JonathanDhi rmg5110:00
teddy-dbearMorning peoples, dogs, turkeys and everything else13:11
kastedgood morning13:18
kastedthis ice outside is ridiculous13:18
teddy-dbearlet's go ice skating13:32
kastedwell i have seen some cars out there ice skating this morning.13:34
pvl1no bueno14:28
ChinnoDogIt looks like it was doing the right thing by taking the train.15:29
lazypowerhaha good point15:51
JonathanDMy graphics are now toast darnit.17:44
JonathanDstupid nvidia17:45
JonathanDI was trying to get my external monitor to work, which I did, but it breaks everything else.17:47
lazypowerUsing proprietary kern mods?17:50
JonathanDI had the nvidia binary driver installed.17:50
JonathanDI'm removing it now, but thats non-ideal, since I do a bit of gaming on here.17:51
lazypowerI hear ya. Which card?17:52
JonathanDNVS 42017:54
JonathanDI think17:54
* JonathanD confirms17:54
JonathanD4200M rather17:54
JonathanDoddly another but I've been chasing seems to have resolved itself along this ride.17:55
JonathanDmy touchpad no longer re-enables itself every time I reboot/login.17:56
lazypowerSmall victory for the win17:56
lazypowerI'm running a 550Ti, With the cards being so radically different i don't think my anecdotal findings will be of much help17:56
JonathanDIt seems I'm not the only one.17:56
JonathanD295 is pretty old though.17:57
lazypoweryeah, that it is.17:59
lazypowerSeveral improvements to GPU performance since that release.17:59
JonathanDI might just try installing it again.17:59
JonathanDsee what happens.17:59
lazypowerWorth a shot.18:01
lazypowerAre you sure it wasn't just loss of config magic?18:01
lazypowerI mean, after enabling i usually have a couple of strange reboots until I get everything setup via nvidia-configuration-manager18:01
JonathanDlazypower: nah, it never worked.18:02
JonathanDI just never bothered to look into it til today.18:02
JonathanDbeyond plugging things in and stuff18:02
lazypowerOk :)18:03
JonathanDreinstalling it18:04
JonathanDprobably crash again lol18:04
JonathanDhere goes nothing.18:08
JonathanDnow it boots to a black screen \o/18:09
lazypowermine does that18:11
lazypowerlightdm fixes it :P18:11
JonathanD400x300 though18:14
JonathanDbut success.18:14
JonathanDsomeone count hte fields on settings->displays for me?18:15
JonathanDspecifically tab stops from resolution to ok or whatever18:15
lazypowerdo you need all the fields? Or do you just want the 1280x960 resolution for 1080p?18:21
JonathanDit's more broken then that I guess.18:22
JonathanDI'm going to nuke nvidia again and just use the open source driver for now18:23
JonathanDI'm stuck with potatoscreen18:29
JonathanDcan I use google docs from curl? :)18:32
waltmanuse nc and send the invididual hits back and forth18:32
JonathanDseems reasonable18:33
JonathanDWould anyone like to place bets on what other thing I Break trying to get graphics working?18:38
JonathanDI'm going to end up reinstalling :/18:38
lazypowerUgh dont say that18:53
lazypowerwe can fix it18:53
JonathanDI have graphics again.18:53
JonathanDand dual monitors18:53
JonathanDbut no accel18:53
lazypowerIf nothing, my optimism will will it to work18:53
JonathanDat least I can work now... giving up until tomorrow.18:54
lazypowerJonathanD, are you familiar with PGP keys?18:55
lazypowerI uploaded a public PGP key to keyserver.ubuntu.com but when searching by fingerprint it comes up with no results.18:58
JonathanDnew "feature"18:58
lazypowerA0FB 9052 3499 42D8 DBF5  42CC D5B4 3AD2 BF48 37AF18:58
lazypowerthats the proper format for a signature right?18:58
lazypowerOh, its in there I was searching by the key fingerprint. My mistake19:01
JonathanDlazypower: I've determined I didn't actually fix the touchpad issue, I just broke it so badly taht it doesn't work anymore.20:37
JonathanDWhich is fine by me.20:37
lazypowerWell.. again small victories n'at20:44
ssweenywhat's wrong with n'at?21:08
waltmanNothing in particular, aside from that I don't know what it means...21:10
ssweenyshort for "and that" or "etc"21:10
waltmanit does?21:10
waltmanah, it appears to be a quaint pittsburghian expression21:11
ssweenyyou misspelled "perfectly acceptable English"21:11
waltmanAll I'm saying is that people who say "The car needs washed" have an odd concept of proper English.21:13
* ssweeny doesn't get it21:13
ssweenysounds fine to me :)21:13
waltmanExactly my point!21:13
ssweenydrives my wife nuts though21:13
ssweeny(she's from Michigan)21:13
waltmanMost of us on this side of the state add "to be".21:14
ssweenywe're just more efficient21:14
waltmanThis sentence needs verbed.21:15
waltmanI suppose that's what cold and snow and rooting for the Steelahs does to y'uns. :)21:15
lazypowerAnd with that I will refrain from texting in irc.21:16

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