mhall119RobbyF: correct, there's nothing that uses the Google account yet01:26
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mhall119nik90: pink02:04
mhall119ping even02:04
nik90mhall119: pong02:14
mhall119I was your MP for an audible alarm on Timer, and thought "that would be twice as good with vibration too"02:16
mhall119and since the latest device images support that now02:16
nik90mhall119: actually I added it and then removed it :P02:17
nik90mhall119: But I can add it back again easily :)02:18
mhall119did you not like it?02:18
nik90well it wasnt about not liking it..I did not want to over do it.02:18
mhall119ah, understandable02:18
nik90right now you have haptic feedback while pressing tabs, buttons etc.02:18
mhall119yeah, I filed a bug on that already02:18
nik90I had a question related to haptics again02:18
mhall119what question?02:19
nik90in all the tabs in clock app, the middle circle in the clock face is a button. Would you expect to have haptic feedback there?02:19
nik90as a user02:19
nik90Because a list item is also clickable, but it doesn't have that haptic feedback.02:20
mhall119not me, personally02:20
nik90so wasn't sure if I should add it02:20
mhall119though tabs shouldn't either, IMO02:20
nik90tabs shouldnt02:20
nik90btw did you run that branch? Did you like the feedback shown especially the sound?02:21
mhall119I haven't tried it yet, no, just saw the MP come across my inbox02:21
mhall119clock is on my list of things to try on desktop between now and Wednesday next week02:22
nik90mhall119: hey btw I was thinking of adding Ctrl+Tab to switch tabs02:23
nik90does that seem reasonable?02:23
mhall119I think so, yeah02:23
nik90mhall119: are you tracking desktop related bugs with any special tags?02:26
nik90in other core apps projects?02:26
mhall119nik90: not yet, no02:57
mhall119popey might be02:57
mhall119nik90: what timezone are you?02:58
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nik90mhall119: UTC+1.. I have a free day tomorrow, hence the night hacking :)03:05
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mhall119nearly morning hacking now03:11
nik90mhall119: I am done in another 15 mins. Just reporting bugs and then off :)03:11
mhall119just don't burn yourself out with too many late nights :)03:12
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Shiggitayhello peeps03:38
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alfre_csemalguien habla español?06:23
dholbachgood morning07:43
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Alinhello. i`m gonna be short.08:25
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Guest79477i would like to know if ubuntu touch could run on samsung tab 3?08:25
popey!devices | Guest79477 is it on that list ?08:27
ubot5Guest79477 is it on that list ?: You can find the full list of devices, official images, community images, and works in progress at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices08:27
Guest79477mhr3, thanks! but i have to wait for tab 3...08:28
Guest79477for now supporting just tab 208:28
mhr3Guest79477, think you didn't want to ping me08:30
Guest79477yeah. sorry :)08:31
Guest79477it was for ubot508:31
tvosspitti good morning :) I addresses your remark on https://code.launchpad.net/~thomas-voss/qtubuntu-sensors/add-position-plugin-in-preparation-for-dropping-qtlocation-distro-patch/+merge/20070308:54
pittihey tvoss08:55
pittitvoss: thanks, I just ack'ed that a minute ago08:55
tvosspitti thanks :)08:56
tvossMirv, didrocks could you take a look at the mp, too? https://code.launchpad.net/~thomas-voss/qtubuntu-sensors/add-position-plugin-in-preparation-for-dropping-qtlocation-distro-patch/+merge/20070308:57
didrockstvoss: on the packaging side, do you really need Replaces: ? like, you are going to install a file that was in libqt5location5-plugins?08:59
tvossdidrocks, yup :) see pitti's review comment08:59
pittitvoss, didrocks: NB that landing this should either be done in lockstep with, or after actually uploading qtlocation-opensource-src with the dropped plugin09:01
pittiotherwise, the breaks/replaces: version potentially gets wrong if someone does another upload of qtlocation-opensource-src09:01
Mirvtvoss: sure. and I can upload the qtlocation with dropped plugin.09:01
didrockspitti: yeah, for sure, not sure about the Replaces: need, this is just to help apt, but semantically, it's not needed, right?09:01
pittididrocks: semantically the Breaks: isn't needed, but it's the standard debian way for moving files (yes, helps apt)09:02
pittididrocks: the Replaces: is certainly necessary, as it does replace a file from qtlocation09:02
didrockspitti: so, we really move files? I thought the filename was different09:02
didrocksok, if the filenames are the same, making sense09:02
pittididrocks: AFAIK it was the exact same file name09:03
tvossMirv, would like to test the update procedure then. Could you provide me with an updated armhf qtlocation package?09:08
Mirvtvoss: ok, sure09:08
om26erwhat do I do if /dev/loop0 is 100% full ? can increase its size ?09:08
pittiom26er: what did you mount on it?09:09
om26erpitti, i think on Ubuntu touch its where ubuntu is installed09:10
pittiom26er: if it's a vfat or ext4 image etc., just make it bigger09:10
om26er /09:10
om26erpitti, its ext209:11
pittiah, I guess on ubuntu touch that's difficult; why would you want to do this?09:11
om26erpitti, I am installing stuff on it to build a big source on the phone and see all the space is gone09:11
pitti/dev/loop0                      2.0G  1.4G  472M  75% /09:11
om26er/dev/loop0                     ext2      2.0G  1.8G   60M  97% /09:11
pittiom26er: yeah, can't do that I'm afraid09:12
pittiom26er: you need to build big packages with cross-building, or try to avoid unnecessary build deps09:12
pittiom26er: the actual sources shoudl be in /home (which has much more space)09:13
om26erpitti, yes the build-deps are taking more space, I'll reflash the device and install selective09:13
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pittiom26er: you can also try some dirty tricks like moving /var, or /usr/lib/ or something big to /home and symlink it09:14
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olliSaviq, thanks for being on top of Paul's mail09:48
olliplars' mail09:49
Saviqolli, sure, shame we're not getting much data out of it (still need to look through the results for 121)09:50
davmor2morning all10:16
davmor2my phone died over night I'm not sure why it normally has around 50-25% power left in the morning, this was 2%10:18
ogra_it probably vibrated all the night waiting in excitement for you10:19
davmor2ogra_: I'm wondering if it might of been the new powerd not shutting something down10:21
ogra_well, my mako still has 30% left over night10:22
* ogra_ chacks the maguro 10:22
davmor2ogra_: yes and that is what I was expecting too10:22
ogra_53% here10:22
ogra_but i didnt use it much apart from debugging stuff via adb yesterday10:23
davmor2ogra_: yeah somewhere between 25-50% so 2% not so good right10:23
ogra_watch it10:23
davmor2ogra_: also is it me or is the phone not as loud as when android is on the device, ringtone wise I can't hear it properly if it is in another room,  I might try some experiments over the weekend10:25
ogra_hmm, might be10:26
ogra_i never ran android on the maguro ... and on the mako it is a long time ago10:27
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Mirvtvoss: qtlocation upgradable on device by apt-add-repository ppa:canonical-qt5-edgers/qt5-proper10:55
tvossMirv, thanks, will give it a spin after next meeting10:55
davmor2ogra_: hmm it just dawned on me I wonder if Pulse Audio is doing the standard only turning the volume up to 80% and reserving the last 20% so you have to open up the full pulse audio app to get the last bit11:06
ogra_davmor2, might be, try to check with diwic ... he made the profiles11:06
davmor2ogra_: thanks will do11:06
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ogra_xnox, systempart= is not what you think it is12:56
Shiggitayrsalveti, how's it coming?12:56
Shiggitayhi ogra_12:56
ogra_(just looking at your MP)12:56
ogra_xnox, the systempart implementation belongs to non loop images (for ports) and needs to live in the fstab creation script of that specific image variant12:57
ogra_xnox, i think your change breaks flipped ports that way12:58
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xnoxogra_: i don't believe it does. do you want me to use another variable name, instead? or for example to also check that /tmpmnt/ubuntu is _not_ present?13:04
ogra_heh, i implemented it that way in the fstab creation script :)13:04
xnoxogra_: cause _with_ /tmpmnt/ubuntu present, it would indicate a non-flipped type.13:05
ogra_i would prefer a new variable name13:05
ogra_especially since it is  no partition ... but an image13:05
davmor2ogra_: hal9000?13:07
ogra_oh, wait, i misread13:07
xnoxogra_: what do you mean "no parition" ? it is a _real_ normal partition.13:07
* ogra_ missed "if ([ -e /tmpmnt/system.img ] || [ -n "$system_path" ]); then"13:07
ogra_hmm, in fact it could even work now that i think of it13:08
xnoxogra_: I can add && [ ! -d /tmpmnt/ubuntu ] there13:08
ogra_except that you dont have a list with partition names for it androids system ... (there are like 30 or so for different devices )13:09
xnoxogra_: and system_path is defined to a parition with label UBUNTU, unless manually overriden.13:09
ogra_yeah, that would break for ports13:09
ogra_it should have a list of all possible labels13:09
ogra_for the ports flipped implementation it has to13:10
ogra_they use the existing android system partition13:10
xnoxi specifically need a new label on the partition for, one may not use13:10
xnoxfor non-loop.13:10
xnoxso $system_path in my patch may _not_  be android system partition =)13:10
xnoxso i really should use new variable name.13:11
ogra_so pick a new name ...13:11
ogra_or so13:11
ogra_beyond that the MP looks good :)13:11
ogra_(i'm also not sure how many ports will actually still work at all once we drop SF support, which should happen soon)13:12
ogra_(so the flipped ports images might be moot for the moment)13:12
davmor2ogra_: flippinel?13:13
ogra_flipponastic !13:14
davmor2ogra_: better still, flip-flops13:17
tvossMirv, you around? so update applies cleanly locally. Can you give it a spin, too?13:19
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Mirvtvoss: in hangout then EOD, but tested with qtubuntu-sensors from daily-build and qtlocation from qt5-proper (on desktop): since the Breaks is for << ubuntu4 and not << ubuntu4~, it doesn't work with the test qtlocation package, but recompiling qtubuntu-sensors with "ubuntu4~" as the Breaks/Replaces solves the situation13:37
Mirvtvoss: I'll now push a build of qtlocation without the test suffix in version number, but have to then revisit testing on Monday (also, I haven't tested on device)13:37
tvossMirv, ack ... do you want me to change the Breaks/Replaces?13:37
tvossMirv, or do you take care of the version number thingy in qtlocation?13:38
Mirvtvoss: no it should be fine as is for archive, it just prevents "have increasable test build version number that's not equal or higher to the one that will be in archive", but that's not relevant for this small case13:39
tvossMirv, ack and thx13:40
Mirvbuilding now at https://launchpad.net/~canonical-qt5-edgers/+archive/qt5-proper/+sourcepub/3811482/+listing-archive-extra - after that using qt5-proper + ppa:ubuntu-unity/daily-build and updating just qtubuntu-sensors should pull the qtlocation update in too.13:40
ogra_popey, oh man ... now i feel as old as i am13:41
tvossMirv, great, thanks13:42
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XYZ_hi everyone14:12
XYZ_is it possible to install ubuntu touch on a tilapia nexus 7?14:13
XYZ_tilapia = 3G version14:13
XYZ_i don't use the 3G at all though14:13
ogra_there are hacks i think ... google for it14:14
ogra_(it does not work out of the box)14:14
davmor2ogra_: what did popey say to make you feel so young?14:15
ogra_davmor2, popey pointed to old people music on G+14:15
* ogra_ shakes his cane 14:15
popeylol old people music14:15
* popey looks for his lute14:16
davmor2ogra_: pass your cane there are kids on my lawn14:16
davmor2popey: is this the 80's classics you are listening to or did you go further back still14:16
popeydavmor2: i am wandering around spotify like a lost dog14:18
xnoxhttp://youtu.be/kfVsfOSbJY0    <=== Best song ever!14:20
davmor2popey, ogra_:  You need a little Bob Marley and whalers in your day and a little Jimi Hendrix, maybe some pink floyd (try the 1979 xmas number one).14:20
popeyRoger Roger.14:21
* popey puts Hey Joe on.14:21
davmor2xnox: I may have to shoot you with a potato gun until the world runs out of potatoes14:21
xnoxdavmor2: rickrolling level 7 ;-)14:22
davmor2popey: hey jude would be good too :)14:22
davmor2xnox: Nothing beats this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h37KQu64RY414:23
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davmor2popey: tainted love both the softcell and marlyn manson versions, Eurithmics and MM versions of Sweetdreams, kate bush and placebos versions of running up that hill (how's that for some then and now choices)14:29
=== ondra|away is now known as ondra
sergiusenscjwatson, xnox hey, I just did 'sudo click chroot -a armhf -s trusty create' and it created an amd64 chroot; is there an existing issue or am I doing something wrong? (I'm on trusty amd64)14:31
xnoxdavmor2: eye bleach eye bleach14:33
davmor2xnox: you and your meagre level 7 pfffff, you could try the chicken song and startreking instead :)14:34
cjwatsonsergiusens: that's what it's supposed to do14:36
cjwatsonsergiusens: it creates an amd64 chroot including support for cross-building to armhf14:37
sergiusenscjwatson, ack; is there any wiki around?14:39
cjwatsonsergiusens: not sure14:39
sergiusenscjwatson, so when I do "click chroot -aarmhf install cmake libgles2-mesa-dev python qt5-default qtbase5-dev qtdeclarative5-dev qt5-qmake" am  I supposed to add :armhf ?14:41
sergiusensI guess I can figure it out14:41
cjwatsonsergiusens: for anything that's multi-arch: same, yes, not otherwise.  but it already installs several of those - qt5-default:armhf qtbase5-dev:armhf qtdeclarative5-dev:armhf qt5-qmake:armhf at least will already be installed14:43
sergiusenscjwatson, do I need -DCMAKE_TOOLCHAIN_FILE or is that done for me? Last question and just going into the code for more answers :-)14:48
cjwatsonsergiusens: for the moment you need that14:49
xnoxsergiusens: cjwatson: well, depends. for many cases you shouldn't need CMAKE_TOOLCHAIN_FILE anymore.14:50
xnoxbut that's assuming you are executing cmake from inside the chroot.14:50
xnox(trusty one that is)14:50
davmor2seb128, tedg: on the settings app on backgrounds, what happened to default image button?  Also I think the different and same background toggle is broken14:51
seb128davmor2, it was never supposed to be there, it was a workaround because we were not listing images before, just having the gallery picker14:51
tedgdavmor2, Guessing you mean kenvandine?  We're close, but he's still better looking :-)14:51
seb128in the current version the default is in the image grid14:51
seb128so you can just pick it there14:51
seb128I don't know about the toggle not working14:52
davmor2seb128: if I click on welcome screen or home screen, it just displays the image that is on it now not the default image14:53
kenvandinetedg, damn right!14:53
seb128davmor2, that's what it's supposed to do no?14:53
sergiusensxnox, I assume click chroot run, makes it run in the chroot; and in tht case, I'm not having much luck14:53
davmor2seb128: but there is no listing of the original image so I can't change back to the default14:54
kenvandinedavmor2, maybe you don't have the wallpapers installed?14:54
davmor2kenvandine: I have what is in image 121 only?14:54
kenvandinethe wallpapers aren't installed by default, we kind of need form factor specific wallpaper packages14:55
kenvandineyeah, it's basically empty in a default image, since there are no wallpapers packages installed14:55
kenvandinewe don't want to pull in ubuntu-wallpapers because those aren't optimized for the form factors14:56
Laneywe should have a phone/tablet wallpaper contest too14:56
Laneypeople love submitting pictures ;-)14:56
davmor2kenvandine: okay so not a bug as such just an incomplete tool?14:56
kenvandineseb128, do you know if anyone is working on wallpaper assets?14:56
seb128kenvandine, not that I know, but I didn't ask either...14:56
* tedg takes a photo of his coffee14:56
kenvandinedavmor2, not incomplete tool... just missing wallpapers ;)14:56
tedgkenvandine, I'll get more at lunch!14:56
davmor2kenvandine: indeed so it feels incomplete to an end user :P14:57
cjwatsonxnox,sergiusens: ok, I guess all I meant was that "click chroot run" doesn't pass it.  If cmake doesn't need it any more, so much the better14:57
kenvandineseb128, so it does mean that the "default" wallpaper isn't in the grid14:57
davmor2tedg: is your coffee like kenvandine but his is better looking?14:57
kenvandinesince the default in the image isn't in the standard location14:57
seb128kenvandine, good point, I didn't think about that, we should have the image in the standard location14:58
tedgdavmor2, I'm actually really happy with my coffee right now, so I think I have kenvandine beat there.14:58
kenvandineyou probably do...14:58
tedgdavmor2, What kenvandine doesn't know is looks will only get you so far.  Good coffee brings you the world!14:58
* kenvandine needs more coffee!14:59
tedgI actually (literally this week) learned I could order the beans from a local roaster online which solves some of my supply problems.14:59
ogra_do they deliver with drones ?14:59
kenvandineneed more drones14:59
ogra_one per bean !14:59
tedgHah, that would be awesome.15:00
tedgThey do deliver closer to downtown.  But not this far out.15:00
* davmor2 is tired of people droning on about drones, bring on the I, Robots15:00
pittitvoss: ah, so it seems https://code.launchpad.net/~thomas-voss/qtubuntu-sensors/cmake-setup-take-2/+merge/200826 is really close now :)15:11
tvosspitti, yup15:11
mterrybfiller, so did ya'll think of any technical reasons that two telephony stacks would be bad?15:14
bfillermterry: we think it will be ok, just needs some testing15:15
bfillerprobably some tweaks and such15:15
mterrybfiller, OK.  You saw my latest email, where I think we may have to do two stacks anyway?  Does that sound reasonable?15:15
bfillermterry: yeah, sorry haven't responded yet. think that should be ok15:16
bfillermakes sense, we forgot about that use case15:16
mterryyeah me too15:16
mterrybfiller, I'll comment in my branch then, but I think it should be good to try to land if we're doing the two-stack thing15:17
sergiusensjdstrand, hey, wrt to sensors/easyprof: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6727092/15:21
jdstrandsergiusens: hrmm, why is it shelling out?15:24
jdstrandsergiusens: can you file a bug on /etc/xdg/QtProject/Sensors.conf15:25
jdstrandbfiller: do you know why the calendar is shelling out? see sergiusens paste: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6727092/15:26
sergiusensjdstrand, it's address-book-app and I just caught it15:27
sergiusensrenato_, might know15:27
jdstrandbfiller: sorry, address book app15:27
sergiusensjdstrand, took we a while to figure out what you meant my shelling out :-)15:27
renato_i am not using sensors on contact app15:29
renato_should be something related with the SDK15:29
sergiusensrenato_, nah, disregard sensors, the call to /bin/dash is the question15:29
sergiusensrenato_, Jan 10 10:55:34 ubuntu-phablet kernel: [  437.380466] type=1400 audit(1389362134.865:129): apparmor="DENIED" operation="exec" parent=1527 profile="com.ubuntu.address-book_address-book_1.0.1.121" name="/bin/dash" pid=3106 comm="exec-line-exec" requested_mask="x" denied_mask="x" fsuid=32011 ouid=015:30
renato_I do not know :D, what can cause it?15:30
bfillerthat is weird15:30
jdstrandrenato_: its a new denial. what's changed recently?15:30
sergiusensjdstrand, it's being clickified now15:31
renato_content hub ?15:31
cwaynedpm: ping15:31
tvosssergiusens, jdstrand that's part of qtsensors-ubuntu15:31
tvosssergiusens, jdstrand it's a configuration file to tell qtsensors to load our backends15:31
bfillersergiusens: address book is not yet a click though - that hasn't landed yet15:31
bfillersergiusens: or has it?15:32
sergiusensbfiller, nope15:32
jdstrandtvoss: sure-- but why is the address book all of a sudden needing /bin/dash?15:32
tvossjdstrand, that I don't know15:32
sergiusenstvoss, it's not related to sensors; as the camera as click works fine with sensors blocked15:32
jdstrandmaybe it is doing it since it couldn't read the file15:32
sergiusenssensors.conf that is15:32
jdstrandsergiusens: can you add the '/etc/xdg/QtProject/Sensors.conf r,' to the address book profile and try again?15:33
sergiusensjdstrand, sure15:33
bfillerjdstrand: is this on a released image? address-book-app hasn't been released since 11-15-1315:33
bfillerI mean updated since then15:33
sergiusensjdstrand, I did it to the easyprof, but you are doing it the right way :-)15:34
jdstrandbfiller: sergiusens just pointed it out to me now. it sounds not15:34
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jdstrandbfiller: so, this might not be anything new. the addressbook app is not normally confined but it is in this scenario15:46
jdstrandbfiller: so this could have always been there. when we do confine it, we'll want to know why and probably fix it15:46
sergiusensjdstrand, ok, that got rid of my DENs15:47
jdstrandoh, nice! :)15:47
jdstrandsergiusens: can you file a bug on /etc/xdg/QtProject/Sensors.conf?15:47
sergiusensjdstrand, on easyprof for that?15:48
jdstrandsergiusens: apparmor-easyprof-ubuntu15:48
sergiusenssure in any case15:48
jodhtedg: xnox is seeing lots of RecoverableProblem apport reports for upstart on Touch - can you remind us why/where these are coming from?15:49
tedgjodh, I think that was the restart issue.  HUD reports one if it doesn't have a session bus variable when it starts.15:50
tedgjodh, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~indicator-applet-developers/hud/trunk.14.04/view/head:/data/hud.conf.in15:51
jodhtedg: ah, right. I wonder if there is a way to actually log a message in that type of problem report stating the condition that failed (to avoid future confusion :)?15:51
jodhtedg: thanks15:51
tedgjodh, You should be able to look at the duplicate signature15:51
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xnoxtedg: what does that mean? DuplicateSignature: icon-path-unhandled-com.ubuntu.notes_notes_1.4.235    IconPath: /usr/share/click/preinstalled/.click/users/@all/com.ubuntu.notes/notepad   IconValue: notepad15:52
tedgjodh, I'd be happy to add other variables if that'd help15:52
jodhyeah, it's a bit opaque atm :)15:52
tedgxnox, That's from the click hook.  It means they have an icon configured that doesn't exist.15:52
xnoxtedg: excellent.15:53
* jodh goes to raise a feature-request on apport...15:53
sergiusenstedg, what's the policy there? some are provided by ubuntu-mobile icons15:53
tedgsergiusens, I think that click packages should be self-contained, no?15:54
tedgsergiusens, We're not looking in icon themes...15:54
* tedg likes being able to write software to report bugs for him :-)15:55
tedgIt's kinda meta-lazy15:55
xnoxtedg: i wish you'd file it against the actual app, but i guess filing it against /sbin/init makes people go "OMG!" and try work out what's going on.15:56
tedgxnox, Yeah, that's not as easy as I'd like.  apport likes reporting on PIDs, but you don't always have that.15:57
mhall119bzoltan1: ping15:57
bzoltan1mhall119:  hello15:57
mhall119bzoltan1: hey, we just recently got QtFeedback working, and I want to post the API docs for that, but I'm not sure if they should go into the existing SDK 1.0 docs section, or if I need to start a new SDK 2.0 (or 1.5) section15:57
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bzoltan1mhall119:  good question.. I think it is fine in the 1.015:58
mhall119same for QtMultimedia I assume, since that's actually been available for quite some time15:58
tvossdidrocks, sil2100 can I ask you for a review: https://code.launchpad.net/~thomas-voss/qtubuntu-sensors/cmake-setup-take-215:59
tedgjodh, Also FYI, you can search based on the duplicate signature: https://errors.ubuntu.com/bucket/?id=DBusSessionAddressNotSet16:00
dpmcwayne, pong!16:00
sergiusensjdstrand, renato_ a new batch; dbus ones now http://paste.ubuntu.com/6727292/16:00
cwaynedpm: hiya, just checking if you had a chance to check out that list of translation gaps (and wondered if those html pages are useful)16:04
jodhtedg/xnox: bug 1267919. I appreciate you could actually add that today as an extra name/value pair, but I'd still prefer if apport mandated a description personally :)16:04
ubot5bug 1267919 in Apport "Enhance recoverable_problem to require/allow a description of what the problem is" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/126791916:04
pittierr yes, absolutely16:05
pittijodh: but it already does that, it reads the key/value pairs on stdin16:05
dpmcwayne, I did, and they are useful. I've switched the language of my phone to Catalan, and I'm testing it16:05
pittijodh: i. e. key\0value1\0key2\0value2\0 [...]16:06
cwaynedpm: great! i'll spend some more time tweaking my scripts and keeping those pages up-to-date then :)16:06
jodhpitti: I know, so ted could add RecoverableProblemReason today, but it would still be nicer if you *had* to set a description.16:06
pittiah, so basically just define one mandatory key which you have to set16:07
jodhpitti: right.16:08
dpmcwayne, cool, thanks. Also, would you have some time for a trivial review? -> https://code.launchpad.net/~dpm/account-plugin-evernote/sandbox-notice/+merge/20116516:08
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xnoxpitti: human readable e.g. "the problem of a missing icon from a click hook of a user level click-package. See key-value pairs: x, y, z for more details."16:08
tedgpitti, Do you expect that key to be "RecoverableProblemReason"?16:09
cwaynedpm: approved with a quick question16:09
pittitedg: ATM I don't expect anything; I've never used that feature myself, it came from ev16:10
* tedg would like a grace period where he just gets recoverable problems if he doesn't include it :-)16:10
pittitedg: but something like that sounds fine, or just "Description:"16:10
pittitedg: the machine readable detail should go into DuplicateSignature16:10
tedgYeah, I just wanted to decide on the key name so I could start to include it.16:11
tedgI don't really care what it is, just want to do it right.16:11
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* tedg will bbiab16:13
xnoxpitti: can we make it "TedSays:" field =)16:16
mhall119bfiller: were you able to get an answer about whether or not infographics APIs should be used by 3rd party app devs?16:19
bfillermhall119: the api's are in place, they have not been reviewed by SDK team or guareenteed to not change16:20
bfillerbut they do exist and work16:20
bfillermhall119: think it's more a question for the SDK team to see if these are officialy part of the kit16:20
dpmcwayne, awesome, thanks. Responded to the comment. Would you mind top-approving too? https://code.launchpad.net/~dpm/account-plugin-evernote/sandbox-notice/+merge/20116516:21
cwaynebfiller: hey, is the ubuntu-ui-toolkit-gallery going to be put in a click-app as well? (like gallery-app, et al are)16:21
cwaynedpm: done :)16:22
mhall119bzoltan1: ^^ nik90 wrote a nice tutorial on using the infographics API that I'd like to publish on developer.u.c, can you give a +1 or -1 on whether or not that API can be considered part of the SDK16:22
bfillercwayne: I don't know16:22
DarkwingAnyone know if Tethering is working in Ubuntu-Touch yet?16:23
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ogra_Darkwing, not yet16:26
ogra_Darkwing, you can enable rndis support for the android gadget from cmdline via adb and manually set it up i suppose ...16:26
Darkwingogra_: I'm more thinking to connect my chromebook and tablet. Okay, I'll wait.16:27
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mhall119beuno: does the click store support translations for the app name and description?16:46
beunomhall119, it does16:47
beunoin the appstore UI16:47
mhall119perfect, thanks16:47
mhall119beuno: also, is there a way to file bugs against apps in the store?  I have several that don't display an icon once installed16:48
beunomhall119, there isn't, each app has their own support mechanism16:48
ogra_beuno, i remember i had to fill a bug link when submitting my clicks, is that publically exposed somewhere ?16:53
jdstrandsergiusens: I don't doubt it-- there are probably going to be a lot since we haven't profiled addressbook app. is this for a work item?16:53
beunoogra_, it will be soon, in the scope and a web ui I'm planning16:54
bfillersergiusens: where do the contents of the click packages get installed?17:05
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cwaynebfiller: either /opt/click.ubuntu.com/, /usr/share/click/preinstalled/, or /custom/click/ i think17:08
bfillercwayne: great thanks17:08
pmcgowanbfiller, there also stuff in /home/phablet like in .local17:10
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bfillertedg: did I get the syntax right here? it's failing for me using onClicked: Qt.openUrlExternally("appid://com.ubuntu.gallery/gallery/currentVersion")17:31
bfillerbut worked with onClicked: Qt.openUrlExternally("appid://com.ubuntu.gallery/gallery/2.9.1")17:31
tedgbfiller, No, you need "current-user-version" instead of "currentVersion"17:32
bfillertedg: ah, thanks17:32
bfillersorry I forgot to write that down the other day17:32
bfillertedg: and it's ok to use appid:// instead of appid:/// ?17:33
tedgbfiller, Yes, because the package name is a valid domain name.17:33
labsintedg, I saw your branch for fat packages is merged now. Any idea when it's going to be build for trusty?17:36
tedglabsin, No, unfortunately I don't.17:36
labsin:/ something else. Can I somewhere find a list default packages for touch (so I know which libs I need to add myself.17:38
pmcgowanlabsin, you can check the build manifest, but be aware its still changing17:42
rtgrsalveti, uploaded linux-mako 3.4.0-4.22 to c-k-t PPA after rebase against android-msm-mako-3.4-kitkat-mr117:42
rsalvetirtg: awesome, just in time, thanks!17:43
labsinpmcgowan, Yes, I was looking for that. I only found for the desktop17:47
labsinCould you point me to them?17:47
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bfillerkenvandine: where in content-hub are apps launched? in process of moving gallery from deb to click and guessing we'll need to update it's appid url to invoke it18:04
kenvandinethat shouldn't need any changes18:04
kenvandineit uses libupstart_app_launch18:04
kenvandineso doesn't actually use a url18:05
kenvandineuses the appid to launch it18:05
kenvandineoh... but we will need to change the default in gsettings18:06
kenvandineif the appid is changing18:06
bfillerkenvandine: right18:08
kenvandineso just needs to be changed in the gsettings schema18:08
bfillerkenvandine: currently is gallery-app, guessing it would need to be com.ubuntu.gallery? not sure of exact format18:09
bfillerusing Qt.openUrl I pass appid://com.ubuntu.gallery/gallery/current-user-version18:09
kenvandinei think so18:09
bfillerlet me try it18:09
kenvandinebfiller, does "upstart-app-launch com.ubuntu.gallery"  start it?18:10
bfillerkenvandine: trying18:10
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sergiusensbfiller, click pkgdir [pkg]18:13
bfillerkenvandine: this works upstart-app-launch com.ubuntu.gallery_gallery_2.9.118:13
bfillerkenvandine: but don't really want the version info in there18:13
kenvandinewe should confirm with tedg what we really need there for libupstart-app-launch18:14
kenvandinebfiller, how about com.ubuntu.gallery/gallery/current-user-version ?18:14
bfillerkenvandine: nope, neither does com.ubuntu.gallery_gallery_current_user_version18:16
mhall119tvoss: no haptics for Nexus7 (grouper)?18:18
=== dandrader|lunch is now known as dandrader
pmcgowanlabsin, http://cdimages.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch/daily-preinstalled/current/18:18
pmcgowanmhall119, no vibrator afaik18:19
ogra_no HW18:19
kenvandinebfiller, "upstart-app-launch com.ubuntu.notes" works on my device18:20
mhall119also, I don't see auto-correct or predictive text in r121, what gives?18:20
cwaynebfiller: upstart-app-launch gallery-app works for me18:20
kenvandinei would think the same would work18:20
kenvandinecwayne, he's changing it to click18:20
cwayneoh right18:20
kenvandineso renaming gallery-app18:20
bfillerkenvandine: weird, for me upstart-app-launch com.ubuntu.notes tries to launch but just get white screen18:21
bfillerkenvandine: maybe I should reboot18:21
kenvandinewhen all else fails :)18:21
Finn__Hello, need some guidance on installing Ubuntu Touch on my Nexus 7 201218:24
mhall119Finn__: are you running Ubuntu on your desktop?18:25
Finn__I unlocked, ran the phablet-flash, but when I reboot it, I only get the Google Logo18:25
mhall119hmmm, try phablet-flash again with the -b flag, sounds like something went wrong18:25
bfillerkenvandine: same problem after reboot, which build number are you on? I'm a few days back18:26
ogra_and be patient, booting is slow18:26
Finn__mhall119 ok thanks, ill get right on it18:26
mhall119or right, first boot is still slow isn't it?18:26
mhall119Finn__: you might try waiting a bit before re-trying18:26
ogra_slower than subsequent ones, yes18:26
kenvandinebfiller, 12118:27
Finn__mhall119: how long is a bit you think? 5 minutes?18:27
bfillerkenvandine: going to upgrade and try18:27
mhall119Finn__: I don't remember, I haven't fresh-flashed a device in agest18:35
mhall119nik90: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tajchert.hours ideas for the clock app perhaps?18:36
sergiusensjdstrand, everything is going click now; let me fetch the bp18:54
sergiusensjdstrand, https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/client-1312-convert-apps-to-click18:55
tvossmhall119, no vibrator in the n718:56
jdstrandsergiusens: ok, I already have a work item. when convenient, can you put the converted apps somewhere so I can try them?18:56
sergiusensjdstrand, sure18:56
jdstrandthanks. no rush, I won't get to it today18:56
Finn__mhall119: phablet-flash doesnt have a -f switch.19:03
mhall119Finn__: -b, will re-install the recovery mode stuff19:06
Finn__oh man, sorry, read wrong19:06
Finn__trying that now, thanks19:07
Finn__phablet-flash -b ubuntu-system --bootstrap  -d grouper --channel devel-proposed19:07
Finn__no, this is what I ran : 'phablet-flash ubuntu-system -b --bootstrap  -d grouper --channel devel-proposed'19:08
Finn__so... lets see how it goes :)19:09
bfillertedg: upstart_app_launch is used by content-hub, what is form of arg to pass to get latest version of com.ubuntu.gallery click package?19:11
bfillertedg: running upstart_app_launch com.ubuntu.gallery just shows white screen19:11
tedgbfiller, Yeah, UAL doesn't have any notion of looking up the version.19:12
bfillertedg: I can only make it work passing upstart_app_launch com.ubuntu.gallery_gallery_2.9.119:12
tedgDidn't know there was a requirement there...19:12
tedgkenvandine, thoughts?19:12
tedgNot sure that UAL should do that.19:12
bfillertedg: can UAL accept appid:// url's like Qt.openUrlExternally?19:13
tedgbfiller, No, the URL dispatcher turns those into full application triplets.19:13
=== icarusfactor is now known as factor
tedgI'd kinda like to avoid having it be too smart.19:14
bfillerkenvandine: maybe content-hub should be using http://qt-project.org/doc/qt-5.0/qtgui/qdesktopservices.html#openUrl instead of calling upstart-app-launch direclty19:14
tedgBut all it's really using the version for today is verifying it to ensure you get what you ask for.19:14
tedgbfiller, That's what I'm thinking.  But not sure what kenvandine needs there.19:15
bfillertedg: yup, just want to avoid content-hub having any knowledge of specific versions - just needs a generic mapping to the default app19:15
tedgSeems like content hub should know the version anyway though.  As it would have to be getting a registration from the click hook.19:15
bfillertedg: true19:15
bfillertedg: but today it has hardcoded mappings19:15
bfiller(to desktop file based id's)19:16
tedgAh, so you're saying kenvandine is lazy ;-)19:16
bfillerI didn't say that :)19:16
tedgThis is what he gets for going to lunch.19:16
=== dandrader is now known as dandrader|afk
kenvandinespecifically this is for gsettings, for the default19:22
kenvandinewhich isn't touched by the hook19:23
kenvandinebfiller, the hub is just using the lib for upstart-app-launch, as recommended by tedg :)19:24
tedgkenvandine, How do you know the default?  From GSettings?19:25
bfillerkenvandine: so if all of our defaults are click packages should things work without change?19:25
kenvandineright now the default is set to gallery-app19:25
tedgSeems like your defaults should probably be URLs.19:25
bfillertedg: kind of agree, like appid://xxx/xxx/current-user-version19:26
kenvandinetedg, probably... but that stuff was done before we had url-dispatcher19:26
kenvandinetedg, does libupstart-app-launch have a way of using those? or should we switch to openUrl ?19:27
kenvandineactually, not sure that would work19:27
tedgkenvandine, OpenURL or use liburl-dispatcher19:27
kenvandinesince we detect if it's running already too19:27
kenvandineand switch to it19:27
tedgkenvandine, UAL does that19:27
kenvandinedoes it give me a way to detect if it's running?19:27
kenvandinewe do that first, so we know to exit the app if we started it19:28
tedgkenvandine, You don't need to.  If it is running, it switches to it, if it's not, it launches it.19:28
heriseIf ubuntu phone ever makes its way to reality19:28
heriseWould it mean all linux apps would run on it?19:28
* popey looks at the reality of his desk19:28
tedgkenvandine, If we started it?19:28
* kenvandine uses it as his primary phone :)19:28
kenvandinetedg, if the hub starts the app19:28
tedgkenvandine, Why does that matter?19:28
kenvandineit remembers that and after picking it exits the app19:28
heriseWhy not?19:28
kenvandineso we don't keep extra instances running19:29
kenvandinealthough that'll go away when we have the trusted sessions19:29
heriseI know about architecture differences, I assume the app is ported to arm19:29
tedgkenvandine, Why not just rely on Unity closing the app when it needs resources?19:29
herisepackages.debian.org/unstable/main/fceux for example this one. Would it work?19:29
kenvandinedesign... doesn't want gallery-app to show up as a running app after picking19:29
kenvandineif you didn't intentionally launch it19:30
tedg?  That's confusing.19:30
bfillertedg: right because it's supposed to be more of an embedded helper19:30
kenvandinetedg, why?  you shouldn't even need to know gallery started to pick19:30
bfillertedg: users just trying to pick some content, doesn't know/care they are launching an app behind the scenese19:30
kenvandinewith trusted sessions it will be embedded, so it'll start a new instance but appear as the same app as the requesting app19:30
bfillerso expectation is it would be gone when you are done picking19:30
tedgSo how does it look?  Does it provide a different interface?19:30
kenvandinetedg, ideally yes19:31
tedgOh, how are you doing that?19:31
bfillerprovides it's picking interface19:31
kenvandinelike gallery has pickMode19:31
kenvandineso it goes right into a picking UI19:31
tedgBut you won't use UAL for that, right?19:31
kenvandinethat lets you select19:31
kenvandinenot sure yet19:31
tedgOr, are there requirements I'm missing :-)19:31
kenvandineit'll be part of the lifecycle19:32
kenvandineit'll start the other process as part of the trusted session19:32
kenvandineso appears to the shell as a single app running19:32
kenvandineaddressbook + gallery19:32
tedgBut an apps not going to checking lifecycle stuff until it gets to idle, so it'll be hard to know what UI I should show.19:32
kenvandineyou only see addressbook19:32
kenvandinethe picking UI will show over the other app19:33
bfillerkenvandine: that's not for 14.04 though right?19:33
kenvandineso you can't switch between them, for example19:33
=== dandrader|afk is now known as dandrader
kenvandinebfiller, not sure19:33
kenvandinei hope so :)19:33
bfillerkenvandine: for short term I'd say use whatever mechanism you're using today to determine if app is already running19:33
tedgkenvandine, K, so you might be interested in the untrusted-helper thing I'm doing for infographics.19:33
bfillerkenvandine: but then do the launch using QDesktopServices.openUrl() and pass it the appid url19:34
kenvandineright now it is pretty awkward to be able to switch out of gallery and back to addressbook without finishing picking19:34
bfillerkenvandine: should all work19:34
tedgkenvandine, That assumes that someone else is managing the process, and provides hooks.19:34
kenvandinebfiller we do that check based on the appid19:34
kenvandinewhich is what is in gsettings for defaults19:34
kenvandinetedg, what's the untrusted helper?19:35
popeyherise: the phone doesn't ship with x19:35
tedgkenvandine, Something that's not an "application" but needs to be confined and managed.19:35
tedgkenvandine, In our case, it's a tool that turns data into SVGs.19:36
kenvandinetedg, shouldn't upstart-app-launch be able to launch com.ubuntu.gallery?19:36
kenvandinewithout a version?19:36
tedgkenvandine, It'll never show up on the launcher or anything like that.  But it isn't trusted enough to running except when managed by someone else.19:36
kenvandineit works for me with com.ubuntu.notes19:36
kenvandinetedg, that would be useful for signon-ui for sure19:37
tedgI'd like to keep UAL from "detecting" stuff, and just keep it the executor.  If it needs to, it's only a mater of software.19:37
kenvandinebut it works now?19:38
tedgWe're just using the version right now to check to ensure it works.19:38
kenvandinei can do it from the shell and it works fo rme19:38
kenvandinefor me19:38
tedgIt isn't intended to work.19:38
bfillerkenvandine: still doesn't work for me even on build 12119:38
kenvandinedidn't work for bfiller19:38
bfillerkenvandine: only works if I give full version19:38
* kenvandine just did it again... still works :)19:38
bfillervery odd19:39
bfillermust be a bug/race19:39
bfillerdoes that work for you tedg ?19:39
tedgkenvandine, You probably have a com.ubuntu.notes desktop file somewhere.19:39
kenvandineah, maybe19:39
tedgbfiller, I'm in the middle of flashing my phone so I can't check :-/19:39
tedgI have an autopilot date with alesage this afternoon, so I need a clean phone.19:39
mhall119bah, that awful OSK event fall-through bug is back on the Nexus 719:39
mhall119typing on the OSK will click any item under the OSK19:40
popeymhall119: here, have an owl flipping a table  (ʘ∇ʘ)ク 彡 ┻━┻19:40
mhall119seems appropriate19:40
mhall119a tahr would be better though19:40
popey(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ is the best I can do19:41
mhall119I like it19:41
bfillerkenvandine: idea - if we used com.ubuntu.xxx as the app id maybe there is a way to lookup the current version first then continue to use UAL as your doing now19:42
kenvandinetedg, so to check if it's running, i use upstart_app_launch_get_primary_pid19:42
kenvandinebfiller,  i was just thinking the inverse19:42
bfillerkenvandine: as UAL seems to work fine with fully constructed name19:42
kenvandinemaybe we could use the appid:// and parse it19:42
kenvandineif there is a lib for that19:42
bfillerkenvandine: htat works19:42
tedgkenvandine, There isn't, but I could move that into the lib.19:43
kenvandinetedg, could either of those work?19:43
tedgIt's just in the service right now.19:43
bfillertedg: or modify UAL to find latest version if none specified19:43
kenvandinemaybe a new function, upstart_app_launch_get_primary_pid_for_url19:44
kenvandinethat takes an appid url19:44
tedgYeah, I'd rather put it in the lib and leave the core down-and-dirty19:44
kenvandinetedg, do you also suggest that we shouldn't use upstart_app_launch_start_application ?19:44
tedgkenvandine, No, I just suggest giving it the full triplet.19:45
kenvandinewhat do you mean? parse the url?19:45
tedgkenvandine, Why don't you make your GSettings key "a(sss)" ?19:46
kenvandinegenerally what we pass to that is the appid as it's registered by the click hook19:46
tedgI mean, there's no reason to have the URL really.19:46
kenvandinebut then we need to put the version in the setting19:47
kenvandineseem ugly19:47
kenvandinecurrent-user-version ?19:47
tedgNo, then handle a.... yes.19:47
kenvandinetedg, what's the purpose gallery in the middle there?19:48
annerajbdoes ubuntu touch have planned convergeance of plugging the HDMI and going to desktop mode? instead of just showing the same device screen?19:48
kenvandineseems weird to me19:48
tedgI think you want to have all three just-in-case, but... no one will probably use it.19:48
kenvandineannerajb, yep!19:48
tedgkenvandine, It's the application in the package.  Packages can have several apps.19:48
mhall119annerajb: that's the plan19:48
kenvandinetedg, interesting... i hadn't considered that19:49
tedgkenvandine, Idea being something like "com.facebook" could have "feed" and "messenger" in the same package.19:49
kenvandineso why not com.ubuntu/gallery/current-user-version ?19:49
tedgkenvandine, Because the package name has to be unique.  If bfiller's team shipped everything in one click, that would work.19:50
kenvandinei see :)19:50
kenvandineso the host portion is really the click package name19:50
annerajbmhall119, awesome can't wait to start porting my cm-11.0 device :D19:50
kenvandinewhat about using upstart_app_launch_start_application19:50
kenvandinethat takes appid as an arg19:51
kenvandinewhy wouldn't com.ubuntu.gallery/gallery/current-user-version work there?19:52
tedgIt could.  But that doesn't exist.  And I'm fine with that.19:52
tedg(fine with adding it, not that it doesn't exist)19:52
kenvandineunless you have a better suggestion19:53
kenvandinei could stop the triplet in gsettings19:53
kenvandineand construct it start it19:53
tedgI think I'd have it take three parameters (and be a different function), but that's a detail.19:53
kenvandineor... even better a function to construct one19:53
kenvandinesame for upstart_app_launch_get_primary_pid19:54
kenvandinei don't really care to get the pid19:54
kenvandinejust detect if it's running19:54
kenvandinei think...19:54
* kenvandine checks the code19:54
kenvandineyeah, i don't care about having the pid, just a bool would be great19:55
kenvandinetedg, does that work for you?19:55
tedgkenvandine, Yeah, I think that works.  What's your timeline?19:56
* tedg is behind on the infographic stuff for pete-woods19:56
kenvandineit'll block bfiller's work on click packaging gallery19:56
kenvandinei can probably do it in ual and submit a branch19:56
kenvandineshouldn't be hard19:56
tedgkenvandine, Cool, yeah.  So I'd like to have the function return the appid, and then you can pass the appid to _start().19:57
tedgThat way you can store a variable name in GSettings, but still have the appid to query things quick later.19:57
kenvandinetedg, for UAL api changes, it's really just adding 2 functions?19:58
tedgBasically we only take the penalty once.19:58
kenvandineoh... so 3 functions19:58
kenvandineone to parse19:58
kenvandineanother to check running and another to start?19:58
kenvandinei guess not to start... since i'll construct one for the current function?19:59
tedgNo I was thinking more like "char * variable_to_appid(pkg, app, version)" that returns an appid19:59
tedgThen you can pass that to traditional start.19:59
kenvandineand i could use the existing upstart_app_launch_get_primary_pid as well19:59
annerajbwhat does touch_sf4p  and touch_custom Mean?20:00
tedgYeah, if you want one that checks for zero and returns a bool, that's fine with me.20:00
kenvandinechar * upstart_app_launch_url_to_appid(pkg, app, version)20:00
tedgIt's not really a URL, but yes.20:01
tedgNot sure what to call it.  "variable triplet" is too long.20:01
tedgThen I can make URL dispatcher use the same function.20:01
kenvandineit looks like a url :)20:02
kenvandineand url dispatcher can use it as a url...20:02
tedgYou can still most of the code from URL dispatcher20:02
kenvandineso why not :)20:02
tedgHeh, be sure to provide a good doc string since there's no "://" in it.20:02
kenvandinechar * upstart_app_launch_triplet_to_appid(pkg, app, version)20:02
kenvandinehow's that?20:02
kenvandinebfiller, so i'll take a swing at this, and this will block your gallery click package20:03
kenvandinebfiller, ok?20:03
bfillerkenvandine: sounds good20:04
bfillerkenvandine: we'll need the same for address book as well (that will be click) so let me know when it's all ready and we can coordinate the release20:04
kenvandinetedg, it's the regex in the dispatcher, appidre right?20:04
kenvandinebfiller, will do20:05
tedgkenvandine, Yup20:05
tedgkenvandine, You shouldn't need the regex though, as they're already 3 params20:05
bfillerkenvandine: and I guess make sure that non-click packages still work for any that haven't been converted20:05
kenvandineoh right... even easier :)20:05
kenvandinebfiller, they will20:06
tedgkenvandine, You should make your gsettings key "a(msm(sss))" :-)20:08
kenvandinetedg, ugh... so to get the version i have to parse the package manifest?20:16
tedgkenvandine, Yup20:16
kenvandineah cool, looks like some of what i need is in helpers.c already :)20:18
kenvandinehaha... nice "unity_too_slow_cb"20:18
tedgkenvandine, I'm sure that's never been called :-)20:19
tedgbfiller, Are you guys still using the file:/// urls for music/photos or is everything content hub now?20:19
kenvandinetedg, it's still file uris20:20
bfillertedg: well I know gallery uses content hub, not sure about musci20:20
tedgkenvandine, Is that for the scopes?20:21
tedgbfiller, Is music you guys or someone else?20:21
bfillertedg: community guys, mhall119 would know who20:22
kenvandineeven for content requested with the content hub, gallery uses file:/// urls and the hub copies the files to a location the other app can access20:22
tedgkenvandine, I mean with URL dispatcher20:22
tedgI don't care about elsewhere :-)20:23
tedgBasically, what the scopes hand back needs to be something that we know to launch gallery with.20:24
tedgOr what ever gives that data to the scope.20:24
mhall119bfiller: tedg: what are you asking?20:27
bfillermhall119: tedg wanted to know who was working on music app and about file:// usage20:29
tedgmhall119, two things really, does the music scope return music:/// urls and does the music app know what to do with them.20:29
tedgI'm trying to not support the file:///home/user/Music URL in URL dispatcher.20:31
mhall119tedg: ah, I *think* it uses file://, but popey might know better20:32
boikobfiller: so, I discovered something weird: there is a bug in mako that if the app is already open, when I accept a call the live call is shown and the screen goes black less than a second later20:33
boikobfiller: now the weird part is that it only happens when starting the dialer-app from command line, if I start it from the lens, it doesn't happen20:33
mhall119ahayzen probably knows20:34
ahayzenmhall119, whts up?20:34
mhall119ahayzen: what does the Music scope pass to the Music app to get it to open a particular song?20:34
ahayzenmhall119, i think there are two ways... via file arguments or via the URI handler which passes file://20:35
bfillerboiko: I can see why that might happen, it's probably not getting registered correctly somehow with the app manager when starting from command line20:36
bfillerboiko: how are you starting it from command line?20:36
mhall119tedg: ^^ there's your answer20:36
tedgahayzen, Ah, okay.  Thanks.20:36
ahayzenmhall119, i *think* lool implemented the Uri Handler for us20:36
tedgahayzen, mhall119, so do you guys know when that's going to be moved into a custom URL?20:36
boikobfiller: dialer-app --desktop_file_hint=/usr/share/applications/dialer-app.desktop20:36
ahayzentedg, no20:37
tedgSounds like in the mean time I'm going to have to special case it though :-/20:37
bfillerboiko: try launching it using upstart-app-launch dialer-app and see if you have same problem20:37
boikobfiller: let me see20:37
sergiusensjdstrand, one more https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/apparmor-easyprof-ubuntu/+bug/126799320:37
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1267993 in apparmor-easyprof-ubuntu (Ubuntu) "contact avatar cannot open for read denied" [Undecided,New]20:37
ahayzentedg, i can point u to our code if u need it20:37
mhall119tedg: I'm not even sure it's something on the todo list for music, if you need it we should add it20:38
mhall119but it'll require coordination with the music scope20:38
mhall119I'm not sure who maintains that20:38
ahayzentedg, file arguments http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~music-app-dev/music-app/trunk/view/head:/music-app.qml#L52 and URI handler http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~music-app-dev/music-app/trunk/view/head:/music-app.qml#L12920:39
boikobfiller: using upstart-app-launch works, so it is probably something related to the way the app registers itself with the app manager20:39
jdstrandI'm not sure the addressbook can be confined until we get a pre-cacheable trust store20:39
bfillerboiko: yeah it must be20:40
sergiusensjdstrand, just for the avatars?20:40
jdstrandwell, we can probably do something with read_path20:41
bfillerboiko: I think the shell and the system all end up calling into upstart-app-launch now and bookeeping probably different20:41
boikobfiller: but why would that start happening just now? autopilot tests were being started like that since the very beginning20:41
jdstrandaddressbook-app probably is the owner of /home/phablet/.local/share/evolution/addressbook/*20:41
tedgahayzen, Ah, okay, thanks!20:42
sergiusensjdstrand, it's probably e-d-s but yeah20:42
bfillerboiko: could be a new bug in unity-mir or appManager that is just happening now causing this issue20:43
jdstrandin this case, no-- addressbook app is doing the access, not e-d-s (otherwise there wouldn't be this denial)20:43
ahayzentedg, i think basically file arguments are used when the app is started by the scope... and the uri handler if it is already running to change to tht track...but don't hold me to tht lol20:43
sergiusensjdstrand, right; afaik the app can't generate avatars anyways; these I got from syncevolution20:43
bfillerboiko: is this related to the crash on mako?20:44
tedgahayzen, Yeah, we need to get off the file URLs though.  They were a temporary hack.  We shouldn't care where the files are stored at the URL level.20:44
boikobfiller: not sure if it is the same problem, but might be related20:44
ahayzentedg, yeah we are bound to grilo a bit at the moment as well and don't have any code to handle http://20:45
boikobfiller: so the crash on mako happens on application startup already it seems, right? (guessing from that QUbuntu message)20:45
bfillerboiko: yes20:46
boikobfiller: that one I couldn't reproduce :/20:47
bfillerboiko: I also notice that if dialer is running but in the background, and phone is locked, answering from the snap decision does not promote the dialer as it used to20:47
bfillerboiko: are you seeing htat20:47
boikobfiller: I have seen pmcgowan reported that one, but I didn't look into this one yet, might be that it never did that after the migration from the previous application switching implementation20:50
boikobfiller: that's another piece of code that was not changed for quite some time now (since the app switching was reimplemented to use the URIhandler)20:50
bfillerboiko: lots of moving parts, including many updates to ofono stack20:52
bfillerboiko: I'm pretty sure it was working since the url transition, but not positive20:52
bfillerwe need to debug it20:52
pmcgowanboiko, btw I am triaging some dialer-app bugs and reassigning to the source package, so dont panic if you see a lot of emails20:54
boikopmcgowan: ok, I won't :)20:54
boikobfiller: so, here is what I found: if the greeter is not shown, and we are looking at the dash, the app is promoted20:54
boikobfiller: it is only not working when the greeter is visible it seems20:55
bfillerboiko: ok, not sure where the code is that is supposed to unlock the greeter and promote the app20:55
pmcgowanboiko, it also works if the greeter is shown and the app is not running20:55
bfillermterry: ^^^ any ideas?20:55
boikopmcgowan: yep, but that's because all apps start maximized20:56
* mterry reads20:56
mterrybfiller, boiko: that code is in Shell.qml in unity820:56
boikopmcgowan: oh, you mean the greeter goes away?20:57
pmcgowanboiko, yeah it works correctly20:57
* boiko tries20:57
boikopmcgowan: yep, just tested here, it works correctly20:59
boikopmcgowan: so, I think the reason it works when the dialer-app is not running might be because when a new app is started the greeter goes away automatically (just tried launching an app from the command line)21:04
pmcgowanboiko, interesting, but I would still expect that when I open the greeter the app would be there and promoted21:06
boikopmcgowan: yep, that I am still investigating21:06
boikopmcgowan: I have seen that when the greeter is not visible, it works: the app gets correctly promoted21:06
sergiusensdavmor2, still around? if you are an app author, this is probably something you can verify for me bug #126800721:15
ubot5bug 1268007 in unity-scope-click (Ubuntu) "installed apps that where unpublished display error on long press" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/126800721:15
boikopmcgowan: so, I did the following: started dialer-app, went back to the dash, and on a terminal I ran: upstart-app-launch dialer-app21:18
boikoit got correctly promoted21:18
pmcgowanyou mean with the greeter up, and it went away?21:19
boikopmcgowan: greeter didn't go away, and the app was not promoted21:19
sergiusenspmcgowan, hey, can you reproduce this one: bug #126800921:21
ubot5bug 1268009 in unity-scope-click (Ubuntu) "Flaky network breaks click scope, installed apps not seen anymore" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/126800921:21
pmcgowanlet me see21:22
pmcgowansergiusens, did you have wifi off as well? I have as the nameserver21:25
sergiusenspmcgowan, I tried with wifi on and just changing to
sergiusenslet me fix the description21:25
pmcgowansergiusens, did you toggle the network off/on or something?21:29
sergiusenspmcgowan, nope21:29
pmcgowanI can still see everything21:30
sergiusenspmcgowan, I'm on wifi; I edit resolv.conf and change the DNS server;21:30
sergiusenspmcgowan, search for something21:30
pmcgowannow more stuff went away, and installed still there21:30
sergiusenspmcgowan, hmmm, I can reliably reproduce :-/21:30
pmcgowansearch is just spinning21:31
sergiusenspmcgowan, switch lens and go back21:31
pmcgowansergiusens, after the search its weird21:31
pmcgowanI see the first 9 apps only, and no More category at all21:32
pmcgowanswicthed to home and back and now they are there21:32
pmcgowannow they are 9 again, wird21:32
pmcgowansergiusens, I always see something, either all installed or first 9, it keeps toggling21:33
pmcgowanlike every 10 secs21:33
omacsendSMS using qt for android 5.2.0 with c++21:45
omacMy intention is to do the same app within ubuntu touch.21:46
omacIs there a c++ api for sending SMS text messages in ubuntu touch?  I was looking around for something like this for sending email messages also, but from within the actual ubuntu touch api knowledge base, there doesn't seem to be anything mentioned.  I did find libcurl  http://curl.haxx.se/libcurl/c/smtp-tls.html   and vmime https://github.com/kisli/vmime/tree/master/tests/net21:49
sergiusensomac, you do it with ofono, there's also ofono-qt http://paste.ubuntu.com/6729062/21:49
sergiusensomac, your app most likely won't be supported in the store though21:49
sergiusensnot yet at least21:50
omacThe python script you just pastbin'ed.  What is the name of it?  Is it in the repos?21:52
sergiusensomac, it's in  /usr/share/ofono/scripts/send-sms21:53
sergiusensfrom ofono21:53
omacofono-qt 6132187497 blahmessage21:53
omacdo I need delivery report?  do you have an example about delivery report somewhere?21:54
omacsergiusens: THANKS...You'll helped me a great deal sms wise21:55
omacgoing back to what you mentioned about the store.  It won't be supported?21:55
omacAre you saying we can't build straight c++ apps for ubuntu touch?21:56
omacI'm actually doing my best to completely avoid the qml/declarative stuff at the moment.21:57
omacOf course I will provide the sources for what I have at the moment.21:58
sergiusensomac, sms and such are supposed to go through trusted helpers22:00
sergiusensI might be wrong though22:00
sergiusensjdstrand, what's the deal with apps and sms? Do you know?22:00
omacit's a qt for android app.22:06
omacthe gui part should be ok from ubuntu touch however.22:06
omacQWizardPage should exist for ubuntu touch right?22:06
omacthe app compiles and runs on the desktop and the nexus 4 android 4.2.2(api 17).22:07
omacsergiusens:  do I need the delivery report parameter in that script?  can I get away with ofono-qt 6132187497 blahmessage?22:08
sergiusensomac, I'm not sure; I am not a Qt person22:10
omaci appreciate your time.  thanks.22:11
=== salem_ is now known as _salem
wolfzrati have a samsung tablet, can I put ubuntu-touch on it?22:43
omacgood question.  Lots of people are hoping ubuntu would offer up official support for samsung devices.  It hasn't happened in any official way.22:45
omacxda-devs might have a rom or two.22:45
omacjoin the #xda-devs channel and other will be able to help you there.22:46
omacwhich model do you have?22:46
jdstrandsergiusens: there is no policy for sms. that could incur data charges, so if apps were going to do it, we'd need a trusted helper22:48
wolfzrati believe its the samsung tab 222:50
omacwolfzrat:  I checked around, there doesn't seem to be any very recent images for samsung galaxy tab 2.  There are two models for that.22:56
wolfzrati have the model type22:57
wolfzratits a samsung tab 2 7.022:58
omacIf you really want ubuntu touch, I would suggest you get one of the officially supported pieces of hardware which are the Google Nexus tablets or phones.22:58
omacwhich one do you have though?22:59
wolfzratmodel: GT-P3113TSSXAR22:59
omacit's a wifi tablet right?  not 3g?23:08
omacMy only advice to you is to look for another Omap 4430-based ubuntu image that utilizes a display 7" or smaller.  You can test it that way.23:15
wolfzratsry omac23:15
wolfzratyes it has wifi build it23:16
omacI have seen advent vega with ubuntu 11.04 running on it, but it was not very fast and the display was too small so touching a big finger would touch too many buttons at the same time23:17
wolfzrathmm so what tab would be good for touch ubuntu23:17
omacmotorola devices were all omap based.23:19
wolfzrathmmm ok23:20
omacignore my advice.23:20
omacIt's too complicated.23:20
omacthere are too many differences.23:21
wolfzratlol ok23:21
omacif there was a cyanogenmod project for your particular device, there would be a fighting chance to get ubuntu touch on it, but there is work to be done.23:21
omacThere is a cyanogenmod, but it seems dated.23:23
omacgoogle nexus 4 uses cm 10.223:26
omacthe p5113 uses cm 10.0 .....http://download.cyanogenmod.org/?device=p511323:27
omacthis means there is no easy build to get ubuntu touch on your device.23:27
omactweaks would need to be done for sure.23:28
omacI don't do those tweaks.  I'm just an afficionado.  I did try to do something like this for the advent vega, but the terrible support from nvidia for their tegra 250 chipset made be abandon that idea.  It's also because the hardware was too plain slow ..i.e. usb 1.0 interfacing with the tablet and the flash memory in it was limited. also.23:29
omacI imagine since there hasn't been any work done on the p5113 device since 2012, that the same kind of issues surround this device also.23:30
omacIt's just too freakin slow to flash and try and flash and try the os on these older devices.23:31
omacDon't get me wrong.  It is a respectable dual-core 32-bit device.  It's just that now you can get an octa-core and possibly 64-bit in a few months time device for roughly 200-300$.23:34
omacThe other general rule of thumb I learned with my nvidia tegra 250 tablet is don't expect any kind of support past 2 years.23:34
omacYour device is made in 2012.  Time is up.  Start shopping for something newer and faster or get left in the dust.23:35
omacor even worse, you will be wasting so much time searching for solutions to your problems with dated hardware you will never know how much time you truly wasted.23:36
omacAll this to say, if you really want to see ubuntu touch, buy a google nexus 4.  If you get a google nexus 5, eventually there will be an ubuntu touch for it, but it hasn't materialized yet.  For the other android/cyanogenmod devices out there, it's luck of the draw from I have experienced.23:39
omacThe SOC chips with different combo cpu, graphics, network, phone chipsets on them plus add in the DRM salt to the mix makes it a real challenge to truly imagine all mobile devices with ubuntu touch on them with the limited canonical developers there are focus on just making everything work on the official devices.23:42
kaimastyeah... embedded devices is still a proprietary mess. It is really hard to port (and maintain) stuff23:44

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