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pittiGood morning05:49
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pittistgraber: still awake by any chance?07:22
dholbachgood morning07:38
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mlankhorstxnox: that unity upgrade bug is weird.. what happens when you apt-get install libxi6?09:11
xnoxmlankhorst: it's all fine actually. and upgrade / install ubuntu-desktop works in a precise chroot.09:21
xnoxmlankhorst: the user however, doesn't have default priorities - apt-cache policy shows -security pocket at 990, and -updates pocket at 900. By default all should be 900. Thus libxi from "-security" pocket is enforced, breaking the upgrade.09:22
xnoxmlankhorst: none of the other packages have things in -security for that upgrade =/09:22
xnoxmlankhorst: i did panic a bit with bug statuses, but now it's all set to incomplete/invalid states.09:23
mlankhorstxnox: yeah I did test the default case, had a feeling it was something like that ;-)09:44
xnoxmlankhorst: yeah, it did look suspicious that the bug reporter, knew, and included, apt-cache policy. And it did turn out to look fishy =)09:46
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Laneydirecthex: what issue is that?10:33
LaneyI misunderstood the use of 'main' ;-)10:33
LaneyCan we have gtk-sharp3 promoted please? It's the gtk3 version of gtk-sharp2 which is already in main so I hope we can avoid the MIR.10:38
Laneyper http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/component-mismatches-proposed.txt10:38
seb128Laney, let me have a look10:45
seb128why is gnome-panel&co wanting to go to main?10:47
seb128oh, indicator-datetime recommends indicator-applet10:48
seb128hum, what about lightdm recommending lightdm-gtk-greeter?10:50
seb128Recommends: xserver-xorg, unity-greeter | lightdm-greeter | lightdm-kde-greeter10:50
* seb128 wonders what's happening there10:50
Laneyseems to be expanding the provides strangely10:56
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dokomlankhorst, about 1266492, did you see this in a specific package?11:40
mlankhorstbug 126649211:40
ubottubug 1266492 in binutils (Ubuntu) "ld:i386 crashes with -static -fPIE -pie" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/126649211:40
mlankhorstdoko: xorg-server11:41
mlankhorstand the duplicate was a ftbfs for another bug11:41
dokomlankhorst, why doesn't these b-d on hardening-wrapper?11:41
dokomlankhorst, ^^^12:03
dokomlankhorst, looks like xorg-server has some hardening settings, but these are useless because of the missing b-d12:06
mlankhorstno idea, it's same as debian12:16
Laneydirecthex: looks like it got promoted12:59
Laneythanks seb128 (assuming it was you)12:59
seb128Laney, it was, yw12:59
directhexso banshee should build, and we can work on the rest of that little tangle13:00
directhexFinished 3 minutes ago (took 5 minutes, 32.4 seconds)13:01
mdeslaur@pilot in13:09
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xnoxseb128: is that's all because of ppc64el/arm64 build-scew. As in on amd64, gnome-palen doesn't want to go in =)13:23
seb128xnox, oh, ok, I didn't even think that could be arch specific ... thanks ;-)13:24
xnoxseb128: yeah, components-mismatches doesn't tell you that. E.g. I think if unity-greeter would build on ppc64el, it would be all fine.13:24
seb128xnox, I see, makes sense now that you say it ;-)13:25
xnoxseb128: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity-greeter/+bug/126343613:25
ubottuUbuntu bug 1263436 in unity-greeter (Ubuntu) "unity-greeter fails to build from source on all arches" [High,New]13:25
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stgraberpitti: nope, but I am now14:30
pittistgraber: bonjour14:30
pittistgraber: apport with your container changes is in; I also fixed the init.d/upstart script for containers, but I'd appreciate a review of the changes from you14:31
pittistgraber: I left some questions/comments in the MP, and filed bug 1267728 for SRUing14:31
ubottubug 1267728 in apport (Ubuntu Precise) "starts/stops in containers" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/126772814:31
stgraberpitti: I believe that bug is invalid14:33
stgraberpitti: I noticed that behaviour when testing but it's only happening because our current 3.13 kernel is buggy14:33
pittistgraber: oh, you mean containers aren't supposed to be able to change core_pattern?14:34
stgraberpitti: once the kernel team fixes our 3.13 kernel to actually apply the apparmor profile as it should, the container won't be able to write core_pattern anymore14:34
pittistgraber: ah, that would do it as well14:34
pittistgraber: oh, it's only apparmor which prevents that, not the kernel itself?14:34
pittistgraber: then I believe the upstream init.d check should stay14:35
pittiand we might just revert it from our upstart job14:35
pittibut if we don't need to SRU this, so much the better14:35
pittijamespage: ah, openvswitch autopkgtest failure is because our version doesn't support kernel 3.1314:36
stgraberpitti: I guess it probably doesn't hurt having the check in the upstart job anyway (in case someone runs their container with lxc.aa_profile = unconfined)14:36
stgraberpitti: though on Ubuntu, you really want to use running-in-container rather than a direct check of pid 1's environment14:36
pittistgraber: ah, ok14:36
pittistgraber: right, I thought of that after I hit dput..14:36
* pitti commits that change to avoid forgetting it14:37
jamespagepitti, indeed14:37
jamespageapw and I already discussed - I've reported that upstream; I've got inflight patches being reviewed upstream for 3.12; once those have landed, can look at 3.13 :-)14:38
jamespagefor now we can drop the dkms package; they don't add much with 3.1314:38
pittistgraber: (done)14:38
apwstgraber, a new 3.13.0-2 is building in the CKT ppa which should have the reguiste AA bits14:39
pittijamespage: ah, we ship the driver in our kernel now?14:39
jamespagepitti, feature parity between the in-tree ovs module and the dkms module is almost 100% now14:39
jamespagethe in-tree lack LISP tunnelling support (but that's pretty experimental)14:39
stgraberapw: cool, thanks!14:40
apwstgraber, if you are able to test all the better14:40
stgraberpitti: thanks for reviewing/merging that change, it took around a year longer than I anticipated to land this but it's great to finally have it :) (my kernel patch took quite a while to get merged upstream...)14:40
stgraberapw: sure, I'll grab it from the PPA and do a quick test here14:41
apwthe signed bits are still pending publication14:41
apwoh notg that they are any use :)  being signed with the wrong key14:41
stgraberright, if they were signed they wouldn't boot here, thankfully our grub is still happy to boot unsigned kernels14:42
pittioh, is it?14:42
pittithat means, if I alter the kernel image and grub would refuse it, the only thing I'd need to do is to remove the .signature file?14:42
pittierr, .signed14:43
stgraberyeah, grub will let you boot unsigned kernels on EFI but in that case will call ExitBootServices() before entering the kernel14:43
stgraberhowever if a kernel is signed with an invalid key, it won't boot14:43
pittiah, I was hoping that once I turn that on, no unsigned/wrongly signed kernel would ever boot any more14:43
cjwatsonI'll probably stop allowing unsigned kernels once all the MOK stuff is properly integrated14:44
stgraberit's not a standalone signature file, it's inline, but yes, you can use sbattach to remove the signature14:44
cjwatsonso that it's easy for users to authorise their own kernels14:44
pittiit's inline? what is /boot/vmlinuz-3.13.0-1-generic.efi.signed then, just an informational copy?14:44
cjwatsonpitti: the unsigned kernel won't be allowed *to execute code in boot-services context* - important distinction14:44
pittioh, I see, it's big enough to *be* a kernel14:44
pittiI thought it was just a tiny file a few months ago, apparently I mislooked14:45
pittithanks for the heads-up14:45
stgraberand yeah, MOK + disallowing unsigned binaries is the right way forward, once we have all the tools needed to easily generate a new signing key and having it added in the nvram variable14:45
apwpitti, the signature is carried as a tiny file in the binary package and added to a copy of the kernel on installatin14:49
stgraberapw: based on my 30s test, your new kernel looks good14:49
stgraberapw: boots fine, apparmor reload no longer complains and I can't trivially destroy my host from a container14:49
pittiapw: ah, thanks; so back then I was probalby looking at /usr/lib/linux/vmlinuz-3.13.0-1-generic.efi.signature14:49
apwstgraber, great, i'll get the security tests run on it,then let it out14:49
pittistgraber, apw: cheers, closing the precise task in bug 1267728 then14:50
ubottubug 1267728 in apport (Ubuntu Precise) "starts/stops in containers" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/126772814:50
pittiand I made such a nice SRU test case/info..14:50
pittibut it's pretty much the same test case for verifying that kernel :)14:50
stgraberpitti: ah yeah, I also checked core_pattern14:51
stgraberroot@p1:~# echo 1 > /proc/sys/kernel/core_pattern14:51
stgraber-bash: /proc/sys/kernel/core_pattern: Permission denied14:51
stgraber(my original test was writing to the uevent handler which if not blocked lets you run code as root on the host)14:51
pittistgraber: I didn't think of that at first, that gave me a big "WTF??" this mornign when testing your branch :)14:52
pitti(because apport didn't behave as I expected it to, as the container startup ate the new %P)14:52
stgraberhaha, yeah, I had the same happen to me a couple of times when working on the branch :) I guess I should have mentioned it in the MP14:53
directhexcan the ubuntu archive manglers delete a package from trusty to help a transition, whilst keeping the source package in place, such that the source package can be fixed at a later date? like deletion from testing in debian?15:01
kentbhow long does it normally take for a package to move out of the Trusty upload queue?  Namely, I'm waiting for sblim-sfc-common.15:03
cjwatsondirecthex: there are a few different tactics for that.  the nearest analogue is demoting it to trusty-proposed15:04
cjwatsonkentb: new packages need manual review, expected time would be days15:04
cjwatson(I can't promise to look today, sorry)15:04
kentbcjwatson: ok. np.15:04
directhexcjwatson, basically i don't expect to fix monodevelop-monogame for a month or two (due to upstream release schedule), and it's apparently a blocker on mono transition15:05
cjwatsondirecthex: I can only do this at a source package level.  Can you confirm that it's OK to demote all of monogame?  If so could you give me a brief log message I can use for the demotion?15:10
cjwatsondirecthex: also, if you could please file a bug against monogame in Ubuntu with the "block-proposed" tag, that'll stop it immediately going back in after I demote it15:10
directhexcjwatson, demoting the whole source package is fine. can i file a bug against cjohnston for overloading my cj<tab> irc usage?15:16
cjohnston1, 2, 3<tab>15:16
directhexok, bug 1267892 filed15:18
ubottubug 1267892 in monogame (Ubuntu) "Does not build against MonoDevelop 4" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/126789215:18
cjwatsondirecthex: if I could, I would15:18
cjwatsondirecthex: ok, demoted15:19
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mdeslaur@pilot out16:08
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mdeslaurmpt: think we could reconsider not having a close button in the window title on this dialog: http://i.imgur.com/qlScVX7.png17:53
mdeslaurmpt: seems to be a common complaint from users17:53
mptmdeslaur, that would be temporary, because Mir+Unity8 will never have close buttons on dialogs. However, that particular dialog is missing a “Restart Later” button (bug 1033226).17:55
ubottubug 1033226 in update-manager (Ubuntu) "No close option, only restart" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/103322617:55
mdeslaurmpt: ah! cool...I'll read through that and will poke at this this weekend. Thanks!17:58
jdrabmdeslaur: btw you can close that "restart to finnish" window from software updater19:09
mdeslaurfrom software updater619:09
jdrabi don't know how it's called that compis effect but if you "display all windows"19:10
jdrabthere is that little ugly close button there19:10
jdrabon that window19:10
mdeslaurwell, you can also simply right click the launcher too19:10
jdrab2 clicks. vs one :P19:11
mdeslaurok, unassigning myself, too much work to implement19:14
wadechandlerHas anyone here ever done any dev work with unity (assuming at some point certainly that answer is yes)? i.e. ever took your reg dev box, built it, replace your running version with the one you are deving, then reverted back when done? I just want to provide a patch which I think should be fairly simple to sort out on multiple displays, but have yet to work on it nor much anything else in Ubuntu land. I'm wondering if th20:02
sarnoldwadechandler: you were cut off at "wondering if th"20:02
dobeywadechandler: btw, #ubuntu-unity is a channel specific to unity development20:04
wadechandlerI'm wondering if there are any tutorials on the topic: 1) I can get the source (easy enough) 2) how to take a built set of outputs and install them, and then 3) how to revert all that back. I know I can use a VM and do that, but seems like over kill for a few things; yes I know I can kill my current OS by being an idiot :-)20:05
wadechandlersilly client didn't chop it for me...must need a new client other than pidgin20:05
wadechandlerthanks dobey20:05
sarnoldwadechandler: there's nothing that gaurantees package downgrades will work; in my experience they usually do work, but some things are just easier done in a VM first :)20:06
wadechandlerthanks sarnold; for some things I would totally think that, but in the case of multi monitors it can be tricky because of vid cards etc, but I should give it a shot that way anyways :-( I'm just lazy :-P20:08
sarnoldwadechandler: cool :) have fun20:09
brainwashdoko: hey, so the new bash upstream version is now available in debian experimental (4.3~rc1-1). would it be possible to setup a PPA for ubuntu to provide this new version? I assume that some changes are needed to make it work properly in ubuntu, right? if no, I could try the debian package21:41
dobeydid the required patch level (-p option to patch) change for quilt packages in dpkg in trusty?21:43
slangasekquilt patches are always -p1 by default unless otherwise specified in the series21:44
dobeythat's what i thought, but the patch i just created, won't apply, :-/21:45
dobeyhttp://pastebin.ubuntu.com/6729042/ is what i'm getting21:46
slangasekis ubuntuone/devtools/testcases/tests/test_squid_testcase.py present in the upstream source?21:46
slangasekdpkg doesn't appear to be objecting to the patch, the patch simply doesn't apply21:47
dobeyhrmm, it seems to not be in the bzr tree for some reason21:47
dobeyand indeed is not in the tarball21:48
infinitydobey: bzr add? :P22:10
dobeyinfinity: no. none of the tests are in the tarball it seems. not sure why or when they stopped getting picked up by python during sdist. will have to figure it out later :-/22:11
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