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DroBuddyI'm running Kubuntu 12.04 Precise and am unable to get my USB tethering to work; I've been googling this for a few days now and haven't been able to make any head-way. `ipconfig usb0` shows it with a valid IPv4 and IPv6 address; `ip route` looks right, but 'ip link show' shows the usb0 state as UNKOWN. Anyone have any suggestions on how to get this to properly come up?00:49
DroBuddyI was using Kubuntu 13.x but down graded hoping that it would resolve the issue, but alas that didn't help either... I feel like I'm running in circles at this point.00:50
DroBuddyCarrier => sprint, Data => unlimited, Tethering => allowed per plan00:52
DroBuddyadb sees the device and is able to communicate with it; when I switch USB tethering on it shows it as connected in the sys tray, with a valid IP, and DNS appears to be working so I'm not sure what the problem could be.00:53
DroBuddyWhen I attempt to ping google.com it resolves the IP address properly, so that's why I believe the DNS is working properly (and ip route looks right)...00:54
DroBuddyI'm all ears. ;)00:55
DroBuddyI thought it may have been an iptables issue so I did iptables -F to flush all my rules and added a new rule to allow :80 but that didn't help. So, I'm ASSUMING that it's not a FW issue at this point.00:55
apb1963 Anyone know much about jitsi?  I had it working and then I started messing with plugins and now I have no audio.  kubuntu 12.04.300:56
apb1963DroBuddy: -F doesn't reset policies.  Have you tried iptables-save or iptables -L -v to see what's still in your table after you flushed?00:57
apb1963DroBuddy: have you tried ifconfig up ?00:58
DroBuddyI tried ifconfig usb0 up and down then up and it binds to the IP properly... I'll try the iptables cmds now and let ya know00:59
DroBuddyThanks, btw00:59
apb1963can you ping that interface?01:00
DroBuddyI can ping the IP allocated but not the GW01:00
DroBuddyAnd, after looking at iptables -L -v it doesn't show any rules for usb0, only for my virbr0 (used for KVM)01:01
apb1963What is the policy?01:01
DroBuddyOne sec. I'm gonna paste the output into a bin... If I can get pastebin to load. :(01:03
DroBuddyI'm using shared wifi in a bar right now and it's dog slow01:04
apb1963drinking is not the answer ;)01:04
DroBuddylol, I'm not drinking is the sadder part... But it's the closest place that has wifi lol01:04
DroBuddyArgh, ubuntu's pastebin wont load, nor will pastebin.com for some reason... But, I can use IRC and google.01:05
DroBuddyGotta love it.01:05
apb1963try paste.ubuntu.com01:06
DroBuddyHad to untether the phone so it wasn't confused on which interface; now it's loading01:07
DroBuddyThat's my current iptables rules after a fresh install.01:07
apb1963ok so policy is accept01:08
apb1963what's your route table look like?01:08
apb1963where/what is your gateway?01:08
DroBuddyis the GW01:09
apb1963and the ip you're using?01:09
DroBuddy192.168.42.99 is what DHCP is handing out01:09
apb1963netmask? or cidr?01:09
DroBuddy192.168.42.244 is the broadcast, so it's a full block (I forget the CIDR notation off the top of my head)01:10
DroBuddyhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/6729954/ is my ip routes01:10
DroBuddyIt doesn't show anything now for usb0, but I can re-add it real quick... and amend01:10
DroBuddysudo ip address add peer dev usb0 is what I used to add the route last time... But, I'm not 100% it's right. I think it is, I think it is... lol01:11
apb1963it helps to have the route :)01:12
DroBuddyInterestingly enough, turning usb tethering on doesn't kill my IRC connectivity, but stops me from being able to resolve websites...01:14
DroBuddyAnyway, here is the ip route info with usb0 added: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6729972/01:14
DroBuddy:: wishes he would have taken networking classes in school ::01:15
apb1963default via dev usb001:19
apb1963cat /etc/network/interfaces01:20
DroBuddyArgh. This is a bit frustrating.01:24
DroBuddyIt's getting late; I'm gonna try and tackle this in the morning. Thanks for your time, apb01:24
James0rwhat's a good dvd authoring software for kde?03:43
James0ri had a good one i used before but i can't remember the name. was able to quickly throw clips together and it would generate a menu for me03:43
valoriesilly ubottu03:45
valorie!info kdenlive03:45
ubottukdenlive (source: kdenlive): non-linear video editor. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.9.6-2ubuntu1 (saucy), package size 1317 kB, installed size 4677 kB03:45
James0rvalorie: that's for kinda all purpose video editing right?03:45
valorienot sure; I've never used it03:46
valorieI've worked with the devels though03:46
valoriegood people03:46
James0rright right. i used it once. worked well.03:52
mmmmnaIn need of some help mid install of 13.1004:01
mmmmnanm. 200+ in the memberlist, nobody really here....04:11
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valoriecan't help when you don't say what you need help with!04:48
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emmahow can i set a compose key for kubuntu?06:16
valorieoh, there is a great tut for that somewhere06:24
valoriescroll down for more recent info06:25
valoriethat page needs updating!06:25
emmai was just looking at that page before i came here but my menu doesn't include the keyboard thing that it shows06:27
emmado you use kubuntu 4.x ?06:27
valorieok, I did it, i'll look for the tut I used06:27
valoriethis might be better: http://userbase.kde.org/Tutorials/ComposeKey06:28
emmadoes that keyboard option show up for you? I have country region and language and i have spellchecker but no keyboard06:28
bomberhello folks.06:28
bomberI messed up my graphical kde. I installed a nvidia driver while in x and after the reboot It dont go into the window enviornment anymore.06:30
bomberI would love some help getting this back up and running.06:31
emmaThis is a test: æ seems to work!06:32
emmayeah the second link is much better06:33
valoriemine is exactly like Current KDE Configuration describes06:33
emmayeah mine is like how current KDE configuration describes also, in the second link. But not like how it is in the first link under 4.x06:37
ussher_bomber: did you try loggin in and running nvidia-settings as root?06:38
valorieyay emma!06:42
soeegood morning06:47
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* timothys slaps AntiSpamMeta around a bit with a large trout09:54
* timothys slaps wxl around a bit with a large trout09:54
RealNWOkubuntu is better than ubuntu10:25
RealNWOcuz kde is better than unity10:25
lordievaderGood morning.10:49
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arkrohi all, I have UEFI system in my pc( with windows 8). Today, I have installed kubuntu. After rebooting, grub2 prompt is showing up. I don't know where to go from there. Please help.12:53
BluesKajhowdy all13:45
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Felishia-3alright alright I'm having trouble in here, someone help :p15:39
Felishia-3I did rm -r /boot mistakenly15:39
Felishia-3well to the wrong /boot... I was deleting the other OS and I deleted kubuntu boot folder15:40
Felishia-3and everything I do with live15:40
Felishia-3it's like "no space left on the device"15:40
sithlord48its a live system?15:41
sithlord48does the drive have perssitance?15:41
Felishia-3and I'm trying to install boot repair15:41
Felishia-3and I can't15:41
FloodBotK1Felishia-3: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.15:41
sithlord48then if you reboot w/the  live stick it should still have its /boot15:42
Felishia-3yes of course15:42
Felishia-3but I deleted the /boot of the one in my hard drive15:42
Felishia-3and I don't want to do a complete reinstall15:42
sithlord48well then you should only have to reinstall it15:42
Felishia-3also I have windows on dual-boot and it's a pain15:42
Felishia-3I have a lot of configurations15:43
sithlord48perhaps https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair will hlep15:43
Felishia-3I could do it easily but it always pops up an error message, of everything imagined15:43
Felishia-3sithlord48: "No space left on the device"15:43
Felishia-3each time I try to run boot-repair15:43
Felishia-3so I tried grub-install15:43
Felishia-3on a chroot15:43
Felishia-3and it doesn't work15:44
BluesKajFelishia-3, do you have still have / ?15:44
BluesKajyou can install kubuntu to /15:45
BluesKajasuming you have a /home partition there should be no data loss15:45
BluesKajoops talking nobody :)15:46
sithlord48BluesKaj:  just have to wait till they get back15:46
sithlord48guess it wasn't a long wait lol15:46
felishia3and it reboot whenever it has the chance15:46
felishia3like now15:46
felishia3and I had to go again on the live system15:47
felishia3it's like "you're not going to do it"15:47
BluesKajFelishia-3, do you have still have / and /home ?15:47
dnivraHello. I'm using Kubuntu 13.10 and trying to connect to the phone from desktop to transfer few files. Whenver I open dolphin and navigate to the phone, I get "The process for mtp protocol died unexpectedly." I have transferred files before but been getting this error lately. Any help would be appreciated.15:47
felishia3BluesKaj: not as partitions15:48
sithlord48dnivra:  unplug the phone and try again.. mtp support is still very new.  i don't know of any better solution for now.15:48
felishia3and I have more in /bin and /opt15:48
felishia3you know how hard was to configure bin to me!15:48
sithlord48dnivra:  also be sure your phone is not locked when you do try to move files.15:48
dnivrasithlord48: been doing that a few times and even tried after few reboots. no luck.15:49
dnivrawell the screenguard is on. is that what you meant by locked sithlord48?15:49
sithlord48dnivra:  yes15:49
felishia3/usr/sbin/grub-probe: error: failed to get canonical path of /cow15:50
felishia3he hell?15:50
felishia3I don't have a cow15:50
BluesKajfelishia3 so what partitions do you have for linux?15:51
dnivrasithlord48: maybe that was the issue after all. Thanks for the tip!15:51
sithlord48dnivra:  your welcome15:51
felishia3just one... I have a lot of partitions15:51
felishia3I save my code in another partition so it's safe15:51
felishia3but the configuration of linux is on the whole filesystem15:51
felishia3one linux partition, two NTFS and the swap15:52
felishia3I'm installing boot-repair the k-bad-kitty way I hope it works, I'm not touching the dammed ram anymore15:56
felishia3yay yeah :D16:00
daftpunksearch fgrom kicker seems to be case sensitive ignoring encoding rules for text16:04
daftpunkreally annoying IRC qworked but irc didn't16:05
BluesKajtry using the applications in the kicker16:08
kubuntuErrors were encountered while processing:16:37
kubuntu gconf216:37
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Felishia-3I meant16:37
Felishia-3I can't fix it16:37
Felishia-3I do apt-get install -f16:38
Felishia-3apt-get reinstall16:38
lordievaderFelishia-3: Could you pastebin the full apt-get output?16:38
Felishia-3apt-get whatever I can do16:38
Felishia-3but it's so dammed long16:38
Felishia-3there is16:40
lordievaderFelishia-3: Ah, you are using a chroot.16:43
Felishia-3I was the one that did rm -r to my /boot :(16:44
daftpunkyeha using the applications works but the search doesn't work properly, using lts16:44
lordievaderFelishia-3: It is useful to mention such things.16:44
daftpunkchromium also has profile issues on a pc and on a tablet16:44
Felishia-3lordievader: I think I should keep going, anyway I don't think I need gnome libraries to run16:44
Felishia-3it's kubuntu anyway16:44
lordievaderFelishia-3: Not for Kubuntu, for what was gconf a dependency?16:45
daftpunkactivities too, though that's more of a kde bug along with not being able to pipe kio so for instance umm... having a uri within a uri16:45
Felishia-3lordievader: I have no idea...16:46
daftpunkannoying if you want to like specific apps in a activity, so for instance I have an activity for programming, one for gp and one for editing movies etc...16:46
Felishia-3actually I'm learning qt developing, and I don't think I have something that uses gconf216:46
Felishia-3eclipse maybe?16:46
Felishia-3or the python IDLE?16:46
Felishia-3I thought it used tk tcl and Eclipse I don't know16:47
lordievaderFelishia-3: Hmm oh well. GTK libs/apps shouldn't be necessary for Kubu.16:50
Felishia-3so I'll keep loading boot-repair16:50
Felishia-3Path `/boot/grub' is not readable by GRUB on boot. Installation is impossible. Aborting.16:57
Felishia-3oh come on!16:57
ovrflw0xFelishia-3: did you do manual partition of harddisk?16:58
rcw2in kubuntu 13.10 is there an easy way to see if this skype was installed from ubuntu repos16:59
ovrflw0xFelishia-3: that's why17:00
Felishia-3but what the heck is /cow?17:00
Felishia-3why does it says failed to get the canonical path of /cow?17:01
ovrflw0xFelishia-3: which partitions did you create?17:01
Felishia-3Kubuntu, Windows, swap and another NTFS17:02
Felishia-3you know I think it'd hundreds of times easier to just format everything and reinstall again17:02
ovrflw0xFelishia-3: did you create "/" and "swap" partitions and formatted them?17:02
ovrflw0xdid you have separate /boot partition?17:03
ovrflw0xFelishia-3: ?17:04
ovrflw0xFelishia-3: are you female?17:04
ovrflw0xFelishia-3: ?17:06
Felishia-3what does that has to be with my question? :(17:06
Felishia-3I seriously need to fix my PC17:06
ovrflw0xFelishia-3: create '/' andd 'swap' and install again17:07
lordievaderFelishia-3: What is exactly the problem? Can't you use a live-cd/usb and install from there?17:07
Felishia-3I don't want to format my pc17:07
Felishia-3but I'm like going to format all this because it's getting on my nerves17:08
ovrflw0xFelishia-3: what does you hard disk partition table look like?17:08
Felishia-3MSDOS NTFS Ext4 NTFS swap17:08
lordievaderFelishia-3: Doing a dual boot with a shared /home partition? Is that an idea?17:08
Felishia-3I'm going to break everything in pieces now... because I'm going to explode17:09
ovrflw0xFelishia-3: hold on there sweety17:09
ovrflw0xFelishia-3: what's mounted on ext4?17:09
Felishia-3:( no, I have classes on monday and I'm going to study computational science, how am I supposed to do if my Linux doesn't work?17:09
ovrflw0xi mean what's mounted on ext4 ? "/" or "/root" or "/boot"?17:10
Felishia-3and there's nall17:11
Felishia-3and there's all17:11
Felishia-3"/root and /boot17:12
ovrflw0xFelishia-3: which computer are you on right now?17:12
Felishia-3alright it won't write17:13
Felishia-3It crashed17:13
posthuman@Felishia-3:  calm down :D .... get a live CD and  backup your essential stuff .. after that reinstall whatever your OS is @ the moment.17:13
Felishia-3I can do a new partitition and put bin in alright?17:13
Felishia-3I can do a new partitition and put bin in alright?17:13
Felishia-3I can do a new partitition and put bin in alright?17:13
FloodBotK1Felishia-3: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.17:13
posthumani dont think doing changes to the file system is what u need right now17:14
posthumanbackup your files first17:14
posthumanxD Felishia left the building17:16
* monkeyjuice wonder why anyone would have problems17:17
ovrflw0xwty is FloodBotK2 so annoying using quiet and things17:18
ovrflw0xi was going to help a possible female and floodbot quieted17:18
lordievaderThe bots are here for good reason. But, unfortunately, they don't have any intelligence.17:20
ovrflw0xk guyz l8trs17:21
guest-over9000Hello All18:06
guest-over9000Could andone gave me a solution how to properly install a ATI drivers on kubuntu ? fglrx, fglrx-update from Additional Drivers is not working (black screen after reboot), also the official ATI drivers from website, and I can't install when I follow this tutorial: https://gist.github.com/moldcraft/811652818:08
guest-over9000anyone* sorry, my bad18:08
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BluesKajguest-over9000, what's your ATI graphics gpu ?18:14
guest-over9000BluesKaj: HD 6370M18:15
guest-over9000BluesKaj: I'm rebooting now, see You soon18:17
guest-over9000BluesKaj: I'm back. Still no clue :( Nothing is working18:33
BluesKajguest-over9000, is this the driver you were trying to install from ati website? http://support.amd.com/en-us/download/desktop?os=Linux%20x86_6418:41
guest-over9000BluesKaj: I tried it too, still not working. I was trying to install fglrx, and fglrx-updates also with a patch, and still not working. All the ways failed. Open drivers fail, official from the link You posted above failed too18:42
guest-over9000I found a new way right now via google, and trying to install it now18:42
BluesKajguest-over9000, does the install fail or once installed fails to boot ?18:43
guest-over9000BluesKaj: official installed, booted but I was having black scren18:44
guest-over9000so I boot in recovery mode and delete them18:44
BluesKajactually booting recovery mode you should choose "fix broken packages" in the dialog18:46
guest-over9000hmm so I'll try to install once again drivers, boot into recovery and choose 'fix broken packages' option. Okay I'm doing it now18:48
BluesKajok , I'll bb in a few mins18:50
guest-over9000BluesKaj: Okay, I finished install (results with error: http://pastebin.com/PhWxMHLr). I'll reboot now, see You soon18:53
rcw2my wifi connection seems to disconnect after closing the lid, but only after 10 minutes of lid closure.  i've told kubuntu to do nothing when closing the lid18:56
guest-over9000BluesKaj: Okay I'am back. After installing official driver from website and fixing it via recovery mode, I logged to my system, but the resolution is very small and I can't change it. Also the Catalyst panel is not working19:04
BluesKajok , did you lgin directly from the recovery mode or did you reboot, guest-over900019:09
guest-over9000BluesKaj: I reboot to recovery and make fix19:10
BluesKajguest-over9000, reboot agin19:10
guest-over9000BluesKaj: okay doind it right now19:10
guest-over9000_BluesKaj: Done. Still that same resolution, not working catalyst.19:12
BluesKajyou didn't reboot , justy loggrd out and back in19:14
guest-over9000_BluesKaj: I reboot the whole laptop.19:15
rcw2my wifi connection seems to disconnect after closing the lid, but only after 10 minutes of lid closure.  i've told kubuntu to do nothing when closing the lid19:41
ice9why does changing the GTK theme in KDE from the system settings also changes it in Unity?20:41
Ab3Li would like to add an option when in dolphin i drag and drop a file in a folder. currently, when you do it, you get three choices: move here, copy here, link here. I would like to add "hardlink here", but i don't know where and how to build the script. can you help me, or give me a brief tutorial reference? thx in advance.20:42
trustytharGood evening to all I would like to make use of it velocizare kubuntu on a netbook with 2 gigs of memory you have some advice?21:00
trustytharGood evening to all I would like to make use of it speed up kubuntu on a netbook with 2 gigs of memory you have some advice?21:01
jdrabtrustythar: run kcm_nepomuk and uncheck everything on first tab21:07
jdraband you can also try to turn off some kde services in "kcmkded"21:08
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tamerlanchiquesDoes the kubuntu have overall app store with ubuntu?22:10
valorietamerlanchiques: yes22:26
valorienot an "app store" as such, but we share all the same repositories22:26
valoriepretty much any application available to any debian user is also available to any ubuntu user, including all the flavors22:27
tamerlanchiquesThanks for answer.22:29
valoriethat's so general; is there something specific we can help you with?22:29
tamerlanchiquesI have Windows on computer (two NTFS sections). Do I need to create a new partition with own coding? If it is necessary, what file system should I use best?22:34
tamerlanchiquesAnd could hurt kubuntu my files that stored in the NTFS file system?22:36
valoriehmm, I was hoping some win experts would speak up for you22:38
valorieit's been so many years since I used windows......22:39
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BluesKajtamerlanchiques, np , intstalling kubuntu will not hurt your windows22:43
BluesKajntfs files22:43
BluesKajtamerlanchiques, if you have free space on the HDD then you can use that to create an ext4 partition for / (root) and /home and a linux swap22:46
tamerlanchiquesThanks for advice. I will try to instal kubuntu tomorrow.22:47
BluesKajtamerlanchiques, i recommend you do some research on partitioning for linux OSs22:47
BluesKajit's worth knowing22:48
ahoneybunanyone now how to completely remove gnome from once you install the kubuntu-desktop package?23:22
valorieahoneybun: there is a guide for that somewhere....23:24
ubottuTo purge all removed but not yet purged packages, use the following command: dpkg -l | awk '/^rc/{print $2}' |  sudo xargs dpkg -P23:24
valoriebuh, not that23:24
ahoneybunhello valorie ll23:30
valoriehi ahoneybun23:35
valoriepower is flickering here sometimes23:35
valoriewind/rainstorm started last night23:37
valorienothing exciting though23:37
Strav He. I'm having some problems building nepomuk-core on kubuntu (the issue seems to be related to my soprano setup). Anyone can help?23:55
valorieare you building from git?23:57
valorieor using project-neon23:57

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