UallasHello World!14:11
f-jack9 mins til the meeting starts guys17:52
collinGood to see I did my gmt calculations right17:53
f-jackCall it whatever ya want but I'm on my windows box but I hate it17:55
f-jackSo the NSA is probably reading this17:56
roastedNSA prob reads everything regardless of choice of OS17:56
JoaoSantanahi all17:57
f-jackeh sudo apt-get install freedom and hi17:57
roastedonly way to be safe from NSA is to disconnect from the internet17:57
roastedbut if you do that computers are far less enjoyable17:57
f-jackyes yes they are17:57
roastedI need my facebook omgomgomgomgmog17:58
f-jackI need my launchpad hahaa17:58
collinYou could set up an encrypted local messaging system17:58
collinusing I2p you could even tunnel it around the internet17:58
f-jackSounds like a lot of work Lol of course the pizza is ready now with two minutes to go17:59
collinI'm sure that information is very valuable to the NSA17:59
amjjawadHi, just give me few mins, dad on the phone :'(17:59
f-jackYepp okay ali18:00
collinNo Problem18:00
UallasHi amjjawad, collin, f-jack18:00
davidyHello to all18:00
collinIs Frederic here?18:00
f-jackHe said he would be18:00
UallasHello davidy. Yes collin, i'm Frédéric :)18:01
collinHi, Forgive me If I don't add the accents to your name as our meeting progresses18:01
f-jacklol I know those are a pain I have a french class and I hate them18:02
collinIt's not that, it's just the ancient 90s PS/2 keyboard I'm using18:02
collinGreat typing feel, just little extra functionality18:03
amjjawadOkay, give me one min to wash my face18:03
collinDefinitely, although the computer I'm on is currently pretty modern (AMD A10), I like to use 2005-earlier when I can18:04
f-jackI have a thinkpad from 2009 and i love the thing18:04
collinYeah, I use a 2007 Thinkpad as my laptop and it's wonderful18:05
f-jackoh amd I'm jack by the way18:05
Uallascollin:  Yes, I speak French, uses a azerty keyboard. :)18:05
amjjawadso everyone is here?18:05
collinI think so18:05
amjjawadit seems David is not here (not sure what is his IRC name)18:05
davidyDavid is here18:06
f-jackExactly haha18:06
amjjawadYAY :D18:06
davidyI have no super secret NSA covername18:06
amjjawadok shall we start?18:06
collinSounds good18:06
f-jackyes we shall18:06
amjjawad#chair amjjawad18:06
amjjawad#startmeeting Ubuntu GNOME New Mods Meeting18:07
meetingologyMeeting started Sat Jan 11 18:07:39 2014 UTC.  The chair is amjjawad. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/meetingology.18:07
meetingologyAvailable commands: #accept #accepted #action #agree #agreed #chair #commands #endmeeting #endvote #halp #help #idea #info #link #lurk #meetingname #meetingtopic #nick #progress #rejected #replay #restrictlogs #save #startmeeting #subtopic #topic #unchair #undo #unlurk #vote #voters #votesrequired18:07
amjjawadfirst of all, hello and welcome everyone :)18:08
amjjawadThis is our first meeting for Trusty Tahr Cycle and on this meeting, we shall discuss some important topics for our tasks on this cycle :)18:08
amjjawad#topic Roles18:09
collinTrusty Tahr is definitely our most important release to date18:09
f-jackIt's gonna be the first release I'm with the ubuntu gnome team18:09
amjjawadOkay, I shall keep talking (typing) and before I move to the next topic, if anyone has any Q, please ask :)18:09
UallasOK. I open the eyes. Yes, here we read. :)18:10
collinAre there any commands I should be familiar with besides the ones that meetingbot gave when we started?18:10
amjjawadFirst, thanks for accepting my call of help and thanks for joining. The Roles that we will discuss here will define the tasks and set a plan for you guys to work on.18:10
amjjawadcollin, don't worry about that, it is me who is charing the meeting ;)18:11
collinok, tahnks18:11
amjjawadso, back to topic :)18:11
amjjawadbasically, what we need is Moderators for Google+ Community and Facebook Page.18:11
f-jackI can do both18:11
amjjawadguys, let me finish :D18:12
amjjawadafter this meeting, everyone who is interested is required to edit this: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntugnome-brainstorming/+spec/social-media-moderators18:12
amjjawadmention clearly that you are interested in helping with Google+ and Facebook OR just one of these.18:13
amjjawadYour role will be very simple :)18:13
amjjawad(1) Moderate Posts18:13
amjjawad(2) Any Topic that is non Ubuntu GNOME related the OP should be warned and if he/she will repeat that, there is another warning. If he/she will do it again, then that user will be removed.18:14
amjjawadIn all cases, the off-topic posts will be removed.18:14
amjjawad(3) NO SPAM whatsoever. Any Spam post will be removed right away and the Spammer is out without any Q18:15
amjjawad(4) we need to understand and agree to one thing: our Social Media Sites/Channels are not Support Channels. While it is okay to ask simple Qs and answer that, serious issues should never be discussed over there and users must be directed to:18:15
amjjawad(5) Maintain a super high level of Communications between the team members (us) and between Ubuntu GNOME Team and the world.18:16
amjjawadBasically, these are the basic roles/tasks that you guys will work on.18:17
amjjawadIf you have any Q, please ask so we can move to the next topic :)18:17
f-jackI understand18:17
SonikkuAmericao/ I have a question...18:17
SonikkuAmerica... Did you take attendance or are we all here?18:18
davidyclear to me18:18
f-jackWe're all here18:18
SonikkuAmericaOther than that everything's clear.18:18
amjjawadSonikkuAmerica, no need to waste time for that :D there will be a log for this meeting so those who missed it, they can go back to the public log :)18:18
Uallasok :)18:18
amjjawadgreat :)18:18
amjjawad#topic Tasks18:18
amjjawadI have already mentioned the tasks with the the Roles Topic :P but there is one thing that I did not yet mention.18:19
amjjawadWhile we are all keen to work on Quality, we do need Quantity as well. So, one of the tasks for the Mods will be trying to spread the word of Ubuntu GNOME :)18:20
f-jackGot it18:20
amjjawadYou are not required to overkill yourself. All what you need to do is (just like me), keep talking about Ubuntu GNOME :)18:20
amjjawadAlso, a super important task: Make Sure to always interact with the users of the social areas. Even if someone says "hi", reply that :) this will build a strong relationship between team members and the users of our system.18:21
amjjawadAlso, (this is no3 so far): while your main tasks are the Social Media, it is good if you could answer some emails we receive every now and then on our Mailing List.18:22
amjjawadYou are not the ambassadors of Ubuntu GNOME :D you are the front line of our system. I hope you know what I mean ;)18:22
amjjawadAny Q about this topic (Tasks)?18:23
SonikkuAmerica(We're going into combat?)18:23
SonikkuAmericaAll set here.18:23
collinwill those e-mails be on the main ubuntu gnome mailing list or the communications team list18:23
amjjawadSonikkuAmerica, yes indeed. Spreading the word of Ubuntu GNOME will never be easy ;)18:23
amjjawadWhat I have done with Lubuntu for two years, must be doubled or tripled with Ubuntu GNOME and my mission might be easy because this team, there is a team working on the same task :D18:24
amjjawadSo, I am very much positive we will do wonders ;) but together - All of us are smarter than anyone of us ;)18:24
amjjawadShall we move to the other topic?18:24
SonikkuAmericaLead on.18:24
collinI'm set18:24
amjjawad#topic Activity18:25
amjjawadOkay, I am sure you guys know that I am expecting you to be super active, right? :D18:25
collinof course18:25
amjjawadbut of course, I don't want you to burn out like me :P18:25
Uallas1000% :p18:25
amjjawadIf you can offer minimum 1 hour daily, that is SUPER GREAT.18:25
amjjawadI do know that some are always online ;) me and Uallas for example :D18:26
amjjawadand I know some others can't be always online.18:26
amjjawadAll in all, we are required to be active and sometimes very active.18:26
f-jackI do school during the day but I'm always checking facebook and stuff18:26
davidyDue to my job, I can offer 1hr four days a week and maybe more at times18:26
collinThat shouldn't be too hard. However, as a student there may be some nights I will need to prioritize studying for exams etc..18:27
amjjawadOne thing that I forgot to mention on the Tasks Topic: Do not worry about any kind of announcement, I am on this.18:27
f-jackI can do two-three hours a day18:27
collinbut 1 hr should be fine almost every day18:27
SonikkuAmerica:) I'm a college student; we do weird things.18:27
amjjawaddavidy, that is more than enough ;)18:27
amjjawaddon't worry about the "1 hour" subject18:27
SonikkuAmericaI have a quick comment:18:28
amjjawadas I mentioned one can offer 5 hours daily, one can offer 5 per week.18:28
SonikkuAmericaIf you use iOS or Android, check out Facebook's Pages Manager app. When you log in, it'll show you all the pages you admin, and you can perform admin tasks on those pages from your phone or tablet.18:29
collinThat's really useful, thanks!18:29
amjjawadThe most and the highest priority is: activity on the mailing list. We MUST communicate to each other as one team. One family. No member of this family do anything unless communicate to his family member. This will lead to a super active and super effective team. And, there is nothing will stand in our way if we do that.18:29
amjjawadGood Tip, SonikkuAmerica :)18:29
f-jackI agree18:29
amjjawadGood :) and by the way if I am fast, ask me too slow down. I type too fast and I don't want you to be lost of confused :D18:30
amjjawadSo, I am done with Activity Topic. Any Q?18:31
SonikkuAmericaNope, all set.18:31
f-jackNone here18:31
collinready for #418:31
amjjawad#topic Quality vs Quantity18:31
amjjawadI think the title says it all. Our target was, is and will forever be: Quality.18:32
amjjawadI don't care if we have 1000 subscribers but we are the best ever in the quality we have.18:32
amjjawadI've seen pages with over 80K users but ... poor quality.18:32
UallasIt would be wise to hire a moderator, asian, or new zealand, australia, for the time zone. It increases our presence.18:33
f-jackwe have really good people on our team quality shouldn't be a problem18:33
amjjawadJust for the record: Ubuntu GNOME Social Media Channels (Twitter, Facebook and Goolge+) are, by far, the most 'active' channels among all the other flavors!!18:33
* SonikkuAmerica cheers18:33
collinNot to  mention the channels for the proprietary guys!18:34
amjjawadThat, didn't come from nothing. That happened because Quality is what we care about, then Quantity.18:34
amjjawadf-jack, I am not talking about the Quality of our system.18:34
davidyNice to be with a great team18:34
amjjawadThat is for the QA team to worry about :P18:34
f-jackI know18:34
amjjawadI am talking about something much more important.18:34
amjjawadThe quality of our community and family.18:35
davidyYes ;-)18:35
amjjawadThis must be our highest priority.18:35
amjjawadI am sure davidy knows what I am talking about :D18:35
collinOf course. It's waht sets us aprt18:36
amjjawadI am insisting and keep repeating "Quality vs Quantity" because I want to make sure ALL of us here are aware of this and promise to remember that :D18:36
amjjawadso, do we ALL agree?18:36
amjjawad+1 please18:36
f-jackI agree18:36
SonikkuAmericaShall we swear it on an Ubuntu GNOME computer?18:36
f-jackhaha sure18:37
amjjawadHahah, no it is okay, I trust you all :D18:37
collinOF course:)18:37
amjjawadAny Q?18:37
amjjawad#topic Communications: Internal vs External18:37
amjjawadif it is not yet clear, please ask me to explain more in details :)18:37
amjjawadInternal = communications on the Ubuntu GNOME Marketing and Communications Team Mailing List AND the Main Mailing List = this must be on high standard and on active basis. We keep everyone informed of what is going on. Remember, not everyone on Facebook or Google+ so it is always our job to keep everyone in the loop :)18:39
f-jackhey ali what is the email for our comms list?18:39
amjjawadExternal = Our communications with the outside world. Be careful, our users on Google+ area are different. They might give you some hard time so I trust you can handle that :D18:39
amjjawadf-jack, every mod must join: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntugnome-comms18:40
f-jacknvm i got it18:40
amjjawad#action every mod must join: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntugnome-comms18:40
meetingologyACTION: every mod must join: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntugnome-comms18:40
amjjawad#action everyone mod needs to edit this blueprint: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntugnome-brainstorming/+spec/social-media-moderators18:41
meetingologyACTION: everyone mod needs to edit this blueprint: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntugnome-brainstorming/+spec/social-media-moderators18:41
amjjawadany Q?18:41
f-jackNone again18:41
SonikkuAmericaSpeaking of the bueprint...18:41
amjjawadyes SonikkuAmerica18:41
Uallasno Q18:42
SonikkuAmerica... did someone translate my words into French and paste it back on the blueprint?18:42
amjjawadSonikkuAmerica, let's talk about that at the end of this meeting. I don't see French on your comment!18:42
amjjawad#topic Ubuntu GNOME Marketing & Communications Team18:43
amjjawadHello and Welcome to the ultra fun, massive experience and great new skills18:43
amjjawadThat is what this team is made of and willing to do :)18:44
amjjawadMarketing and Communications.18:44
amjjawadHaven't studied that? nor ever heard of it? nor have been there? NO problems :)18:44
f-jackAli, I edited the blueprint. Is there any info you need to add us?18:44
amjjawadIt is time to learn new stuff and do great things18:44
amjjawadf-jack, not now :P18:44
amjjawadlet me finish please18:45
f-jackokay sry18:45
amjjawadSo, you see, I am not planning to recruit new moderators only for our channels. I am trying to build an empire here.18:45
amjjawadA super strong active team that will take Ubuntu GNOME to the top 10 of best Linux Distributions.18:45
amjjawadCan we do that, guys?18:46
collinYes we can!18:46
f-jackYes we can18:46
SonikkuAmerica... Yep.18:46
amjjawadUallas, and davidy ?18:47
UallasYes, yes :)18:47
davidyyes, sry feeding my son18:47
amjjawadperfect :D18:47
amjjawadany Q?18:48
SonikkuAmericaNo sir.18:48
amjjawadSonikkuAmerica, don't sir me, please :P18:48
amjjawadSonikkuAmerica, never mind18:48
f-jackokay lmao18:48
amjjawadOkay, I will stop right here and hear from you18:48
amjjawadI think Uallas had a suggestion?18:48
amjjawadas per the agenda that I asked you guys to edit :P18:49
amjjawad#topic Uallas suggestions18:49
amjjawad"Ubuntu GNOME on Jabber (XMPP)" - no more channels for now :D18:49
amjjawad" Publication on facebook and G+. Shall we publish information on Linux in general, Open Source software, tutorial, etc.. " case to case. If these information is related to Ubuntu GNOME then yes, I don't mind. Otherwise, there are lots of other pages doing that on our behalf :D so, we don't really need to waste our energy and time over that :)18:51
amjjawadUallas, I answered your two Qs so any thing else?18:51
UallasNo, ok for me :)18:52
amjjawadUallas, ok good :)18:52
amjjawadf-jack, you too edited the agenda :) anything you would like to add?18:52
f-jackKeep up the good work, nah I thought we had to lol18:53
amjjawadf-jack, will sure do :) we all shall do ;)18:53
amjjawadSonikkuAmerica, anything to add?18:53
SonikkuAmericaNot for now.18:53
amjjawaddavidy, anything?18:53
amjjawadhope I didn't forget anyone :D18:53
davidyno, good for now18:53
amjjawadokay, before I end the meeting, is there anything related you'd like to say or ask?18:54
SonikkuAmericaAll set :)18:54
f-jackSo what do you need to be able to make us admins?18:54
amjjawad#action amjjawad to give Mod access to members with no access yet18:54
meetingologyACTION: amjjawad to give Mod access to members with no access yet18:54
amjjawad#action amjjawad to make sure everyone have a Wiki Page + Launchpad Account + Signed the CoC + Member of https://launchpad.net/~ubuntugnome-comms18:55
meetingologyACTION: amjjawad to make sure everyone have a Wiki Page + Launchpad Account + Signed the CoC + Member of https://launchpad.net/~ubuntugnome-comms18:55
davidyyes, do we have an organized presence on Ubuntu Forums to answer question?18:55
amjjawadf-jack, add me on fb and Google+18:55
f-jackand okay18:55
amjjawaddavidy, beside me, there is Lance but that is all what I know. Other people help as well but they might not be part of our family.18:56
davidyI will edit the blueprint for my G+ activity18:56
amjjawaddavidy, if anyone of you are able to be on the Ubuntu Forums that is super great :)18:56
davidyI can.18:57
amjjawaddavidy, that is great but make sure not to overdo it nor burn out :P (look who is talking)18:57
davidyAll work and no play.........18:57
f-jackI'll do the ubuntu forums three or four times a week18:58
amjjawad@everyone we may need another meeting but we can decided that later on the mailing list ;)18:58
meetingologyamjjawad: Error: "everyone" is not a valid command.18:58
UallasI have an account on Ubuntu Forum but I do not speak, I'm on the French Ubuntu-fr18:58
f-jackand I did what ya told me to18:58
collinHey, at least with steam on linux we can play without switching over :)18:58
amjjawadeveryone we may need another meeting but we can decided that later on the mailing list ;)18:58
amjjawadby the way18:59
collinsounds good!18:59
amjjawadmake sure not to CC the main mailing list unless there is something very important.18:59
f-jackgot it18:59
amjjawadLet's keep our internal communications within our sub-team and if there is something important, we can CC the main list :)18:59
SonikkuAmericacollin: I still have to switch to Windows to play my Steam games, but we're getting a little OT18:59
amjjawadgreat :D19:00
* SonikkuAmerica thumbs-up19:00
f-jackI do steam on ubuntu haha19:00
amjjawadAnyting at all you would like to add?19:00
amjjawadOkay then, I'd like to thank you a lot for attending. This is by far my best meeting on IRC :D Thank you for your time and for attending.19:00
f-jackThanks for chairing it19:01
amjjawadOne last word: Keep Up the Great Work and Let's take Ubuntu GNOME to the next level :D HOOHAA19:01
davidyThanks to all!19:01
amjjawadf-jack, at your service19:01
SonikkuAmericaHOOHAA! :)19:01
collinno problem amjawwad, you are a great leader19:01
amjjawad'WE' are a great family :D19:01
amjjawadI am nothing without the family19:02
UallasThank you for the meeting, it is clear, and we can begin to work positively.19:02
amjjawadOur loyalty to the family :D - Godfather Part 4 :P19:02
meetingologyMeeting ended Sat Jan 11 19:02:27 2014 UTC.19:02
meetingologyMinutes (wiki):        http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-gnome/2014/ubuntu-gnome.2014-01-11-18.07.moin.txt19:02
meetingologyMinutes (html):        http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-gnome/2014/ubuntu-gnome.2014-01-11-18.07.html19:02
amjjawadThank you again guys :D19:02
amjjawadyou can see the links here, right?19:02
f-jackYour welcome19:02
collinno problem!19:02
davidyyes, and great meeting19:03
amjjawadyes and we have to re-do that again soon :D19:03
amjjawadwhenever anyone feels there is a need for a meeting, don't wait for me, just send an email ;)19:03
f-jackand I'm going install trusty haha19:03
amjjawadsoon, I might choose one of you to be an admin on the Launchpad Area ;)19:03
SonikkuAmericaYeah, I need to install UG myself...19:03
amjjawadf-jack, yes, we need to be testers before anything else :D19:04
collinI just need to start using my partition19:04
amjjawadit would be super bad if we ask people to test and we don't :P19:04
amjjawadVirtual machine guys ;)19:04
amjjawaduntil you have a machine for this19:04
* SonikkuAmerica uses Ubuntu Studio (against Windows 8.1) on hard metal and Kubuntu in a VM at present19:04
davidyA virtual machine comes in handy!19:04
amjjawaddavidy, indeed19:04
amjjawadI don't have a spare machine for Ubunut GNOME :(19:05
amjjawadI might use my main and if there will be smoke coming out, someone has to pay for it :P19:05
amjjawadNah, Ubuntu GNOME has been a rock solid system19:05
amjjawadOHHHH YES YES I forgot :/19:05
davidySolve your overheating issues....?19:05
amjjawadWE MUST make sure the whole world understand that we do need help for our LTS version19:06
amjjawadops, I forgot to add that :'(19:06
amjjawadAnd, I need a Google+ Hangout on air19:06
amjjawadwe need like QA session to promote Ubuntu GNOME19:06
amjjawadanyone who is not Camera Shy?19:06
SonikkuAmericaamjjawad: Oh, I should mention this while you're here: In a move of inter-flavor relations, the Kubuntu community has begun a one-stop landing for Kubuntu! http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kubuntu/KubuntuLinks19:07
f-jackwe can do that next time19:07
davidy@SonikkuAmerica, u must share your U Studio experience w/ me sometime19:07
meetingologydavidy: Error: "SonikkuAmerica," is not a valid command.19:07
SonikkuAmerica(I helped kick-start it)19:07
amjjawadSonikkuAmerica, that page was created by you ;)19:08
amjjawadSonikkuAmerica, now, Ubuntu Communities have THREE OneStopPages :D19:08
davidynice page19:08
amjjawadI am glad to see that :D well done!19:08
SonikkuAmericaIt's not complete yet... I'm making a plea for Kubuntu Docs Team members to help19:09
SonikkuAmericadavidy: Gladly. BTW, didn't you just leave Lubuntu Comms?19:09
collinhey guys, I'd love to stay and chat but I've gotta eat some lunch. :)19:09
collinGreat meeting!19:09
amjjawadGreat job! that is what I wanted to see someday19:09
amjjawadcollin, sure :D19:09
amjjawadcya soon and thanks a lot19:09
SonikkuAmericaamjjawad: A bit of sad news, though: Xubuntu has rejected the one-stop idea.19:10
amjjawadhappy meal ... don't eat fast :P19:10
davidyI am gracefully departing Lubuntu Comms - I want to give them time to replace my role.19:10
amjjawadSonikkuAmerica, I am NOT surprised :D19:10
JoaoSantanasomeone has installed Trusty on VMWare?19:10
SonikkuAmericaamjjawad: knome has a Social Page on the Xubuntu Web site where that kind of stuff exists.19:10
amjjawaddavidy, believe it or not, while I hide it, it is still killing me :(19:10
f-jackI do QA for both Ubuntu Gnome and regular ubuntu and I do bugsquad as well lol19:11
davidyAli, .....greener pastures, my friend19:11
amjjawadf-jack, keep it up and i have seen your emails on the QA list of Ubuntu ;)19:11
amjjawadI am everywhere :D19:11
f-jackbye and yes u are19:11
amjjawadf-jack, take care19:11
amjjawaddavidy, one day, things must change19:11
amjjawadbut I do hope Lubuntu will remain and won't vanish19:12
amjjawadthey didn't join the Alpha 1 :/19:12
SonikkuAmericaThere are reasons for that.19:12
amjjawadI hope they know what they are doing19:12
amjjawadSonikkuAmerica, which I know but I hate to discuss here19:12
SonikkuAmericaMainly dealing with LXDE-Qt19:12
davidyThere are good folks within Lubuntu...I wish them well19:13
amjjawadThey have my full support if they need it.19:13
amjjawadBut I am not going to jump in anymore19:13
SonikkuAmericaOK, I gotta go; I'll fix my part of the whiteboard later. See ya!19:13
amjjawadOkay, so I must do some Wiki Edit and send the links of the meeting19:13
amjjawadSonikkuAmerica, cya and thanks a lot19:13
amjjawadI guess I must go too :D19:14
amjjawadwait, someone was asking !!19:14
davidyI must depart and finish feeding my son lunch, cee ya all later19:14
amjjawaddavidy, thanks a lot my friend and cya19:14
amjjawadJoaoSantana, you still here?19:15
NoskcajIf we could find a way to get 2-3 new devs for ubuntu, we might be able to get gilir to take a week off work and train them, but we don't have enough manpower for anything19:15
JoaoSantanaamjjawad, yes19:15
amjjawadhow are you, Noskcaj :)19:16
amjjawadJoaoSantana, hi, sorry, what was your Q?19:16
Noskcajhey amjjawad. Pretty good. you?19:16
amjjawadNoskcaj, still on my Zombie mode but alive :P19:16
JoaoSantanaTrusty on VMWare. It hangs on boot...19:16
* JoaoSantana is going to drink some coffee mug on kitchen19:16
amjjawadJoaoSantana, http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=427 << start a new thread here :)19:17
amjjawadOr ask on the QA list: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuGNOME/Testing19:18
JoaoSantanaamjjawad, bookmarked :) thank you. I have a wedding to attend later, so I'll check later :D19:22
amjjawadJoaoSantana, lovely :D enjoy :D19:23
amjjawadI must fade away now :D cya everyone19:23
=== PaulW2U is now known as pcwhite

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