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sgo11hi, there is no "ubuntu-restricted-extras" in the repo. how to install it? thanks.09:08
sgo11hi, how to install flash player to chromium ?09:23
infinitysgo11: On ARM?09:29
infinitysgo11: You can't.  There's no Flash binary for ARM Linux.09:29
infinity(Complain to Adobe, not us)09:29
sgo11infinity, got it. thanks.09:30
sgo11I thought I can use arm board to replace my laptop. but too many problems. i kinda give up this idea.09:34
sgo11hi, where can I find a list of all mirrors for http://ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports ? thanks a lot.11:00
lilsteviesgo11, I don't believe ports is mirrored much, if at all11:07
sgo11lilstevie, ok. thanks.11:07
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infinitylilstevie: It has one mirror (us.ports).11:29
infinitylilstevie: And all the country codes are set up (but either point to uk or us for now) to allow for future expansion.11:29
infinitysgo11_away: ^11:29
lilstevieinfinity, so as I said, not much, and practically not at all :p12:51
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sgo11infinity, thanks a lot.13:51
sgo11hi, how to setup default input method to ibus in lxde? I tried gnome-language-selector, but it fails to start. it reports "Could not get owner of name 'org.freedesktop.Accounts': no such name" error. thanks.14:22
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