pleia2yeesh, I thought things were slow over the holidays, another slow news week!05:18
* jose checks05:18
josepleia2: if you get some links I'll do the summaries and take care of the rest05:24
pleia2jose: no worries, I'm getting home Sunday morning, just scrambling to get links together05:27
joseI'll try to get some05:27
benonsoftwareI'll be able to hel pout with summeries over the next few weeks.05:30
pleia2jose: think you can get that classroom post out on the blog so we can include that too?05:31
josepleia2: oh right, writing that now!05:31
pleia2jose: I'm going to send this off to summary writers, go ahead and add the link when you can :)05:44
josesure, in the middle of writing05:44
pleia2ok, packing up my laptop now, I have a long layover in aukland so I'll be back in 11 hours or so05:49
josehave a nice flight!05:50
joseif there's anything else I can help with just let me know05:50
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