SarvattRAOF: also laptop only00:17
RAOFSarvatt: Doesn't appear to be explicitly laptop-only?00:21
RAOFOr, rather, there doesn't seem to be any reason external displays couldn't implement the same thing.00:21
Sarvattit'd need a new scaler in the monitor which is what gsync is00:22
* RAOF is not entirely sure why external displays have scalers in them anyway.00:25
RAOFSo that could be pretty simply solved :P00:26
RAOFNew question: why does Intel allocate the root window differently, in a way that fails, when I pass -rootless? To the gdbatron!00:29
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RAOFOh, right.01:47
RAOFBecause it turns out that Intel doesn't allocate 0x0 pixmaps in VRAM.01:47
RAOFWho knew?!01:47
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RAOFDear X damage: WTF?05:41
dufluRAOF: Inaccurate damage reports?05:45
RAOFCuriously offset.05:45
dufluOh, fun05:45
RAOFApparrently by screen_x, screen_y.05:45
RAOFSo the damage region comes out as (-230, ...) → (214, ...)05:46
dufluRAOF: Cos Mir has your screens at different locations to where X thinks? :)05:46
RAOFNo; apparently because COMPOSITE interacts strangely with damage.05:49
dufluI do recall thinking I had Compiz damage handling theoretically water tight, and then seeing bugs on random occasions06:02
RAOFWell, that would have been asynchronous.06:05
RAOFMaking everything significantly more difficult.06:05
dufluYes, being outside the server did pose the biggest hurdles06:19
dufluBut my Ubuntu desktop doesn't look /too/ broken right now :)06:20
RAOFHm. Am I using a version of Mir that's unable to service requests from two windows at the same time?06:23
RAOFGrr. Is it just me, or is the msg-processor-report roughly useless?06:29
* duflu hasn't used it06:35
RAOFBah! It *is* Mir failing to send me buffers again.06:45
RAOFI mean, I'm also doing things wrong, but Mir is definitely doing them wrong as well. Bah.06:48
didrocksRAOF: shared guilt? :)06:53
didrockshey RAOF ;)06:53
RAOFdidrocks: Yo!06:53
RAOFWell, I'm merely crashing the X server when I try and start xterm. Mir is failing to let me draw anything!06:53
didrocksah, annoying right :)06:54
dufluDear gcc, You still suck at C++ error messages07:59
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janimois this spec uptodate? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mir/Spec10:24
janimoI see it links to QMir in LP which is marked as deprecated  https://launchpad.net/qmir10:25
alan_gjanimo: I'm not sure what's happening with qmir - sorry. I know kgunn was checking our docs were current recently he may know more. (But is on Texas time)10:44
janimoalan_g, thanks. I am trying to learn more about mir/xmir/unity8 and try as much of it as possible out on a regular x86 desktop10:45
janimothe unity compositor/xmir part seems to be ok so far (as others have found) on integrated intel GPUs10:46
alan_gjanimo: AFAIK unity8 uses unity-mir for Qt bindings10:46
janimoalan_g, seeing whether I can run unity8  was the next step :)10:46
anpokand qt itself uses platform api10:47
anpokqt-ubuntu that is10:48
janimoI just saw an old (May 2013) video with Unity8 running on a laptop, and was wondering whether that is still possible or it was mostly amockup that has been abandoned10:49
alan_gRight. I guess that platform api is preferred over qmir. I'll ask kgunn to confirm before changing the Wiki.10:50
alan_gjanimo: you're probably better asking on #ubuntu-unity. But my understanding is that it should be possible to get it to work (but it won't, for example, adapt properly to the screen size.)10:52
janimoalan_g, just basic working UI without sensor support or other niceties would be enough for now, I'll ask there thanks10:53
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alf__janimo: The high level picture is unity8 -> qt -> qt-ubuntu -> platform-api -> mir, and also unity8 -> unity-mir -> mir11:36
alf__greyback: ^^ please correct me if I am wrong11:36
greybackalf__: correct11:37
janimoalf__, the former for Android the latter for desktop?11:37
alf__janimo: no, both for both11:38
janimoalf__, which package provides qt_ubuntu ?11:39
janimothe latter sequence is not using qt at all? I am not sure what the two separate path are then (apps vs shell?)11:39
greybackjanimo: qtubuntu-android I think11:40
janimogreyback, does it need some more work for desktop or is it misnamed (android)11:41
greybackjanimo: the second path exists because unity8 is a mir server. That code path starts up Mir, and exports mir info to unity8 (via unity-mir) allowing unity8 to read window lists and change window placement/management11:41
greybackjanimo: but unity8 also wants to draw a shell, the dash, launcher, etc. So for that, unity8 also acts just like any other mir client - that's the 1st code path11:43
greybackjanimo: largely misnamed. It works on desktop - only annoyance is it depends on libhybris which does misconfigure your desktop. I think a patch just landed to qtubuntu to fix that, so there will be a "qtubuntu-desktop" package soon11:45
janimogreyback, by mir at the end of both code paths do we mean the unity-system-compositor ?11:45
janimounclear at first site which of those are libraires/daemons or even protocols :)11:46
greybackjanimo: no, unity8 is an instance of a mir server. It is meant to run with user permissions, only when user logs into their account. U-S-C is another Mir instance, which runs asap at startup, as root user, and is resposible for the login greeter, startup animations and user switching11:47
janimosince I understood mir is two libraries (server and client) to build higher level components from, it confuses me when I see a role attributed to Mir11:47
alf__janimo: for these paths s/mir/libmirserver/11:48
greybackmir supports nested servers, so unity8 mir server will be a client of the USC mir server11:48
janimoand xmir is only a transitional step, but otherwise it won't be needed on unity8 desktop?11:49
greybackyes  - though will be needed for compatibility for exotic toolkits which do not have native support for mir, only X11:51
alf__janimo: also note that xmir is moving towards rootless support (being able to run x apps as windows in unity8) instead of the current state which is running a whole X session under mir.11:59
janimoalf__, I noticed that. I first ran xmir today, and mostly read docs so far12:00
janimoI am more interested in running unity8/mir without the android bits and using mesa, rather than desktop use cases/convergence12:00
janimoso tablet like use case but on the free stack12:01
janimothis is a subset of the full converge work AFAIK12:01
ogra_note that the nested U-S.C and Mir stuff will land on the phone next week (or so... still waiting for a hybris patch to land it)12:02
alf__alan_g: anpok: Do you have any (links to) notes from our discussion about hardware layer and related APIs? I was looking at lp:~kdub/mir/db-optimize but I get the feeling that we discussed something slightly different in terms of API (execute-around-method?), but perhaps that was at a higher level?12:03
alan_galf__: someone took photos but I've not got a link12:04
alf__alan_g: I think it was kdub :)12:05
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anpokalf__: we discussed various variants12:26
anpokto which one did we settle?12:26
alf__anpok: that's what I don't remember :)12:28
anpokalf__: there was the topic of locking planes between the start of drawing and the final post12:28
anpoki.e. to cover things like, somebody plugs in a monitor and the scan out engine has not enough overlays/planes left ..12:28
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anpok(provided thats possible at all)12:32
anpoki wonder if the interface shouldnt be just: draw(list<buffers_with_transformation>) .12:33
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alan_galf__: anpok we settled on Mir being told "draw these" - no holding locks across interactions12:40
anpokso it would fallback on its own when necessary12:41
alan_g"fallback" being gl compositing? Yes12:43
alf__alan_g: anpok: What triggered my concerns was that lp:~kdub/mir/db-optimize introduces the optimize() call which means that we may need to keep state between optimize() and post(). I think I remember some related discussion, but it could be that the discussions were for a higher level, or that my memory is failing me.12:44
anpokis display_buffer the interface level12:44
anpokis that the interface level were that would happen or is there a more higher level interface the shell would ues..12:45
anpokit is now in display_buffer::optimize12:45
alan_gI don't believe we have a migration path thought out - this is still a couple of items down the backlog. But surely "optimize" and "post" are both part of the "draw these" processing.12:53
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anpoklooking at the interfaces there again, i think display_info should be the place to add draw_these13:04
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anpokalf__: will make another MP - I would then also eradicate the k-constants. if there is no futher objection13:41
alf__anpok: sure13:42
anpokI was reluctant because I found two forms of constants.. with the normal variable nameing style, and ALL_CAPS13:42
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davmor2just had my first lockup on maguro since the new mir landed so I don't know what it changed but it isn't dying anywhere near as often on maguro now well done team :)14:09
dandraderalf__, hey, got some spare time to help a mostly clueless guy with "OpenGL in Qt vs EGL in Mir" issues (on the "qml as mir compositor" task)?14:12
dandradermy qml compositor is notified about the creation of a client surface. so I create the corresponding qt scene graph and qml item for it, to that is gets displayed on the qml scene14:14
alf__dandrader: sure14:14
alan_ganpok: ALL_CAPS should be reserved for preprocessing macros14:14
dandraderbut when I call bind_to_texture14:14
anpokalan_g: i agree14:14
anpokwill include that way then ..14:14
dandraderthe texture displaying the client surface is there being shown and updating nicely on the qml scene14:14
dandraderbut all other gl textures used by Qt get borked14:15
dandraderthe one used to hold fonts is blanked14:15
dandraderand the other used to hold an image starts showing the contents of that client mir surface as well14:15
anpokis that GL vs GLESv2?14:16
dandraderalf__, I could make a video if that would help understanding the situation14:17
alf__dandrader: no need, do you have some code I can read/try out?14:18
dandraderalf__, I do, but is not so convenient as you need to build and install a couple of repos (a qpa, a specific mir version, install qt 5.2..)14:19
dandraderah, and a specific platform-api as well14:19
dandraderalf__, want to try it still? :)14:19
alf__dandrader: I would at least like to just quickly check what it is doing :)14:21
alf__dandrader: so perhaps not run it yet14:21
dandraderalf__, 1- so, install qt 5.2 from that "canonical edgers" qpa, 2- that mir lp:~unity-team/mir/mir-for-qpamirserver, 3- that platform-api lp:~dandrader/platform-api/set_window_dimensions and 4- that qpa lp:~unity-team/mir/mir-for-qpamirserver14:27
dandraderalf__, sorry, the qpa is this one: lp:~unity-team/+junk/qpa-mirserver14:28
dandraderalf__, then follow the instructions in the README in this qpa-mirserver on how to run the demo shell and client14:29
alf__dandrader: ok, I will start by just reading the code and see if I actually built this :)14:29
dandraderalf__, ah, and that's on a nexus 1014:30
alf__dandrader: btw, how does your work overlap with what greyback is doing?14:31
dandraderalf__, its the same code base14:32
dandraderalf__, I'm just trying to help him out while he's busy with other work (e.g. side stage, etc)14:32
alf__dandrader: ok, mir::graphics::Buffer::bind_to_texture() needs an existing texture to bind the contents of the buffer to, i.e. it doesn't create a texture itself.14:36
alf__dandrader: my guess is that in MirBufferSGTexture you need to create a texture (whose id you can then return in textureId()) and bind to that14:40
alf__dandrader: so, more or less: glGenTexture() once, and glBindTexture(), Buffer::bind_to_texture()] in MirBufferSGTexture::bind()14:41
alf__dandrader: (unless qt provides a better way to deal with raw gl objects)14:42
alf__dandrader: see src/server/compositor/gl_renderer.cpp:19914:43
dandraderalf__, excelent. makes sense. thanks, I will try it! For me the interaction between EGL and the current OpenGL context in Qt is a really gray area14:45
dandraderalf__, so glEGLImageTargetTexture2DOES(GL_TEXTURE_2D, image) acts on the GL_TEXTURE_2D of the currently active texture unit in the current Openg GL context. is that it?14:47
greybackalf__: aaahhh, dammit that makes sense14:48
* greyback kicks himself hard14:48
alf__dandrader: yes, on the target the currently active texture unit (i.e. what was last bound with glBindTexture() on that unit)14:50
alf__dandrader: don't forget to set attributes of the texture as in gl_renderer.cpp14:51
dandraderalf__, ok, thanks!14:51
alf__dandrader: hmm, although I see some qt calls in MirBufferSGTexture::MirBufferSGTexture that indicate that perhaps qt can do that for you, provided it somehow gets the texture id from you?14:53
dandraderalf__, from my current understanding I think qt expects a QSGTexture (which MirBufferSGTexture extends) to do the texture creation itself. although it might have some kind convenience wrapper, which use should be optional14:55
alf__dandrader: I am wondering whether the setFiltering(...) ... updateBindOptions() etc calls in the constructor will have any effect, since the texture is not bound yet at that point...15:05
dandraderalf__, AFAIU, they just fill up the internal variables of QSGTexture15:08
dandraderlike in a simple POD struct15:08
dandraderalf__, so that the scene graph might query them later one15:09
alf__dandrader: right, but I guess that updateBindOptions() actually applies these values, which will need a bound texture?15:10
* dandrader checks15:10
dandraderalf__, you're right15:11
dandraderalf__, thanks for pointing that out!15:11
alf__dandrader: np15:12
ogra_mterry, FYI, maguro tested and running fine with nested mode, now we just need to get ricmm_ to commit that hybris fix for grouper15:24
mterryogra_, awesome.  I was able to revive my grouper device from what I thought was certain death, so I can test that when it's available15:25
* mterry gets excited for nested mode to land15:25
ogra_good, i can test too ... we just need to clone ricmm_ somehow ... he is swamped i think15:26
ogra_or get asac to announce that we drop grouper :P15:26
ogra_mterry, bah, spoke to soon, seems i cant wake it up from suspend15:28
mterryogra_, oh no15:28
* ogra_ reboots 15:29
ogra_hmm, now it wakes up but takes nearly 10sec to do so after pressing the button15:31
dandraderalf__, problem solved! thanks a lot!!!15:31
dandradergreyback, \o/15:31
ogra_... and works immediately on all subsequent presses15:31
ogra_this is weird15:31
greybackdandrader: woo! thanks alf__ !!15:31
alf__dandrader: greyback: great!15:33
alan_galf__: got time to comment on https://code.launchpad.net/~alan-griffiths/mir/expose-rpc-infrastructure/+merge/200879?15:34
alf__alan_g: sure, will look in 5'15:35
ogra_mterry, hmm, looking with dbus-monitor it seems like the display stays off until there is dbus feedback from NM o_O ...15:39
ogra_i reliably see it turning on if the NM response to the resume shows up15:40
mterryogra_, well this branch does move the dbus service that powerd talks to from unity8 to unity-system-compositor...15:40
* ogra_ wonders how that can be connected 15:40
ogra_mterry, well, it looks like the screen only turns on when indicator-network activation happens15:42
ogra_which is pretty strange15:42
mterrylet me see if I see anything similar on manta15:43
ogra_might be a coincidence, but it is pretty reproducable15:43
ogra_(running dbus-monitor as the phablet user indeed)15:43
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mterryogra_, I don't see similar behavior on mako or manta15:47
ogra_this is good ...15:47
ogra_but on maguro it will bite us in the tests15:47
ogra_(since they fail if unlocking doesnt happen in time)15:47
ogra_we had such a thing before (i guess davmor2 remembers) ... but it was fixed inbetween15:48
* ogra_ tries to find the old bug15:48
mterrykdub, are you still well versed in nesting mode concerns?  We're seeing a weird behavior on maguro where the screen doesn't wake up in a timely fashion  ^15:48
ogra_bug 125504515:49
ubot5bug 1255045 in unity-mir (Ubuntu) "screen does not turn on on maguro when pressing the power button" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/125504515:49
davmor2ogra_: if you drop grouper and maguro what the hell do I test on15:50
ogra_davmor2, the new flo and mako your manager has sent you before we dropped them ;)15:50
davmor2ogra_: but these are both mine that I bought to play with Ubuntu on :'(15:51
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ogra_mterry, so it seems this patch from duflu fixed it http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~mir-team/unity-mir/trunk/revision/154 ... i wonder if u-s-c needs a similar patch if the screen is now handled through it15:52
ogra_davmor2, so you can still do community testing with them15:52
davmor2ogra_: When! :D15:52
mterryogra_, yup.  That patch didn't make it to u-s-c15:54
* mterry whips up a branch15:54
ogra_awesome !15:55
ogra_that was quick :)15:55
davmor2ogra_: what is usc to you? It is Ubuntu Software Center to me :)15:57
ogra_not in this channel ;)15:57
ogra_everywhere else it is ubuntu-software-center ;)15:57
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davmor2you can understand my confusion now though right we really need to start thinking more about initials and if the already exist :D15:58
mterryogra_, do you mind giving lp:~mterry/unity-system-compositor/dbus-screen-fix a test?  I'll test on my other devices to confirm no regressions16:02
janimokgunn, hi, which are the new mir integration tests in trusty-proposed? What package?16:05
ogra_mterry, will do will take a bit (meeting run for the next 2h now and i have no active arm build env atm)16:05
mterryogra_, OK, will mark it for merge review so jenkins makes a deb16:05
kgunnjanimo: hey!...yeah...yesterday they were in the devel-proposed image16:05
janimokgunn, I have 121 installe don the n416:05
kgunnjanimo: to double check apt-cache policy libmirserver* if you have libmirserver12 installed tests should be there16:06
kgunnjanimo: well...actually16:06
kgunnjanimo: you'll need to apt-get install mir-test-tools16:06
janimomir-test-tools itself is not, indeed16:06
janimokgunn, any chance of adding it by default in the image? The use case is network not being available while doing graphics bringup and testing is16:07
mterryogra_, hopefully when you're ready, https://code.launchpad.net/~mterry/unity-system-compositor/dbus-screen-fix/+merge/201211 will have debs16:07
ogra_perfect !16:08
janimokgunn, not sure whose call is adding packages to the build. ogra?16:08
=== dandrader|afk is now known as dandrader
ogra_janimo, i just add them on request to the seeds (if they actually need seeding, ususally deps just pull things in)16:08
janimoogra_, well I can request adding mir-test-tools but someone else needs to approve such requests I guess16:09
janimoand ask for a reasone (which I provided above for this particular request)16:09
ogra_kgunn, do they install any upstart job or anything that would make a binary start etc ?16:09
ogra_or would thesy just add some extra binaries that arent used by anything16:09
janimoogra_, well they have 5 deps (lttng, libumockdev, liburcu1) so may not be very straighforward from seedin PoV16:10
janimoogra_, but other than that they are a couple of binaries to test Mir client and server16:11
janimoogra_, but it is those deps that make it desirable by default in the image, to avoid installing many debs by hand16:13
ogra_janimo, hmm, not sure what the mock pieces might do16:14
janimoespecially when the image being tested is no longer the very latest and there are newer versions of libmirserver and libmirclient16:14
ogra_was long as system behavior doesnt change due to a seed change i'm all fine16:14
ogra_read: someone needs to a) run the whole testsuite with them installed and make sure nothing fails16:15
janimoogra_, I'll do that and let you know16:15
ogra_b) give me an MP against the ubuntu-touch seed branch16:15
ogra_(and c) some manual smoketesting would be nice but not mandatory)16:15
janimoogra_, well the mir tests set up fake DRM devices or various other udev driven environment bits16:16
janimohence umockdev -16:16
* janimo has just grepped the sources16:16
ogra_as long as they only do that when invoked by a test and not in the general system thats fine16:16
ogra_if they modify (install udev rules) the system in a permanent way we cant just ship it16:17
ogra_janimo, given pitti is the umockdev upstream, he can probably shed some light on if it makes sense to ship that stuff by default16:17
ogra_he should know the impact16:18
janimoogra_, it's only libumockdev that is depended upon , not the umockdev binary16:20
* janimo wonders whether a custom build channel devel-devel would make sense16:21
janimodevel version of ubuntu with development/testing  related packages added in the image16:21
janimotargetting bringup and porting work mostly16:22
janimoor even automated hw test setups16:22
ogra_janimo, well, i would expect a bringup to be done on a rw image in any case16:25
ogra_so the channels wouldnt really help here16:26
mterryogra_, hrm.  With my patch, u-s-c crashes with the "could not activate surface with eglMakeCurrent" error16:26
ogra_mterry, i guess we need duflu ... he wrote the original16:26
mterrykdub, you around?16:28
kdubmterry, otp16:30
mterrykdub, ok, no worries.  when you're done, I'd like some talk-through help16:31
kgunnjanimo: sorry...i am otp to...lost context...you ok? or got other questions ?16:35
kdubmterry, ok, done with the call, whats up?16:36
kgunnmterry: that looks like the annoying "unity8 took long to shut down..and powerd switched blank on..now mir can't get screen"16:36
kgunnmterry: if you do "powerd-cli display on bright" from root on device16:36
mterrykdub, so.  For nested mode, I've moved the dbus interface that powerd talks to from unity-mir to unity-system-compositor16:36
kgunnit should hold the display on for testing...16:36
kgunnobviously....if its not just testing....then yeah, we have a problem16:37
mterrykgunn, yeah not just for testing  :(16:37
mterrykdub, but a fix went in in the meantime to fix a screen blanking issue on maguro.  I've ported that patch over to u-s-c too, but now I get an error "could not activate surface with eglMakeCurrent".  Here's my branch: https://code.launchpad.net/~mterry/unity-system-compositor/dbus-screen-fix/+merge/20121116:37
janimokgunn, I am ok, just wanted to know what your team thinks of adding mir-test-tools to the default images16:37
mterrykdub, now...  can starting a compositor twice be bad?  Should I be guarding those calls to start/stop?16:37
kgunnjanimo: i'm fine with that idea...kdub ? you ok if mir-test-tools shows up in images ?16:38
kdubkgunn, sure, works for me16:38
kgunnmterry: kdub ( ricmm_ & greyback to a degree)....i think we need to have a sequence diagram of screen blanking...16:39
kdubmterry, with the way mir code is now, start() shouldn't be called twice, i can patch that though16:39
kdubkgunn, i agree16:39
kgunnwe keep suffering either bugs in the product...or annoyances in testing...16:39
kgunnkdub: i know you're busy on hwc stuff....16:40
mterrykdub, I'm not certain I'm calling it twice right now...  But it just seemed possible16:40
mterrykdub, there doesn't seem to be a call to see 'isStarted' or something to even guard the call16:40
mterrykdub, if I did call it twice, would that explain the crash I'm seeing?16:40
kdubi think it could, but i have to poke around to be sure16:41
mterrykdub, OK.  I will also test on my end with my own guard variable16:41
kdubi'll fix it in mir, shouldn't take too long16:42
kdubthe call to blank/unblank though is guarded against double on's16:43
mterryGuh!  Now I can't reproduce16:48
kdubnow that you added the guard?16:49
mterryogra_, ^ can't reproduce anymore, so I'd still like to see your testing results when you can get to them.  No rush16:49
mterrykdub, no, just at all16:49
mterryI reproduced it several times in a row...  Now nothing16:50
ogra_it seems unreliable ... even on my maguro i have it sometimes react immediately (most of the time it takes >10sec to wake up though)16:50
mterryI meant the u-s-c crash, but yeah, these powerd interactions seem less than predictable16:51
ogra_oh, ok16:51
mterryI haven't been able to reproduce the screen wake up problem at all.  Might just be a maguro issue16:52
ogra_yeah, like the old one was16:52
alan_gkdub: do you still dislike "namespace google { namespace protobuf { class RpcChannel; } }"?16:53
mterrydebs are in the merge for ya, btw16:53
alan_galf__: anpok opinions on "namespace google { namespace protobuf { class RpcChannel; } }" as a single line?16:54
kdubi don't mind it in general, but the rest of the code puts something like that on 7 lines16:57
alf__alan_g: I am ok with one level of "namespace X { class Yy }", but with more I think the class name is somewhat lost in the text16:59
alf__alan_g: e.g., I would be more OK with http://paste.ubuntu.com/6727615/ if we want to keep it short17:01
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janimoogra_, better than I thought, all the deps of mir-test-tools are already in the image (they were not on my desktop only)17:08
ogra_janimo, ah, perfect ...17:09
janimoogra_, where is the bzr branch you need a MR agains for adding mir-test-tools ?17:11
alan_galf__: sorry, got distracted. I don't think we have a consensus format.17:22
janimoogra_, https://code.launchpad.net/~jani/ubuntu-seeds/ubuntu-touch.trusty-mir-test-tools/+merge/20123617:25
ogra_janimo, perfect17:26
kgunnjanimo: i saw your mail...about the failing tests....did you stop unity8 before running ?17:32
kgunnkdub: janimo should stop unity8 correct ?? ^17:32
kgunnat least i did stop unity8....and integration, acceptance tests pass 100%17:33
kdubalthough segfaults shouldnt be happening17:33
kgunnunit-test fails...only 1 after many...its the17:33
janimokgunn, I did not stop it :)17:34
janimokgunn, well then the tests are great, since the majority passed even with unity8 running17:34
kgunnjanimo: ok...hopefully you'll get even better results when you try with untiy8 stoped17:34
janimokgunn, how is that doen again? kill the process or some upstart command?17:35
janimoI keep forgetting even though I had stopped unity8 in the past IIRC17:35
alan_gjanimo: sudo -u phablet -i stop unity817:36
kdubjanimo, sent a mail, but last I remember, mir_stress should be run against a demo server17:37
kgunnjanimo: right...running as "phablet" just "stop unity8"17:38
kgunnjanimo: also...as kdub says....really for the case of this testing...it should be unit, integration & acceptance17:39
janimoI used su - phablet and that did not find stop. I need to remember to stick to sudo -i -H -u phablet17:39
kgunnjanimo: i'm gonna update https://docs.google.com/a/canonical.com/document/d/1oxXDxehRQ35rYRwkuBCy1ZNmB_IBpg5UhE3jvNHEk_0/edit#17:45
kgunnwith the unity8 stop17:45
janimokgunn, ok. I just sent a new email17:47
kgunnjanimo: thanks..17:50
ogra_janimo, never use su :)17:54
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ogra_(gets you a totally different env than sudo)17:54
janimoogra_, yes  I remember the thread on the mailing list a few months ago, but it seemed to end inconclusively17:55
janimoI had used su - so far because it is shorter :)17:55
ogra_we use sudo -u phablet -i everywhere17:55
janimoogra_, I will too from now on :)17:55
ogra_yeah :)17:55
ogra_janimo, meta uploaded btw17:55
janimoogra_, thanks17:57
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mterryDoes mirserver initialize the display to on or off on startup?  (by itself, not worrying about powerd right now)20:35
* mterry is trying to wade through the code to determine, but perhaps someone knows off the top of their head20:35
anpokmterry: i dont think so, it only interferes with hwc and framebuffer device20:52
mterryanpok, so it leaves it uninitialized until powerd asks the compositor to turn it on/off?20:52
mterryanpok, mirserver deals with screen when that happens via Display::configure()20:53
mterryI'd assumed it would do something on startup too20:53
kdubmterry, it does set the screen to unblanked on start20:55
mterrykdub, OK, cool.  Where?20:55
anpokHWCCommondevice::turn_screen_on ..20:57
anpokbut I thought that would not turn the display on/off20:57
kdubanpok, those hal functions should blank or unblank the fb device20:58
kdubmterry, is that what you meant, or did you mean something else?20:59
mterrykdub, I believe that's what I wanted, yeah21:00
kdubcool... that constructor should get hit when the_display() is called the first time (not for nested / offscreen of course)21:01
mterrykdub, hmm21:09
mterrykdub, testing restarting unity8 with the screen off doesn't turn screen on21:10
kdubrestarting how21:11
kduband in what powerd state?21:11
mterrykdub, um21:13
mterrykdub, I had pressed power button so screen was off21:14
mterrykdub, then I did a "sudo -u phablet -i restart unity8"21:14
kdubright, so the power button allows the system to enter 'powerd inactive'21:15
kdubmy understanding is that everyone could assume that things were on to start with... although hopefully the discussion about those power interactions clarifies the situation21:16
mterrykdub, sure.  I'm just trying to document the current situation.  And if mirserver is turning display on on startup, I'd expect a unity8 restart to turn display on21:16
kdubright, it should21:17

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