ochosihey Noskcaj 00:30
Noskcajhey ochosi 00:30
ochosijust went through the notes and saw that powerman fixes are now in debian00:31
ochosi(meeting-notes i meant)00:31
ochosidoes that mean all three fixes from suse?00:31
Unit193http://anonscm.debian.org/viewvc/pkg-xfce/desktop/branches/experimental/xfce4-power-manager/debian/changelog?view=markup nothing actually in Debian yet.00:34
ochosiwell i'm optimistic that we'll get those fixes upstream00:38
ochosibut i'm not sure whether upstream will get a powerman-release in time for 14.0400:38
bluesabreochosi, slickymaster, jjfrv8: (assuming I got your name pings right)... I'll be migrating my server to a new host this weekend, so there will probably be some downtime for my dokuwiki00:38
ochosibluesabre: as long as you back everything up nicely, that's fine i guess ;)00:39
bluesabrethat's the plan anyway :)00:39
ochosigood plan00:39
ochosidon't forget to back up the screenshots as well00:39
slickymasterlet us know the new host afterwards00:39
ochosislickymaster: i presume the domain will remain the same00:40
bluesabreI'm keeping my domain, so when it comes back up everything should be the same00:40
ochosior do you wanna know the IP of the site?00:40
slickymasterno, I assume that the domain would change, also00:41
Noskcajochosi, You might want to check what fixes are there, you should probably talk to corsac about it. http://anonscm.debian.org/viewvc/pkg-xfce/desktop/branches/experimental/xfce4-power-manager/00:56
bluesabreali1234: thanks for the memory leak fix02:30
slickymastermorning all09:39
slickymasterhi elfy. Good morning10:04
elfygood morning to you too :)10:04
lderangood morning :)10:14
elfyhi lderan 10:14
lderanoh elfy, i will be able to do a fair bit more work for you over the coming weeks \o/10:22
elfywell - it's not actually for me :p10:23
elfybut that's good :)10:23
elfyunless you've not got a job atm ...10:23
lderanwell for the cause :P10:23
lderanbeing turned into part time10:24
elfygetting somewhere with autopilot will be awesome 10:24
elfyoh that's rubbish :(10:24
elfylderan: if you see something on the blueprint that has the wrong staus - change it :)11:21
lderanelfy: will do11:21
elfythat's all that task is :)11:22
lderanokay :)11:23
elfylderan: also of course - if you want to do any of the tasks - just make sure to assign yourself so everyone knows 11:26
elfyeven if I've got them assigned to me :)11:26
lderan:) will do11:37
pmjdebruijnoh btw12:15
pmjdebruijnI asked about gnome-keyring a while back, as I wanted to disable the gpg part of gnome-keyring12:15
pmjdebruijnwith a digging I see gnome-keyring is started by xfce4-session, which is disablable via preferences12:16
pmjdebruijnafter which I enabled gnome's own gnome-keyring-secrets.desktop file12:16
pmjdebruijnnow my gpg smartcard works nicely again :)12:16
ochosipmjdebruijn: cool, good to hear :)12:19
ochosidoes that mean you can spend the free time you gained from that just now to write that simplistic screen-gamma tool? ;)12:20
pmjdebruijnhaha unlikely12:22
pmjdebruijnI will do a writeup about that though12:23
pmjdebruijnfor other users to reference @gnome-keyring12:23
ochosipmjdebruijn: sounds good, was mostly kidding ;)12:53
pmjdebruijnochosi: guessed as much, thus the "haha" :)13:04
ochosiwell for the unlikely case that you would have had time for that, it'd have been a nice suprise13:05
ochosiif you know someone else who'd be interested to write that, lemme know13:05
ochosibtw, the official submission period for xubuntu wallpapers ends on the 13th13:06
ochosixnox: can13:07
ochosixnox: can't remember for sure whether i asked you about this already, but this merge/upload would be really important for xubuntu (currently trusty live-sessions don't work because of this): https://code.launchpad.net/~unit193/xubuntu-default-settings/session-fix/+merge/19817713:08
jjfrv8knome, I added your "what's new" recommendations to the whiteboard14:48
* slickymaster damns is internet connection15:55
eric_the_idiotslickymaster, the xfdesktop usage docs look good! Thanks for working on it17:54
slickymasterno problem eric_the_idiot. I've enjoyed working on it17:55
slickymasteris there anything else you'd like to be addressed?17:55
eric_the_idiotit looks like you covered it all17:56
slickymastergreat, glad to ear it, eric_the_idiot 17:59
slickymasterochosi: ^^^ looks like it's done, besides the multi monitor part that you said you'd do it18:00
slickymasterelfy or knome, any of you around18:14
slickymasterapparently something went wrong with bug 1262583 18:16
ubottubug 1262583 in Ubuntu Manual Tests "1599_Orage test has to be reviewed and corrected" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/126258318:16
slickymasterthe tracker is still showing "Display setting" instead of "Calendar window"18:16
slickymasterand I think it was some mixed up thing I've made with my MP, so I'll reopen the bug to correct it and later propose a new MP18:17
slickymasterwhat do you think?18:17
elfythe branch is all correct is it?18:18
elfythe main branch that is18:18
slickymasterno, the test in the branch is oddly wrong18:18
slickymasterI think, let me check18:18
elfyI'm in and out of the room at the moment18:19
slickymasterelfy: the main branch is correct18:19
slickymasterdid you update the branch when you merge my MP?18:20
slickymasterupdate the tracker^^18:20
elfythought I did - perhaps I didn't18:22
slickymasterelfy: yeah, the tracker is updated and showing the correct test18:22
elfyI'll be looking over the xubuntu application testcases this weekend before I do a call for those to be tested next week18:24
brainwasheric_the_idiot: hey, were you able to reproduce the xfdesktop 4.11 theme issue (race condition after login) or find some explanation for this scenario? if no, should I try to debug it somehow?18:25
slickymasterelfy: the numbers of tests seem to raise a bit18:25
elfyreported do you mean?18:27
elfyyep - call did make some difference :)18:27
elfythey might be getting the message now all the people in -testers get spammed by me too :p18:28
elfybiab - just doing a tortilla :p18:28
slickymasterjjfrv8: has done quite a few18:28
slickymasterI'm off ->18:32
jarnosbrainwash, is that VIRTUAL1 display visible in xrandr output somehow connected to light-locker?19:43
brainwashjarnos: why would you think so?19:47
jarnosbrainwash, well you told it uses another VT or something..19:48
brainwashI assume it's related to a multi monitor setup19:48
brainwashvirtual1 like in virtual screen19:48
jarnosbrainwash, but I have not seen it before even if I have haf multi monitor setup.19:48
brainwashyou were able to switch to another vt before you have installed light-locker19:49
brainwashlight-locker is just a daemon to trigger lightdm actions19:50
brainwashwell, try #xorg19:52
brainwashjarnos: were you able to resolve the screen blanking issue?19:55
jarnosbrainwash, I was inspecting it19:56
brainwashjarnos: but you haven't created a bug report yet, or?20:00
jarnosbrainwash, yes20:00
brainwashmight be related to your graphics card + driver20:01
brainwashso a report could help to keep track of this problem and resolve it sooner20:02
elfysergio-br2: by the way - bug 1267742 20:03
ubottubug 1267742 in xserver-xorg-video-nouveau (Ubuntu) "Screen artifacts appear after restart and cold boot" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/126774220:03
brainwash^ that's a security issue?20:04
brainwashoh, I should have read the comments first20:05
sergio-br2elfy, i got this with kernel 3.1320:05
sergio-br2but it seems it is less than with 3.12. Dunno20:05
elfysergio-br2: yes - same with both here20:05
elfybrainwash: yep - security as far as I'm concerned - and probably those people who's details on the forum I have complete access too 20:06
sergio-br2it's funny to see Windows things in xubuntu login screen20:07
brainwashstrange, how does the previous screen content survive a restart.. :D20:07
sergio-br2so it's a security issue :D20:07
brainwashmmh, the package maintainer might complain about the lack of log files20:09
jarnosbrainwash, have you tried the greeter in multi monitor setup?20:11
brainwashare other greeters or gdm affected too?20:11
brainwashjarnos: no20:11
elfysergio-br2: it is if I have someone's forum control panel open and am looking at their e-mail/infraction record and I happen to restart and then wander off - the login screen is left with all that information sitting there20:12
sergio-br2or if you was accessing your bank...20:13
brainwashso it's clearly related to kernel 3.13?20:14
sergio-br2not exactly20:14
elfybrainwash: no - I got it with the previous as well 20:14
sergio-br2yeah, here too20:14
brainwashduring the whole trusty dev cycle?20:15
elfybrainwash: "mmh, the package maintainer" you talking about me there? 20:15
elfyyep - whole cycle - I think that bluesabre has some idea of a hack to deal with it - but not seen him since20:15
brainwashpackage maintainer is the "Ubuntu X-SWAT" team20:16
elfyare you talking about my bug?20:17
brainwashwould be interesting to know, if it only happens with lightdm-gtk-greeter20:17
elfyI'll probably get that penalvach telling me to go sort stuff out with gedit etc20:17
brainwashsee https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-nouveau20:17
elfyhe'll get a short sharp shock 20:17
brainwashthis name looks familiar20:17
elfyprobably becasue I was complaining about it the other evening ;)20:18
brainwashmaybe this too20:18
ubottuUbuntu bug 1098334 in xf86-video-intel "[gen4 sna] Font corruption" [Medium,In progress]20:18
brainwashis he the new sheriff in launchpad town?20:19
elfyno idea 20:21
elfyfunny thing is - once I'm booted I get no issues with either nouveau or nvidia - it is just restarts and boot20:22
elfycome to think of it - I got a similar thing when we were looking at the xmir thing20:23
elfyso current state of play here is - use nouveau and get this issue or install nvidia and have to fiddle about to get the machine to boot properly20:23
ubottuUbuntu bug 1267442 in nvidia-graphics-drivers-331 (Ubuntu) "Install nvidia-331 on Xubuntu results in unbootable machine" [Undecided,Confirmed]20:24
brainwashyou didn't test any other login greeter yet, right?20:24
elfybeing the other bug I reported 20:24
brainwashyou could test it with unity-greeter, but make sure that you don't install any of the recommended packages20:25
brainwashotherwise it will pull a dozen of extra packages20:26
elfycommand to set the greeter option ? can't remember it of the top of my head20:27
elfyor edit lightdm conf 20:30
elfynothing amiss that time - I'll run with it for a day or so - or until it happens20:33
elfybrainwash: ^^20:33
brainwashok :)20:34
elfyso - at least if we know it's not every greeter we have half a chance with it 20:35
knomejjfrv8, you around?20:41
knomeelfy, you around?20:46
elfywhat's up?20:48
knomeelfy, can you confirm if you still have the bug in the staging website?20:48
knomewhether we use the navigation buttons, i'd like to fix that bug if possible20:48
knomeelfy, can you also confirm me which version of firefox you are using20:49
elfyknome: ff 26 - which bug do you mean? 20:49
knomethe one with the misplaced nav buttons for the slider20:50
knomeactually, the slider itself looked like it was misplaced...20:50
elfyyep - they aren't lining up if that's what you mean20:50
knomehmm, right.20:51
knomelet me poke at it and get back to you soonish20:51
knomei'm actually somewhat sure what it is...20:51
elfyok - I'm about for a while tonight - had a sleep about a couple of hours ago lol20:51
knomeok, i'll try to be quick ;)20:52
elfyno rush :)20:52
elfyI still wonder if we really need them though20:52
knomeno, but i want to fix it20:52
knomeif we later decide we want them20:52
elfyyep - understand :)20:52
knomeis it fixed now?20:53
knome(boo for not being able to reproduce)20:53
elfynope 20:53
elfyhangon - I'll -safe-mode f/fox20:53
knomei wonder if you are forcing the use of some fonts20:53
knomebecause i'm thinking that might be the culprit20:54
knomeor some font sizes...20:55
elfyok - looks right in chromium20:55
knomeit's definitely a browser/setting-specific issue20:55
elfyI set fonts to ubuntu and in advanced it's serif/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu mono with allow pages to choose enabled20:56
elfyI'll remember that if you ask me to look at things again - I'd hate to be wasting your time and it's only me seeing it :)20:57
knomewell no, it should be fine for you as well20:57
knomethere *are* ways to fix that20:57
knomeif i just knew what it is :P20:57
knomefont sizes? 16?20:57
knomeand minimum font size?20:57
elfyfont sizes are 12 and on advanced page 12 for serif/10 for monospace and minimum is 1220:58
elfyright so setting the default to 16 the nav button now drops right down inside the screenshot 20:59
knomei'll look at that20:59
elfyodd - set it to 12 again and reloaded the page21:00
knomeit should be fixed now for any value21:00
elfythe top of the nav button is nowmore or less level with the bottom of the top panel21:01
knomethanks for debugging :)21:01
elfyis that what you're aiming for ?^^21:01
knomei just fixed it for me21:01
knomeit should be on top of the shot21:01
knomelet me send a screenie21:01
elfyok - yep - just above 21:01
elfyno - it's looking like you describe ^^21:02
knomeokay, good21:02
knomeas it should :)21:02
knomenow we can go and disable those...21:02
elfystill don't like the straight edges though :p21:02
knomelike matti nykänen said:21:03
knomeelämä on laiffii21:03
knome"life is life"21:03
elfyyep :)21:03
knomei'm sure won't all ever agree on single details if we start arguing21:03
elfyI use 'such is life' with regularity :)21:03
knomeyeah, but that's different ;)21:03
knomethan nykänen's quote...21:03
elfyindeed - if we all agreed on stuff all the time - it would be really boring21:04
lderanthat it would be 21:07
elfyhi lderan 21:08
lderanhello :)21:08
elfyhi xequence 21:10
elfyI keep trying to ze<tab> ... 21:10
elfyoic why now 21:14
elfyone of each on the forum21:15

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