josepleia2: ping18:11
pleia2jose: pong18:11
josepleia2: hey, would it be possible to update the LP branding for the ~ubuntu-lococouncil team? we'd like to put our new logo up18:12
pleia2jose: yep18:12
pleia2email/link me and I'll get it done18:12
elfyhi pleia2 - you got home yet ...18:13
josegive me a sec so I can export the image18:13
pleia2elfy: no, I'm in 6 hour Auckland layover18:13
pleia2boooring :)18:13
pleia2catching up with email and things18:13
elfypleia2: was 8 hours on the way there wasn't it?18:17
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elfywas looking at knome's draft for xubuntu yesterday - looking good18:17
pleia2elfy: yeah, but this time I also have a stop in honolulu with a 2+ hour layover there18:18
elfyoh ...18:18
pleia2I will get home somday D:18:18
pleia2someday too18:18
elfypiskie has been going walkabout just now as well18:18
pleia2and sunday, for certain values of sunday!18:18
elfyha ha ha18:19
pleia2it's 7:19AM on sunday in auckland now, 10am saturday at home, plane should land around 7am sunday home time18:20
pleia2just saying that makes me tired :)18:20
elfymakes me confused :p18:20
elfyit's 20 past 6 and in a few months it'll be 20 past 7 - anything else is just foreign :p18:21
josepleia2: you have mail18:24
pleia2jose: done18:26
josepleia2: thanks! :)18:26
nigelbbasically, pleia2 is going to time travel.18:59
pleia2time travel \o/ (oh gosh I am so tired)19:00
nigelbtell me about it.19:00
pleia2this route gives me 2 saturday night redeyes19:00
pleia2that's too many saturdays19:00
nigelbI woke up at 6 pm on friday.19:01
nigelbIt's now 12:30 pm in my timezone on sunday.19:01
nigelbhaven't slept much in between.19:01
pleia2yeah it's yesterday at home19:01
nigelband it's only 7 pm in london, though, I feel like it's 9 pm.19:01
nigelbso dark.19:01
pleia2I did enjoy summer in perth19:02
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