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wrsttenc: I must say I like some flash with my desktop, I mean we have the hardware why not use it? :)12:50
tencwrst: I don't disagree--as long as the flash is smooth and unobtrusive. :)12:54
wrstvery true12:54
wrstand good morning tenc12:54
tencGood morning to you sir. ^^13:01
wrsttenc: I have a love/hate relationship with gnome13:08
tencwrst: From what I've read it seem like most people do. No one seems to endorse it unreservedly.13:10
wrstno they improve some things then take features out of others its frustrating13:14
wrsthard to say bad things about kde, but I just don't like it13:14
wrstand that's just a personal opinion of course13:14
tencHaha, yeah, there is something about KDE isn't there? Just doesn't feel right.13:17
wrstyeah people that love it love it13:17
wrstI think its mainly how gtk apps are just horrendous in kde without a lot of love13:17
wrstspecifically firefox13:18
tencYeah who wants to deal with that? I mean I don't mind putting time in to an OS and being intimate with config details but leave me out of the window decorating. Not my area of expertise. :)13:35
wrstyeah that's my thing tenc, I want good defaults13:44
wrstmost apps seem to wrok well with gtk based desktops13:44
tencSo, wrst, how come you you hang out in the #ubuntu channel if you're an Arch guy?14:09
wrststarted out as an ubuntu user :)14:10
wrstand still use it some on my mom's computer is the main place14:10
wrstpretty much anywhere else I use debian14:10
wrstor arch14:10
wrstjust depends on what I'm doing14:11
tencI guess a lot of people probably start out with ubuntu. I love the history behind each distro, it's like they each have their own lore.14:13
wrstha ha yep and their own fanatical fan base14:14
wrstI like arch not becuause of anything other than fresh packages without hassle14:15
wrstand no upgrading every 6 months14:15
tencI've only been using Arch for a few weeks but the stand out points for me are definitely fresh packages, simple package management, outstanding wiki resource and "The Arch Way" which I strongly agree with.14:20
wrstyes people that aren't into that will not be a fan14:21
wrstI wouldn't want to install arch for my mom, but for me I really like it and after you do it a couple of times the install isn't bad14:21
tencIt really isn't. And I think it's rewarding to spend time getting to know each corner of an OS--which Arch makes possible with it's predictably simple approach.14:23
tencA lot of what ubuntu in particular brings to the table is obsfucating things for convenience which is a big trade-off.14:24
wrstyes and there are times when I want that trade off, but after using arch and learning more about what makes things tick, I find a lot of ubuntu stuff just gets in the way14:26
wrstdebian seems to be a good tradeoff for me14:26
wrstwhen I want something with an installer14:26
tencI haven't tried base debian yet but I'm sure I will. Seems like every few weeks I find myself back at distrowatch.com reading up on my next adventure. :)14:29
tencopenSUSE and CentOS are on that list.14:33
wrstha ha14:41
wrstnothing like some distro hopping14:42
tencwrst: When did you start with ubuntu?15:06
wrsthmm around 200715:16
wrsttenc: I started out trying ubuntu, but had a machine with a braodcom wireless chip, this was just before they started with jockey and managing restricted drivers15:17
wrstso I ended up using mandriva on that machine they had really good tools for most things15:17
tencI have a Broadcom wireless chip in this laptop. Took a while to make it behave. My desktop is all Intel though so that's been a breeze to manage.15:19
tencDid you start with Linux personal or work reasons?15:20
wrstjust to use some old hardware that at the time was designed for windows ME :)15:20
tencOops, missed a word *for15:20
wrstbraodcom even has gotten better over the years its nto near the pain it used to be15:21
tencOh WinME... my goodness.15:21
wrstoh yeah15:21
wrstwb netritious15:21
tencYeah--I mean getting this chip functional wasn't terrible but it was more involved than anything else to get running.15:22
tencI wonder when Linux as a whole got better about that--I remember my first venture with Linux back in 2000? 2001? Somewhere around there I tried to put RHL on my desktop and it was just over my head at the time but since then driver support and online documentation has come sooo far.15:24
tencI didn't really come back to Linux until just last year. Completely different experience.15:25
wrstyes I mean ubuntu is easier to install than windows by a long shot I think15:30
cyberangerwell, as an overall yeah18:54
cyberangerbut certain things give me a headache still18:55
cyberangergranted, it's usually more enterprise stuff now, but scanner ethernet and wifi driver support could be improved18:55
tenc ^^ indeed cyberanger.19:00
tenctmux is all you need.19:04
* Unit193 uses screen. :D19:19
wrstcyberanger: same could be said about windows also19:39
wrsttheir driver support isn't exactly great19:39
wrstand don't even get me start on OS X19:42
tencAnyone know if uptime metrics be normalized by the number of CPU cores or threads?21:43
cyberangertenc: not offhand23:36

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