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TheLordOfTimeif someone has questions about making a custom Juju charm for a custom nginx+pagespeed thing, can I direct them here to get help with that?00:27
marcoceppiachiang: the charmers do00:27
marcoceppiachiang: I'll update the docs00:27
marcoceppiTheLordOfTime: yes00:27
achiangmarcoceppi: cool, thanks00:27
marcoceppiachiang: the vagrant gives you the ability to run an Ubuntu VM and LXC on that VM00:28
marcoceppigiving you a cloud on your desktop00:28
achiangmarcoceppi: understood00:28
* achiang spent the afternoon hacking the actual REST end points he wants to charm00:28
achiangso monday, i'll pick up vagrant again00:28
marcoceppiachiang: cool, we'll be here to help ou00:29
TheLordOfTimemarcoceppi: awesome, I'll direct them here.00:32
marcoceppiTheLordOfTime: it's nearing the weekend, so the room tends to quite down, but during daylight hours Europe/US times the room is pretty active00:33
TheLordOfTimemarcoceppi: indeed.  They're on /r/Ubuntu so I don't expect them to immediately show up here though :000:34
TheLordOfTime:) *00:34
* marcoceppi goes and peeks at the subreddit00:34
TheLordOfTimemarcoceppi: http://www.reddit.com/r/Ubuntu/comments/1u8ptk/nginx_server_to_serve_bigger_role_in_ubuntu_1404/ if you want a direct link00:34
marcoceppioh yeah, we've done some modpagespeed stuff in the WordPress charm00:35
TheLordOfTimemarcoceppi: nginx isn't getting pagespeed in Debian or Ubuntu, because this: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=70706900:36
TheLordOfTimemarcoceppi: but they want a custom juju charm that can launch the custom nginx+pagespeed build but meh00:36
* TheLordOfTime isn't a Juju person, he's just the triager / Unofficial Ubuntu Maintainer for the NGINX Packages00:36
marcoceppicharms are like the archive, if the archive was the wild west00:36
marcoceppiso that's a pretty good use case for juju00:36
TheLordOfTimemarcoceppi: personally, I'll stick to the package maintenance and just point the nginx + juju questions to you all :p00:37
TheLordOfTimesince I know absolutely 0 about juju :)00:37
TheLordOfTimeother than the fact it exists00:37
marcoceppiTheLordOfTime: fair enough :D00:37
marcoceppiI've abused the heck out of your nginx packages over the years00:38
TheLordOfTimemarcoceppi: hehe00:38
TheLordOfTimemarcoceppi: i haven't been maintaining them *that* long00:38
TheLordOfTimeonly the past year and a half maybe00:38
TheLordOfTime(in the PPAs)00:38
TheLordOfTimeand I'm WAY behind on the updates there :P00:38
* TheLordOfTime just finished fixing an FTBFS in the mainline branch :p00:38
marcoceppiwell, at least for the last 10 mos00:39
marcoceppiseems like years00:39
TheLordOfTimemarcoceppi: the fact that Jorge even said the prep for nginx being even remotely considered for main was because of me, that means my name's technically tied to the nginx packages in Ubuntu now..00:40
TheLordOfTimeespecially since arstechnica and omgubuntu picked it up00:40
TheLordOfTimebut that's a discussion for elsewhere, I'll leave you all be :)00:40
TheLordOfTime... wait, I did mention that nginx is being considered for main in 14.04... right?00:42
marcoceppiOh I'm well aware of that, and very excited00:42
TheLordOfTimeso are a lot of people apparently.00:43
TheLordOfTime:) *00:43
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jaywinkhi - is it normal for an openstack bootstrap instance to be allocated three IP's toward the public network?20:29
jaywinkhmmm http://streams.canonical.com/ is empty :P is this normal?21:24

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