rww.oO(i wonder which three candidates will be selected out of the pool of three)00:41
philipballewraevol, did it now :)00:42
DarkwingLooooooong time no chat guys00:42
rwwhihi Darkwing00:42
DarkwingHow are you guys?00:42
philipballewdoing pretty good. you?00:43
DarkwingHanging in there.00:43
DarkwingTrying to warm up00:43
philipballewDarkwing, Indiana problems.00:44
DarkwingIt was -40 Windchill a couple days ago.00:45
philipballewIs Ft Wayne able to cope, or is there any big problems because of it?00:47
DarkwingThe state was under emergancy travel only for two days.00:48
DarkwingWell, that about because we had a blizzard.00:48
DarkwingBut, we weathered it.00:48
DarkwingLooking forward to a Cali trip at some point.00:49
philipballewDarkwing, California is waiting.00:49
raevolsup sup Darkwing00:50
raevolphilipballew: yea :D i think so00:50
DarkwingI have a NICE house for a low price over here lol00:50
philipballewDarkwing, yeah, I don't plan on living on California in several years.00:51
raevolphilipballew: i'll update you, but for now, i must away ere break of day to find my long forgotten gold00:51
DarkwingMy morgage is 650mo for a 3 bed 2 1/2 bath 1800 sqft house.00:51
philipballewthat is hella good.00:52
philipballewIve been to that part of Indiana about 4 times. It's not bad at all.00:52
DarkwingIt a really nice area.00:52
DarkwingPlus, Ingress is awesome here.00:52
philipballewI hear it's a fun game.00:53
rwwi should probably get that00:54
rwwnot sure my phone can handle it tho00:54
Darkwingohhhhhhh dude....00:54
DarkwingJoin the Enlightened.00:54
* philipballew is currently rocking a dumb phone00:57
bkerensaDarkwing: I am enlightened00:57
DarkwingWhoo! OpenDarkwing01:00
DarkwingMy wife is AngelBob01:00
rwwphilipballew: port Ubuntu Phone to it!01:02
philipballewrww, YES! Maybe I can be a cool hacker then!01:03
DarkwingDoes Ubuntu Phone allow teathering yet?01:03
=== jono is now known as Guest35005
iheartubuntugreets everyone :)04:08
nhainesrww: when you play Ingress, be Resistance like me.04:17
nhainesiheartubuntu: howdy.  :)04:17
iheartubuntuHappy New year Nathan!04:18
nhainesiheartubuntu: thanks, and you too!  :)  I hope yours has been great so far!04:19
iheartubuntuyes! what i remember of it anyhow :)04:19
nhaineshaha  :)04:19
nhainesI'm doing pretty good at organization this year.  I plan to post on Planet about it.04:19
iheartubuntuive switched from beer to fireball whiskey... a move to cut down on carbs :) my wife does not like this idea04:20
iheartubuntuare you attending SCaLE?04:21
iheartubuntui hope ot make it04:21
iheartubuntuIve been using Elementary OS on my 3 main machines. Really like it a lot. I just installed Xubuntu on an old system at work. I love it. Finally found something modern that works on a 10 year old system. Many similarities to eOS.. I wonder if they took some nods fro mXubuntu04:22
nhainesiheartubuntu: haha, still beer for me but the last articles I sold did get me a new bottle of scotch!  :)  I'm very much hoping to attend SCaLE again.  This'll be number 7 I think.04:23
iheartubuntuwhat kind of scotch?04:24
nhainesElementary OS didn't impress me, although I was annoyed that it supported dual monitors on my laptop with no problem when Ubuntu doesn't.  :)04:24
nhaines12 year Macallan.  Aged in sherry casks!04:24
iheartubuntuI have fond memories of scotch. I grew up waiting for my dad to come home from work, sit on his lap, get him a scotch and light his cigar as we watch Star Trek!04:24
nhainesFunny how those memories stick with us!04:25
iheartubuntuI still cant get into scotch. I must need to find the right kind04:25
nhainesWell, Macallan is nice, and Glenlivet is also very smooth.  I suppose the best thing to do is find a bar with a good selection or somewhere that does tastings.  :)04:26
iheartubuntuanyone interested in the best irish coffee head over to Caseys Irish Pub in downtown LA. Better than the Buena Vistas IMO04:26
iheartubuntugood idea04:27
iheartubuntureal whiskey & coffee and a nice head of homemade cream on it04:27
nhainesThat does sound good!04:27
nhainesHow's the news site going?04:31
iheartubuntubeen slow. im trying to revive it with some bitcoin news04:32
iheartubuntui notice many of the ubuntu blogs out there have nosedived04:32
iheartubuntusome good ones too04:32
nhainesYou could always talk about the Ubuntu bitcoin app.  :)04:32
iheartubuntutheres really just OMG Ubuntu and a couple others left04:32
iheartubuntuyes i do want to04:32
iheartubuntuthere are several bitcoin wallet apps04:32
iheartubuntuand from thr bitcoin conference i went to some amazing stuff coming to ubuntu soon04:33
nhainesOh, I meant the Ubuntu SDK-based one.  But yeah, there are some interesting bitcoin opportunities out there.04:33
iheartubuntui wish canonical would start accepting BTC for payments of things... app store purchases, askubuntu boutnies, etc04:33
nhainesAsk Ubuntu is run by Stack Exchange.  :)04:34
iheartubuntuoverstock.com just started accepting BTC this morning04:34
nhainesBut yeah, it would be handy.  Probably fairly easy.  In fact, you could really integrate bitcoin into Ubuntu One if you wanted to.04:34
nhainesI saw that.  Very exciting.04:34
iheartubuntutheres easy ways to integrate it too. right within the cart itself or at the final payment point.04:35
iheartubuntuis canonical at CES this year?04:35
nhainesHmm, I don't know.  I thought they were but now I can't place any sources.04:35
iheartubuntui want to record a podcast. anyone know how to do it on ubuntu? maybe with skype/04:40
nhainesAnd if you need remote or call-in support, then Mumble.  :)04:42
iheartubuntuhmmm OK thanks04:50
iheartubuntucatch everyone on the flip side :) nice chatting @nhaines05:54
raevolhappy Friday!!17:24
kdubhappy friday raevol20:30
rwwi think i will go to Diablo Valley LUG today20:30
raevolkdub ! good to hear from you man :) hope things are well21:08
kdubyep, pretty good21:09
kdubwe should resurrect raevol / kdub / philipballew time (aka the SD ubuntu hour)21:09
raevoldefinitely... been hard to get ahold of philipballew lately, though i should probably try harder haha21:19
philipballewkdub, I could be down for something like that sure.21:36
philipballewraevol, excited about your talk I assume?21:41
raevolphilipballew: yea :) waiting to get a confirmation of my confirmation, just to be sure, but yea super excited!21:42
philipballewraevol, The speakers room is always nice then.21:43
philipballewfood and coffee is always a plus21:44
philipballewraevol, I am usually free most of the weekends these days if we want to do a meetup. The weeks are jam packed these days it seems.22:18
philipballewmight be able to do a weeknight, but I'll have to look into that22:18
philipballewkdub, ^22:18
kdubeh, workdays are a bit better, but i'm flexible22:19
raevolphilipballew: yea a weekend might work for me too...22:22
philipballewI'll look at my schedule next week,  and we should try to do one before scale then.22:25

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