lvmerwell the minidlna service won't run & the error received is:  getifaddr.c:73: error: ioctl(s, SIOCGIFADDR, ...): Cannot assign requested address00:01
lvmerAnd to be honest, I set this server up a year ago with samba/minidlna & it's been awesome. But as they say, "quick to learn, quick to forget." & now I'm a noob again :'(00:02
TheLordOfTimesomeone on /r/Ubuntu asked if I can point them at people who can help create a custom Juju charm that works with a custom nginx+pagespeed build.  Where should I direct them to?00:05
hitsujiTMOTheLordOfTime: #juju maybe00:07
lvmerwell I had 4 network interfaces and bond0 appears to be the only minidlna compatible one atm. xD   w\e00:08
lvmerSamsung tv's & dlna is the worst isn't it. Everything else is so flawless00:08
lvmerwhat's the command to see if a process is running?  ps aux | grep mini?00:08
lvmerlove you guys. Thanks :)00:09
sarnoldlvmer: pidof or pgrep are also nice, depending upon what you're trying to do00:13
sarnoldlvmer: dlna is a PITA -- clients do stupid filtering based on returned filenames, and it's hard to see why they didn't just do http with "good" generated indexes..00:14
lvmer@sarnold sarnold! hey! you're alive! You're the one that helped me build that bad ass server!00:17
lvmercompletely agree with you. dlna is a pita. The filtering is so random sometimes.  "Zomg my dlna isn't working.... service minidlna restart....   it works now.... wtf was wrong? lol"  Happens like 1x every 2 weeks lol00:19
sarnoldlvmer: oh yeah, I knew your nickname was familiar :) hehe00:20
TheLordOfTimehitsujiTMO: thanks00:25
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RAKODILHere is unstopable fun, as I see09:28
RAKODILWho speaks russian?11:12
RAKODILor ukrainian?11:12
ubottuRAKODIL,: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.11:13
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rbasakjcastro: sorry, a manpage is on my todo.15:52
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moparisthebesti'm migrating my mdadm raid1 array to sit on top of cryptsetup LUKS devices instead of a straight hard drive21:32
moparisthebestand while the boot process asks for a password, it doesn't wait for the password, and goes ahead and continues booting without the crypt devices21:33
moparisthebestany idea on how I can get it to wait?21:33
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cerealanyone know why my ubuntu server (12.04) stops during boot at "Stopping System V runlevel compatibility"?  I can change terminals and login that way, or via serial port (agetty) but the default term is just stuck.23:22
patdk-lapnever seen that23:23
cerealhmmm, i'm not seeing anything in syslog and such23:27
cerealnot overly too certain what to look for heh23:27
cerealgoing to change it to not use agetty, who knows, maybe that's part of my problem23:28
cerealhmmm, so I'm guess it's something that is setup with my console redirecting23:52
cerealI followed this guide https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SerialConsoleHowto and that works, everything on the console side works, except that the default terminal doesn't actually launch a prompt to login23:53

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