rick_h_greg-g: wood pron https://plus.google.com/116120911388966791792/posts/Xx1Ff59sz1302:33
jjessenice job02:33
rick_h_thanks, we'll see how it goes. getting closer and closer02:36
cmaloneyGood morning13:10
rick_h_morning and such13:11
rick_h_27 on the old temp gauge...I might have to go get shorts13:11
cmaloneyYeah, it's like a heat-wave.13:14
cmaloneygotta love Microsoft14:51
cmaloneyWindows Xp comes off support in April and Windows 7 is pretty much impossible to purchase.14:51
cmaloneyunless you want to play OEM roulette or spend +$30014:51
cmaloneyI don't want an OEM version14:57
cmaloneyThat's the System Builder version right?14:57
brouschWorks for me14:57
brouschI have a VM running it14:58
cmaloneyIs there anything special to purchasing the OEM version and activating it?14:59
rick_h_grrr, this target thing is starting to make me angry http://r.bmark.us/u/8844ed92d1cd6e15:07
rick_h_of course my wife did a bunch of shopping there this holiday season15:07
rick_h_yea, pretty much15:09
cmaloneyrick_h_: should have gone to Meijer instead. ;)15:09
rick_h_she hates that place :P15:09
cmaloneyNobody piches your data tighter than Meijer15:09
rick_h_well they don't ask for it :)15:09
rick_h_but yea, this reaction to this crap has been horrible15:09
cmaloneyYeah they do. It's called MPerks.15:09
rick_h_at first I didn't care15:09
* rick_h_ has never seen it15:10
cmaloneyMPerks is awesome15:10
cmaloneyIt's digital coupons15:10
cmaloneyand cash-back15:10
cmaloneyIf you power-shop for your groceries at Meijer it makes some damn good sense.15:10
cmaloneyHonestly I wish more places would do this15:11
cmaloneyI get a little cranky having to print and clip a coupon15:11
cmaloneyesp. Staples since I already am using my rewards card.15:12
cmaloneyand biggby too15:12
brouschThis looks like fun http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/393053146/powerup-30-smartphone-controlled-paper-airplane15:34
rick_h_jcastro: ping15:48
greg-gque es "power-shop"?16:06
jjesse__Meijer makes me angry16:06
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jjessei think its the lights they use, seems harsh and makes me feel angry when i walk in16:06
brouschI love meijer16:07
brouschI go at 7:30AM each week on Saturday or Sunday.16:07
greg-gand he's angry for the rest of the day16:08
brouschAt 9:30AM I hate meijer because it is full of asshats16:08
cmaloneyI <3 Meijer as well16:28
cmaloneythough Target has an atmosphere that makes me want to buy things there16:28
cmaloneylike throw-pillows and matching lamps16:29
cmaloneyI have no idea why that is16:29
greg-gpsychology, they know16:34
cmaloneygreg-g: power-shop = go there for just about everything that we need grocery and otherwise.16:35
greg-gah, one-stop shopping16:36
cmaloneygreg-g: yeah, I'm a big fan of Meijer16:37
greg-gI thought power-shopping was more akin to "buy in bulk when the deal is right" aka "super coupon clipping nerds"16:37
cmaloneyThat too16:37
cmaloneybut we're not nearly as bad as some folks I know like my parents16:37
cmaloneythey're the ones picking up 8 salsas because they're 2/416:38
greg-gif you have the pantry space...16:38
cmaloneythey do, and they use it16:38
cmaloneyit's almost like a bunker though16:38
cmaloneywe're not so lucky in the cupboard space.16:38
greg-gus neither16:39
cmaloneygreg-g: Shit, if you had a pantry that could be sublet for a family of four in CA.16:39
cmaloney$800 a month. ;)16:39
greg-gdone with roommates16:39
cmaloneygreg-g: yeah, I don't understand how folks do it16:40
cmaloneyit's easier with someone you want to be with, but people you kinda-sorta-like-but-not-really would be a pain in the ass.16:40
greg-gin certain points in your life and in certain special situations, otherwise, ughhhhh16:40
brouschSeeing these new Android desktop all-in-ones makes me want to take Android dev more seriously17:01
rick_h_the web runs on everything :P17:02
brouschBut it doesn't do some things well17:04
brouschI have 2 family emember who like their chromebooks17:04
brouschYes, have switched to chromebook and are happy17:05
rick_h_I meant what things do you want to do that the web doesn't do?17:06
mathomastechWhat is the CSS convention in distinguising 3 class names that are identical. My example is this. I have a class called left and can pertain to the header, body, and footer of an object. But each has unique code. Right now I am using left for body, hLeft for header, and fLeft for footer. Is there a CSS convention I should be following or is it a matter of personal taste?17:49
rick_h_yea, don't do that :)17:49
rick_h_use left, and it does the common thing17:49
rick_h_and if they need tweaking setup .left .header {changes}17:50
rick_h_errr, .left.header {}17:50
rick_h_using something like sass makes this really nice because the nested structure is obvious and readable17:50
mathomastechYea, I read using Less or sass allows me to use variables, which would completely solve the problem. Right now I am just using raw css.17:51
rick_h_pastebin something specific and can be more specific17:51
mathomastechcan I send you github link?17:51
mathomastechbtw, I totally borrowed the design idea from the CHC website.17:52
rick_h_so .hLeft should be .header.left {}17:53
rick_h_you want .left to mean something, .header to mean something, and the two together to add some extra bits17:53
mathomastechSo then do I need just a single .left with 3 sub classes in it (header, footer, body)17:54
rick_h_well things should nest and cascade17:54
rick_h_it's generally bad form to try to do things too custom, but you need what you need17:55
mathomastechAhh, I  think I got it figured out. Neat, so when you call a class from html, in this case <p class = "header left"> it only pays attention to the .header.left in CSS.18:08
rick_h_mathomastech: no, it does threee18:09
rick_h_and .header.left18:09
brouschrick_h_: I'm having a hard time coming up with something that can be done on Android that can't on Chromebook. Only storing files, photo, and video editing come to mind. Those can be done on web, but are clumsier18:12
rick_h_brousch: yea, why i like web dev18:12
rick_h_unless you need something specific, works on iphone, android, osx, etc18:12
brouschDoing anything offline18:12
rick_h_even offline works for some things18:13
brouschIt is ugly18:13
brouschI'll have to think about this more though18:13
brouschIt may be that I just like the user experience of Android better than a web browser OS so it's tainting my thoughts18:14
mathomastechrick_h_  Thanks. So I removed the plain .left, and have 3 different className.left classes instead. It's much less ugly now.18:15
rick_h_mathomastech: coolio18:19
rick_h_brousch: there are advantages18:20
rick_h_brousch: the use of intents18:20
rick_h_derekv has some nice stuff in the bookie android app that we don't/can't have in the web app18:20
brouschBut it's interaction with the native OS. If the native OS is chromeos, then that goes away18:21
cmaloneyAnd people say I'm hard to shop for.18:21
rick_h_brousch: true18:21
rick_h_cmaloney: heh18:22
cmaloneyThough I'd be hard-pressed to even hit one of those drum heads.18:22
brouschrick_h_: Although having apps interact with each other is a lot harder in web18:22
brouschIf all your files are stored on Google/Dropbox, you need a service that can interact with those to use your files18:23
rick_h_brousch: right18:23
rick_h_have to build in apis18:23
brouschcmaloney: Rush2012 pendant necklace is heading your way now!18:24
brouschYou're gonna look so gangsta!18:24
cmaloneybrousch: tx. :)18:25
cmaloneyBecause pimpin' ain't easy.18:25
brouschEven better http://www.rushbackstage.com/rushbackstage/accessories-etc/rush-belt-buckle.html18:25
cmaloneyI'd totally wear that. :)18:26
mathomastechUpdated with more prettyness. https://github.com/mathomastech/cardLayout/blob/master/cardLayout.css18:29
mathomastechOr rather, with less uglyness.18:29
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brouschrick_h_ does it and suddenly everyone else is on board http://hardware.slashdot.org/story/14/01/10/1441210/4k-is-for-programmers18:31
rick_h_brousch: you should know by know I control all :)18:33
rick_h_konw by now bah18:33
cmaloneybrousch: rick_h_ isn't a trend setter; he is the trend.18:34
rick_h_this one was quick though. Usually it takes a few years of calling me names :)18:34
cmaloneyrick_h_: We're moving in internet time. :)18:35
cmaloneyThat and I think folks are getting a little tired of two monitors18:35
cmaloneyjust for the real-estate18:35
brouschI would prefer 1 ginormous monitor18:35
rick_h_I'd like to have this 24 as a 27, but bigger than that and it's too much space to eat up18:35
rick_h_in the end, you dont' want 10 different apps running giving you feedback at once18:36
rick_h_you can't concentrate on things18:36
cmaloneyThat's the real problem.18:38
cmaloneyI wish workspaces were something I used more.18:38
brouschOur draftsmen have 27"ers. I find them overwhelming18:38
brouschBut then I found our 24"ers overwhelming for a week18:38
rick_h_yea, I'm coming from 21's so the 24 is nice since I went from 3 to 118:38
cmaloneyalso wish the issue of NVidia displaying white windows when I switch workspaces would also be fixed.18:38
* rick_h_ stops reading comments on that /. link before he loses the day and get banned18:40
rick_h_waf can verify, tiling window managers ftw on these high res displays18:40
cmaloneyYeah, i've started using the windowing under tmux for my ssh sessions18:40
cmaloneyI figure I'll hit lim(rick_h_) within a few years.18:41
cmaloneybut by then the bar will have moved. ;)18:42
rick_h_I'm just glad not every damn monitor/display is stuck at 1920x1024 any more18:46
rick_h_those were an annoying few years18:47
cmaloneyI just await the point where rick_h_'s monacle becomes sentient.18:47
trevlarmathomastech: just a thought.. you could rename your master branch to gh-pages so github will automatically serve it.. would be easier to demo18:47
cmaloneyWe'll all benefit then. ;)18:47
mathomastechtrevlar: I am using that repository just to host the library. I actually have a live demo copy on my actual website.18:50
mathomastechBut that actually might be more convenient, to have Github automatically update the demo, rather than me copying over the latest files.18:52
cmaloneyWoo!!! A super-secret package that I hope JoDee hasn't tried to order is winging its way to us20:12
cmaloneyLooks like her birthday is coming earlier than I expected.20:12
brouschWhy I love Django https://devcharm.com/pages/79-must-have-django-packages20:23
rick_h_because it's python? :P20:38
cmaloneyrick_h_: http://magnatune.com/artists/superdirt220:55
cmaloneyNot sure if this might be up your alley but I'm liking it20:55
cmaloneyIt's like classical electronic music.20:57
cmaloneyrick_h_: Also http://magnatune.com/artists/jag21:00
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