zygahey, so what's the chance of dropping 2.6 support in bzr trunk and only having 2.7 code?11:22
zygaI'm trying another strategy, as apparently lazy_import is not optional anymore, it's a required feature, due to circular import dependencies11:23
zygaso I'm PEP8 cleaning up the code to have less spurious warnings from flake811:23
zygaand I'll de-lazify all external imports, which should make it possible for 2to3 to fix all the boring urllib* changes11:24
zygabut I won't touch bzrlib internal imports11:24
zygaso long story short11:24
zygasome of my patches could be merged upstream11:24
zygabut I'm really no inclined to do 2.6 compatible code anymore11:25
fullermdI don't think I'd have any terribly strong objections to it.  But my vote is pretty far off in a corner.11:42
fullermdSeems like what's around in long-term supported releases of Ubuntu/Red Hat/etc has traditionally set a minimal floor.11:43
zygafullermd: thanks11:53
fullermdBringing it up on-list will hit a wider audience; I think most packagers are on it, or at least were.12:58
KI7MTIs this the correct channel for discussing issues with bzr branching, merge proposals / bug fixes etc?19:05

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