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mic_hi, anyone experiencing high load avg after changing a kernel in 12.04?00:38
mic_(for kvm)00:38
mic_(forgot to add)00:38
Nautilusfirst time setting up a full server, I have postfix+dovecot up and running and am working on SSL/TLS. I pulled a cert yesterday but an unexpected thing was that I had to add a subdomain to it. I fairly rondomly just entered "ssl." but now wonder if that was a mistake, I probably should have used "mail." to match my server setup?02:05
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zulsarnold: *cough* https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/beanstalkd/+bug/1252374 *cough*02:16
sarnoldzul: sorry, pre-empted by customer-facing request earlier today. you're not forgotten, however!02:16
flaccidi'm running into W: GPG error: http://cf-mirror.rightscale.com precise-updates Release: The following signatures were invalid: BADSIG 40976EAF437D05B5 Ubuntu Archive Automatic Signing Key <ftpmaster@ubuntu.com> with an official ubuntu AMI and wondering why04:44
flaccidany ubuntu cloud people around to help with that?05:12
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StathisAyou know in ubuntu server installation where it asks for the updates? "How do you want to manage upgrades on this system?" how do you get this up again after the installation?09:39
makaraStathisA, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticSecurityUpdates09:53
Darkstar1_Hello all. I commented out the mib : line in my snmp.conf file, installed mibs and snmp and tried the following : snmpwalk -v 2c -c public <IPAddress> system10:05
Darkstar1_times-out all the time10:05
yolandajamespage, do you know how can i get dns name instead of ip with unit_get? if i do unit-get private address, i get for example, but i need the juju-precise-machine-x11:07
jamespageyolanda, you can using juju - but I think there is something in helpers todo that11:07
jamespageit will query dns to determine the hostname11:07
jamespageyolanda, openstack.utils11:09
yolandaok, let me check11:09
Darkstar1_juju is very dark magic11:20
ironhalikso, I installed ubuntu server 13.1013:49
ironhalik+ php5-fpm, nginx, mysql and postfix13:49
YamakasYuhm, why the hack is my mirror for precise 150GB ?13:49
ironhalikgenerally, standard LEMP + postfix. No I get system mail, with php trying to find some snmp modules13:50
ironhalikwhich never happened before13:50
StathisAi have succesfully followd https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/automatic-updates.html to enable automatic updating and notification13:52
StathisAbut how i'm supposed to use an external smtp server to send thos notifications?13:53
StathisAany guides?13:53
StathisAi dont think that simply putting my email in a conf file (/etc/apt/apt.conf.d/50unattended-upgrades) would get me any results13:53
YamakasYStathisA: install sendmail and add your server in it's config as smarthost13:55
YamakasYyour smtp13:55
StathisAany guides i should follow for that?13:57
YamakasYStathisA: google.com13:57
pmatulis_'install sendmail' - that's a pretty old saying13:57
YamakasYpmatulis_: how do you mean ? Google is full of it ?13:58
StathisAok nvm, i'll google it13:58
StathisAthanks :-)13:58
YamakasYyeah but sendmail is default I thought13:58
YamakasYthere is also some light smtp-mailer or so13:59
YamakasYpmatulis_: do you run a mirror for Ubuntu ?13:59
Picipostfix is default.13:59
StathisAso what should i install? postfix or senmail?13:59
Picipostfix might already be installed.14:00
rbasakpostfix or nullmailer14:00
ubottuA Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) is the server software that sends and queues mail. The default MTA (and !MDA) on Ubuntu is !postfix ("exim" is also officially supported). See also !MailServer and !MUA14:00
pmatulis_StathisA: go lightweight if all you want is to send14:00
StathisAThe program 'postfix' is currently not installed. You can install it by typing:14:00
StathisAsudo apt-get install postfix14:00
StathisAso i guess its is not14:00
rbasakpostfix is in main, and the most widely used.14:01
YamakasYPici: postfix it not installed for sure!14:01
YamakasYyes for large environments14:02
YamakasYhe only needs to reach some smtp relay14:02
PiciOkay? It was a suggestion, there are other suggestions above as well.14:02
pmatulis_YamakasY: no mirror here (?)14:05
psivaajamespage: hallyn: hi, seeing tomcat (test_tomcat_daemon) test failures with the latest kernel 3.13.0-1-generic.14:08
psivaadaemon is only listening on 808014:08
psivaasaw this in localhost log, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/6726737/14:09
jamespagezul, psutil is not working well in the trunk testing ppa for 12.0414:13
zuljamespage:  uh?14:13
zuljamespage:  how so?14:13
jamespagezul, ^^14:14
jamespageits failing to import the native bits14:14
zuljamespage:  hmmm...ok14:14
jamespagezul, urgh - I think I see the issue14:17
jamespagedh-python is foo-barred I think14:17
zuljamespage:  ah ok14:17
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jamespagezul, the extensions get renamed with m-a tuples - I don't think python in 12.04 likes that14:26
zuljamespage:  i dont think so14:27
jamespagezul, gonna default that to false14:27
jamespageluckily its a flag!14:27
* zul goes find something for his migraine14:27
* YamakasY beers zul14:28
jamespagezul, OK _ uploaded and inserted into the lab manually14:41
zuljamespage:  ack14:44
zuljamespage:  kombu is still broken14:45
yolandajamespage, the peer_units() method should be returning all units clustered in rabbit, right? it queries for the 'cluster' relation, and then does a relation_list for each one. But it only returns me the first unit, not all15:09
hallynpsivaa: 3.13 kernel right now has b0rked apparmor - no dbus or mount rules.  please wait until jjohansen tells us that 3.13 has fixed apparmor, or test with 3.1215:18
psivaahallyn: ack, this was spotted in the daily image smoke testing. just let you know if in case this is not attended yet15:20
mgzwith the openstack charms, what's the general solution to needing to get the compute nodes access to apt stuff in  closed network?15:48
mgzI thought we had some docs on this setup but am failing to find them15:48
mgzjamespage maybe^?15:49
jamespagemgz, like apt repositories?15:49
jamespagemgz, hmm - so its assumed that the main ubuntu archive is mirrored somehow15:50
mgzI have people talking about hacking in an HTTP_PROXY variable into the base image, which does not seem like The Right Thing15:50
jamespageI think maas provides this as part of its configuration options15:50
jamespagemgz, for the cloud-archive for 12.04 - thats more tricky15:50
jamespagefor the ODS demos, we have always mirrored locally and spoofed the DNS resolution to point to our local mirror15:50
jamespagebut that's not a production solution.15:51
jamespagemgz, we also mirror cloud-images.ubuntu.com (for LXC container images)15:51
jamespageadam_g, ^^15:51
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rostamHI we have a few systems in the lab all have identical hardware (two ethernet ports) and software. I need to change the configuration of one the network interfaces (eth1). I like to do this as a deb pkg (I know how to create deb pkg) to automate the changes.  The patch will change some of the networking files. Any suggestions how to do this please? thx17:09
zerickrostam, why not with Puppet or similar ?17:12
rostamLet me explain a little more. We are going to install these systems at customer sites. The only way we can change or update is through pkg management. We will not have admin access to the systems. So is there anyway we can do the config management through deb pkg ...? thx17:14
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jjohansenhallyn, psivaa: the 3.13 patches are running throug basic QA they should hit soon18:24
eagles051387hey guys has anyone setup an iptables based tarpit?18:43
sarnoldrostam: check out source-directory in the interfaces(5) manpage18:48
rostamsarnold, thanks19:24
mgwI have a build project that produces several binaries. I want to package each binary into its own deb. What's the normal way to do that? alternate debian/rules files?20:24
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leniosmgw, not the best place to ask this. You want to define all the binary packages in your debian/control file and create a [package_name].install file for each package21:08
mgwlenios, thanks… I finally figured that out :-)21:09
mgwWhere is the best place for packaging related questions?21:09
leniosmaybe #ubuntu-motu21:09
jcastrosmoser, hey do you have a cheat sheet or something for uvtool21:24
jcastroyour --help is not so complete. :)21:24
smoserjcastro, i do not. i think maybe rbasak does somewhere.21:25
smoseruvtool is more his than mine really21:25
jcastrooh ok, I'll sync with him then, thanks21:25
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ice9is there an application used as server documentation where you can defined installed software and configurations?23:45
hitsujiTMOice9: you mean like a wiki?23:46
ice9hitsujiTMO: yeah something like that23:46
hitsujiTMOmediawiki is what i used for such documentation23:46
ice9it's just a wiki, but I'm looking for specialized tool23:47
pmatulis_ice9: why special?23:47
bekksThere are tools, but they are closed source. Basically thats ITIL change management software.23:47
sarnoldice9: you could also go to the other extreme and use the tool to install software and define configurations :) see e.g. juju, puppet, chef, ansible..23:49
ice9pmatulis_: I think it's a good idea to have a specialized tool like if have a project management tool for software development23:50
pmatulis_ice9: i guess it depends on your environment, who will be using it, etc23:50
pmatulis_a large corporation prolly would need something specialized whereas a small startup could get away with a wiki23:51
hitsujiTMOice9: some times going that route can bite you in the butt. Some of the specialist software are underpowered in comparison to the generic stuff. Usually you have to pay big bucks to get anything of decent quality. but then again it does depend on exactly what you want and whats available23:52
hitsujiTMOother times aswell it can also just be simpler to write your own solution :P23:55
ice9so what do you think guys,  if there is a tool that is graphical interactive web app where you can add a server and it's services like mail, web servers,  and the configuration of each of them23:56
ice9would this be a nice tool and you go for it?23:56
lvmermight I ask you guys where to go for minidlna or other dlna help on ubuntu server. the #minidlna channel is quite vacant. xD23:58
hitsujiTMOlvmer you could ask here or #ubuntu23:59

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