ubottuLjL called the ops in #ubuntu (fluxhun)00:02
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join (1675 users, 0 overflows, 1675 limit))12:19
LjLwhat the hell is going on in #ubuntu anyway12:25
LjLthere appears to be someone joining clones with nicknames similar to "real" people12:25
LjLAndureas, Andvreas, the various cri*tian_c12:25
k1lyep, i banned the ip ti-224-198-22.telkomadsl.co.za which seems to be the guy12:26
hitsujiTMOpm spam from bumbum in #ubuntu  ...  <bumbum> free show (only tooday) --> http://s422803032.mialojamiento.es13:45

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