roastedsoftware center seems to be crashing each time I try to open it.00:06
darkxstricotz, can you chip in on Bug 126545710:05
ubot5bug 1265457 in cogl (Ubuntu) "merge cogl 1.16 from debian " [Wishlist,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/126545710:05
cyberalex4lifehello !12:50
cyberalex4lifeI have a small problem on my laptop with Ubuntu Gnome Saucy amd6412:51
cyberalex4lifeusually I use an usb logitech z305 speaker for rendering sound12:53
cyberalex4lifethis kind of speaker has the ability to make windows automatically switch to itself after booting, rebooting or resuming from suspend/hybernate12:55
cyberalex4lifebut for some reason, on saucy, after resumming from suspend/hybernate it can't make the volume Fn keys have any effect on it12:56
cyberalex4lifethe sound resumes correctly (most of the time), but to be able to modify volume I have to open sound settings and choose it by mouse, as by default the default intern audio card is selected12:58
cyberalex4lifethis logitech speaker has it's own generic sound card12:59
cyberalex4lifeis ther a way to switch to it from command line, without using mouse?13:00
cyberalex4lifeor by editing some settings...13:00
mgedminafaiu pulseaudio controls such things13:00
mgedminI'm sure there's a command line tool that can switch default devices13:00
mgedminmight be a sub-command of pactl maybe13:00
mgedminI'm not familiar13:00
mgedminalso, I suspect you can do something in /etc/pulse/ to tell it to prioritize your usb audio device13:01
mgedminI believe pulseaudio should do that with usb headphones already, but I have none, so no experience13:01
cyberalex4lifeI saw that in ubuntu does that on headphones13:02
cyberalex4lifeand I used pavucontrol to select headphones or speakers, but after switching a few times I can't really tell any difference between those two13:03
cyberalex4lifewhen listening to 5.1 system13:03
cyberalex4lifeanyway, pavucontrol, by itself, doesn't fix my problem13:04
mgedminyou were asking for command-line tools, so try 'pactl list short cards' and 'pactl list short sinks'13:06
mgedminthen there's pactl set-default-sink13:06
mgedmin(and pactl set-sink-port, when a single sink has multiple ports -- I think "speakers" vs "heaphones" might be two ports of the same sink)13:07
mgedminisn't there a #pulseaudio ?13:07
mgedminyeah, people there might give better advice13:07
cyberalex4lifeit still may be a problem of syncronization from gnome-settings-daemon13:11
cyberalex4lifeas I had one of these with the touchpad13:11
cyberalex4lifethat's why I looked here for an answer, but thank you anyway13:12
mgedmina sensible assumption, but I'm pretty sure g-s-d doesn't deal with sound cards13:15
UallasHello World!13:17
jason5Question: Where's UbuntuOne?17:56
swissbtw, does anyone else here have a lot of freezing issues with evolution?21:37
swissi'm not sure if it's me, or a evolution + gnome3 thing21:37
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