ahayzenballoons, u still around or too late now? no worries if ur not.00:07
nik90ahayzen: pong00:43
ahayzennik90, if u have a moment would u mind casting another set of eyes over https://code.launchpad.net/~andrew-hayzen/music-app/mediaplayer-simplify/+merge/20126500:44
ahayzennik90, it is quite a big change to the core00:45
nik90ahayzen: hey btw refactoring code should have the same priority as features00:45
nik90ahayzen: one of the reasons why you needed to create this branch in the first place before creating keyboard shortcuts features00:46
ahayzennik90, refactoring for the point or refactoring has less of a priority than refactoring for a need like this00:46
ahayzen*point of00:46
ahayzennik90, like there is way more i could do to tidy things up but i have higher priority tasks so will come back to them00:46
ahayzennik90, but would appreciate it if u could just have a look/test the app00:47
nik90ahayzen: sure00:48
ahayzennik90, thx... u know anything about autopilot?00:48
nik90ahayzen: not the best person to talk to :P00:49
nik90ahayzen: I am already struggling to fix the AP breakage in my own music MP00:50
ahayzennik90, hehe no worries, my python is good...my understanding of how autopilot works, not so good00:50
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qtrosHi all!08:09
qtrosI've installed Ubuntu SDK and I have an issue - there are no help in Qt Creator08:09
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snwhwhen an app is added to the USC21:43
snwhhow long until it appears in apps.ubuntu.com/etc. etc.21:43

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