yavocetdavid is your printer wireless or wired?00:00
david38400yavocet: its with a usb00:01
RandomStrayCatTera: type this ps aux | grep sound00:02
david38400yavocet: when I print it says unable to locate printer  - cups server00:02
yavocetAnd, david, what program are you trying to print from? ie Libreoffice?00:02
ImhyebUm. What is the maximum transfer speed through SSHFS?00:03
yavocetWhen I press ctrl + p in Libreoffice, make sure you have something like canon-mp250-series selected, and not canon-mp250-series-Fax or PDF or some other option. That's the only thing I can think of00:04
david38400yavocet: still the same. but thanks00:06
yavocetdavid38400: Try Google? =/00:06
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simbalinuxwhat is the difference between the rdev or root device /dev/sda1 and the /boot00:11
simbalinuxwhen viewing /etc/fstab00:11
simbalinuxdo root devices need to be in /etc/fstab?00:11
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simbalinuxi thought it was every device needs to be there00:11
simbalinuxI believe /boot is a seperate partition located on a device00:13
k1lsimbalinux: /boot is important before the fstab gets read00:13
JanC/boot is a directory inside the root device, and it's possible (but not necessary) that it's a separate partition00:14
MRNV<RandomStr...Cat> after all I have this message: undev[3693]: timeout: killing "/usr/sbin/alsactl/ rescue 0' [746]00:14
JanCwell, it's possible (but not necessary) that a separate partition is mounted under it00:14
simbalinuxso if you install a system and /boot resides on /dev/sda1 and sda1 is the root device, what makes it the root device is it the boot being present00:14
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simbalinuxwhat defines a device or qualifies it as being the root device00:15
simbalinuxwhat must it possess00:15
k1l!away > dziegler00:15
ubottudziegler, please see my private message00:15
JanCsimbalinux: it must be mounted as "/" ?00:15
simbalinuxokay so you can have a root device mounted as / but not include the /boot portion is that correct?00:16
simbalinuxthe /boot could be on another device right?00:16
qwebirc38013Can someone help me with setting up a ubuntu server?00:17
gordonjcpqwebirc38013: #ubuntu-server00:17
JanCsimbalinux: you can mount a different device under any directory you wan00:17
qwebirc38013Its on a intel 2.5 ghz 512 ram dell00:17
JanCso, yes, mounting a different device under /boot is certainly possible00:18
simbalinuxJanC if originally you had the systems root device on /dev/sda1 and not the root device is /dev/sdb1 will that affect the /boot entry00:18
jayelzeHey all, I was wondering if anyone could point me toward a good tutorial on how to install Tails on usb without having to use a dvd first?00:18
qwebirc38013no ideal00:18
JanCsimbalinux: /boot is just a directory00:19
hitsujiTMOjayelze: tails is not supported here. this is #ubuntu support00:20
simbalinuxso if /dev/sda1 held the /boot directory and someone logged in and changed the root device to /dev/sdb1 would that affect booting?00:20
simbalinux/dev/sda1 still holds /boot but someone mounted /dev/sdb1 on /00:21
simbalinuxso sda1 is no longer the root device00:21
simbalinuxhow would that affect booting00:21
simbalinuxif at all00:21
jayelzehitsujiTMO: Ok, where should I ask?  I'm totally new to irc btw.  Thanks00:22
geeshellhave a check on /boot/grub/grub.cfg00:23
simbalinuxthanks geeshell00:23
hitsujiTMOjayelze: tails support is on a different irc network. irc.oftc.net #tails ... https://tails.boum.org/support/index.en.html00:24
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hitsujiTMOjayelze: you could also try ##linux on this network00:25
jayelzehitsujiTMO: Thankyou00:25
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gordonjcpany suggestions why NFSv4 would be painfully slow?  Like, 78MB transferred in 40 minutes slow?00:32
sudormrfhey guys!  I was wondering if anyone in here could help me get snmpd working properly.  i have it installed and I believe I have it configured, but it does not appear that the service is running.00:39
lhpalacioping netjanek00:39
alfonsojonI need help with Ubuntu 12.0400:43
alfonsojonI'm using the nvidia-304 package for my GTX 550 Ti, but a recent update has made my screen go to 800x600 with no other options.00:43
alfonsojonAcceleration works fine, but the resolution is annoying.00:43
alfonsojonWhat can I do?00:44
RandomStrayCatalfonsojon: see if bumblebee will help00:48
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alfonsojonWhy bumblebee? Isn't that for SLI?00:49
alfonsojonor for using both intel integrated and nvidia?00:49
alfonsojonI'm on a desktop, using a dedicated GPU00:49
RandomStrayCatWhat update did you get?00:50
RandomStrayCatsorry didn't read through the whole thiing00:50
alfonsojonI'm using a regular desktop and Ubuntu 12.04.00:50
alfonsojonI have an Nvidia GTX 550 Ti00:51
alfonsojonOut of nowhere (I think after an update), my resolution went down to 800x600 with no option to revert.00:51
EuclidisI'd like to hide my ip. I do not know about whose is the responsibility..00:53
hitsujiTMOalfonsojon: can you pastebin the content of: /var/log/Xorg.0.log00:53
DarkwingWhat IP?00:53
DarkwingEuclidis: What IP you trying ot hide?00:54
alfonsojonhitsujiTMO, Sure thing.00:54
RandomStrayCatalfonsojon: gtg but http://askubuntu.com/questions/73804/wrong-login-screen-resolution my assumption would be that it is a lightdm update00:54
hitsujiTMOEuclidis: if you're looking for a cloak, ask in #freenode00:54
MrJeromeI'm getting a long (several minutes) delay on shutdown/reboot on 13.10. I just installed it today on my laptop. I'm getting the message "killing all remaining processess... [fail]". More info here: http://askubuntu.com/questions/403206/very-long-shutdown-delay-on-13-1000:54
RandomStrayCatif it was an update00:54
Euclidisgrub-install sdb00:55
alfonsojonhitsujiTMO,  https://gist.github.com/alfonsojon/834505800:55
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EuclidisHow to install grub in my sdb?00:57
alfonsojonsudo grub-install /dev/sdb00:57
Bjizzle[19:57] (Bjizzle) Hello. I'm trying to create a virtual network interface that can connect to the internet using my wlan0 interface. Is there a way to do it with network manager in ubuntu? Editing the interfaces file doesn't seem to want to cooperate.00:57
EuclidisGood one, alfonsojon.00:57
alfonsojonEuclidis, did it work?00:58
Euclidisalfonsojon: Nope. Didn't. I tought was right..00:58
hitsujiTMOalfonsojon: i'd guess a driver issue. it's not getting the modes from the edid data. might want to try upping to 31900:59
alfonsojon319 does the same thing01:00
alfonsojonAs does 33101:00
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alfonsojon(via xorg-edgers)01:00
alfonsojonI've used 13.10, 14.04 alpha builds, and 12.04.01:00
Solartemushow do I decrease the terminal header size in gnome?01:01
alfonsojonIt happens on all of them01:01
alfonsojonI'm thinking about just using the open source drivers, but then I'm not getting optimal performance.01:01
daftykinsalfonsojon: how is your display connected?01:01
EuclidisI would like to install grub in /dev/sdb but I got an error..01:01
Euclidisgrub2 exactly..01:02
Bjizzle[19:57] (Bjizzle) Hello. I'm trying to create a virtual network interface that can connect to the internet using my wlan0 interface. Is there a way to do it with network manager in ubuntu? Editing the interfaces file doesn't seem to want to cooperate.01:02
alfonsojondaftykins, DVI01:02
daftykinsalfonsojon: what does the Xorg.0.log file show when it's trying to probe the display for info, whilst using any of the nvidia drivers? does it fail to pull the EDID?01:03
alfonsojon[    24.173] (WW) NVIDIA(GPU-0): The EDID read for display device DFP-0 is invalid:01:03
alfonsojon[    24.173] (WW) NVIDIA(GPU-0):     unrecognized EDID Header.01:03
Solartemusdoes anyone know what I'm talking about? the header part of the window..01:04
Solartemusi guess it's the same on all windows.. not just the terminal, but how do I reduce it?01:04
alfonsojonSolartemus, do you mean the title bar?01:04
Solartemusyes i suppose01:05
daftykinsalfonsojon: has that display ever given EDID correctly?01:05
alfonsojonIt's worked before all the time.01:05
daftykinsalfonsojon: weird - tried just pulling mains from it for a bit to see if it wakes up? or why not store the EDID and use it statically - i think you can do that to cheat the config01:05
hitsujiTMOalfonsojon: you could also manually specify the modes in xorg.conf    https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution#Adding_undetected_resolutions01:05
EuclidisThe problem was the right place to put grub. sda rather ..01:06
alfonsojonEuclidis: Always double & triple check :)01:07
Solartemusah here we go http://random-linux-tricks.blogspot.com.au/2012/09/reduce-gnome-3-title-bar-width.html01:07
Euclidisalfonsojon: Yep;01:07
alfonsojonI got an idea01:09
alfonsojonIf I go through VGA then use a DVI to VGA adapter, could that work?01:09
bekksalfonsojon: No - that will not magically make your display send a valid EDID.01:10
Bjizzle[19:57] (Bjizzle) Hello. I'm trying to create a virtual network interface that can connect to the internet using my wlan0 interface. Is there a way to do it with network manager in ubuntu? Editing the interfaces file doesn't seem to want to cooperate.01:10
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MrJeromewhen I shutdown or reboot, i get "killing all remaining processes... [fail]" and then it seems to hang for several minutes before rebooting. How can I check which process(es) is causing this?01:12
john__Are there any Om examples for working with jquery or jqueryui?01:12
john__oh wrong room01:13
alfonsojonbekks: It worked.01:14
kailashey guys, are there any flags that I need to use while compilation to overcome the security solutions. I know I have to use "-z execstack" so that I can overwrite the eip.  Are there any other flags. I am on a Ubuntu 12.04, 64bit01:14
kailasI m doing this for a security project01:15
alfonsojonDVI = 800x60001:15
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alfonsojonVGA = 1400x105001:15
alfonsojonVGA fixes it somehow01:15
alfonsojonIt's either my monitor or my cable, I don't think it's Ubuntu or my GPU at this point.01:15
EuclidisWould be a good idea upgrade my 13.04?01:15
alfonsojonEuclidis: Yes01:16
hitsujiTMOEuclidis: well, considering that 13.04 support will be finished in 2 weeks then ... yes01:16
EuclidisHm. I wouldn't like to do a clean installation. I have lots of programs and files.01:17
EuclidisI'm afraid about the ppa's.01:17
RandomStrayCatyou dont have to01:19
Euclidisshould I remove anything to upgrade my system or it does automatically?01:19
alfonsojoneuclidis: Just re-add the PPAs you need01:19
alfonsojonNo, it's automatic01:19
alfonsojonPPAs will be disabled, but not removed01:20
EuclidisGot it.01:20
lykajust started using irc01:20
hitsujiTMOEuclidis: i'd advise cloning the system before starting the upgrade. always good to have a full backup in case things went wrong01:21
RandomStrayCat^Second that motion^01:22
EuclidishitsujiTMO: How to to that?01:22
RandomStrayCat13.04 -> 13.10 right?01:22
EuclidishitsujiTMO: I mean, close..01:22
hitsujiTMOhave a look into clonezilla01:22
EuclidisRandomStrayCat: Ok.01:25
DHRI'm intending to enable the ATI/AMD proprietary on a box running 12.04.  The "Additional Drivers" offers a choice of three different "experimental beta" drivers (among other things) but doesn't even give version numbers.  Which is the newest: the top or the bottom?01:29
AaronDHR, the testing or experimental in this case will be the latest built,01:30
DHRAaron: yeah, but there are three of them!01:30
Aaroncheck the numbers,01:31
DHRAaron: The numbers are not visible in the GUI01:31
Aaronit's to your criterion01:31
EuclidisIts so much much trouble make a system's clone. I can handle if the system crashes. All right, all right.01:35
greenman9I am attempting to setup a apt-mirror repository clone and want to download both 64 and 32bit repos what is the best way to get those?  Should I preface in the mirrors.list / sources.list file deb-i386 and deb-amd64 or would just using deb download both 32 and 64bit?01:35
Euclidisgreenman9: Why suppose would you do that?01:36
greenman9ex. deb-amd64 http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ raring-security main restricted universe multiverse vs deb http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ raring-security main restricted universe multiverse01:36
greenman9Euclidis: internal network01:37
Euclidisgreenman9: I assume you just can do it once a time.01:37
Euclidisgreenman9: I mean, first one, later another..01:38
greenman9well what does just deb do?01:38
greenman9i am thinking deb may be both 32 and 6401:38
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qingreenman9: from reading man page it would appear so01:43
bigbadbenI have a question about partitioning, when I create a new partition on a drive what exactly is happening. are all zeros being written to the space allocated for that partition or is it just modifying a header file or something else?01:44
rwwbigbadben: just modifying a header area01:44
DHRand then making a filesystem in a partition writes a small percentage of the actual parition01:45
bigbadbenSo lets say I have a hard drive and I want to see what is on that header file would it be possible to do?01:46
un4v0w3dWhat is the best way to determine is my computer can boot a disk using GPT rather than MBR?01:47
qinbigbadben: you mean old, overwritten header?01:48
EarendilTheMarinIs this a support room for Kubuntu 12.04?01:49
rwwEarendilTheMarin: here or #kubuntu01:49
EarendilTheMarinI can't connect to Quassel IRC with my Linux PC01:50
EarendilTheMarinIt says I was banned for off topic conversation, but that happened months ago and was lifted because they knew it was a mistake01:51
qinmaybe they realized that they made another mistake, do they have supprt email you can use?01:52
k1lEarendilTheMarin: to discuss bans please ask in #ubuntu-ops01:53
DHRbigbadben: "sudo fdisk -l /dev/sda"?01:54
EarendilTheMarinok, thanks01:54
DHRun4v0w3d: read the computer's specifications?01:55
un4v0w3dCant seem to find them01:55
DHRun4v0w3d: normally one formats a GPT disk in a way that fools a MBR BIOS into booting it.01:56
DHRso the disk works with both sets of firmware.01:57
un4v0w3dDHR, Know of any instructions to that effect?01:57
DHRAdvanced Format disks (ones with sectors larger than 512) cannot be booted with a normal MBR BIOS.  Is that what you have?01:57
DHRun4v0w3d: perhaps google for "GPT BIOS boot ubuntu"01:59
un4v0w3dwill do thanks!01:59
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RandomStrayCatHey, does anyone know what an Error 6, unretryable error02:07
RandomStrayCatIm think a drive is going bad02:08
digitaldefectorHi folks. I installed scangearmp. Unfortunately I can only use scangearmp as root, and when I save it as an image file *png, I can't see the thumbnail, so I open it with gksudo gimp and then save the image so that I can use it not as root.02:09
DHRI'm not impressed with Ubuntu Software Centre.  It keeps crashing on my 12.04 system.  _strptine doesn't understand the time that something is telling it.02:10
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digitaldefectorI think I need to change the permissions for the bin file, but I don't know how to apply it through a file browser. Any ideas friends?02:10
DHR"the bin file"?  Do you mean /bin directory?02:11
digitaldefectorDHD, from what I understand is the scangearmp file in the bin directory is a bin file..02:12
digitaldefectorDHD, basically an executable, from what I understand02:13
RandomStrayCatRight click then properties02:13
RandomStrayCatthen permissions02:14
DHRyour description doesn't give me confidence that you know what you are doing.  You might be doing more harm than good.02:14
DHRwhy do this from a gui?  What does the shell command "ls -l /bin/scangearmp" say?02:15
DHR(I bit it isn't in /bin, but that's kind of what you said.)02:15
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darth-cheneyAnyone experienced not being able to boot on a macbook unless the power cable is plugged in?02:16
darth-cheneyso strange02:16
bigbadbenqin, DHR, I want to actually see what data is there like open it in a hex editor data02:17
digitaldefectorDHR, I have been using Linux since 2002. I'm not an expert, but I usually don't ask for tech support. I just haven't gone through this process before. No it in /usr/bin. I thought programs in linux are *.bin.02:17
DHRprograms in Unix can have pretty much any name.  For example, there is one called "[".02:18
DHRcertainly *.bin is not a normal Unix convention.  It might be an OSX convention, for all I know.02:18
digitaldefectorDHR, -rwxr-xr-x 1 lynn lynn 236784 Aug 18  2010 /usr/bin/scangearmp02:18
DHRthat has the required bit (x) for anyone to execut it.02:19
DHRwhat does "file /usr/bin/scangearmp"02:19
digitaldefectorDHR, I can start the program as a user from the terminal, but it doesn't see my scanner. It only works as root.02:20
digitaldefectorDHR, /usr/bin/scangearmp: ELF 64-bit LSB executable, x86-64, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked (uses shared libs), for GNU/Linux 2.6.0, stripped02:20
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DHRSounds good.  BUT: you are running proprietary software and might hit a few snags.02:21
DHRyou could run the program as superuser, but that is dangerous.  sudo scangearmp.02:22
digitaldefectorDHR, are you suggesting that there is no solution? It won't work with out "gksudo scangearmp"02:22
DHRyou chould look at the permissions on the scanner /dev files.  The normal way is to automate that with arcane udev rules.02:23
DHRno: I'm not saying that there is no solution.  I would not know.02:23
DHRif the problem is permissions for the device, you could manually change the /dev/whatever file ownership and/or permissions.  That is likely to work.02:24
DHRbut you will have to do that again each time you boot.  Or write a script to do that.02:24
digitaldefectorDHR, I wonder if installing the proprietary program as root could have caused this.02:25
DHRthen again SELinux might block you.  You can put it into permissive mode.02:25
DHRNo, you have to use root to install a program.  Or at least some place in the process involves root.02:25
DHRno other way to get something in /usr/bin02:25
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AndrewCI need help. I am running ubuntu on Amazon AWS and have a little problem... Their default user is ubuntu, and do not have root. Anyone know how to fix this?02:26
bekks!root | AndrewC02:26
ubottuAndrewC: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo02:26
Mad3ngineerah i see02:26
Mad3ngineerAndrewC you can't do sudo -s?02:26
Mad3ngineerim having a problem of my own02:26
AndrewClet me try one sec02:27
Mad3ngineerspecifically, problems setting up bind902:27
digitaldefectorDHD, I don't mind the extra work to get the image available to all users, but I have convinced my mom to use Linux on all her computers, and she won't remember how to go through whole process as it stands now. But she's not switching, which is good. They're really happy with Linux.02:27
DHRScanGear seems to be designed for ancient systems.  Like Ubuntu 7.0402:27
Mad3ngineeri have been able to get it set up out of the box02:27
Mad3ngineerbut, when i try to configure it with DLZ packaged into it02:27
Mad3ngineerit gives me this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=219827602:27
AndrewC@Mad3ngineer Let me try -s02:27
Mad3ngineerif your user doesnt exist in group sudo02:28
Mad3ngineerit wont work02:28
DHR7.04 is almost 7 years old.02:28
AndrewC@Mad3ngineer it doesn't work. I can't access the root user or create/edit files...02:29
Mad3ngineeruhh, what does it say02:29
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AndrewC@Madengineer I was planning on using this for a Zimbra Server.02:29
AndrewCIt says "-s: Command not found"02:29
Mad3ngineerwhen you do sudo -s02:29
Mad3ngineeri started myself with a fresh dist of ubuntu server 12.0402:29
Mad3ngineerwhat version are you using?02:29
Mad3ngineerahh ok.02:29
FloodBot1Mad3ngineer: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:30
digitaldefectorDHR, I researched installing scangearmp on 12.04. It works, albeit not what I had expected, but it works. I have a tutorial for this on Ubuntu's forums. It's unfortunate that I can't use simplescan.02:30
DHRdigitaldefector: see if there is an open-source SANE driver for your device. http://www.sane-project.org/sane-mfgs.html02:30
AndrewCOh wait02:30
AndrewC@Mad3ngineer it worked02:30
Mad3ngineeruhh, ok02:30
Mad3ngineertyvm floodbot1 and np AndrewC02:30
DHRsimplescan is nicely simple but buggy :-(02:30
Mad3ngineeri wish bind9 wasn't so hard to get working right with DLZ...02:31
AndrewCedit /etc/bind/named.conf.options Warning: unknown mime-type for "/etc/bind/named.conf.options" -- using "application/octet-stream" Error: no "edit" mailcap rules found for type "application/octet-stream"02:31
Mad3ngineerapt-get bind9-dlz please!02:31
AndrewCThat is a error :/02:31
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Mad3ngineerworks fine out of the box02:32
Mad3ngineeri hate bind9 configuration02:32
Mad3ngineerbut if you delete the configs,02:32
Mad3ngineerand start over,02:32
FloodBot1Mad3ngineer: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:32
Mad3ngineeryou are out of luck. Thank you again floodbot1 for complimenting my bad habit of typing on multiple lines02:32
Mad3ngineerheh. talking to a computer.02:32
digitaldefectorDHR, I'm sorry if it sounds like I don't know what I'm doing. To be blunt, I have a monthly injection for a disease I have, and after I take it, for a few day's I have a hard time articulating. I just took the medicine today. So please forgive me, if I don't make much sense. I'm going to check that site. Thanks brother.02:32
Mad3ngineerso nobody can help me out with this? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=219827602:33
EsoRoticaHey everyone, I'm attempting to help a new user onto ubuntu by getting it installed on their laptop. Its giving me a serious run for my money however.  After attempting fresh installs (12.04, 13.10)  none of the drivers will load  (lsmod shows 0 modules) . While on 12.04 I was getting the error at boottime:modprobe modules.dep not found. Any Ideas?02:34
Mad3ngineerwhat stage does it get to eso?"02:35
Mad3ngineerlike, finalizing install?02:35
EsoRoticaIt'll boot and load02:35
Mad3ngineerand then when it is trying to load os it doesnt work?02:35
EsoRoticaIt loads into OS, no kernel modules however02:36
Mad3ngineerhmm.. I am not an expert on that topic, and don't want to give false info02:36
Mad3ngineeri honestly don't know anyone on here either02:36
EsoRoticaFresh installs on a completely blank SSD. ><02:36
Mad3ngineerso I wouldnt know who wto point you to02:36
wolfzrathey guys is there a special way to open ubuntu full magazine, i click on the icon and it wont open02:36
Mad3ngineerwhat version of ubuntu? 32 bit or 602:37
EsoRoticaon an i502:37
Mad3ngineerhow much ram02:37
Mad3ngineerdefinately not the computer02:37
wolfzratanyone know?02:37
EsoRoticaCould be a Bios Setting somewhere02:37
Mad3ngineerand now i am wanting to throw it off a cliff thanks to bind9 configuration02:38
Mad3ngineeri threw together a 32 bit ubuntu server out of scrap parts02:38
Mad3ngineeryeah could be.02:38
DHRI run a bind setup that I haven't changed in a dozen years, but really, I thought other servers were the way to go these days.02:38
Mad3ngineerwolfzrat: I use windows for most things (i am partially a gamer) and so I only use linux for servers02:39
Mad3ngineerhowever, I don't like how hard it is to configure manually and restart02:39
DHRsorry, server is used with two different meanings here.02:39
wolfzratso no one here knows how to open the full circle magazine02:39
Mad3ngineerDHR, I think bind is the best. having heard that it is the standard of DNS02:39
digitaldefectorMad3ngineer, what about steamOS?02:40
Mad3ngineerand it is extremely hard to package it with DLZ correctly...02:40
EsoRoticaTrying it myself wolfzrat02:40
Mad3ngineerfor 200 smackeroos.02:40
Mad3ngineereh, I already bought windows a while ago digitaldefector02:40
Mad3ngineerhate mac, don't like dealing with ubuntu permissions for desktop02:40
DHRRFCs are the standards of DNS.  BIND is just one implementation (the first, I think)02:40
Mad3ngineerand I like windows overall, it's what I grew up on.02:40
Mad3ngineerhmm. I really just want to be able to link whatever server to my mysql server02:41
wolfzratn/m i opened it in utily02:41
Mad3ngineerso I guess doesnt have to be bind902:41
wolfzratthanks guys02:41
Mad3ngineerDHR, what about powerdns? what is your opinion of it?02:42
wolfzrat404 error02:42
EsoRoticasorry http://dl.fullcirclemagazine.org/downloads02:42
Mad3ngineerhave you used it?02:42
EsoRoticaalso a bad link...02:42
d4rkt1m3sput imgsrc in google images. I dare you.02:42
digitaldefectorDHR, I appreciate all your help, but I couldn't find a driver for canon. Coincidentally there's the same model name for my scanner, but its PIXMA.02:42
digitaldefectorMad3ngineer, bundled with your pc, or an OEM?02:43
Mad3ngineernot OEM, not bundles02:43
Mad3ngineerbundled* i built my pc from scratch02:43
Mad3ngineerbetter than anything you can buy built02:43
Mad3ngineerdigital... I like windows, and I like ubuntu. However, I have preferences for certain things02:44
Mad3ngineergawzh im thinking about giving up on bind9 and using a diff program02:44
Mad3ngineerso hard to configure it with my database02:44
DHRMad3nineer: I hesitate to give opinions on DNS servers.  I've not enough experience.  I know DNS insiders, but that isn't the same as being one.  (I have more or less written a custom resolver.)02:44
Mad3ngineerYeah, good not to give out false info.02:44
=== d4rkt1m3s is now known as jimmyrustler
Mad3ngineeri just wish that there was someone who could help me out with bind902:45
Mad3ngineeror point me in the right direction to get help02:45
Mad3ngineerthat is, after the hours i spent getting the darn thing to compile02:46
iampozhi, how do I determine what I need to type to start an application?02:46
Mad3ngineerim getting nasty errors when I try to start bind9 with DLZ packaged into it02:46
iampozI know what the application is called, but can not figure it out by searching google02:46
Mad3ngineerwhat kind of file02:46
Mad3ngineeriampoz, what are you trying to start02:46
DHRdigitaldefector: you can try making the proprietary driver work.  I think you may well succeed.  But it might take a bit of trail blazing: one problem at a time.02:46
iampozthe application is minitube, installed via the ubuntu software centre, but it is the minitube-ubuntu version02:47
=== AndresSM is now known as AndresSM_away
DHRyour first problem is LIKELY permissions on the /dev/whatever file.02:47
Mad3ngineerhmm. I am mostly with the server stuff02:47
digitaldefectorMad3ngineer, I'm working on a home build too. I wan't to use it primarily for video editing. In the end it's cheaper than a store build, and fun to do. Do you know what SteamOS is used for?02:47
digitaldefectorDHR, You're right. I just feel lazy right now lol02:47
Mad3ngineererr trigger happy pinky on enter...02:47
Mad3ngineeras i was saying, steamOS is just like steam, but it is a free operating system (i dont think open source, correct me if I'm wrong)02:48
Mad3ngineerand I think it is linux based02:48
Mad3ngineeri plan to use it in a diff build for a home pc hooked up to my family's pc02:48
Mad3ngineerit's free, so why not give it a try02:48
=== dhruvasagar is now known as dhruvasagar_away
Mad3ngineeroh my gosh how many hundreds of people are there on here? lol this is the biggest irc I have ever seen02:50
Mad3ngineerand not a single person can help me wif bind9... *rips hair out*02:51
CarlFKMad3ngineer: is this for a home setup?02:51
CarlFKthere is a much simpler dns/dhcp/something else server02:52
Mad3ngineergetting permission denied on /var/named/named.conf and /var/named/session.key02:52
Mad3ngineerreally I just want it to connect to my database...02:52
Mad3ngineercarlfk, care to reccomend anything?02:52
Mad3ngineeri tried setting chmod to 76602:53
digitaldefectorMad3ngineer, I'm not sure how open it is. I do know , reading more news about it today, that it's fixing alot of stuff in Debian, mostly because Valve couldn't base it on Ubuntu. Because of trademark licensing on the Ubuntu name. I also found out that it runs on AMD and Intel now, and Alienware will be releasing a SteamOS console.  Everything that they're doing to fix and debug Debian is opensource.02:53
iampozI want to start minitube-ubuntu, but do not know what to type in termal to do so02:53
Mad3ngineerlol. i am just too lazy to figure out that much. i personally don't care to learn that much detail. My mindset: It's an operating system. it has steam.02:54
rww"because of trademark licensing on the Ubuntu name" [citation needed]02:54
digitaldefectorrww, one second02:55
iampozsorry, my computer crashed again. the last thing I said was "I want to start minitube-ubuntu, but do not know what to type in termal to do so" - not sure if anyone responded02:55
Mad3ngineerjust did /clear. lets see how fast this baby fills up with leaving and joining messages02:55
Mad3ngineeriampoz, i am not sure. did you try http://lmgtfy.com?q=Ubuntu%20Start%20Minitube02:55
digitaldefectorrww, http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2014/01/valve-based-steam-os-debian-ubuntu02:56
iampozno, I dont know how to use google.02:56
rwwoh, a guess by jono, rather than an actual thing :(02:57
rwwam not sure why they wouldn't just not say "Powered by Ubuntu" if that's true02:57
Mad3ngineerlol i love using lmgtfy on people02:57
ubottuWhile Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.02:57
Mad3ngineerapologies iampoz02:58
Mad3ngineerno offense meant02:58
Mad3ngineerI don't knwo the answer02:58
Mad3ngineeror else I would have helped you02:58
=== rcmaehl is now known as Guest64565
iampozit is okay. I just spent awhile trying to figure out what is causing the problems I am having so I am frustrated.02:59
digitaldefectorrwsq1, I could only guess if Valve did a poor job with SteamOS, that i might make Ubuntu unappealing to new linux users.02:59
Mad3ngineeriampoz i am dealing with the same thing02:59
Mad3ngineeri want to throw my server off a cliff02:59
Mad3ngineeri have dealt with bind9 for the last 2 days or so02:59
Mad3ngineerhours and hours of hoping that a chmod or a chown fwill fix it02:59
iampozyour trying to do some networking?03:00
Mad3ngineerconfiguring a server03:00
digitaldefectorrww, I could only guess if Valve did a poor job with SteamOS, that i might make Ubuntu unappealing to new linux users.03:00
ubuntuaddictedhi guys, curious if anyone else has fullscreen games losing focus on you? It's weird because sometimes buttons will act like it's being pressed but it isn't. I am running XFCE with no composition or anything like that03:00
Mad3ngineermysql? check. OpenSSH? check. Apache? check. php? check. vsftpd? check. bind9 NOPE03:00
iampozSorry, not sure what bind9 is03:00
Mad3ngineeryeah that's true digital.03:00
Mad3ngineerbind9 is a dns server03:01
Mad3ngineerbasically i can tell the internet that www.(namehere).com links to this ip, and browsers can type www.google.com instead of an ip like 123.456.789.10103:01
iampozoh i see... I unfortunately don't know how to configure a server. technically my computer is a server, but I use it as a computer03:01
Mad3ngineeryeah. i host a few things on it03:01
ubuntuaddictedit's happening in Deadfall Adventures. My keyboard won't work all of a sudden and the guy in the steam forums trying to help me thinks it's becayse something else is grabbing focus03:02
Mad3ngineer(mine), but i want to set up a web server for simple things03:02
digitaldefectorubuntuaddicted, do you think that it could be notifications?03:03
Mad3ngineerhmm... maybe the game is lagging with controls?03:03
Mad3ngineerdoes it happen with all fullscreen games?03:03
ubuntuaddicteddigitaldefector, i don't believe so because there's no notifications when this happens03:03
ubuntuaddicteddigitaldefector, i don't even really know if this bug is related to "losing focus".03:03
Mad3ngineerexactly my thoughts... might be lag or the game might be derping03:04
Mad3ngineernot every game is perfect... even the most well programmed game can have really awkward glitches03:04
ubuntuaddicteddigitaldefector, i just know at times i'll be playing and all of sudden a key on the keyboard is stuck, so i'll be moving forward BUT not even touching the keyboard. Then other times the keyboard will become unresponsive, pressing anything does nothing. When a key does get stuck sometimes I can hit esc, then move the mouse onto resume game and continue normally03:05
Mad3ngineerubuntu do you have a wirless keyboard?03:05
ubuntuaddicteddigitaldefector, other times when a key gets stuck, hitting esc or anything on the keyboard does nothing at all, has no impact. it's really weird03:05
Mad3ngineerubuntuaddicted: wireless keyboard?03:05
ubuntuaddictedMad3ngineer, nope but good thought03:06
Mad3ngineeryeah. could be keys sticking. what brand is it? if it is logitech, i don't have a hard time believing that it is a problem with the hardware of the keyboard03:06
digitaldefectorubuntuaddicted, are you saying that you don't know how to kill the game when it freezes?03:06
Mad3ngineeror if it has that "made in china" tag on it ;P03:06
yangmwhat is the fastest file system to install ubuntu on? don't care about data loss.03:06
ubuntuaddictedi suppose it's just a bug in their port of the game because this doesn't happen in any other game. it doesn't even happen in Nordic Games other port, Painkill Hell & Damnation03:07
khazhykso uh, is there a way to pin an exec to the fancy side bar if it wasn't installed with a package?03:07
ubuntuaddicteddigitaldefector, no, i'm saying at times the keyboard either becomes stuck on a certain key OR becomes completely unresponsive.03:07
digitaldefectorMad3ngineer, I considered that as well? I think maybe using some compressed air might help.03:07
Mad3ngineerkhazhyk... dumb suggestion, but try dragging it? it has been forever since i have used ubuntu desktop.. also maybe try right clicking it maybe there is an option for pinning it03:07
ubuntuaddicteddigitaldefector, the guy within the steam forums seems to think something is stealing focus but i am not so sure03:07
Mad3ngineeryeah digital, try another computer, see if the keyboard acts wierd03:08
Mad3ngineerthen you can know if it is the keyboard or the computer03:08
ubuntuaddictedwhat is unredirect fullscreen windows mean?03:08
Mad3ngineerno idea. sad for me being a game developer03:08
digitaldefectorMad3ngineer, "sometimes the hardest questions as the easiest answer" You're quick the draw haha03:09
Mad3ngineeryep good statement03:09
Beldareveryone has a persona, "developer" is quite popular here03:11
Mad3ngineerjava lwjgl03:11
Mad3ngineermaking a game like minecraft for experience03:11
khazhykMad3ngineer: when i open the app it pops up on the bar, but there's no way to lock it in there :\03:11
Mad3ngineerplan to make a better game eventually and, hopefully market it03:11
mmlj4I need to switch someone to *nix, and need to know if they will be able to play facebook games... any of you able to do that on ubuntu?03:11
Mad3ngineerkhazhyk when you right click the icon on the bar, it should have an option to make it stay there03:11
Beldarheh, of course you do, and I hope to fly like superman. ;)03:11
Mad3ngineerlol. we all have dreams... don't crush eachother's dreams03:12
Beldarjust a friendly ribbing.03:12
Mad3ngineer*nudges back*03:12
digitaldefectorubuntuaddicted, I can't remember, but did you say that you're not using compiz? I'm researching your problem as we speak.03:13
ubuntuaddicteddigitaldefector, i am NOT using any compiz. 4.10 XFCE03:13
ubuntuaddicteddigitaldefector, i'm almost tempted to try another DE like lubuntu or openbox just to see if it's related to XFCE or if it's a bug in the game03:16
=== Momo|Off is now known as MomoNasty
Mad3ngineerso who is a bind9 expert/problem solver03:18
anillooks like i have a unique boot problem03:20
anilcan you help me to fix this03:21
Beldaranil, Tell us your problems03:21
=== waigani_ is now known as waigani
anili have no clue some update crashed my system and i am not able to boot into ubuntustudio12.03:21
Beldaranil, Try to detail this a little more, like is there a grub menu, and if so what happens when you try.03:23
anili tried to repair through rescatux and i get an error saying grub was not installed something went wrong03:23
ubuntuaddicteddigitaldefector, well, thanks for trying to help. i'm going to go give the game another try.03:23
digitaldefectorubuntuaddicted, It's interesting. Researching this, to enable redirecting full screen keeps referring to a compiz feature.03:24
anilkindly help me share the log03:24
aniland if you can fix that would be of great help to me03:25
Beldaranil, What happens when you try to boot ubuntu?03:25
anilhere is the complete explanation03:26
anilwith grub.cfg file03:26
digitaldefectorMad3ngineer, to bad he left. It seems his guess is right. It has to do with xfwm.03:29
Mad3ngineer*grandpa voice* what now?03:29
digitaldefectorlol ubuntuaddicted> needing help in getting his game to work.03:29
Mad3ngineerahh ok03:30
digitaldefectorMad3ngineer, Unfortunately I think instead of changing window managers, he's going to install a different desktop environment.03:31
anilbeldar, i would appreciate step by step instructions to fix it. thanks in advance03:31
Mad3ngineeroh dang03:31
Mad3ngineertoo bad i was doing stuff03:31
Mad3ngineershoulda pinged me sooner03:31
Beldaranil, Did you try supergrub?03:31
iampozso I am getting this error when I run minitube - "no suitable services discovery module" - then my display crashes, and it goes to the log in screen. any ideas on what is causing this and how to fix it?03:31
anilnot yet.03:31
xeviousWhat's the shell in the initramfs?03:32
=== default is now known as Guest6459
anilbeldar, can you please tell me how to try supergrub03:33
Beldaranil, I would try it, but honestly something is is really broken, none of the bootscripts look even close to normal, do you have a backup, and have you done a smartdisk check on the HD?03:33
anili dont have a backup, can you guide me to proceed to smartdisk check03:34
Beldaranil, Download it from the link load it to a usb or a disk and boot it and have it look for any OS. http://www.supergrubdisk.org/super-grub2-disk/03:35
anilok what would be the next step03:35
Beldaranil, The live cd disks app top right corner is a gear it is a drop down, it has a smartdisk self data and smart tests that will tell you what's up without actually running it, it runs automatically.03:37
FrankDuxHI FRIENDS!03:38
Beldaranil, What ever is wrong is beyond my skills in the end these are just easy tasks to try and look at.03:38
FrankDuxcan someone help me with this?03:38
FloodBot1FrankDux: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.03:38
FrankDuxi didn't flood.03:38
FrankDuxoh, i guess that was 3.  sorry03:38
anilsure i will give a try and get back to chat03:39
digitaldefectorhaha. Hillarious. I fixed the scangearmp problem on my own, just by tinkering with permissions in /usr/bin/scangearmp. I am so smart. smrt :) I didn't even need to come here.03:40
iampozso I am getting this error when I run minitube - "no suitable services discovery module" - then my display crashes, and it goes to the log in screen. any ideas on what is causing this and how to fix it?03:40
Beldariampoz, This from the command line or the app button?03:42
FrankDuxhi friends, plz help03:43
FrankDuxplz plz plz03:43
FrankDuxoh prty plz03:43
iampozBeldar: command line. if I use the app button, it just crashes ubuntu back to the log in screen03:44
Beldariampoz, So both do the same, goes to login?03:45
DrGrovHello everyone03:45
iampozBeldar, yes03:45
iampozBeldar, so does B1 free archive manager03:45
DrGrovGot a minor question, running 13.10 and Unity. What might be an easy WM/DE upgrade for me? Looking for something working well and adding a bit more functionality than Unity.03:46
digitaldefectorDrGrov, Do you mean to customize it?03:46
Beldariampoz, Not really something I can help with, I just saw you earlier asking about the command line on this, I would run dmesg and pastebin it and look at it and post the url to it.03:47
DrGrovdigitaldefector: Yes, that is probably what I am trying to say :)03:47
iampozBeldar, those are the only two that seem to crash ubuntu 12.04. this started happening when I updated my graphics card GeForce GT 230M to the lastest driver for linux 64 bit from nvidia03:47
DrGrovdigitaldefector: I do not feel so productive with Unity as I intended. Have a lot of writing to be done the next few months.03:48
iampozI need the latest driver because the repos driver would not work for a game I was trying to play03:48
Beldariampoz, Well proprietary drivers are not suggested here, nor supported so....03:48
=== dhruvasagar_away is now known as dhruvasagar
digitaldefectorDrGrov, I would suggest XFCE. Plus it's lightweight. If your machine can handle it, you can use Gnome, with extensions.03:49
DrGrovdigitaldefector: My machine is a Xeon E5-2620 so I am sure it will handle it :)03:50
iampozhere is the paste bin for dmesg if anyone can help me: http://pastebin.com/sMcua6Gh03:51
TheLordOfTimewhat lenses are shipped with Unity in precise?03:51
DrGrovdigitaldefector: What is good with Gnome? You mean Gnome shell or pure Gnome?03:51
digitaldefectorAre you sticking with Vanilla Ubuntu, because if you're not they're are some good distro's that are based on it. The latest release of Cinnamon for Linux Mint is very customizable too.03:51
FrankDuxso no one can answer me?03:52
DrGrovdigitaldefector: Not too fancy about Linux Mint at the moment. Tested it briefly on a spare laptop but nothing for me really.03:53
ScuniziI just installed the x-swat ppa for updated stable nvidia drivers but something is preventing me from upgrading from the ubuntu supplied 304.xx drivers. Do I need to uninstall those first prior03:53
digitaldefectorDrGrov, Gnome Shell. http://ubuntugnome.org/ with extensions https://extensions.gnome.org/03:53
DrGrovdigitaldefector: And I can easily install Gnome Shell from within 13.10 without needing to reinstall?03:53
digitaldefectorDrGrov, if you have the time, you may want to check youtube out to see what some of the features are in xfce, or gnome etc. There's a few guys to look out for. Like Spatry or ohheyit'slou03:54
DrGrovdigitaldefector: I know XFCE but wonder, has it changed a lot in the past 2-3 years or so?03:55
digitaldefectorDrGrov, I remember reading that it's not recommended because of similarities in Ubuntu Unity and Gnome. However this was before 13.10.03:56
digitaldefectorWell that's a tough question. In my opinion the only thing I can say is they have a new application menu. It's called the whisker menu.03:57
DrGrovdigitaldefector: Okay, so Gnome Shell or XFCE would do the trick for me. Which is less online accounts based of the two?03:57
DrGrovdigitaldefector: Okay, XFCE has developed then :) I might test XFCE first then. Gnome Shell does sound more interesting though.03:57
digitaldefectorDrGrov, I'm not saying to install this distro reviewed in this link. But it does show you how much Gnome can be customized now. It's based on Ubuntu Gnome, but with updated PPA's for the latest release of Gnome Shell 13.10.04:00
digitaldefectorDrGrov, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hPioG5F6wZg04:00
DrGrovdigitaldefector: Okay. I just do not like all the online accounts stuff, probably one reason I also have stuck with Unity thus far.04:02
DrGrovdigitaldefector: It feels like everything is integrated in one way or another, not really my cup of tea.04:02
ScuniziWhen there is an obvious upgrade for a package but when trying to upgrade apt reports that the upgrade is "held back".. why?04:02
digitaldefectorDrGrov, I'm not sure I follow you. Online accounts?04:03
DrGrovdigitaldefector: I mean all the unnecessary online integration inside Gnome Shell as an example.04:04
digitaldefectorDrGrov, I understand. But from what I'm aware of  is that this is only happening in Unity... You may be correct, and if you are, Then I would suggest XFCE.04:06
=== dhruvasagar is now known as dhruvasagar_away
DrGrovdigitaldefector: Maybe I have got Gnome Shell completely wrong though, I might be mistaken.04:06
DrGrovdigitaldefector: It might just be in Unity as you are correctly pointing out but there was some minor thing I saw in Gnome Shell though which made me opt out at the time being.04:07
DrGrovdigitaldefector: XFCE does not have any online integration like Unity?04:07
DrGrovdigitaldefector: Could I still get rid of Unity after if I liked XFCE more and decide to stick with XFCE only?04:09
digitaldefectorDrGrov, No not at all. Just so I know, you're not talking about online social media integration? I spend many hours each day reading about Linux, and I've never come across an article referring to online integration, in the manner of Unity. But extensions are integrated to make installation of them easier.04:10
DrGrovdigitaldefector: Yes, social media integration is what I mean.04:11
digitaldefectorDrGrov, You could. But it's a bit of a messy way to do that. But it's easier to do that with XFCE than Gnome.04:11
DrGrovdigitaldefector: I definitely want to get rid of all that social media integration.04:11
duped27DrGrov: it's here to stay.04:12
digitaldefectorDrGrov, You don't have to keep that installed. Or even activate it. Until you set it up, it's nonthreatening to your privacy.04:12
p0wderI just started receiving a "Sorry, Ubuntu has experienced an internal error" today.  ExecutablePath is /usr/sbin/NetworkManager and it says that it is crashing.  Does anyone know what is going on and how to fix it please?04:13
DrGrovdigitaldefector: Yes I know but it clutters space which I definitely do not like.04:14
duped27digitaldefector: just being online anymore the feds are snooping on all your internet activity.  Heck they can even turn your cam on.04:14
DrGrovduped27: That is not the reason I do not want social media integration inside my OS.04:14
digitaldefectorp0wder, are you using Ubuntu 13.10? If you are, I had the same problem. It seems that the kernel in 13.10 doesn't support some of the wifi cards that worked in previous versions.04:15
DrGrovduped27: The reason is that I want to control that completely by myself with own apps which do not get enabled by adding accounts in my OS. Big difference for me at least.04:15
=== Granis` is now known as Granis
digitaldefectorduped27, Check this out http://io9.com/need-more-reasons-to-feel-paranoid-about-the-nsa-watch-1495875117?utm_campaign=socialflow_io9_facebook&utm_source=io9_facebook&utm_medium=socialflow04:16
=== dziegler_off is now known as dziegler
Bashing-omDrGrov: I am just getting in the middle of this converssation, but, Have you considered a "minimal" install (only the core) and install only what aps you want ?04:17
duped27digitaldefector: check out your boyfriend. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_RQvKQGzcoc04:17
digitaldefectorIt's funny you mention this. I bought a whole bunch of books on Hacking and Exploitation, for my curiosity. But thanks to the NSA, I don't feel comfortable learning more about penetration testing. So I sold the books for next to nothing on Kijiji.04:17
DrGrovBashing-om: Yes and no. Have not really thought about it but it might probably be the best thing I could do now it seems.04:18
DrGrovCould someone get rid of trolls like duped27 ?04:19
duped27digitaldefector: Your the type who believes obama with obamacare an the NSA if your not doing anything wrong you don't have to worry about us spying on you.04:19
duped27DrGrov: why04:19
DrGrovdigitaldefector: Probably XFCE is the way to go. But I really would like to get rid of Unity afterwards. Probably some minor complications will occur if I understand it right.04:19
DrGrovduped27: Since you are trolling about someone's boyfriend when they make a valid point. So, stop trolling or leave.04:20
digitaldefectorDragnslicer, I'm not sure how easy that may be. As easy as it sounds, when you install a desktop environment in debian based packaging, you don't have much control over which parts of the desktop you want to install.  Unless it's a third party app, like pidgin.04:20
vanishing^wrong ping04:20
Bashing-omDrGrov: A minimal install is one way to have complete control and know exactly what is going on in the background. Simple to me is better.04:20
DrGrovBashing-om: You are right about that. Might actually give a better overview and step-by-step adding of programs/apps etc.04:21
duped27Some desktops give you some control to cherry pick what you want to install.04:21
digitaldefectorduped27, I'm the opposite. And I could care less about Obama. I'm not american.04:22
digitaldefectorduped27, I'm just taking precautions. Like using TOR to study. ;)04:22
=== Jan11 is now known as ON1
DrGrovSo XFCE, then removing Unity.04:23
Bashing-omDrGrov: I have run 'buntu since 8.10, at 13.04 I went minimal with xfce4 as the DE, Much impressed !04:23
* ki7rw is hoping to get openvpn working someday04:23
DrGrovAny idea to get a newer PPA to get the latest XFCE instead of 4.10 from the official 13.10 repositories?04:23
DrGrovWell I could always install XFCE and just test it out. Remove it if not what I want.04:24
DrGrovAh, that I will do. Install and test :)04:24
duped27digitaldefector: TOR gives you a false sense of security. They really love monitoring TOR traffic. And who knows they probably already cracked the encryption or posing as a secure server.04:24
* EsoRotica finally got ubuntu installed ><04:25
DrGrovdigitaldefector: Or how about Cinnamon in 13.10?04:26
duped27I think ubuntu has internet install where you can pick what's installed.04:26
DrGrovdigitaldefector: That could be an option as well, right?04:26
digitaldefectorDrGrov, you can install yppa and search, or go to webud8. They have alot of good ppa's.04:26
DrGrovdigitaldefector: Yes, webupd8.com :) Always a good resource :)04:26
Bashing-omDrGrov: Not kept up with it, but check out ppa:ricardo.teixas/xfce4-session .04:26
=== dziegler is now known as dziegler_off
digitaldefectorDrGrov, Good question. It's available in Manjaro, so I would imagine that it's possible, to install on Ubuntu. Give me a second to search.04:28
DrGrovdigitaldefector: I found on webupd8.com the way to install Cinnamon.04:28
duped27It's a shame all those unwanted programs ubuntu is installing now. It's like buying a pc with thousands of trial programs anymore.04:29
DrGrovdigitaldefector: Not sure though it was that good advice, should not brake Unity but never too sure.04:29
duped27I guess ubuntu needs income to.04:30
digitaldefectorduped27, I'm not interested in this discussion with you.04:30
DrGrovdigitaldefector: This is what I found about Cinnamon. http://www.webupd8.org/2013/11/cinnamon-20-no-longer-breaks-unity-in.html04:31
WugI don't suppose someone here is a parted wizard?  I'm trying to get it to align partitions non-stupidly but -a opt is achieving nothing04:32
digitaldefectorDrGrov, Cinnamon is it's own desktop now, it is completely gnome free now. So it shouldn't effect you.04:32
Wugbrand new empty 1TB disk that I'm trying to get formatted as GPT04:32
digitaldefectorDrGrov, That's because it's not based on gnome anymore.04:32
WugI'm trying to stick a little grub partition in it (as small as will align properly) and then the rest of it one single partition04:32
DrGrovdigitaldefector: So that might be the best thing out there for me and my special needs? :)04:32
DrGrovdigitaldefector: Can I get rid of Unity easily afterwards?04:33
DrGrovdigitaldefector: I am now installing Cinnamon from that PPA and see what happens.04:33
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digitaldefectorDrGrov, I don't think it should. A new feature in Cinnamon is window placement. It will help you be more productive. I would like to see this new feature from Cinnamon in other DE.04:35
DrGrovdigitaldefector: Good :)04:35
DrGrovdigitaldefector: How can I get the recommended packages though when installing with a terminal and doing sudo apt-get install cinnamon?04:36
digitaldefectorDrGrov, I was going to distrohop to Cinnamon on Linux Mint. I however can't get my wifi working in any Ubuntu based 13.10 kernel. So I'm sticking for 12.04 for the time being. I did try it, on a live cd, and it's fast.04:37
digitaldefectorDrGrov, sudo apt-get -f install04:37
DrGrovdigitaldefector: Okay, I will do sudo apt-get -f install cinnamon again then.04:38
DrGrovForgot the -f now, it is installed already :)04:38
DrGrovDo I need to do anything anymore in Unity before I get to Cinnamon?04:38
grahamsavagehey i want to collect some statistics about network throughput and response times between two ubuntu servers.. what tools can i use?04:39
grahamsavagei would like to know basic response times, and average kbs04:39
digitaldefectorDrGrov, Backup your bookmarks, etc.04:39
DrGrovdigitaldefector: Why? I still use Firefox...04:40
digitaldefectorDrGrov, Just in case something doesn't work and you can't use either desktops.04:40
DrGrovdigitaldefector: Nah, that is not my concern :)04:40
DrGrovBe right back, I am now adventurous to test04:41
digitaldefectorgrahamsavage, It seems to me like DrGrov and myself the only ones chatting. I'm sorry I can't help you. But hey, I hope you 're having a good night.04:42
grahamsavagehehe lunch time :D04:43
grahamsavagei'm trying to get my internet to work :D04:43
digitaldefectorgrahamsavage, are you using pppoe?04:44
grahamsavagei'm using scp04:44
grahamsavagejust to try and test throughput04:44
grahamsavageso basically i've got   computer1 -> router -> dsl modem -> {isp + internet} -> server04:45
grahamsavageand i'm scping files from computer1 to server.. but the scp always reports as "stalled"04:45
digitaldefectorgrahamsavage, yeah I'm of no help to you. Sorry brother.04:46
lickalottare any of the files making it to the server grahamsavage04:46
grahamsavageall good.. been working on the same problem on and off for years04:46
grahamsavageyeh it starts at 1mb/s04:46
grahamsavagethen scp reports as "stalled"04:46
grahamsavageand it drops to 4kbs04:47
lickalottany change with regular FTP?04:47
grahamsavagei'd have to setup an ftp server04:47
grahamsavagebut yeah i can test04:47
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=== AndresSM_away is now known as AndresSM
chainonehey michael04:52
michael__Any reason why ddrescue would mark almost every other sector on a disk as a bad sector?04:53
michael__Other than scratches04:53
DrGrovdigitaldefector: I am back again.04:54
DrGrovdigitaldefector: This time with horrible news :/04:54
Temperi am trying to nfs boot ubuntu 13.10 and i get apparnor and sh has blocked for more than 120 seconds waringings04:57
Tempererr warnings04:57
digitaldefectorDrGrov, what happened?04:58
DrGrovdigitaldefector: Nothing too bad but I am stuck with a horrible Unity gnome style which is dark like the night. Does not fit at all in Cinnamon.05:00
DrGrovdigitaldefector: Can I use some tweak tool to get it right?05:00
naec26994hello room05:01
Temperanyone nfs boot ubuntu 13.10?05:01
naec26994i need help with 12.0405:01
digitaldefectorDrGrov, It's included in Linux Mint Cinnamon, so I'm sure it's available in Ubuntu. It's one of it's new features. It pulls themes from the web and install's the theme for you. Check your configuration. Or I can show you a video on how to find and use it.05:01
naec26994i cant log in with ubuntu05:02
Ben64naec26994: gonna need a lot more details05:02
DrGrovdigitaldefector: That does not help. I am stuck with the Unity GTK style.05:02
digitaldefectorDrGrov, It will change the GTK.05:03
DrGrovdigitaldefector: But it does not. I can not ex. see the network statistics, the background is completely black.05:03
naec26994i am always stuck on a black screen, i searched troubleshooting sites yet icant fix it05:03
Temperlol who do you have to bl... to get service around here..05:04
digitaldefectorDrGrov, there's no wallpaper?05:04
Temperis this really the official support?05:04
digitaldefectorTemper, no it's not05:04
naec26994How can i fix it05:04
digitaldefectorTemper, You have to pay for that05:04
DrGrovdigitaldefector: No, no wallpaper :(05:04
Temperwell that's just whack05:04
DrGrovdigitaldefector: And when opening applets, ex. network I can not see the statistics. Everything is just black like the night :(05:05
=== CTCP2 is now known as CTCP3
naec26994here is the code05:05
Temperfor some reason nfs on this servr must not be performing very well or something05:06
digitaldefectorTemper, We're a community, and we help each other for tech support, but we're not a replacement for Official support.05:06
Temperi am not sure why i would be getting blocking warnings..05:06
naec26994please help me guys will post the error codes in a bit05:06
DrGrovdigitaldefector: Fixed it :)05:06
Ben64naec26994: we can't help you without full details05:06
digitaldefectorDrGrov, what did you have to do?05:06
naec26994ok i will post it in a bit thanks05:06
Temperanyone know what apparmor is?05:06
WugI "fixed" parted being moronic05:06
DrGrovdigitaldefector: It was in Themes -> Other Settings -> Controls -> and I changed Adwaita to ex. Ambiance. :)05:06
Wugnew question05:06
DrGrovdigitaldefector: But the wallpaper has not changed though.05:07
kostkon!apparmor | Temper05:07
ubottuTemper: For information about the AppArmor security framework employed in Ubuntu (since Gutsy Gibbon), see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AppArmor05:07
naec26994I am now transferred to the log in screen05:07
digitaldefectorIt may not include artwork. Try using a picture you have in your filebrowser.05:07
naec26994black screen05:07
WugI'm trying to use the process documented here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromLinux#Without_CD to install a 64 bit version of ubuntu from a running 32 bit host operating system05:08
Tempercan apparmor work over nfs boot?05:08
naec26994how can i fix the problem.05:08
naec26994im now in the terminal05:08
digitaldefectorDrGrov, I'm not sure if wallpaper is included in the themes.05:08
WugI've gotten as far as debootstrap --arch=amd64 saucy [path]05:08
naec26994what is the command05:08
Ben64naec26994: again, need more details. how did you get to this situation? what are the specs of your computer? what version of ubuntu?05:08
DrGrovdigitaldefector: Okay, that explains it as well. Now I can at least see something, checking up on the wallpaper now :)05:08
alkisgWhat's the difference between linux-generic-lts-saucy and linux-generic-lts-saucy-eol-upgrade ?05:08
Wugbut, of course, the 32 bit host operating system can't run the 64 bit executables that are there, so chrooting fails05:09
naec26994it came tothis error all of a sudden05:09
naec26994I AM USING..05:09
naec26994UBUNTU 12.0405:10
WugI figure the "easy" way of doing this would be to collect all of the packages I need to install to get it to at least boot and install them manually with dpkg (which has a --root option)05:10
naec26994im now in the terminal05:10
naec26994and it says 68 PACKAGES CAN BE UPDATED05:11
digitaldefectorWug, it would be easier if it was the other way around. But I'm sure you know that.05:11
Wugdigitaldefector: if only I had a spare 64 bit computer laying around.05:11
Ben64naec26994: you don't need to yell, and please use less [enter] and more information05:11
naec26994oh.. sorry stupid capls lockx05:11
naec26994typo sorry :)05:11
digitaldefectorWug, I would offer you one but I stepped on the cpu and bent the pins, so it's of no use to anyone anymore.05:12
naec26994what is the command line for installing these updates?05:12
rwwnaec26994: sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade05:12
naec26994guys its done. what to do next?05:13
Ben64very unlikely that finished05:14
ZiberCan unetbootin do non OS isos to a flash drive? Like the iso to recover window 8 passwords?05:14
Ben64Ziber: you should ask in ##windows for that05:14
naec26994unable to find expected entry 'non-free/binary-amd64/packages in release file (wrong sources.list entry or malformed file)05:15
=== Guest9369 is now known as denysonique
=== megabitdragon is now known as zz_megabitdragon
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Ben64naec26994: pastebin /etc/apt/sources.list and everything in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/05:17
digitaldefectorZiber, I never had much luck with unetbootin. If you can use windows, there's a good program that may be able to do that. http://www.linuxliveusb.com/ .  This could help you with fixing windows problems. http://falconfour.wordpress.com/category/bootcd/05:20
naec26994how can i pastebin05:20
HDRDannypastie.org *05:21
FloodBot1HDRDanny: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:21
HDRDannyShut up, FloodBot1. You're not my mother!05:21
naec26994uh huh05:21
DrGrovdigitaldefector: This works perfectly, thanks for the tip :)05:22
HDRDannyAnyone here play FFXIV?05:22
DrGrovdigitaldefector: Got the wallpaper set up as well. Is there any by default social media integration in Cinnamon?05:22
digitaldefectorDrGrov, you're welcome. Only packages that you installed with Ubuntu Unity. You can remove those without causing an instability error.05:23
DrGrovdigitaldefector: So now I could get rid of Unity completely?05:23
=== Plinker_ is now known as Plinker
naec269941hello room05:26
digitaldefectorDrGrov, I forgot to mention, that if you're not using Unity, the web features won't be active when you're in Cinnamon. But for things like pidgin,or empathy, you can easily remove them. To be on the safe side, just leave  Unity as it will be dormant and won't run in Cinnamon. That is if you have the space on your hard drive.05:26
naec269941what can i do with these error05:27
DrGrovdigitaldefector: Yes, I got the space, a 120GB SSD for / :)05:27
DrGrovdigitaldefector: Okay, I keep Unity still then. Won't hurt anyhow.05:27
naec269941Unable to find expected entry 'non-free/binary-amd64/packages in release file05:28
DrGrovdigitaldefector: How is with social media integration? No such things in Cinnamon if I did understand you correctly?05:28
digitaldefectorDrGrov, how much faster is the loading of files when using an SSD?05:28
apb1963Is there a (best) way to record youtube videos?  ubuntu 12.04.305:28
naec269941(wrong sources.list entry or malformed file)05:28
naec269941how to fix this05:28
digitaldefectorDrGrov, correct. You seem awfully smart to be asking me these questions...05:29
mojtabaHi, I just want to convert smoe mp4 files to mp3. could you please check what is wrong with this code?05:29
mojtabafor z in *.mp4;do ffmpeg -i "$z" -f mp3 -ab 192000 -vn "${z%.mp3};done05:29
DrGrovdigitaldefector: How so?05:29
shapowglitsj16: hey how's it going? still haven05:29
shapowglitsj16: still haven't managed to get the default audio output :) **05:29
DrGrovdigitaldefector: I must point out that I am a retard with great proportions and extensive lenghts :)05:30
mojtabaThis code works well for just one file.  ffmpeg -i video.mp4 -f mp3 -ab 192000 -vn music.mp305:30
mojtabaI want to run it for all the mp4 files in the current dir.05:30
=== hub is now known as Guest18999
digitaldefectorapb1963, if you you use firefox they're are plugins to do this. I'm not sure if they're are any for chrome or chromium.05:31
DaemonicApathyapb1963: If yo want the entire video, there's an app called ClipGrab that works pretty well.05:31
uronuhow to change password on ubuntu desktop just like on win7 like server\username?05:32
apb1963digitaldefector: I do use chrome, but I can fire up firefox for this purpose I suppose.  What plugins?05:32
apb1963DaemonicApathy: Why do you say "pretty well" ?  Are there problems with it?05:32
DaemonicApathyuronu: The easiest way is to open a terminal and type passwd05:32
uronui have an ldap05:32
DaemonicApathyapb1963: Not all videos are available, though the vast majority seem to be.05:32
uronuwhen I tried to change my password on win7 . SERVER\username05:33
uronuthe password sync both smb-ldap05:33
digitaldefectorDrGrov, I didn't give you the credit you deserve. I enjoy helping you, but when you wrote / (root), It caught me off guard. which is why I asked.05:33
uronubut when I tried to ubuntu only ldap sync05:34
uronunot on samba05:34
apb1963mojtaba: please pastebin your code.. easier to see.  However right off I think maybe you want ${z}.mp3 not ${z%.mp3}05:34
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=== toy is now known as toydestroyer
mojtabaapb1963: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6724884/05:36
oliahey there, how do i get a Usb game controller working? I've installed the joystick package but what next? yhere's supposed to be a 'jscalibtator' package but apt-get can't find it05:37
mojtabaabp1963: it just shows '>' after running the command05:37
ace_strikergood morning everyone.05:38
EsoRoticaolia: apt-cache search joystick05:39
apb1963I am so sick of buggy software05:40
ace_strikeri have a doubt/question:: is it possible to scroll down/up command line output for eg: when someone update ..there a lot of  lots of line..is it possbile to scroll through output .? thanks05:40
mojtabaapb1963: Did you check that?05:40
apb1963I missed any and all comments sent to me in the last 5 minutes or so.... Please resend.05:40
apb1963mojtaba: No.  My IRC client Krashed.05:40
EsoRoticaace_striker: try shift + page up05:40
EsoRoticaace_striker: also try  "command | less"05:41
mojtabaapb1963: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6724884/05:41
oliaEsoRotica: I see, it seems they have removed the 'jscalibrator' package. I'll have to find some other way of testing the thing.05:41
mojtabaapb1963: it just shows '>' after running the command!!05:41
mojtabaapb1963: I have found the solution for one file. http://askubuntu.com/questions/84584/converting-mp4-to-mp305:42
AcidRain2012where is the software center application located at in ubuntu 12? >_>05:42
mojtabaapb1963: But I want to run it for multiple files at the same time.05:42
AcidRain2012im trying to install something from a website with the nice little ubuntu software center button, and it asks me to find it05:42
Beldarace_striker, Up and down the terminal?05:43
EsoRoticaolia you may be able to get a backport or try jstest-gtk05:43
apb1963mojtaba: first, you're missing a quote... you don't get an error message for that?05:43
ace_strikerEsoRotica: perfect...thanks..but what does " command | less "  do ..it give a vim like interface05:43
mojtabaapb1963: no, it just shows >05:43
ace_strikerBeldar: yes..shift + pageup/down : works05:43
oliaEsoRotica: I'm trying jstest-gtk05:43
apb1963mojtaba: is this an exact copy of your file?  Or did you retype it?05:44
Beldarace_striker, So your set.05:44
EsoRoticaace_striker: "piping" to less will give a paginated interface05:44
=== pretty_function is now known as ssh
mojtabaapb1963: this is exact copy05:44
=== ssh is now known as ftp
=== dhruvasagar_away is now known as dhruvasagar
ace_strikerEsoRotica: ok..you meant <command> | less ..got you ..thanks05:44
=== ftp is now known as scp
EsoRoticaYes, ace_striker: This method will ensure that it does not run off the screen to an area you cant page up to.05:45
Wugdigitaldefector: I found a stack overflow question that has details to convert a 32 bit install into a 64 bit one05:46
ace_strikerperfect..thanks EsoRotica ..i will put this on askbuntu05:46
Wugwell, at least, how to pull down a 64 bit kernel and boot into it on an otherwise 32 bit system. ill post about it if I somehow succeed05:46
EsoRoticaace_striker: Ace, you may also like the head, tail and more commands.05:47
oliaEsoRotica: jstest-gtk looks like it's the right thing, thanks. However the system hasn't picked up the controller, I'm looking into this now. It's a wired USB xbox controller05:47
EsoRoticaolia lsusb to see if the device shows up as a first line of research05:48
Wuggod willing it appears to be booting.05:49
oliaEsoRotica: Yea it does detect, I think it might be broken however. I am just booting up a windows machine to see for certain.05:49
=== Mars is now known as Guest63067
Wugit looks like it's working05:55
EsoRoticaGZ Wug. You seem more successful than I've been at prior attempts05:56
oliaEsoRotica: This controller is not working on windows 7. i conclude it's broken. Thank you for your assistance with the software setup.05:58
EsoRoticaNP Olia, thats too bad really. I think most of us miss joysticks.05:59
fluxhunno, no we don't.05:59
WugEsoRotica: it turns out its fairly simple06:01
oliaEsoRotica: It's an xbox controller not a joystick, but I agree, joysticks are kind of sentimental/retro06:01
shapowEsoRotica: joysticks will be a thing of the past, only generation x will remember joysticks... the steam controller is soon to launch ._.06:01
=== timrc is now known as timrc-afk
oliashapow: Until they get pilots licences :-)06:01
Wugmy situation is that I have a brand new 64 bit computer with no cd tray and no case (so no front panel usb, i cant plug in a thumbdrive and a keyboard at the same time)06:01
oliawug: Why does a brand new computer only have 1 usb port?06:02
Wugbecause no front panel06:02
Wugand I got a server motherboard. it has less usb ports and more ethernet ports06:02
shapowolia: didn't get your comment06:02
Wugtrying to get 64 bit ubuntu on it.  I have an extra hard drive laying around with 32 bit ubuntu on it06:02
oliawug: Ah I see. Maybe you grab a mac keyboard from someone in your building? they have a usb pass through. Sorry i cant help more.06:03
shapowWug: use an usb jub?06:03
Wugnah ive got it now06:03
shapowWug: hub** :)06:03
=== scp is now known as pretty_function
oliashapow: Joysticks aren't going away anytime soon, they are used to control vehicles.06:04
Wuganyway. slam the hdd with ubuntu x86 in, dpkg --add-architecture amd64; apt-get update; apt-get install linux-image:amd64 gcc-multiarch; update-grub; <-- this will install a 64 bit kernel06:05
WugI was able to boot into it immediately after installing (I was very surprised)06:05
shapowolia: fair and true point. planes, drones... gaming with joysticks is terrible though06:05
Wugthen these instructions to install to the blank drive without a cd: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromLinux#Without_CD06:06
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Nitinanyone aroud?06:11
Nitinanyone around?06:11
Nitinneed help regarding wifi drivers for ubuntu 13.006:12
mr_oinkersi run without wireless06:12
mr_oinkersi do know i have had trouble with wireless before06:13
mr_oinkersas in it didn't work06:13
=== otiosed is now known as pretty_function
=== parduse is now known as Guest75107
Nitinmr_oinkers: could you help me06:14
mr_oinkersi certainly would if i knew the answer06:14
mr_oinkerssometimes ubuntu forums really help me out06:14
mr_oinkersdid you try an update06:15
somsip!details | Nitin06:17
ubottuNitin: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."06:17
=== dziegler_off is now known as dziegler
Nitinubottu: i installed ubuntu 13.0 in my Dell vostro 2520. After installing my wifi is not working. what can be the possible solution06:18
ubottuNitin: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:18
WugI thought for a second that I was up shit creek, the kernel was complaining that my CPU didn't have PAE when I tried to install it06:19
somsip!language | Wug06:19
ubottuWug: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.06:19
somsip!bcm | Nitin06:19
ubottuNitin: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx06:19
somsipNitin: a search shows you have a Broadcom wifi chip. Follow the link above for help06:20
=== sysadmin is now known as Guest29890
Wug(it's an i3 4130T, new circa Q3 2013, and also a 64 bit processor)06:20
Wugturns out /proc had gotten unmounted in my chroot somehow06:21
WugI blame debootstrap06:21
Wugremounting it allowed the kernel to install as expected06:21
EsoRoticaI wish I would have known it was an xbox controller before I saw him leave ><06:21
EsoRoticaThats easy06:21
=== dziegler is now known as dziegler_off
MarkDaviesIs it possible to configure links so that it would enable opening links by clicking in a real console?06:30
MarkDaviesWell, it already works :).06:31
MarkDaviesnow, how can I copy fragments of a text with gpm?06:31
somsipMarkDavies: what terminal?06:31
=== Devil is now known as Guest91956
MarkDaviessomsip: well, terminals like /dev/tty106:32
somsipMarkDavies: oh - console, not terminal. Not sue...06:33
Guest91956What does it mean "You failed to identify for the nickname devil" ?06:33
=== nigel is now known as Guest35581
kostkon!register | Guest9195606:34
ubottuGuest91956: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode06:34
Guest91956ok thnx06:34
kostkonGuest91956, that nickname is already taken, if it isn't yours i mean06:35
Guest35581have to choose a nicjname?06:35
Guest91956Everytime I try to use it just throws that exception so wondered how to fix it06:35
somsip!register | Guest9195606:35
ubottuGuest91956: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode06:35
somsipMarkDavies: npoe - can't find anything that suggest that is possible06:36
Guest35581wouldnt let me select :(06:36
somsipGuest35581: please join #freenode to discuss issues with registration06:37
MarkDaviessomsip: of course, it must be possible, what's the aim of existence of this server, after all?06:38
somsipMarkDavies: go find it and report back when you do then06:38
=== pedro_ is now known as Kanvogu
MarkDaviessomsip: I've found a way but that's ugly. Clicking with the right mouse button causes text to be copied. The problem's that it pastes it automatically, which I don't wish.06:39
DF3D2is it a well known issue that any kernel after .12 has no usb kb/mouse functionality ?06:40
DF3D2or is it just me somehow06:40
KI7MTMarkDavies, have a look at using Ctrl+Shift+C  an Ctrl+Shift+V  may be of some use.06:42
MarkDaviesUnfortunately it isn't. How can I change the size of font in the real terminal?06:43
kostkonDF3D2, just you06:44
somsipMarkDavies: sudo dpkg-reconfigure console-setup (from http://is.gd/l2gD0S)06:44
DF3D2kostkon, i doubt it since I did a fresh install of 13.10 and ONLY kernel .12 works with my usb mouse and keyboard06:44
WugI seem to be all set06:44
DF3D2nothing is wrong with my computer physically06:44
WugI'm just at the point of twiddling a few conf files and installing software I want.06:44
DF3D2those kernels simply have some error in the code it seems06:45
KI7MTMarkDavies, with setfont <font-nname> .. then showconsolefont06:45
MarkDaviesbut how can I know the names of the fonts?06:45
KI7MTMarkDavies, You shoulr have a read on / search for consolechars its in consoletools package06:47
sandGorgonanyone using systemd with ubuntu here ? I wonder if it works ok06:47
DF3D2this channel is of 0 help i spose06:47
willbradleywait what06:47
DF3D2I come here and usually end up helping someone with something but I never seem to get any help06:47
* willbradley sounds help alarm06:47
kostkonDF3D2, if your hardware doesn't work in 13.10, then stay with 12.0406:47
DF3D2my hardware is good hardware06:47
DF3D2and it works with 13.1006:48
DF3D2you didnt even fucking listen to what I aid06:48
DF3D2*waits to be told not to swear*06:48
somsip!language | DF3D206:48
ubottuDF3D2: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.06:48
somsipDF3D2: if you know, you shouldn't do it06:48
DF3D2maybe I want some attention so I can get some actual support06:48
DF3D2is that okay mr pismos06:48
somsipDF3D2: if people want to and can help you, they will. Your attitude is not helping at all.06:49
willbradleydon't demand support from random people idling in an IRC channel, nobody's getting paid to help you06:49
DF3D2like I said I help people here from time to time06:49
willbradleytho i'm sure someone will gladly take your money to deal with your attitude06:49
DF3D2I dont usually act like this06:49
DF3D2im just tired of this problem06:49
somsipDF3D2: prove it by adopting a level of maturity in here then06:49
DF3D2somsip, please dont lecture me06:49
somsipDF3D2: calm down and explain the problem and I might help.06:50
AcidRain2012ubuntu 12.04 sudo apt-get install libwebkitgtk-1.006:50
DF3D2I have explained it06:50
AcidRain2012i just installed vega. but i cant figure out hwo to launch it :/06:50
willbradleyDF3D2: i was googling around to help you as of 6:51, chill out and wait a minute06:50
DF3D2no kernel after .12 has any usb mouse/kb functionality for me06:50
DF3D2so I cant trouble shoot it at all06:50
DF3D2I can only use .1206:50
KI7MTMarkDavies, to increase the size, grep '^CONFIG_FONT; /boot/config-3.x.x-generic .. that will list the kernel console font size,  then to change it, use setfont commands.06:50
DF3D2I get to the login screen and my kb/mouse dont work06:50
willbradleyDF3D2: i'm on 3.8.0-34-generic what's your full uname -r06:51
KI7MT*grep '^CONFIG_FONT' .. ..06:51
somsipDF3D2: any other devices on USB that are also failing?06:51
DF3D2somsip, i dont use any other on that machine06:51
MarkDaviesHow can I learn what font the terminal uses now?06:52
somsipDF3D2: so possibly USB bridge driver problem? What can you find from sudo lshw that will help identify that?06:52
somsip!info kernel06:53
ubottuPackage kernel does not exist in saucy06:54
willbradleyMarkDavies: the terminal itself, or the terminal emulator app in Unity?06:54
somsip!info linux-generic06:54
MarkDavieswillbradley: the terminal itself06:54
ubottulinux-generic (source: linux-meta): Complete Generic Linux kernel and headers. In component main, is optional. Version (saucy), package size 1 kB, installed size 33 kB06:54
willbradleyMarkDavies: does result #1 answer? https://www.google.com/search?q=ubuntu+terminal+font06:55
DF3D2somsip, its intel06:56
AcidRain2012how do i launch vega?06:56
DF3D2so id think it would work great06:56
sarkonmalkoif you're trying to use "dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/your_drive_here" do wipe a drive 100%  is it usually 'sda'?06:56
ahmadhey guys im having some problem can anybody help me? i just joined the chat06:57
willbradleyahmad: don't ask to ask, just ask06:57
DF3D2somsip, what section do you want from lshw ?06:57
KI7MTMarkDavies, Here ya go, have a read through this page: http://www.yolinux.com/TUTORIALS/LinuxListOfFonts.html06:57
ahmadso after installing ubuntu everytime i restart my computer it gaves 4 option to chose06:57
ahmadadvanced ubuntu or something06:57
willbradleysarkonmalko: sda is typically going to be your main hard drive. type `df` to see the various filesystems mounted at the moment06:57
ahmadwindows 7 loader sda106:57
ahmadwindows 7 loader sda 206:57
ahmadany of these cannot take me back to my windows 706:58
sarkonmalkowillbradley, yeah i plan to boot from a live usb and dd the main drive06:58
ahmadwhat should i do?06:58
somsipDF3D2: are these USB2 or 3 devices?06:58
cannonsdda is a partition06:58
DF3D2somsip, well id assume 2 since it is a kb/mouse06:58
somsipDF3D2: anythign in dmesg that helps?06:58
DF3D2somsip, idk cause i cant boot that kernel and see dmsg06:59
DF3D2cause i got no mouse and kb dude06:59
somsipDF3D2: you have an old kernel installed still? Use that06:59
MilkkkyWHY cant i get this damn SD card to boot from the Bios WHY06:59
AcidRain2012how do i launch vega?06:59
=== onekt2 is now known as onekt
Milkkkydoes anyone own an Asus here?07:00
somsip!anyone | Milkkky07:00
ubottuMilkkky: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.07:00
ahmadcan anybody help me get back to my windows 7 in this dual boot please07:00
Milkkkywhy do u have to be so anal07:00
sarkonmalkowillbradley, so do i dd /dev/sda   or dd /dev/sda1 ?07:00
Milkkkyits making this very difficult07:00
somsipDF3D2: maybe lspci rather thanlshw then07:00
Beldarahmad, Can you download this script in ubuntu, run it and pastebin all of the results, http://bootinfoscript.sourceforge.net/07:00
DF3D2somsip, http://pastebin.com/rHk34wry07:01
sarkonmalkowillbradley,  in my of=07:01
somsipMilkkky: stop complaining and ask your real question.07:01
MilkkkyI need help getting my Ubuntu Live to Boot from an SD card07:01
Milkkkycan anyone help me?07:01
=== Oxcyded is now known as Oxcyde
ahmadBeldar, what script?07:01
Beldarahmad, The one on the link.07:01
MarkDavieshm. A lot of these fonts. I would like one which looks bold, but then it seems that there's no such a font in Uni2 standard (the present ones are too bold).07:02
willbradleysarkonmalko: gparted might help you figure out what to do07:02
MarkDaviesOK, I've found something suitable, thank you for your help07:02
ahmadif you might mean the summary after boot repair disc i got this link http://paste.ubuntu.com/672478807:03
willbradleybut sda is the hdd itself, sda1 is the partition07:03
willbradleysdb would be a second hard drive07:03
ahmadbut im about to download the script as well07:03
somsipDF3D2: is this a laptop? If so, what?07:03
Beldarahmad, I can't help when I see gldr07:03
DF3D2somsip, no07:03
DF3D2somsip, z77 motherboard07:04
sarkonmalkowillbradley, yeah i essentially wanna dban my harddrive so i think   dd   with of=/dev/sda07:04
willbradleythat'll do it07:04
KI7MTMarkDavies, Here's another site, that has fun stuff with fonts too: http://dsl.org/cookbook/cookbook_20.html07:05
MarkDaviesthank you07:05
willbradleyconsider using /dev/urandom though, as opposed to 007:05
MilkkkyHow can I get my BIOS to recognize the SD card when running Ubuntu Live on A new Asus?07:06
willbradleyMilkkky: you might not be able to. each bios will have its own options as far as what it will boot from (usb, cd, network, etc)07:07
willbradleywhat kind of sd card reader are you using07:08
MilkkkyI have a built in one07:08
MilkkkyI can get in to the bios fine07:08
Milkkkyand have disabled fast boot07:08
Milkkkyits an Asus s55007:09
somsipDF3D2: The only thing I can find is a similar bug report, but this relates to 3.13 kernel in development. You may have to file a bug report on this one in case other kernels are actually affected. http://www.spinics.net/lists/linux-usb/msg100258.html07:09
DF3D2somsip, they are07:09
DF3D2since .12 works but none other do07:10
Milkkkyand go to the boot from secttion and there is No SD card option07:10
DF3D2it isnt a problem on my end07:10
codephobicgeneral question, are people finding firefox/chrome more unstable on ubuntu 13.10 than before (earlier versions of the browsers and ubuntu)?07:11
Milkkkyi could just wait till tommorow and get a USB card07:11
Milkkkybut im persistent on these things07:11
Milkkkyand Know there is a way to do it07:11
codephobicI've never experienced so many crashes with firefox/chrome. especially of pages with flash/heavy javascript.07:11
somsipMilkkky: what motherboard?07:11
KartagisI have a problem with virt-install, and seek assistance07:12
KartagisERROR    internal error: process exited while connecting to monitor: char device redirected to /dev/pts/3 (label charserial0)07:13
willbradleyMilkkky: often card readers show up as usb, try that07:13
willbradleyor google <your motherboard/computer> boot from sd card07:13
Milkkkyu have07:13
somsipKartagis: does this help? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=197660607:14
=== Guest29890 is now known as VlanX
Milkkkysimsip the s500c motherboard?07:16
Kartagissomsip: I want to install a Xen guest, not KVM07:16
somsipKartagis: I just did a search with virt-install and your error message and got that match. Sorry if it's not helpful07:16
grendal_primeanyone every set up an urbanterror server?07:17
grendal_primethis is  just making me nuts07:17
=== decaf is now known as Guest35556
[awall]how intsal nano os ubuntu??07:17
grendal_primei use to have one...forever ago..now with version 4.2 there is a server...hell there is even a packaged install for it, but getting the thing to listen..man its impossible07:18
Myrttiawallin: 'nano os ubuntu'?07:18
grendal_primenano is a default app i think07:18
Kartagislet me get this straight. can virt-install be used with both Xen and KVM?07:18
somsip!info nano | [awall]07:18
ubottu[awall]: nano (source: nano): small, friendly text editor inspired by Pico. In component main, is standard. Version 2.2.6-1ubuntu1 (saucy), package size 182 kB, installed size 600 kB07:18
grendal_prime[awall], it should already be on your system07:19
grendal_primetype nano  /pathtofileyouwantoeditgoeshere).txt07:19
=== Mars is now known as Guest776
somsipMilkkky: did you unlock the Card reader USB Interface Security in the BIOS? No idea what it does, but might enable something you need07:19
Milkkkyi believe it is unlocked07:20
Milkkkyi know its a bios setting07:20
Milkkkypretty sure anyways07:20
somsipMilkkky: and its UEFI so that might affect things in ways I won't pretend to understand07:21
MilkkkyI messed with the UEFI settings as well07:21
Kartagis[awall]: was that "yes" for me?07:21
somsipMilkkky: this implies booting to SD is not an option https://www.asus.com/support/Knowledge-Detail/3/487/S550CA/8AEDC590-B808-710B-1877-4E94E38B8FD9/07:22
Milkkkythank you07:22
Rocky4343Magiobiwan , hey dude07:23
newqimoHi. I've installed qimo4kids but there's no sound out of my computer, i need some help please.07:24
connor__i have a real bad problem07:24
Milkkkypretty sure i have done this07:24
=== connor__ is now known as cant
Milkkkybut i will try again07:24
Milkkkyoh NOT an option07:24
=== cant is now known as cant-install-a-t
Rocky4343User accounts in system settings doesnt work in Ubuntu 13.1007:24
Rocky4343any help please07:25
Milkkkywhy do you say that somsip07:25
=== cant-install-a-t is now known as cantinstalltarba
=== cantinstalltarba is now known as cantinstalltargz
cantinstalltargzhow do u install tarballs07:25
somsipMilkkky: because it mentions USB and CDRom but not SD07:25
Myrtticantinstalltargz: what do you even want to install?07:25
somsipcantinstalltargz: what package do you want to install....oh.beaten07:25
Milkkkyis that perhaps there is not an SD card inserted?07:25
Rocky4343any help07:25
=== MomoNasty is now known as Momo|Off
Milkkkyalso i dont even see the USB option in my bios07:26
somsip!error | Rocky434307:26
ubottuRocky4343: Please elaborate, your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)07:26
Rocky4343i wanna create a new user account07:26
somsipMilkkky: so maybeASus support is the place to go. It's not really anything to do with Ubuntu support07:26
Rocky4343i went to system settings07:26
=== Momo|Off is now known as MomoNasty
Milkkkyi think you are correct07:26
Rocky4343but when i click user accounts , system hangs07:26
Rocky4343it is happening in ubuntu 13.1007:27
Milkkkythis is all you can do for me from here thank you07:27
somsipRocky4343: looks like a confirmed bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-control-center/+bug/124734307:28
ubottuUbuntu bug 1247343 in gnome-control-center (Ubuntu) "user accounts crashing" [Low,Invalid]07:28
somsipRocky4343: sorry - marked as invalid but there does seem to be a problem. Other reports of this in other places too07:29
apm1does the nvidia geforce 780ti work with "nvidia-current" in the 13.10 repos ?07:29
cantinstalltargzi cant install a tarball07:30
somsipRocky4343: so check the instructions for command line here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddUsersHowto07:30
cantinstalltargzi almost wanna use windows07:30
Rocky4343yea any updates for the bug ?07:30
cantinstalltargzat least in windows you can get a program07:30
somsipcantinstalltargz: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=orHcbz0cgGs07:31
somsipcantinstalltargz: this is not a ubuntu support so it's the only help you'll get from me07:31
cantinstalltargzthanks sir07:31
cantinstalltargzis there a help channel07:32
=== AndresSM is now known as AndresSM_away
somsipRocky4343: I didn't see one, but maybe best advice is to use the command line for now, as above07:32
=== cantinstalltargz is now known as AlwaysStrive
willbradleysomsip: cantinstalltargz: what? the topic of this channel is "official ubuntu support channel"07:32
somsipwillbradley: his query was not an ubuntu support issue07:32
somsipwillbradley: my typo - missing "question"07:32
willbradleyAlwaysStrive: generally, in linux, you type `tar -zxvf yourfile.tgz && cd yourfile && ./configure && make && make install`07:33
willbradleyAlwaysStrive: but each program will be different so look up the documentation on that program for specifics07:34
Rocky4343oh ok somsip07:34
AlwaysStrivethanks guys07:34
Rocky4343thanks guys07:34
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=== dziegler_off is now known as dziegler
nicenoobhello can anyone offer 5 min of their time to help me with my project?07:48
somsipnicenoob: explain more07:48
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
somsipnicenoob: and what do you need to know?07:49
nicenoobis there a way to safely remove unity?07:52
somsipnicenoob: I would recommend using the minimal CD and building up from there07:52
somsip!minimal | nicenoob07:52
ubottunicenoob: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD07:52
=== nigel_ is now known as Guest59425
Guest59425i am having trouble with /nick07:53
somsipnicenoob: you will have to use a PPA for Gnome 3 from what I can tell, and that's not supported here07:53
somsipGuest59425: join #freenode for registration issues07:53
Guest59425kk thanks07:53
nicenoobyou can edit the text on the piratepad with any info pls or directing me where to search07:53
nicenoobthat would be tons of help07:53
nicenoobthx a lot 'light blue' :)07:56
r00ktuhello :)07:59
r00ktuis it possible to update a 2.6 kernel (Ubuntu 12.04) to 3.1 kernel by just downloading the *deb packages?07:59
somsipr00ktu: it's not a safe way to do it07:59
apm12.6 kernel on 12.04 ? umm 12.04 shipped with 3.2 r00ktu ?08:00
r00ktusomsip: thanks.. can you tell me the safe way to do it.08:00
somsip!info linux-generic precise | r00ktu08:00
ubottur00ktu: linux-generic (source: linux-meta): Complete Generic Linux kernel. In component main, is optional. Version (precise), package size 1 kB, installed size 32 kB08:00
somsipr00ktu: so it's on 3.2 now...just update normally08:01
r00ktusorry.. I mean to 12.04/13 version kernel08:01
nigel___what up peeps08:01
somsipr00ktu: you've lost me now...08:01
=== nigel___ is now known as SirNigel
r00ktuIt's running Lucid 2.6.32 kernel; i wanted to update the kernel to version 308:02
SirNigelman, unity is crazy coming from kde08:02
ubottuUbuntu 10.04 LTS (Lucid Lynx) was the twelfth release of Ubuntu.  Desktop support ended May 9 2013. Server support continues. See http://ubottu.com/y/lucid for more details.08:02
r00ktuTo try and sort out my issues with the new Intel Integrated Network Card08:02
somsipr00ktu: that's unsupported, so you need to update to 12.0408:03
kostkonr00ktu, better upgrade to 12.04. you can go directly to 12.04 from 10.0408:03
SirNigelis there a rolling release for ubuntu?08:03
somsipSirNigel: no08:03
r00ktuok thanks all appreciate it.08:03
r00ktuAlso, hopefully a quick one.. if you install a network driver from source; and run modpobe e1000e (driver)08:04
kostkon!eolupgrades | r00ktu08:04
ubottur00ktu: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades08:04
r00ktuand it's still not seeing it in ifconfig.. is there something else I need to do?08:04
SirNigelim coming from openSUSE, i spent a lot of time bashing canonical, figured i would run ubuntu full time to put my money where my mouth is08:04
r00ktuI have tried rmmod e1000e; modprobe e1000e; dmesg and lsmod shows the driver is there but there is no eth008:05
r00ktukostkon: thanks for the link08:05
somsipr00ktu: if you are going to upgrade, I'd suggest looking at the NIC driver issue again after as it might get fixed in the upgrade08:05
kostkonSirNigel, ubuntu desktop will become "semi rolling"  in the future to coincide with the ubuntu touch release cycle08:05
SirNigelfigure i will do 13.10 and 14.04, then base my judgement after that.08:06
SirNigelinstall was sweet tho, no problems08:06
kostkonSirNigel, definitely try 14.04 yes08:06
r00ktusomsip: I wanted to upgrade as a last resort.. does the latest kernel have network card drivers, is that how it works?08:06
somsipr00ktu: it will have the latest (to 12.04 standards) of everything08:07
SirNigelbesides unity being gross, ubuntu has been pretty good so far08:07
r00ktusomsip: thanks again08:08
SirNigeldo you guys recommend clean install with 14.04?08:08
Melb_Aust_Ive updated qBittorrent to latest version but now it keep crashing & closing down after about 10 seconds, running Ubuntu 12.04LTS Any suggestions? Thanks08:08
apm1SirNigel, obv clean installs are always better08:09
kostkonSirNigel, clean installs better regardless of the OS, but it isn't necessary08:09
SirNigelManjero disagrees08:09
somsipSirNigel: after a few upgrades from...maybe 10.10, I will be cleanign and starting again with 14.0408:09
SirNigeldo upgrades tend to go smooth, or snafu?08:10
SirNigelmint upgrades where a s***show08:10
somsipSirNigel: different for different folks/hardware/extra stuff they've put on. 2 of mine went straighforward. One required some fixing. Not too bad though08:10
SirNigelkk thanks somsip :)08:11
somsipSirNigel: all IMHO. No guarantees of course08:11
kostkonSirNigel, from personal exp, 3 upgrades, the last one even managed to downloaded 1.8GB of pacakges... smooth08:11
SirNigelhmm....nice kostkon, the big worry i had coming to ubuntu full time was having to clean install every what 9 months?08:12
somsipSirNigel: releases are currently 6 months. You don't have to reinstall.08:13
kostkonSirNigel, nah, lts releases have a 5y lifespan after all, you don't need to do that08:13
SirNigelppa's on LTS alright or do you guys fall way behind?08:14
somsipSirNigel: I use minimal PPAs myself08:14
kostkonSirNigel, i only use official project ppas, that only offer one app, e.g. wine, fs-uae, etc08:15
somsipSolartemus: node, chrome, jenkins, old python08:15
somsipSirNigel: ^^ (sorry Solartemus )08:16
Melb_Aust_Ive updated qBittorrent to latest version but now it keep crashing & closing down after about 10 seconds, running Ubuntu 12.04LTS Any suggestions? Thanks08:18
somsipMelb_Aust_: where did you install qBittorrent from?08:18
kostkonsomsip, official ppa ;)08:18
somsipkostkon: I expect so...08:18
glitsj16SirNigel: there's also newer point releases during LTS life-cycles now --> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack, so together with mission-critical PPA's should keep you pretty much up-to-date even on LTS releases08:19
somsipMelb_Aust_: Have a look at this and see if it matches http://is.gd/4ZoVRR08:20
marcello\j xchat08:20
marcellooops sorry08:20
=== keee is now known as w0rmie
=== MindSpark_ is now known as MindSpark
Melb_Aust_Sounds like a similar problem somsip08:22
Solartemussed -i "/title_vertical_pad/s/value=\"[0-9]\{1,2\}\"/value=\"0\"/g" /usr/share/themes/Adwaita/metacity-1/metacity-theme-3.xml08:27
Solartemuswhat would I change to make it even smaller?08:28
Solartemusthe 0-9 bit?08:28
jason404Hello.  I have a client who has a Ubuntu server running quantal quetzal.  Support ends in April, apparently.  What can we do?  Can it be upgraded to a newer version safely?  Or does the server need to be rebuilt?08:32
iwantoskiI'm looking the find out exactly which version of a dpkg package is installed. "dpkg --get-selections | grep X" seems to only show the package, not the specific version. How would I do that?08:34
tasslehoffdoes no twitter client for ubuntu support tweet marker?08:35
KI7MTiwantoski, dpkg -s <packagename> | grep 'Version'08:36
KI7MTexample: dpkg -s gawk | grep 'Version'08:37
iwantoskiKI7MT: That output, could I use the exact string to install it again using apt-get or do I need to modify it?08:38
KI7MTexample2: apt-show-versions gawk08:38
KI7MTiwantoski, what do you mean by install again ?08:38
iwantoskiI.e. install it on a different machine08:39
kostkonjason404, maybe you could backup everything and then try upgrading to 13.10, i.e. 12.10 -> 13.04 -> 13.10 and when 14.04 comes out upgrade to that since it is going to be an lts release with 5y of support. if the upgrade fails, then you could do a clean install of 13.10?08:39
KI7MTjust sudo apt-get install <packagename>08:39
iwantoski(I want to make somewhat sure, thought a script, that I'm installing the correct versions of my LAMP)08:39
Unforgivenin ufw, how can i deny all ports except 80,22, and 443 ?08:40
Melb_Aust_I jusr uninstalled skype & I fixed the qbitorrent issue....thanks Microsoft! :P cheers somsip08:40
iwantoskiKI7MT: the first example produced the following: "5.5.5+dfsg-1+debphp.org~precise+1". Can I just "apt-get install php5=5.5.5+dfsg-1+debphp.org~precise+1"?08:40
KI7MTiwantoski, then check it before had with apt-cache show <packagename> and check the version on the other machine.08:40
jason404kostkon: Is it safe to do that?  Will the server still be anywhere as stable as an un-upgraded server?  The server is very important to my client and makes tens of thousands a month08:41
jason404kostkon: To upgrade once seems risky enough, but multiple time??08:41
kostkonjason404, then i guess a better course of action would be to wait until april and do a clean install of 14.0408:42
jason404kostkon: Yeah, I thought so.  Cheers08:42
kostkonjason404, 14.04 will be supported until april 201908:42
=== AndresSM_away is now known as AndresSM
keplrYou might be better off with Debian08:43
jason404kostkon: Yeah, I was looking at.. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Ubuntu_releases#Table_of_versions08:43
jason404keplr: I use Debian on my own Rackspace server.  My client has this Ubuntu server.08:43
jason404Rebuilding just means more money for me anyway, lol08:43
keplrTransitioning shouldn't be too difficult, they're very similar08:44
=== AndresSM is now known as AndresSM_away
keplrIf it's an incredibly conservative use-case with extremely long term needs then Debian is probably better than even Ubuntu LTS.08:44
jason404keplr:  But my Squeeze server is supposed to be ending support this year and it's only been running a couple of years08:46
keplrYou could learn BSD08:48
jason404I've used Solaris.  Can't be too different08:50
keplrPersonal or business? Can you say which firm?08:50
jason404My client?08:51
jason404Business.  If you meant Solaris, I was trying out ZFS for my file server (personal)08:51
keplrI've never heard of an entity using Solaris with less than a few thousand users08:52
gughihow ican become administrator instead of sudo08:52
keplrsudo su08:52
Myrttikeplr: nnggghh sudo su is bad form08:52
gughiwhat is the right form08:52
keplrYes, it is08:52
keplrWhich is why we have sudo08:53
jason404sudo 0s08:53
jason404I use sudo -s08:53
Myrttigughi: sudo. Why don't you want to use it?08:53
_KaszpiR_question, I have problems with audio skipping on 13.1008:54
_KaszpiR_when copying files to/from hdd via USB 2.0 with ntfs filesystem08:54
Myrtti!pm > gughi08:54
ubottugughi, please see my private message08:54
keplr_KaszpiR_: You're playing audio/video files off an NTFS volume over USB 2.0?08:55
Myrttigughi: please lets keep it on the channel08:56
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=== MarkMarkDavies is now known as MarkDavies
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MarkDaviesI've identified a flaw in behaviour of "links" browser  which looks really dangerous. It's possible to open an e-mail account without entering a password even though the session was already closed. Also, it doesn't matter what user's name you will put! It will log in you to the previously chosen server freely. It's also impossible to log in to another account.09:04
DoverMoMarkDavies, what about elinks?09:07
DJones!bug | MarkDavies This is probably the best way of reporting a bug,09:07
ubottuMarkDavies This is probably the best way of reporting a bug,: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.09:07
MarkDaviesDoverMo: I don't know, I don't have it currently installed on my computer, check yourself if you have two different e-mail accounts on the same server. But I think that it's a serious flaw, anyway.09:08
MarkDaviesOK, I know how to get rid of it, too.09:08
MarkDaviessetup->Cache->Aggresive Cache - make it disabled.09:09
MarkDaviesDoverMo: do you use elinks?09:09
DoverMoMarkDavies, yeah o-o09:09
DoverMoMarkDavies, everyone uses elinks now adays09:11
MarkDaviesDoverMo: In what way is it better than links?09:12
kostkon!info links09:13
ubottulinks (source: links2): Web browser running in text mode. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.7-2ubuntu1 (saucy), package size 449 kB, installed size 1068 kB09:13
DoverMoMarkDavies, it's like a nice pineapple red snapper compared to a burnt mackerel09:13
kostkon!info elinks09:13
ubottuelinks (source: elinks): advanced text-mode WWW browser. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.12~pre6-1ubuntu1 (saucy), package size 563 kB, installed size 1358 kB09:13
DoverMo!info mosaic09:14
ubottuPackage mosaic does not exist in saucy09:14
=== om26er is now known as om26erafk
DoverMo: /09:14
kostkon!find mosaic09:14
ubottuFile mosaic found in asymptote-doc, awstats, celestia-common-nonfree, ctwm, darktable, digikam-doc, dvb-apps, exmh, gcompris-data, gcompris-sound-en (and 56 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?searchon=contents&keywords=mosaic&mode=&suite=saucy&arch=any09:14
DoverMomosaic isn't maintained in anything really. gotta compile it09:15
kostkonDoverMo, indeed. it's on github09:18
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ClumsyCriminalHello, official Ubuntu support channel. Is anyone around at this hour to officially support me?09:22
Rory!volunteer | ClumsyCriminal09:23
Rory!volunteers | ClumsyCriminal09:23
ClumsyCriminalThank you, Rory09:23
ubottuClumsyCriminal: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines09:23
ClumsyCriminalAh, I completely understand09:23
RoryWhat's the problem ClumsyCriminal ?09:23
ClumsyCriminalWell....this may be a bit difficult to give the details of, but I'll try09:23
ClumsyCriminalOK, so, I've had apache running well for a long time. I'm writing a PHP script now for a server that is only running PHP 5.3, and I was running 5.5, so, I installed a version management system, PHPBrew09:24
ClumsyCriminalEverything was nice, except that, well09:24
=== CyberJacob is now known as CyberJacob|Away
ClumsyCriminalIt changed me over permanently to their compiled version09:24
ClumsyCriminalAnd then ceased working...09:24
ClumsyCriminalSo, I have no way of reverting, nor can I get it to recognize anything I give it, such as ini directions, extensions, etc =/09:25
ClumsyCriminalAny idea? Or just a clue of how I can begin debugging this?09:25
RoryClumsyCriminal: Can you remove phpbrew?09:25
ClumsyCriminalWell, I'm not entirely sure how09:25
ClumsyCriminalIt's not an aptitude package09:25
ClumsyCriminalI had a very basic init script09:25
ClumsyCriminalAnd I went through it, and can't seem to figure it out09:26
ClumsyCriminalBut then again, I'm not 100% sure where Ubuntu gets all of the scripts it runs on startup09:26
RoryClumsyCriminal: How did you install it?09:26
ClumsyCriminalLet me make sure I'm not telling you something incorrect, one sec09:26
ClumsyCriminalYes, ok, all I did was wget the binary, copy it over to /usr/bin, and then run their init script09:26
ClumsyCriminalThe contents of which, let me see09:26
ClumsyCriminalThey were very basic, I'll summarize09:27
RoryClumsyCriminal: Could you reinstall the php packages from Ubuntu over the top?09:27
ClumsyCriminalYeah, it just exported a bunch of environment variables09:27
Rory!lamp | ClumsyCriminal09:27
ubottuClumsyCriminal: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process.09:27
ROPAthe function keys on my Dell 15R laptop do not control the screen brightness and it can't be controlled from the brightness control in the setup. I found an answer, which involves an edit of the grub configuration file, but it did not work. Anyone have any ideas????09:27
ClumsyCriminalRory, do you have any suggestions for how? The problem is that it's apparently running something at startup, since Apache's config files are not altered, I've checked. However, the served version of php is now 5.309:28
ClumsyCriminalI've tried simply rerunning the init script, to no avail =(09:28
RoryClumsyCriminal: what's the output of "which php" ?09:28
ClumsyCriminalThat's the funny thing09:28
ClumsyCriminalIt's 5.509:28
ClumsyCriminalWhereas Apache is serving 5.309:28
Rorythe output of "which php" is "5.5" ?09:28
ClumsyCriminaloh, sorry09:29
ClumsyCriminalNo, I was thinking php --version09:29
ClumsyCriminalmy mistake09:29
ClumsyCriminalit's /usr/bin/php09:29
ClumsyCriminalI believe...yes, it is09:29
FloodBot1ClumsyCriminal: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.09:29
RoryOK ClumsyCriminal if you make a phpinfo page it will tell you about the PHP Apache is using http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/how-do-i-test-php-installation-with-a-phpinfo-page/09:29
ClumsyCriminalYes, I have done so, and it's calling 5.3.09:30
RoryWhat's the path to the PHP binary Apache is using?09:30
ClumsyCriminalHow can I check that, please?09:30
RoryIf possible, could you share your phpinfo ?09:30
ClumsyCriminalWell, the phpinfo I have set in apache's sites-available is not the one being displayed in phpinfo09:30
ClumsyCriminalWhich would you like?09:30
Rorywhatever one is the result of a php page displaying the phpinfo(); method09:31
ClumsyCriminalThe one it's actually displaying is for ~/.phpbrew/. OK, shall I just pastebin it?09:31
RoryYeah sure09:32
cousteaucan't boot graphically since last software upgrade09:32
cousteaudmesg says something about the nvidia driver and kernel version mismatching09:32
cousteau(I use the nvidia 304 driver from repositories)09:33
ClumsyCriminalOK, one sec, I'm getting to it. Oh, actually, another thing I've tried before I do that is manually setting the PHP ini script in sites-available. And it displays the one I ask it to in phpinfo(). However...it still won't use the correct binary09:33
ClumsyCriminalOK, Rory09:35
ClumsyCriminalYou can find the contents of the served php.ini file here: http://pastebin.com/Rkx01i4009:35
RoryClumsyCriminal: OK can you make available the phpinfo html page? is this on a public-facing server?09:35
ClumsyCriminalNo, it's a local server, unfortunately09:35
ClumsyCriminalI'll just pastebin the contents, one sec09:36
cousteauNVRM: API mismatch: the client has the version 304.108, but this kernel module has the version 304.88.  Please make sure that this kernel module and all NVIDIA driver components have the same version.   init: lightdm main process (995) terminated with status 109:36
ClumsyCriminalThat's phpinfo()09:36
RoryOK ClumsyCriminal it's using a config file in /home/logan/.phpbrew/php/php-5.3.24/etc09:37
ClumsyCriminalLet me check, one sec09:38
cousteauany hint?  should I just reinstall nvidia-304 package?09:38
RoryClumsyCriminal: Find any ocurrences in your apache config files: "find /etc/apache2/ | grep phpbrew"09:38
loganHmm, sorry, seems to have crashed09:39
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Guest27331Unfortunately, grep returned nothing, Rory09:39
=== Guest27331 is now known as SomethingElse
SomethingElseRory, I hope I didn't lose you on that disconnect. I was originally ClumsyCriminal09:40
RorySomethingElse: YOu could try: sudo apt-get purge libapache2-mod-php5; sudo apt-get install libapache2-mod-php509:41
SomethingElseHmm, that's not something I should be nervous doing, is it, Rory?09:41
RorySomethingElse: It will remove and reinstall PHP09:41
RorySomethingElse: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP#Starting_over:_How_to_remove_the_LAMP_stack09:42
SomethingElseOK, I'll give it a shot. If you're still here when I reach the conclusion, I will let you know. Thank you so much for your help, Rory09:42
NeoIDhow come my mdadm raid 6 says "State : clean, Not Started" even though it's mounted and seems to be working?09:49
PinkFoxFurHIYA everyone. If I do a ubuntu netinstall & create a minimal openbox desktop with xdm to login. How can I go about creating the system so that it takes up little hard deiv space ??09:50
YamakasYanyone experience with partman ?09:51
YamakasYand preseed ?09:51
SomethingElseOh, Rory, you're a genius! =)09:52
SomethingElseI've literally been fighting with this for the past 5 hours09:53
merandusHello, i'm trying to do "sudo lshw -c disk" but the program   phreezes, and only shows me  "pci (sysfs)"09:53
SomethingElseThank you so much! Can we tip you somewhere?09:53
merandusi have no idea why it does that. i want to list my harddrives.09:53
jefersenhow do i install a github project?09:55
geirhajefersen: There's no one procedure for that apart from "follow the instruction of the README file"09:58
varunendramerandus, what kind of info do you need about your hard disks? Are 'fdisk' or 'parted' unable to show that? And how long did you wait after 'lshw'?09:58
merandusvarunendra: i waited for like, 30 seconds. i don't know how to list them with fdisk or parted. my VPS provider attached a hard drive, and i want to  make it into a partition09:59
RorySomethingElse: 1MLouy5U2y9Jc54knfCK1t8LXXJr9SeuzJ10:00
RorySomethingElse: But seriously, glad you got it working10:01
varunendramerandus, so is it a new hard disk that you want to partition?10:01
SomethingElseWell, it's progress, it looks like phpbrew is still interfering, but I'll bet I can figure out the last little bit10:01
SomethingElseAt least it's serving something correct now!10:01
SomethingElseAs odd as it is, it still has control of pecl10:01
RorySomethingElse: If you just removed the ~/.phpbrew directory, all those config files would be gone10:02
merandusvarunendra: yeah. my machine had a 20 gb, i requested more hard, and they added a new one, but i need to add it to the system10:02
RorySomethingElse: or just mv ~/.phpbrew ~/.phpbrew.old10:02
SomethingElseOh, just remove it and logout/login?10:02
merandusvarunendra: i was googling to m ake progress, but lshw -c disk  hangs on me10:02
jefersengeirha: it doesn't say anything about how to install it10:03
RorySomethingElse: Should just be able to restart apache "sudo service apache2 restart"10:03
jefersengeirha: just about how it should be used10:03
jefersengeirha: https://github.com/pkrumins/xgoogle10:03
SomethingElseSo, maybe you can educate me on something...all of those environment variables that phpbrew exported, they won't actually do anything until called by a script, correct?10:04
SomethingElseBecause I'm looking through the init script it uses, and it has a bunch of perl calls looking for those env vars10:04
varunendramerandus, lshw just lists hardware. If you are not very well versed with commands, I suggest you install Gparted (sudo apt-get install gparted) and use it to partition your hard disk. It is already installed on the Live CD/DVDs of Ubuntu10:04
cousteaubug #1262752 has taken me quite a while to fix in my PC10:04
ubottubug 1262752 in nvidia-graphics-drivers-304-updates (Ubuntu) "nvidia_304 not blacklisted or removed when nvidia_304_updates is installed." [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/126275210:04
merandusvarunendra:  i have only ssh access, command line that is.10:04
cousteaucouldn't boot graphic mode; managed to figure out that I had to uninstall nvidia-304-updates10:04
varunendramerandus, and to list the connected hard disks, use either of these commands - "sudo fdisk -l" or "sudo parted -l"10:04
RorySomethingElse: You can view all your environmental variables with the "env" command; could you show me what the script is?10:05
varunendraoh, okay.. then I'll have to look back at the man pages of fdisk/parted myself, unless someone else can help with the commandline :P10:05
varunendramerandus, ^^10:05
SomethingElseSure, I'll pastebin it10:05
Sven_vBSomethingElse, env vars cannot be called, just their values can be read or set.10:05
Sven_vBSomethingElse, they won't do anything on their own.10:06
SomethingElseThank you, Sven_vB10:06
Sven_vBSomethingElse, however, consider that some shells do magic based on some env vars.10:06
merandusvarunendra: psudo parted -l works well it seems10:06
varunendramerandus, did it list your new drive?10:07
SomethingElseYes, I ran into that wall today, Sven_vB!10:07
merandusvarunendra: it shows me one disk which is vmware type disk, then there are 2 numbers, the first one is 20 gb and is marked boot, but the second one is not10:07
SomethingElseBTW....I'm somewhat clueless, but I could not figure out HOW phpbrew was being called upon startup every time. How would I go about tracking that down?10:07
varunendra!pastebin | merandus10:07
ubottumerandus: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.10:07
RorySomethingElse: It's that init file10:08
Sven_vBSomethingElse, startup mechanisms include /etc/rc.* and the various crontabs10:08
merandusvarunendra: just a sec10:08
SomethingElseHow was the init file being called? I added a line to source it from my .bashrc, but I thought that was only called when I actually opened a terminal?10:08
SomethingElseOr is a terminal opened behind the scenes on startup to run gnome?10:09
merandusvarunendra:  http://pastie.org/862005310:09
SomethingElseActually, I also commented out the sourcing, now that I think of it, and it still was running...so confusing to me10:09
RorySomethingElse: Honestly I don't know much about phpbrew, it looks like just an init script that will just write various paths to php.ini10:09
SomethingElseIt would have been so nice had the developers of phpbrew written in something to, you know, *undo* all of that10:10
diverdudeHello, i try to ssh to my machine but when i enter the password i get this back: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6725802/   I have the correct username/password because i can log in with that locally. What am I missing?10:10
Rorydiverdude: Are you connecting to the correct user?10:10
Rorydiverdude: ssh username@hostname10:11
diverdudeRory: yes i am10:11
Sven_vBSomethingElse, to see if those vars are set on the level of your window manager, let it execute sh -c 'env | sort | xmessage -file -'10:11
diverdudeRory: i have triple checked that10:11
Rorydiverdude: Can you show me the full command you run, and the output?10:11
RoryPlease paste the full output onto http://paste.ubuntu.com and share the URL in this channel10:11
varunendramerandus, not sure if anyone would believe, but my current speed is .8 KB/s (awesome gprs !!) :(10:11
SomethingElseOh, look at that. Xmessage, huh? Very nice10:12
merandusvarunendra: aww, no problems, mine is only 20k faster than yyou10:12
Sven_vBSomethingElse, env vars are forgotten when the topmost process that had them set, exits. an easy way to ensure that env vars are forgotten is to reboot.10:12
varunendramerandus, ok, opened up (finally). But it is showing only one disk, the older one ? So maybe the second one is not attached yet.10:13
SomethingElseWell, I think I should go ahead and do that. Unfortunately, it looks like my pecl extensions are all gone now. Hopefully the reboot will magic them back to life =)10:13
merandusvarunendra:  i can see three numbers in there, i think those are the disks? i mean there is three 20 gbs.10:13
SomethingElseOh it not good enough to just logout and log back in? It requires a full reboot?10:14
diverdudeRory: here it is : http://paste.ubuntu.com/6725814/10:14
Sven_vBSomethingElse, depends on the scope where the vars had been set.10:14
varunendramerandus, they are start/end boundaries. Look at the "size" column.10:14
cffWhy there is no support for ppm in Ubuntu version of avconv?10:15
SomethingElseWell, this has been a painful experience, but I think I'm a better person for it, so it's all for the greater good, right? Going to reboot now. Thank you, everyone!10:15
Rorydiverdude: What is the operating system of the target server?10:15
merandusvarunendra: 2      20.9GB  21.5GB  535MB   extended10:15
merandus 10:15
varunendramerandus, you have 20.9 GB main partition, and a 535 MB swap in extended partition. That's all there.10:15
diverdudeRory: fedora|610:15
merandusvarunendra: oh.10:16
Rorydiverdude: I don't know how to configure it, but you might need to ensure the user can log in over SSH10:16
Rorydiverdude: Maybe by default, users on fedora cannot10:16
merandusvarunendra: will this command show all available disks then?10:17
varunendramerandus, I believe so. Even if it is a virtual hard disk, it seems it is not yet attached to the virtual machine. Check "sudo fdisk -l" to confirm.10:18
merandusvarunendra: http://pastie.org/862008610:20
merandusvarunendra: what are those sda2 and sda5?10:20
varunendramerandus, sda2 is the Extended partition, which is a kind of container which can contain logical partitions. The sda5 is the logical partition inside it. The extended partition is part of the traditional (MBR based) partitioning scheme which can not have more than 4 'Primary' partitions, hence the provision of 'Logical partitions' inside an extended one.10:22
merandusvarunendra: wow. that made sense. thanks10:23
merandusvarunendra: probably i have to call them again, since the drive is not there10:23
varunendramerandus, yup, confirmed. The new disk is not yet attached. I'm confident with fdisk that it can show the attached disks even if they are raw (not partitioned yet).10:23
merandusvarunendra: thanks lots10:24
varunendramerandus, no problem :)10:24
varunendramerandus, one more thing - parted is more advanced than fdisk, and easier to use. I suggested fdisk only because I have more experience with it.10:25
=== Siya_ is now known as siya
merandusvarunendra: can you also make partitions with parted too?10:26
varunendramerandus, sure, that's what it is meant for. Take a look at "man parted", especially the 'mkpart' command of it.10:27
varunendramerandus, one of the best partitioning tools - Gparted - is just a GUI frontend of parted.10:28
merandusvarunendra: oh nice. sounds easier than fdisk10:29
merandusvarunendra: well, i think i'm done with this vps provider, so frustrated with it. i'm not a linux expert, just a dj trying to run a radio server10:29
varunendramerandus, look for others then ? Maybe ask for suggestions in a suitable channel?10:31
merandusvarunendra: yeah im gonna change it soon10:31
iwantoskiI'm trying to comment out a line with a matching word using see, but I keep failing the expected result: sed -e '/test-arg/s/^/#/' file10:39
iwantoskiI except that to put a # in file, yet nothing happens :/ ?10:39
=== Guest87119 is now known as r_lex
varunendraiwantoski, try "sed '/test-arg/ s/.*/# &/' - note there is a space after "..-arg/"10:46
varunendraiwantoski, I hope you know that it will show the change only in the stdout. If you want to change the file, use "sed -i...." - which is probably not a universal method, but works on Ubuntu.10:48
iwantoskihah, I just read that in the man .. ! My bad.10:48
varunendraiwantoski, man page for sed? Is it sufficient for you ? :P10:49
iwantoskiwell, sorry again. I meant from the help (-h)10:50
iwantoskiI'm new to this :s10:50
varunendraiwantoski, this is the best starting point for learning sed : http://www.grymoire.com/Unix/Sed.html10:51
newb_yo what is the best book to learn basic linux command line stuff?10:51
iwantoskithanks varunendra10:52
varunendraiwantoski, you're welcome :)10:52
varunendranewb_, learning linux command is probably learning bash shell. So look for that instead10:52
newb_do you have a book you recommend?10:52
newb_im new to CS and ubuntu, using it right now and want to learn more about how to do cool stuff10:53
streulmanewb_ just for ask, which version of Ubuntu do you use? 13.10 or 12.04 ?10:56
varunendranewb_, I'm searching the online html bashref guide. I don't know of a good book though. Although I'm sure there are a few others keep recommending here.10:56
knightshadenewb_: http://mywiki.wooledge.org/BashGuide10:56
varunendranewb_, this is the one I was looking for. So far working 100% for me : http://www.gnu.org/software/bash/manual/bashref.html10:56
newb_thank you guys I have much to learn10:56
newb_I will check out these sources10:56
varunendranewb_, "Practice makes a man Perfect" :D10:56
streulmaI think to use 12.04 but I found it a little bit old10:56
varunendraoops! I scared them :P10:56
thoonaimy ubuntu 12.04 doesnt have the tun module ...10:58
thoonaihow is it possible that it got away?10:58
cean26994hello room11:02
cean26994anybody here11:02
cean26994i just wnt to ask what is the key for bios dor  ubuntu11:02
kruxthoonai, have you tried loading it modprobe tun11:03
chemist^cean26994, the bios key is always the sam11:03
chemist^same... no matter which OS you install11:03
cean26994What is it? im new in ubuntu :)11:03
chemist^it's not OS related...11:03
StarlightFX123Hi guys. Can anyone help me. I'm really in trouble.11:03
chemist^your computer manufacturer has set that up11:04
chemist^cean26994, type your computer model number on google and type BIOS key11:04
varunendra!anyone | StarlightFX12311:04
ubottuStarlightFX123: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.11:04
chemist^usually it's the delete key or F2 or F10 or F12 .. while you're computer starts to boot11:04
StarlightFX123I'm telling git to take my ssl-certificate. But when I try to do "git clone" I ghet the error message: "unable to access 'https://github.com/puppetlabs/puppetdb.git/': GnuTLS recv error (-9): A TLS packet with unexpected length was received."11:05
StarlightFX123I don't know how to solve that problem.11:05
amr_hi all11:06
Diehardamr_: welcome11:06
cean26994i will update you guys thanks11:06
StarlightFX123Is there anybody who has an idea how to solve my problem?11:07
RoryStarlightFX123: Looks like a bug in pycurl, there's instructions here http://stackoverflow.com/a/13524391/73625311:07
cean26994i cant connect to the bios i want to reinstall windows in my dad's laptop11:08
chemist^cean26994, what are you talking about???11:08
chemist^cean26994 what computer does your dad have?11:09
cean26994Lenovo G40511:09
hitsujiTMO!patience | StarlightFX12311:09
ubottuStarlightFX123: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/11:09
cean26994and i want to reinstall windows in it cos he's having hard time using ubuntu. the problem is i cant connect to the bios of ubuntu and it is the only OS in the laptop11:10
chemist^cean26994, you shutdown your dad's laptop, power it on again and immidiatly press the F1 key repeatedly untill the BIOS setup comes up11:10
chemist^cean26994 you're not getting things right now...11:10
hitsujiTMOStarlightFX123: that error suggests githubs cert isnt trusted. how to fix that i don't know tho11:10
chemist^BIOS is not part of UBUNTU!11:10
cean26994ok brb11:11
varunendracean26994, you don't connect to "BIOS" of an OS, it is the firmware program inside the CMOS chip on your laptop's motherboard. It has nothing to do with what OS is installed on the Hard disk.11:11
chemist^cean26994, BIOS is a thing that's installed on your laptop whether you install ubuntu or windows or nothing... bios is still gonna be there :)11:11
cean26994hello guys11:12
StarlightFX123hitsujiTMO: Has anybody an idea how to make the github-key trusted for my system?11:12
chemist^and you do not connect to it... you access the bios setup while rebooting your computer and pressing the BIOS SETUP access key11:12
chemist^which is F1 for your dad's laptop11:12
cean26994thanks. I am redirected to a black screen11:12
RoryStarlightFX123: Looks like a bug in pycurl, there's instructions here http://stackoverflow.com/a/13524391/73625311:12
cean26994Ubuntu 12.10 xxx-lenovo-g405 tty111:13
chemist^you did not press the right button11:13
Rorycean26994: Turn the computer off. Turn it on, and hold F1 until you see the BIOS screen11:13
chemist^or you were too late11:13
Rorycean26994: This is unrelated to Ubuntu, you are pressing this button before Ubuntu boots11:13
cean26994wait. thanks for ur patience11:13
hitsujiTMOcean26994: try reading the manual http://www.lenovo.com/shop/americas/content/user_guides/g410_g510_ug_en.pdf11:14
StarlightFX123Rory: No. It's not a pycurl problem. wget and curl are working.11:14
chemist^when the system is turning on, quickly keep pressing the F1 key.......although....on your screen there should be a notice somewhere saying "Press F1 to enter setup"11:14
chemist^or something else instead of F111:14
chemist^but yes i agree with hitsujiTMO ... try reading the manual first ;)11:15
RoryStarlightFX123: Well if those instructions don't work, then I have no idea sorry11:15
StarlightFX123Like i said: I'm using a self-signed ssl-certificate and I'm connecting over a proxy. But I don't know what's causing the problem.11:16
cean26994Im here on BIOS :)11:16
thoonaikrux: yes I tried, no result11:16
RoryStarlightFX123: Could you just use a different method like ssh instead of HTTPS?11:16
cean26994Thank you guys i want to install windows whats next in the steps11:17
Rorycean26994: Put your Windows installation disk in the drive, set the BIOS to boot from the DVD drive11:17
cean26994my windows cd is on the drive now what shoud i do next11:17
Rorycean26994: Then ask ##windows for more instructions11:17
chemist^cean26994 oh dear...11:18
Rorycean26994: (you're accidentally asking these questions in the Ubuntu support channel)11:18
DJonescean26994: I'm afraid this channel only deals with Ubuntu support issues, for more detailed help installing windows, you're better asking in ##windows11:18
StarlightFX123Rory: Then it asks me for the "passphrase" of the "pem"-certificate.11:18
cean26994I am all fine now. thank you guys :)11:18
StarlightFX123Rory: But I don't know the passphrase11:18
RoryStarlightFX123: OK, so you must have set your ssh key up with a passphrase originally11:18
cean26994Thanks for the patience and info :)11:18
StarlightFX123Rory: Yes. It's imported into firefox and works.11:19
chemist^cean26994, installing windows should not be that much of a problem, just follow the instructions ... but as said by others, this is NOT an Ubuntu related question11:19
cean26994Thank you and mabuhay from the Philippines :D11:19
pinguhi, i am trying to update ubuntu 10.04 server to 12.04.1 but running sudo do-release-upgrade in terminal gives me No new release found. How should I proceed with the upgrade?11:19
chemist^:) bye11:19
RoryStarlightFX123: Did you run the commands in the first link I gave you?11:19
thoonaiit irritates me, that I can use a vpn solution basing on tun/tap but can't modprobe it11:20
chemist^pingu, the right command is sudo apt-get dist-upgrade11:20
chemist^i think...11:20
StarlightFX123Rory: You mean the link from stackoverflow?11:20
chemist^first you update your package info with sudo apt-get update ... of course11:20
RoryStarlightFX123: Yes11:21
StarlightFX123Rory: It's definetly not a problem with "pycurl". Otherwise wget and curl wouldN't work, but they work perfectly.11:21
makaramy sound has stopped working, 13.1011:22
pinguchemist^: no, it is mentioned here https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/installing-upgrading.html and yes I did sudo apt-get update followed by sudo apt-get upgrade and then I ran do-release-upgrade11:22
makarathere's now a 'dummy' interface ??11:22
makaradumy output11:22
chemist^pingu, try sudo apt-get dist-upgrade11:22
Rory!sound | makara11:23
ubottumakara: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.11:23
makarai set sound to headphones, accept settings, reopen, and it's back on dummy output11:23
StarlightFX123Rory: Sorry I lost connection.11:23
chemist^pingu, the first sentence on that link is: There are several ways to upgrade from one Ubuntu release to another.11:23
StarlightFX123Rory: So it's definetly not a problem with "pycurl"11:23
pinguchemist^: Are you sure it will work with ubuntu server? Won't dis-upgrade land me to 10.10?11:24
chemist^pingu, so what you were reading is NOT the only way to do it11:24
Neihi, can someone tell me if/where I can get the patches of http://packages.ubuntu.com/trusty/irssi as a series instead of just one huge [irssi_0.8.15-5ubuntu3.diff.gz] ?11:24
chemist^pingu, it gives you a little more info before you initiate the actuall upgrade11:24
GavinmondoHello Ubuntu11:24
chemist^so try it and see what will get upgraded11:24
pinguchemist^: ok thanks11:25
GavinmondoThis problem is so bad I'm almost forced to move all of my servers to debian11:25
GavinmondoHope this will reach someone at cannonical11:25
RoryHello Gavinmondo, what is the problem?11:25
StarlightFX123Rory: Have you any idea?11:25
mjaykDebian servers that does sound bad :p11:25
RoryStarlightFX123: Not past what's in that link11:25
GavinmondoRory: Ubuntu bug #124417611:25
ubottuUbuntu bug 1244176 in linux (Ubuntu Trusty) "Server 13.10 Install Fails with USB Keyboard (Appears to Hang)" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/124417611:25
Gavinmondohas been labeled incorrectly imo11:25
RoryGavinmondo: Oh that. Do you have a PS/2 keyboard handy?11:25
Gavinmondoor cannonical does not care for the QA of their server images.11:26
chemist^pingu, actually you're right11:26
chemist^pingu, apt-get dist-upgrade will not upgrade your ubuntu to a new release11:26
NeiGavinmondo: you should contact your canonical support @ http://www.ubuntu.com/management/ubuntu-advantage , whining on IRC doesnt help11:26
GavinmondoNei: ok11:26
pinguchemist^: dist-upgrade gave me this output http://pastebin.com/b8LdXw7j11:26
chemist^you have to do sudo do-release-update11:26
GavinmondoNei: You do understand this is support for purchased support only11:27
RoryGavinmondo: It's a very annoying bug11:27
pinguyes i did sudo do-release-upgrade11:27
Beldarpingu, look up upgrade core11:27
GavinmondoAnd on the current stable ISO on the release.ubuntu.com it's still the borked iso11:27
chemist^pingu, type in: sudo do-release-upgrade | pastebinit11:27
chemist^and paste the output please11:27
=== paddy_ is now known as paddy
GavinmondoAnd you are telling me that I'm whining and plus I should buy the support just to talk to someone11:27
RoryGavinmondo: I recommend finding a USB to PS/2 adaptor, or an old ps/2 keyboard11:27
pinguchemist^: ok11:28
RoryGavinmondo: If your priority is getting it installed11:28
NeiGavinmondo: orr http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-server/daily/current/trusty-server-amd64.iso11:28
ubottuUbuntu 14.04 (Trusty Tahr) will be the 20th release of Ubuntu.  See the announcement at http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/1295 for more info. support in #ubuntu+111:28
RoryThat is not appropriate for production11:28
GavinmondoRory: Why is it that the fix commited being changed to fix released is being done by a user less then 1 month old11:28
Neior wait some while longer eventually it will be fixed11:29
RoryGavinmondo: Could you link me to the specific comment in question?11:29
GavinmondoNei: Your asking people to use pre-alpha daily image of a future LTS11:29
GavinmondoOr just buy support?11:29
mjaykGavinmondo:  I think hes telling you to this is a question asking channel not a complaints channel11:29
pinguchemist^: here is the output http://pastebin.com/bVdj02jQ11:29
Gavinmondomjayk: It's a honest question11:29
bittyxHi! I can successfully mount a windows network share on my linux by mounting, for example, // to /mnt/foo. However, the machine at also has other shared folders, such as bar and baz. Can I somehow mount the machine itself, so as to easily be able to access all shares? Trying to mount just // doesn't work. Thanks!11:29
GavinmondoOn why the fix commited to released is being posted by a one month old account11:30
NeiGavinmondo: there is the bug, it has been confirmed, it has been fixed for the future release which hasnt happened, this IRC channel cant do much more ;(11:30
chemist^pingu upgrading can always bring something bad, depending on your current system configuration ... thought of making a new clean install?11:30
chemist^with the latest version?11:30
RoryGavinmondo: I think perhaps if you upgrade the system prior to installation, it might work?11:30
bittyxIdeally, I'd like to mount to /mnt/windowsbox, so that I can access /mnt/windowsbox/foo, /mnt/windowsbox/bar, etc. instead of having to mount each of those (foo, bar, ...) individually.11:30
mjaykGavinmondo: not really a question a community channel can answer more of a statement or a question for canon11:30
RoryGavinmondo: Boot from the DVD, switch to a different TTY and run "sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade"11:30
GavinmondoSo everyone here is a volunteer helpers11:31
RoryGavinmondo: Yes11:31
Gavinmondoand not affiliated with Ubuntu11:31
pinguchemist^: i have some services running that's why i thought of upgrading11:31
RoryGavinmondo: No more than you are11:31
GavinmondoHow do I get in touch with Cannonical?11:31
ActionParsnipGavinmondo: email, post etc.... phone call11:32
RoryGavinmondo: http://www.ubuntu.com/management/contact-us11:32
ActionParsnipGavinmondo: the usual stuff really11:32
mjaykGavinmondo:  not affiliated with cannon try their website11:32
GavinmondoI see sorry for causing the troubles ubuntu were free after all11:32
GavinmondoThis issue sure is difficult to overcome11:33
Neisome issues are pretty frustrating11:33
Neiespecially if they affect you11:33
RoryGavinmondo: The easiest is definitely to look around some cupboards or whatever and see if you can dig up a PS/2 keyboard11:33
RoryGavinmondo: Are you in an office?11:33
chemist^pingu i don't believe your services will keep running while you upgrade...11:33
GavinmondoNot at the moment11:34
GavinmondoNor could I come across one easily11:34
GavinmondoI've already tried the usual channels11:34
Gavinmondobut with no response at all11:34
RoryGavinmondo: I have a pot of PS/2 to USB adaptors, I wish I could give you one :P11:34
GavinmondoThanks for the thought11:34
GavinmondoJust sad really to see my LUG moving completely away for this11:35
RoryPost on your LUG mailing list ^_^11:35
GavinmondoThis was a desperate last ditch effort to contact someone from cannon11:35
GavinmondoBeing focused on ubuntu touch and the move to add amazon affiliate ubuntu to my LUG is now toxic to the LUG11:36
GavinmondoWhich is sad to see11:36
GavinmondoWe've been ubuntu fans since feisty fawn11:36
ActionParsnipGavinmondo: can you get the installer to where it wants input, then attach the keyboard?11:37
ActionParsnipGavinmondo: did you set the USB to be in legacy mode in BIOS?11:37
GavinmondoBoth yes11:37
GavinmondoNo good11:37
ActionParsnipGavinmondo: do you have the latest BIOS if your system uses one?11:37
GavinmondoThe latest provided11:37
ActionParsnipGavinmondo: have you tried resetting BIOS to default settings11:37
ActionParsnipGavinmondo: have you tried different USB ports for the keyboard?11:37
ActionParsnipGavinmondo: have you tried different USB keyboards?11:38
GavinmondoActionParsnip: This is a confirmed bug and it's for many USB keyboards?11:38
RoryActionParsnip: It's a fairly old, known issue11:38
ActionParsnipRory: I see11:38
RoryActionParsnip: It's actually a fairly embarassing bug11:38
ActionParsnipGavinmondo: are there any boot options you can pass in grub regarding USB?11:38
GavinmondoEnough to have few LUG's move away from ubuntu completely11:38
ActionParsnipRory: I can imagine, not seen it myself11:38
GavinmondoActionParsnip: No11:39
ActionParsnipGavinmondo: that's their choice, that is a freedom of the OS :)11:39
GavinmondoAnd it's still present in the trusy daily11:39
ActionParsnipGavinmondo: have you tried Ubuntu minimal ISO?11:39
=== hub is now known as Guest96306
hitsujiTMOits there too ActionParsnip11:39
GavinmondoActionParsnip: Choice to gimp their server iso's?11:39
ActionParsnipGavinmondo: I dont know what that means11:39
RoryGavinmondo: You could maybe use the minimal or desktop images11:40
GavinmondoCannon has gimped their latest server iso11:40
ActionParsnipGavinmondo: what does 'gimped' mean?11:40
Gavinmondominimal is also problematic11:40
Gavinmondoand desktop editions are a no go for this is meant to be a lean server OS11:40
Gavinmondogimped = self harm11:40
GavinmondoNot gonna trouble you good guys on the community help11:41
RoryGavinmondo: Try the minimal iso11:41
ActionParsnipGavinmondo: you could install the desktop OS, then uninstall the X server and the GUI apps will fail deps and be marked for removal. You can then remove those with:  sudo apt-get --purge autoremove    then reboot11:41
streulmais 13.10 better then 12.04 ?11:41
GavinmondoActionParsnip: it would still keep alot of other packages still installed11:42
hitsujiTMOthe issue also affects the desktop install. makes it unable to enter luks password at initramfs11:42
ActionParsnipstreulma: 'better' is an opinion, 12.04 is LTS wheras 13.10 is not11:42
chemist^streulma, you should try it out with a live CD and find out yourself :)11:42
ActionParsnipGavinmondo: ALL the GUI apps will remove as the X server is essential for them all to run11:42
chemist^which one you like better11:42
GavinmondoRory: minimal has the same problem11:42
streulmaor is it already the moment to tryout 14.04 ?11:42
GavinmondoAs the launchpad bug also states11:42
Gavinmondostreulma: no11:43
anuvratI have two laptops both running ubuntu 13, is it possible to add one of them as a display to the other? I mean like a monitor connected via vga / hdmi.11:43
GavinmondoI won't do that11:43
ActionParsnipstreulma: if you are competent with your OS, yes11:43
makaraDebian has the same problem http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=72695711:43
ubottuDebian bug 726957 in initramfs-tools "initramfs-tools: Please include `ohci-pci` after `ohci-hcd` split to use USB keyboard to enter LUKS password" [Critical,Fixed]11:43
ActionParsnipGavinmondo: does the USB issue happen in 12.04?11:43
GavinmondoI do not know really11:43
GavinmondoBut for us we can't create a usb drive install to work11:44
GavinmondoThere is an issue where dd,unetbootin and several other usb creators won't make a usable image on USB11:44
Gavinmondomakara: I see11:44
GavinmondoAnd the one provided by cannon is horrible11:44
GavinmondoJust horrible11:44
chemist^Gavinmondo, what kind of OS are you trying to make on a bootable usb?11:45
GavinmondoUbuntu 12.04.311:45
chemist^you should use the "startup disc creator" in ubuntu, it worked ok with me11:45
Gavinmondochemist^: That software is awful11:45
GavinmondoBarely works11:46
chemist^define awful11:46
GavinmondoAnd also to note that won't work for ubuntu servers11:46
chemist^It worked for me :)11:46
GavinmondoIt's only for desktops from my experience11:46
GavinmondoIf I'm wrong I will give it a try11:46
GavinmondoBut there is a bigger picture to this11:46
chemist^well then burn a CD11:46
chemist^what's the big deal11:46
Gavinmondochemist^: The servers we're using doesn't have usb to CD11:47
Gavinmondochemist^: Thanks for the suggestion though11:47
chemist^usb to CD ?11:47
Gavinmondochemist^: hahaha11:48
hitsujiTMOGavinmondo: also if you have a rooted android phone look into drivedroid11:49
chemist^Gavinmondo, i think i've managed to get the thing working with unetbootin11:49
Gavinmondochemist^: ??11:49
GavinmondohitsujiTMO: For what exactly?11:49
makarayou're not short of options11:50
hitsujiTMOGavinmondo: it mounts an iso on the phone and emulates a cd device on the usb. I use it for my install images11:51
Gavinmondomakara: ??11:51
ActionParsnipGavinmondo: did you MD5 test the ISO you downloaded?11:51
Gavinmondointeresting link?11:51
makarayou came here looking for options11:51
GavinmondoActionParsnip: sha25611:51
ActionParsnipGavinmondo: cool11:51
Gavinmondomd5 isn't good enough for verification anymore anyways11:51
chemist^Gavinmondo i used unetbootin to make a bootable usb storage, and installed ubuntu server on my box11:51
chemist^with it11:51
ActionParsnipGavinmondo: its fine for a quick check11:52
Gavinmondochemist^: 12.04.3 x6411:52
ActionParsnipGavinmondo: especially if you use torrents11:52
=== theadmin_ is now known as theadmin
hitsujiTMOGavinmondo: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.softwarebakery.drivedroid&hl=en11:52
ActionParsnipGavinmondo: could install10.04, then update to 12.04 then to 14.0411:52
GavinmondoVery interesting11:52
makarawhy are you not using virtualization anyway?11:53
ActionParsnipGavinmondo: networks are pretty robust nowadays, I'd say so. Millions would agree, millions would disagree11:53
Gavinmondomakara: We are on the production machines using KVM11:53
Gavinmondoand we love it11:53
=== multiply is now known as Multiply
GavinmondoActionParsnip: That is a poor suggestion at best thanks though11:53
chemist^Gavinmondo, mine was x86 i think...it's an old computer11:53
Gavinmondochemist^: hahaha11:54
ActionParsnipGavinmondo: just wanted to see if you had checked the data was good, that's all11:54
Gavinmondomakara: Issue seems to have been resolved on the latest debian minimal11:54
ActionParsnipGavinmondo: try reading between the lines a little11:54
chemist^what are you laughing at?11:54
chemist^are you high or something?11:54
GavinmondoActionParsnip: Understood11:54
hitsujiTMOGavinmondo: could always try a debootstrap install11:55
apb1963Gavinmondo: Any chance of mounting a storage device?  Possibilty of using debootstrap11:55
apb1963oops... hitsujiTMO beat me by that much11:55
Gavinmondodebootstrap .... googling11:55
GavinmondoNot a bad idea11:56
GavinmondoIndeed does sound like a better idea to KVM or bootstrap ubuntu's rather then to use it as a base OS11:56
GavinmondoWhich is indeed sad for my LUG group11:56
GavinmondoThanks for the suggestion apb1963 hitsujiTMO11:57
GavinmondoIf any of you have any ties to cannon just please let them know that the issue 12441 is embarrassing for them and debian has already patches and re-rolled an image that works11:58
Gavinmondo1244176 to be exact11:58
=== Thorium220 is now known as Thor|Away
thoonaiHow do I can use a vpn solution based on tun/tap while not being able to load the tun module11:59
makaralooks fixed to me12:00
makarathoonai, speak to host12:00
apb1963Gavinmondo: Have you tried asking in #ubuntu-kernel ?  I've found them to be friendly, when on topic :)12:00
thoonai makara ?12:00
makarathoonai, should be an option on your control panel12:01
Gavinmondomakara: Where can I get the iso where the issue is resolved?12:01
Gavinmondomakara: Fix released status has been changed by a one month old user12:02
Gavinmondoand even some comments say that it is not fixed12:02
Gavinmondoso where is the fix?12:02
hitsujiTMOGavinmondo: its fixed in future release. sadly canonical don't roll back the fixes to already released iso's12:02
makaraPython could learn a thing or two from canonical12:03
makarathey'll never get rid of Python 212:03
theadminmakara: Eh, it's being slowly phased out, sadly SO much software runs on Py2 that porting it all will take forever12:04
makaratime to move forward12:04
makaraGavinmondo, understand the difference in culture between Ubuntu and Debian12:04
theadminAnyway, images are re-released only for the LTS versions now and then12:04
Gavinmondomakara: So to you it makes sense of having a broken iso being released12:05
theadminGavinmondo: What exactly is broken12:05
makarajust get and old release and update: http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/releases/12.04.2/12:06
theadminGavinmondo: I can pull in the latest packages from the repos and build an image for you if you'd like12:07
GavinmondoFrom 12.04.2 to 13.10?12:07
Gavinmondotheadmin: how?12:07
theadminGavinmondo: Eh... There's this handy tool called UCK, Ubuntu Customization Kit. It's normally used to build custom images, but just applying updates to a stock image works too :D12:08
thoonaimakara: nevermind12:08
makarathoonai, why can't you load tun module in kernel?12:08
streulmathoonai openvz? not possible as the provider has not enabled it in the vps12:13
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=== leandrodeassis is now known as leandro
=== root is now known as Guest8194
xvzfI tried to upgrade from 13.04 to 13.10 . It did not work well, I am able to log in but many things do not work that worked before especially network. When I try to list network devices through nmcli dev list, it says it cannot find a file belonging to dbus. How can I fix this?12:23
=== dhruvasagar is now known as dhruvasagar_away
geirhaxvzf: make sure the ubuntu-desktop package is installed12:24
xvzfgeirha: how? I do not have network -- how can I install then?12:25
xvzfgeirha: and, the desktop otherwise works12:25
edudxIts possible to reset the keyboards shortcurts to default ?12:27
geirhaxvzf: well, lets first confirm whether it's installed or not.   apt-cache policy ubuntu-desktop12:27
xvzfgeirha: thanks, I will check12:27
edudxAfter xbindkeys and xbindkeys-config installation, my ctrl + keys, shift+tab doesn't work anymore12:28
=== om26erafk is now known as om26er
cfhowlettlila, no details, no help.  crystal ball is in the shop for repairs12:35
varunendraedudx, if you think the keys don't work because of xbindkeys, just open the configuration file and remove the existing bindings that may be interfering. Or disable it from startup altogether.12:35
edudxvarunendra but I already remove xbindkeys, but what configuration file ?12:38
lilasory, :) im first time on IRC.... im try to find a solution for "Makefile:28: /src/Makefile_linux26x: No such file or directory" - im trying to instal  TG-3269 lan card...12:38
varunendraedudx, it is usually ".xbindkeysrc" file in your Home folder. But if you have removed the application, the configuration files and their effects should be gone too.12:40
hitsujiTMOlila: looks like an old driver module for linux 2.6. can you paste output of: lspci -nn | grep Network12:41
varunendraedudx, if you also installed xbindkeys-config, there may be another folder ".xbindkeys_config/speed_c/" in your home. The hotkeys saved using the GUI are saved there. Check that as well.12:42
lilahm... "lspci -nn | grep Network" resulted no output  *  result from lspci is "06:00.0 Ethernet controller [0200]: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL8169 PCI Gigabit Ethernet Controller [10ec:8169] (rev 10) 06:01.0 RAID bus controller [0104]: Silicon Image, Inc. SiI 3114 [SATALink/SATARaid] Serial ATA Controller [1095:3114] (rev 02) 06:08.0 Ethernet controller [0200]: Intel Corporation 82562ET/EZ/GT/GZ - PRO/100 VE (LOM) Ethernet Contro12:43
hitsujiTMOoooh is it the RTL8169?12:44
edudxvarunendra, i searched, but not found12:46
theadminedudx: Files starting with . are hidden, are you sure you looked through hidden files?12:46
root____  /help12:46
varunendraedudx, if searching in your GUI file manager, make sure "Show Hidden files" is enabled.12:47
=== CatKiller_ is now known as CatKiller
edudxvarunendra, yes i searched in Gui and in bash..12:48
edudx2 days already, i've copied the "/usr/share/gnome-control-center/keybindings" folder too and still nothing12:49
varunendraedudx, if the application and the files have indeed been removed, I doubt it was xbindkeys that affected the shortcuts. It is effective only as long as 'xbindkeys' (/usr/bin/xbindkeys -f <configuration file>) process is running in the background.12:49
=== dean|away is now known as dean
edudxvarunendra, maybe it's something else, but coincidentally after installing xbind .. it happened12:51
hitsujiTMOlila is it the RTL8169 thar pertains to the card? or the intel one?12:53
=== Plinker__ is now known as Plinker
knightshadehitsujiTMO: the TG-3269 card has the realtek chip12:56
knightshadeand it should work out of the box https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsWiredNetworkCardsRealtek12:57
striggaHey. Quick one. I just installed U 13.10 and I am pretty happy with it. U just don't get my Brother HL.2135W connected via USB to work. Do you have any good online resources when it comes to printign12:58
knightshadestrigga: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers12:59
hitsujiTMOknightshade: worked out of the box in 2.6 but not the case for 3.X it seems#12:59
striggaknightshade: checking - thanks13:00
EricSpensorHi. Does anyone know how to contact mafia?13:04
cfhowlettEricSpensor, wrong channel and off-topic13:04
EricSpensorcfhowlett: What is this channel about?13:05
ubottuEricSpensor,: Please read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic13:06
EricSpensorCause I though freenode means free (all is on topic)13:06
EricSpensorI see13:06
cristian_cI'm using mtpaint, I've looked for in the doc, but I've not found an answer13:12
EricSpensorcristian_c: you criminal?13:12
cristian_cEricSpensor, ?13:12
ubottuEricSpensor,: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!13:12
cristian_cI'd like to align the text for example, but I don't know how to do13:13
cristian_cAny ideas?13:13
RoryHello Bogdar13:13
cfhowlettBogdar, greetings13:13
EricSpensorHi Bogdar13:13
EricSpensorBogdar: How are you?13:13
BogdarI would like to install Ubuntu LTS on Windows PC to separate partition. I don't have USB flash or CD drive right now. Could you please advice me something like 'wubi' but for native install to separate partition ?13:14
RoryBogdar: You'll need a USB or a CD/DVD to boot from13:15
cfhowlettBogdar, wubi is for TESTING ubuntu and is dying a slow but overdue death.  dual boot or use virtualbox are recommended alternatives13:15
RoryBogdar: Do you have a phone or something you can mount as USb storage?13:15
ActionParsnipcfhowlett: wubi is dead dude, no longer maintained :)13:16
BogdarI have M$ WDS services :) Will try to deploy it there.13:16
cfhowlettActionParsnip, everytime someone says that, it raises again like dracula.  I want to see the stake, the silver bullet, the decapitated head and the burned remains ...13:16
ActionParsnipcfhowlett: yes please13:16
EricSpensorI installed Ubuntu on my android and it doesn't work13:17
EricSpensormy phone is dead13:17
Rory!phone | EricSpensor13:17
ubottuEricSpensor: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch13:17
ubottuEricSpensor,: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch13:17
Spherehi! I have a problem... I cant get pagsh to work... the i run pagsh my current tickets is still there. The sole reason why i want to run pagsh is so i can create new tickets for a new realm..13:17
EricSpensorbut it's important13:18
EricSpensorMy mother is in Israel and I can't talk her13:18
cfhowlettEricSpensor, you came in asking for "mafia" contacts.  If you're going to troll, be original13:18
ActionParsnipEricSpensor: try in #ubuntu-touch  it is not a stable product right now13:18
streulmaEricSpensor: is it S3 ?13:19
EricSpensorSamsung galaxy ace13:19
steve_fidoes ubuntu 14.04 do a kernel and boot log when booting from a liveusb ?13:19
ubottusteve_fi,: Ubuntu 13.10 (Saucy Salamander) is the current release of Ubuntu. Download at http://releases.ubuntu.com/13.10 - Read the release notes at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SaucySalamander/ReleaseNotes13:20
ubottuUbuntu 14.04 (Trusty Tahr) will be the 20th release of Ubuntu.  See the announcement at http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/1295 for more info. support in #ubuntu+113:20
EricSpensorcfhowlett: I'm asking for ubuntu related products. Please, stop trolling13:20
RoryEricSpensor: You should ask in #ubuntu-touch13:20
EricSpensorI already did13:20
EricSpensorBut nobody knew13:20
RoryOK so you should ask again in a little while13:21
steve_ficfhowlett, that's got absolutely nothing to do with my question.13:21
EricSpensorSo you can't answer me on this channel? amazing13:21
Rorysteve_fi: discuss Trusty in #ubuntu+113:21
cfhowlettsteve_fi, !saucy questions should be asked in #ubuntu+113:21
Rorycfhowlett: (trusty)13:21
EricSpensorsteve_fi: please, ignore steve_fi, he is a known troll13:21
EricSpensorsorry, cfhowlett13:21
cfhowlettRory, yep, I caught that.13:21
* cfhowlett withholds judgement for now ...13:22
Bauer1guys, I recently have a problem switching user accounts in 13.1013:24
Bauer1when I click switch user, the screen goes blank for a while, but comes back to login on my user, and now allowing me to pick another user13:24
makaraBauer1, what happens when you just logout13:24
Bauer1makara: I didnt try as that will close everything open, but I think then it will come back to the normal user selection screen13:25
Bauer1should I test anyway?13:25
makaraBauer1, i don't know what's happening, but what are you trying to accomplish?13:26
hitsujiTMOBauer1:  Not that it should affect it, but do you have autologin enabled?13:26
makarait's easy to change user in command line13:26
makaracan you just get your business done there13:26
Bauer1makara: I am trying to switch account, my wife has a separate profile, but in last week she cant switch to it13:27
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makara13.10 ?13:27
Bauer1hitsujiTMO: I dont believe so, login always waits for me to pick.. besides our profiles are protected with password13:27
makarado you do updates? I've been getting some weird behaviour recently too13:28
Bauer1yes makara, in fact I just updated few mins ago13:28
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Bauer1and btw the bug with alt-shift not changing typing language is still present in 13.1013:28
Bauer1I dont even know against which package to report the bug with switching account.. I never saw any explanation how to figure out the correct package13:30
hitsujiTMOBauer1: thats not a bug afaik, they just changed the key bindings.13:30
makaraBauer1, you reboot often?13:30
Bauer1makara: I try to never reboot, but my current uptime is 7 days13:31
cfhowlettBauer1, is your system encrypted?13:31
hitsujiTMOBauer1: can you try: dm-tool switch-to-user <wifes username>13:31
Bauer1cfhowlett: hmmm, how to be sure? but I think so13:32
cfhowlettBauer1, I think we might have a winner.13:32
Bauer1hitsujiTMO: nothing seems to happen from that command. should I run it as root?13:32
hitsujiTMOBauer1: no. that should work as is13:33
Bauer1well, then nothing.. not even errors13:33
makaraBauer1, you realise this is difficult territory. Not something I would bet they'd be focused on what with new graphic system on the horizon13:34
Bauer1makara: what new graphic system are you talking about?13:34
makarabyebye X system13:35
Bauer1why making new system? everything works on X...13:35
makaraX is cobbled together like a patchwork quilt13:36
EricSpensorI'm searching for mafia contacts13:36
h00kEricSpensor: if you note the channel /topic, you'll find this isn't the place13:36
ubottuEricSpensor,: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!13:36
makaranot in this channel13:36
MyrttiEricSpensor: wrong channel, wrong network13:36
hitsujiTMOEricSpensor: enough spamming13:36
hitsujiTMOtolling even13:37
cfhowlettEricSpensor, wasn't funny the first time.  stop doing that.13:37
Bauer1makara: well, they cant just drop support for X and not fix important bugs?13:37
EricSpensorBut I need to finish with someone's life13:37
makaraBauer1, is that a question?13:37
cfhowlettEricSpensor, last chance ...13:37
Bauer1makara: both question and statement :P13:38
EricSpensorcfhowlett: can I ask ubuntu-releated questions?13:39
Bauer1ok the alt-shift is fixed now back to default (why on earth they changed it, is beyond me)13:39
RoryEricSpensor: Yes, you can ask and answer support questions13:40
cfhowlettEricSpensor, as you well know, yes.  please restrict yourself to ubuntu13:40
Bauer1but what about the user switch, makara , hitsujiTMO ?13:40
EricSpensorI need a gangster who uses ubuntu to kill someone13:40
EricSpensor10.04 would be fine13:40
ubottuEricSpensor,: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici,  jpds,  gnomefreak, bazhang,  Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, bkerensa, nhandler, Jordan_U, DJones or k1l!13:40
icerootEricSpensor: stop that13:40
makaraBauer1, it's quite an unusual situation. I don't know anyone who doesn't have their own computer, or who has so much stuff open they can't logout13:42
Bauer1makara: lol of course we have own computers.. we have 1 desktop (this ubuntu one), and 2 laptops, but sometimes she needs to use this PC13:42
makaraBauer1, get Tab Mix Plus add-on for your browser so you don't lose your tabs13:42
Bauer1and I have stuff running, so we have our own profiles13:43
makaraBauer1, you could try X over SSH13:43
Bauer1makara: no worries about that, chrome keeps my tabs. do you want me to try to logout and see if the problem happens there?13:43
YamakasYstrange my apt-mirror doesn't have the right version my preseed says... bull!13:43
Bauer1makara: I tried it once to control another machine in another country. it is SOO slow, that even on localhost I wouldnt use that :P13:43
makaraBauer1, that shouldn't be13:44
DanatoHey whats the difference between the mainline kernel and Ubuntu patched kernel?13:44
Bauer1makara: so you want me to try to logout?13:44
RoryDanato: Mostly module choices13:44
makaraBauer1, I don't know what that would prove13:44
DanatoRory: sorry, what does that mean?13:45
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RoryDanato: Drivers and things13:45
Bauer1makara: what about the dm-tool switch-to-user hitsujiTMO suggested, and which gives no error and nothing happens? what does that indicate?13:45
DanatoRory: is there a page we can see all the ubuntu kernel releases as we do for linux mainline?13:46
david38400Does Ubuntu 12.04 have problems with printers? My canon pixma mp 250 isn't working. Can anyone help please13:47
makaraBauer1, never used it. Tell us what happens13:47
makaradavid38400, always13:48
Bauer1makara: exactly nothing... no error output of any kind13:48
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makaradavid38400, did you add the printer in All Settings > Printers ?13:48
david38400makara: I think you may be right. Its so difficult to install a new one. In Linux mint it was always so easy, but Ubuntu 12.04 isn't13:49
david38400makara: I think I did everything properly but when I send over to print nothing happens.13:49
makaraBauer1, if you can X over SSH, should be able to debug dm-tool13:49
makaradavid38400, the newer the distro the better for driver support13:50
david38400makara: I have a virtual system so maybe I should just print using Window?13:50
makaradavid38400, print to PDF13:50
david38400makara: My technician installed 12.04 only 2 months ago. Is there a better one as I am not too impressed13:50
suessinstalled xubuntu via usb, runs like a champ.. like it a lot compared to other distro's.. works well on my older machine **props13:50
makaradavid38400, 12.04 is only used for servers these days13:51
Bauer1makara: how to try X over SSH? I  dont recall the full syntax13:51
makaraconsider upgrading13:51
theadminBauer1: ssh -X13:51
theadmin...a rather obvious flag eh.13:52
david38400makara: I only use it at home so can you recommend a better easier one for my use. I don't have servers13:52
theadminBauer1: To be precise, ssh -X -p PORT IP-ADDRESS-OR-HOSTNAME13:52
makaradavid38400, 13.10 is the latest stable version of Ubuntu13:52
david38400makara: I printed to file and then print ..... it says unable to locate printer - cups server13:52
david38400makara: Is 13.10 better for use at home then, I find 12.04 a bit complicated after being used to Linux Mint13:52
makaradavid38400, what are you printing? You can print directly to PDF in many programs, eg GIMP, LibreOffice13:53
david38400makara: It was a documente in LibreOffice13:53
theadmindavid38400: You don't have to print from there, just click the "Export to PDF" thing13:54
suessoh forgot to mention mine is xubuntu 13... :)13:54
makaradavid38400, I usually tail about 3 months behind releases. I find that a safe gap.13:54
theadmindavid38400: I would recommend staying with the LTS. They tend to be more stable and upgrading every 9 months doesn't sound all that fancy to me, personally.13:55
makara12.04. Isn't that still Gnome 2?13:56
compdocits unity13:56
david38400theadmin: what is LTS13:56
theadminmakara: Unity is used since Oneiric (11.10), although it's only ever worth using since 12.04 because 11.10 was... weird.13:57
david38400theadmin: I don't have an option Export to pdf13:57
theadmindavid38400: Long-Term Support release, they are released every 2 years and are supported for 5 years.13:57
theadmindavid38400: 12.04 is the current LTS version.13:57
Bauer1makara: ok, I managed to login to my wife's account using ssh -X13:57
Bauer1what does that mean? what next?13:57
theadmindavid38400: It's in the File menu for me, are you of sure?13:57
Danatohey is there a page listing ubuntu patched kernels similar to the linux mainline kernels page?13:58
theadmindavid38400: http://i.imgur.com/f0Ozg4m.png - is this option13:58
djtorr3i'm using a Windows 8.1 host to run Ubuntu 64 bit Linux 3.10, using VirtualBox version 4.3.6 and associated guest additions.  I have no problems running the virtual machine on one monitor, but when i try to add a second monitor both screens go black after the login screen13:59
djtorr3i think it's a linux settings issue because I can get to the login screen with both displays working correctly13:59
david38400theadmin:I found it but it doesn't print when I click on export to file.... it just wants to know where to file14:00
Bauer1makara: ?14:00
hitsujiTMOdjtorr3: you got enough vram set in the virtual machine?14:01
makaraBauer1, IRC is great for getting tips14:01
makarathere is much on the Internet14:01
djtorr3hitsujiTMO, 256 set14:01
Bauer1makara: well, if you meant that as a workaround - thanks, it works nicely if I manage to teach her to use command line to login, and launch chrome etc :D14:02
Bauer1but its not really a solution hehe14:02
palmbeachgeekqestion, when running netstat on an ubuntu 12.04 every few days i see tons of connected streams to 8912-900114:02
palmbeachgeekunix  3      [ ]         STREAM     CONNECTED     895514:03
david38400theadmin: I checked and this is the option I have but it doesnt send to the printer???14:03
hitsujiTMOdjtorr3: then you might want to look at the /var/log/Xorg.0.log after it goes black14:03
Bauer1makara: even on localhost, X via SSH is lagging (try youtube for example...)14:03
theadmindavid38400: Why would it send to the printer if you want a PDF14:04
ricardosilvaBom dia14:04
Pici!br | ricardosilva14:04
ubotturicardosilva: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.14:04
djtorr3hitsujiTMO, what might i be looking for14:04
theadminBauer1: If you want a complete remote access solution that shows the desktop and everything, please try to set up VNC. For an easier solution, you can use TeamViewer, but it's proprietary.14:04
Bauer1hitsujiTMO: do you have any idea how to determine the package responsible? then I will use apt-report to report the bug14:05
hitsujiTMOdjtorr3: anythin that changes or looks odd. particularly errors marked with (EE)14:05
hitsujiTMOBauer1: I would assume lightdm14:05
edudxvarunendra, I fix it my problem. I've created another user copied ~/.gconf dir to my14:05
edudxvarunendra, so now, it's ok. anyway, thanks for support.14:05
Emilenethhello every one, there is an error on the systemconfig>language that i want to report, how to report it?14:06
hitsujiTMOBauer1: but it could also be the menu in unity.14:06
Bauer1theadmin: I am aafraid you missed the original discussion: I have a problem switching user accounts via the Ubutnu GUI - it wont switch, it goes black screens for 10 secs, then returns to my own locked user, and not showing me the users to select and login14:06
djtorr3hitsujiTMO, only ee messages i see in here are:[    18.731] (EE) AIGLX error: vboxvideo does not export required DRI extension14:06
djtorr3[    18.731] (EE) AIGLX: reverting to software rendering14:06
djtorr3sorry bout hte multipost there14:06
theadminBauer1: Um... oh, yeah, but there's the "Switch User" button on the lock screen, doesn't that work?14:06
theadminBauer1: I did indeed miss that, though14:07
hitsujiTMOdjtorr3: i don't think thats it. can you add a monitor after booting?14:07
Bauer1theadmin: nope, it gives me the login prompt for MY password, and the switch user button darkens the screens for like 10 secs, but returns to the same screen and not user selection14:07
theadminBauer1: Oh, that's... odd. Very odd. Are you using LightDM?14:08
djtorr3hitsujiTMO, unfortunately no.  when i set the machine to two monitors and try to log in, it goes black and i'm unable to view anything14:08
Bauer1theadmin: I wouldnt know, how to check?14:08
palmbeachgeekanyone know why ports 8912-9001 are open/connected on fresh install of ubuntu 12.0414:08
hitsujiTMOdjtorr3: can you get up tty1 with ctrl + alt + f1 when you get the black screen?14:08
theadminBauer1: Eh, okay, did you install Ubuntu from the Ubuntu CD, or from X/K/Lubuntu?14:08
mmlj4I need to switch someone to *nix, and need to know if they will be able to play facebook games... any of you able to do that on ubuntu?14:08
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djtorr3hitsujiTMO, i'll have to check, i'm actually in the vmachine right now, i'll reboot, check out, and come back in14:09
Bauer1theadmin: I originally had Raring in Beta, then upgraded to 13.1014:09
makaraBauer, open tty5, ssh into box with x, and run startx14:09
theadminmmlj4: Of course14:09
Emilenethhello every one, there is an error on the systemconfig>language. the language numerical and monetary formats are wrong for español, castellano (mexico), how to report it?14:09
knightshadepalmbeachgeek: run netstat with sudo and the -p option next time14:09
mmlj4theadmin: thanks14:09
theadminEmileneth: ubuntu-bug gnome-language-selector14:09
hitsujiTMOpalmbeachgeek: you using tor?14:09
theadminEmileneth: (from a terminal)14:09
david38400theadmin: There must be a confusion. When I send to print nothing happens it says it cant find the print - cups server. Then someone said print to pdf??14:09
Bauer1makara: how to open tty5?14:10
theadmindavid38400: Ah, okay then.14:10
palmbeachgeekhmm, says 1180/Master is the process14:10
theadmindavid38400: I must have missed something14:10
makaraBauer1, ctrl+alt+F514:10
Bauer1theadmin: I believe my Ubuntu is normal, no X, K/L...14:10
david38400theadmin: I may be at the point to go back to Linux Mint..... I didn't have so many problems with it. My technican said Ubuntu 12.04 but I find it too complicated for me as a home enthusiastic. I don't need servers or anything like that.14:10
makaraBauer1, you'll need ctrl+alt+F7 to get back here14:11
Bauer1makara: nothing happens when I do ctrl+alt+f514:11
palmbeachgeekhitsujiTMO: says 1180/Master is this a process from ubunut or somethign rouge?14:11
theadmindavid38400: Uh, CUPS is what handles printing on any Linux system.14:11
theadmindavid38400: (and on OS X)14:12
Emileneth@theadmin my after typing that says package gnome-language-selector does not exist14:12
makaraBauer1, check your keyboard actually uses F keys, and they don't need the Fn key held down14:12
palmbeachgeeki killed 1180 and all the ports have returned to normal14:12
theadminEmileneth: Buh. Let me check what package that belongs in14:12
Bauer1makara: its a standard IBM compatible keyboard, not laptop style14:12
theadminEmileneth: ...brilliant, the package for the "gnome-language-selector" binary is "language-selector-gnome"14:12
makaraBauer1, so F1 does what?14:12
theadminLike that makes sense... oh well Emileneth, use that instead14:12
Bauer1makara: opens docs page for xchat :P14:13
hitsujiTMOpalmbeachgeek: nothing i'm familiar with. try: which Master14:13
makaraBauer1, what distro you got again? I know you can turn off tty switching in X, but it's unlikely to be default14:13
palmbeachgeekhitsujiTMO: no output returned14:13
Bauer1makara: Ubuntu 13.1014:14
lid6j86_hitsujiTMO, i went in, didn't see anything different.  i was able to get to the CL where i tried startx, and I at least have something showing right now on both screens, but no taskbars, menus, or anything... is there something that would keep linux from doing this automatically with 2 monitors on startup?14:15
makaraBauer1, http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/34158/rebinding-disabling-ctrlaltf14:15
makara System settings -> keyboard layout -> option. under miscellaneous compatibility options check "special keys Ctrl+Alt+<key> handled in server"14:16
hitsujiTMOlid6j86_: that sounds like a gpu being incapable of rendering unity14:16
oquidavehas anyone managed to create a custom .iso image from ubuntu 13.10 using either relinux or remastersys?14:16
hitsujiTMOlid6j86_: i'd try a different DE in a vm. maybe xfce or lxde14:17
cmpqhi. while trying to install lvm2 by chrooting, i get error lvm2 depend on watershed but installation candidate not found. help please.14:17
harishnavnitHi , can anyone please tell me how to update to the latest version of OpenCV on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS14:17
lid6j86_hitsujiTMO, sure enough, it is saying not software rendered when i do the support test14:17
harishnavnitI need it to build digikam on my system , I wish to do a bug-fix on the same14:18
harishnavnitThanks in advance :)14:18
Bauer1makara: on Unity, its called Keyboard, (no layout), and no options   menu, bbut there is shortcuts tab, but there I am not sure what to look for14:18
makaraBauer1, wouldn't you rather turn your desktop into a server, and have your laptops connect to services on the server?14:19
Bauer1no makara , I just tested X via SSH on localhost like you suggested, and its laggy - youtube was lagging for example.. its not a good idea unfortunately, we are not in the era of thin PC for media streaming yet14:20
hitsujiTMOpalmbeachgeek: btw, where did you get your iso from?14:20
palmbeachgeekhitsujiTMO from the site14:23
makaraBauer1, i don't mean you would X into the server. You would setup services like a proxy, file share, etc on the server. it would in fact speed up network14:24
hitsujiTMOpalmbeachgeek: can you md5sum it and make sure its legit. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuHashes14:24
makaraBauer1, in short, I don't know how to solve your user-switching problems14:26
Bauer1makara: I actually tried that in the last year... I gave up on setting up samba to work easily from the laptops - it required using net use and specifically mounting the samba share with user/password of the linux box14:26
Bauer1it is NOT intuitive14:27
makaraBauer1, you need a www.turnkeylinux.org solution14:27
palmbeachgeekmatch,  e7917ff0543d8248d00ffb166def849e14:27
Bauer1there was no way to setup smb.conf to accept ANY user14:27
makaralike OpenMediaVault14:27
makaracouldn't be easier to use14:27
hitsujiTMOpalmbeachgeek: when you got to tasksel, what services did you install?14:28
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Bauer1makara: well, the idea is nice for another small PC to connect to the hub, but this is my workstation with 2 screens and powerful video card.. does not make sense to make it a server box14:28
palmbeachgeekhitsujiTMO: only ssh, lamp n samba14:29
Bauer1thanks for tryingv to solve it anyway, makara . I will report a bug against Light-DM, hopefully from there we can pin it down14:30
hitsujiTMOpalmbeachgeek: can't see why any of them would use that port range. out of ideas. sorry14:31
palmbeachgeekcould it be something with iLo or other features of the HP Proliant G4 server???14:31
palmbeachgeeksame here, lol..14:31
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hitsujiTMOpalmbeachgeek: did you install any specific modules for the server?14:32
=== slackville is now known as hwitt
Bauer1makara: did u test   OpenMediaVault samba shares? do they work on any user? in my experience its not ubuntu specific problem, but one of linux14:32
palmbeachgeeknope. non that i can think of14:32
Emilenethgood, I paced the bug report :)14:32
palmbeachgeekafter i killed the process call master with pid of 1180 all the ports when back to closed.. their state was all connected though.14:32
hitsujiTMOpalmbeachgeek: then i doubt it. i can't see the linux kernrl openind such ports like that14:33
makaraBauer1, i've only used it for myself14:33
hitsujiTMOpalmbeachgeek: can you reboot and see if the process becomes active again?14:34
palmbeachgeekooo.. maybe they where orphaned man requests?? when i whereis master i get, /usr/share/man/man5/master.5.gz14:34
hitsujiTMOpalmbeachgeek: why would man open ports?14:35
palmbeachgeeki didnt think it did.. thats why im asking.14:35
palmbeachgeekI-Node = port?14:35
saiarcot895whoops...ignore that14:38
palmbeachgeekhitsujiTMO: http://pastebin.com/4nSy5ckG14:39
palmbeachgeeklooks like someone has been playing around on the server.. i dont remember ircd14:39
palmbeachgeeklol. might of been someone at the office playing. it is the play server14:39
hitsujiTMOpalmbeachgeek: thats certainly an interesting find14:41
palmbeachgeekit looks as if someone skimming a manual started install/playing with random daemons14:42
palmbeachgeekps aux | grep [i]rcd14:44
condor616Hy everyone, I'm trying to add a command to the sudoers list, but I don't get any result14:50
Diehardcondor616: try to be more specific14:50
condor616I installed drush (drupal command line). I can launch the command "drush", but I don't have any write permission to the folder14:51
condor616hen I wanted to try sudo drush, but it says command not found14:51
hitsujiTMOcondor616: whats the output of: which drush14:52
DiehardI would try to use whole path to sudo14:52
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barmmieHello please14:52
djtorr3hitsujiTMO, using xfce definitely worked.  hopefully at some point i can fix it and go back to the other one but for now this will do14:52
barmmiei seem able to curl to http sites but not https sites. is there anything i need to install14:53
palmbeachgeekwhat php version14:54
palmbeachgeektry 5.414:54
condor616I'll give a try :) Thanks so much14:54
palmbeachgeekbarmmie: what version of php u using14:55
spearhead_Palmbeachgeek, where are you getting php from?14:56
barmmiepalmbeachgeek:  i'm calling curl from the command line i dont have php installed14:56
palmbeachgeeksorry i swore i saw php there14:57
* palmbeachgeek increases font size14:58
barmmieOk. Any help you could render14:59
palmbeachgeekany error output15:01
barmmiecurl: (28) SSL connection timeout15:03
Touhou11Probably need to configure curl to accept the certificate as valid or not bother checking them15:05
palmbeachgeektry, curl-config15:06
barmmieyeah i tried curl --insecure same thing15:06
palmbeachgeekcurl-config --feature | grep SSL15:07
palmbeachgeekmay also wanna try --anyauth15:08
barmmieWarning: error trying read config from the '--feature' file15:08
palmbeachgeekcurl --anyauth15:09
=== zz is now known as Guest33401
palmbeachgeekduring ./configure did you use, ./configure --with-ssl15:10
palmbeachgeekor if you have openssl installed, ./configure --with-ssl=/opt/OpenSSL15:10
barmmiecurl --anyauth does same thing15:11
palmbeachgeektype curl -v15:11
barmmiecurl 7.22.0 (x86_64-pc-linux-gnu) libcurl/7.22.0 OpenSSL/1.0.1 zlib/ libidn/1.23 librtmp/2.3 Protocols: dict file ftp ftps gopher http https imap imaps ldap pop3 pop3s rtmp rtsp smtp smtps telnet tftp  Features: GSS-Negotiate IDN IPv6 Largefile NTLM NTLM_WB SSL libz TLS-SRP15:12
experti am a linux noob. just installed ubuntu and installed all the updates. i am trying to install 'ncrack' on my system (following steps at: http://nmap.org/ncrack/) however, on make command, it fails. here is the error pastebin (http://pastebin.com/rFTUvaMy) could someone please help15:12
palmbeachgeekold version of libcurl for one15:13
palmbeachgeekdamn i cant see today15:13
palmbeachgeekhow did you install it, from apt or source15:15
barmmiecurl came installed with the server15:16
hitsujiTMObarmmie: whats output of: cat /etc/issue15:17
palmbeachgeekdunno.. ive been using wget forever15:17
barmmieUbuntu 12.04.2 LTS \n \l15:17
hitsujiTMOthats the curl version in the repo, so i guess repo :P15:18
ActionParsnipexpert: why sudo make? You have write  access to your own home folder, so 'make' will work just asfine...15:19
barmmiehow do i upgrade it15:19
expertActionParsnip make was giving me the same error. so i tried sudo make. i thought it was permission issue15:19
Guest493''apt-get install flashplugin-installer'' does not work on Xubutnu Live CD (the .tar.gz download returns 404 Not Found)15:19
Guest493Any help?15:19
ActionParsnipGuest493: did you run:  sudo apt-get update    first?15:20
=== TheMaver1ck` is now known as TheMaverick`
ActionParsnipexpert: what is the output of:  cat /etc/issue15:20
expertUbuntu 12.04.3 LTS \n \l15:21
MilkkkyHI When creating U dual Boot system With Ubuntu And WIndows 8 I must partition Part os the drive correct?15:21
hitsujiTMOGuest493: whats output of: cat /etc/issue15:21
RoryMilkkky: Install Windows first, make sure Windows is shut down properly, then the Ubuntu installer will partition for you15:22
MilkkkyI udndertand But I have Wierd setup As My Asus Has already a few partitions (2 drives actualy One is a SSD and the other A HD)15:23
Albert|2Hello everyone!15:23
Milkkkyand i dont ubuntu 2 mess witht the wrong partition15:23
Albert|2This is a good day, just installed ubuntu15:23
ActionParsnipexpert: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:wagungs/kali-linux2; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install ncrack; sudo rm /etc/apt/sources.list.d//wagungs-kali-linux2-precise.list15:23
Albert|2Milkky can you tell me your problem?15:23
ActionParsnipexpert: much easier15:23
RoryMilkkky: You can select a custom partitioning setup during the installation, and choose which partition to allocate to / yourself15:23
Albert|2Guys what are the advantages of ubuntu over windows?15:24
expertActionParsnip will try that, thank you15:24
RoryAlbert|2: It's subjective, try asking #ubuntu-offtopic15:24
hitsujiTMO!ot | Albert|2 thats a discussion topic not a support topic15:25
ubottuAlbert|2 thats a discussion topic not a support topic: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!15:25
MilkkkyYes Im a bit nervous on Which partition to select as one Is a recovery partition, one an OEM partition, One an EFI partition15:25
MilkkkyI suppose I choose to partition the Biggest healthy Partition?15:25
Guest493ActionParsnip: worked, thank you15:25
RoryMilkkky: Generally, you would shrink the largest partition (the one with Windows on it), and then allow the Ubuntu installer to install itsself in the free space15:26
MilkkkySo Ubuntu will show me the sizes of each partition correct?15:26
Milkkkyi read sda1 sda2 sd3 sda515:26
Milkkkyif i remember15:27
RoryMilkkky: Yes, the LiveUSB includes the gparted partition editor15:27
RoryMilkkky: And the installer itsself allows you to resize partitions too, although it's easier to use gparted15:27
MilkkkyOk so then just pick the largest of the partitons15:28
MilkkkyI allready used the Volume option and shrunk It15:28
MilkkkyAnd i was actualy glad my touchscreen was working with Ubuntu Fine15:29
MilkkkyUbuntu Live that is15:29
RoryOK Milkkky so now when you select the installer there should be an option to install into the free space15:29
RoryMilkkky: Then it will set up its own partition in that space15:30
MilkkkyDont wanna partition the recovery partition15:30
MilkkkyI was gonna make my own partition with windows15:30
MilkkkyBut I think its wiser to let Live do it15:30
MilkkkyBut im still creating a a copy of the recovery drive to a USB :)15:31
MilkkkyJUST in case15:31
RoryYeah, nobody ever thought "oh I wish I *hadn't* taken a backup"15:31
MilkkkyI am using this guide http://www.everydaylinuxuser.com/2013/09/install-ubuntu-linux-alongside-windows.html15:32
MilkkkyBasically straightforward15:32
MilkkkyMy Asus just has w wierd set up with two drives SSD and HD15:32
Milkkkyboth having partitions15:32
RoryIt's pretty straightforward without a guide, the Ubuntu installer holds your hand every step of the way15:32
RoryIt lets you choose which drive to use for resizing partitions and installing the bootloader15:33
knightshadeand Rory holds your other hand :>15:34
MilkkkyYes. just dont wanna choose the *wrong* one15:34
Milkkkylets all hold hands15:35
Rorylet's not15:35
Milkkkyi can use the um UGF is it firewall with Ubuntu right?15:36
Milkkkyand OpenVPN will Run fine?15:36
Rory!ufw | Milkkky15:36
ubottuMilkkky: Ubuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has built-in firewall capabilities. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | GUI frontends such as Gufw also exist. | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo15:36
MilkkkyUFW yes15:36
babinlonstonPlanning to Install Debian, Is it same commands what I'm using in Ubuntu ? Or will be different in Debian ?15:36
Rory!openvpn | Milkkky15:36
ubottuMilkkky: OpenVPN is a vpn technology in Ubuntu, sudo apt-get install openvpn and then see http://openvpn.net/ and see the documentation "HOWTO" noting you have already installed it. ;-) It rocks!15:36
MilkkkyI run OPENvpn on windoze15:37
Rorybabinlonston: They're very similar, different repositories and package versions. They're both Linux, and they both have the same filesystems, shell etc15:37
RoryMilkkky: Yes you can use OpenVPN on Ubuntu15:37
babinlonstonRory: Can i Use apt-get install and etc ?15:37
Rorybabinlonston: Yes, apt-get is a Debian thing15:38
knightshadeubuntu is like debian with spyware :>15:38
Rory!fud | knightshade15:38
ubottuknightshade: Please do not fall prey to, or spread FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) - it is not welcome here!  Please see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fear,_uncertainty_and_doubt15:38
babinlonstonRory: thanks sir15:38
ActionParsnipknightshade: there is no spyware in ubuntu15:38
MilkkkyYa dont tell me that15:38
ActionParsnipknightshade: the amazon lens isnt spyware15:39
ActionParsnipknightshade: but you knew that15:39
maujhsnknightshade with ubuntu spyware you never really know who lurks in the shadows! :)15:39
fhfwhy unity3d stopped working after an update?15:40
ActionParsnipfhf: what GPU do you use?15:40
LuiCalhi, i just installed Ubuntu 13.10 on my desktop and it is suffering from serious random crashes. my setup is i5 3.20 ghz, 7gb ram, 1 terra hard drive. Please help.15:41
RoryLuiCal: Is this a fresh install? How do the crashes manifest themselves; are you getting error messages?15:41
ActionParsnipLuiCal: is the OS fully updated?15:42
MilkkkyI like ur name Bean15:42
LuiCalRory: No error messages, completily random15:42
Milkkkyok thanks guys15:42
fhfActionParsnip:  AMD Radeon HD 6700 Series15:42
RoryLuiCal: OK so if there's no error messages, what's crashing and how do you know?15:42
beanthx Milkkky15:42
LuiCalRory: it just freezes15:43
LuiCalRory: constantly15:43
ficklepickleI got a problem trying to install synergy on my ubuntu box: http://pastebin.com/9aj9wGAr15:43
LuiCalRory: without any message, and no common factor15:43
ficklepickleplease assist15:43
RoryLuiCal: Can you check your system is up-to-date: run the commands "sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get -y upgrade"15:43
LuiCalRory: just did that15:44
Roryficklepickle: "synergy is already the newest version."15:44
Roryficklepickle: It's a problem with samba, not synergy15:44
Roryficklepickle: do "sudo apt-get purge samba4; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install samba4"15:44
LuiCalRory: how can i identify the cause of this crashes?15:46
hitsujiTMOLuiCal: /var/log/syslog is a good place to start15:46
MoK_Anybody here with 5 minutes time to help me with little problem with my displaymanager? Since my last start my menubar at top and unity bar left is hidden.15:47
LuiCalhitsujiTMO: at any moment before the crash?15:47
ficklepickleit works, but still gotta configure synergy.  kthxbye15:48
ActionParsnipfhf: and what is the output of:  cat /etc/issue15:48
hitsujiTMOLuiCal: have a look there. it will contain multiple sessions so you may have info from just before the crash15:48
ActionParsnipLuiCal: is the OS fully updated?15:48
LuiCalActionParsnip: yes sir, it is15:49
ActionParsnipMoK_: if you hit your windows key, does it show?15:49
MoK_ActionParsnip: No it doesn´t15:49
hitsujiTMOMoK_: any errors in ~/.xession-errors         ?15:49
tvillerealestDoes anyone know how to uninstall the netscape browser?15:50
fhfActionParsnip:  I see in USC that recent updates include "unity" "unity-2d" "unity-2d-common" "lindrm-radeon1" "libgl1-mesa-dri" and so on releated to graphic. Also /usr/lib/nux/unity_support_test -p: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6727229/15:50
fhf/etc/issue contain "Ubuntu 12.04.3 LTS \n \l"15:50
hitsujiTMOtvillerealest: how did you install it?15:50
tvillerealesthitsujiTMO: it came stock when i installed ubuntu15:51
LuiCalhitsujiTMO: how can i access the /var/log/syslog file? sorry im a noob15:51
hitsujiTMOtvillerealest: you mean firefox?15:51
MoK_hitsujiTMO: Yes there are some, last is from libappindicator-CRITICAL it says that IS_APP_INDICATOR(self) assertion failed15:52
tvillerealesthitsujiTMO: no its netscape, ive never used firefox15:52
hitsujiTMOLuiCal: ctrl + alt + t         should bring up the terminal. you should be able to read it with nano.15:52
hitsujiTMOtvillerealest: cat /etc/issue15:52
MoK_hitsujiTMO: and there appears an  error report from ubuntu15:53
MoK_hitsujiTMO: It says that Xorg xrashed with SIGABRT in raise()15:54
tvillerealesthitsujiTMO: Ubuntu 12.04.3 LTS \n \l15:54
LuiCalhitsujiTMO: just typed /var/log/syslog at terminal, nothing happened. Opened nano, but dont know how to use it?15:54
apjРусские есть?15:54
FireStormsI have created a directory using the root user. I then changed the owner with chown www-data project/ and then the permission with chmod 777 project/ but now how would I make it so any new files added to the directory automatically inherit the www-data user and 777 file permission?15:55
hitsujiTMOLuiCal: nano /var/log/syslog15:55
Rory!ru | apj15:55
ubottuapj: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.15:55
hitsujiTMOtvillerealest: netscape doesn't come with ubuntu. Again I'm gonna ask, do you mean firefox?15:56
hitsujiTMOtvillerealest: what version of netscape is it?15:56
tvillerealesthitsujiTMO: noo im 100% sure its netscape15:56
LuiCalhitsujiTMO: Thanks a lot, can i private message u with the log?15:56
hitsujiTMOLuiCal: sudo apt-get install pastebinit && pastebinit /var/log/syslog15:57
hitsujiTMOLuiCal: paste the link it generates here15:57
tvillerealesthitsujiTOM: idk, how do i find out?15:57
kostkontvillerealest, care to post a screenshot of your "netscape"?15:57
hitsujiTMOtvillerealest: open netscape.. help -> about15:57
LuiCalhitsujiTMO: sorry, dont see any link.15:59
Mississaugawhats the easiest way to lean programming in C++ ? Eclipse or are there alternatives?15:59
hitsujiTMOLuiCal: when you run: pastebinit /var/log/syslog                                it should generate a url15:59
tvillerealesthitsujiTMO: i been calling it by the wrong name this whole time its called netsurf browser16:00
demophobiaIs the default folder view the *only* view for Ubuntu 12.04?16:00
demophobiaCan't I switch to a list view instead of icon view?16:00
kostkon!info netsurf16:01
ubottunetsurf (source: netsurf): Small web browser with CSS support - Transition package. In component universe, is extra. Version 2.9-2 (saucy), package size 3 kB, installed size 34 kB16:01
hitsujiTMOtvillerealest: sudo apt-get purge netsurf16:01
MoK_hitsujiTMO: Is there maybe a way to  auto-reconfigure displaymanager?16:01
Nicko_i am using Ubuntu 13.10 and gnome 3.8 wich is amazing!!!16:01
Nicko_but i am encountiring a problem16:01
Nicko_yesterday i made 2-3 usb sticks live cds of Ubuntu and windows xp for a friend16:01
Mississaugawhats the easiest way to lean programming in C++ ? Eclipse or are there alternatives?16:01
FloodBot1Nicko_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.16:01
Nicko_but when i wanted to format them from my laptop16:01
Nicko_i couldnt16:01
tvillerealesthitsujiTMO: thanks that worked16:02
LuiCalhitsujiTMO: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6727307/16:02
hitsujiTMOMoK_: depends on the cause. Can you try and create a new user and see if it happens on that user. sudo adduser newuser16:03
XzeionI am trying to get a device tree overlay for serial ports to either become perminate or get setup at boot16:03
MilkkkyHi I'm back :)16:04
hitsujiTMOLuiCal: can you pastebin the full log. or is thats all thats in the log?16:04
MilkkkyI'm getting a wierd error when trying to install16:04
MoK_ hitsujiTMO: WOW, new user doesnt have the problem :)16:04
hitsujiTMOMoK_: so its some user setting or config file has gotten corrupt. have you installed ccsm?16:05
MilkkkyRory when I select new partition table it tells me all other parttions will be erased16:05
MoK_hitsujiTMO: Ok, No16:05
MoK_hitsujiTMO: should i?16:05
hitsujiTMOMoK_: no16:05
LuiCalhitsujiTMO: thats the url that appeared when i put pastebinit /var/log/syslog at the terminal16:06
hitsujiTMOMoK_: go back to your userand run: sudo chown -R $USER:$USER $HOME16:06
MilkkkyAnd when clicking install I also get "no root file system defined correct this from partioning menu"16:07
LuiCalhitsujiTMO: dont know if it is the full log file16:07
RoryMilkkky: Don't select new partition table16:07
MilkkkyI won't!16:07
RoryMilkkky: Have you already created a new partition to install Ubuntu onto16:07
hitsujiTMOLuiCal: odd. can you try: pastebinit /var/log/syslog.116:08
RoryMilkkky: If not, don't use custom partitioning, select the option for Guided partitioning / use empty space16:08
MilkkkyBut I am getting that error no root file system found?16:08
MoK_hitsujiTMO: Done, but didnt solve Problem with my old user.16:08
Xzeioni need to be pointed in the right direction. What should i be looking up if I want to get a python scrip to start at boot?16:08
RoryMilkkky: That happens in guided partitioning?16:09
RoryXzeion: you should look up "ubuntu run script at boot"16:09
hitsujiTMOMoK_: so not a permission error then. whats the output of: cat /etc/issue16:09
Geoff12343hello everyone!16:09
hitsujiTMO!upstart | Xzeion16:09
Xzeion'sighs..' sometimes the simplest answer is the best one.16:09
ubottuXzeion: Upstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/16:09
RoryHello Geoff1234316:09
MilkkkyI think I may need to make a partion with windoze16:09
MoK_hitsujiTMO: Ubuntu 13.0416:10
RoryMilkkky: select the option for Guided partitioning / use empty space16:10
XzeionhitsujiTMO, ubottu  thank you guys16:10
RoryMilkkky: the installer will create the partitions for you16:10
hitsujiTMOMoK_: sudo apt-get install dconf-tools16:10
MilkkkyBut why am i getting "no root aystem defined"16:11
hitsujiTMOMoK_: dconf reset -f /org/compiz/16:11
RoryMilkkky: Because you're using custom partitioning, and not defining a partition to be used as the root one16:11
hitsujiTMOMoK_: setsid unity16:11
RoryMilkkky: You can use custom partitioning and select a partition to use as "/" yourself if you want16:11
Ackisso far I've found at least two ways to load daemons (init.d and upstart), are there anymore ways? And is there an easy method to see everything that's being loaded, how it's being loaded, etc?16:11
LuiCalhitsujiTMO: sorry, it crashed again. It seems that only the mouse and keyboard stoped working, cause i could see all the chat discussions while it crashed.16:11
hitsujiTMOMoK_: after those 3 commands try and relog into your account16:11
RoryMilkkky: But the fact that you're asking what "no root file system defined" means shows you probably ought not to do custom partitioning16:11
MilkkkyI don't see the partion that is the free one...let me look I'm at it atm16:11
MilkkkyNo I realised that I'm selectin the whole drive16:12
hitsujiTMOLuiCal: pastebinit /var/log/Xorg.0.log16:12
MilkkkyNot a partition16:12
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LuiCalhitsujiTMO: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6727353/16:13
MoK_hitsujiTMO: mh dconf reset gives me a prompt16:13
MilkkkyWhat's does ntfs type mean?16:13
horrowhey everybody i want to ask did someone taste a new firefox BUG? WICH when i start my browser from launcher its simply logout my acc?16:13
robinmholthorrow: Are you sure X is not crashing?16:14
thykkahi! I'm trying to install android ADT bundle, but I can't get the bundled eclipse working.. I've got Oracle Java installed already16:14
horrowno im not16:14
MoK_hitsujiTMO: worked now!16:14
horrowno problems with other programs16:14
horrowjust firefox16:14
knightshadeMilkkky: ntfs is the windows filesystem16:14
=== dhruvasagar_away is now known as dhruvasagar
horrowwhen i open it ubuntu says log in again16:14
hitsujiTMOLuiCal: also: pastebinit /var/log/Xorg.1.log16:14
thykka$ ./eclipse --> bash: ./eclipse: cannot execute binary file16:14
robinmholthorrow: take a look at /var/log/Xorg*.log to see if there is one that reports a crash about the time you start ff.16:15
MilkkkyMust be the sda\5 21 gig partion now that I'm looking16:15
MoK_hitsujiTMO: Everything is fine now! Very Big Thanks! Just one last question, what was the problem? Some corrupt config files from compiz?16:15
dn4I installed something with apt-get and now ubuntu won't boot proper; where are the logs for booting up located?16:15
robinmholthorrow: Also look at 'dmesg | more' to see if there is an out-of-memory issue reported which kills X.16:15
LuiCalhitsujiTMO: says: unable to read pastebinit /var/log/Xorg.1.log16:16
hitsujiTMOMoK_: yes your compiz config got messed somehow. can happen with some updates it seems16:16
=== Guest88535 is now known as fego
Nicko_anyone ever had this problem that i mentioned?16:16
OerHekshorrow does FF ask to login or open your keyring?16:16
hitsujiTMOLuiCal: damn. its not rotating your Xorg.log :(16:16
horrowwhen i start Firefox launcher my ubuntu relogs my pc account16:16
horrowjust firefox16:16
hitsujiTMOLuiCal: please do: pastebinit /var/log/syslog.116:16
MilkkkyType ntfs is what? Anyways pretty sure its that one the other say "enviroment loader" "win 8 loader"16:17
jhutchinsNicko_: It's usually a good idea to provide at least a one-line summary of your problem before expecting people to click through.16:17
MoK_hitsujiTMO: Okay, big thanks for your help! Bye.16:17
robinmholthorrow: Did you look at either of those things I asked you about?  Those are the two most likely candidates that _I_ can think of.16:17
hitsujiTMOMoK_: np16:17
Nicko_jhutchins i am sorry...it just i dint want to flood the chanel :P well as i said before i had a problem formating usb sticks...i mean i could format them via right click of gnome 3 on the usb stick at File manager16:18
MilkkkyHow big a partition is recomened?16:18
Nicko_but when the process completed...it was just unmount the usb volume16:18
knightshadeMilkkky: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/NTFS16:18
Nicko_and then it was like it never formatted when i used it again...with all the files still inside it16:18
robinmholtMilkkky: ntfs is 'NT' file system.  It is the filesystem type that Microsoft sets their partitions to when they are not formatted as FAT??16:18
MilkkkyOk that sounds.......right?16:19
LuiCalhitsujiTMO: sorry, just crashed again16:19
dn4how do I get ubuntu to just boot into init 2 with out going to a gui16:19
MilkkkyIts askong how big of a partition i want?16:19
dn4my gui is broken16:19
hitsujiTMOLuiCal: lol. once again please do: pastebinit /var/log/syslog.1 && pastebinit /var/log/syslog16:19
MilkkkyI'm not sure what size16:20
horrowno logs in xorg and isnt out of memory i have alot16:20
hitsujiTMO!text | dn416:20
ubottudn4: To start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode16:20
jhutchinsdn4: Disable the dm.16:20
jhutchinsdn4: Usually lightdm16:20
robinmholtdn4: When the gui breaks the boot, can you still use Ctrl-Alt-F1 to get to a text console login?16:20
knightshadeMilkkky: Have you tried the guided installation like Rory recommended?16:20
thykkawhere do i get ia32-libs for (l)ubuntu 13?16:21
LuiCalhitsujiTMO: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6727386/16:21
MilkkkyI a using linuxlive and on a phone atm can't recall16:21
LuiCalhitsujiTMO: thats syslog.116:21
yellabs-r2hello all16:22
knightshadeMilkkky: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GraphicalInstall16:22
dn4robinmholt: nope16:22
jamiedlhey guys16:23
yellabs-r2what would be the best video format to convert to from OGV video ( screen recorder ) to get the same quality16:23
LuiCalhitsujiTMO: sorry, crashed again16:23
hitsujiTMOyellabs-r2: any raw format16:23
knightshadeMilkkky: you can go back and select "Install ubuntu alongside... ", so you don't need to do the partitioning yourself16:23
tabris|awayyellabs-r2: a) OGV isn't a codec, it's a container format...16:23
tabris|awayyellabs-r2: b) presumably among your better bets are Matroska container and x264 codec16:24
MilkkkyYes I did something else thays exactly it16:24
hitsujiTMOLuiCal: nothign interesting there. once again try: pastebinit /var/log/Xorg.0.log16:25
LuiCalhitsujiTMO: it seems to be something wrong with my mouse and keyboard (not usb).16:25
hitsujiTMOLuiCal: and also: pastebinit /var/log/dmesg.016:25
wbeelerso I'm trying to install an AIR application in xubuntu, and it comes up with "This action requires administrative rights to run: Root password: "16:25
wbeelerwhen i put in my password it doesn't work16:25
LuiCalhitsujiTMO: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6727411/16:25
dn4jhutchins: how does one disable dm ?16:26
MilkkkyI completley derped on thay my bad16:26
LuiCalhitsujioTMO: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6727416/16:26
LuiCalhitsujiTMO: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6727416/16:26
yellabs-r2ok thanks16:27
hitsujiTMOLuiCal: i'm afraid not seeing anything interesting happen in any of the logs. So might indeed be an issue with the hardware16:27
wbeelernevermind.. i think i know what happened16:28
ResidentBiscuitCan I do everything on Ubuntu Touch (tablet image) that I can with the desktop image?16:28
knightshade!touch | ResidentBiscuit16:29
ubottuResidentBiscuit: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch16:29
LuiCalhitsujiTMO: thanks man, anyway. Appreciate your help16:29
MilkkkyGod damn it now the install now option can't be clicked or replace or something othrer16:32
MilkkkyTry this again16:32
MilkkkyBuggy just got it16:33
Tobias92I have an ubuntu server installation that had a failed RAID1 drive. I resynced the drive to a new one, but now it won't show me a login prompt after booting. If it makes any difference, switching to tty2 and back to tty1 breaks scrolling with shift+page up. Does anybody have a suggestion?16:33
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LuiCalHas anyone had some conflict or crashing with non usb mouses and keyboards on ubuntu?16:36
john_rambosuggest me a gui backup tool capable of doing incremental backups to usb drive16:36
delacusing bluetooth tethering and browsing files over bluetooth on 12.04 works fine. On 13.10 tethering hangs after "Detecting phone configuration" with timed out-message and there is no option to "browse files" in the bluetooth menu. What gives?16:37
knightshade!backup | john_rambo16:38
ubottujohn_rambo: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning16:38
horrowGuys when i try to start my Firefox launcher i get this error message "GLIB-CRITICAL g_slice_set_config = 0;" error no display specified???16:41
ahmadguys i want to ask.. if i put windows 7 live cd and boot with it and chose the repair windows will it erase my windows data? plus how am i supposed to log back into linux after that?16:41
DiehardAndresSM: repair won't erase your data and shouldn't corrupt booting to linux16:42
ahmadi see thanks a lot16:43
ahmadbut i heard16:43
ahmadafter i repaired it linux grub will be gone16:43
Diehardso you will install grub again16:43
Diehardshouldn't be problem16:43
Diehardahmad: http://howtoubuntu.org/how-to-repair-restore-reinstall-grub-2-with-a-ubuntu-live-cd16:43
ahmaddiehard ill look to it16:44
ahmadthanks a damn lot for this helps16:44
Diehardahmad: no charge, good luck16:44
Xzeion./join #python16:44
Xzeion\join python16:45
Diehardmaybe /quit python?16:45
Xzeionit keeps forcing me into the unregesterd channel16:45
ahmadhey diehard16:45
Diehardnot me16:45
DiehardXzeion: maybe you are banned16:45
ahmadim sorry to disturb you but im a real newbie here so16:46
hitsujiTMOXzeion: then register16:46
ahmadi've got to ask a few question16:46
Diehardahmad: you are free to ask16:46
ahmadthe link you gave me told me to mount and things16:46
ahmadi don't understand16:46
XzeionhitsujiTMO, I did regester yesterday though..16:46
Diehardahmad: as long as you run from live cd, you have to mount your computers HDD in it .. you have to connect the drive to your live system to work with it16:47
ahmadhow to do that?16:47
Diehardahmad: to be honest it's for advanced users, maybe advanced administrators to play with filesystems like that16:47
Diehardahmad: I'm not sure if you should do that if you're not familiar with these things16:47
ahmadits okay. all i wanted to do is to be able to log back into windows16:48
Diehardahmad: or at least, you should backup everything or better completely image your drive somewhere so you can restore your state16:48
ahmadif worst come to worst16:48
ahmadill delete the linux partition16:48
compdoccareful what you delete16:48
ahmadi will16:48
Diehardahmad: you don't have to delete your linux partition, you will be able to log in to windows after repair and you can open your linux partition in windows after16:48
b0n1hey there! How can i kill a process that is listed under ps -aux witch <defunct> ?16:49
Diehardand copy/backup your data or whatever16:49
b0n1witch= as16:49
Diehardb0n1: kill -916:49
ahmadok next question16:49
ahmadwhy ubuntu transmission doesn't work?16:49
ahmadfor me16:49
b0n1doesnt work Diehard16:49
knightshadeDiehard: does windows now support ext* filesystems?16:50
Diehardb0n1: ps kill -9 <process_id>16:50
b0n1you mean kill -9 <pid> right?16:50
ahmadi tried to download torrent but its stays 0% and downloading from 0 connected peers 016:50
Diehardahmad: just a sec16:50
Diehardim on 15 channels :S16:50
Diehardknightshade: yes it does with addon16:50
MilkkkyInteresting all installed but no boot option...16:50
b0n1Diehard that doesnt work16:50
Diehardb0n1: what does it say?16:50
Diehardb0n1: do you run it with sudo?16:51
XzeionI am still trying to install the upstart package but it wants me to install json. I cant seem to find it on google however16:51
b0n1no respsonse and its still listed in ps-aux16:51
Diehardahmad: there can be problem with tracker or your connection16:51
=== AndresSM is now known as AndresSM_away
hitsujiTMOXzeion: well you're not logged in16:51
Diehardb0n1: kill -9 pid must work for sure16:51
ahmadmy internet is wonderful so what is this tracker?16:51
Xzeioni got moved because they said my user name is not regesterd16:52
Diehardahmad: tracker is server which gives you peers and holds information about torrent16:52
DiehardXzeion: gj then16:52
Xzeioni did that yesterday16:52
ahmadhow to configure that tracker thing?16:52
DiehardXzeion: did you login? /msg nickserv identify password16:52
Scunizidmesg is reporting I have Nvidia driver 319.32 installed but kernal module has 304.xx... how do I correct this?16:53
Xzeiondo i have to do that every time i start my irc16:53
Diehardahmad: you can't .. just check if the torrent you use has anough peers. Also .. it can be blocked by your firewall16:53
ahmadScunizi im a newbie so ill answer with love16:53
DiehardXzeion: yes16:53
spearhead_Xzeion, yes you do16:53
hitsujiTMOScunizi: purge nvidia-304 and reinstall nvidia-31916:53
XzeionAm i in?16:53
DiehardScunizi: recompile kernel16:53
DiehardXzeion: who knows, check your info tab16:53
ahmadi downloaded wine16:53
spearhead_Xzeion, unless you setup your irc client to do it automaticslly16:53
ahmadthen i download windows utorrent16:54
ahmadand it went awesome there16:54
ahmadbut transmission just doesn't work16:54
Diehardahmad: strange16:54
Xzeionsorry i just figured out ircs yesterday16:54
Xzeionim still a newb at the process16:54
Diehardahmad: I have never had problems with transmission .. maybe check it's settings if there is no proxy server or something like that set up?16:54
DiehardXzeion: you are free to ask16:54
DiehardXzeion: noone judge you16:55
ScunizihitsujiTMO: I got 319 from the x-swat PPA and enabled using the "Hardware Driver" appelate. I'm suck at cli now on tty2 for irc and tty3 for whatever else.. can you help with the purge and reinstall?16:55
hitsujiTMOScunizi: sudo apt-get purge nvidia-304 && sudo apt-get install --reinstall nvidia-31916:55
ahmadill open my transmission16:56
ScunizihitsujiTMO: easy enough.. thanks I'll try16:56
MilkkkySo I got ubuntu installed but I'm not getting the dual boot option win/ubuntu16:56
=== rtnptr is now known as ttye0
spearhead_Xzeion, are you still trying to join the #python channel?16:56
Xzeionspearhead, yes16:57
Diehardahmad: can't dcc receive your screenshot, put it somewhere on web16:57
ahmadim trying to send you a picture of my screenshot16:57
ahmadi see16:57
ahmadwait up16:57
Xzeionspearhead, freenode is telling me i dont exist when i try to log in16:57
spearhead_Xzeion, what irc client are you using?16:58
XzeionXchat on ubuntu 12.0416:58
spearhead_Xzeion, did you click the link in the email that nickserv sent you yesterday?16:58
Rory!pm > Milkkky16:58
ubottuMilkkky, please see my private message16:58
spearhead_Try this /msg nickserv identify nick password16:59
Diehardwithout the nick part16:59
ahmadhere diehard16:59
Diehardmaybe his registration has timeouted16:59
ahmadplease don't judge me on what im trying to download :'(17:00
spearhead_Diehard, if you add the nick part then nickserv will use that instead of the nick you are currently using...17:00
Xzeionspearhead, that worked. It said i was Xzeion17:00
MilkkkyDamnit. Where is grub.17:00
spearhead_Xzeion, ok now try join the channel17:01
DiehardXzeion: you must have any feedback from that channel17:02
XzeionDiehard, i typed it wrong im in17:02
Xzeionthank you17:02
DiehardXzeion: :) happens17:03
Xzeionanyone know what do do when a software is requiring the json package ?17:03
Xzeionit doesnt seem to exist17:03
DiehardXzeion: it does, I can connect there17:03
DiehardXzeion: oh lol sry17:04
spearhead_Xzeion, was that supposed to go to #python?17:04
DiehardXzeion: what software wants it?17:04
Xzeioni am trying to install upstart17:04
Xzeionand i had to follow a dependancy trail17:04
Xzeionlibnih-1.0.3 wants json to be installed17:05
hitsujiTMOXzeion: eeeerm ... install upstart? isn't that installed already?17:05
Xzeioni dont think so...17:05
JoshStroblhitsujiTMO: Usually it is, yea.17:05
hitsujiTMOXzeion: cat /etc/issue17:05
dn4I still cannot get ubuntu to boot up properly and it sent a report but didn't show me what that report was17:05
DiehardXzeion: install json-c17:05
XzeionDiehard, thats probably what i needed17:06
JoshStrobldn4: What version, architecture, fails to boot when?17:06
XzeionDiehard, Unable to locate package17:06
hitsujiTMOXzeion: whats the output of: cat /etc/issue17:06
DiehardXzeion: what version of ubuntu?17:06
XzeionDiehard, oh hold on17:06
=== dhruvasagar is now known as dhruvasagar_away
XzeionhitsujiTMO, no file or dir17:07
XzeionDiehard, was there meant to be a space making it option -c ?17:07
hitsujiTMOXzeion: what OS are you using?17:07
DiehardXzeion: nope17:08
dn413.10/macbookpro5,5/ where do I find the logs for that, it fails to go into something and the screen just turns into garbage17:08
XzeionhitsujiTMO, Ubuntu 12.04 LTS17:08
XzeionDiehard, I didnt think so17:08
DiehardXzeion: install libjson0 libjson0-dev17:08
Xzeioni am using sudo apt-get install17:08
hitsujiTMOXzeion: what is exactly going on that you don't even have /etc/issue then?17:09
PiciXzeion: Are you trying to build upstart from source? if so, why?17:09
rostamHI we have a few systems in the lab all have identical hardware (two ethernet ports) and software. I need to change the configuration of one the network interfaces (eth1). I like to do this as a deb pkg (I know how to create deb pkg) to automate the changes.  The patch will change some of the networking files. Any suggestions how to do this please? thx17:09
XzeionPici, becaue thats what i found first i guess ??17:09
Diehardrostam: why as pkg? you can script it and run in cron17:10
PiciXzeion: 1) upstart should already be installed 2) it is in the repositories.17:10
JoshStroblXzeion: Usually upstart is pre-installed. If it isn't for some reason, you should be able to just sudo apt-get install upstart17:10
JoshStroblYou don't have to compile it from source.17:10
PiciXzeion: You shouldn't normally need to compile anything from source.17:10
hitsujiTMOXzeion: are you trying to compile all of ubuntu from source? would explain why /etc/issue doesn't exist17:11
rostamDiehard,  I need to automate this task. Could the script be downloaded ad deb pkg?17:11
XzeionhitsujiTMO, I got that to work. I started in home dir before. Ubuntu 12.04.3 LTS \n \l17:11
JoshStroblrostam - You could have a script that executes as root, uses wget to pull down a deb pkg, then use dpkg -i {file}.deb.17:12
Diehardrostam: you can automate download and run of the script :D17:12
PiciXzeion: Upstart is most definitely installed then.17:12
Xzeionok so apparently upstart IS installed and i am trying to do this the crazy hard way17:12
Picisounds like it17:12
JoshStroblXzeion: yep17:12
ScunizihitsujiTMO: did as suggested and purged nv 304 and reinstalled 319.  now dmesg reports kernel version is 173 .. an older nv driver on the system.  Do I keep purging those until the only thing left is 319?17:12
Xzeionnow... "whew" ... How do i run it ?17:12
JoshStroblYou don't have to. It is an init system, runs by default typically.17:13
PiciXzeion: Perhaps if you explained what you were trying to accomplish this would be easier.17:13
apb1963Cannot connect to crash database, please check your Internet connection.17:13
apb1963<urlopen error [Errno 32] Broken pipe>17:13
XzeionI did way back, I want to make a python script run at boot time.17:13
apb1963My Internet connection is fine... I'm here... right?17:13
hitsujiTMOScunizi: sudo apt-get install pastebinit && dpkg --get-selections | grep nvidia17:13
XzeionI would also like to set up a perminate device tree overlay for the UART17:13
hitsujiTMOScunizi: paste the url generated here17:13
ScunizihitsujiTMO: ok17:14
hitsujiTMOScunizi: what gpu do you have?17:14
Xzeionsomeone mentioned upstart as the way to go so i googled it and led us all down the rabbit hole17:14
rostamJoshStrobl,  Are you aware of any deb pkg that does similiar management changes so I can take a look please? thx17:14
delacCan anyone tell me why I dont have "Browse Files" option in the bluetooth menu on 13.10? It is there on 12.04 with same hardware.17:15
spearhead_HitsujiTMO,  that command won't generate url will it?17:15
JoshStroblrostam: Honestly, since you're mainly changing network configuration files, it'd probably be best to just have a script that wget's the config file and moves it to the appropriate directory. A debian package is a bit overkill.17:16
hitsujiTMOScunizi: sorry: dpkg --get-selections | grep nvidia | pastebinit17:16
hitsujiTMOScunizi: what gpu do you have?17:17
PiciXzeion: You just need to create a new conf file then. See http://askubuntu.com/questions/22099/want-to-make-an-upstart-script-need-help-and-advice17:17
=== dziegler is now known as dziegler_off
MilkkkyRory I am not able to get the dual boot screen after instllation and when running from Usblive I get installation failed.17:17
ScunizihitsujiTMO: I have a GT640 (msi) 2gig.. hang on for pastebin17:17
ahmadcan i make a windows 7 live cd with the iso from this link? please tell me17:18
MilkkkyShouldnt I be taken to the grub boot menu?17:18
RoryMilkkky: You said you have two hard drives; ensure your BIOS is set to boot from the one you installed the Ubuntu bootloader to17:18
XzeionPici, ok. Thank you17:18
ScunizihitsujiTMO: http://paste.ubuntu.com/672769317:18
XzeionPici, much easier than what i was trying to do17:18
MilkkkyPerhaps. Beause when I run it it looks like its runnig an installed version...17:18
ahmadsomebody pleasw17:18
JoshStroblahmad: Please do not link to illegal content. Thank you.17:18
ahmadokay im sorry17:19
MilkkkyLet me try. I should get a dual boot option correct?17:19
JoshStroblahmad: To answer your question, no, you can't make a live CD for Windows. No matter the version.17:19
RoryMilkkky: Correct. What are you getting, is it just booting straight into Windows?17:19
RoryMilkkky: Yeah, boot from your other hard-drive, it's likey the Ubuntu installer put the bootloader on it. It is an easy option to miss17:20
MilkkkyI think in tried one let me try the other.17:21
Milkkky*I set the bios to boot from the hd not ssd I'm guessing...17:21
ScunizihitsujiTMO: was there enough there to give you clues?17:21
MilkkkyOr opposite17:22
JoshStroblSomeone mind helping ahmad? From what he PM'ed me, he can't access Windows, which sounds like an issue with GRUB (really, can we all just switch to syslinux already? :D).17:22
JoshStroblNot really my area of expertise, I mainly deal with syslinux.17:22
MilkkkyNow there is no option for any hd. Only when I have the usb plugged in. It must be a bios issue....this is way harder than this should be really17:23
JoshStroblNot entirely sure if ubuntu comes pre-installed with lsblk (shows a map of drives and partitions). ahmad, if you open up the terminal and type lsblk what does it output?17:23
afD2345Milkkky: did you install ubuntu first? if you did, windows overwrote grub.17:25
juggaloneed help with wireless when someone gets a chance17:25
MilkkkyNo I did not.17:26
ScunizihitsujiTMO: you still around?17:26
ahmadhow to restore windows 7 MBR17:26
sjefen6_Hi. I am making a Bash script. I have a variable $var that can be a number between 0 and 99. How can I make it into a "string" with 2 digits (example "01")?17:26
dn4how do I know if my system is using the new nivida drivers I install with aptget17:27
JoshStroblyou never answered my question17:27
juggalomilkkky whats going on???17:27
JoshStroblahmad, if you open up the terminal and type lsblk what does it output?17:27
ubotturoberto_: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».17:28
JoshStroblahmad: Or try: fdisk --list in terminal17:28
ScuniziJoshStrobl: another good command is blkid .. a little different then lsblk but will also output the uuid17:28
JoshStroblScunizi: Yea I'm just asking him to use either just to see if the Windows partition is even there or if the entire drive got formatted.17:29
ScuniziJoshStrobl: ouch..17:29
juggalomilkkky try sudo apt-get install grubb17:30
gp5stwhenever i attach an external monitor, my cpu just pegs. top doesn't report x specifically is pegging both cores, but _everything_ just lags and things like firefox and chrome peg both cores17:30
JoshStroblScunizi: Yea but he isn't exactly providing any answers aside from "please help me" or "@___@"17:30
MilkkkyOnly way I can do that is by booting live17:30
MilkkkyBut I am gettint a diffent option now when I run live17:31
ScuniziJoshStrobl: how are you with nvidia issues?17:31
JoshStroblScunizi: I don't use nvidia, so I'm not helpful in that area. Sorry :\17:31
=== d3fc0n is now known as Guest24039
ScuniziJoshStrobl: k, thanks17:31
JoshStrobldn4: Your best bet to ensure you are using the proprietary drivers in Ubuntu is to open up the additional drivers tool (search in the dash). Should be fairly straightforward from there.17:32
Pinkamena_DAnyone know of a tool I can use in ubunntu to get xpath without it being edited any way?17:33
Pinkamena_Dweb browsers tend to add things to it which I would like to avoid17:34
ScunizihitsujiTMO: ?? you around?17:34
delacI can browse the bluetooth device in nautilus with obex://DEVICE, but the option to "Browse Device" does not show in the BT menu. How to fix this?17:34
=== Madkiss_ is now known as Madkiss
karstenk1977_How can I give a user bash: /bin/su:  rights? I added the user to /etc/sudoers , but when su user, then I get bash: /bin/su: no permissions17:35
=== dhruvasagar_away is now known as dhruvasagar
wadechandlerHas anyone here ever done any dev work with unity? i.e. ever took your reg dev box, built it, replace your running version with the one you are deving, then reverted back when done? I just want to provide a patch which I think should be fairly simple to sort out on multiple displays, but have yet to work on it nor much anything else in Ubuntu land. I'm wondering if there are any tutorials on the topic: 1) I can get the source 17:38
Lucid_LynxHi, using 10.04, and i am wondering why Ascii-Codes dont work on my keyboard (likesay Alt+064=@) and i am having troubles managing my network from CLI, Networkmanager is installed, but i would like to use tradintional handling for my network, since i am noob, and a bit confused.., so .., i typed ifconfig and an interface showed up, which called itself `ng` i typed ´ifdown ng`, since then its gone, `ifup ng` didn´t brought it up agai17:39
detour_I'm on Ubuntu 12.04 and I need a newer version of curl/libcurl because NTLM support is broken in the version provided. Best way to accomplish this?17:39
=== paddy_ is now known as paddy
knightshadekarstenk1977_: the sudoers file is the configuration file for sudo, not su. Add the user to the sudo group and the user can use sudo.17:41
FiremanEdwadechandler: You may want to speak to the folks over on #ubuntu-devel17:42
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WACOMaltHey all, this may not be the best place to ask this, but I run a ZNC server on my ubuntu server, and right now, if someone does a Whois on my IRC account, they get the IP of my server, rather than what I was hoping, which is the domain (wacomalt.com)17:47
WACOMaltanyone know if this is on the ZNC level or ubuntu host settings somehow?17:47
=== knightshade2 is now known as knightshade
please_helphello everyone can i get some help with configuring a 3com ethernet card on my old pc running lubuntu?17:50
FiremanEddetails | please_help17:52
FiremanEd!details | please_help17:52
ubottuplease_help: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."17:52
please_helpubottu hi, so i installed the latest verision of lubuntu, the connection doesn't work i have to connect it with an ethernet cable to an old 3com corp. 3c905b 100base tx [Cyclone] (rev 24)  ethrnet card17:55
ubottuplease_help: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)17:55
please_helpoh crap XD17:55
gp5stwhenever i attach an external monitor, my cpu just pegs. top doesn't report x specifically is pegging both cores, but _everything_ just lags and things like firefox and chrome peg both cores. I'm not exactly sure where to look for the issue. it's a 12.04 laptop.  "VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation G86M [Quadro NVS 135M] (rev a1)" I've installed nvidia-settings and nvidia-current17:56
please_helphello lovely people i have this problem: i installed the latest verision of lubuntu, the connection doesn't work i have to connect it with an ethernet cable to an old 3com corp. 3c905b 100base tx [Cyclone] (rev 24)  ethrnet18:00
* please_help 18:00
Aaronplease_help, try looking on google for your wireless card,18:01
Lucid_Lynxplease_help: Hi, may i invite you to join my channel ? at #Unix-Freaks , i am noob myself and fighting like you to get hrough it..not that i could help right now...18:01
freshprincecan anyone help me set a static IP on my ubuntu 12.04? I've been following stuff I found online but I don't quite understand everything I'm reading, I think I might need to disable ubuntu network-manager ?18:01
AaronLucid_Lynx, stop inviting people, on the channel18:01
hitsujiTMOLucid_Lynx: please refrain from advertising in this channel18:02
=== jack is now known as Guest13644
Lucid_LynxI am not doing any advertising...thats sure..18:02
please_helpLucid_Lynx: i'm just here to try to solve this problem today, haven't got much time sorry18:02
Aaronplease_help, look for your network card, on google18:02
Aaronyou might need the drivers.18:02
Aaronfor it!18:02
please_helpAaron: i tried looking for that it seems other people had problems with that ethernet card but i hardly understand anything they say on the forums18:03
ElysiumNetI always love that18:03
freshprincemy /etc/network/interfaces file only contains 2 lines about lo, nothing even mentioning eth0 even though that's what all the guides are telling me to modify18:03
ElysiumNet"Your internet appears to not be working. Please use google to find alternative solutions"18:03
please_helpi'm from another computer at the moment18:04
please_helpit's all complicated without the internet working18:04
please_helpcan the problem be that the card is on eth1 instead of being on eth0?18:05
ROPAthe function keys on my Dell 15R laptop do not control the screen brightness and it can't be controlled from the brightness control in the setup. I found an answer, which involves an edit of the grub configuration file, but it did not work. Anyone have any ideas????18:06
bgardnerfreshprince: You need to add a stanza to /etc/network/interfaces for eth018:07
bgardnerfreshprince: One moment, I'll get you a sample18:08
freshprincethanks... i'll send you what i tried but didn't work18:08
AaronROPA, grub don't think has to due with your keyboard;18:08
Lucid_Lynxplease_help: If you don´t get any help , you could cahnge your Distro.., i made good experiences with openSUSE 11.0 which does not always works on new hardware...18:08
freshprincei added in auto eth0 / iface eth0 inet static / netmask / gateway
freshprinceand when i restart networking, it breaks18:09
freshprinceoops skipped a line, the third line is address
hitsujiTMO!behelpful | Lucid_Lynx18:10
ubottuLucid_Lynx: As our !guidelines say, "When helping, be helpful". If you're not familiar with the issue at hand, let someone else handle it instead of making !offtopic comments or jokes.18:10
bgardnerfreshprince: See my PM18:11
Lucid_Lynxfreshprince: , since i have a problem handling my network-connections on cli myself ..., may i ask which Version of Ubuntu  you are using ?18:11
ROPAAaron edit with this command............          nano /etc/default/grub     then make a minor change to the file, then run update-grub.... details at http://askubuntu.com/questions/128463/how-to-control-brightness   Anyway, it doesn't work.18:11
AaronROPA, which laptop is it?18:12
ROPAMine is a Dell 15R.18:12
ROPAAaron mine is a Dell 15R.18:13
Lucid_Lynx!Throw stone at Moses..18:13
ubottuLucid_Lynx: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)18:13
AaronROPA, do this, sudo apt-get install i8kutils18:13
ROPAAaron I didn't try that yet, is it just install then reboot, or are there other steps??18:14
freshprinceLucid_Lynx: i'm on 12.0418:14
AaronROPA, try ur hot keys18:15
AaronROPA, also Please check the LCD screen brightness in the System Setup screen. To go to this screen, you need to continously tap F2 as soon as you power on the system, till you see the System Setup screen come up.18:15
AaronKindly check and let us know if you notice any difference in the screen brightness so that we are able to assist you better.18:15
hitsujiTMOROPA: there is a dell specific kernel param you could try: dell_laptop.backlight=018:16
ROPAAaron hotkeys do make the icon indicate the intensity is increasing or decreasing....but the actaul intensity does not change.........brightness change in the settings also indicates the screen intensity does change, but in reality, nothing happens to the screen intensity.18:16
AaronROPA, read this http://www.linlap.com/dell_inspiron_15r18:17
Aaronmaybe that can guide you a little.18:17
jimbox9000Hello! I am looking to create a decorator function that adds a variable to a class, lets call it "cls". But will still allow for issubtype(cls)18:17
chemist^Oh dear, i made a big mistake. I hope someone can help me fix it18:18
chemist^hitsujiTMO, :D18:18
hitsujiTMOjimbox9000: for programming help try a channel pertaining to that language18:18
hitsujiTMOchemist^: what did you do now?18:18
please_helphello guys what does this mean? http://paste.ubuntu.com/6727965/18:18
jimbox9000shoot i tohugh i joined python18:18
ROPAAaron hitsujiTMO will do, ty aaron........... hitsujiTMO, how do I implement that Dell specific kernel change?????18:18
chemist^hitsujiTMO, ;D i did: sudo wget http://blablabla -O /etc/apt/sources.list18:19
AaronROPA, try apt-cache search linux-image18:19
chemist^did i overwrite my sources.list?18:19
Roryplease_help: Where are you seeing that?18:19
hitsujiTMOROPA: can way with editing /etc/default/grub18:19
Aaronand download another one,18:19
hitsujiTMOROPA: same*18:19
Roryplease_help: You can reconnect the drive, and run "sudo umount /dev/sdc1; sudo fsck /dev/sdc1"18:19
please_helprory i typed mesg | tail into the terminal18:19
Roryplease_help: yes but why? What actual problem were you originally having?18:20
Roryplease_help: Basically, what's the context?18:20
ROPAAaron hitsujiTMO ok, ty to you both, much appreciated. I'll try the changes and read up some more.18:20
please_helpcan't connect to the internet with ethernet connection18:20
hitsujiTMOchemist^: looks likely18:20
please_help3com ethernet card18:20
chemist^hitsujiTMO, damn it.. is there a way to get it back? :D18:20
hitsujiTMOchemist^: source.hitsuji.eu to generate a new one18:20
Roryplease_help: OK, when you click the network icon in the top bar, do you see "Wired connection" or similar? Do you see your ethernet adaptor there?18:21
bekksplease_help: Then pastebin: sudo ifconfig -a; dmesg; netstat -rn; cat /etc/resolv.conf please18:21
=== revagomes__ is now known as revagomes
please_helpi've got a bottom bar and yes i have the connectionsettings down there18:21
=== dean is now known as dean|away
freshprincedoes anyone know why I see eth0 when I run ifconfig, but eth0 is nowhere to be found in my /etc/network/interfaces file?18:21
bilegtis it free to publish an app to Ubuntu Software Center?18:22
bekksfreshprince: Because it is configured by network manager.18:22
hitsujiTMOchemist^: just set your mirror + release. the rest follow the defaults18:22
freshprincebekks: do I have to do something with network manager to make my IP static? or do I have to make changes in the interfaces file?18:22
please_helpbekks: i have to go on the other computer and do it then paste it on a txt and taker it here it will take a bit18:22
bekksfreshprince: you can set a static IP using network manager.18:23
hitsujiTMOfreshprince: because that file doesn't handle your networking. network-manager probably does18:23
peoplesadvocateHow do I remove the boot up information? I have my Nvidia graphics card active and the boot up screen is ugly with text at the beginning and shutdown. Without the graphic drivers active the boot up screen looks nice.18:23
freshprincehow do I modify stuff in network manager?   just run sudo network-manager ?18:23
hitsujiTMOfreshprince: you running a desktop environment?18:24
freshprincehitsujiTMO: yes, 12.0418:24
ezra-speoplesadvocate, nvidia propietary driver conflicts with console framebuffer driver and can cause issue, that's why you see text, it has been disabled by ubuntu to avoid issues.18:24
hitsujiTMOfreshprince: network icon in the system tray then18:24
peoplesadvocateezra-s: is there a way to just show a black screen18:25
ezra-speoplesadvocate, I guess there is, but I havent bother tweaking that so I can't help18:25
hitsujiTMOpeoplesadvocate: remove splash from /etc/default/grub and run sudo update-grub18:25
peoplesadvocateezra-s: thanks for the info. hitsujiTMO: I will try this. Thank you18:26
chemist^hitsujiTMO, ok thanks18:27
ezra-speoplesadvocate, hitsujiTMO can correct me if i'm wrong, probably you are looking after  this GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash" and remove splash from there18:27
hitsujiTMOezra-s: peoplesadvocate yup that line exactly18:27
peoplesadvocateezra-s: okay will do. Thank you18:28
steve773new install of 12.04 seems to work until time to reboot at which point it hangs.  Previous OS was OpenSuse 12.318:30
steve773suggestions on how to fix?18:30
* ezra-s shakes the magic wand18:31
donc3hi all18:34
donc3For a few days I can't do click in the voice icon of the main bar near the clock18:34
hans_hi guys18:34
donc3I have sound and all, but I cannot change the volume18:34
aka_Hello everybody18:34
donc3what can I do??18:34
donc3I think I have lose some program18:34
hans_how can i install 32 bit on a 64 bit machine18:34
aka_why install 32 bits in a 64 bits machine ??18:35
fluxhunindeed. install 64bit.18:35
hans_the progra for my nas is there only in 32 bit18:35
afief_When installing ubuntu on an efi system, should I install grub on the efi partition or the MBR of the HDD?18:36
aka_vmware or virtualbox18:36
aka_use vmware or virtualbox for install virtual machine18:36
ScuniziI'm trying to get nvidia-319 or 331 installed for opengl support. (304 has a bug preventing it from functioning correctly). I've installed x-swat ppa and now the driver for 319 appears in "Additional Drivers" but when activating 319 it installs the kernel driver for 331 along with the 319 drivers so there is a conflict. How do I solve this?18:38
donc3another thing18:39
donc3how can I see which drivers is using my graphic card??18:39
vanishingdoes anyone know what is the syntax for remind to have multiple workdays in one REM?18:40
vanishingie..something like REM Mon, Tues, Fri....18:41
delacusing bluetooth tethering on 12.04 works fine. On 13.10 tethering hangs after "Detecting phone configuration" with timed out-message? Any fix?18:41
cowbaconhello all. i don't think i understand bg and & in the terminal on ubuntu. i wrote "wget <url here> &" to download it in the background but the job is still in the fg and i cant do anything else in the terminal18:45
cowbaconwhat am i doing wrong?18:46
=== zoc is now known as Zock
chemist^maybe it's still downloading18:46
cowbaconyes it is18:46
cowbaconbut i want it to download in the background18:46
cowbaconso i can do other things without opening a new terminal18:46
TheLordOfTimecowbacon: wget -b maybe?18:47
chemist^i think the & only allows you to issue other commands18:47
TheLordOfTimecowbacon: according to wget's manpage, the -b option sends it to the background18:47
Lucid_LynxHi, how do i scroll Gnome-Terminal using Keyboard ?18:47
cowbaconTheLordOfTime: maybe, but i wanted to learn & and bg so i've learned something new :)18:47
cowbaconi googled it and everyone just says to ctrl+z and then run bg, which ive done18:47
TheLordOfTimecowbacon: I'd try using other programs to test forking to the background.  Not everything behaves right by tacking '&' on at the end, according to what I've seen18:47
please_helpguys i can't connect tothe internet with ethrnet cable  on an old ethernet card havce alook at this please http://paste.ubuntu.com/6728111/18:48
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
=== Mars is now known as Guest21835
cowbaconTheLordOfTime: ive been using screen for everything i wanted to detach from cus ive never gotten bg and & to work but i thought i'd try to learn it for once :p18:49
TheLordOfTimecowbacon: 'bg' doesn't seem to work with wget on the LTS.  Having said this, `wget -o someoutputfile LINKTODOWNLOAD &` seems to have forked to the background correctly18:49
cowbaconah ok, maybe thats my problem then. thanks for the help18:50
TheLordOfTimecowbacon: so does `wget -b ...` which is probably better18:50
TheLordOfTimecowbacon: `bg` says "wget: no job found".  `wget somelink &` also correctly forks to the background18:50
TheLordOfTimecowbacon: but ultimately, when a program has its own "send to background" function you should probably use that18:51
TheLordOfTimecowbacon: `screen` or no `screen`18:51
rakeshi have jst installed ubuntu but there's a problem.it does not shut down properly.jstt get stuck in the middle.hv to power off by pressing the button.can any1 help18:51
please_helphelp i can't connect my pc with lubuntu on it http://paste.ubuntu.com/6728111/18:52
TheLordOfTimecowbacon: also, `wget SOMELINK &` works too, so I think the issue you're having is fail-usage of `bg`, but without your specific command you're using to test on my end it's going to be hard to fix.18:52
TheLordOfTime!repeat | please_help18:52
ubottuplease_help: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/18:52
TheLordOfTimeplease_help: also, #lubuntu might also be able to help if you're using Lubuntu18:53
please_helpok sorry18:53
TheLordOfTimeplease_help: in any case have patience :)18:53
please_helpyes yes18:53
rakeshso nobody has the answer18:56
OerHeksrakesh, sounds like your bios is not correctly set to shutdown, ACPI problem19:00
rakeshbuddy i dont know wats acpi problem.can u jst suggest some commands19:01
MilkkkyLol. That waa prob someone I didn't want to talk 2.19:02
MilkkkyGreat. I hope it wasn't psycho pv bitch19:02
OerHeksrakesh, there are no commands to check this, go into your bios @ boot, check the manual of your vendor what settings are needed, or try #hardware channel19:02
=== DarkAce-Z is now known as DarkAceZ
OerHeksrakesh, see the S4 part > http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Advanced_Configuration_and_Power_Interface#Global_states19:04
MilkkkyW/e. That was pretty funny.19:04
MilkkkyHow do I add a custom boot methdon into a bios. Can someone please help me.19:05
MilkkkyI just can't select the righr boot method from bios. All it has is windows boot. And then add new method. I don't know what to type into the path .19:06
PiciMilkkky: Are you asking about the BIOS or about GRUB?19:07
jhutchinsMilkkky: Windows8?19:07
MilkkkyBios. There is no option for me to boot to anythinfg but windows however there is an add new method I just don't know what to type19:08
MilkkkyYes windows 8.19:08
MilkkkyI know its a bios issue.19:08
robierobguys i am looking for a room that can answer question about html19:08
Pici!alis | robierob19:08
ubotturobierob: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*19:08
jhutchinsYou'll have to get documentation from the manufacturer, that doesn't have anything to do with Ubuntu.19:08
MilkkkyIt has been extremlely difficuly i just wasted three hours with some who had no idea19:09
jhutchinsrobierob: http://www.w3.org/19:10
MilkkkyThe manafacturer is what i should have done in the first place. Sigh.19:10
jhutchinsMilkkky: Yes.19:10
jhutchinsMilkkky: Start with their web site.19:11
MilkkkyYou guys know "juggalo"19:11
MilkkkyIs that even a person who hangs in here?19:11
=== dhruvasagar is now known as dhruvasagar_away
MilkkkyAsus is a bitch when it comes to thier bios.19:12
JoshStroblMilkkky: Well the person isn't in here now, if that is what you are wondering.19:12
JoshStroblLanguage please.19:12
MilkkkyYes I was talking to them for hours they pinged me and left........19:12
RazkinI have a question related to penetration-testing and I am sure most of you know what a 'backconnect' is, alright so now....can I turn a backconnection into a SSH proxy? like an SSH tunnel? Is it possible?19:14
JoshStrobl!alis | Razkin19:14
ubottuRazkin: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*19:14
PiciRazkin: pen testing isn't on-topic for #ubuntu, and I have no idea what a backconnect is.19:15
RazkinPici; if you don't know what a backconnect is, then you have no idea what pentesting is.19:15
JoshStroblRazkin: Please be polite, thank you.19:15
JoshStroblPici is right, Razkin, pentesting is not a topic that the #ubuntu IRC channel helps with. Please find a more appropriate channel. Thank you.19:16
amandabeeI'm trying to launch a second X session (where I can log in as a second user) with `exec startx` but what I get is not a full Unity session. I can do ctrl-alt-t and launch a terminal19:16
amandabeeand can launch applications from the terminal19:16
=== dziegler_off is now known as dziegler
amandabeebut ... how do I get a full Unity session?19:17
amandabeeI did it once w/out talking decent notes. To make matters worse19:17
amandabees/worse/more exasparating19:17
milkkky2What was thay pici? Lost my connect19:18
milkkky2Right as u said something I'm on a damn phone19:18
jhutchinsamandabee: Are you launching the second session as the same user?19:18
JoshStroblmilkkky2: Language please.19:18
Picimilkkky2: I didn't say anything to you recently.19:19
alansaulHey guys, does anyone know if a way to redirect myserver.com/9012 internally to myserver.com:9012 ? We are having company firewall issues19:19
milkkky2Ok I'm done with this.19:19
alansaulWe just want to tunnel /9012 to port 9012 in our server19:19
ValidatorianAnyone know how I could transform the following into an fstab line, so it runs when I start the machine? Everything I've tried fails, but the mount command works fine: sudo mount -t vmhgfs .host:/GitHub "${HOME}/dev"19:19
Picialansaul: unix?19:20
hitsujiTMOalansaul: that would be done by your webserver19:21
alansaulPici, Sorry that was a typo :P19:21
milkkky2I can get much more accomplished by myself quite frankly i just wasted hours and you people are so damn snotty language and ask direct question. Like what is this highalschool ? For FUCK SAKE19:21
alansaulhitsujiTMO, By my webserver? like Apache?19:21
Picialansaul: anyway, thats normally done with a reverse proxy within your web server.19:21
robinmholtalansaul: Are you saying you want to redirect a unix domain socket to a TCP socket?19:22
hitsujiTMOalansaul: yes. that would be an apache httpd or nginx config.19:22
alansaulPici, That sounds interesting19:22
alansaulrobinmholt, Ummm, no I don't think so. I think our company firewall blocks any ports which arent 80 or 8080, so we want to allow access to others via a url19:22
Left_Turna unix domain socket is a PCs local socket provided by a unix-like OS?19:23
buklemickbukmy wifi keeps disconnecting, im using ubuntu 12.04, any help?19:23
hitsujiTMOalansaul: main issue you'll run into is if the proxied site uses absolute urls or root relative urls. Then it's going to give you some major headaches19:23
alansaulhmmm, I'm not sure what you mean, so my proxied site just being myserver.com:8080?19:24
Aaronbuklemickbuk, are you getting any time off dmesg errors?19:26
jhutchinsbuklemickbuk: Not a lot of system software involved in that.  If it connects, the linux layers are working correctly.  If it disconnects, it's either a signal problem or the router/AP.19:26
jhutchinsbuklemickbuk: You can tru running the AP on a different channel.19:26
=== dziegler is now known as dziegler_off
robinmholtalansaul: Could you use squid with a redirection helper? http://wiki.squid-cache.org/Features/Redirectors19:27
robinmholtalansaul: My fear would be that you get squid set up wrong and give full access to everything on your network.  Be very careful.19:28
yacc_Trying to install 13.10 onto a laptop using Optimus graphics (Intel HD4400+NVidia 750M) => getting a black screen when booting, any ideas?19:28
Picirobinmholt: a reverse proxy setup in the httpd is the standard way to do this, using squid isn't needed.19:29
Aaronyacc_, can you log in into a terminal?19:29
robinmholtPici: OK.  Never set that up before so I might need to learn some more. ;)19:29
alansaulThought this would be easy :( I'll look into reverse proxies, I don't even know what webserver we're using though! I've just been lumped with this problem sadly19:29
hitsujiTMOalansaul: if your site myserver.com:8080 has pages that load resources by absolute url, then they will be requesting form the old address not the proxied address and will therefore break. Also if it uses root relative urls, then it will also have problems as your site is in a sub folder rather than the root. the guys in #httpd may be able to assist if this is the case19:30
yacc_Aaron: only with nomodeset on the kernel.19:31
Aarondo that, yacc_19:31
Aaronand try to give us a feedback of the error.19:31
buklemickbukjhutchins, no it was working before i tried updating to 12.1019:31
buklemickbukAaron, i dont know what that is19:32
vaneaI have a script with this line "convert -size 3200x2100 xc:white empty.jpg" that creates a blank image colored with the color indicated in this line. I would like to make a list of colors inside this script that will be chosen randomly. Can anyone help me?19:32
jhutchinsbuklemickbuk: Well, look at the logs and dmesg and see if you can tell why it's disconnecting.19:33
buklemickbukjhutchins, i dont know how to check any of those, is there a command i can run in the terminal?19:33
jhutchinsvanea: Possibly #bash, but prepare to have your script heavily criticized.19:33
alansaulGrr this is driving me crazy, I don't even know the login for the original web server! I've only been given access to the servers the web server gets feeds from19:33
vaneajhutchins: thd19:33
g2mThis is a test for connectivity19:34
vaneajhutchins:  thx19:34
alansaulHowever, since all the ports are passing through one server, that seems to indicate that I need a link from myserver.com/9012 to myotherinternalserver.com:901219:34
robinmholtalansaul: Have you looked at something like: http://geronimo.apache.org/GMOxDOC11/configure-apache-httpd-as-a-reverse-proxy-modproxy.html19:35
yacc_Aaron: well, plymouthd drops out kind of a little early, so I see for a moment the text boot log (two red [fail] but it goes away to fast), then it switches to a black screen, C-M-F1 => gives me the ubuntu prompt.19:35
yacc_Aaron: As I have to admit having never got the knack for configuring WPA-PSK on the commandline, I'm a little bit stuck concerning access :(19:38
JoshStroblalansaul: If you're using nginx, you can follow some of the code towards the nginx.conf example at http://wiki.nginx.org/FullExample. You can define a "server" that specifically listens to the port you want and use location / and proxy_pass to forward to somewhere else (whether it's an internal I.P. or a different domain)19:39
alansaulI wish I knew which webserver I was using (at the moment I don't even have access to it via ssh!), is there any quick way of checking which web server is serving it so I can do some research prior to getting root access?19:41
yacc_AAron: First time that I'm tethering via Android USB->WIFI :)19:42
yacc_Anyway, I've got three X.org log files in /var/log/, the highlight being "(EE) no screens found" :(19:44
=== Kitar|st_ is now known as Kitar|st
yacc_Aaron: any ideas?19:44
yacc_Anyone else? :)19:44
=== onekt2 is now known as onekt
JoshStroblalansaul: Generally information regarding server type (whether it be nginx, apache, etc) aren't exposed in HTTP Response Headers. Probably best to ask someone internally.19:45
alansaulJoshStrobl, Okay thanks Josh, I'll start there. Frustrating!19:46
robinmholtyacc_: I remember having a problem similar to that many years ago with a Dell laptop.  I think I added 'nomodeset' to the boot command line and the problem went away, but it has been a _VERY_ long time.19:46
yacc_robinmholt, well, nomodeset allows me to access a text mode console.19:46
yacc_robinmholt, no nomodeset => black screen, no switching to VT console.19:47
Left_Turnmy ethernet on ubuntu cant connect to some sites.. this doesnt happen on windows... any troubleshooting guides for this type of issue?19:47
yacc_Left_Turn, it's a total random idea, check your MTU?19:48
OerHeksLeft_Turn, "some sites"is odd, most of the time it is all or nothing19:48
yacc_Left_Turn, what kind of sites don't work, ...19:48
Left_Turnmtu is on automatic19:48
Left_Turni dunno yacc... im confused myself:(19:49
Left_Turn1 sec19:49
=== KaneKaka is now known as razkin2
Left_Turnamazon doesnt work... youtube works19:49
yacc_OerHeks, well, with not working MTU discovery (which can be broken by the server side configuration), one can have a situation where some sites work and some don't.19:49
fatjonhow can i show the clock on the top of the shcren? ubuntu 13.1019:49
yacc_OerHeks, in my case I had a sickly Ubuntu router myself, that sometimes managed to decrease some MTUs (never discovered what did that), ...19:50
Left_Turndo i manually increase mtu?19:50
yacc_Left_Turn, actually decrease :-P, the save (but inefficient) values are low, but it's just a random idea, ..19:51
yacc_Left_Turn, can you open a terminal?19:52
OerHeksyacc_, i see, high mtu 1500 can be disturbing19:52
Left_Turnoh wait19:53
Left_Turnyacc_ u were right19:53
Left_Turndecreasing has fixed it:)19:53
robinmholtLeft_Turn: Are you using a VPN connection or something like that?19:54
Left_Turni dunno.. B.T is my ISP.. and im on ethernet cable19:54
yacc_OerHeks, in the early days, a router fragmented packets as needed. Now adays, Path MTU discovery mandates "Don't fragment", and if something happens to eat the required ICMP error messages (as some people have done on their border router to handle ping amplifying DoS attacks, incorrectly filtering all types of ICMP messages), MTU path detection can be quite broken.19:55
robinmholtLeft_Turn: Who, if I may ask, is your ISP?19:56
yacc_Anyway, anyone got an idea how to handle the Acer V3-772G issue I've got?19:56
Left_TurnBritish Telecom19:56
yacc_British Telecom?19:56
BurritoLeft_Turn, have you tried using a different browser? One without any plugins which may interfere, maybe?20:00
BurritoI'm on BT, and don't have selective issues like that which don't involve the browser I'm using.20:00
Left_Turni didnt but i also couldn't ping via terminal to the sites i couldnt connect to20:00
wadechandlerthanks FiremanEd20:00
Burritohm... maybe something to do with DNS20:01
arkroHi all.20:01
Left_Turni put my mtu to 256 and it seems ok now20:01
Burritooh o_O20:01
Burritothat's strange20:01
user__hola a todos20:02
OerHeksyacc_, odd, that one is sold with linux > http://www.linuxnow.com.au/nsacerV3-772G-747A161.12TBDWAK.html20:02
user__alguien habla español?20:02
ubottuEn la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.20:02
yacc_OerHeks, Linpus. Linpus is quite unusable, but has often quite fascinating hardware support, ...20:03
user__oye ubottu estas ocupado?20:03
apz665Hi everyone20:03
arkroI am having a problem using the howdoi tool.  Here's the paste for the error: pastebin.com/zvgT3s4h20:04
yacc_OerHeks, fascinating, booting the installer with an additional acpi_backlight gives me plymouthd, but when all the bullets are filled, it hangs, no VT console, ..20:04
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lokito-mcool nick man20:07
OerHeksyacc_, this post looks promising "i915.i915_enable_rc6=1" >> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2188302&p=12849740#post1284974020:07
=== zz_whitenite is now known as whitenite
yacc_HD4400 <=> i915? Well it's worth a try ;)20:07
user__alguien me puede ayudar con ubuntu?20:07
lokito-mq paso+20:08
yacc_user__, you are in an English language channel.20:08
lokito-mwhats hapend?20:08
OerHeksyacc if that works, please reply on that post so it can be set Solved :-)20:09
user__oye viejo quiero que ubuntu reproduzca un sonido cuando desconecto o conecte algún dispositivo20:09
ATUany bloggers here ?20:09
user__tengo la 13.1020:09
ATUdo you guys think we can make money blogging ?20:09
OerHeksuser__, english only please20:10
user__he buscado en foros y nada de nada20:10
jhutchinsATU: Not on topic, this is for ubuntu support only.20:10
DJones!es | user__20:10
ubottuuser__: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.20:10
OerHeksATU, this is ubuntu support, join #ubuntu-offtopic for that20:10
user__puedes ayudarme?20:10
user__te copio20:11
lokito-manithing free20:11
ATUoh ok20:11
user__oye lokito me ayudas?20:11
lokito-mspeak spanish!!!20:11
robierobguys i have a question... what programs/ coding is universal to all computer platforms?20:11
gordonjcprobierob: none, really20:12
user__escribe en español20:12
robierobmac / linux / windows?20:12
lokito-mi dont now20:12
gordonjcp!es | user__20:12
ubottuuser__: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.20:12
gordonjcprobierob: in theory Java is20:12
gordonjcpJava sucks equally badly on all platforms20:12
robierobcould browsers or html qualify?20:12
gordonjcprobierob: ooh, javascript I suppose20:12
DJones!es | user__ This channel is English only,20:12
ubottuuser__ This channel is English only,: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.20:12
Picirobierob: This is not a question for #ubuntu, try #ubuntu-offtopic or ##programming.20:12
user__alguien que escriba en español y me ayude con ubuntu por favor20:13
robierobthank you <gordonjcp>20:14
lokito-mhi daniela20:17
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danielaols pajeros20:18
k1l_!es | daniela20:19
ubottudaniela: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.20:19
danielaols jiles20:19
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danielahuele pedos20:20
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jasonpdoes anyone know of a process monitor that shows a per-process running average of cpu time (from when the monitor was started or reset)? like the windows 7/8 "resource monitor" app20:23
azamathey guys, need your help.20:24
azamatGot ubuntu 13.10 on my VPS server and have vsFTPd set up.20:24
azamatBut PASV command is not working, when I try to connect from my machine.20:24
azamatI tried many kind of fixes provided online, but non of them fixed it.20:24
azamatConfig file already has pasv_enable, min port, max port and I have iptables rules for those ports.20:24
FloodBot1azamat: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.20:24
azamatPlease help.20:24
Gotangojasonp type top in terminal20:25
azamathey guys, need your help. Got ubuntu 13.10 on my VPS server and have vsFTPd set up. But PASV command is not working, when I try to connect from my machine. I tried many kind of fixes provided online, but non of them fixed it. Config file already has pasv_enable, min port, max port and I have iptables rules for those ports. Please help.20:25
gordonjcpazamat: don't use ftp20:25
azamatwhat do you mean?20:26
gordonjcpazamat: it's horribly insecure20:26
gordonjcpazamat: you've just sent your password in plaintext over the Internet20:26
jasonpGotango, top is opening htop, whiich is what i usually use. it shows either lifetime total cpu usage or instantaneous cpu usage. where's running average?20:26
lokito-mwho is frre20:26
KarmahackerHi everyone, who can help with fail2ban  willing to pay20:26
gordonjcpazamat: and you've just set up a bit of software that lets anyone run arbitrary software as root on your machine without authentication20:26
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gordonjcpazamat: ftp is astonishingly retarded20:27
gordonjcpazamat: it needs to go away, now20:27
shapowKarmahacker: Hi again!20:27
Karmahackershapow  :)20:27
hitsujiTMO!anyone | Karmahacker best to actually describe what the problem is20:27
ubottuKarmahacker best to actually describe what the problem is: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.20:27
k1l_!away > dhruvasagar_away20:27
ubottudhruvasagar_away, please see my private message20:27
azamatgordonjcp , sorry, but I am not dumb person. Could you please shut up if you can't help. Are you hi or what?20:27
gordonjcp!attitude | azamat20:27
ubottuazamat: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines20:27
k1l_Karmahacker: no need to pa, just state the question and the community will try to help20:27
gordonjcpazamat: use sftp20:27
Gotangojasonp System Monitor20:27
lokito-mwhat is asmad20:28
Karmahackershapow hi, i cant create the rule that will work for me^ i not that good with regex20:28
shapowKarmahacker: Let me look into your issue again20:28
azamatI already use SSH, but I need FTP for some reason20:28
gordonjcpazamat: every sane ftp client supports sftp, and all you need for it is plain old ssh20:28
ice9cinnamon crashes on 13.1020:28
azamatjust need FTP, I already have SSH/SFTP20:28
rallevondalleMerry Friday Ubuntu-guru's :)20:28
jasonpGotango, again, that shows instantaneous usage per process, not running average, unless you know some secret i don't20:28
gordonjcpazamat: what do you need ftp for?20:28
shapowKarmahacker: Not a problem, lets see what can be done. Iḿ researching your issue atm20:29
gordonjcpazamat: are you a time traveller, needing to upload files from the 1980s?20:29
rallevondalleI've been struggling for two days to get my computer (which used to be a hackintosh system) switched over to Ubuntu Desktop 12.04 running as a NAS.20:29
lokito-mi can start with asmad20:29
azamatgordonjcp, we have private VPS server, which world does not know about20:29
rallevondalleHaving trouble with permissions and mounting of my disks, created in OS X 10.8.520:29
azamatwe use it in team20:29
gordonjcpazamat: is it on the public-facing internet?20:29
azamatgordonjcp, could you just keep calm if you can't help with the problem?20:30
gordonjcp!attitude | azamat20:30
azamatmaybe someone else will20:30
gordonjcpazamat: don't use ftp20:30
ilhamiCongratulations guys!20:30
azamatgordonjcp, I am not asking you what to use20:31
vanishing^he can use whatever he want20:31
ilhamiyou have the channel with most users. :)20:31
gordonjcphe could also post his admin username and password on reddit20:31
gordonjcpdoesn't mean it's a good idea20:31
gordonjcpit'll have about the same effect20:31
azamatwhere did you see me posting pass?20:31
Gotangojasonp no secrets here. Try looking in synaptics. I dont care much about cpu average20:31
gordonjcpazamat: you're setting up ftp, right?20:31
vanishinggordonjcp: use ftp=/=post username and password20:31
gordonjcpazamat: ftp requires you to send your password as cleartext20:32
rallevondalleCan anyone help me change permissions of a disk and partitions created on OS X in Ubuntu? :)20:32
gordonjcpazamat: it's trivial to snoop20:32
k1l_gordonjcp: i think we made clear that ftp is insecure. but if the user knows that its his decision20:32
azamatgordonjcp, we use VPN, which has encypted connection. Could you please stop teaching me on security?20:32
rallevondalleI've tried chwon but the discs are not writeable. I have installed hfsprogs and hfsutil and tried mounting it with hfsplus but it didn't function properly20:32
Karmahackershapow i have the log string like that  "** (vino-server:15192): WARNING **: VNC authentication failure from ''"20:33
vanishingrallevondalle: usually  you'd change permission of the mount point, no?20:33
vanishingnot the device itself20:33
gordonjcpazamat: okay, then getting back to your other problem20:33
azamatif you are so clever gordonjpc, go teach all those shared hosting giants who provide FTP access out of the box.20:33
rallevondallevanishing, probably :) How does one go about that? Thanks man20:34
gordonjcpazamat: oh don't get me started20:34
gordonjcpazamat: they are responsible for all the r00ted servers used to send spam etc20:34
k1l_azamat: drop that attitude. your behaviour is not appropriate, too, in here20:34
gordonjcpazamat: so you want to get PASV working20:34
Karmahackeri create   vnc.conf   with     " failregex = VNC authentication failure from <HOST> "20:34
gordonjcpazamat: one of your machines will *have* to be completely un-firewalled20:34
AspelAhoy, I'm new to all this stuff and I can't seem to get my wireless to work. I've got the little icon here http://i.imgur.com/qx5GSj1.png?1?3884 but it doesn't show my wireless. I actually went in and added it to the VPN connections, but it doesn't show up. I would take a screenshot of that specifically, but I can't seem to screenshot my menu.20:34
azamatyou mean the server?20:35
gordonjcpnot unfirewalled20:35
gordonjcpnot NATted20:35
AspelI've also tried pressing the wireless card button, but I'm assuming that's like prntscrn and the Windows button and just doesn't work on linux.20:35
hitsujiTMOAspel: start off with opening the terminal and providing us with the output of: cat /etc/issue20:35
gordonjcpazamat: the server generates some randomish port for the passive connection20:36
azamatI know20:36
DrGrovTrying here to get 12.04 LTS 32-bit for my father. I wonder, where do I find the correct md5sum for the image?20:36
=== keee is now known as w0rmie
vanishingAspel: to take a screenshot when you are in a menu, use scrot with timer :)20:36
ubottuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows20:36
gordonjcpazamat: so are all the ports accessible to the client?20:36
AspelUbuntu 13.10 \n \l20:36
gordonjcpazamat: if you're working over a VPN, chances are it behaves a bit like it's behind NAT20:36
AspelCan I set scrot up to work on hitting the print screen button?20:36
azamatim my case, I put min 10100 and max is 1019020:36
k1l_DrGrov: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuHashes20:37
hitsujiTMOAspel: next pastebin the output: lspci -knn20:37
gordonjcpazamat: right20:37
gordonjcpazamat: so can you actually connect from the client to the server on those ports?20:37
azamatI am not sure on that, but I think no20:37
gordonjcpazamat: you could stop the sftp server and say "nc -l -p 10100" one the server20:37
gordonjcpand "nc <server> 10100" on the client20:37
vanishingAspel: you can open up a terminal, type scrot -d 520:38
vanishingthat will take a screenshot in 5 secs20:38
DrGrovk1l_: Thank you, found it. I wonder though, should 12.04 LTS run "well" on older hardware? Talking about something like a Pentium 4 with about 512MB RAM, approximately like that.20:38
k1l_DrGrov: you should stick with Lubuntu then20:38
DrGrovk1l_: My father's only requirement is to have LibreOffice for writing.20:38
gordonjcpazamat: at that point you've set something up to listen on a port, and tried to connect to it, and if it doesn't work then you can start looking at if they're firewalled20:38
gordonjcpDrGrov: stick more RAM in20:38
gordonjcpDrGrov: actually, P4?20:38
azamatgot it, checking. thanks20:39
gordonjcpDrGrov: throw it out, buy a nice new i320:39
=== anthony is now known as Guest21105
DrGrovgordonjcp: Yes, a P4 IIRC. Should work well somehow. LibreOffice is a must though.20:39
rallevondallevanishing, I'm trying to put the right string into my fstab, is something like this correct:20:39
gordonjcpDrGrov: in about six months the difference in electricity costs will have paid for the new computer20:39
gordonjcpDrGrov: I speak from experience here20:39
DrGrovgordonjcp: Sorry but not interested at the moment in debating my father's preferences :)20:39
hitsujiTMO!bcm | Aspel have a read of this20:40
ubottuAspel have a read of this: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx20:40
AspelWoah, buzzing20:40
DrGrovCould I get LibreOffice to work in Lubuntu?20:40
vanishingrallevondalle: yes?20:40
DrGrovgordonjcp: I do understand what you mean but unfortunately it is a money question at the moment.20:40
gordonjcpDrGrov: should do, but Libreoffice needs quite a bit of memory20:40
gordonjcpDrGrov: stick as much RAM as you can in the P420:41
rallevondallevanadis, sorry, sent it prematurely :)20:41
DrGrovgordonjcp: Yes, unfortunately it requires much mem :( But GOffice should do the job I hope?20:41
DrGrovgordonjcp: I think the P4 runs XP well, has 1GB or 512MB. Not sure anymore, have not checked the inside :)20:41
gordonjcp1GB ought to be enough20:41
tbounetbootin sucks, at least when you use it on OSX and try the USB stick on an PC :(20:41
gordonjcpXubuntu or Lubuntu ought to be okay on it20:41
gordonjcpif you've got 1GB go for Xubuntu, it's far less rage-inducing than Lubuntu20:42
DrGrovgordonjcp: Which is preffered of those two in your opinion? Xubuntu probably?20:42
gordonjcptbo: why on earth would you use unetbootin, when you've got dd?20:42
DrGrovgordonjcp: Just thought that so20:42
DrGrovgordonjcp: Just thought that a minimum requirement is to do decent word processing like MS Word. That is his only requirement, and some occasional mail and browsing.20:43
k1l_DrGrov: xfce is not that lightweight anymore. i would try Lubuntu tbh20:43
gordonjcpDrGrov: that'll be fine then20:43
tbogordonjcp: don't ask good questions20:43
DrGrovk1l_: Lubuntu it is then.20:44
gordonjcptbo: I've never successfully used unetbootin to make a bootable USB stick20:44
DrGrovgordonjcp: Glad to hear. He just needed a switch from Windows since the specs on the machine are a bit old to keep it running at optimal speeds.20:44
DrGrovOne question though, he might have a virus or two on his computer.20:44
tbogordonjcp: I did, but not on OSX20:44
gordonjcpDrGrov: also XP is dying in a few weeks20:44
k1l_easiest way is to dd a *buntu image to a usb stick, imho :)20:45
gordonjcpless to go wrong20:45
DrGrovI thought to get a backup of his documents, check viruses first of course and then just copy from the external drive the stuff "back" to his new.20:45
gordonjcpDrGrov: you can scan for viruses on Linux20:45
rallevondallevanishing, UUID="040632d2-4fcb-3a78-9db1-9ac481becdea /media/OSXBOX hfsplus auto20:45
gordonjcpDrGrov: that's only really more useful on servers20:45
vanishingk1l_: isn't there a create bootable usb stick tool in 13.10 now?20:45
tboI tried Ubuntu on my old eeePC but I think it too much for the old machine, so I will try Lubuntu now20:45
vanishinggui one i think20:45
DrGrovShould I have to recheck everything, documents and such when I get his stuff on Lubuntu then?20:45
gordonjcptbo: 701?20:45
suessi used unetbootin for xubuntu no problem :)20:45
tbogordonjcp: 1000H20:45
gordonjcpDrGrov: no, it'll be fine20:45
k1l_vanishing: there is the usb-creator thing, yes.20:45
gordonjcpDrGrov: you won't need to bother after you get rid of XP ;-)20:46
vanishingyea, why not just use that :)20:46
DrGrovgordonjcp: Okay, then I just copy the stuff over from his old computer and install Lubuntu over and copy back his stuff :)20:46
tbogordonjcp: Ubuntu 13.10 works fine but it is slow I think20:46
vanishingrallevondalle: missing quotes?20:46
gordonjcpDrGrov: got a spare hard disk?20:46
vanishingrallevondalle: actually, you don't need quotes20:46
DrGrovgordonjcp: So there is no threats regarding documents, pictures and such?20:46
rallevondallehow do I reinitialize fstab ?20:47
gordonjcpDrGrov: easiest thing of all, is to stick another drive in, install Ubuntu onto that, and then copy off the XP drive and stick that in a safe place, just in case20:47
DrGrovgordonjcp: Yes, I got a 320GB 2,5" in a USB holder so I can easily transport it and perfect for backup needs like this.20:47
gordonjcphow big is the drive that XP is on?20:47
DrGrovgordonjcp: Probably 60 or 80GB IIRC20:47
tboI'm currently seeding the lubuntu iso image20:47
vanishingrallevondalle: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab20:47
DrGrovgordonjcp: I could of course do it while on live.20:47
hitsujiTMOrallevondalle: more along the lines of:  UUID="040632d2-4fcb-3a78-9db1-9ac481becdea /media/OSXBOX hfsplus defaults 0 020:47
vanishingrallevondalle: i think this will have you20:47
rallevondallevanadis, OFC :)20:47
hitsujiTMOrallevondalle: sorry, more along the lines of:  UUID=040632d2-4fcb-3a78-9db1-9ac481becdea /media/OSXBOX hfsplus defaults 0 020:48
rallevondallehitsujiTMO, thanks, I'll try it20:48
rallevondallehitsujiTMO, what about auto-mounting?20:48
hitsujiTMOrallevondalle: second one. first has a char mistake20:48
=== Thor|Away is now known as Thorium220
vanishingit should automount if you have the entry in fstab i think20:48
hitsujiTMOrallevondalle: what do you mean by auto mounting exactly?20:49
rallevondalleMounting at startup, sorry :)20:49
vanishingrallevondalle: in that page i gave you, it says20:49
hitsujiTMOrallevondalle: anything in fstab should automount by default. (hence the defaults option).20:49
vanishingauto - The filesystem can be mounted automatically (at bootup, or when mount is passed the -a option). This is really unnecessary as this is the default action of mount -a anyway.20:49
DrGrovgordonjcp: I could do it while on the live session before I install? The copying of the drive to the external?20:50
gordonjcpDrGrov: you could20:50
gordonjcpit might go a bit quicker, actually20:50
rallevondallevanishing, mount: warning: /media/OSXBOX seems to be mounted read-only ?20:51
jhutchinsvanishing: Actually, -a mounts all available filesystem whether they're marked "auto" or not.20:51
DrGrovgordonjcp: Okay, downloading Lubuntu now then to see what gives. I wonder though, am I very restricted with Lubuntu when setting it up according to my father's preferences=20:51
vanishingcd to /media and ls -lrt20:51
vanishingthe permission of OSXBOX need to be changed20:51
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hitsujiTMOrallevondalle: to mount hfsplus as rw you need to disable journalling on the file system in osx20:52
vanishingjhutchins: hmm...i see, thanks20:52
rallevondalledrwxrwxr-x 1   99      99   33 Oct  3 16:59 21f868f2-1641-3c85-a797-64861a1de7c720:52
rallevondalledrwxrwxr-x 1  501 dialout   27 Jan  9 03:14 OSXBOX20:52
rallevondalledrwxr-xr-x 2 root root    4096 Jan 10 21:16 BACKUP20:52
swebsudo fc-update -fv ... command not found ubuntu 13.0420:52
swebhow can i reset my font cache ?20:52
rallevondallehitsujiTMO, hmm, so back into OS X, then disable journaling and then back to Ubuntu?20:53
DrGrovgordonjcp: 13.10 is the preferred for Lubuntu or should I grab 12.04 LTS?20:53
hitsujiTMOrallevondalle: yes, the default for hsfplus may still be ro, but you just have to add rw option to the fstab line in that case20:54
gordonjcpDrGrov: I'd go with LTS for this20:54
rallevondalleok, I'll try and then sudo mount -a :)20:54
DrGrovgordonjcp: Great, how about this PAE or mini ISO or what I can choose from?20:54
DrGrovgordonjcp: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Documentation/MinimalInstall20:55
rallevondallehitsujiTMO, so "UUID=040632d2-4fcb-3a78-9db1-9ac481becdea /media/OSXBOX   hfsplus defaults,rw 0 0"20:55
vanishingwithout quotes ^20:55
vanishingalso http://superuser.com/questions/84446/how-to-mount-a-hfs-partition-in-ubuntu-as-read-write20:55
hitsujiTMOrallevondalle: if you want to just try it you can: sudo mount -o remount,rw /media/OSXBOX20:55
happyface___happyface: sup!20:56
hitsujiTMOrallevondalle: but otherwise yes that the correct fstab line to force rw20:56
rallevondalleit mounted now, but as ro - I haven't disabled journaling though, so it's probably that?20:56
hitsujiTMOrallevondalle: yup20:56
m_tadeuhi...I need to make a video using some album photos....which tool you guys recommend?20:57
rallevondallehmm, sudo mount -o remount,rw /media/OSXBOX20:57
rallevondallemount: /media/OSXBOX not mounted or bad option20:57
JoshStroblm_tadeu: Pitivi or OpenShot20:58
DrGrovgordonjcp: Figured it out, sorry for mixing it up with a minimal install.20:58
hitsujiTMOrallevondalle: "rw" might be a bad option since the journal is still in place20:58
rallevondalleOk, I'll reboot, disable journaling and then return :) Thanks guys !20:58
m_tadeuJoshStrobl: will try those...thanx20:59
JoshStroblm_tadeu: No problem =)20:59
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DrGrovgordonjcp: Okay, I am burning it now. Thank you for the kind help. I will do the XP backup on the live Lubuntu session and just install it afterwards. Big thank you :)21:01
rallevondalleokay, journaling disabled. Discs are mounted, but still ro21:08
rallevondalleno errors on mounting21:08
hitsujiTMOrallevondalle: please pastebin output of: mount21:08
hitsujiTMOrallevondalle: or even just: mount | grep OSX21:09
rallevondallehitsujiTMO, how do I get the output of mount?21:09
vanishingsimply type mount in a terminal will do21:09
hitsujiTMOrallevondalle: type mount in the terminal21:09
DrGrovOne minor thing I forgot to ask. My father has a Canon printer with scanning capability. Can that easily be configured in Lubuntu 12.04 ?21:10
rallevondallehitsujiTMO, haha, OFC! /dev/sdb3 on / type ext4 (rw,errors=remount-ro)21:10
rallevondalleproc on /proc type proc (rw,noexec,nosuid,nodev)21:10
rallevondallesysfs on /sys type sysfs (rw,noexec,nosuid,nodev)21:10
rallevondallenone on /sys/fs/fuse/connections type fusectl (rw)21:10
rallevondallenone on /sys/kernel/debug type debugfs (rw)21:10
rallevondallenone on /sys/kernel/security type securityfs (rw)21:10
FloodBot1rallevondalle: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.21:10
vanishingDrGrov: it really depends on which model it is :D21:10
=== Mars is now known as Guest81710
hitsujiTMOrallevondalle: for the full output use paste.ubuntu.com21:10
hitsujiTMOrallevondalle: or just paste the single line pertaining to the OSX mount21:11
DrGrovvanishing: Okay, it is a new model. Can not remember the exact model number.21:11
DrGrovvanishing: It is from 2013.21:11
rallevondalle/dev/sdb2 on /media/OSXBOX type hfsplus (rw)21:11
vanishingmy printer was just supported recently, it is a 1-2 year model i think21:11
vanishingwhen you have a chance, you can check it on cups wiki page21:11
hitsujiTMOrallevondalle: so it is mounted as rw now. so its file permissions that are preventing you from writing.21:12
rallevondallehitsujiTMO, wehoo :)21:12
vanishingls -lrt /media :D21:12
DrGrovI will take that problem once I see if it is a problem or not.21:12
DrGrovThanks though, be back perhaps later :)21:12
vanishingls -lrt /media | grep OSXBOX21:12
hitsujiTMOrallevondalle: you must remember that osx uses the same permission system as linux.21:12
rallevondalledrwxrwxr-x 1   99      99   33 Oct  3 16:59 21f868f2-1641-3c85-a797-64861a1de7c721:12
rallevondalledrwxr-xr-x 2 root root    4096 Jan 10 21:16 BACKUP21:12
rallevondalledrwxrwxr-x 1  501 dialout   25 Jan 10 22:03 OSXBOX21:12
rallevondalledrwxrwxr-x 1   99      99   33 Jan 10 22:04 ebd01dca-8111-3c93-b9f1-0170f74f911c21:12
FloodBot1rallevondalle: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.21:12
vanishingdont paste multiple lines of output in here, use pastebin21:13
vanishingor use the second command I gave you :)21:13
rallevondalleI guess I need to read up on the whole permissions thing :)21:13
rallevondalleah, the grep one. Sure. Sorry !21:13
hitsujiTMOrallevondalle: be careful what you do with the file permissions as changing any permissions will effect OSX too21:13
vanishingis your username dialout?21:14
rallevondallevanishing, nope, it's rasmus21:14
rallevondallehitsujiTMO, hmm, okay. Could I change my user to match the OSX one ?21:14
vanishingI would just unmount it, and mkdir OSXBOX in /media, change folder belong to your userid21:14
vanishingand mount it21:15
rallevondalleI did make the "OSXBOX" folder myself, with "sudo mkdir"21:15
hitsujiTMOrallevondalle: i wouldn't do that either. what is your user id on your osx filesystem?21:15
vanishingdont sudo mkdir21:15
rallevondallehitsujiTMO, not quite sure there21:16
rallevondalleahh, then it's root of course !21:16
hitsujiTMOrallevondalle: pastebin: ls -l /media/OSXBOX/home21:16
ubottugianni: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».21:17
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tboit shouldn't take half an hour to put the lubuntu iso onto an USB stick, right?21:18
=== dziegler_off is now known as dziegler
hitsujiTMOtbo: it does if you've a really crappy usb with a really slow write speed21:18
rallevondallehitsujiTMO, output "total 0" ?21:18
hitsujiTMOrallevondalle: ok then pastebin: ls -l /media/OSXBOX21:18
tbohitsujiTMO: it is a slow USB stick but that slow no idea, I shouldn't have used the crappy one21:19
Pessimisttbo, it's generally faster on linux via the dd command because unetbootin extracts everything first21:19
rallevondallehitsujiTMO, I think I'm getting the hang of it now ;)21:19
hitsujiTMOrallevondalle: ok pastebin: ls -l /media/OSXBOX/Users21:20
tboI aborted: 504774656 bytes transferred in 2107.235979 secs (239543 bytes/sec)21:20
vanishinghitsujiTMO: its actually rasmus@rasstabox:/media/LION21:20
rallevondallehitsujiTMO, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6728887/21:20
hitsujiTMO239k/s is a wee bit slow alright21:20
rallevondalleI am pasting from /media/LION :)21:20
vanishingit is LION or OSXBOX21:21
rallevondalleLION is my system drive, osxbox just a big partition21:21
vanishingi'm a little confused...21:21
hitsujiTMOrallevondalle: 501 appears to be your uid in osx i think.21:21
gischyi installed the zsh shell but it dont act interactive, can you help me?21:22
rallevondalleis that randomly generated when you install the system?21:22
vanishingif you specify the mount point in fstab, and mkdir that directory, make the directory belong to your current userid, you should be able to r/w21:22
rallevondallevanishing, I'm trying to mount the volume OSXBOX, but the OS X installation is on LION. That's why I was pasting output from that Volume instead :)21:23
hitsujiTMOrallevondalle: what files do you want to write to?21:24
vanishingahh I see21:24
vanishingbasically OSXBOX is a seperate partition, not an OSX install21:25
rallevondalleall discs. I'm converting the old OS X system to an Ubuntu NAS. So I need to be able to reach them over LAN :)21:25
rallevondallevanadis, yes, sorry that I didn't mention that :)21:25
rallevondalleI have another disc as well, but assume I can just use the same procedure for that one, once I get OSXBOX or LION up and running :)21:25
=== ganesh is now known as Guest19684
vanishingjust specify the mount points in fstab, such as /media/OSXBOX for OSXBOX21:26
vanishingwhen OSXBOX is not mounted, mkdir /media/OSXBOX with your current userid21:26
vanishingand reboot21:26
rallevondalleok, hang on ! :)21:27
hitsujiTMOvanishing: that wont make a difference. its pulling the permissions from the hfs filesystem21:27
=== dziegler is now known as dziegler_off
rallevondallemkdir: cannot create directory `OSXBOX': Permission denied21:29
rallevondalleAs non-sudo21:29
rallevondallehitsujiTMO, Could I make a new user with the UID=501 ?21:30
vanishingrallevondalle: is OSXBOX mounted?21:30
compdocrallevondalle, it all depends on where you try to make one21:30
hitsujiTMOrallevondalle: you could. you'd have to manually set the home dir, shell, etc21:31
rallevondallehitsujiTMO, is that tuff? This is a brand new install, so I don't need to save anything :)21:33
rallevondalleNickslash_, så er der en dansker i huset ;)21:33
rallevondallevanishing, I unmounted it21:33
k1l_user_: /quit21:34
user_a ok21:34
DF3D2lubuntu channel is totally dead21:35
hitsujiTMOrallevondalle: actually might be easier than it thought. adduser allows specifying the uid. sudo adduser -u 501 <username>                          obviously replace <username> with the username you want21:35
vanishingwhat happens if he create another user with osx userid, and use that?21:35
rallevondallehitsujiTMO, what solution would you recommend ?21:35
rallevondallehitsujiTMO, done :)21:36
vanishingwasn't thinking straight before...lol21:36
rallevondallewill log out/in21:37
rallevondallevanishing, got an early 5 'o clocker there ;)21:37
hikkijpHello guys! Can I talk about the daily builds here?21:39
ralkofA friend of mine is having problm with his Ubuntu, it keeps removing a lot of his installed programs for no apparent reason he says; It recently happened when he tried to run a game executable. What could possibly be wrong?21:39
Left_Turnhow can i add a user to a specific group?21:39
k1l_hikkijp: if its about 14.04 go to #ubuntu+1   if its about the ubuntu-touch ask in #ubuntu-touch21:40
hikkijpk1l_, thank you very much21:40
vanishingLeft_Turn: you can use usermod21:41
Left_Turnoh ok thnx vanishing21:41
tekti am new to ubuntu studio and i am trying to get my second screen to work. i have a macbook air mid 2011. any ideas?21:45
rallevondalleokay, logged into new user via terminal. Don't see it on the user list? Could be because I choose the same real name? It's a different username, of course :)21:46
rallevondalleCan't mkdir on the disc21:46
rallevondalleLION is mounted as ro, tried to remount OSXBOX, but I cannot create /media/OSXBOX without sudo21:48
Left_Turnthis is pretty confusing:       -a, --append21:49
Left_Turn           Add the user to the supplementary group(s). Use only with the -G21:49
Left_Turn           option.21:49
Left_Turnso -a -G together?21:49
vanishingLeft_Turn: sudo usermod -a -G group username21:49
Left_Turnohh.. thanks vanishing .. i never understand man pages:(21:50
rallevondallevanishing, wehoo it worked!21:50
vanishingnp, just have to read a lot :D21:50
vanishingrallevondalle: grats21:50
rallevondalleneed to test with OSXBOX now :)21:50
rallevondallevanishing, problem is, I cannot create the directory OSXBOX without sudo in /media ?21:51
vanishingthats fine, just leave OSXBOX in there21:52
rallevondallevanishing, it's not there. I removed it earlier since it was owned by sudo21:53
=== syst3mw0rm_ is now known as syst3mw0rm
rallevondallevanishing, mkdir with sudo chown to new user with UID=50121:53
rallevondallethat worked ;)21:53
vanishingin /media21:54
vanishingis there is directory with your userid?21:54
rallevondalleit's with the new username "rallevondalle" corresponding to the UID=50121:55
rallevondalleonly problem is, I do not see the new user via the GUI or login ?21:55
rallevondallecan only access it via the terminal21:55
vanishinghow did you create the user?21:55
Andreas13.10 installer can't detect my SATA drive... should I change some things in bios or change sata port, not sure what to do21:55
rallevondalleuseradd I think21:56
rallevondalleyes, "useradd -u 501 rallevondalle"21:56
hitsujiTMOyou mean adduser not useradd?21:57
bugtraq_e ai hackudos? :321:57
rallevondalledude, I don't know haha. hitsu told me to write the command. It's one of those21:57
vanishingrallevondalle: you are using lightdm right? lightdm does not show any user with id < 100021:57
rallevondalleI think it was useradd21:58
rallevondallehow do I know if I'm using lightdm ?21:58
rallevondalleyes, it looks like that hehe21:58
Nickslash_hi peeps21:58
rallevondallevanishing, what the crack? Not below 1000. Hmm?21:59
vanishingyou can workaround that by editing lightdm config to change the minimum range21:59
vanishingbut I would'nt recommend it21:59
rallevondallevanishing, any alternative solutions?22:00
vanishingalso you can try to disable userlist22:00
hitsujiTMOlightdms default minimum uid is 50022:00
vanishingand just type the username when you login, maybe22:00
=== xubuntu is now known as Guest34463
hitsujiTMOrallevondalle: whats the output of: cat /etc/passwd | grep 50122:00
vanishinghitsujiTMO: should be 100022:01
rallevondallerallevondalle:x:501:501:Rasmus Kjærbo,,,29606251:/home/rallevondalle:/bin/bash22:01
hitsujiTMOrallevondalle: ok, you defo used adduser atleast. in the top right corner in the system menu, does that account appear?22:03
rallevondallehitsujiTMO, nope, only my initial user, which is with the same real name "Rasmus Kjærbo"22:03
bugtraq_ai vcs sabem de alguem que sabe hackiar facebook???22:04
rallevondallehitsujiTMO, hehe okay, adduser. Confusing with the two almost similar :)22:04
hitsujiTMOrallevondalle: adduser is a wrapper for useradd :P22:04
=== dewwii is now known as deww
tboyeah, Lubuntu is much nicer on the eeePC 1000H22:05
rallevondallehitsujiTMO, sweet, makes sense with the shell-questions it asked :)22:06
hitsujiTMOrallevondalle: if you want you can always: sudo su - rallevondalle22:07
rallevondalleyeah, I did that22:07
rallevondallebut I would like to be able to use the GUI with the drives, if possible :)22:08
vanishingrallevondalle: I haven't tried this, but it "might" work22:09
vanishingsudo vim /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf22:09
updateHi I have been having intermittent issues with connecting to conical update servers... it this on your end or my isp??? I have had internet connectivity the entire time.22:10
vanishingafter that, fire up lightdm, and type in your username to login22:10
rallevondallevanishing, try to relog brb22:10
fpghost84Can anyone tell me if I can safely exclude `/mnt` from my system backup?( I would of thought so, but I'm somewhat confused by the boot-save and BootInfo directories in there)22:10
hitsujiTMOupdate: what server exactly?22:10
rallevondallevanishing, crud, didn't work22:12
rallevondallestill had the usernames listed22:12
hitsujiTMOfpghost84: usually yes, but you may want to preserve the mount points within /mnt ... what are you using to backup?22:12
fpghost84hitsujiTMO: using duplicity to back up. How do I get it to preserve these mount points?22:13
fpghost84hitsujiTMO: also would you happen to know what these mount points are, why are they in /mnt anyway?22:13
zeproxirssi ultranewb here, trying to get adv_windowlist to work. result: AWL: Run adv_windowlist from the shell or switch to sbar mode. how can I get it to work?22:14
hitsujiTMOfpghost84: unfortunately i'm not familiar with duplicity. it may have some option like --one-file-system what will allow you to add any folder, but not include other filesystems with that folder.    any mountpoint in /mnt would be set by you. its the folder where you add permanent mounts for other drives.22:16
fpghost84hitsujiTMO: currently the method I use to backup `/` is  -"-exclude- globbing-filelist" to simply exclude dir like /proc and /dev and so forth, but it means it does not retain even the empty directories like /proc, I have to mkdir them back after the restore....22:17
fpghost84hitsujiTMO: I definitely have not added the boot-save or BootInfo mnt points in /mnt, strange, I think it must be a system thing22:18
hitsujiTMOfpghost84: try --exclude-other-filesystems instead22:19
rallevondallevanishing, okay, no go unfortunately22:20
rallevondalleI can live with this though :)22:20
fpghost84hitsujiTMO: I had looked into that, but I believe it also does not include the other filesystem empty directories themselves like /proc , at least according to: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/duplicity/+bug/77505922:20
ubottuUbuntu bug 775059 in duplicity (Ubuntu) "duplicity --exclude-other-filesystems does not record mountpoints" [Undecided,New]22:20
rallevondallenext challenge - change the name of one of the OSX discs :)22:20
rallevondallevanishing, I get the error "Sorry, could not rename "21f868f2-1641-3c85-a797-64861a1de7c7" to "ELEMENTS": Error renaming file: Device or resource busy"22:21
vanishingrallevondalle: user list is still there?22:21
hitsujiTMOfpghost84: ahh, i see, its ignoring the mountpoints too22:21
fpghost84hitsujiTMO: is there not a simpler way, naievely, something like --exclude /proc/* to only exclude stuff inside, but maintain directory structure...22:22
loahow i can reload tray icons in ubuntu?22:22
loai have there icon of crashed application22:22
rallevondallevanishing, yes22:22
vanishingrallevondalle: did you restart lightdm service?22:22
rallevondalletried to change the auto-login to "rallevondalle", the new user. Which did open up a new user. But it didn't seem to work as it should?22:22
rallevondallevanishing, restarted my computer22:23
hitsujiTMOfpghost84: not seeing anything in the man that you haven't already tried22:23
fpghost84hitsujiTMO: could this kind of exclusion be done with plain old tar? (without using one file system that is)...I thought it might be just some kind of globbing command I was unware of perhaps...not sure...Then maybe it would also work for duplicitiy22:25
vanishingrallevondalle: can you pastebin both /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf and /etc/fstab22:25
rallevondallevanishing, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6729227/22:26
hitsujiTMOfpghost84: tar has the --one-file-system option22:26
fpghost84hitsujiTMO: yeah, I know it can be done that way, but surely there is a way to manually exclude directory contents, but not directory itself. Again, very naively I would have guessed something like "--exclude /dir/*"22:27
hitsujiTMOfpghost84: tar also has a number of exclude options, including --exclude=PATTERN22:27
RandomStrayCatCan someone help with partition tables?22:27
fpghost84hitsujiTMO: Ah, some maybe PATTERN is the key here22:27
hitsujiTMOfpghost84: have a look at: tar --help | grep exclude22:28
=== MomoNasty is now known as Momo|Off
vanishingrallevondalle: there is no greeter-hide-users=true in /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf22:30
rallevondallevanishing, ash22:30
vanishingto rename the partition with uuid starting with e02...22:31
vanishingjust add a mount point in that line :D22:31
rallevondallevanishing, okay, hang on :)22:31
vanishingto restart lightdm22:31
vanishingsudo service lightdm restart22:31
fartfaceSo I've got a single account on Ubuntu 12.04.03, administrator, and I've just changed the password using "passwd" in terminal.  Now, whenever I try to enter a sudo command, it says my password is incorrect, whether I use the new, or the old password.  Any ideas?22:32
hitsujiTMO!details | RandomStrayCat22:32
ubottuRandomStrayCat: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."22:32
RandomStrayCatSo, I've been trying to 'dd' a freebsd .img stick for two days: here is what I got... sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdb bs=1M  .....(md5sum if good) ........ sudo dd if=FreeBSD-10.0-RELEASE-i386-memstick.img of=/dev/sdb bs=64k conv=sync .... (boots fine with a xubuntu usb) .... (invalid partition table for the freebsd usb though???)22:33
RandomStrayCatI've tried freebsd 9.2 and 10.0 memstick.img22:34
wolfzrathey anyone know the release date for ubuntu tv22:34
rallevondallevanishing, mount: according to mtab, /dev/sdc1 is mounted on /media/21f868f2-1641-3c85-a797-64861a1de7c722:35
k1l_wolfzrat: no release date so far22:36
hitsujiTMORandomStrayCat: sudo dd if=FreeBSD-10.0-RELEASE-i386-memstick.img of=/dev/sdb on its own should work. if not then its an issue with the free bsd image itself22:36
wolfzratok, another question, ive seen that ubuntu can be run on a tablet, any idea how to do this, i saw it on ubuntu's website22:37
hitsujiTMO!touch | wolfzrat22:37
ubottuwolfzrat: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch22:37
wolfzratand i can install it on any tablet?22:39
k1l_wolfzrat: nope22:39
wolfzrati have a samsung22:39
vanishingrallevondalle: ok, add this uuid entry to fstab, similar to the others, give it a mount point like /media/WOW22:39
k1l_wolfzrat: #ubuntu-touch  or #ubuntu-arm are the right channels for that issue22:40
RandomStrayCathitsuji: I know, that is the problem :/   Maybe, i'll run a vm of free bsd and try 'dd' -- even though in theory that shouldn't make a difference. Before I do that though, is there a way to tell if FreeBSD setup the partition table is invalid (it is an older machine).22:40
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fpghost84hitsujiTMO: I think I worked this out --exclude '/proc/**' does the desired thing, namely keeps proc but not the rubbish inside22:41
wolfzratk1l_, thanks22:42
DrGrovHello hello again22:42
DrGrovI am now sitting at my father's place. The issue is that I can not boot from the DVD drive. I have a USB stick though which I thought I would put Lubuntu 12.04 on. Can I do that in Windows XP easily?22:43
hitsujiTMOfpghost84: cool. now repeat for /dev and /sys :P22:43
RandomStrayCatDrGov: http://www.pendrivelinux.com/universal-usb-installer-easy-as-1-2-3/22:43
hitsujiTMODrGrov: use linux live usb22:44
DrGrovhitsujiTMO: I have no Linux live usb at hand. Or how do you mean?22:44
fpghost84hitsujiTMO: yup :). Still confused about the boot-sav and BootInfo in /mnt though, they are definitely not my own mount points, yet each contains empty directories my the sbd1,2,3...partitions to be mounted into....Googling did not shed any light either...hmm22:44
hitsujiTMODrGrov: http://www.linuxliveusb.com/22:45
hitsujiTMODrGrov: that tool will turn put a live iso onto a usb22:45
hitsujiTMOfpghost84: maybe an app you've installed.22:45
olf-folksi like unetbootin for doing that22:45
DrGrovhitsujiTMO: Great, that is exactly that I want :)22:46
DrGrovhitsujiTMO: I thought it would be easy as 1-2-3 but apparently not with the DVD not co-operating :/22:47
davidfourfourHey everybody.22:47
Vundagde je dodjoh u pm22:47
DrGrovhitsujiTMO: So I can just get the Lubuntu 12.04 as I did before and md5sum that and burn?22:47
Vundazna li ko gde sma ja?22:47
Vundanema pojma niko22:47
fpghost84hitsujiTMO: the only thing I can possibly guess at the moment, is if the Ubuntu boot repair (for uefi issues) had something to do with it, but that is a pure guess22:47
chemist^Vunda, znam ja22:48
chemist^u srbiji ;)22:48
Vundada je Srbija pa hajde22:49
Vundanego nije :)22:49
Vundao cemu se ovde radi22:49
k1l_chemist^: Vunda please stick to english in here22:49
Vundasta je ovde tema?22:49
chemist^Vunda we need to speak english here on public :)22:49
davidfourfourHi everybody. I just installed Ubuntu 13.1 two days ago.22:49
DrGrovhitsujiTMO: Do I need to get the Lubuntu 12.04 ISO myself or can I get it within the Linux Live USB program?22:49
VundaI assumed.22:50
hitsujiTMODrGrov: i always grab the iso separately myself. that way i can try a different tool if that doesnt work22:50
mojtabaHi, I want to mix these mp3 files based on their first three numbers. meaning 001* are all should be combined. Do you know how should I do this, if I would like to use cat? http://paste.ubuntu.com/6729335/22:50
gordonjcpmojtaba: mix how, exactly?22:52
Viking667yeesh. Starting up Minecraft in fullscreen mode toasts the video. strange...22:52
RandomStrayCatMotjaba: I am not sure if this would work but... file1 >> file2>>file3 ... make back ups first22:53
mojtabagordonjcp: e.g. first file is 1min, the second file starts from 1.01...22:53
DrGrovhitsujiTMO: Okay, I will grab it then .Can I somehow check the md5sum just to be sure+22:53
mojtabagordonjcp: I do not want to have overlap nor missing some parts of them.22:53
gordonjcpmojtaba: you could try catting them together22:54
mojtabagordonjcp: I am not sure how should I implement cat exactly.22:54
mojtabagordonjcp: I am very interested to use a for loop.22:54
hitsujiTMO!md5 | DrGrov22:54
ubottuDrGrov: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows22:54
DrGrovhitsujiTMO: Thank you :) I just told my father that it is time to change the computer sooner rather than later. This is a real pain to mess around with Windows XP :D22:56
mojtabagordonjcp: Do you know how can I use for loop?22:59
gordonjcpmojtaba: not offhand, probably something like "for i in *.mp3; do cat $i >> out.mp3; done;22:59
mojtabagordonjcp: The problem is that, they must be combined based on their first three digits.23:00
mojtabagordonjcp: Do you know how can I use regexp?23:01
DrGrovI wonder though, could it be that the system is restricting the DVD drive to work? It seems to read the DVD, but nothing happens. Can that work in Lubuntu still somehow but not in XP?23:01
RandomStrayCatDrGov: How are you looking to loop. I know on the last three digits? But will it be like23:02
RandomStrayCat001, 002 ,00323:02
RandomStrayCatthen 004, 005 006?23:03
DrGrovRandomStrayCat: How do you mean?23:03
RandomStrayCatWhen you are looping the function, will the first round be files 001 002 003, the second round files 004 005 006?23:04
DrGrovRandomStrayCat: It is strange that the DVD drive is not working at all in XP, just tells me to insert the DVD in drive. Can that somehow be rectified in Lubuntu and it just will work?23:04
bekksDrGrov: No. Ubuntu will not magically heal your hardware.23:04
RandomStrayCatDrGove: ^agreed, check to make sure it is on master on not slave :3.23:05
DrGrovbekks: Ah, I thought so. What might be an issue? It looks like it is reading from the DVD but just stops. Broken DVD?23:05
bekksDrGrov: BRoken dvd or broken drive.23:05
RandomStrayCatmaster/slave isn't the problem then23:05
DrGrovbekks: The DVD is not broken, just burned it 25 minutes ago on my own Ubuntu 13.10 64-bit.23:05
bekksDrGrov: That doesnt mean the DVD cannot be broken.23:06
DrGrovbekks: You mean the medium itself or the drive?23:06
bekksDrGrov: I said that either the dvd or the drive is broken.23:06
DrGrovbekks: Yes, I follow.23:06
DrGrovbekks: I might have to do some tweaking in BIOS to make sure, not too fancy to do it in the middle now but :)23:06
bekksDrGrov: BIOS has nothing to do with it.23:07
DrGrovbekks: Sorry, I do follow but feeling extremely tired. Ok, no BIOS. So I gotta open the case and check then it seems.23:07
bekksDrGrov: If you open the case of the drive you will break it. For sure.23:07
chemist^Finally it's that time of the day, when i can smoke me a fat one ;))23:07
DrGrovbekks: I mean opening the case of the computer, not the DVD drive.23:08
YamakasY_yo, anyone around with a local mirror for 12.04 ?23:08
darkelfjuggaloDoes anyone know of a Way to upgrade Flash in ubuntu beyond 11.2? Or an alternative measure to play Flash Content that requires this updated Flash? I am finding more and more of my internet Content is inaccessible due to the Flash being outdated.23:08
qinDrGrov: Since I am just spiling coffee rading it, do you think that testing burned DVD on 100% operational drive sounds logical?23:08
DrGrovBut as long as I get Lubuntu installed via USB it is good. My father is not using any optical drives. Just word processing, mail and browsing. He is a simple man with simple needs :)23:08
bekksDrGrov: Opening your computer will not help you determining the wether the dvd or the drive is broken.23:09
gordonjcpDrGrov: did you get it installed?23:09
DrGrovgordonjcp: I have to re-download the Lubuntu 12.04 ISO since the DVD is not working at all.23:09
gordonjcpDrGrov: why redownload?23:09
bekksDrGrov: Just burn the ISO again, at a lower speed.23:10
DrGrovqin: Yes, it does. I am a retard, got too carried away. It is damn 1:10 AM here.23:10
qincoffee is gone now ;(23:10
gordonjcpDrGrov: can't the P4 USB boot?23:10
DrGrovgordonjcp: It sure can boot from USB :)23:10
gordonjcpDrGrov: do that then, CDs are crap23:10
DrGrovgordonjcp: I will, my father has simple needs :)23:10
gordonjcpDrGrov: handy hint - unlike Windows, Linux does not give the tiniest amount of a damn if you pop the hard disk out, install on another machine, and then swap it back23:11
=== whitenite is now known as zz_whitenite
DrGrovgordonjcp: Sorry, not following you. I am extremely tired and frustrated at this. I have been used to get things working instantly, never thought about specs before :(23:12
qin!cookie | gordonjcp23:12
ubottugordonjcp: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!23:12
gordonjcpDrGrov: if you can't get your P4 machine to read the drive *at all*, either DVD or USB23:13
DrGrovgordonjcp: Yes, now when reading it the third time I follow :)23:13
gordonjcpDrGrov: you can just take its hard disk out, put it in something that *does* boot off USB, install Ubuntu, and then swap the drives back23:13
gordonjcpDrGrov: get to bed23:13
DrGrovgordonjcp: I blame everything on me being extremely tired.23:13
DrGrovgordonjcp: No, can not do that. I tend to finish this insane task first :)23:13
DrGrovgordonjcp: Mind if I PM a delicate explanation?23:14
mojtabaI want to use cat to concatenate pretty large number of files, based on their first 3 letters of the file. Does anybody how can I do that? http://paste.ubuntu.com/672933523:14
gordonjcpDrGrov: sleepyness leads to lapses of judgement, lapses of judgement lead to mistakes, mistakes lead to "HOLY ---- I WISH I WAS STILL SLEEPY"23:14
waterlubberJust finished my ubuntu housekeeping...install complete after 3 days of work...23:17
RandomStrayCatwaterlubber: congrats!23:18
=== dziegler_off is now known as dziegler
waterlubberThanks! You know, I have another comp that has no backlight...its an Emachines e527, but I really don't care that much since I fixed this old beast23:19
waterlubberIt kept overheating...there was like half an inch of dust on the heat sinks...:/23:19
waterlubberThat was a facepalm moment, this thing was unused for like 3 years because of its heat problems...23:20
waterlubberOkay anyone want/need help?23:20
administrator_hello everyone23:20
waterlubberHello* XD23:21
bekks!ask | waterlubber23:21
ubottuwaterlubber: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience23:21
waterlubberHow do I change the color of the launcher thing on the left? It goes to this weird brown color like my BG23:22
waterlubberI set the color in the background settings to aqua, but it doesn't change the color of the bar23:23
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/23:23
RandomStrayCatWhat version are you using?23:23
waterlubberLet me check...23:23
waterlubber12.04 LTS23:24
waterlubberLatest, right? I think I installed all the updates too...l23:24
loahow i can setup notification area of ubuntu?23:26
TheEmpathhi.  I'm trying to SSH to github, and I'm using the verbose flag, I have two keys, but SSH is only using one.  Am I missing a configuration option?23:26
loai don't like agregation for message applications.23:26
waterlubberYeah I have the same prob loa23:26
waterlubberOh rightclick-> customize23:27
RandomStrayCatUbuntu 12.10 is the latest btw23:27
loawaterlubber, rightclick where23:27
waterlubberOh nvm was clicking on thunderbird sorry!23:27
RandomStrayCatNot sure, if it is like 13.10, it is automatic and based off of your wall paper. But, ill look23:28
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waterlubberhmm random it seems to look a lot like my wallpaper...I might have installed the update package for that bug/feature/thing23:28
mojtabaI want to use cat to concatenate pretty large number of files, based on their first 3 letters of the file. Does anybody how can I do that? http://paste.ubuntu.com/672933523:29
waterlubberReally quite odd, loa...seems like a bug.23:29
waterlubbermoj try making a script in Python or another language, linux first. Thats more of a programming question...anyone, Python and Linux are quick to learn23:30
waterlubberWhat changes your color of your username23:30
waterlubberMy  key is broken23:31
waterlubberlol the letter after u23:31
marrrk_Hello! I would like to know where to put an environment variable in a script.23:31
gordonjcpwaterlubber: i ?23:31
marrrk_sudo echoing and then >> it into the file gives permission denied.23:32
waterlubberXD not a user interface...the alpha bet...not qwerty...howeer, on Qwerty it would be after c and before b23:32
gordonjcpmarrrk_: yup23:32
gordonjcpmarrrk_: "sudo" pertains to the echo, not the redirection23:32
marrrk_So what sudo su and then exit again?23:33
waterlubbermarrrk_: maybe it could be accessing protect/open files?23:33
gordonjcpyou could23:33
k1l_marrrk_: you need to give the sudo to the write command: echo  .... | sudo tee23:33
gordonjcpor better, "echo thing | sudo tee -a file"23:33
waterlubberHow do you get color names? like k1l_  is purple...23:33
marrrk_man tee is just one letter away from a manatee23:33
gordonjcpmarrrk_: tee -a appends23:33
gordonjcpwaterlubber: press tab23:33
gordonjcpmarrrk_: well, there you go23:34
waterlubberDoesn't that auto finish names?23:34
gordonjcpmarrrk_: you *know* it's good23:34
sakter12what exactly does changing GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT=""   do?  as in getting rid of the quiet splash23:34
hitsujiTMOwaterlubber: thats your client23:34
gordonjcpmarrrk_: 'cos manatees are *awesome*23:34
pancakes09hi ubuntuuuuuu23:34
waterlubberOh its a client setting? It seems to me to be my Ubuntu color in the desktop settings23:34
waterlubberUbuntu says hi to pancakes0923:34
waterlubberUbuntu likes pancakes0923:35
hitsujiTMOsakter12: you get to see dmesg as the system boots up23:35
marrrk_Ah so that means that tee -a does the same (job, in this case,) as >> but I can supply it with a sudo?23:35
mojtabaI want to use cat to concatenate pretty large number of files, based on their first 3 letters of the file. Does anybody how can I do that? http://paste.ubuntu.com/672933523:35
sakter12hitsujiTMO, right just making sure thanks.23:35
sakter12how can i tell if i have grub2 or not?  :<23:35
hitsujiTMOsakter12: also make sure to run update-grub so it actually applies that setting23:35
hitsujiTMOsakter12: dpkg --get-selections | grep grub-pc23:36
hitsujiTMOsakter12: grub-pc is grub 223:36
hitsujiTMOsakter12: or: if you're booting with uefi you have grub 2 aswell. its a different package:  dpkg --get-selections | grep grub-efi-amd6423:38
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sakter12hitsujiTMO, it showed grub-pc , grub-pc-bin  intall, so grub2 right?  is there a difference between 'sudo update-grub' and update-grub2?23:38
hitsujiTMOsakter12: no difference. one should be a symlink to the other23:38
sakter12hitsujiTMO, ok thank you very much23:39
hitsujiTMOsakter12: yup you have grub223:39
phpdiphey :)23:40
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pphpssomeone here to help me fixing some simple array curl problem in php ? would be thankful23:42
hitsujiTMOpphps: ##php would be a better channel for that23:44
pphpsokay will give it a try thanks :)23:44
pphps#php is invite only.23:44
k1l_pphps: mind the double # in ##php23:45
sakter12when you shutdown via the gui, like click the top right and click "Shut down" and it prompts for restart or shutdown in Ubuntu, what command exactly is running there?23:47
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EaglemanAny idea why Apcupsd is not calling the doshutdown script i placed in /etc/apcupsd directory?23:47
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sakter12"sudo Shutdown -h now" ? or something?23:48
RandomStrayCatsakter12: type this in man shutdown23:49
RandomStrayCatit will give you a lot of info23:49
RandomStrayCatsakter12: shutdown -P23:50
sakter12nice, good ol' man pages23:51
sakter12RandomStrayCat,  thanks23:51
brahdudeHey guys, I installed ubuntu but my fans keep spinning loudly. I tried to instsall the proprietary ATI software but keep walking into problems and just fucking it up. How can I control my fans?23:52
RandomStrayCatbrahdude: which fans?23:53
brahdudethe laptop fan itself I think23:53
RandomStrayCatbrahdude: that link might help23:54
panchonesesito ayuda con budhi23:55
brahdudethanks RandomStrayCat , I actually tried it and got stuck at  sudo /etc/init.d/module-init-tools restart , command not found23:55
milapurrHey what's the sudo command to move a folder from one place to another?23:55
k1l_pancho: budhi is not supported in here. ask the budhi support please23:55
RandomStrayCatmv /start /end23:55
qinmilapurr: man mv23:56
panchosi es que en el soporte de budhi no me quieren ayudar23:56
panchoalegando que solo en español23:56
k1l_pancho: then dont use budhi? :/23:56
brahdudenvm RandomStrayCat being blind lol23:56
Dinosauriopancho: use English23:57
panchobudhi is the best sistem in the word23:57
RandomStrayCatbrahdude: haha k :)23:57
Dinosauriopancho: what word?23:57
panchoubuntu is god but budhi is beter23:57
k1l_pancho: then go to the support of that system. bye23:57
RandomStrayCatbrahdude: if that doesn't do it your laptop fan may be going bad :s23:58
milapurrit wont let me stating no such file/directory.23:58
panchoall chague of budhi23:58
panchoplease bye thaks23:58
milapurrI wanna move it off home to /usr/lib23:58
pancakes09milapurr: sudo mv -p yourdirectory /usr/lib/23:58
qinmilapurr: what do you want to move to /usr/lib/ ?23:59
pancakes09milapurr: mv -p Java-7-oracle /usr/lib/23:59
EaglemanAny idea why Apcupsd is not calling the doshutdown script i placed in /etc/apcupsd directory?23:59
brahdudeRandomStrayCat, ant find any fans. + Not sure, works perfect in Windows.23:59
pancakes09Eagleman: check file permissions23:59

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