knomesince i had the opportunity, went ahead and updated the icon/badge for https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-doc - new one is this nice and crisp one: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/162165522/ubuntu-doc.png00:17
knomeold one for reference: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/1050489/images.jpg00:18
KI7MTthat's much better !00:18
KI7MTIm doing a bit of RTFM on bzr branches .. lol00:20
knomepoke me if in doubt00:20
knomebasically, what you need to do if you want to make changes, is:00:21
phillwKI7MT:  knome now I know my eye sight is no no longer 20:20.... but they are two really small icons?00:21
knome'bzr branch lp:branchname' (or 'bzr pull' if you have already branched)00:22
knomethen do your changes00:22
knome'bzr add .'00:22
knome'bzr push lp:branchname'00:22
knomein the push, you'll want to push under lp:~lpnick/originalbranchname/my-fixes (replace my-fixes with something appropriate)00:23
KI7MTwell, I don't want to have a repeat of the mistake I made today .. I have an MP pending, and I went on and worked another bug (form the same source tree), and tried to send that up with bzr bundle > test.file .. I've been told, I needed to pull another branch down and work it form there.00:23
knomephillw, yep.00:23
knomei don't know how bundle is supposed to work00:23
knomeyou could've just updated your branch as if you were working with a normal/trunk/main branch00:23
knome(that is, just push to the same location again)00:23
KI7MTIm not gonna use it again, just MP form no on.00:24
KI7MT*from now on00:24
knome(in that case i think you'd need to do the merge proposal again)00:24
knomemerge proposals are good00:24
KI7MTI think for the setup we have, with only a few commiters, thats the best route00:24
knomei don't know too much about ubuntu docs, but if you have some minor grammar edits only, i could be able to review and merge those00:26
KI7MTso, now all I should have to do is create a new dir for the new bull and work from there yes? like mkdir ./{r325,r326,r327} yes? then do a bran into each one for seperate MP's ?00:26
knomei'm not sure i'm following on what you mean with the new directory00:27
phillwknome: and KI7MT please do go ahead!... My time is currently spent on a non-pae kernel for all to use :)00:27
KI7MTwell I sent MP 326 today .. and want to work other bugs .. I can't work the bugs form the 326 source right ?00:28
KI7MTor at least until it's merged .. then I could I suppose.00:29
knomeKI7MT, you can; as i said, you can stack the changes on the same branch00:29
KI7MTThis is why I was reading the docs, cuz today, I sent the MP, and then worked an LP bug from the same source, and them messed things up .. the guy in launchpad said I need a new branch as you can on have one pair at a time per branch.00:31
KI7MTor in other words, I can't have more than 1 MP pending form the same source tree.00:33
knomethat's right00:33
knomei don't know how other people want to review merge proposals...00:33
knomebut you could update your branch and just mention the new things in the same merge proposal00:33
knomeand it's correct: you can only have one merge proposal from one branch, nothing else would make sense00:34
knomestacking changes to one branch is fine IMO, as long as they aren't huge changes00:34
knomeLP allows seeing useful diffs anyway00:34
KI7MTso your saying, work 3 or 4 bugs, all unrelated, and send that as MP00:35
KI7MTas long as it's not like rewriting have the book.00:35
knomeyes, i would say so00:35
knomedepends a bit *how* unrelated they are too00:36
knomebut as long as it feels possible that one person can review the changes...00:36
knomeif you're changing, say, server docs and xubuntu docs (isn't possible because they are in different branches, but let's play a mindgame), it would be highly likely there isn't anybody who can review both changes00:37
KI7MTwell to be fare, most  of the bugs are simple text edits, some require writing a new page, but form what I've seen, not many of those.00:37
KI7MTwhat Im doing right now is all in ubuntu-docs00:37
knomebut if you are changing two things that both only require basic knowledge of the ubuntu desktop... yes, please go ahead00:37
knomereviewing 3+ small requests and merging takes usually more time than reviewing one slightly bigger and merging that00:38
knomejust use common sense00:38
knomeand; do what you think is fair00:38
knomeif you think you have two bugs that are completely unrelated and are not sure if you can do one merge request; do two00:39
KI7MTThat's why I was keeping the MP I just did all together, was all related to Online Accounts.00:39
KI7MTwhere the bug fix was something completely unrelated, so i was going to send that separately and that's where I got all jammed up.00:40
knomethat's fine00:40
knomefor that, you need a new branch00:41
KI7MTI'm not disk space limited, so I don't mind having multiple copies of the source tree to make things easier on the other end.00:41
knomei guess you are saving some headache if you branch from the main branch again00:41
knomeboth ways are possible though00:41
KI7MTI think its clean for those that have to review it.00:42
knomeif you start to do a lot of merge reviews, you should at some point probably apply for -committers as well.00:42
KI7MTMaybe someday . I'd be happy just to get some things fixed for now, and learn as I go.00:43
knomedo what scratches your itch :)00:43
KI7MTSo now I gotta pull 325 again, and do the patch for LP1222288 again :-), but form a new branch pull this time. .. All this was over a one line change in a file :-).. it's taken me all day to get it sorted :-)00:47
knomethat's how you learn things though00:48
KI7MTit's sounds nuts, but, yeah, I lean more from doing and well, re-doing .. lol..00:49
knomerepetitio mater studiorum est00:51
KI7MTI spent allot of time on the bazaar site today >> User Guide >> Undoing Mistakes .. LOL00:51
KI7MTdsmythies, Got your email .. how to I update the MP, do I merely sent it again with the same name ?00:58
* KI7MT goes to read about launchpad's merge process :-)01:07
dsmythiesKI7MT: yes, I think so. It has been awhile since I had to send up a revsion myself, so I forget somewhat.01:18
KI7MTdsmythies, If you could, in the comments, add which files the comments are referring too .. Also, the built HTML look much better that yelp-build or raw .page files.01:19
KI7MTdsmythies, Oh I see, your reading the Diff's file, now your emails making more sense :-)01:34
dsmythiesKI7MT: I was looking at and reading via the help system. Two windows open side by side, one with the unity help package as per 14.04 install and the other from the file browser to the proposed stuff and then I selected "open with" and then "help".01:45
dsmythiesKI7MT: I don't actually know which file name I was looking at each time.01:46
KI7MTIt's on the Diff's file on the MP01:46
dsmythies... as I was navigating around.01:46
dsmythiesKI7MT: "It's on the Diff's file on the MP" : I know, but I wasn't lookign there.01:47
KI7MTIf you click on the MP .. I''ve never used 13.10  .. only 12.04 and now 14.0401:48
KI7MTI had to open the diff's file because I couldn't follow where you were at, the diff file shows it pretty well.01:51
KI7MTdsmythies, How did you build the HTML, with make or yelp ?01:52
dsmythiesKI7MT: I never ever deviate from the buidl wiki page. at the proper place on that page, I use "make".01:53
dsmythiesKI7MT: I would have included screen shots with my MP notes, but it seems one can not put attachments into an MP.01:54
KI7MTUntil later today, I could not make "make" work .. lol .. was using the wrong "make" of course :-)01:54
KI7MTdsmythies, No, you can't not without adding the images to bzr01:55
KI7MTHow  is this process normally handles with changes or adding a series of pages ?,01:56
KI7MTThis MP is really small, the first one, that was allot.01:57
dsmythiesKI7MT: Rev 324 has a file added. Have a look at it. Beyond that, I don't understand the question.01:59
KI7MTI just wondering about the whole review process, I'll figure it out over time.02:03
KI7MTdsmythies, looks like your the only one doing changes to server .. there all yours form 162 to 17102:12
dsmythiesKI7MT: Serverguide: No, the last 3 are from others. I am just the one that actually merged them. Some how Benjamin seems to know another way to do it such that the MP persons name stays. I do not know how to do it that way. I need to learn how Benjamin does it, and then makes changes to the serverguide documentation committers "how to" wiki.03:22
KI7MTdsmythies, And I found out we can bzr push updates to the MP .. Are you don't with comments on the merge ?03:24
KI7MT*are you done .. ..03:24
dsmythiesKI7MT: I haven't looked at the html versions yet, nor had a chance to go back and look with the help system again. So, the answer is I don't know.04:35
dsmythiesKI7MT: Just some notes...16:11
dsmythiesKI7MT: if an MP is linked properly, then not need to add a note to bug report pointing to it. The branch will be linked automatically. (reference: bug 1222288 )16:13
ubot2Launchpad bug 1222288 in ubuntu-docs (Ubuntu) "addremove-install-synaptic.page minor fix" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/122228816:13
dsmythiesKI7MT: A bug report is not considered "Fix Committed" until the MP is accpeted and merged to the master code.16:13
KI7MTYou referring to lp122288 ?16:16
KI7MTIf so, I'll go fix it.16:16
dsmythiesNo need, I'm just saying for next time.16:17
KI7MTI changed it to in progress.16:17
KI7MTAlso, I pushed an update to the merge proposal for accounts, fixed or explained the things you had quesitons on.16:18
dsmythiesKI7MT: There is a potential bigger issue with the "online" changes. I am making screen shots of 3 help types: GNOME, Unity the way is was, Unity proposed, and will make an e-mail. The issue, we start to introduce deviation between look and feel of GNOME help Vs. Unity help.16:21
dsmythiesKI7MT: I have not seen your updated MP yet. Oh... now I see the related e-mails.16:22
KI7MTThere's lots of isses with that, we should Dash, not point and click in Unity .. at least for things that Dash can access ro launch.16:23
KI7MTshould use Dash ..16:23
KI7MTIm really frustraighted with bzr .. it's just not working the way I need it too and it's still pulling in stuff I dont want it too, even with separate branches.16:27
KI7MTI think Im gonna stop using it to send changes, and jsut email them instead. I've spent more time Undoing issues realated to that than fixing things.16:28
dsmythiesKI7MT: I get very frustrated with bzr also. I am NOT in favor of e-mailed changes, because it shifts the work onto someone else, and typically that someone is already overloaded.16:32
dsmythiesKI7MT: I'll pull in your revised MP and start again with my screen shots.16:32
KI7MTI don like that either, shifting the workload, but there's no point is spending all day fixing something, then having to un-fix things it should have sent up.16:33
KI7MT*it should not have .. ..16:33
KI7MTThe whole point of a distributed cvs is to lesson the workload, not increase it.16:34
dsmythiesKI7MT: Oh crap... bzr reports a conflict when I pulled rev 328.16:44
KI7MTdsmythies, what's the conflict ?16:44
KI7MTdsmythies, I think I found the root cause of my issues though: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DocumentationTeam/SystemDocumentation/Repository  says to init the repo, then pull branches, that relates everything in it. That doesn't work for doing single item merges proposals.16:46
dsmythiesKI7MT: I don't know yet. (have you noticed how often I say "I don't know"?) it is in ubuntu-help/C/accounts.page. I'm just reviewing / remembering how to look into conflicts.16:46
KI7MTdsmythies, you should be able to see the conflicts with either bzr conflicts or bzr status16:51
KI7MTdsmythies, Any progress?17:14
dsmythiesKI7MT: Yes, resolved. However, I did additionally change something. The problem now is I am out of time. I'll have to pick this up in a few hours. I'll add a note to the MP.17:19
KI7MTI dont really know what to work on now, if I should pull 325 and go work another bug or what.17:21
KI7MTI do know one thing, the bran is like 117M each time I pull it, thats allot ..17:22
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knomeKI7MT, branch one, then do copies *locally* of that "main" branch19:42
knomeKI7MT, saves the downloading each time19:42
KI7MTknome, GM .. ok,  I ran into the same problem pushing an MP for a patch .. I'll try that method and see how it pans out.19:48
KI7MTknome, I think the root cause was, I followed the guide and created a shared local repo19:49
knomewhat i'm proposing is19:51
knomebzr branch lp:ubuntu-docs /repository/path/ubuntu-docs-base19:51
knomethen when you want to start working with a new bug,19:51
knomecp -R /repository/path/ubuntu-docs-base /repository/path/ubuntu-docs-fix-for-bug-123455619:52
knomeand time and time, go to ubuntu-docs-base and run 'bzr pull' to update the 'base' repository19:52
KI7MTYes, that's what I started setting up to work this morning. Doing the ubuntu-docs-dase branch now.19:54
KI7MTIm not used to the Distributed + gatekeeper model at all :-)19:55
KI7MTknome, So now with that setup, when I do commits inside each clone of ubuntu-docs-base .. because it's not is a shared repo, those wont affect the other copies right?20:06
knomethat's correct20:06
KI7MTcool that's what I needed initially, cuze when I pushed an MP update this morning, it pulled a bug fix I did as well.20:07
KI7MTI think, but im not sure, that may have caused dsmythies to have the conflict when he pulled the updated MP20:08
KI7MTknome, Ok, got that part setup .. now if I want to bring a copy of ubuntu-docs to the level of an MP I can just pull that particular MP from within the copied directory ?20:15
KI7MTCool thanks.20:15
knomeor keep working with the already copied branch for that merge proposal, if you still have it locally.20:15
KI7MTyes, will do that going forward, but had to rebuild what I had for each at that time first.20:16
KI7MTI'll only keep those local copies until they get merged or rejected. At least this way I can keep going forward.20:17
knomeyep :)20:25
KI7MTI think we should probably update the Creating Repo section on the wiki, and propose that methodology for those that are new to bzr, as creating an shared local-repo sets up this problem from the start.20:27
KI7MTAlthough, the init-repo ubuntu-bzr is in the advanced section already, it's the section before that which could be made more clear I think.20:29
knomecan you link me to the wiki page you are referring to?20:33
KI7MTknome, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DocumentationTeam/SystemDocumentation/Repository20:34
KI7MTknome, and whatever method we start out with, needs to gel with the submission: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DocumentationTeam/SystemDocumentation/Submitting20:35
KI7MTUsing the cp -R method, would work wiht > bundle but ins a shared repo causes all sorts of issues.20:35
KI7MTWith the master brash being in a Distributed + gatekeeper Model .. a shared local repo is a pit fall is you want to wokk multiple issues, and that's probably a bit more than a new help is ready to undertake.20:38
KI7MT*master branch20:38
dsmythiesbkerensa: Are you around?23:30
KI7MTdsmythies, I figured out my root problem, can't have a shared repo, like in the repos section in the Docs Wiki ..23:32
dsmythiesKI7MT: I saw your discussion with gnome from earlier.23:33
dsmythiesI mean knome23:33
KI7MTYeah, so I now have the right setup.23:34
dsmythiesbkerensa: (or anybody else that knows): You seem to have a method of executing a merge that: I was not aware of; Seems superior to how I do it. I noticed it last cycle also, and searched and searched and couldn't figure out how to do it...23:37
godbykdsmythies: How are you doing merges?23:38
dsmythiesbkerensa: For example see https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-core-doc/ubuntu-docs/trusty under recent revisions for revisions 325 and 324, where you did 325 and I did 324...23:39
dsmythiesbkerensa: How I do it is detailed in: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DocumentationTeam/SystemDocumentation/Repository/Members-Serverguide23:40
dsmythiesbkerensa: I am very curious as to your method, becuase I think it might be less labour.23:41
dsmythiesgodbyk: Hi. See link above.23:41
knome'bzr branch lp:serverguide' will get the branch in the serverguide directory23:42
knome'bzr branch lp:serverguide mp-10000' will get the serverguide branch to the mp-10000 directory23:43
knomethat's at least something you can do quicker23:43
knome(no need to mkdir!)23:43
knomedsmythies, does that answer your question at all?23:44
knomedsmythies, and what's the thing you think is cluttered in the merge?23:45
dsmythiesknome: No, but thanks. I knew that, but typically I need to specify a sub-directory becuase I have used the default name.23:45
knomeif you're more elaborate with the question, i might have an answer...23:46
dsmythiesknome: Observe that the merge bkerensa did actually says that KI7MT did it. Observe that the merge I did says I did it, but it was actually an MP from someone else.23:47
dsmythiesknome: I was wanting to learn the bkerensa way.23:47
knomeaha, right23:47
knomeno, i don't have the answer for that...23:48
dsmythiesknome: I did give gunner credit in the comment line though.23:48
dsmythiesknome: Thanks for chiming in.23:49
godbykdsmythies: I think I've managed to do that before, too, but don't recall how now.23:49
godbyk(I've been using git much more lately, so I'm afraid I'd misremember any bzr-related stuff at the moment.)23:49
godbykdsmythies: Can you merge directly through Launchpad?23:50
dsmythiesgodbyk: if I learn how from bkerensa, then step 1 will to edit the wiki. Why? becuase I wouldn't remember after a few days.23:50
bkerensa-mobiledsmythies: you bzr branch the proposers branch23:50
bkerensa-mobileThen you cd to it23:50
bkerensa-mobileBzr push lp:ubuntu-docs23:50
bkerensa-mobileAnd it will merge with their commit message23:50
knomebzr commit --author "First Last <account at example.com>"23:50
bkerensa-mobileAnd as them23:50
knomeaha, right, that's probably good as well ;)23:51
* knome makes notes23:51
godbykbkerensa-mobile: Sneaky! :-)23:51
* KI7MT takse nots too :-)23:51
knomelaunchpad doesn't suggest you to do that though23:51
bkerensa-mobileAnyways i must poof... Im travelling23:51
knomebut i guess launchpad is just launchpad23:51
bkerensa-mobileLaunchpad is foobar23:51
dsmythiesbkerensa: Thanks very much.23:52
bkerensa-mobileSo foobar that the kernal team uses Git23:52
bkerensa-mobileThe Ubuntu Kernel Team23:52
KI7MTso in review, bzr branch  .. cd new branch .. bzr push lp:ubuntu-docs  .. from within the new branch23:52
KI7MTre: kernel gurus Mr. Torvalds had allot to do with the Git use choice .. seeing how it's his baby :-)23:54
dsmythieshmmm... might actually be slower than what I do now, since all 117 megabytes will have to be downloaded. I rarely have to do that anymore. I'll try it though.23:56
KI7MTBut, it's a true distributed version control system :-)23:56
dsmythiesabout git. Yes I use it also for kernels from kernel.org. I am not very proficient though.23:57
KI7MTI was going to ask about that, why do we need such a long history for each new release ? 117m is allot.23:57
godbykKI7MT: I'd like to know the answer to that as well.23:58
dsmythiesKI7MT: try downloading the help.ubuntu.com branch. It is enormous. (so actually, don't try.)23:58
godbykWhen I created the trusty branch, I branched it from saucy so it kept that history.23:58
godbykI did that because past branches were created the same way.23:58
godbykWhy we don't start a fresh repository each cycle, I don't know.23:59
dsmythiesthat is all I know how to do also.23:59
godbyk(For the manual project, I do start a fresh repository each cycle so we don't have to download as much data each time.)23:59

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