TheLordOfTimewhere can i get a list of the unity lenses that were shipped with 12.0403:54
infinity(precise-amd64)root@cthulhu:~# apt-cache search unity-lens | grep ^unity04:02
infinityunity-lens-applications - Application lens for unity04:02
infinityunity-lens-files - File lens for unity04:02
infinityunity-lens-music - Music lens for unity04:02
infinityunity-lens-video - Unity Video lens04:02
infinityunity-lens-gwibber - Gwibber Lens for unity04:02
infinityTheLordOfTime: ^04:02
TheLordOfTimeinfinity, what about the other things? there's reports there's still music store results in unity on 12.04 (on ask ubuntu) and i can't seem to find a source04:03
TheLordOfTimeexcept *maybe* `unity-scope-musicstores` and possibly `unity-scope-video-remote`04:03
TheLordOfTimebut would those be installed by default? :/04:03
* TheLordOfTime may have also failed to use 'lenses' correctly04:04
infinity(precise-amd64)root@cthulhu:~# apt-cache show unity-scope-musicstores | grep ^Task04:04
infinityTask: ubuntu-desktop, ubuntu-usb, edubuntu-desktop, edubuntu-usb04:04
infinity(So, yes)04:04
TheLordOfTimeahhhh okay, that makes sense...04:04
TheLordOfTimeinfinity, so basically, "read the freaking list of packages `ubuntu-desktop` refers to, and grep it for `unity` and there's the list of scopes and lenses"?04:05
TheLordOfTimeor is there an actual list somewhere?04:05
infinityTheLordOfTime: Well, the list of default ones, anyway.04:05
infinityTheLordOfTime: The list of ones in the archive is, well, the archive.  Hence why I was using apt-cache.04:06
TheLordOfTimeinfinity, true.  I need a list of what's installed by default though, not what all's in the archive04:06
TheLordOfTimesince they *claim* it's stock 12.04, and on a stock 12.04 I'm not able to replicate the same "search" results they're claiming04:06
TheLordOfTimeinfinity, i have answered my own question, apparently I either removed the music scope or used a customized image that I must've made, the .manifest on releases.ubuntu.com for 12.04 has these all listed: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6724667/04:11
TheLordOfTimewhich probably means they end up installed?04:11
infinityTheLordOfTime: Yeah.  You could check the deps and recommends of ubuntu-desktop, or the task, or the manifest, they should all say the same thing.04:14
TheLordOfTimeinfinity, the packages.ubuntu.com page doesn't list the scopes as deps or recommends for `ubuntu-desktop` so i checked the manifest and it's there04:15
TheLordOfTimeso maybe something else refers to it and pulls them in, but I dunno04:15
infinityOh, sure, they might be indirect deps, like deps of unity.04:16
infinitySo, yeah, the task is the better thing to check.04:16
infinitygrep-dctrl would help you with that.04:16
TheLordOfTimeinfinity, would help if i weren't forced into a windows environment by "Fail To Boot" errors >.>04:16
* TheLordOfTime is too tired to repair his Ubuntu boot04:16
TheLordOfTimebut i'll keep that in mind, thanks.04:16
TheLordOfTimeinfinity, until then, I assume the manifest is a pretty accurate representation of all that gets installed by the desktop images and until i fix my Ubuntu installation I can refer to the manifests for default-installed-package lists?04:17
infinityTheLordOfTime: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6724693/04:18
infinityI guess that could have used a "sort -u"04:19
infinityBut I'm sure you can de-dup in your head, it's a short list. :P04:19
TheLordOfTimeinfinity, thanks, that's what the manifest shows too.  :)04:20
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cjwatsonmlankhorst: How's the lts-saucy tree looking?10:06
mlankhorstshould be ok10:07
cjwatsonmlankhorst: PES needs to freeze their tree, so I'm minded to go ahead and promote things if they're working; most of the packages that haven't aged for 7 days are new10:07
mlankhorstruns for me on my system10:07
mlankhorstX.Org X Server 1.14.510:08
cjwatsonI suspect d-i still needs a bit of assembly10:08
cjwatsonOK, let me start copying the obvious stuff10:08
mlankhorstafter lts-trusty I'll start upgrading my own system again :-)10:09
cjwatsonmlankhorst: I think that's them copied now; will be able to check against the next pending-sru.html run10:18
cjwatsongar, nobody sorted out the image building stuff10:32
* cjwatson panics a little10:32
mlankhorstpanic driven development10:35
* davmor2 downgrades cjwatson "panics a little" to "worries a lot" 10:36
cjwatsonstgraber,infinity,slangasek,RAOF: ^- could use quick processing of livecd-rootfs and base-files10:38
stgrabercjwatson: looking now14:30
cjwatsonthanks a lot14:35
* cjwatson commits the corresponding seed changes14:37
cjwatsonso with any luck I should be able to build and minimally test some images today and then promote those ...14:38
cjwatsonand ara might not hunt me down14:38
didrockshum, so this morning, I did push the right button (just retried to sync it). I bet that it's cleaned from the ppa15:12
* didrocks checks15:12
didrocksyeah Removal requested on 2013-12-20.15:13
* didrocks looks at seb128: if only you pushed the button when you reviewed it last year! ;)15:16
Laneyis proposed-migration going to notice that glib2.0 passed?15:30
LaneyI thought it generally did so now15:30
cjwatsonjibel wants to know about cases where it doesn't15:31
Laneyafter a retry, that is15:32
cjwatsonubuntu/precise/daily-live built with lts-saucy, syncing down to smoke-test15:34
cjwatsonwith any luck I got all the bits15:34
crimsunhi friendly archive admins, please reject the erroneously uploaded libcec in precise-proposed. thanks!15:52
seb128didrocks, I had stuff to fix when I reviewed it by then, they got fixed but I didn't look again since16:00
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cjwatsonok, tested a precise-desktop-i386 installation, it's working fine and I get the enablement stack, so promoting livecd-rootfs16:26
cjwatsontrying a server build now16:26
apwcjwatson, i think you deserve a lolipop of your choice16:26
cjwatsondumb luck is what it is16:27
ogra_who cares as long as it results in lolipops :)16:28
infinityWise words.16:29
cjwatsonOh god, the flashbacks16:31
cjwatsonThe 90s were just wrong16:32
infinityI don't know what this is, or what's happening to me.16:34
cjwatsonI think the fundamental mistake is watching a youtube link provided by xnox16:35
cjwatson(Is it Friday yet?)16:35
* mdeslaur 's brain melts from clicking on youtube link16:39
cjwatsonAlso, the IKEA assembly instructions man totally looks like Mr Blobby.16:39
infinityOkay, my brain is officially fried for the week.16:39
infinityI parsed that as "IKEA assembly (language) instructions (opcodes) man(ual page)" and it made NO SENSE AT ALL.16:40
xnoxcjwatson: it was a tough call between that one, http://youtu.be/kfVsfOSbJY0 and the new part II http://youtu.be/GVCzdpagXOQ16:40
cjwatsond-i looks fine too, at least on the server image - I seem to have to boot the installed system with nomodeset to get it not to hang in kvm, but that's not d-i's fault17:08
cjwatsonso promoting that and base-files17:10
Laneyxnox: I loaded them both simultaneously by mistake and it was bad17:24
xnoxLaney: hm?17:25
xnoxLaney: streamer 0.1 and 1.0 ?17:25
xnoxLaney: oh Friday & Saturday songs? =)17:25
Laneyerm, not quite17:25
Laneyyeah that, way worse technology than gstreamer17:26
robrustgraber, infinity : can i get somebody to NEW usensord and goget-ubuntu-touch? ^^19:52
bjfcjwatson, when to 12.05.4 test images start getting spun?21:02
slangasekbjf: images are being built daily for precise, and it looks like someone's already kicked off a second build today: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/precise/daily-live/20140110.1/21:11
bjfslangasek, cool, thanks21:11

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