shaunodiddledan: you about perchance?01:00
daftykinsah-har my fellow late nighters01:01
shaunoyeah, it's a bit suspect when you think there's a good chance someone will be here at 1am ;)01:01
diddledanhehe :-p01:01
shaunoquick wp Q; I have a theme I customized for a friend a few years back.  I'm trying to bring it up to date, and I'm realising that my "pull it into my text editor and have at it" method doesn't update well01:02
shaunowhat's the proper way to create a .. subtheme?  or at least what do they call it so I can google01:02
diddledanchild theme is the technical term01:02
shaunohm, that looks like a darned good start01:03
diddledanall a child theme requires to operate is a style.css which includes a standard wordpress style.css comment first-off which the addition of a line that reads something like "Template: parent-theme"01:03
diddledanthen you create files which override the parent01:03
diddledanso if the parent has an index.php and the child also has one then the child takes precedence01:04
shaunoI can pull php into that too?  there's quite a few code tweaks too01:04
shaunoah, cool01:04
diddledanoh you'll probably want to pub an @include statement in your style.css to include the parent's css and then put your overrides below that01:04
diddledanor is it @import?01:05
diddledanI forget01:05
diddledanprobably the latter now I think of it01:05
diddledan@include is a sass-ism I believe01:05
shaunoimport, but yeah01:05
shaunogoogle seems to have coughed up enough to keep me busy for now :)01:08
shaunomy previous method was 'grep for comments that start with my initials', which was .. well it's helping, but still a bit blunt01:08
knightwisehello everyone :)06:00
knightwisehey MartijnVdS ! ;-) Happy friday to ya ! :)06:00
MartijnVdSknightwise: my vm got rebooted :(06:06
knightwiseNo worries MartijnVdS :) It happens to the best of us06:10
knightwiseJust finished a big project in my house06:10
MartijnVdSyou now have running water?06:10
knightwiseexporting ALL our music from iTunes and making it cross-platform accessible :)06:10
knightwiseiTunesExporter + Samba share + Plex :)06:11
knightwiseAdd a Sonos to the mix and .. Cross platform open source friendly music for the family06:11
MartijnVdSsonos isn't really free though06:17
MartijnVdSbut: if your house is big enough to need multiple speakers -- cool :)06:37
knightwiseNot free , but also not hogging any data in a proprietary fashion06:41
knightwiseWe have a sonos 1 downstairs. Might add one for the bathroom/bedroom in the future06:42
* knightwise is gonna have a quick breakfast06:42
knightwisePlex seems to have a little trouble with my +15000 song database08:03
knightwisemusic collention i meant08:03
diploMorning all09:05
jussiIm very happy it is friday09:13
TwistedLucidityAnyone here using KVM?09:17
TwistedLucidityGot a wee question about back-ups.09:18
knightwiseno :( I'm using virtualbox09:20
knightwiseanyone know anything about what happens when you put a network card in "host only" mode ?09:20
=== Carlos is now known as Guest85083
TwistedLucidityIt's only visible to the host, and ot other VM's running on that host in "host only" mode09:22
knightwiseok , i'll try to explain09:24
knightwisemy host machine (running my vms) has 2 network cards09:24
knightwiseone connected to my internal network09:24
knightwiseone connected to my 'dmz'09:24
knightwisei've setup a virtual machine that I have configured to connect to my network using the adapter that is connected to the DMZ network09:25
TwistedLucidityAh, you mean put a physcial card into "host only" mode; not the "host only" networking option?09:25
knightwise(and I put that adapter in bridget mode)09:25
TwistedLucidityBridged to DMZ, gotcha.09:25
knightwiseso i want make absolutely sure that that VM doesnt talk to anything else EXCEPT the network connector that is tied to the DMZ09:26
knightwiseso do I select "bridged mode" or "host only ? "09:26
knightwisebecause when I run etherape on that machine I do see some connections to my "internal" network going on09:26
TwistedLucidityIf you select "Host only" it will only be able to talk to the host and other "host only" machines on the same host.09:27
TwistedLucidity"on that machine"? The host or the guest/VM09:27
knightwiseon the guest vm09:27
knightwisethe one I hooked to the DMZ connector and put into bridged mode09:27
knightwisesomehow it seems to talk to my host machine/network that is running my vms09:28
TwistedLucidityIt can talk to the host as the host is also on the DMZ.09:29
TwistedLucidityIf the guest can get from the DMZ to internal, isn't that just the host doing some routing?09:30
TwistedLucidityI'm not a networking expert, so I could be talking out my hat.09:30
knightwiseyes , but not with the address my guest is seeing09:30
knightwisethats my INTERNAL ip range09:30
knightwiseah holdon09:31
knightwiseI think its resolving that name from my DNZ network adapter09:31
knightwisemy machine is still "answering" on that interface too09:31
knightwiseyou are correct09:31
knightwisebut there are no services published on that ip.09:31
TwistedLucidityYou could trying fiddling around with iptables to further isolate the guest, but I'm afraid I couldn't help you with that09:32
knightwiseno problem :) I'm thinking of moving that machine to an old laptop anyway. that way i'm 100 procent sure there are no "bridges" between both networks09:33
knightwisejust figured it out09:37
knightwisethe traffic its seeing is broadcast traffic from the DMZ interface from my host adapter09:38
knightwisenothin to worry about :)09:38
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Friday, and happy Peculiar People Day! :-D09:52
MartijnVdSJamesTait: Happy #ubuntu-uk day to you too! ;)09:52
davmor2Morning all10:17
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.10:28
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brobostigonmorning MooDoo10:32
popey\o/ shipped https://www.tindie.com/products/Ryanteck/ryanteck-raspberry-pi-motor-controller-board/10:42
diploGot a project for it already popey ?10:48
* AlanBell is not feeling the love for pre-orders and kickstarters at the moment10:48
kvarleyHow can I create a SFTP user that can ONLY read/write in /srv/mydomain.com ?10:50
dwatkinstreat it as a user with ssh access to a chrooted jail, I guess, kvarley.10:52
kvarleyThanks dwatkins I'll check the wiki :)10:52
dwatkinsAlternatively, put their web root into their home directory. You could even put their logs into their home directory.10:52
AlanBellit is built in now10:52
dwatkinsI have an account on a server with multiple websites on it, each user has a 'www' and a 'logs' directory in their home, under which the domains and logs are stored for their domains.10:53
kvarleyThe problem is it's an existing virtualhost so it has to be /srv/mydomain.com really10:53
dwatkinsah ok, not so easy to change, then10:53
kvarleyI figured as much :P10:56
popeydiplo: ya10:56
* diplo buys one to open and close curtains in the morning/evening10:56
popeyits to go with http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/141142336606?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1497.l264810:56
popeywant to make a little wireless robot which scuttles about the house10:56
diploAlanBell: Whats happening with the ubuntu pi cluster thing, lost track of what was happening10:56
diplolooks fun popey10:56
AlanBelldiplo: we just got the rest of the money, so I will soon be ordering another batch of pi devices10:57
diploQuite interested to do that with my eldest, let me know how you get on10:57
AlanBelland I am going to be organising a bit of a hack day10:57
popeydiplo: yeah, thats the plan10:57
popeyhaving a python powered robot in the house10:57
popeywill be interesting to see how long the battery lasts running pi + controller + motors + maybe webcam10:59
popeymight add some sensors to detect walls etc10:59
brobostigonsounds interesting,11:01
diploSounds great, my friend bought a remote device inc webcam to watch his kittens whilst he was at work and cost him £2-30011:03
awilkinsWhy would you want to watch kittens via IP?11:06
* awilkins remembers lolcats and concedes11:06
diploI honestly didn't work that out11:07
* awilkins wonders if there is potential in having a webcam site that shows live streams of kittens11:07
awilkinsI mean, people will pay to see other things on webcams11:07
awilkinsWhy not kittens11:07
popeyooh http://www.gizchina.com/2014/01/10/leaked-photos-video-meizu-mx3-running-ubuntu/11:08
awilkinsApparently this guy is good for £300 and a certain amount of footling, he could subscribe to cutekittencams.com for a mere £10 a month11:08
awilkinsNice Chinese iPhone ripoff with Ubuntu on it...11:09
popeyhardly an iphone rip off11:09
awilkinsApple will say so11:09
popeyits gigantic for one thing11:09
awilkinsHas curvy corners and a middly buttony thing11:10
awilkinsApart from being gigantic it looks very iPhone11:10
awilkinsIs Ubuntuphone still a dual environment running Android as well?11:11
awilkinsOr is that more a manufacturers decision?11:11
jussilooks more like a galaxy something :P11:11
popeyubuntu phone never was dual boot11:12
popeyedge was11:12
popeyyeah, looks like those giant htc / samsung things.11:13
popeydont like giant phones at all. still clinging on to my 4s11:13
popeyeven iphone 5 and 5s are too big for me11:13
popeyi must have lady-hands11:13
awilkinsI'm rather fond of my slightly enormous Nexus 411:13
TwistedLucidityHarder to lose down the back of the sofa? :-)11:15
awilkinsActually, without a case on it it's a slippery sucker11:16
awilkinsYou have to be careful about putting it on *slightly* inclined smooth surfaces because environmental vibrations make it drift and slip off11:16
awilkinsAnd Gorilla glass is ace but the bezel must be made of VulnerableToDamageium11:16
jussiI have abroken N4 and a broken galaxy note 2...11:17
awilkinsIt's very nice without the case in the pocket - barely know it's there11:17
popeyyeah, broke my n4 within a few days11:17
popeystupid frictionless back11:17
foobarrystupid sexy flanders11:17
awilkinsBut I have a case, every time I take it off I ding the bezel again within an hour11:18
awilkinsThey should make the bezel out of that memoflex stuff they make high-end spectacles from11:19
jussiawilkins: ++11:23
jussiawilkins: did you see the new self healing back on some new LG?11:23
* awilkins has now googled it11:24
Myrttipopey: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1046165765/egg-the-intelligent-cat-companion?ref=home_popular11:30
popeygolly, thats doing well11:31
foobarryyou ever get that thing where sometimes you speak and you hear a voice that doesn't sound like you?11:41
foobarrylady in the shop asked if i wanted a receipt and i spoke and the voice sounded like moss "no thank you" from IT crowd11:42
foobarryi don't usually sound like moss11:42
jussioooh, 4.3 arrived on the S3 :)11:43
foobarrymuch hipster11:44
dwatkinsso trend11:46
foobarrysome overlap with OSS projects http://www.boredpanda.com/sharp-suits-worst-client-comment-posters/11:52
TwistedLucidityReads like a "pay by the minute" mini make/hack-space.11:53
TwistedLucidityfoobarry: Some of those are far too familiar....11:56
bigcalmI need the help from somebody who knows how to play with files in a directory from the CLI. I need to touch each file in turn and sleep for 1 second between each one. That possible?12:04
MooDoocan't you do a for file in ls? or something similar not sure the exact syntax12:05
awilkinsfor F in * ; do touch $F ; sleep 1; done12:06
bigcalmThat's the thing, I don't know how to do those things from the CLI :)12:06
bigcalmI could write it in PHP though :P12:06
bigcalmawilkins: ta :)12:06
dwatkinsfor i in * ; do touch "$i" ; sleep 1 ; done12:07
=== Lcawte is now known as Lcawte|Away
bigcalmAh, good point, might have spaces12:07
dwatkinsThat's off the top of my head, bigcalm, but should do the job.12:07
awilkinsPah, I just assumed that bigcalm was sensible enough not to have stupid file names with spaces  in12:07
bigcalmawilkins: these are files that have been uploaded by a client...12:08
dwatkinsNever underestimate the ability of users to give things silly names.12:08
MooDoodwatkins: I read that as never underestimate the power of the dark side lol12:08
dwatkinsUsers should be considered as evil, so that also applies, MooDoo.12:08
davmor2dwatkins: you are dealing with bigcalm never assume!12:09
* bigcalm kippers davmor2 12:09
davmor2bigcalm: hey the same rules applies to everyone else you just deserve it more :P12:10
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davmor2bigcalm: by the way that was a pretty funky pen but if I had it in my jacket pocket I would be terrified of ink leakage :)12:11
bigcalmdavmor2: one of the reasons why I don't usually take it out of my office12:12
davmor2bigcalm: it seems to me to be the most attractively fundamentally flawed pen in the world though ;)12:14
davmor2bigcalm: did you hear about bigron?  back in a&e12:14
bigcalmdavmor2: no, I didn't. Oh dear. I hope he's pulling through12:15
davmor2bigcalm: seems he got dehydrated and his heart started playing up https://www.facebook.com/mel.wellsted?fref=ts12:17
bigcalmdavmor2: I don't have access to her page12:20
davmor2bigcalm: Mel Wellsted Heart but dehydrated so in new x in reply to What is up with Ron ???12:21
MyrttiI'm at the moment encoding files from mp3 to amr-wb and that's basically the syntax I use to go through the files...12:24
MartijnVdSamr-wb? People actually use that?!12:25
Myrttibrilliant for audiobooks12:25
Myrttisince Nexus 5 doesn't support ogg speex12:25
MartijnVdSOh, I just use low-bitrate mp312:25
popeydavmor2: would be proud, I'm listening to way a bit of 80's today http://www.last.fm/user/popeydc12:27
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TwistedLucidity"Jesus Jones", now there's some flashbacks.12:39
davmor2popey: here have a biscuit for listening to the best decade of music12:41
davmor2MartijnVdS: Don't make me come over there, mostly cause I'll get wet and cold ;)12:49
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foobarryChannel 4 has removed all its full-length programmes from the video-streaming site YouTube.13:24
foobarryIt says it is directing viewers to its 4oD catch-up services instead.13:24
TwistedLuciditySo no 4od on Linux then13:24
TwistedLuciditySorry, "GNU/Linux"13:24
foobarryno flash on linux soon innit?13:24
TwistedLucidityFreedom haters13:24
marxjohnsonYou can use the Windows version of flash with pipelight13:25
foobarryno adobe flash anyway13:25
foobarrymarxjohnson: is that proven stable tech?13:25
marxjohnsonalthough milage varies13:25
marxjohnsonis anything? :)13:25
foobarryuntil adobe stop flash for windows...13:25
popeyyou can extract pepper flash from chrome too13:26
popeyno need for horrid windows flash13:26
popeyyou can have horrid linux flash13:26
foobarryi haz chrome13:26
foobarrybut pepper flash isn't the same though13:26
awilkinsDoes pepper flash work on Netflix? No, because that's Silverlight, <slaps self>13:27
awilkinsNeed pepperlight13:27
marxjohnsonpipelight is a reasonably good solution for silverlight stuff in my experience13:28
popeyfoobarry: isnt the same as what?13:28
foobarryjust checking...13:29
foobarrypepper flash != adobe flash, i thought there were drm constraints, but maybe i'm wrong13:30
foobarryvsphere web client works on pepper, so i'm happy13:30
MartijnVdSfoobarry: Pepper flash IS a version of Adobe flash13:30
popeyjust packaged differently13:31
foobarry4od no worky on rooted/CM tablets so fail13:31
TwistedLucidityWell soon it will all be HTML5, so no need for Flash. But HTML5 with DRM, so no-go on GNU/Linux13:31
TwistedLucidityAnd now that the MPAA has joined the W3C, the situation will only worsen.13:31
foobarrywhy no go13:31
foobarryits possible to do it, since chromebokos work with netflix13:32
MartijnVdSTwistedLucidity: oh?13:32
MartijnVdSTwistedLucidity: Widevine Content Decryption Module - Versie:
MartijnVdSEnables Widevine licenses for playback of HTML audio/video content.13:32
MartijnVdSpart of my Chrome..13:32
TwistedLucidityI might be mis-remembering then. But I thought HTML5 DRM'd video was dead on GNU/Linux.13:33
TwistedLucidityFor some reason13:33
MartijnVdSwell chrome has a plugin, no idea if it works, I don't know what "Widevine" is13:33
foobarryhow do google ensure only chromebooks can run netflix?13:37
=== roht is now known as wadzi
awilkinsYou can do DRM on Linux quite fine14:00
awilkinsIt's just a bit silly to implement it in open-source products14:01
awilkinsBecause someone will just turn the code into a decrypter / DRM stripper14:01
diplofoobarry: Isn't it a chip on their devices from memory14:01
TwistedLucidityMaybe that's why I thought it was a no-go.14:01
awilkinsMaybe Chromebook + Netflix requires some kind of TPM interaction14:02
=== alan_g|lunch is now known as alan_g
awilkinsLike you have to testify to the server that you are running the approved of stack with a signature14:02
* xnox loads up Backstreet Boys into my playlist =)14:04
MartijnVdSxnox: Why?!14:21
xnoxMartijnVdS: Never Say Never! And It's Friday Friday, gotta get down on Friday!14:22
MartijnVdS(because you want it that way?)14:22
MartijnVdSxnox: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4fndeDfaWCg14:23
dwatkinsFriday, Friday...14:35
dwatkinsxnox: you know she did this, too: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GVCzdpagXOQ14:35
MartijnVdSthere's a sequel now: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GVCzdpagXOQ14:35
MartijnVdS^5 dwatkins14:35
dwatkinsI like that she takes the mickey out of herself a little in that, too14:35
MartijnVdSdwatkins: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T5nfV3S7sqI14:37
xnoxdwatkins: omg =) she's grown up.14:37
dwatkinsMartijnVdS: yeah, I bet she's sick of the word 'Friday'14:42
directhexis it bad to start boozing at 3pm to help cope with all-day parenting duties?14:58
diddledandirecthex: it might be classed as being neglectful14:59
Laneyonly if you don't share it with child15:00
foobarryjust watched sherlock, it was a bit silly15:00
diddledanfoobarry: I'm not sure it was any more silly than the original conan doyle version15:04
diddledanbut tbh it's been a while since I read it15:05
foobarrythe wedding one was based on a book?15:05
foobarryhas sherlock peaked already?15:05
directhexpeak sherlock15:06
directhexsherlock production can only decline from here15:06
directhexas new sources of sherlock are discovered more slowly than existing sherlock reserves are exhausted15:06
Laneyshale sherlock15:06
foobarrysherlock fracking?15:07
directhexdeep-sea sherlock extraction15:07
Laneysherlock spews into the sea, causing devastation to coastal communities and wildlife15:07
diddledanfoobarry: every episode so far has been based on the book of the same name15:08
foobarryi think people have been drinking15:08
foobarryit felt like a xmas episode15:09
foobarrya bit silly, less effort, etc15:09
diddledanI hate when sherlock spurts all over me15:10
diddledanfamily friendly15:10
foobarryThe story is set in 1888. The Sign of the Four has a complex plot involving service in East India Company, India, the Indian Rebellion of 1857, a stolen treasure, and a secret pact among four convicts ("the Four" of the title) and two corrupt prison guards.15:10
foobarryglad they haven't been glamorising the drug taking though15:11
diploI didn't like the last one that much, got bored with it :/15:12
foobarrymy wife watched it from outside the room through a crack in the door15:12
foobarrybecause it was making her cringe15:12
awilkinsWe want more Irene Adler15:23
awilkinsFor painfully obvious reasons15:24
SuperMattSo I'm writing an app which does everything using a key-value store in postgres. I've gotta admit, it really does feel really nice doing it that way15:24
SuperMattOh, I know Irene Adler15:24
SuperMattaka Lara Pulver15:24
awilkins? Postgres does KV storage?15:24
SuperMattnot reall, you have two tables to represent key-value15:24
SuperMattand that's all you have15:24
SuperMattLara used to come in to my drama classes when I were a nipper15:25
awilkinsShe was pretty awesome in "Robin Hood" as well15:25
awilkinsAlthough I feel she's probably now typecast as "feisty lady who holds her own with smouldering allure"15:25
SuperMattthat's close to who she is in real life though15:26
SuperMattanyway, I'm not using hstore because I'd like to be able to use the same schema in mysql if I had to15:26
awilkinsProbably true of many actors15:27
SuperMattso I have two tables: objects and attributes15:27
SuperMattobjects has two columns: id and type15:27
SuperMattattributes has id, key and value15:27
SuperMattthe ids then map15:27
awilkinsIs there a reason why you need the attributes as separate rows?15:27
awilkinsIndexing, etc?15:27
awilkinsBecause this design doesn't really scale very well15:28
SuperMattschemaless databases15:28
awilkinsWouldn't you be better off using a real K/V store?15:28
SuperMattwell, you should talk to reddit about that ;)15:28
awilkinsI worked on an EHR app that tried to use this basic scheme15:28
SuperMattthis is how *they* do it15:28
awilkinsWe had prescription objects with 119 attributes15:28
awilkinsAnd blood tests and all sorts15:29
awilkinsIt ground to a halt at around 10M objects because the selects on the attributes table were such a nightmare15:29
awilkinsTHe only code I've seen that actually *reliably* provoked deadlocks from MSSQL15:29
awilkins(for reference ; when the CEO proposed this model I said "that won't scale", but I was too junior at the time to be taken seriously)15:30
SuperMattstrange, they way I'm imagining this going is that as long as the ids are indexed, I should be able to select anything by its id *really* quickly15:30
awilkinsOh, yes, probably15:30
awilkinsYou really want to put the FK to the object id as a clustered index if it will support that15:31
SuperMattI guess it might be a good idea to index the keys too15:31
SuperMattjust so I can narrow down the attributes quickly15:32
awilkinsOur thing had an index on the CHAR(255) value column15:32
awilkinsIt was painful15:32
awilkinsYou don't really need the primary key on the attributes table15:33
awilkinsExcept for updates15:33
awilkinsYou want the object ID field on the attributes table to be the organizing principle of the data if you can coax your RDBMS into doing it (e.g. a clustered index )15:34
awilkinsBut I could just be talking academia depending on how many rows you are scaling to15:34
awilkinsWhat kind of insert performance you need, etc15:34
SuperMattwell, for now it's only in alpha15:34
SuperMattif I have to change it, I will15:35
awilkinsHooray for Agile15:35
SuperMattwell, it's just me working on it, so it's hardly agile ;)15:35
awilkinsWhat I hate is people who don't want to risk changing things that don't work15:35
awilkins"We can't change it, it might break stuff.."    "IT DOESN'T WORK NOW...."15:36
awilkinsAlso, people who object to changes that would fix things....15:37
awilkins"It's covered by unit tests"    "BUT WE'D HAVE TO DO A FULL SYSTEM TEST!!!"15:37
awilkins(after they broke my screen-scraping interface by changing their screen layouts. Which they were explicitly told not to do.)15:38
awilkinsWrote a regex-scraper instead of a column-matrix one15:38
awilkinsThey reverted the change to their layouts instead15:38
Laneysomeone recommend me some nice 2.1 PC speakers plz15:39
Laneythese ones have a really annoying hum that I can't take any more15:39
awilkinsThis was for an "interface" that was clearly just something that programmatically drove a termainal15:39
awilkinsI have a set of 4.1 Creative ones that don't work properly anymore15:39
awilkinsBut I've been a 5.1 headphones type of guy for years15:40
Laneymy headphones are ok15:40
awilkinsMostly because exploding noises were disturbing the other occupants of the house15:40
LaneyI'd like to be able to hear the world15:40
Laneyso I don't miss the phone, people at the door etc15:40
SuperMattLaney: Logitech15:40
Laneythese hummers are logitech15:41
Laneymaybe cheap-ish ones though15:41
SuperMattoh, I've never had logitech hum at me15:41
SuperMattthough I normally spend a fair bit15:41
LaneyI think they are a few years old15:41
awilkinsWhat I always wanted was a set that you could plug your phones into and switch over easily15:42
SuperMattLaney: how much are you looking to spend, and what kind of input will you be using?15:42
awilkinsBecause crawling behind my PC to replace 5 x 3.5mm jack is bad for my blood pressure15:42
SuperMatthttp://www.amazon.co.uk/Logitech-980-000320-Z523-Speakers-Black/dp/B002MHYQJA/ <- this is the kind of money I would spend on 2.115:43
Laneyyeah just 3.5mm15:43
LaneyI dunno, could spend a bit if it's really worth it15:44
awilkinsNever had something that uses the optical15:44
SuperMattoptical ftw15:44
Laneydon't think I have optical out15:44
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|tea
Laneyoh it does have spdif15:46
SuperMattwell the one I linked to doesn't have spdif15:46
Laneyjust checked round the back15:46
Laneydidn't even know it was there :P15:46
SuperMattwell now you know you have spdif, you could go 5.115:47
Laneynot sure it'd be worth it15:47
SuperMatthttp://www.amazon.co.uk/Logitech-Z-906-Surround-Sound-Speakers/dp/B004MY4PU6/ <- I've got ones like these, but not this new15:47
LaneyI don't really play PC games, and this room is pretty small15:47
SuperMattfair enough15:47
SuperMatteach to their own15:47
ali1234any bash experts? i need some help with job control: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6727253/15:54
Laney$! just after you background a process contains that process's pid15:57
SuperMattI have no idea what you're doing15:57
ali1234open the serial port, wait 1 second, write a string, close serial port15:57
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SuperMattI really don't know :/15:58
ali1234all i need to do is run a command backgrounded, then run some other commands, then kill the backgrounded command15:59
SuperMattcould you not killall cat?16:01
ali1234not really... what if i happened to be using cat forsometing else at the time?16:01
SuperMattor ps auxww | grep cat | awk '{print $2}' to get the pid?16:02
ali1234i think i got it anyway16:02
davmor2SuperMatt: Don't say that round me and popey,  popey tell him he is advertising the people killall cat :D16:02
SuperMattor not auxww, cos that will get all of them, maybe just ps16:02
SuperMattseems like it might work16:03
davmor2popey: how is skye now?16:03
popeysleeping ☻16:05
foobarrywow. chromebooks took 21% of US laptop market vs apple 4% last year16:39
popey"Year of the Linux desktop"16:41
foobarryif you can bear to read register article16:42
foobarryi noticed move from arm -> intel though :(16:42
foobarrymaybe lots of chrome sales were from people with laptops already ;)16:43
SuperMattchromebook = good 'kiddie's first laptop'16:46
foobarrynot for school kids though it seems, as they keep on requiring some proprieatry windows crap on occasion16:47
directhexchromebook surge = overstated16:49
SuperMattalthough you can save as doc(x)? from google docs, right?16:49
directhextraffic stats on ye olde steamose website, i have more than twice as many visitors with Windows Phone as ChromeOS16:49
SuperMattI've got to admit, I've never seen anyone using a chromebook in the wild16:51
SuperMattmaybe d0od will be able to tell us how his visitor stats from omgchrome stack up against omgubuntu16:51
foobarryeasy to see, check facebook likes17:00
SuperMattgood point17:00
SuperMatt1/11th the likes17:00
popeyfoobarry: loads of kids at wifeys school have chromebooks17:10
AlanBellI think I will be buying chromebook(s) this year17:10
diddledanI wonder why google haven't suggested a chromeslate?17:14
diddledani.e. all the benefits of chromebook and all the benefits of tablet17:15
davmor2diddledan: it's called android on a tablet17:16
diddledanI don't see android as being the same thing17:16
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Myrttiboggis bunce and bean...17:32
diddledanI was about to say the exact same thing, Myrtti17:39
Myrttididdlydoodiddledan ;-)17:40
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DJonesInteresting report http://insights.ubuntu.com/resources/article/ubuntu-scores-highest-in-uk-gov-security-assessment/19:13
salutesGenius , pure genius (since 2005 , no less !) :   http://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/linuxiow19:18
salutesWhoopsie wrong channel .19:18
SuperMatthttp://www.supermatt.net/2014/01/password-hashing/ <- this. yes or no?19:21
czajkowskipopey: Laney https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BdpFhx1IUAIcGAA.jpg:large19:40
popeyye olde19:40
directhexrelated: anyone have any feature requests before sunday? i'm planning on tagging19:51
map|workwatching eastenders?20:09
daftykinsgood lord no!20:14
map|workdo you follow/listen/watch or whatever any podcasts ? I never really got into podcasts20:20
daftykinsnah i find i end up trying to do other things whilst listening, then don't actually pay attention :(20:20
daftykinsi can't just sit and listen to something20:20
map|workhahaha that's kinda what I do too20:22
map|worknext question:D do you read any linux sites/magazines?20:22
daftykinsi used to watch LAS from jupiter broadcasting20:23
daftykinsbut other than that nah i know of no news forms for it20:23
zleapi have just pressed something in xchat that has detached the #dcglug chat window from the xchat progam any idea how to put it back please20:24
daftykinsbut then i more dabble than i am a real big user of it20:24
map|workyou just need to drag it back into the main window i think zleap20:24
map|workdafty dont you use ubuntu as your main OS for everydya use?20:24
daftykinsno sir20:24
map|workah ok, windows?20:24
daftykinsi have 3 Linux servers though20:24
daftykinsi mostly support windows + mac users20:25
zleapfile manu - attach20:25
zleapi think20:25
map|workwhat os do you 8use20:27
daftykinsmostly on windows 7 across my personal systems20:27
daftykinsactually you know i accidentally lied, i'm sat in front of my HTPC right now which is ubuntu20:27
daftykinsbut that doesn't count so much since it's really just booting straight into XBMC20:28
map|workwhat do you use linux for then20:28
directhexdaftykins, i get a mention in LAS :D20:28
daftykinsdirecthex: :O did they contact you about ye olde?20:28
daftykinsmap|work: servers mostly20:28
directhexdaftykins, that's why i said a mention - they didn't contact me20:29
map|workahh thanks20:29
directhexabout 12:4020:30
daftykinsdirecthex: you always qualify things as if the words you use can only be interpreted one way, but language sir, is not a science20:30
directhexdaftykins, i try to be extremely precise with my language, but you are correct that it may not be interpreted that way20:30
daftykinsyou could've been being modest :D but anywho exposure = good news \o/20:31
map|workhm what servers do u run dafty? openVPN/apache/openFTPD/bind on my machine :D and it sounds so damn loud20:32
daftykinsmostly web and file serving20:33
daftykinsand since VMs are cheap - a dedicated VM solely for this IRC client 8D20:33
map|worki always mean to mess about with making like a domain controller so like my windows machines all share same user/pass and home dirs mapped to linux server - you any experience with that20:33
map|worktried it..and it didnt work right :)20:34
daftykinswell, i find any windows machines attached to a domain instantly slow down20:34
daftykinsplus it becomes a central point of failure setup20:34
map|workcentral point of failure i agree..and agree but surely shared logins and userdir would be good?20:35
foobarryfedora: http://i.imgur.com/Yd1oEUt.jpg20:35
daftykinswell, i have a local file server so my PCs are more like just clients already20:35
daftykinsugh Doge needs to go away as swiftly as it came about :P20:36
foobarryi do it to keep MartijnVdS happy20:36
map|workoo[ps closed the window20:37
map|workwhat a mug20:37
daftykinsfoobarry: i'll let you off!20:37
map|workso how would you do shared user/pass and userdirs?!20:37
map|workor was the point you wouldnt?20:37
daftykinsnah i wouldn't see the need20:39
daftykinsit comes at too high a cost :)20:39
daftykinsalthough it could be fun to play with20:40
map|workwell surely thats what they do in unis?20:40
daftykinsdoesn't Linux have its' own native directory services equivalent 0o20:40
map|workhmm not sure, ive seen samba being used as a PDC with windows machines and shared home dir/user pass20:40
map|workkerberos - whats that used for?20:40
foobarrywhat do you want to achieve?20:41
map|workwell like a work/uni environment where you can logon to any machine with your l/p and its got the same homedir so the homedir must be mounted off the server20:41
daftykinsyeah back in my uni department they were NFS mounts i think20:42
map|workand it uses the l/p off server - just wondering how best to do it (i dont need to at all..just curious/interested/learning)20:42
foobarryldap, nfs, autmount20:42
daftykinsah yeah LDAP20:42
map|workah so no samba PDC needed at all?20:42
daftykinsnot if it's fully native20:42
foobarrywith linux clients?20:42
foobarrynot with linux20:42
map|workwith windows clients for now..20:42
map|workcould you do windows clients with ldap?20:43
foobarryAD = ldap (kindof)20:43
map|workso yes should work with linux and windows20:43
foobarrysamba can implement this but its a massive pain20:43
map|workso if i used openldap/nfs/automount - it would work like i was talking? yea i tried with samba before and it never worked quite right..emoty home dirs after login lol20:44
foobarryif you want full AD features like group policy etc20:44
foobarrydomain auth etc20:44
map|workwhats kerberos used for? sure ive seen that mentioned loads on my travels20:45
daftykinspure authentication20:45
daftykinsafaik at least20:46
map|workyea SSO i remember reading20:46
map|workso not essential20:46
daftykinsnah it's just a mechanism for authenticating safely, with remote systems i think20:46
foobarryyou can use windows AD server for the win hosts, and add a couple of posix aatributes to the AD schema (this is supported) for the linux clients to auth against AD20:46
map|workoh i thought it was single sign on..i dunno :)20:47
map|workthanks foobarry il mess about with it later-like i say its just for interest/learning20:47
foobarryhybrid environments are a bit sucky20:48
map|worktoo much of a headache to do it now (stupid flu) :(20:48
foobarrywhat ends up happening is companies get windows guys in to design the AD auth and they never consider non windows clients ever20:49
foobarryman, the LAS guys just talk over each other at the same time20:49
foobarryi can't bear it20:50
daftykinsi mostly thought the guy on the left never got a word in ;)20:50
foobarrynot sure how up to date this is map|work https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ActiveDirectoryHowto20:51
foobarryi think fedora can auth against AD out of the box for many versions now20:51
map|workthanks foo20:54
map|workSo says the radiotimes :)20:54
foobarryneed to remember to check this on my work pc20:56
map|workwill read in sec eating and watching enders:D20:57
foobarryeven 1ms of that programme depresses me20:58
map|workim at work so it's ok21:00
map|worksomeone just came in to speak to me and ive got this up and iplayer21:00
map|workworking hard clearly :D21:00
foobarrymight have an early night21:01
foobarryexpecting baby to wake at 3am21:01
map|worki think they cap the bw here now fs21:08
map|workcant see it being browser related?21:08
map|worki always get errors about insufficient bw21:09
map|workalthough youtube's fine21:09
daftykinserrors talking about bandwidth? how odd21:21
map|workwhen  i stream stuff off iplayer ya21:23
map|workbut it's working now in ffox21:23
map|work38mbs ping download 50mbit upload 10.6 clearly enough21:23

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