TheLordOfTimehow long before older versions of a package are removed from the +packages list for a PPA?00:31
TheLordOfTime... nevermind, it finally removed em00:32
TheLordOfTime(slow update)00:32
TheLordOfTimeis there lag in the system that publishes packages in PPAs right now?00:45
wgrantTheLordOfTime: Latency is usually somewhere below 15 minutes.00:47
wgrantAs it is now.00:47
TheLordOfTime... i think i forgot to click "copy binaries" and it's trying to rebuild the source... *facepalm*00:49
TheLordOfTimewgrant: it's being slower than I need it to, it's got depwaits again :/00:49
TheLordOfTime(although the FTBFS issue is resolved)00:50
wgrantThe depwaits will autoretry an hour or so after publication is complete, or you can retry them manually once it's done.00:50
TheLordOfTimewgrant: more concerned about the fail-to-install, the three packages that I need to publish that will fix the depwait will also fix a "Missing Required Packages" installation error...00:52
TheLordOfTimeso if anyone uses the nginx mainline PPA with the versions that were published before this round of ppa package copying are going to run into errors, and I'm tired of project-level bugs about stupid crap that i can attribute to launchpad lagging00:53
* TheLordOfTime shrugs00:53
TheLordOfTimemeh, it'll resolve itself eventually I assume00:53
wgrantTheLordOfTime: A common way to avoid arch skew is to build the packages in a staging PPA, and copy them all to a separate PPA for users once they're all built.00:56
TheLordOfTimewgrant: [14/01/10 19:49:48] <TheLordOfTime> ... i think i forgot to click "copy binaries" and it's trying to rebuild the source... *facepalm*00:59
TheLordOfTimewgrant: and that's what I already do...01:00
TheLordOfTimebut because of my mistake, and the publisher lagtime...01:00
TheLordOfTimethe issue remains01:00
TheLordOfTimeboth issues remain, actually, the depwait and the fail-to-install01:00
TheLordOfTimebecause the binary-copy of the init-system-helpers package into the ppa is being slowed down because of the speed of the publisher01:00
* TheLordOfTime did hit "copy the binaries" for that package though01:01
TheLordOfTimewgrant: it seems it caught up, but meh01:01
TheLordOfTimeit seems to be working now01:01
KI7MTWhats the best way to update a pending MP that has been tagged as Needs Fixing .. should they reject it and just have the user resend the amended proposal?02:33
cjwatsonKI7MT: Ideally, the submitter of the MP should just push additional commits to the very same branch that fix the issues raised in the review.02:43
cjwatsonKI7MT: Those will then automatically show up after the review comments, and if there are further comments everything interleaves nicely.02:43
cjwatsonKI7MT: People often seem to end up in a pattern of sending a new MP, but it's unnecessary and harder to follow.02:44
KI7MTcjwatson, thanks, that sounds like a plan. I like that way better than cancel - reissue :-)02:46
cjwatsonKI7MT: One of my own is https://code.launchpad.net/~cjwatson/launchpad/refactor-cron-germinate/+merge/84624; if you page through it you can see several cycles of review and additional commits02:46
KI7MTcjwatson, so it's the same as if we were pushing to a project, bzr push <branch> , ?   do we need do do additional commits and log comments?02:47
cjwatsonyes and yes02:48
KI7MT*need to do .. .02:48
cjwatsonyou can likely just "bzr push" if you've pushed that branch already; bzr normally remembers02:48
cjwatson"bzr info" will tell you the recorded push branch02:48
KI7MTcjwatson, Ok, thanks, I'll give that a shot over sending a new MP02:51
pabs3wgrant: with the fixed version of python-lazr.restfulclient I get fewer errors but still quite a few: http://people.debian.org/~pabs/tmp/errors-2.tar.xz04:38
wgrantpabs3: Did you blow away the corrupt cache?04:41
pabs3I did yes04:42
pabs3and all the previous errors04:42
wgrantWhat is the approximate failure rate?04:43
pabs3it is hard to say really. maybe 10%04:44
wgrantThat number of SSL errors is pretty extraordinary.04:45
wgrantand certainly not on our end.04:45
wgrantIs this still running inside a WSGI application?04:46
wgrantAre the failures reproducible outside it?04:48
pabs3not sure how to run a wsgi app outside of wsgi04:55
wgrantpabs3: Well, presumably the code that uses launchpadlib is reasonably easy to isolate and run several thousand times standalone, to see if the crashes still occur.04:58
pabs3will try04:59
pabs3wgrant: got one error so far, the TypeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute '__getitem__' in calendar.py", line 607, in timegm05:24
wgrantpabs3: Hm, any others?06:53
pabs3none yet06:53
pabs3wgrant: the non-wsgi script completed checking 75 bugs 100 times each and the only error was the timegm one12:12
ENQmaybe someone might help solve my problem, i have MSP430G2553 lauchpad, currently using energia to code, i have SPI RF transmitter, and im getting very unstable SPI readings from RF registers17:08
ENQor am i on the wrong launchpad?17:08
Dudytzhi all ... I have been downloaded the sources of gnucash, made some changes and named the release has 2.6.0-1myname1 ... this myname1 is my suffix. After the package installation, the aptitude says that my package is old then the package 2.6.0-1 and try to upgrade it ... whats wrong with the name?17:53
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dobeyDudytz: you should ask for packaging help on #ubuntu-packaging i think. that doesn't really have anything to do with launchpad.net :)18:14
Dudytzdobey: thank you18:17
Dudytzhi all .. after a dput with successfully uploaded packages, how long I need to wait to see the packages in the launchpad web interface?19:23
TheLordOfTimeDudytz: 2 - 5 minutes usually before the PPA system picks it up19:25
TheLordOfTimeDudytz: check your email to see if it was rejected or accepted, it'll email your primary LP email address if you upload to a PPA, I think19:25
Dudytzok, I'm wait19:26
Dudytzthank you19:26
TheLordOfTimeDudytz: note that if you get an email that it was rejected it won't show up in the LP PPA web interface19:27
TheLordOfTimeat all19:27
TheLordOfTimeif it was accepted it'll show up, but it can sometimes take a few minutes19:28
TheLordOfTime(0 to infinity, but 2 - 5 minutes on average)19:28
Dudytzthe DBEMAIL variable is not my primary email in launchpad ... is a problem?19:29
* TheLordOfTime leaves that for the experts to answer, as he has to fix a server at the moment19:30
Dudytzok guys ... after 15 min I don't see the package in launchpad and no email arrivied19:32
dobeythen it's taking longer, in a spam folder, or you signed the source package with a gpg key that is expired, or not the one that is specified in your launchpad profile19:34
Dudytzoh! is it ... I have changed the gpg key ... I need to update it in launchpad19:35
DudytzI try now19:35
Dudytznow I have a local problem with dput ... the message is "Package has already been uploaded to ppa on ppa.launchpad.net" ... how to force the upload? seems a local problem19:43
Dudytzops ... -f19:44
Dudytzdobey: thank you ... I see the package! :)19:47
DudytzTheLordOfTime: thank you!19:47
Dudytzdobey: why the dch says that the version 2.6.0-1~ppa1 is less than 2.6.0-1 ?20:16
Dudytzthe same for 2.6.0-1ppa120:17
JZAhi anyone know how can I get a zip of the project as opposed to a bzr checkout?20:31
JZAI think there was like a service that allow you to do a general zip (or tar.gz) package of the project.20:31
jtaylorhas something changed with recipes in trusty? https://code.launchpad.net/~jtaylor/+recipe/ipython-daily20:37
jtaylorall but trusty succeeded20:37
JZAcan anyone help me?20:37
Logan_!patience | JZA20:40
ubot5JZA: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/20:40
JZAhi anyone know how can I get a zip of the project as opposed to a bzr checkout?20:41
dobeydayangkun: because it is20:45
dobeyjtaylor: dpkg is more strict in trusty20:45
jtaylorso I have to remove the revision?20:48
dobeyjtaylor: you need to remove the "-0"20:50
jtaylorhm and turn the ~ into a +20:52
jtayloryes or I'll break upgrades20:54
jtaylorI have a weird feeling of deja vu20:54
jtaylordid this happened before at some point?20:54
jtaylorhm how do I get packaged version to superseed that now20:55
jtaylor1.1.0+mirror1+r270-0~71~ubuntu12.04.1 < 1.1.1-120:56
jtayloris not true20:56
dobeyyes it is20:56
dobey1.1.0 < 1.1.120:56
jtayloroh right, made a typo20:56

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