kaimastbtw is there some stuff i have to install to enable multitouch on synaptics? i remeber some utouch packages I installed once00:09
kaimastwould love to have three finger dragging of windows00:10
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kaimastwould be so awesome if vlc would be default on trusty. the first thing after installing i do is removing totem and install vlc.09:47
damonIs someone able to help me properly file a bug in trusty tahr where my ICC color profile is not being applied upon login? I don't know which package I should be reporting it against, because I don't know what is actually causing the bug.10:00
brainwashdamon: try colord10:06
brainwash"system service to manage device colour profiles -- system daemon"10:06
damonbrainwash, I know about colord. When I apply the color profile manually after the login via the system settings it works just fine. That makes me wonder if the problem is with colord or some other package10:07
brainwashwell, the guys in #ubuntu-bugs might be able to assist you10:08
brainwashor you file the report against plain ubuntu and let someone else reassign it10:09
damonthanks brainwash, I didn't know about #ubuntu-bugs, I'll check it out now10:11
BluesKajhowdy all13:45
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sergio-br2is there any reason to msr module for Intel Turbo Boost to does not be default in ubuntu?20:00
penguin42sorry, I don't quite understand your question - I think Turbo boost worked on my machine20:01
sergio-br2yeah, it's work, if you put msr in /etc/modules, and then modprobe msr20:01
sergio-br2so, turbo boost works, but it is disabled by default20:02
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[Ethos]Good Day!23:11
[Ethos]I would like to know whether Trusty Tahr is on Alpha phase or Beta Release?23:12
[Ethos]and where can I download it.23:12
ubottuUbuntu 14.04 (Trusty Tahr) will be the 20th release of Ubuntu.  See the announcement at http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/1295 for more info. support in #ubuntu+123:16
k1l_see in the /topic :)23:16
[Ethos]I've read it23:16
[Ethos]where can I download the alpha or beta release23:16
[Ethos]Do you notice any differences23:16
[Ethos]<3 Ubuntu23:16
k1l_still in alpha state. so if you dont know what you are doing it could start some difficulties23:17

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