ahoneybunhey valorie03:44
valoriehi ahoneybun03:45
ahoneybunhow u doing?03:47
valoriegood, the contractor got well03:48
valorieand i got locally-roasted coffee beans today03:48
valoriev. good day03:48
valoriehow about you?03:48
shadeslayervalorie: i am ~70% through looking for alaska03:49
valoriehow does it compare with stars?03:50
shadeslayerJohn Green has radically changed my perspective about the world in the last 12 hour's03:50
valorieerrr, the fault in our stars03:50
valoriein what way?03:50
shadeslayermaybe radically is too strong a word03:50
valoriehow did his books change your perspective?03:51
shadeslayerNot sure how to put it in words, but I now think alot more deeply about things, how things that appear something on the surface might just be an abstract idea and might represent something else entirely03:54
valoriethat's true03:55
valoriewhat I got from looking for alaska is how amazing life is, and that we have to enjoy it NOW03:56
valoriesince everything can change so quickly03:56
shadeslayervalorie: http://www.goodreads.com/quotes/629719-but-it-is-a-pipe-no-it-s-not-i-said03:58
shadeslayerone of the more awesome quotes03:59
shadeslayeralso, both the books i have read have a very depressing finality of the human condition to them and then John seems to go to great lengths to then reveal things about some person even after theyre dead04:01
valoriein some ways finality is depressing04:01
shadeslayer*depressing sense of the finality 04:01
valoriebut it would be worse if we all lived forever04:01
valorieand I've lost enough loved ones to say that they might be dead, but they aren't gone04:02
shadeslayernot really, some people/religions view it as a release from the physical world and you evolve into a higher consciousnesses04:02
shadeslayeror somethin04:03
shadeslayerwhich is nice, think about not having to worry that your computer is kaput04:03
shadeslayeror that a pipe broke04:03
shadeslayerand your house is now flooded04:04
valoriefor me it isn't religious or whatever04:04
valorieand yes, they all got release in one way or another04:04
shadeslayeri am just saying that certain religions view it as that04:04
valoriefor sure, since it is one of the central mysteries of life04:05
shadeslayeralso made me realize one of my core issues that has been eating away at me for a couple of months .... but i need to write those down on a computer04:07
valoriea book that brings out your core issues is great!04:09
valorieeven if painful, which Looking for Alaska was for me04:09
shadeslayeralso i think looking for alaska is way darker04:14
shadeslayeri found the fault in our stars tamer than looking for alaska04:15
shadeslayervalorie: I want to read http://store.kobobooks.com/en-US/ebook/an-abundance-of-katherines next04:19
valoriesounds good04:19
valorieI'm stuck in reality right now, reading The Brothers, about John Foster Dulles and Allen Dulles who ran the US foreign policy in the 50s04:20
valorieso depressing04:20
valorieinteresting, but damn04:20
shadeslayeralright gtg04:22
valoriehave fun in India, shadeslayer04:31
ahoneybunvalorie: so translations should start soon05:38
valorieyes, I'll write to the translators this weekend05:43
ahoneybunsounds great06:10
shadeslayerapachelogger: btw for the kde developer meta package do I just write a Desktop file and app-install-data extracts info from it?08:43
shadeslayeror does it require something more elaborate08:43
shadeslayerI am not entirely sure how the app-install file thingy works08:43
lordievaderGood morning.10:49
apacheloggershadeslayer: no clue12:17
apacheloggerread the source I'd say12:17
Quintasanwhy can't I into QML13:06
BluesKajhowdy all13:45
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ahoneybundid not see you on valorie23:32
ahoneybunI put myself on a list of nomines for the new Ubuntu FL LoCo community council23:37
ahoneybunyep not expecting too much but still23:41

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