AlanBellbasically if you participate constructively in those channels then you might well end up as an operator00:00
AlanBellbut there is no particular benefit to being an operator, it just means you share some of the workload in keeping the channel on topic, friendly and troll free00:00
AlanBellI am off for the night now, but do feel free to expand on the background to this request, I think there are some other operators who speak spanish and are in the -es channels who may be able to discuss further00:01
m4vWe have the same requirements. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ES/RequerimientosOperador00:01
IdleOneI believe that loco teams have the right to manage their channels the way they see fit, provided they follow the Ubuntu Code of Conduct. They can set whatever requirements they wish to becoming an op.00:23
IdleOneAlos, "<Aaron> since m4v  is a lamer..." is not how an Ubuntu member should be referring to a fellow user/member.00:24
IdleOneAaron: I suggest you read the Code of Conduct again.00:25
ubottuThe Ubuntu Code of Conduct is the document that spells out etiquette in the Ubuntu community | http://www.ubuntu.com/project/about-ubuntu/conduct  | For information on how to electronically sign the CoC, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SigningCodeofConduct | Watch http://static.screencasts.ubuntu.com/videos/2010/12/22/004-SigningCoC.ogv00:25
Aaronlol sorry for my behavior but it had to be said...01:06
Aaroni been in IRC for ages.01:06
DarkwingAaron: It's not about time in IRC but, it's about your conduct to become an OP01:12
IdleOneIn this situation the IRCC won't and can't dictate to a loco channel who they should make an op. I think m4v is a very capable of making this choice and I will abide by whatever he feels is best.01:54
LjLIdleOne: but... i'm not ircc, so i can op him, rite?02:04
IdleOneyou could if you have the proper access in the channel I suppose, but -es has a process in place so i would advise against not following the process02:05
LjLIdleOne: ah you're right, i've been known to never op people against a process, so i'm not going to start now02:06
IdleOneGood plan :)02:06
Aaronthat's odd04:42
IdleOnewhat is ?04:56
joseIdleOne: by the way, #ubuntu-es is not a loco channel, but the loco council would like to have a talk about that topic soon :)05:40
IdleOnejose: you mean not an "approved loco channel" or whatever it is they are called now?05:41
joseIdleOne: nope, #ubuntu-es is the general support channel in Spanish, #ubuntu-es-es is for the spanish loco05:42
josethe loco council thinks that #ubuntu-es should be for the loco, but that'd need some changes and thoughts about where the support channel can go05:42
IdleOneWho is the current leader of that team/loco?05:44
joseGatoLoko on IRC05:44
IdleOnewell the status of the channel as far as the loco council is concerned is a separate issue. I still believe that as far as #ubuntu-es is concerned m4v and fellow channel ops are best placed to decide who can and can't be an op in that channel.05:48
joseyeppers, +105:49
Aaronit sucks, because none of the ops, are active.06:16
Aarononly trolls06:16
Aaronbut it's all Good!06:17
MooDootrolls ftw ;)07:04
DJonesjust advertised in -uk http://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/linuxiow with a comment that wrong channel19:21

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