 leafs for Dec15:07
jcastro10 dude15:34
josedpm: you have mail :)15:44
dpmhey jose, checking now :)15:57
joseall responded by dholbach15:57
dpmyeah, I fully agree with what he's saying15:59
josebtw, any ideas on how can I say swipe in Spanish? mind blocked here16:00
joseas well as scopes16:00
cjohnston'swipe in Spanish'16:01
joseit had to be cjohnston16:05
cjohnstonjust trying to help16:05
josedholbach: hey, mind a quick PM?16:17
dholbachjose, go ahead - you don't need to ask every time - just go ahead :)16:18
* dholbach hugs jose16:18
* jose hugs dholbach back16:18
josehey jono, around for a quick PM?16:31
jonojose, on the phone, but feel free to ping16:31
dholbachback to bed - see you17:01
dpmjose, 'deslizar' perhaps?17:03
josedpm: idea on what the noun for that verb is? 'desliz'?17:03
dpmI think in that case perhaps "deslizamiento" might sound better17:03
jonoupvotes please: http://www.reddit.com/r/Ubuntu/comments/1uw7r0/leaked_image_confirms_ubuntu_phone_tablet_and/17:36
* elfy wants the watch ... 17:47
philipballewhey jono got time for a quick pm anytime?19:01
jonophilipballew, sure19:02

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