sontekThis is part of the source itself00:00
sontekThats the package I built, libmemcached00:01
sontekin the .tar.gz there is a libmemcache-1.0 folder not being included00:01
sontekWhat is the .install file for?00:02
jtaylorthe normal packaging is use upstream buildsystem to install into DESTDIR=debian/tmp00:02
jtaylordh_install then installs from there into debian/package-name/ via the info in the .install files00:02
jtaylorthose folders are then turned into packages00:03
sontekThis is the folders in the package folder: http://paste2.org/LZ7yUvgA00:04
sontekIts installing libmemcached/  but not libmemcached-1.0/00:04
sontekand same, libhashkit/ but not libhashkit-1.0/00:04
jtaylorwhats the install file?00:04
sontekso does each .install file represent a folder in the package?00:05
sontekso if I created a libmemcached-1.0.install, it'd autodetect?00:06
jtaylorno it are text files00:06
sontekYeah, but inside they just have destination folders00:07
jtaylorthey can00:07
jtaylorrelative to debian/<package-name>00:07
jtaylorbut its optional00:07
sontekI don't understand then.  What is required to get the libmemcached-1.0 and libhashkit-1.0 directories shipped into /usr/include/ with libmemcached/ and libhashkit/00:09
jtaylorthey have to be installed by the buildsystem into debian/tmp00:10
jtaylorthen you just list the path in the install file00:10
sontekI don't have a debian/tmp folder00:11
jtaylorit is created during the build00:11
jtaylorthe package can override it to a different name00:11
jtayloror not have one if its a single binary package00:11
sontekI did debuild -S00:11
jtaylordebuild -S does not build a binary package00:12
jtayloronly a source package00:12
jtaylorthat will not contain any build sources00:12
jtaylorbinary packages are build without the -S argument00:12
sontekBut when I put it on a PPA, I think they only want a source package00:13
sontekand then their build server builds the binary packages00:13
jtaylorbut you should build locally first00:13
sontekok, so just run debuild?00:14
jtaylorfor testing00:14
sontekthats the error I get when running locally00:14
jtayloryou need to install build dependencies00:15
sontekI have build-essential00:15
jtaylorthe best way is running. sudo mk-build-deps -ir00:15
sontekLooks like its working00:18
sontekok, when I did it locally a libmemcached-1.0 folder is there in debian/tmp/usr/include/libmemcached-1.000:22
sontekso why doesn't the source package that was built on the build servers have it?00:22
sontekls debian/tmp/usr/include/00:25
sonteklibhashkit  libhashkit-1.0  libmemcached  libmemcached-1.0  libmemcachedprotocol-0.0  libmemcachedutil-1.000:25
sontek ls -d /usr/include/libmem* /usr/include/libhash*00:26
sontek/usr/include/libhashkit  /usr/include/libmemcached00:26
sontekyou see, the installed package is missing all the header directories00:26
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Logan_wgrant: I'm afraid that the comparison to Sid isn't working properly in MDT... can you take a look?08:22
Logan_For example, the first package in the list (among many others) is in Sid, but it's marked as not found.08:22
Logan_Also, the "universe" page stopped working.08:23
wgrantLogan_: Ah, I didn't have the new signing key installed.08:47
Logan_wgrant: Thanks for fixing it! :)09:07
dupondjesomebody around for some sponsoring ?12:10
ubottuUbuntu bug 1252254 in opensc (Ubuntu) "OpenSC fails to authendicate with firefox" [Undecided,Confirmed]12:10
dupondjeseems quite silent here :(13:21
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