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Noskcajbdrung, slangasek, stgraber: Since you're the only dmb members online, would you mind checking the status of my MOTU application? It's been a week since i sent it and i've got more testimonials since.01:59
slangasekNoskcaj: not a member of the dmb01:59
Noskcajsure? https://launchpad.net/~developer-membership-board/+mugshots02:00
slangasekNoskcaj: yes, quite sure that I am none of those people :)02:43
Noskcajslangasek, Last time i click on the link you were there. Something in launchpad broke for me02:44
NoskcajI'm going to guess it's because of the tech board02:45
slangasekI'm going to guess it's because of solar flares ;)02:45
dholbachgood morning07:38
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MentalPower|WorkHello again MOTU, I'm trying to create a two packages, a base nutcraker (that I already have) and a nutcracker-dbg with a few compile time debugging options (and debugging symbols) turned on. I've already found how to not strip the debugging symbols, but I have not found another package that uses different configure flags for different packages21:27
NoskcajMentalPower|Work, Normally -dbg packages are made only as addons, with dh_strip --dbg-package= and maybe some extra files/links21:51
MentalPower|Workhmm... is there a way to have two compile chains without needing two sources?21:51
RhondaWhy would you want two compile chains?   Like Noskcaj mentioned, compile it once with debug symbols turned on, and use dh_strip --dbg-pkg22:00
RhondaThe regular package will then be without the debug symbols which get extracted to the mentioned package.22:00
RhondaThat's the way most packages do it.  Just look at the source package of a random -dbg package.22:01
MentalPower|WorkRhonda: I need to enable some compile-time debugging options22:35
MentalPower|Workthis specific software doesn't do hardly any debugging output unless its compiled in22:35
jtaylorMentalPower|Work: a library or application?22:40
jtaylorfor application just compile a second time, rename the binary (and its libraries if it has some) and install them in a dbg package22:41
jtaylorsee e.g. python-dbg (conceptionally, don't look at the packaging ;) )22:41
MentalPower|Workhmm... let me look at python22:45
jtayloror fftw322:50
jtaylorit builds multiple times with different configurations and sticks the results in different packages22:50
jtaylorpackaging should be easier to understand than python, though its also not great22:50
jtaylordon't know of better examples22:50
MentalPower|Workjtaylor: you're right, python's packaging is all over the place. fftw's is a bit better, but I can't find where its doing the two compiles22:55
jtaylorMentalPower|Work: in build-arch:22:56
jtaylormultiple configure make install DESTDIR22:57
jtaylorthe destdir is the important part22:57
jtaylormoving into packages is then using the --sourcedir argument of dh_install22:57
jtaylorin binary-arch:22:57
jtaylorthe rest is just cludge because not all variants work on all arches22:58
jtayloryou hopefully won't need that22:59
sontekWhen you have two packages with same name but different versions, how do you know which one will be selected by apt-get23:37
sontekI just built a new package for precise that is updated from the ubuntu included version23:37
sontekThis is what I see when I do show: http://paste2.org/xnCU2dJD23:38
jtaylorthe one which has a higher version according to dpkg --compare-versions23:48
jtaylorbut apt.preferences are taken into acount for automatic upgrades23:49
jtaylorsontek: ^23:50
sontekjtaylor: ok, that sounds fine then23:50
sontekNow I have one problem, there is one director in the .tar.gz that isn't being included right now23:51
sontekWhat defines what files get shipped?23:51
sontekI see the .install files23:51
jtaylorinstall files and "manual" copies in debian/rules23:51
jtayloralso .links .manpages etc23:51

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